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The Drive
Monday, January 22nd

Hour 1 kicked off with the guys looking at the SB 52 matchup and why Fanning thinks there's a legit case to be made about the officiating in the JAX/NE game. They also look back at today being the one-year anniversary of the death of Yordano Ventura, Henry Lake joins the guys to discuss his knowledge of the Billy Preston situation at KU, and we find out who Fanning is throwing into the "Sir Brad Pit of Misery."


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Blowing knows that Panthers defensive coordinator Steve Wilkes is officially been named the new head coach of the Arizona Cardinals and it's for your union while the Tennessee Titans introduce new head coach Mike Vrabel today. Case it'll travel but to a Baylor tonight at 8 o'clock our coverage begins at seven here on six and Sports Radio. It's up 45 folds out to you moves up to number five which does it also lead on number seventeen also against normally give in and be out big 120 newcomer of the week. Feast day for team wade is the big twelve player. That high so that's we now now let's start the show. It's presented by duke sixty. Like what's happened with some worries fees typically done done and you were different for me and would probably like I was. Flight 1723. Months this would have wanted to superstar is definitely meant to be there an album and whether he's the old cold. Kind of a rough and they would get beat up for the boys that they had to break the medal stand today take them away. And in the announcer for hi but what's happening to little rock and the he's gonna come back and then all of a slight infection. When he told you they would still spotlight but. And he would come down and we. And they're proud of the race don't you see it happening in the Brady others. I don't think it's a long way. Let him then again. Wouldn't like the kid brother he's hiding something. Do the same out. Late going in the month old gold but with the ball I think that he is pretty. Well there's something go wrong. The great sadness that it gets its objectives it. On the great job he's thought god don't know. Perform open heart surgery. Guarantee Harrison. Do you have an answer we don't have that drive. Let's do. There's another day and another day that the patriots dynasty reigned supreme we have talked about it it is to drive kids Harrison has been highs are producer of the thing in every hater of the the open and to my right down. Outer Tom Brady did a number of build knowledge Jack in Blake portals believe Brad being items that don't we go play portals. I'm a believer that that's probably that running. I will say this let's start to show off with us. Apologize when. She was better than I thought he was. He was exactly what I thought he was at the end of the game when I thought it Jacksonville time and time again. Kind of looked at their quarterback to elevate the play of their team and win the game four and their quarterback couldn't do it. I thought at the end of the first half but thought it was very telling. Odd ball that was they cleared test do you trust reporters that 55 seconds two timeouts. Momentum clearly shifting back of the direction of the patriots and the Jacksonville Jaguars toads chose to sit on the ball while the legal right there they did not believe in their quarterback so the public morals exactly what I body was. He's not good. Although we certainly better than I get credit for apologized to his not Tom Brady who might well so that it wants. Certainly I thought it was apologize problem. You secretly a pretty good throw that last little Gilmore made that crazy play like that was held will play. From doing I mean that was a great play by others the defensive back to break down opted to throw. I was OK a lot also find Joseph boards made an incredible player I believe my body mean incredible flammable gonna be a little. Different kind of show today. Coming up at about thirty minutes or so it relates to join us in studio to talk about Billy Preston. He's the case you sane handsome Billy Preston information if you've missed that Billy Preston will not be playing basketball at Kansas this year. You'll be heading overseas the Bosnia I believe that it is to play basketball over there. I am happy that we reach some kind of conclusion I don't think the NCAA at least with the information that we had. Did Billy Preston in Kansas a service it took way too long for Russ to find out how that side that was gonna and we'll talk to him relate about it coming up in thirty minutes. In an hour and thirty minutes canceled by hate Gregorian of the Kansas City Star he was actually at the funeral of your Donovan terra we will talk to him coming up at 330. We talk a quick healer had and I mean. Can't believe it's already been a year since Rudolph that's noted that doesn't doesn't feel like it has been a year since her Donovan Ter passed away. It starts they show was was the AFC championship game and it got me thinking about the current chiefs. Quarterback situation I don't know what's gonna happen with Alex Smith I feel like we have a good understanding of what's gonna happen without smoke but I don't know what's gonna happen without Smith. I watched yesterday's AFC championship game. I understand the prism and I know Tex signs gonna say we know Alex Smith is a Brady you know he's not routers you know he's not robberies. And time again and I think we see. You need your quarterback to be able to elevate the play of those around you in win whenever situations are not ideal. If you think back to win the chiefs lost in the playoffs. Travis Kelsey goes out with concussion he goes out with an injury the chiefs' offense was been rendered useless they could not do anything the remainder of the game and they'd snap traps tells. They're very similar thing happened yesterday in the AFC championship game. Very church goes and hits Rob Gronkowski it was pretty obvious watching it they robbed accounts he had something wrong with them and it was. Likely that Robert how was not gonna come back in the days. So and you take away in my opinion Tom Brady's two biggest weapons over the course of the last four seasons you take away Julian element because Julie Edelman is out with ACL in the very beginning of the season who made one of the all time catches that last year's Super Bowl. And you take out in my opinion the arguably the greatest tied an all time I hear how important is to run the ball eight ball got to balance. Up until he final drive of the game the patriots ran the ball the second half four times for eleven yards. So they this was not a this was they situation that the New England Patriots did like they've done for the last sixteen years dates aren't there quarterback instead gold out there and win the game. If you are. Magical if you are special we cannot win this game. My hope for the chiefs over the next 51015. How long after all the quarterback is that he can be that person. In my heart kind of against Alex Smith and I'm not coming back with probably more cemented yesterday than it has been. Went to the course of the game things are going to happen that you have to be able to overcome. Dion Lewis fumble injury things are going to happen. If your quarterback can't overcome those things that elevate the play of everybody you're a really really difficult situation so my hope would be. The taxable holds get a ball to the point that he becomes the quarterback that you need cream want to rush for a 130 yards and a playoff game that he can go on the road that he can take her home field advantage in block there and win you playoff game. So that your your hope is that that Holmes is gonna be on Brady's level right blow on me I was in my -- I would say my hope would be is even if you what nick told the yesterday nick also went out in one the Eagles began yesterday at all but one of the better playoff games we've ever seen before and it folds mess yesterday Nichols went out there against the arguably best defense in the NFL and look at him. Things have happened throughout the course seems like. You need to be in a position where you don't need all this are perfectly aligned in order for you to win the Super Bowl without Smith every argument continues to be. Everything needs to be alive everybody needs to be healthy everybody needs to play well in order to win the patriots won their slick ever played well. Again in the second half up until the final drive of the rentable three times throughout the clock they ran the ball four times for eleven yards and he won the net gain yesterday. I did for sheer and and the rest felt you know I mean that that's the other part of this equation I think we gotta talk about. I reject calls for two defensive pass interference penalties. The jags for those who don't know. Where the least penalized defense of the NFL issue the jags. At a total of nine penalties accepted or declined for offensive pass interference the entire season. So. Mike inclusion on that and on the pocketed a not get a debated but it it's it's try not trying to say that Tom Brady's greatest quarterback double time because obviously he has. I mean the guy's an absolute studies donors and Super Bowl so he is exactly what you think he's recorder that and it was maybe as part of the plan. Is due to throw deep and see if that it's in pass interference if that was the case that Belichick's genius at it and on and that worked exactly the way they want. Here's my thought on that. I think the referees did play a role yesterday's game. And I think part of it is on the jacks though because you. I think if you play in the new in the majors get your plate at all on the road in the playoffs. Anywhere that matter but to knock them out like this is old school boxing rules of your face and a heavyweight champ. You're gonna have to knock him out it can't even be close to the tide because you're gonna lose. Sight you miles Jack play where the whistles blown dead. Right he had a terrific play where he stripped the football and the whistles blown tomorrow Jack Iran and it for a touchdown and games probably a little bit. Right you look at that the number of penalties were called on the jags were the patriots at one and nobody's gonna convince me that the New England Patriots. Only committed one penalty yesterday and that's race. No posture was holding on every play in the NFL. I saw Jack's that he did Rican mole and nothing happened so I think penalties. We're part of this game to MI six it the jags are better football team in the patriots don't think you're bad matchup. We saw that first asked specifically. Port thing is this. We see Major League Baseball all the time. The best hitters get the most goals the bigger strike zone the more generous calls from the home plate umpire we see it in the NBA. Win the stars. And get away with hell of a lot more than a scrub that rookie backup guy the twelfth man on a bench. We see a big league baseball and that strike zone for the rookies and it around here too long road that's a called strike three goose when the batter now. So in the NFL when it comes to doing the patriots they're gonna get their calls. About yesterday's game two when they were on the road playing the jets and Austin safari Jenkins. Clearly scored a touchdown was called not a touchdown because he supposedly lost control of football. The patriots are gonna get their goals so if you're going to be the New England Patriots if the Eagles are going to be the patriots in the Super Bowl village east it. Knock them out. Like they're I have to knock them out. You can't get down to eat better. Close game in the second half and users other is the ball Tom Brady's hands in one score game but you're not the patriots because the calls go your way that's just reality. Watching that game yesterday officials played a role and we've seen officials play roles and almost every game of the blast insurers also argued city. So to sit back it's dated the official didn't play a role this game I think is irresponsible because they did. It will public holes the picture is committed one penalty in this game. I mean that Tom Brady absolutely. You know and that's the difference like if you're at Ajax and you're gonna sit on the ball with 55 seconds into time out which. By the way to me just I couldn't understand that in our taxi back to work but do we see that right attitudes and they is sit on the 55 seconds ago the first half. You can't do. For one thing your rights they don't trust a quarterback obviously if they if they did it would triple points on the board before that at least it which I don't feel one absolutely. Absolutely so there's a couple of things that the jags did it certainly got us in the game but the rest and helping me. Think it's the mandate from the league this way I think can I. I don't know that this is what's confused me over the last few guns I feel like the it's great the officials are playing apartment the patriots has really turned off this year. It's always been a little wink wink nod nod joke joke I'd like it was a well at a game yesterday. Everyone is saying. We agreed that a lot of times penalties we would say is a direct reflection of coaching we also would say that Bill Belichick does the best to get his team prepared in these situations but which team I think is the better coach more prepared team eight or are Jackson. Why would say it was. Victories in the situation. And don't we just think that officiating is pour overall like the chiefs tight game to get that you brought up. I think there's some why conspiracy to help Tennessee advance in the playoffs over the cheat and a does think the officiating is just pour overall. Wouldn't you say though that the responsibility of the guys on the field is to overcome the poor coaching. In Jacksonville and points in the fourth quarter like the the way to win you've got to find a way to execute and make enough plays down the stretch and the difference in the ball game was the patriots were making plays at the end game. That's not what Jacksonville was out aside from the fumble which was a big play and I'm with you. I don't think he was I don't think you should it will banish all the was then let them play on the last big play the pictures made after the fumble. Are that the Jackson without a bit of data and they did it and the rest of the day. Sparked college students talk show like you and the patriots again to land a knockout blows on this team you're gonna have to do that. You know and because you can't help poor officiating to get away this stuff and it was rough freezer humans too right so. I mean that make their mistakes they're gonna screw stuff but I looked it is you know we see it again. Any of the Kimberly that Baylor guy's name they were up I think one late in the game at Kansas over the weekend car drives in the lane. It's a full freaking cavity search going up for a lay up. No call bully him does that and scores on the other in case that gives a police. And they win the game somehow escaped with a win over Baylor and Allen fieldhouse I think NFL refs in Foxborough are similar to college rest Allen field house. Like you in Foxboro in an AFC title game. I'm with Tom Brady's quarterback I think he's gonna get the calls. Where the refs need to do or not whether to sub conscious thing or not I don't think I'll think the league is mandating. Anything I just think that you have humans. Resting gains and when it comes to that I think more often than not gonna to the patriots way. Coming up next today is the one year anniversary of the passing or Donovan Shura. We talk about next right here who drive the drive presented by don't think he's from the MVP electric and studio sixty and Sports Radio. And so you know Bob I rarely. You know I think it was and everybody's car. And I am on everybody's mind but I don't think that you know I just don't think that had anything to do that. You know what why not. Last year in terms of our. Block record at all I think our guys were. Another bear you that you're very unique group of guys. You know I'd just. They didn't forget them but that surely you don't get. And the reason why we didn't get make the playoffs. Banks can only drive we'll catch up a hit it late in the days since joining us in a battle. Ten minutes to catch up with the latest on the Billy Preston stories but the press will not at. Attending kids and longer not playing this year for the Kansas Jayhawks. He's headed to Bosnia a professional basketball player. As he gets ready for the Indy aids ran very curious to hear what NBA scouts think about Billy Preston because they have not seen him play basketball four year. And not like he was tray yell or one of those like super top flight one and done kids I do expect Billy Preston did draft a lot of time to catch up and talk about that we'll talk to. And relate coming up at 230 but one year ago today. Is the animal anniversary is the proper term but. It is the one year later when your Donovan for a in his. Passing at such a young age I always think about you were Donald. But what if factor. I really believe that Giordano was right on the corner right on the cusp of turning things around. I felt like it's when he seventeen season is going to be really big weird on the when he was gonna quote figure it out. So just as they sports fan as someone that likes this the people which are lower and lower and grow and develop. I'm disappointed that we were robbed of that ability with Giordano because he obviously it was a tremendous talent but there were. Some clear issues I thought it was I really felt like the seventeenth season he was gonna really have a big year. Yeah he was a kid that came from a whole lot enough you know and it uses grown into himself. I mean I I've seen this all the time everybody I think we all as individuals have different timetables on maturity on. On a bunch of different things in and particulates doctor by category from the Kansas City Star in in an hour on the Wii and studio with his name is out of Gloucester Aniston Dominican Republic. Do its work down there and used on their for the funeral. But I remember the day. Specific remember the morning happen I you know I got a tax and molesters and wife and his army. Ventured. I said yeah. And then I told my teenage stepson is huge. Royals in pretty high school baseball player and we all came straight and you know we're all year. But when I figured on down. I I'd and get told this story candidates were talent. IE covered Carlos Beltran when he was in the minors in double what you tell us sportscaster. And he was just this kid. In jeans and a teacher. And then he came through here with the cardinals. You know late in his career. And and he it is terrific suit on news amazing with the media and he'd grown into this polished professional in this man. And I just remembered how cold it was and and you've seen. Guys like moose and Oz drop in front of Allison Duffy. Is in the process of doing that we've seen some of these young guys in Kansas City. And a growth right front of this and and the like you said she'd done it's it's kind of a bomber that will never get to see him. Because he was such a talented kid. And he just signed his contract in and out as quickly looking forward. To what the future held for him not just don't mean. For him as well that means for the for the fans of Kansas City in and the fact it was taken away. Just awful man in today's not promised any news in and it's even force one when a young like it's taken. Just looking at their roster to Antawn needs seventeen it was clear the ripple effect that you were Donna left and how the royals had to scramble a little bit. If you're a member they go out and they did Jason Hammel quickly afterwards and Brendon moss because I think they realized what jobs after replaced starting spot that he had let's go get a pitcher. And maybe starting pitching wise we're not going to be the same so let's strengthen the offense of the team inch and try to go pick up rate among us. I think the royals certainly worth looking at a rotation down the line of having O'Donnell and Gainey Duffy be a solid 12 to carry you through the next wave in the rebuild yet but you lose somebody like Giordano Ventura who met under club control she'd contract. Very high ceiling I think it was for your Donna with Dave Duffy who I think signed it. Some what team friendly countries certainly not a huge money big money got to deal. In the royals at least appeared to be on paper set at the starting rotation that the next couple seasons and then quick things change rather quickly with this team. Yeah I mean AM they handler contract to lose five years and point three million. You know and in the end if we're going into the season and say the royals don't get it either free agents you're looking at rotation of then share a dusty Kennedy car's engine is because Jason Hammel more than likely wouldn't be here. And the other part of that to an and we talked about this a lot when the with a winter meetings going on or Orlando but you know dean got his name got mentioned a lot for his glove for an idea was it for 62 round was for sixty fives I was. On O'Donnell's five years and point three million. So if you're in the middle of the rebuild win. You know you you're probably gonna lose Osmond was Kane asked of our Vargas. All of those guys you you're pretty you're gonna lose you can't tell me the O'Donnell's name would come over the winter meetings help restock. A farm system or. You can look at it another way like hey man you gotta hit an ace. You know a young case. For a really really good dollar shoes so I think it in Iowa that talked about that are coming back from break you don't that's on Warren's point. And said it didn't have a tremendous effect on the team last year incident and I think it did and I don't understand that has to say that and again it. But I don't see how he possibly. A losing a guy that you think's going to be the case you're staff couldn't have an effect not only like losing him but like. Literally Lou again like you know the grieving process is really difficult and people handle it differently. So I think it had a tremendous effectiveness. I can't release Pete Souza in the locker room in the clubhouse how would affected the game and their psyche and what happened throughout the course of the season but there's no denying they would have been in a better place as easily and if you're Donald had been on the team so to say it had no effect on the season but just dis on spike. You Tatum he was a young starting pitcher you didn't immediately had to go out and get some odd that I don't think is as good if Jason Campbell's not the pitcher belliard element or was it certainly had an effect on the product that we saw Tony seventeenth as the eye can argue other. Yet I'm with ya on that I mean I just. Say this you know when it comes to pro athletes especially baseball players. I think those guys are. Maybe some of the best in the world saying OK today is over let's move on the next day and we putted you're talking about that last week eland he'd pretend like the shower. And shampoo was washing away everything that that happened that gains Tuesday Champloo went on the during it was over the next day like baseball dealers attribute that you have to. You know I mean you play under 62 games to try to make a living it is sports are difficult. But to say that not having him in that rotation didn't affect the team I can't see how it did mean if you got. Of insurer. Who buy in of your read by east off everything is going I'll venture was in the best shape of his life he was. More comfortable with who was and he was ready to come back and be the guy that the that the royals thought it was. Coming up next. Can relate joins us with some exclusive and foal and Billy Preston if you missed stored Billy Preston will not be playing basketball Kansas here he is heading to Bosnia to be a professional basketball player and get ready for the NCR the NBA draft excuse me. Can relate from the days ship with some exclusive. Breaking news right here on six. For arrived presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and studio sixty and Sports Radio. Coming up and it. Minutes we'll get to the star Brad Pitt of misery and seems brand is throwing in there today. Might have to do deserve Brad Pitt and his reliable utterly pathetic and having the NCAA games conservatives are Brad Pitt didn't get everything we are catching up with Henry like. Of the day shift. Reluctant what they don't Minnesota Vikings were going to be thrown it in the hazard and I could be mean to be an. Larry did a okay Minnesota played like a team that should have been in the NFC championship and I have to how to putt like that mr. that was really that's just. And apparently and I really got into the wind that wants us a lot of like they should have been in this game anyways I mean it kind of got their just deserve what they attribute but they didn't give you look a moment that your members of the let's. For the rest the lights out state. Postseason what that bad behavior unknown with two. They teased out and got on the board quick like that like did you think was gonna happen I thought it was a chance for him. But then after the pick 6000. The truth is again her real zone. So right now we're testing that was him relate from the dheisheh if you had some exclusive information on the bill press the situation if you are not that there is Billy present situation. A believe he was the wealth. Overall recruit last year or rivals he missed the first game they said because he missed class the second game he was suspended for quote needing a clear financial picture about a call our. He didn't miss the entire season and on Saturday he announced that he will be playing basketball in Bosnia for the rest of the year to get ready to be NBA draft. From this statement he seems like it did that wanted to continue to play basketball at Kansas but he just wasn't gonna be able to it sounded at least based on. Rulings on the NCAA how long it was taking in the season. Word but two months away from the into the season like is not much time to get ready to play basketball if you haven't been playing so far what are you hearing yet. In terms of the information I got a camera darts inside a situation. Is this an and I talked a little bit of body with with Brad over the weekend in it has to do with. I guess the wave that his mother has been described to me as somebody that. It's an opportunity arises. And C is approached. With us certain opportunities to be willing to listen to a lot of different things it in what I mean by that is opportunities to advance. Whether it's it's it's our son and his basketball career or making money off of that. That dumb. She won't shy away from Seoul essentially from what I had gotten from some sources and some people that are close to. On the sports agency world as well as. They have some knowledge of like the FBI investigation that everything has been going on here the war cost bass well the last few months is that. Essentially. Billy Preston's mother arm had received some. It's fun out financial gift a day like money raising money list from from someone. And that money is directly tied in to use the call are that eventually lead. Ended up getting I guess you could see anywhere where in the accident via the here's to you now now and this is all allegedly okay. The the now that the the tricky. Part of my I don't ritual. The person you talk to your solar student did they know of Preston was involved or renal and you know does notice any delays at. And I'm the kid in the scenario and I've now lost my image or eligibility. For. In my mind just gives me a car hates the college president I and I'm driving a 2002 would ever argue I don't know part of Newton. He didn't have knowledge of anything that his mom was doing off to the side. It does seem rather unfair that he is the war essentially that is going to be penalized for potentially his parents this it. What was it cliff Alexander wasn't that some say what is the same same thing right click Alexander. I guess to say essentially the same thing about Reggie Bush. Right what the highs and thanks I mean how psychosocial I think that's that's debt material doesn't really matter at this point it doesn't work to get the money. All let me let me let me let me get this. Let me get to the individual that's connected to OK so so allegedly individual that is connected to you. Bomb the money. Is somebody is an assistant coach at a university on to add another NCAA institution. Does it suck. But all mice that sort all right. Kansas from all of the low information I have been given is in the clear nobody related to Kansas university. Is is any part of this a case of there's been nothing illegal any any point in time from eighty by related to Kansas basketball OK so now dating back to. The the money tied into on the person that allegedly gave the money. That the the sticky part of that story in regards to. The money may be going to will be transferred to. Over troops momma who they are recruiting. Is that. There was a relationship. Involved here between. Sick nearing and colt's okay 88 and an Emmy relationship. It's one thing to two to investigate and that's a reason why a lot of this hustle like complicating it trying to figure out what's going on was taken to long it isn't as simple it. It ended and anti driest okay somebody's trying to ideal recruits parents or families money on Ian. And and in exchange for their services. Number one he can go to that university and a number two. What is the extent of their relationship. Is this something where they have an ongoing relationship and he just in to help me I don't know if it if you could use the word borrowing money to the parts of social there was a lot of diving into that what makes even more complicated acting Cuomo researching and investigating. Standpoint. Is that the alleged assisting colts. Is at another university. That isn't a deed is okay this is all the other layer to. With the FBI says you gotta check everything now I gotta take everything and you gotta make sure today everything is on upn. OK so so what you're saying is is that his mom had a relationship with the assistant coach or coach. Editor DeDe is school that coach allegedly allegedly giver. X amount dollars which she spent on the car that he on had an accident in on campus and that's what's complicated the whole thing. And in go to school no. But she got the money from the birds from the coach OK so he's I think there was some reports out there over the weekend that came from K booster is that sent troopers tell. Well I got that I get a text right here and I have I'm not gonna get it's amounts of money but yet set amount of money. Is he double AC totally thought it was a payment. Does a colts from a as I have talked to you as well as up Tanya clay and also I've been telling you this entire time yeah the entire time. That what I didn't think he was funny to plant right after that it is is this too much stuff you have to investigate and research what the story like. The CD this thing is what really complicate the whole thing went in hell yeah. I kind of you kind of just answer my question a little bit by at least want you to say it's I'd I don't wanna assume anything based on your reporting based on your sourcing. If Billy Preston was willing to roll the dice because it sounds like based on what they were saying over the weekend and he was given a deadline date he had degrees and as Bosnia deal and it has been 67 days from the NCAA. Hey I gotta do something I got to play basketball I got to show something or films like a potentially get drafted next year but my goal was only being college when you that is case that are around. Do you think he was eventually gonna be ruled. Ineligible by the NCAA do you think he was ever gonna be ruled eligible maybe in mid February late march and they just didn't want to wait I what happens with that I don't know. Media day I don't know I don't know weird this investigation. Is at right now I don't know where it was going I do. Take this away from all the the stuff but I have received in what I know what all it sounds like. Billy resonating controlling you this anyway his mom it's his mom runs the show when it comes to this basketball thing moving for so. I don't it is see if she said. Stick it out AKU I think he sticks it out in you see what's gonna happen if she says no we're about to get this paper but I think he's got to go get the paper. Right now talking to him relate from the day's shift giving us some exclusive info on. The situation involving Billy Preston Kansas if you wouldn't miss the story Billy Preston. Has signed a professional contract plan Bosnia which no longer makes him an amateur so we cannot play in the NCAA. Dale alternate of the USA today sent this tweet out and I thought it was pretty interesting and I am curious if ever know this hour. He talked today at some point some Kansas needs to answer for why the car he was driving only became an NCAA problem after it crashed because I am under the belief. I assume you wanted to believe it. It's a car accident he's playing OK you right now yeah I Dardenne. So if everything you're saying is true for your god source whoever it is. It was always NCAA violation and oddly enough to think that it's only happening to kids and it's happening I could not get it it's happening do betting it's happening up there I think all of these power odd schools. There's a player there's a recruit there is someone. But they're receiving sup as an NCAA violation. Why was this only brought to Kansas attention are maybe the entire time it didn't say anything because that's the game. But the moment it became a deal because he wrecked the car the needed a clear financial picture and it took two months at least open to get eligible. Did they know for the beginning that something was shaky about the car and just was hoping nothing happened to it and then eventually something app. I don't I don't know. CS that's. That's it would deep questionnaire in terms of like what would he take you actually know when I'm I would never sit here and say they take you knew what dale was going on a win win win. When he comes a compliance. I mean they're pretty good about setting a trap for the most part a lot of times when you when you don't anticipate we don't think that something is dear. Damn why do you go the extra mile to investigate. Org or potentially and again we don't know the cards right you'll car has no OK I mean we. I mean what route to school there regardless drive and a quarter veteran Leo and we. You know I mean it is a I think the type of car probably. Would send out some red flags. Depending on what you mean the guy's got a Bentley around campus sums up. It's serious I guess some stuff we got here did you get a guy like today or there's also the possibility that teams and coaches it'll go. I mean I don't know if they check out a lot of coaches don't want an I I I don't want to go on and yet why I don't wanna know anything about this I don't wanna know. What I don't know what. We're I don't I don't we wanna talk about you know unless he comes up so I think what you say is right always been a violation he racket that it became public. Do you guys think the the reason he missed the first game was tied to this and it has had a different reason. Yet this season though you don't game the quote unquote sitting about it is art until game two. Is it possible. Kids know about this at the beginning of the season was sitting about in case something happened. Then we found out about the car because of a police reporter paper trail would ever admit they had to tell us why he wasn't playing because the first game it was. He missed class latest amount. It never really made sense to me you have to be out of bed this sound it just that that part sounding weird with you on that seat at their Beck that forced initial. That he missed the game because those this demand all the sudden you get caught. That that never sounded. Sound right to do think this is good for Kansas that now the cloud of Billy Preston is. Because that was always gonna be part of the conversation of this team's gonna be different Billy Preston gets back I don't think it will. Ever be able to accurately answer that question in the response is because I know that. If that's what it like a blob Olson was talking about the the program is better off the team is gonna be better off without a home. I guess you could say what did you lose because. He never played for you now but act acted never fix my mouth to it to logically say that your better all you do to be a better team without them. What I don't know what they war with them the whenever song with the. And I think you know we don't we don't know that BK he's got a ceiling he's got depth issues so. I would assume that they probably wouldn't be better with them exactly it's I farm from a Kansas standpoint. I mean this is this has got to drive a coach and university crazy. Indicate it do its job you know maybe Qaeda dig and dig deep enough or at least look into something but I mean you're seeing you know a list of guys that cliff Alexander's. Check the hollows the Billy Preston's you see a bunch of wanna dons and tired faster and more in those guys talking about it. Is that really what you wanna go absolutely and I wanna go that way and I would agree you. The best players in the country got the best player's is working great for duke great inhabit the same time we're gonna get burned you know it seems like he's got burned more data to. Right guys man you gotta get the right guys the EUU booster Carmelo Anthony. You lose Anthony Davis knowledge you need to go after one and. Can relate from the days ship with exclusive information on Billy Preston and his situation. Like its first ever monitor isn't. Yet to show a lot of college graduate along on this asking when you want me to have been good at it and coming up next to find out abstaining is going into the Serb Brad Pitt misery next on the drive. A dry presented by do sinking us from the MVP electric heating and you studios sixty and Sports Radio. Coming up at four. We get Max and AFC championship game and that was the only worthwhile yesterday because the NFC game was terrible and I'm sure talk about here at C championship game and last year's backup quarterbacks we did as a chief will be playing in the Super Bowl. The for profits and coordinators ocean so we will catch up with that. And it's 3 o'clock Los Vijay sort of prize during the pop quiz our pop quizzes presented by victory Chrysler dodge Jeep ram. It is a very popular movie for today's pop quiz so your big movie fan out you listening at 255. For your chance to reprise entering today's pop quiz as we do every. Every Monday. It's not for server as that of misery. This follows a Brad he's going to give you a private tour of the pit of this year. Compartment for the Ernie did say OK okay. Pretty well this week my friend. It's not just one portion to group of people and several. Members of that group. He got game wasn't worth watching last night late spikes got knocked out. Nick pulled himself held a game. The misery is going to be filled Eagles fans stood and he got. His start with this group the Eagles fans at the streets today. Millie. And Millie is no Iraq. Your old grandmother of vikings game. That it hit the vikings game and Roger Goodell and processor two tickets to the super us. And apparently. Philly fans and thought she was emotional to go to the Super Bowl chili dog all I know I know in your team isn't it but you're just gonna give you to take this ball down the street and Al. Eventually go to the well she's got issues in Fort Myers she came out and 99 year old woman and she's gonna give it to a couple of friends. But for Eagles fans to go after nine year old grandmother probably great grandmother I think they deserve to be an impediment. The misery daily. I. I. The vikings fan are you saw this video or not there's a vikings and running. Next to a subway train after the game. What happened. Actually hit a cement pillar. He was still happy that is Philadelphia Eagles. And Eagles and Philadelphia Eagles games so happy he's running a subway train and he ran into a so for just means group. Misery. That is our daily daily. When I was. We had you know eighty sitter she is from Sweden. Cheese. Let's just an absolute spoke I was middle appreciate until later on in my life how old. Or nine. Or entire family team. Her entire family was beautiful (%expletive) it's insist. The reason I bring this up because they were walking around downtown with our family and a town that Ankara. And there are guys that were walking right in the polls. Because they couldn't keep their eyes off the sweetest and I'm saying this is how this'll happens demand throughout this Swedish twins hazel I had one line. She happened to have a twins yesterday and that's about it. Out of the integration. This is actually I would say one of the benefits of having a cell phone camera because he's you know twenty years ago and never seen women and others but the fact that we got a cell phone camera video of someone running into a hole as they try to race. Takes the train and bus yeah. Is I would say a great evolution in modern technology and I'm happy that we have seven got the red and the Eagles or as the new Google regrets that it is because of. And because you think about all the times really mean you would have been it and funny and yeah like someone just tell Horry would have been out on there now up on camera got. It actually take the video and show people how trouble for the guy to basically Malone and Alvin right to enjoy this next fight fans that you see that he. What's your favorite news. Rock absolute righteous host actually drove to buck up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The step since that rock and all of these bubbles and he's doing buggy. Those over the Philadelphia. Museum are his drives up the steps and tropical rods in his June bugs so for that he's an awesome. You elements are record as a. Yeah daily. It's. Eagles fans throwing cold Beers which by the way to me is such a way. The early years. Vikings fans both for the game. Before the game even started. Told can't be yours vikings fans as we try to link to related news person I don't know. Ever did that eagle and that group of fans to throw the ball is in full year's installment viking age on her breath tournament. Yeah daily. I. Eagles fans don't folders the vikings lost after the market at least understand it is the games will regatta that actually got to get rid of me. So brutal cold Beers after the game still is still in the. Daily. There Eagles fans who got a nineteen year old by the hundreds or that you brought this to my attention. Punched a police source. We are real people that it feels. As college the police source. Much resource and I don't know it had been a bunch of police force outside of Al. Like that's really the only thing that would make sense and it is pulling highest in an alcoholic and create your sensibilities and you forget things that we've heard stories about what happened the people college police sources like after the first the second person bunch goers yeah all the people. And yeah. You in jail you're going to be patient. Man he's had to make the other popular allergy. It's finally. There is this an. This guy. And I don't know his name C a social media can be. Just take. There is. When we ask don't do is. Great yet. They knew who that. PC TV twelve exultant panacea. That so that he's got to go in server and the kitten he. Yeah daily. And so. A that it surround him. Yeah I did leave a denial. One. Do you biggest disappointments I've ever had in my entire life was I want to Philadelphia. Me and as the Rockies and I wanted to see the statute in my parents took me to lose the as our museum Philadelphia Museum or correct the statue was not at the top of the stairs to the body moving around Oden or not. Always there. I was anticipating the Iraqi mold that (%expletive) I still run up the stairs now and I would see this statue. It. I was very disappointed at the kid like I could not understand why it was such an iconic scene but as a sports movies in movie history. Of the music playing and rocky running up the steps that have celebrating and it was not bad. Leisure over ignorant. No it's still upsets I've never seen the rocky statue before like I wanna go to Philly specifically is the Iraqis answer because I was cheated as someone who loved yeah I just watch creek but as we keep an eye while. The Rockies series and I was cheated in my ability to run up the steps in. David (%expletive) myself rocky. We can spot my. I'm going to wait. Bob played his present at five victory Chrysler dodge and Jeep grand color number six tonight on 3576. 76 deign to win a prize today's pop quiz is an iconic. Movie and I think we'll. I think she'll you. Won't do it how you go actor driven on our dealers I don't know. Now don't you. If you know a move. That is column ice there right now caller because it was 691357676. Stand for your chance to win a prize coming up in two minutes. Fanning as it what if question. Of what if Alex Smith was Jacksonville's quarterback yesterday will get into it it's human it's coming up on the draft. And invite those taking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and sports radio and.