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The Drive
Monday, January 22nd

The guys close Hour 4 with the hits, the upcoming Super Bowl and the impact it could play for the Chiefs. They then wrap the show bringing back Heis' open from the day Ventura passed away.


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Tom Brady in the Super Bowl obviously I'm picking. Got that the patriots in this 100. Tell me like a root for the underdog I think that bulls held the story Doug Peterson. And it's hard not to root for those guys can that he gets during a major. Reason I don't like the Eagles in this game or at least one of the reasons anyway. Fans watched cops horse is two weeks in a row after games. Yeah it got some crazy fans don't Beers and other fans can't root for a team like that but. This has dropped dead picked for the patriots and how do you pick against the forty year old Tom Brady. With crop will probably be back got a concussion page should do good things they showed too many times all of the jags were really bad matchup for them. And and they were for the majority of the game they had to operating objectively pulled out the. I couldn't and number two where the Billy Preston situation at the University of Kansas has reached its conclusion he will leave the program. They'll for professional opportunity to play. In Bosnia does that coach Bill Self addressed in the latest on Democrats. State. She. And though when so so we knew that that we knew his game to be here and what they had to do something and and I was open. You all opened it. Close it was called what they had to do something that. They they said they frustration sitting there. This only frustrations on both sides of course if you wanna go ahead at the NCAA east at right itself but. The counterargument is that Preston but it so ideally this situation whether it be itself or through whatever pretzel rule was being played here. Bottom line is that Philip person's time McCain has come and the line and is there anything that we take away from the process. I think the double. Lay did a big disservice. To Billy Preston you actually tweeted this earlier today are a couple days ago eyes. This is the mission statement from the NCAA. The NCAA is a member led organization dedicated to providing a pathway to opportunity for college athlete is not what happened for Billy Preston. I still don't really know what. Yeah with Billy Preston I will say this it should not take you 67. Days to come to a conclusion. It came to conclusion that Billy Preston finally had to do something in my understanding of the story was given a deadline by the team in Bosnia manager didn't. Financial incentive to take a pro basketball kind of count deal that ended up signing. Still an ability to get ready for the NBA draft at least play basketball and get yourself in some semblance of basketball shape before the game before the NBA draft. You know the other option it's continue to wait around for the NCAA who was clearly dragging their feet but the president was kind of forced to pick the situation. I just don't think the NCAA did Billy Preston in university Kansas a service here how they handled this. Crisis simulate that it should've reported today whose sources. The present bomb that relationship with the assistant coach from another school there was another heated school. That those days Phillies mother's money. And the car that you act on campus was purchased with that in mind who scored and related litigation earlier today. If that's the case then of course it's gonna take a lot of time at the guys investigating this. Excuse me the FBI is investigating these days to try to figure out where the money came from wasn't legal was not. This stuff takes constantly and instantly look for everything they do like that part of but listen man if your mom's gonna take money from a coach and by car that you go to another school it's complicated and and there should be some accountability on the on the part. Of a parent and student athlete and athletes do have a little that still. I'm not surprised. Based on the information that had reported that it took this long to get to this point. I'm not saying it. Hillary's information is correct or incorrect. Alleged I don't know what happened I don't know guide to when you're not we agree after a 67 days of at least old University of Kansas some room. Is now like the NCAA. Well Billy Preston ineligible and then he had to gulp he was still waiting around. Still could go on another week another two weeks but at that point to you would sabotage his freshman season. I don't know what's gonna happen all of the gonna continue the investigation and say hey he would have been eligible but I would say they sort of I would they deathly torpedoed his freshman season enemy. Took an effect pointing it to other member institution I just don't think they didn't like my party we'll help them man and those corrected that Henry said we put this on his mother. I just think. It's not just the eggs up double it. God wants to take money from this is to coach the school might get a car. Because that's the root of the body agreed and ruled ineligible to I thought about it from the beginning is if you will limit eligible once that he broke amateur rules and okay. It it doesn't take two months to think it took them too much they don't work don't they duke it out. Three I finally ended the game ball story that. In some way shape reform has been discussed really since the beginning of a year ago today. The one year anniversary of the death of your Donovan Kara. The sun it was a story that station right from the very beginning today. Very long and detailed conversation about sunny we've been covering all throughout the day. Here on the one year anniversary including Ned Yost earlier down that's 1 morning. Been an opportunity to welcome now on I hate gore into the Kansas star who was in the Dominican Republic for the funeral last year Rodman. And also an opportunity catch up with the royals assistant GM Rene Francisco who was instrumental in signing. Of your Donovan apparently asked him about the type of person Ventura was as vans. Plays very well on like this well people you know it is so one thing. A competitive. Competitor a lot of heart and actually and an actuary persons. But a lot of people for whom things will work we need to. And we'll meet you accused that we were so different. I am a bit. People think that. And he carried and he said it right at the beginning of the a conversation I can't believe it's been a year exact timeline as Jess blown through. In what amounts of very emotional year for Kansas City Royals in Kansas City Royals and days. As we look back on a year later the death figured out of inter what standouts yeah about it says that's only if I don't forcing an odd one of them as credit for saying that I. About Giordano was what if I think he now becomes one of the biggest what it's in really seen the city's sports history. I think that occurred on what was really on the quarter of turning things around on the verge of having a group that when he seventeenth season. It's certainly the royals wanted him to be a part of the rebuilt there's no denying that his dad and his passing him not being on the roster had an effect on the when he seventeen. Team I'm certain from a mental standpoint all of roster construction standpoint they certainly had it goats who ate pretty emergency plane to try to build a team. And try to get themselves a chance to compete in a you're that they were clearly all in trying to win a World Series. It's always look for the clearly a lot of talent we have the potential to be a great picture we just never got to see the story. Who accidentally and that's the biggest thing I take from it to. This is the one like what could have been you know as I said the store before I'll say it again and I and I. Cover girls felt strongly as a kid in the minors and double work in Wichita and I got to see him go through Kansas City as polished big leaguer for the St. Louis Cardinals like me. You know we got to see hall as the most fraud and I was curious to see what. What you're Donna with the economy was and I'm 47 years old and I owed back some of the things I admire early twenties and it's one asthma and how to get through that. And it seemed like you're Donald venture I think a lot of people seem to. On and you'll dot overture was right satellite about race to turn that corner. Become a pro am and really develop into the man that he was going to be and have a cut short an image is tragic it's awful. I still never talk about why she lose touch almost upsetting throws the ball player. On cable it's been a year and I and and the what is the what we could've seen and what he could have become. Is the real tragedy this. And that includes the hits for today. In the AFC championship game. Eight. How is it taught me a lesson I've certainly seen it a launch in time and time regain. It may really think back sued the chiefs wild card exit and I think like most she stands. I tried so look at the teams that are still playing in the playoffs and I try to look and think if the chiefs match up with this team. Are the chiefs at the same caliber of a team like Jacksonville I certainly aren't the level of the patriots were given what we seen the last sixteen years audit team like Jacksonville. Are they it seemed like Pittsburgh I think we all do that we kind of look at where the chiefs are and we tried to directly compared. I was thinking back to some of the conversations that we had after the wild card game in regards to happen but the course of the game. Alice Schmidt needs a good running attack a bit have a good running attack and they're not balance out skiing go on there and we knew the game. If you take away the last possession of the game with the patriots were Tony forged when he they were clearly trying to milk the clock away. The patriots ran the ball four times in the second half. When they were down four times for eleven yards the comeback was all 100% on Tom Brady. Which does Chelsea we're now it was a clear difference in the cheese softened they were not the same team. Post Travis tells the injuries Abby whirlwind Travis Kelsey was on the field Alex at him for less than fifty yards the second half the game. Tom curry the greatest quarterback of our generation and arguably of all time I would say definitively an all time everybody loves argued. No rock. At the end of that game and know Julie settlement and no running game affords us eleven yards were not ballas are not running team they came back. Down ten to spark the fourth quarter in one at that football game. I could see time and time again. You need a quarterback to be an elevator of the guys around upgrading your not gonna just randomly find Tom Brady I understand it. My question is do you think you have that guy when your roster and after molds do you think he is somebody that give in. I would say not ideal situations. King you still go out there to be affected and give yourself a chance but I do think I've seen enough about it to know that unless it's going to be ideal throughout the course of the game he just does. If you would change its employee up all is is based on being able to overcome adverse situation do. The Philadelphia Eagles lost their MVP starting quarterback. Lost them the most important player on the team. Still it's a super bull but vikings lost their starting quarterback Weis. At the beginning of last year and this season and Sam Bradford still with those who are so what's in the NFC championship game this year. Things are just not going to happen ideal in line I just hear the conversation too many times my announcement is always. What about the Orson Charles drop what about the play called and what about XYZ it's what you need your quarterback to be an elevator any maximize their of the talent. The patriots just have the greatest one of those individuals in the history of the elementary. Listen. She's. Like watching this Jacksonville Jaguars team last I don't think she's gonna beat him a couple of beyond ideology is to stop the run. And I don't I don't think they could hung with the jags so you know initially I was pretty irritated. When I saw the teams moving forward and she's Long Island chiefs get on with the jags anyway. I go to the ball on the she's gonna stop him out today due to record but I understand your colleague from. Yeah do you need you got to step up I think the difference if you and I do you think play calling. And offensive philosophy the second ad that she's left and made huge difference now know that only up four possessions and if you look at what. Former she's back up quarterback and a former chiefs offensive coordinator did in the second half of their game against the Minnesota Vikings they kept the pedal to metal. You know that's him he's the difference that she didn't do that against the titans. Lower close they didn't stay aggressive it until after it's it's a fatal flaw this cheese team in my opinion or injury. And that is when he got a chance to put team away do it and do it against the Broncos. It into against the titans eight we've seen it a multiple times they don't put teams away. Doug Peterson and polls put the vikings away. Any good lead at halftime but again we've seen teams come back all the time and they didn't let up. And and that to me is with the chief sets didn't get out Smith beat that guy hello we won't know that he's gonna be gone hopefully olds can't be meteorite you know help right. Because you're about homes in were right about that solves the chiefs are right about that alms then work for something pretty special in Kansas City I just think. We see a lot of times just the shear margin of air like yesterday and would like more. And horrible late morals this entire season I called on the ball more times and I remember I was wrong Mobley portals at least yesterday. Web portals was good I thought for the first half of the game NBA and I think the patriots do what they always do they made adjustments and in the second half they said. You are not going around the ball anymore not going to be productive runner up all you work for the first for possessions of the game. You've got fourteen points you're going to have to beat us not afford it's gonna have to beat is not TJ yelled gonna have to be is you Blake portals gonna have to be at eighty simply could. Duo which which written one like what do they let me take that approach in the beginning I don't understand why they didn't do that from the beginning because I think we all knew going into that game. Make it portals beat you because he probably can't and he looked terrific Carolina Mike Ellis stopped at the way the patriots were defending the jags early in this game. It looked like in the first 25 minutes of the game. That the jaguars with a more physical team and they certainly dictated temple in that. In the second half the pitchers were the ones that dictate they say better offensively to making league fast ball off any came down sue king junior quarterback make plays. I've seen enough what portals to know hey his team and his coaching doesn't believe he can make plays they had the ball fourteen and changing mobile. Half Todd 55 seconds into time out against a defense a little bit on their heels. Jacksonville so subtle football they will take our we were happy to bet we seen time and time again with a team like doing this makes any sense at all. You're not going to the patriots are not going to lose the game. Gonna have to beat the patriots. Jacksonville right there was not going to beat the patriots that mentality if you're going to be aggressive in Gulfport on fourth down when you've got two timeouts try to get points at the end of it. You're not going to be the major Tibet mentality. It even though they were in the lead as someone that wants a lot of misery bass might know the feeling even though there in the lead you're not winning. You could feel that in the second half of that game. They were not winning the game there that that you knew that the patriots are gonna have a big punch in I was unsure how Jacksonville's gonna handle it and get in the last sixteen years to watch in the NFL had a really good understanding what was gonna happen the picture it's always gonna come back they were always gonna give Brady chance that he was gonna have the ball at the in with a chance to make a play. And boo us that chance and not even put Brady in that situation. But it you don't have a quarterback that can elevate the play of guys around you make plays and not ideal situations you better have the greatest defense as we've seen of all time I think Jacksonville's defense is good. But it's certainly not Seattle's defense a couple of years ago. It's not the Broncos defense from a year a couple of years ago it's not the Buccaneers defense early to downgrade but got a good defense on an all time great defense. Yesterday Jacksonville looked to its quarterback to try to win the game and he could not do it. I've seen enough announcement that no he cannot we knew these games consistently at eye level so my hope now. Is I hope Patrick Holmes can do that is if he can do that such as it's been great. Listen. In the we know we can't talk about like the jags have an all time great defense and that defense is really really good in it should be good enough yesterday because miles Jack got quick whistle. But that was one of the worst calls that to me was as bad as Jeff Triplett college forward progress we DJ lit up markets marionette. That call changed the game the same as this one did. And that was going to be a touchdown for miles check of the quick whistle and screw the jags so you know. And again I'll go back to this in an against the patriots won the game Tom Brady had a great play an awesome drive at the end of the game to win it. Beautiful pass where nobody else can get it goes I have the utmost respect for all those guys. But the new page is committed were called for one penalty. One penalty in that game. And nobody's gonna change my mind that did they committed more than one penalty in that game. If there was one flag was thrown in the in the head official overture Tom Brady's as soon as the game so that's fishy I don't care what anybody says. That's fishy is even if it was if you was this. Perfect football team down yesterday and only committed one penalty is still bad look for the league when that got to edit edit your officiating group there's a rejects the quarterback. Quarterback's hand after Wednesday's game. Coming up next you ask the hypothetical involving yesterday's AFC championship game double game two and it's been one years insured Alvin surpass the way we'll get into an excellent drive. The drive presented by don't think he's from the electric eating into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Excellent 69306. A lot of people agree with you betting that the gains Gephardt today in the officiating looked a little bit bishop. My answer hold just my question has always continue to be. What do you think the purpose of the but if you think it's fixed but if you think that officiating is I would say great police waited in one direction certainly sounds like the interest expense of officiating and a bearing down the middle income mandated from the league do you think it comes from the league you'd think it's human nature of the human nature scene. I think it's human nature I mean listen we see great hitters in Major League Baseball articles all the time. The strikes and we see that we see in the NBA stars it calls you take that extra step now Elena travel. I mean so I think that's what it is more than they butts by saying I guess I would say is. I think it is a mandate from the lead in the India and I think the NBA has a rule from the I think from a pop I think all the way from David's are. We don't you called travel correctly we don't want traveling and forced the lead. We want guys to get the extra step to make a play and to a fantastic don't because that's all we think our fans wanna say. That's the difference in the company's brand of the greatest don't call traveling at the level they showed in the NBA I don't think it's random that they don't call charge in the India. Let's get dumped on in the NBA if you wanna trust underneath the basket and take it charred Little League you're gonna real sports and organize it is six. I think the I think they're his belt now they call trouble I don't think it's waited one direction. Using a lot of people on the word out that its Atlanta in the direction of one team and that's the page I exactly. I think I think it's land in the direction of stars I think it's human nature and lentils and then head to head official book and shake Brady's right into the game and can't do that dude. You cannot do that if you don't want people to come back and say boy there's something fishy about that game the recall more than one Bentley on the pages be sure there was one. And coach checked the quarterbacks in right after that. What do tunnel to cameras around you do that. The suspect that your belief that there's on the fishy about the way you officiate games especially given some of the calls we've seen over the course of the season then. I understand fans going what is going on here. Like I don't know I mean we've joked about how much what did you Triplett out of that game. In that she's titans game I can't vehicle for progress on it that he retired the next day. I like to admit that there's a material like OK that's where that is at the and he said how can we see this in the guy with the whistle a guy in charge of of officiating can't see this. You know I mean. I would back to the jets game to Austin safari jackets coral looked to be a touchdown that would of you won again and time again I can't remember that it was tight with the patriots that was that was in new York New Jersey where they'll play. So I'm just saying yeah I think stars get preferential treatment. No I mean I don't disagree with that I think maybe we're talking about two things there. I agree. That the better players get the benefit of the whistle and so I agree that the officials are less likely to file LeBron now the file out JR Smith. They know the thoughts while watching the game so they won't give LeBron more calls or Jordan more calls stuff current I'm not denying that. I'm saying is it was what do sound like you and attacks Linus. Text are six countries are six big game was rigged as hell someone else I think it's point shaving by the rests its influence by big east. People don't seem to trust the office that odd. How authenticity it outwardly and say the seepage Russia the integrity of the game. Like to joke around about the fish I think it's funny and it's funny win the official takes out he's the paper and uses it to mark down a first down and then gets up with the or a smile on his face. But I don't think that the games are fixed like to meet. Part of the reason why you watch sports as you believe it is the ultimate human drama. You know that the script does not predetermined when you watch a movie you know that is predetermined I see all the time about what these are things how can you lost that it's right. What people are saying about the NFL if you think that the rules are slanted in one team's direction for their benefit to win. That's the definition of the game being rigged to me because Greg is the game's being called fair right down the middle. Rick dees it is slanted in one team's direction it seemed like a lot of the public not just all ball a lot of the public. They set the rules are slanted to help the patriots debates which to be in why do you watch the product why do you trust the integrity of the product you believe. I don't think a lot of the. Will do and yet you know silly attacks on from the violent threat but nothing that's the NFL would you and they try to sneak how much stuff passes the Ray Rice field. You know. I don't I don't trust via the levels of business like anything else man. It's it's a it's a gigantic business I'm not saying the game is rigged I don't trust that particular crew. You know I think they get preferential treatment of the New England Patriots somebody else that's excellent. On set you know they don't drawn. Got a penalty which I don't think that should have been a penalty on their church and the one Kelsey didn't. You know I mean what's the difference in that so you know what's beverage you're supposed to do in that situation. Mean crock is eight foot 5582. Per ounce and Barry church is trying to lay it on the got separated from the football across laid out. And so and he did they get penalize that. So listen I just in trust that crew slate interest just triplets group. You know some of the calls him and I had a tremendous outcome on the game and I think the officials at played a part in the outcome and how he has exit is. I don't know that's a great question. Mean I think the problem with the NFL officiating is we all think we know the rules better than they do. But now we live in HD we can pause that we can instantly see I think their job is where does that adding jobs harder now than ever before. Because now we criticize the more than we ever could before. Back in 1995. You couldn't zoom in on HD and see if a guy drags his right oh and freeze it and see it in perfect clarity. What you can now. I think there's way more criticism levied at officials now because the amount of information we have them. Or equal pay fixed part of it is still quick whistle on the models Jack completely strip the football. And every kind of senses don't like whistle but the play play out to look at the could figured out. The just got completely screwed on that play penalized. Mean I guess a much harder flooding thing is. If you'd think that it's. If you if you think it's slanted towards the patriots favored typical penalty on that note not talking miles Jack when he when he stripped the football I'm talking about the volatilities are longer church who said you thought that play was rigged to bubble like I just a question the call. I mean I brought that up because one of the civilian attacks and said how's that apparently they don't Kelsey and in the Tennessee was. And it's a very good question it's a really good question I don't know the answer to that question I was saying that you know if you say how do you fix officiating. -- I don't have the answer to that either but I will say this don't blow the damn whistle so quick I mean look what apple would triple blew the whistle and Marietta got blown up like Egypt. I blew whistles magical something like they do get a quick whistle on miles Jack would strip the football he can run back for a touchdown gonna change the game. I mean officiating should not. At least play a part in the outcome of the game and I think it did last that I certainly think it in the in the cheese titans can you go back to yet they had lead that she said. With all that stuff right you've got to play through the officiating if you're gonna get screwed tart but. These are pro this isn't about your deal park soccer complex alana beard some. You know baseball complex we got fifteen year old kids umpiring games or or Jonny sack wildfires softball games item in these guys are pros debate well. That the quick whistle thing irritates me that's one way I would fix it let the place finish out you can always go review you got forty Cameron's. You thought hypothetical earlier today that is a little bit confusing to me what does seem to be a popular sentiment amongst Alex Smith in his. Obama supporters is the right and I'm Alex Smith supporters he has but I want you to give your product out of all I don't care. And I based watching that game last night about Smith as a quarterback the Jacksonville Jaguars last I think that would won that game. And here's what I mean by that and portals and a nice game he really did. But I do judge had a suitable about the patriots because and the biggest thing I bring up right now is like 26 sessions by picks right. I think the one thing you can sit on Alex Smith is that you know he's gonna take care of the football. That that that is what he will do now he mean package on the field you know in the final minute half of the game. To get a touchdown but he's gonna take care of the football which is go back to the final 55 seconds of that first the jags had two timeouts. They do anything they went to the locker room up fourteen Dan. The chiefs are don't we see that she's not do that I didn't do that is the titans. They went out there and Alex Smith without Travis Kelsey did to markets Robinson touched and got seven before they went in the locker room so that's one way. I think Alex Smith has a better arm is more accurate and has a better quarterback. And I think if you paired Alex Smith with that jags defense and that running game the jags win that game. My confusion with this and a lot of people said this about Alex Smith in various situations. Why is Alex Smith the thing missing for so many other teams to get over the hump kinda the same thing about the Broncos may have bounced it once the Broncos they reasonable continually give him over the hump. Are right that's one team at the same thing about Minnesota metadata that case keep him in and out Smith they would of won that game maybe over the hump. I assume you'd think that outs that's better than it all's what I need to either got to get over the hump to be the guiding Jacksonville over the hump why he got the guided at the chiefs. You see the second half of the titans' game mean it was all. You know bubble screens and conservatives out to see the second half of the of the vikings and then an Eagles game I mean Doug Peterson stepped on the gas man then went for. It is only say geez can't seem to figure that out. Right and that's not an Alex Smith mean we saw Alex will be able to throw the people here they can bill. Especially he's got the guys right now vomit what his receivers and ice is one of his receivers more than likely that people probably not gonna be an option for the chiefs. It may Anheuser is is is one and two receivers but we got Tyreke hill and he got out Wilson to marks from some of these other cats that you the people. Just the play calling at least under Andy Reid especially get a lead we've seen time and time again they don't step on the throat just like they didn't do it's the Denver Broncos. A Monday Night Football optical trick play that's that's I read guilt throw freak and past and his right hand to make him look left handed. You know so that's rob talked about right there now and that it in my opinion last night about that as a quarterback Jacksonville Jaguars beat the patriots. Mean they beat the patriots. Just look at it of it looked like a lot of Alex Smith games I've seen. In the first half they ran the ball effectively the patriots made adjustments and it came down to can Alex Smith when you game against an elite level opponent. And Alex Smith RC's public morals last I couldn't do the same way that I think Alex Smith couldn't do it I guess my belief in this news you can tell me is over the top predicted. If you think this about Alex Smith and Andy read. Alex would be the missing piece or 56 other good teams what he's not the missing piece for the chiefs. And the biggest reason lies held back by coaching a play calling champion of the game. Miss a fiery re like it if that's only. If you think that they Jacksonville wins yesterday on how it's meant. Minnesota wins they got Dallas meant the Broncos or as a bowl contender in the arguably its best team in the AFC at an announcement. That announcement is not a problem. Andy Reid has been the problem because every team is looking for that missing piece. Every team has looked athletic knows that god can help get us over the hump who's the guy that we've been missed and help us it's miserable. This significant she's got on the team I disagree with Justin Bieber got on the scene. If we think that some money is holding them back or holding him back from reaching that level that's the person that should be eagle on this case. Usual any fire if you think Andy Reid the reason I haven't wants this horrible reason they're not reached these things and you think Alex it was part of the solution. Alex Smith should continue to be here in the is important that coaches off. I got to fix an offensive problems still on the that she said the defense of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Right and that's it and have their defense is as good as Philadelphia's either. And I think defensively is part of the issue as well. You know that's what I'm saying if you better Alex with the jags defense and that running game then went game last night. Right and I think the big test if you wanted to 10 Andy Reid and I've said this and I said this. Three weeks ago. Right if you read in my opinion as two years I did it passed next year that moms is first your plan after that. What are you gonna do. Is at all. Holmes is the guy and that she's come out there up to 443 to have on some team. In any region it's all conservative in the second half and it comes back and it's a game of the chiefs lose it barely went that you're gonna relative injury and out Smith. Mean I think that's the biggest way we'll tell and that any Regis like any player any coordinator any coach anybody. Involved in the NFL any sport hell in any job and you got oval. Price and that 83 needs doable Doug Peterson showed you last night you don't take your foot off the gaps are right. I mean that to me is the biggest issue that I have an injury and you know and you factor and especially don't take your foot about the gas vehicles on defense like the chiefs do. You know I mean it to me is. Unbelievable but how do you not. Keep trying to break it light up the Tennessee Titans until the what you check downs and bubble screens when you know your defense is get as an issue all season long trying to. Stop Iran I mean that's so so maybe we need to be fired. But given the chance would dabble in these are still and Johnny conservative stuff in the second half of the G-7 lead with that all of that it is injury. Sex on six characters or six exactly look at these reputation of the same thing in Philly and other text her defense is the main issue Jacksonville Minnesota Philadelphia all have better defense is. And the chiefs there's no denying. That the chiefs defense is not at the level in my opinion of those three teams. I would even argue their defense isn't the patriots beat the you can tell me which one I'd rather have a lot and coaching bill balance second map treasurer I rather have that in the current chief situation. But. I think that aimed. I guess what Alex Smith one of my arguments is for a lot of people that defeat and Alex Smith that is. I painted a salary cap kind of league we start arguing that they need every possible thing in order for him to elevate this team. Drop at the line asked top five in the NFL you better have a great defense you better have a number one running back in the remark you better have an elite wide receiver potentially anti retail. And the number one type but that's not realistic like that that's just not realistic. I just saw Minnesota with their back up. Quarterback our backup quarterback it's in its aging Richard game I just all Philadelphia. Philadelphia lost the in VP in my opinion of the first fourteen games of the season and parcel it's still it's a Super Bowl. How all these teams able to overcome major catastrophic. Injuries and things that happened throughout the course of their team not the chiefs. I'm homicidal it's time to get the quarterback and not that coach I think they're coach is bettered his job announcement is his job and I think he is they maximize talent I think the quarterback limitations are holding him down. It the other side it's perfectly fine and you think the quarterback is the part of the solution to the team and the coach is holding him down. Then I would say a majority of Kansas City if that's what people believe they need to be on the side of Andy Reid is the long ago. Or whatever the best solution in combination. Might argue would be is I've seen five years of eighty Reid announcement to know the combination of both of them is not getting into those liberal I've seen enough of every. Close in my typing possible. I'm curious to see what the anti Reid and Patrick Holmes communism. And let's longer than the two year window we're just a second year quarterback. I'm gonna give them Horry and maybe for his mobile homes the really have an understanding of what homes is I think is just a cycle of what happened. On the thirty had want to learn the system and so that's why I'm dividend to you know starting next year the clock and he starts at an mean. Two chiefs of RD pick which of the which of the two that that they're not. Gonna keep when he went drafted that all the cheese made that decision already. You know it's they're gonna keep bad you're gonna they're gonna get rid outs you know so. Listen again. Two years of the Andy you know at Patton hall and he can do it then cool. You know that I'll shut up about it you re the defense has issues to you know the defense has major issues to work is speeders is stud just used in. Under achieve the linebackers are getting old and get younger now Kevin Pierre Louis Reggi rag and on energy line who knows payload is a free agent. Eric Berry comes back coming off an Achilles but he got in you know on number two corner then they got a look at the course of the jags that. Let me come on I mean I mean you can't even compare that to Kansas so. Listen I think there's more than just Alex Smith needs to be fixed honest. Coming up next there's a company blaming full. Blaming millennial so why they're not hot anymore we tell you it is an excellent draft. The dry presented by don't sixteens from the MVP electric heating and studio sixty and Sports Radio listen to what sandy or work vice won't seem so bad that's when a morning sixty and sport. You know. A plane and six cents or radio coming up next is the show we Stevens served from 67 take up until K state against Baylor they played 7 o'clock today Kansas State is ranked thirtieth. In college basketball. It has been over three years since Kansas State has been more than one game over 500 in the big twelve they would it's my. Dagger. Mean when she. Didn't win the conference. They're gonna jump up to like it here right below Kansas the I'll give them via at a tomorrow on the drive we'll have Joseph Goldberg in studio at 3 o'clock in John Shia MB PSP and he will be all of those of 4 o'clock is polling to use game tomorrow with Tom crane. Ice you know Tom green is that somebody you're familiar with the can't really remember how you would have to close this time area. He the first two years this government junior and senior year so I covered him when he first got started when Indiana was when he like three games. I would imagine it's Tom pride blocked me out of his memory I never bothered him I just know that I wasn't pops and is priority really I didn't cover touch screen in his first few years and value the. But respect and your name lies rule that he'd need to student report I remember that I wanted it. Tom Green to the coach at Missouri Tigers and I realized I was wrong on the mark I think was the right higher clubs gyms there are out. He he actually he knew he was doing when he came to hiring the head basketball coach and Israeli knock on wood because it does do things can always change. Rather quickly share the store for you guys it will actually play ice found the open from when your Donovan threw a pass the way to treat its we will in the show with that today. I wanna see who share this because there's nothing you love to do more it's crush Winston. Another company is crushing when meals Budweiser which used to be they king of Beers they were the top selling beer in the country. Every year up until 2000 in Warren now they find themselves in fourth. Place you wanted a lot they're blaming. But still I think UP millennial there are blaming believe meals for the decline and they say that they want over Generation X. But they have not won over millennial why have we allowed these companies that compound. Instead of improving their own product instead of marketing better or doing a better job to reach a new demographic in a new consumer. Biggest blame my generation of why your product is hot. Make better food. Create better beer be better at your job why always blame us when New York or drinking. This does other companies that are headed you gotta be better why let these companies do this. Letting us. Listen man I did but like she's terrific alike on details. This might be actually a really bad segue now that I really think about should about the sound a little more. I really think like. I'm not talking about was been segue into Avis journal enter the magazine really really Smart decision but I mean at this point we've already committed to doing it and saying it this is the open now Chrysler made the day you're Donald enter a pass away cannot believe it has been eight years since Giordano pass the way. Here's the opens on the day your Donovan Ter Basilan. I got to play that we just completely botched this entire site public moment. Good drive royals pitcher here Donovan terror. Instead at the age of 25 after a fatal car accident earlier today confirmed by Dominican police force you. Your Donovan Perez to the hill is basketball has reached 100 miles an hour he has a good change. And a good curve as well and right now he's on the hill the microphone we bring the whole thing broadcaster. Denny Matthews right she's anxious. Ventura. Getting ready to throw it. What I thought that that this that that's not how it's supposed to hang around his accomplices to snag. Mean it just you walk in that clubhouse and he looks you square in the with things like this says. I'm ready for you we all remember how emotional he was when Oscar taveras died during the 2014 World Series he had OT written on his hat pitched the game of his life in game six of the World Series. It's a high pop up found round third base side. Your stock is out he's got. North of the city. Lawyer Donald Ventura. That there is this doesn't hit. Got off. Gave it got so Bob you're governor of your pop off your arm like a dog did you have put a young man right now. Good pitch to. Brian Mears Major League ballplayer through through this story. Been proven they're great years that's when he tried to point me real great years. And another three to playing in a missing struck about off speed. They get three strikeouts for your down open era as a young guy. You know it's hard for I mean I had trouble learn how to control my emotions when I was young you know it's it's. It's something you got to continue to work on it goes at it and you know he did it just comes out. He's a competitive guy and just comes out. You know raptors complete game ever you know you have free agents are so afraid to be happier with the complete and the way that he appears in court frankly it was a certain. So you know he just could shoot their again what's the war he saw of the presumption that. That's why I have been doing that so here at all you know he's still sort of side stepped. You know he's beaten young players we're the spartans turned the corner push start and figure out dog. See them motivation hurt them all their. A lot of about. The question of zero it's. And really the same god from very war. Warts or does that get me. The ride presented by don't sixteens from the immediately Turkey into the studio sixty and Sports Radio paid.