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Monday, January 22nd

Hour 2 got started with a question of whether or not Alex Smith could've led the Jags to the Super Bowl over Brady and a disagreement ensues. They also take their local college basketball whiparound before welcoming Vahe Gregorian from the KC Star in-studio to reflect on his trip to the Dominican Republic this time last year after the passing of Yordano Ventura, and Royals Assistant GM Rene Francisco joined the guys on the phone to give his perspective on Ventura's death one year later.


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Back in on the drive coming up in fifteen minutes and we'll go round the local college basketball scene is. It's a pretty big stores with Kansas Kansas State in Missouri who gets that coming up at 315 the first. I was today's pop Quaid C grades the Dark Knight was the pop quiz today ten years ago was the anniversary of Heath ledgers death. Lady I kind of rolled the Joker. It hasn't heard the story about when he. Talked to Jack Nicholson the plane Harold Jack Nicholson are a lot of people don't know this was the original joke in the original ban. And Nicholson told he'd ledger that it it would ask a month. It would mess him up for a why he's that's at Nichols and it's Pernod eventually found himself back on track. And little did we know that the same thing except substantially worse app in the larger but that was an incredible incredible performance. Do you is I can't keep and didn't the name of the Batman and easily. Straight image sensor not like a new moves telling stat man three Batman for what it's like one of the idol and there's like the Dark Knight I mean. Eva Mendes I was Batman begins the Dark Knight Batman and earned the Dark Knight rises over the of the time it Dunham has always incorporated with whatever the villain is like yeah that's how I'll remember about his member of the dark night of the Joker in the Dark Knight rises the more debate like an. It's Batman begins is the most scarecrow right couldn't because Chris Parnell did three of heeded the and that man begins in the dark and the dark at rise and attracting a lot of people would unequivocally argued that those are the best that answers. There's room. I think you could say that the Dark Knight is second best Lugar generation as I would say the art it is the best movies are arteries of the departed is a fantastic idea at the best movie. I did you sell it over the last 1520 years. We were what seven whenever Forrest Gump came up elect. As an adult the best movie to come out I would say that apart at one and I would say Dark Knight was it because it. Sort of encompass everything like the there was humorous there's action there's drama that it sort of appeal to as many people's possibly distinct. It just was at stake in terms of like intrigue like I'm not a big bat in Spain and I think what the flaws that superhero movies at as you always know that the good guy's gonna win it. It was gonna win at the end of those who divide. The Joker was such as he seemed like all these two steps ahead and read it it's not met and defeated the Joker that's how the movie and do the right. The Dark Knight is an amazing movie opening scene is really good to grow out of the Dark Knight is just aiming. Credible and incredible movie I seen one here. Seated as you shift do you watch. The duty of the department I had no idea I didn't hear about it and I decided to drop a spoiler now departed. Well but say it's just it didn't see it on the that's one of my favorite. That's the best movie when you. An idea. How movies but on the department. Some movies always the other and that's why I really think yeah I separates him he plays out as I don't think it's better act. Act high level what later in the dark I think the jazz he uses superheroes and. What Alex Smith. A lot of people are talking today about oh nick foals and Blake portals and other stock is rising and they're gonna get paid a skiing and could get paid. And in the value of those guys went out but. What I kept thinking when I watch the AFC championship game last night. Was. Made and if Smith was quarterback the Jacksonville Jaguars Jack we go to the super bored now. He said again if Alex Smith was the quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguars Jack to be edited soup or right now are for I I completely 1% believe that. I guess a couple of reasons why. First and we already touched on this a little bit but the 55 seconds left on the clock. Before half with two timeouts and it is edited take any because they didn't trust late portals. There's no way that happens if you have Alex Smith you got it doesn't turn the football over. But trust a guy like that he could trust a quarterback like that with 55 seconds you don't have to go to at least try to get your field goal. And tack on three more before he would have if that's the case that this game changes. They don't trust the passing ability of late portals you tell me what a guy that had. Edit readers this year at what point six touchdowns five interceptions but you put that quarterback. Alex that on the same jags team with that defense. Yeah defense was ferocious yesterday and it really upbeat labor against Tom Brady New York 24. In New England to Tom Brady. Man the judge to me are a perfect fit for out Smith Billy simple it would go over the top that's all the heat they got a running game Leonard four and ends are absolute beast. And impose their will on the patriots in the first half and they do that in patriots got a lot of teams in the NFL. A got a defense that's one of the best if not the best defense in the national football utility put Alex Smith on that team that's not equal the Super Bowl on the outlook. That's that's from yesterday am I'm a little surprised this is your stance kind of on the game is at public portals played like Alex on windows. Public bulldozing cut tire season callable. What portals I thought was good yesterday but not good enough. He completed 64% of his passes 293. Yards with touchdown didn't turn the ball over and I thought made plays in the first half. The reason I disagree with the premise at least in this one individual game is. I can see if you can't run the ball announcement does not gonna elevate and beat good teams. That's what happened in the second half of it in the first set your daughter percent right Jacksonville did you is about what ever they wanted to offensively and I thought really dictated tempo. And really took the physical park in nature of football to the patriots that's not the second half was the second half it was like Belichick set our right. Hayward don't let you run the football effectively Dirk quarterback's gonna have to make plays to beat us consistently public morals isn't good enough to do that but the numbers I think while good are a little bit hollow because in the second half. He. Code in my opinion a public well maybe one maybe two goes at the end of it but it was clear that it. It was clear that New England had shifted their defense and you need your quarterback to make plays and he couldn't do. Is that the exact same thing we say about Alex met a lot of times the numbers may be really good but throughout there is points in the game it's a 37 its authority in a new knee jerk quarterback to be the one to make plays in he's not capable of doing. But I felt like happen in the second half of the game and it felt like even though they were ahead. Jacksonville was holding order they were not technically in the league I think do you think he's got who's their quarterback public morals. Yeah I do all of all Alex Smith plays better than what late morals did yesterday I think is the thing I mean. Almost over a hundred yards one touchdown no receptions having a 98 point five. Quarterback rating of Gaza like everything else that's going out there and hit the patriots for 350 yesterday. I don't know if. Yeah he's yeah he's already done this year and Alex Smith has more straight and I think you can trust him more with Moore throws. Because sockets on the football over any help a lot more mobile U public morals and run I'd I think I think Alex Smith is a perfect fit Jacksonville if that's Koreans. If you look like portals as if I read this correctly they got to pay what nineteen million. I mean if they if they bring him back for your five typical some 99. Process. You know trade for Alex Smith. You know if you could do that mean what's out may twenty next year. So hardly listened and I knew would soon it's already scored that game was over. Because Blake portals did not have a NN. He got out there and lead a team like touched have you seen Alex Smith have the ability to lead means yet opportunity it's the Tennessee Titans got the patriots twice in his career. You know it beetle into England earlier this year. I think absolutely I think you give Tom Coughlin. Who by the way had Judy giants teams that beat the patriots and suitable he would announce that Doug Brown Tom Coughlin that defense and that running game absolutely. I take Alex Smith every day twice considerably. I think that I guess maybe you and I talking at two different things I I agree with you announcement is a better quarterback them late boards I'm saying in yesterday's game given what we've seen from Alex Smith. Cassettes has a great running game they did not on the ball effectively in the second half I didn't. They ran the ball for less than four yards a carry with with wood or four net I don't know why they went away from home at least they did Butler for net that would point four carries for 77 yards just like they did some great. The last three possessions Jacksonville was waiting for quarterback to make a play in the quarterback could do yesterday. I just don't know what we've seen from out but I think she's the gods make these plays in the game president I've seen him in the situation I think she's I saw him against Tennessee three weeks ago you couldn't. I don't think it gets to that point. I don't think it comes down to the last drive for the patriots I think the Jackson case of these cats in the third quarter early fourth quarter by then it's like if she's did the patriots. I mean Alex that would help come and what she's down the fourth quarter. They to doing laps to go back to work. But I don't think he gets to that point because I think you do so much more announcement. There's a lot of there's a lot of ticket don't throws Alex is I mean you know people make fun is our strength in his arms held last Robert Blake portals are if you listen broadcast yesterday or not but. Jim Nance had Tony wrote over Roma or talk to other production meaning they need quarterbacks and coaches before the game you know during the week. And Blake morals admitted I'm not a pure thrower. I'm like what how did your lower it in and indeed. NFL quarterback can get to that point and Alex Smith is a much better passer a much more accurate passer simply bored I don't think he comes out of the wire like it did you have doubts that. Coming up next we take a trip around local college basketball KUK state in Missouri getting you up to speed on the weekend action in the big twelve in the SEC and excellent drive. A dry presented by duke sixty days from the electorate into studios sixty and Sports Radio. I. Coming up. First Solar fifteen minutes we'll get somebody boring Kansas City Star. Was in the Dominican Republic a year ago. Because of the death of your Donovan Turkey went to stay after about a past weight was next at the funeral you're gonna turn. In no it was in the Dominican Republic talk a lot of people's scheduled by Hager we're in coming up in fifteen minutes on what it was like to be in the Dominican Republic. When you're Donald Ventura had passed away but before we talked about it Gregorian it is. Ketchup on some local college buckets of our college basketball perhaps we got to start with savings jayhawks. Kansas was down 67. To 61 with two minutes in five seconds ago and shockingly. They came back to win this game they are now six and one in the big twelve. In six and three overall the team everybody keeps telling me how over rated this case you team is now this isn't wanna selves biggest teams out there soft and they're up. They keep displaying a lot of toughness at the end of these ball games and scrapping and clawing back to find a way to win. Get credit for coming back and win those games per share but I'm still not completely sold this team is. Is all that great and compared to what we've seen in the past and I'm I'm not blinded and again and their two new sets. And I watched even closer this year you you keep saying about the officials and Allen fieldhouse would you agree they got a call late when the basic kid drove the pocket he's got absolutely molested. And there was no call we in the does that and scores I mean. Know they've been dally to bail that New Delhi to K state both games at home at gravity guy they got the wins and give him credit for that but I'm still not sold in case you at this point. Iso someone tweet this and it makes a really good point. Like it's definitely thank you just have to accept this is what Kate you wizard except that they always seeming to find a way to win. Mean it was kind of telling this week in the big twelve team to starting a fall Texas Tech that everybody was so everybody so afraid of Texas Tech they lost at the worst team in the big twelve at Iowa State yeah everybody was afraid of Oklahoma investigation your spread of Oklahoma think they're good teammate is off on the road at Oklahoma State. He's Yugoslav bass player and Jalen Fisher like. What am I suppose to be warned about now in the big twelve like. Tell me the team you think is going to win it that's not change you educate you a lot of credit for finding ways to win I think the big difference between this case you team and other teams is. This team who doesn't have a knockout point via this team to jab to death RJ you seemed to destroying global life bat at you that's not. Not what this case your team is gonna do but there's still got to find a way to win at the game. Caves gonna go fourteen for the big twelve when this league pretty comfortably out yet for what is gonna get four losses excuse me is gonna get the big twelve silent with there's another team that I'm afraid of the big twelve right now. Let's head to Manhattan itself with Kansas State. Kansas State is ranked thirtieth now wouldn't it nice number besides her name but you can not have a better week what. Kansas State has had. They've had a comfortable win over Oklahoma 87 to 69 AM. Took care of business at home against TCU team that is certainly ranks and a team that will be in the NCAA tournament I saw a stat today. If Kansas State wins tonight against Baylor. Don't be the first time they have gone multiple gears over 500 in the big twelve in three. Years James are beaches state is always bottle under court game below 500 there either up one. Bob Woodruff game on. It would certainly be nice to get yourself a little bit of cushion a little bit of breathing room and make selection Sunday a lot easier plus I think a stigma with K state is always going to be. That you played really well at home against teams like Oklahoma and TCU not go on the road to Baylor includes. You've got a not say another winnable week here at Baylor has to take care of business in Georgia at home. Kansas State is they better teams in Georgia and you play host the case the case you in a couple and axial week week from today. You've got a chance to really put a winning streak together and really submit yourself as one of the best teams in the big twelve OK state takes a village it was up to yeah. And if K state beats Baylor tonight it way it was finally he would make it right that's right here at 16 Sports Radio 7 o'clock with a home wildcats the case goes on the road beats Baylor tonight. In my opinion they graduated that cheered to the big twelve. And I think they're in the tournament. I think in the target because they're coming up. Bob back to back job toll five wins they blew out Oklahoma not once but twice in the same game if you saw that game that a big league blew it came back in the second apple about it. Yeah and they beat TCU on Saturday. They took me to the liar in Lawrence so stable on the road do Baylor team that nearly beat Kansas influence over the weekend I'm fine case stated Terry team. That's alleged. Cat's been unbelievably big twelve player of the week averaged forty points a game last week and he is something that we haven't seen in terms of big man in case they've long long time. It's crazy that deep ways having the season that he's having he's averaging fifteen and six and 0% chance of winning player of your conference like not that's what else brought against the top apple heard the better teams are better players is. In the conference and deep way I've argued what is one of the three for best players in the topic open. The way Texan put together a really solid conference slate in the years that general puts that in years past estate loses the right. I mean I think tonight. That shows at least it's a little bit different than it did in years but senator. That's a lot of people complaining of are not ranked. You and is an all give some credit you should be right if you take care business I just I've seen this too many times in case they take their business at home in eagle on the road against a team like Baylor on big Monday and you lose it a disheartening game late. Let's see I can't escape responds now coming off the two big wins. Well let's take a trip to Colombia catch up with the Missouri Tigers. My Missouri Tigers. Find themselves in my opinion firmly on the bubble I know every single brackets knowledge he has been at the turn in but it's brackets college in January and a whole lot of stock in that. Missouri is firmly all of the well. They played about as poorly as you can play on the road owns Saturday this score forty. Nine points in shot fifteen of 54. For you math whizzes out there that's good for 27. Point eight percentage Missouri has no chance of an. Not a small percent chance of winning they had no chance of winning if this happens. John Porter. Or eight. These assets Robinson those shots both. Or eight did not score in. When he minutes Johnson's order did not score tests Robertson who is their best player one for eleven from the field. And seven points and Jordan Barnett two or six. Between Barnett. Porter it has since they made three shots between Israel given no chance of going on the road Jeremiah Tillman is a foul machine you're my Tillman has 26 rounds. In their sixth conference. 6006. Conference did you do it. It. Let's do this to the road and that's is that the things like it. Like the bubble or not in the tournament get six more of the water into the South Carolina. Don't it's your turn on the team and lose in an. That's a team that's the worst thing the SEC and that's game they should win and I. Havens actually I think eight of molesting this little better than their record aid it was pre season top ten team. There's no shame in that they got a game actually next Saturday at play at Mississippi State this mobile world seems like. You got to find a way to steal maybe one maybe two more road games and take care of business at home to get an in home got our consult and still got Kentucky. You go roads Kentucky met on the same team so. There's enough games that hole and there's enough of the split that it was or can finish bobbled and maybe one game of above 500 I do think David chizik NCAA tourney and I still continue to think the Michael Porter will play basketball or Missouri has returned February 3 against Kentucky Missoula in and out of the day I'm shooting Michael Porter playing in a couple of weeks as Missouri plays host to the Kentucky Wildcats. Coming up next we just so much bigger gore into the team as is or who blitz that the Dominican Republic a year ago after the death of your Donald enter he joins us in studio to relive an important day in Kansas City sports history next right here on the drive. The drive presented by do sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio exclusive piece coverage against deeper tonight at seven on six and Sports Radio. Called out what what everybody get an event that something might happen. You know it was just. It was a very very difficult to let her when you know poor you know I've walked through the locker room and as you blocker and that was it felt very very difficult but nobody wants them back. The drive presented by don't savings from the. We're happy to be joined by. I hate gore in a teensy star who wins in the Dominican Republic a year ago after the death of your Donovan during the session the second time you Coble and you actually came on the Monday after your Donald passed away so. Happy anniversary to the second time. Get on well like I I hadn't realized that there. That's kind of spooky and the whole thing it's still pretty jarring his unit community. I think we've all been on the move a lot and sitting down here a few guys as a moment where you just sort of stop and not take stock a little bit. It's still it's still is that just a terrible thing. Why do so when this happens. How did you guys decide immediately over the starlets in this you're going down. Well it's a really interesting question yes I think you really did happen like that and I'll I'll tell you that. So as a true with with you guys you know all of a sudden there's 27 techs that. You know 930 or ten on yeah Korea January 22. And you know do we all do you just immediately went into action and of Sam wrote something right away even though he was on a plane I wrote something right away and then. Blair and I'm a bunch of other people. The Reston. All went downtown we're doing a FaceBook life thing right away and then we said okay. Now we stopped per minute and say what do we do it yet. And you don't eat it. It really says something about the star did to me that the commitment was there right away that that we we had to go to hit it a bit on my mind that. My dear friends. Derek cooled and Chris Lee went when. Oscar taveras died went right down the Dominican of that he's zero for sale of the Saint Louis post dispatch that they were right down there that that was on my mind and also kind of formed some of the things we had to think about so. We knew we had to go we also knew it was very important that. We knew how we're gonna get around I'd be in the Dominican once before to cover. Sort of the roots of you're down oh yeah and and I you know. Remember it was not part remembered that that must train this is a couple hours away from Santo Domingo it's not a it's not easy place to get around. Driving is terrible. So we really needed. To know that we can get with the royals and that was sort of the key thing and Dayton Dayton said duke coming and you can join us on the bus and John sleaze or night come on a plane the next morning. And and we we've met up with some of them the night before the funeral we saw some of the players and just chatted casually and then. I think 5 AM or 6 AM or something the next morning we were here on the royals bus with them on the way to Los during this. Right now we are talking about hey Gregorian of the Kansas City Star who went to the Dominican Republic a year ago after the death of your domino one more question in line with covering it for the star. What shore personal emotions you go into writing something that you know will impact as many people as a story like this has happened obviously know almost see anybody die in we all get excited about big stories in big events but. You kind of became the voice of the you're Donovan to her funeral for a lot of people what is it like to go live with that responsibility. I'll tell you something and it it it was. A very strange feeling nothing I'd never have before I'll never have again because we were. More or less there was some TV there but we were on the bus we were really embedded. And you I realize after the first few tweets to sending out a tweet early morning from the you know. Being on the royals bus some of the conversation on the bus all the sudden there was thousands and thousands of people following along and so. Two things to responsibilities that they want is you each begin becoming conscious of the you're taking Kansas City with you I usually he couldn't help but feel like that. But the other thing is. The prime directive so to speak is you know how'd you get close enough to to. Share and in bring everybody along but not the offensive end. You know yet to make a lot of quick decisions I I I hope we were I do know that we are as sensitive as we could be in each moment. Whether or not we meet every right decision I don't know but. But we were trying to be flies on the wall addicted to your point carry to the the hardest most intense time that probably was. Going into the house with a wake was held. It sort of being swept in almost greeted with the royals people more distinguishing between us and the royals we were just gonna walk and then with them obviously we have tape recorder camera. In John sleaze are used as magnificent as job found a way to get hurt in a corner of the room where he was out the way you can see everything. And that was sort of what I did just trying to be up against the wall and not interfere with anybody or any thing and and yet be able to hear and it and try to consider how to how to write this stuff in and again it it was hard to had to think about both both things in and you certainly felt energy because of that that you knew it it was feared doing something important. And we don't you know have reason to feel that way all the time and covering sports right I mean you knew this was really mean. Four which was a more surreal feeling to actually via the funeral and seeing them carry the casket to the streets of the of the American republic. Or being at his house at the waking you have a special edition with his mother which one was more of a surreal feeling to be a part. Didn't no doubt being in the house I mean I've I've you know were about 234 feet away from each other here. And you know picture yourself. That close to everybody another few feet away from the casket people just looking at the casket and people. You know in great distress and in breaking down in a moment that goes along with that that I've written about this a few times but. One most powerful moment to me that day was Dayton Moore. Gathering people what it did in the middle of the room and taking people's hands and saying very comforting words about. Along the lines of what an honor it was to suffer with them. And it that pierced me to my saw me I just the way he went about it. Just sort of organically knowing what to say and how to say it. That was surreal and then it really was open to walk to the streets so we walked a good mile and a half on a sweltering day with people all dressed up and I'll never forget. A hundred things about that day but one thing that stands out was this this woman standing on the side the road holding a sign it's a thank you Kansas City for your love and support. That was that was amazing. One of the things like we're talking about you gored by the way from Kansas City Star vice congratulations you're. Emissaries top sports writer for this year gonna throw that in there so that's awesome and well deserved the group that you have no agent for a handful years it's been a Kansas it was admired stuff. But the emotional part of that in and trying to like be right factual piece but yet at the same time deal with the emotion. And be respectful and I noticed like a lot sometimes you guys were sitting back little videos right. Whether it be on the bus walking down the street. How difficult was that to no cash in my in my to fall like going too far might not. You knows as respectful as it is but but at the same time in my my reporting what's going on to people in Kansas City now. Yeah I mean I think you know. Our primary responsibility duty. Honor what are you wanna call it is to our audience but I just think you have to know your turn to be human being in that situation of just great burden for so many people and so you just try to physically keep your distance for instance also when we were in the the the basic funeral itself. I recorded stuff but I didn't really write stuff down I didn't wanna make. Gestures that way and it seemed like the best he can do lease the best I figured I could do and I didn't tweet from there. I made mention that we're going in and that there would be more on this later. So the started something Smart by the way which was a aggregated all the the tweets as they're coming don't put them into a running. Commentary basically. The weird part was though they've we did not get back to. Senator may go to like seven. And so after this really kind of crazy along they are really could start writing till then. And that then you're just on fumes and open you can title together some now. But he went back to right and in Virginia drove the route is that correct we did we went back talk about that because the stuff that I've read in the video that you guys it was it. How can you describe that to a flat Lander lights in Kansas City. Well. It's kind of unbelievable because once you start that road. And it it was a road that that authorities in the Dominican we'll tell you nobody should drive at night and that's understood that we should drive at night we drove during the day. And even during the day there's time to go like eight miles around an hour going around these curves and maybe 3040 times you saw signs. You know. Slowdown danger I can't I I should of re read the story didn't but it I can run a specific wording there. But there's no hit at every turn you're you're being told watch it and you're really sort of spiraling out into the there's a time where we were make the driver. You know clouds are around us a tie it's tie for that area. But it's also very darkened but treacherous and many people died on those routes. So that was you know our goal going back there as we did we come to understand there been a lot of kind of chaos in his life from the last year too and to try to for lack of better term try to understand their parents follow follow last days of his life a little more. I don't you know we we learned a lot but there's still some mystery and our brilliant young reporter Maria Torres just went back and perhaps readers are Samir audience has seen it but she wrote and a new thing that. Really really speaks to the on resolve matters to all his life now. It's it's. We didn't know all that was going on with them an Intel until this happened right in and we use we you guys started to find out about this to mean then then yeah it was a different approach to the peace or was that are well it. You don't what it is okay and ended in just to get into the mine the deep that top level part of this he was married. Two I believe it was the daughter of somebody that big time political connections in Dominican Republic or per. Ordered to Angelo yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. And she had been married before is very complicated stuff talking to his mother. So it was fairly strange stuff right. It's understood she was still married. It's also understood that she is. She was very manipulative person. The degree of that I'm not even sure that we've. How would scratch the surface of all the things that she was doing to sort of lure him in. I don't. I don't want to overstate. Better too much but it but. She does she was a terrible presence in his life and everybody around him knew it yeah he he was like a guy under a spell he would try to get out the relationship. And affected not seen her for some time in that night she convinced him to make this very dangerous drive to come see her. I really quickly we actually have a special guest calling us right now Rene Francisco assistant general manager for McCain to zero just caught it Renee RU two incidents. Aren't going all right. Thanks thanks we appreciate you taking the time as I understand your Puerto Rico right now. It's been a year and you're the guy that they've found Giordano and sign you're done now. What's today been like and what's the last year been like for you. Well so far below what the correct correct a little bit I was a auto sign. I drove it there. Well that would but anyway. The whole year you know you'll never forget acute that you that was reporter Eli. Well for quite some time that he signed with. What animals and now. Hit it today you know it I want to battle night in it you know okay. It's like law and accepting a liar or the Dominican for the week well. And did that day that he died. I'll liable. For that to the Dominican politics. It was. Are weird and well but. I think what was Giordano. Animal that we days is if you want kids especially in May enable them in the Dominican. Four when I'm old. I've gotten sick as well. And won a little slow. You know I give. Like what you. Lose any animal. We're talking Rene Francisco assistant general manager for international operations. For the royals played a key part in and getting her down side bringing him to Kansas City. And grieving in dealing with things is is different for everybody. Let's just last year been like Korea is an intimate you know count mistresses automatic tenure in Puerto Rico right now and what's the what's the last year been like. Freelance for and what can tell us about what it's been like for the ballclub and some of the things that you guys have had to deal with a pretty thorough. Well everyone thinks about it I mean if you don't own patent and JJ. From his teammates. That they get so outrage. He's labeled. And then at the conversation. One thing about what we will never forget about him is that it's mildly ill and sentence didn't say. We're talking to Rene Francisco became zero's were making put in the context of who your Donovan tour was I didn't really have much of a relationship with them you were animal life. Knew him personally like who what Giordano of enter. Giordano were pleased there while on. While we help people. You know be so one thing. A competitive. Competitor. A wild birds and actually and enact certain person. But. A lot of people also being what we need to. To meet these acute that week. Well you know. I am them. Renee wanting I'd like to ask you know I've and I've talked to select open accounts as he put context what kind of hero he was do you think about his story kind of rising from the poverty of the Dominican Republic. And then being an overwhelming success he put in the context kind of hero he was to his own country. Well I think what they hear a move. Not only country that whose family. People that you. Because. He grew up with not in. Mom and apple. Court at a young age. Is really well not bother me here. Wasn't very. You know hyper. And keep that route. Out of school that I won't buy elementary school. At a young age. So it will work it. Yeah like what he was telling you. And so it's went to work construction. So. Cheap. He thought would work and global field. And fortunate that have not been it will not been to an. Outside a professional contract. Make it big league and don't make it to their niche but contribute. Should rule a world champion ship. Well because it like it is resolved. Rename this is spot him I'm in here in the studio with these guys today it's good to hear your voice and and I'm sorry about the circumstances. And and -- it makes me think of the trip we took. Two Austrians with you a couple of years ago to sort of Trace dirt on those routes and I just wonder as you as you think back. To some of the first with Giordano with the with when Pedro so variant called you. About his excitement about your Don Owen and if maybe you could tell the story about the first time you saw him pitch. When he when he came to two. The academy. Well it's. By do it means to them. What you thought a lot of the stories you know a lot what you know a lot about shambles. Well what now. Well life. Wake up call. To. Just to follow that he had acute. And that cat is. And I thought that Tobias. Director. Our field coordinator there academy. An ignorant that you need to countries kitty kitty. You. It definitely as well and so went. What did the Connecticut and at this age and portable. It. What happened that we responded eat. At me is everything is so it is that's what we're. So all they want it a battle with that at all watch somebody. And compete. And a great story but it. What uncle a lot of money. You would not. Like that and work. It could get a lot of money it was at when you absolute liar. Well. And you distant. Sort of tie this together and away Renee to it it sounds like the royals are really making a special effort to. Commemorate him in Australia us and including that that the field where you took us to look to see his this first coaches in his. Is that your understanding of how how that's gonna be done. Yeah. Loyal security. And is there. And then. And gotten some. Like bill new batting cage sick but you know. Level that he'll. Exit poll out. What work what whatever money it was. Said that quote people don't need to. Eight foundation. That's about what we're gonna do. Well there. I know that Archie was there. About ten days ago we were able to spend time. Let me leave it as it loans. And want to more. Available to get sued the picture which won't. We didn't Renee is a matter of fact I'd had a chance to talk to drink Gavin when he minor league pitchers he was down there and we're gonna talk to him in the 4 o'clock gallery and add your busy guy. Thank you so much for taking time and your flag from the Dominican and Puerto Rico today and we know it's a tough days for you guys. And for the entire organization really for the entire season think back to what happened a year ago today so we really appreciate the time wishing the best safe travels Lucy back in Kansas City. Doubt earnings were made Francisco royals just in general manager for international operations and just to hear him talk to each. It is they seriously doesn't. Mean nasty out there Renee is a he's a wonderful guy hand very warm. And you see it that this hits his hardest as far as that it's anybody and I think people also like Victor Baez who you guys I've not had a good fortune to meet but he runs the royals Dominican academy and he. He kept Giordano at the academy throughout the year for about a year and a half I think when you're gonna was there is very usual video let him go home. They wanted they want them under their direction. And it soon and these people are. They've really our father figures to yeah. Make you think you know these days it's beneath these kids in the eighteen you know they can sign a lot younger. Down there and from everything you guys wrote in everything that I read and and people that I talk to he was start to sort of turn the corner. Well it is like a girl. Yeah and that was the thought that was the the extra. Yes shattering thing about this he he would. Been staying at Santa Domingo that year the two specific to work out Victor by isn't for the last probably the last person of the royals organization to see Yemen. When he sick about all after the work out on I believe it was a Saturday morning. I said see you Monday. And the and then that so they ate it every indication was that that he was in. Headed towards the best shape of his life he he was very serious about his offseason training and in sort of a new way and head had been a few months. In two shedding this great burden is like that that this awful woman became. I was by Hagar growing of the Kansas City Star a year ago today he went down to the Dominican Republic because of the death of your elements are we also think Rene Francisco assistant general manager. For the Kansas City Royals to commemorate the life really of your Donovan survive we gotta have you on for more positive occasions to the idea I come out I or someone passed. I am really not gonna be jumping out here but you know what it it it also is. Cathartic if you want you zawahiri it's really it's good to talk to you guys about this it's it's it's a heavy heart thing still for everybody Kansas City and especially as we think of our. The people with the royals that we know so well so thanks for having me actual funnel lighter thing but I'm I'm glad to have me. Yeah I remember the fanfare studio I'd release and on wall stuff like thanks a bunch appreciate you guys does biter going images these are coming up in two minutes actually enjoy what the patriots have accomplished over the last sixteen years I'll tell you why next on the drug. A drive presented by Gusinsky's from the MVP electric heating and studio sixty and Sports Radio.