01/22 - 11 am - Let's Not Get Carried Away

The Day Shift
Monday, January 22nd

The guys can't get with Fescoe's take on one-and-done players. Plus, we seem to hate greatness, what Andy Reid should learn from this weekend, and this is another sad fact of being a Chiefs fan. 


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You basically okay. We'll be all right and Syria. Bob system. Article this is it like that operated. A little bit here the way. It out there this. When it comes target of all Kansas basketball. HA. Essentially fess dole was. Ranked. I know we did a block pulls yesterday it's do or over the weekend in regards to one in God's. In case it it is doable though the latest after Billy Preston in the repressed never. Plane in case you. The clean leaf festivals fed up with the one and done phenomenon says you know it it doesn't work for Kansas. Pummeled great. We don't get anywhere with it. Lets the school. This is us this morning talk about one handguns. At the the one and done have contributed exactly zero. To making KU final fourteen or national champion not one final fourteen appeals tattered national championship team that he sad case you has been led by these one and done players and it gets the point now recruiting players as -- you know you were advancement and in whatever you invest in whether it be your mutual funds for a long case stocks on to what you're investing you the biggest return on your investment that you can possibly get and right now these one and done it's quite honestly give Bill Self zero return on his investment because to meet. What you all the big goal is as a college basketball program and Josh you can correct me if I'm wrong there's your college basketball head. To get to the final four in you know what happens in the final four that is basically house money out here yeah like it's ignited the goal is final four when your college basketball program the more you can get to the better your outlook obviously Andy's one and done players have not contributed BK you get into any final four is it different for Kentucky it may be different for duke. But I know for the University of Kansas the best teams that Bill Self have are the ones that are led by veterans. And I agree what's best go when he talks about the best teams. That bill is dead are led by veterans. Day. It just. I think it is totally disagree. With us goals. Take the ball one in Dunn's Kansas and you should go after one does because not number one. When you are delete basketball program elites. Okay. You go after the best. Talent in the country. I don't care if it can be either one year I don't typically be their two years three whatever. You go after that talent. Not shy away from that town. When you're bringing in talent. That is going to help bull wealth you when he comes to recruiting all the other talent. Years down the line asset backed this is how asks how one recruiting class leads to the next. And when one recruiting class does well. It helps you for the next year. It does is it bolt we're dear one of those institutions one go schools where every recruit. Back in play. Think about it. Not every single will go to his don't think about it because of the history. And because the people that come into the program so you candy canes is a magnet and when it does but does that makes no sense on the service that's a bad idea. You have to look count big time coaches that big I don't think about the residual effect you when you get somebody. Of that ilk you get others think a home that want to play just like Missouri had situation. Port you get the big old and guess what other guys went to complain that they get the wanted to. Many guys in your program one or two even three years but it spotlights what would you give that player. People circuit these kids are the court doesn't have quite you know these kids are glued to. They're glued to 247 sports the lewd rivals vineyard Ludwick recording process they love look at their stores their ranks. But these guys who kids look to see where the numbers out today you wanna be an emblem player that next class. Did they care about were there ranked in the next currently they did that is something that they do care about it look at the stars who have ranked. Mean this means big tube and get that extra store in they're now forced or five or. They like that stuff. I mean you're not going after those guys you're doing your job. I don't disagree that. Having a one and done does bringing exposure to your program. And it brings other things outside of just the final four or outside of you know winning a national JB to ultimately is what. Is valued over everything else but it Europe program like ms. sue or whatever they're right look what Michael Porter junior was able to just bring to back that team. And either res shots in his entire time in the new I mean there are the to three shots and we played like three minutes. And look what he's done report just. The profile of your university. And how many people went out bought season tickets how many people win out and just got back on board with his new basketball as a panned out really. The fact that it was generate that buzz is enough. The problem is is when you're talking about a blue blood university like Kansas that type of stuff doesn't matter as much it just doesn't. And so they're going to Kansas fans are going to look at it based purely on the results and have the results net did you enough. Well. Decidedly no is the answer that you haven't seen final four you haven't seen national championships with these one and done players. Does that mean the system's flawed unnecessarily and might mean that yours is going after the wrong guy. So now and I'd ask my second point though that is my second point it has now with Kansas because maybe the guys that we have wind after. We're just not the guys to get us the in it to me crusty old built the logic that says that it's just on the one hand guns to me that's flawed. This was this was that the second part of of law of the Rand. Or fest still says what do bulls downed. To me what it boils down to is is the time and effort and money you're spending if you are spending money to go recruit these guys from flying meals all this gonna stuff to get to do it isn't really work and to meet the return on investment the Bill Self gets out of one and done players is zero it is absolutely zero and we spent so much time and justly recruiting these guys but trying just to get these guys eligible for the compliance department and all this crap that they have just gone through Billy Preston. To come up with a big goose. For the last three months because some booster gave McCall are some booster gave how's it to mean its biggest waste of time at the University of Kansas spends its recruiting these wanna does the return on investment is zero and. What what what are we. We're we're gonna totally disagree bot. We have to bit dual better job all the guys that would bring added we have to do a better job of the one and done that we're recruiting because. This latest. To meet the best teams in the country have a balance. All veterans and young players okay. And Bill Self has been incredible at doing it. For. It Bob saying the one and done having gotten us the air why it just on the wanted done. I don't understand the logic like we did very much is as much as seniors say that well. On. Josh Jackson being gates you to a final four all its adherents say that well. Are. And drew it Ager witnessing get to a to a final four or until it leading it to two to a final four. Last much wanted Britney gets to a final four much Perry Ellis is it's been a phenomenal player but in the latter years I take you. What did he legion national championship why is it just on the one and done and why don't we put more emphasis on some of the upperclassmen to. The thing about it is too when we talk but the finance which cost the fly neat to peace is that the whatever it is. Who cares about that you don't what's valuable as part of daily Bible when a guy like jewel in beads at the all star game tape from the University of Kansas. Dual MB rage you wigand's advertising he's introduced. University kids you for that goes would that we talk. The people of all time what you like school when you're watching Monday Night Football in there saying that chain right universe humans are like how much is that me. In the value on that is expletives guys see that Hollywood to the zoo or watch the game. Anyway and work for Kansas football yet but what if you keep Lee university of cruisers university is able these two quarterbacks were peaking at the finished article. With pre press for the kids that these guys it is important that is marketing when these guys who want to be NBA. In inner introduced every night it's from the university Kansas goes a long way. Did I miss. All of the final fours the Bill Self was making when he. Wasn't actively going after one or non players. I'm I'm just confused. I just I get it 22008. And twelve both teams that were. Right with a veteran talent. I'm sorry but I'm not going to just blame it on one system and if I'm going to use that. And sable Kansas is having no returns on one and done. Look at what the rest of the country has return on one and on like I would be I would be willing to bet you as an ice that we should look this up this morning and then it just. Win in nine I didn't even think about it but I would be willing to bet you that in the last decade. There has been no home no less than at least one team in the final for the had a one and on player on on the roster. We we cannot lose to teams. Eight in the in the final four. And they have one and done to say we're not recruit. You can't lose it gets a Carmelo Anthony and you say you're not gonna recruit one and done you can't lose it's that Anthony Davis and you say you're not gonna recruit. It doesn't make any sense. That doesn't make you sit and it was it would it doesn't work for kids today are our chances we had to get the right god. Here's the thing that just appeared the recruiting process Zion Williams. What would your name is mentioned it's coming down between duke and north York. You name needs to be mentioned with those and if you're not getting those guys in the major actively recruiting. It means you won the big dogs are actually considering going to your school correct so it comes down he said what's between Kansas between duke. It's between Kentucky looks good I hope it's good to other recruits that here's the number one recruit the nation. If he's boiling this thing down at three schools. Duke Kentucky and Kansas in Manger in good company. I'm not gonna sit here and they big coats today and now par. It's beyond Bill Self when it comes to winning on NCAA championships that they can win with one and done and guilty. I'm not buying it Bill Self as it is guys. Some see if big any differently heat heat heat win one and done that makes no sense to me. It doesn't are. So I am also not gonna get on board that would have right here. People pounding their chest screaming rock chalk what did you oil and B makes. And all star game or Andrew Wiggins is named rookie of the year light. I mean you're gonna hang your hat on some of these guys are talking about what they did. Hell I I still room people speak assault a little bit buzz about Ben Macklin or the first couple years you know like. Don't act like you're not proud of some of these guys that went to Kansas just because they are one and done just because you didn't win thing with there was a whole lot of guys didn't win anything with. You still really proud of him. In this other things a ball. Kansas and the one and done philosophy. To meet. In this just my opinion. This philosophy when it comes the one in Dunst is different there's some of these other institutions. To me it seems like Bill Self when he's grab a one and done or two to meet they are to round out the roster and compliment. The veteran guys they have so let's address that Billy Preston is eligible this right let's say these Elton. Is that this team I don't think so I think it's the Arctic rams team. Deceit and hit album that he would have wanted to see you need to imperial need to frank may need to month aggregated the guys that are three and four years in your system that I understand with the coach wants sprinkle in. The one dungy hopefully senior leadership helps that transition these guys out but you always say man it's marketing. Say what you want about the that the recruiting. Tell me what I mean actually means. For Kansas with jewel of beads out of the author game university in a lot out for that goes a lot alive. The Super Bowls in the is a couple of weeks from now. None of us have a dog in the fight vikings that you see there I destroy all ears my thing though fiercely pro quick. Effected on a T I knew me and wish them sliced up the Eagles fans. Are going to be. Inhabiting. Her that he. And so all the way he treated experience of Philadelphia now they're going to be in your city celebrate probably climbing your streak equals. Apple's gonna put Crisco autumn through Eagles fan excitement and even help. There are still scaling those polls so cold air Minneapolis Philadelphia if they're gonna compare yeah couples aired out. Are we singing and if they're gonna chase your mastery of the bridge and the bulls. I'm marches this. I'm just marching. We'll take place. It's nobody asked Doug and bite you but it's at least one thing if you bulls to depreciate. We'll be today. It's. Things shift from the NB. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. And. I. Yes John's mercy and who didn't. The value passing out business cards and a song jobless not doing any repeat it again cracked about Eddie Jones they its importance back. He just gaining heat here by themselves and joke about that know me and it finally worked out. It worked. As violate people's. It would be split it together based on meaning it was easing back into hope. It was easing back into the Jimmy how I can work out with him with an incline diesel like this are silk and it's about I've yet use him. Exactly don't let's go to waste. Does that we keep either so he's. Been. We he's been paying for a little while yet. I think he's right he's appealing membership but the other part of the speed exhibits more than him don't act like you don't need to get dishonest ways. Not just missed some intrigued by you and fanning sweating together in the solomons. Was he close. Fannie everybody's flow you know varieties that he wearing commando. He does in addition the damn locked out. Oh it's not dregs we've over like you don't know him and future shock and I. Joining him by the merchandise got to put in the windows owners and related. Well like. They don't know you you know the other things that was very sad for me. Oh. The white rock from the sun but no it's obvious it was the white rock it's not a fun. Old man. Best yet I've I've. Out crush any four year time a date dude. The image to the gym he made it again that he's human. Today's been said about a year which he spent in a month. It never goes to remember it's not cheap beetle that army Tracy where the sun at that time India had wrecked she'd got the membership but he does. But let's face that's not cheap is that goes right to hold a you're loyal reader and Tucson Arizona was or alive yeah well. He's as did I just say you like you do and you damn sure on what was one on this thing has been fifty bucks a month at least an orca. Too much in vehicles at the case he's been picked over for the bucks month up orca disease. Props a fan. Vicky those guys just feels better in the gym membership. Now got them over here X and whatever goes amber he's been. Looking busy doing a lot. Residual. It was Google's. Yeah. I have children I'll tell. Him and Matt and I don't like it I. Attacks like ha ha beating was easing back into it seems like. He's a guy who's got along foods at this or belong to but he's that guy know forty minutes ago we just. It is up. Brags about being the member companies as was badly on assorted and all of this him as well what's in the ditch this president inclined he had eased back. So was his excuse outlook on his legs. So listen you guys know this Amadou. Iraq is serious legs that's all he's doing. Say don't take shots and got able gold sale fanning skip and leg then you can't you can't take just shoulder hurts or legs. And it felt rebel war. Her age played the game with pins in all off. Well. They were big war. Reform our hands fall of Brady. That'll sleeping but they. Greatness when it comes in The Who have hands or you don't advance if he. Yes it. Equally Great Falls Intel's. The bleeding. Kind of dead. Blake standing greater than bread and. You share. I mean I've got plenty more but ultimately we have done so well it's. As the hours are about beaten ball of a dip in the instance of let's get to this it is just searched or fanning and balls wouldn't settle it pops. Beat spanning. We that your touch those walls. Who are. It's just saying yes. Eagles were just patriots. As much is. Neither one of these teams that wanna see make it to via. To the Super Bowl this one theme that you have to appreciate about sizable amount to double would likely in this the greatness of Tom Brady been apart. Is it pains me to say. And I clear legal were. Picked a pretty good in the day after a staunchly defending jaguars beat the patriots. But it happened like Tom Brady's greatness. Again look what he's welcome. In that game you take his biggest wave from Rob Gronkowski this is what you want the quarterback this is what you hope actor homes. That's Russell silly notion of star Alex Smith that here's ridiculous. You know hole or you can go with you don't see when you order as well. And finally agree quarterback I think to really Agassi used to read examples Marines Rogers. But I'm talking multiple suitable to figure bin. In the debris. In what happens there are still there in all these other pieces move around and was great before leaving and bill. He was women before Antonio Brown. Tom Brady's head Welker and raining Los that you named that. Who's the it was the first years leading receiver which would be are you talking about us you don't talk at leading receiver for patriots. That even years to Deion Branch was really good evening with the Seattle did anything with out any came back. I know you're talking. Is being used so many different in so many different guys that's I think he's the one on. But we're seeing green easily you can still go to golf courses and see Tiger Woods play. If you're witnessing arguably one of the best golfers in history goal. You can still see Gregory does although he's not playing. Like greatness G could still proceed toward round is to address what's your secret then he want to come back they said he met with defense. That's where browse planes would be for experience opens. Met that he had. Think about the stores barbecue earlier. With skill position hall of famers who have won rings encumbered you Google. It's out there and look these other great dynasties like Steelers like the niners beat the other guys in the hall of fame besides just the quarterback. In right now you look at this team and being in the scope positions that one Marines. They're going all of famous amazing what he's doing and there's so many Indies just after the test. Like I'm sure Balkans things that the jaguars fans upright trying to make room reservations. In Minneapolis or. During game. If they they were physically dominate the pigment picture or 21 time obsession in the first half. Jaguars were only game you think our magic words just at least manufacture. Or get some fuel goals. That's one thing they're good at keeping fuel goals just by the way he could put pressure on the patriots that's why shocked. When it 55 seconds left in him first happened timeouts in the ages that. Knowing that Tom Brady also led the sideline. To be a little bit demoralizing. That no lead is safe would back cats will play. But you're ready to write chipper were closed the book to Tom Brady's loss number he's done he's that would keep the job done yet he continues to do this. I could imagine being in a picture expand. The last couple of years. That's suitable comeback in an economic bill checked. I've rarely seen him is happy he was at the jag yeah. How can everybody hear a strong that's not Belichick fraudulent into the locker. But that's not the Belichick he's seen before but its chief seek greatness in. Hats off to Tom Brady. What Rupert somber even affect like to see the patriots finally lose who's wanting to force and we watched it should Sunday. And have more hunt trophy scored the patriots yet again met effect here that the bill check. He quickly handed the somebody else hear them that it raise that mean they took. But we are being able to witness. We get that I have now as the greatest player that it though they case was closed last year in my opinion. Breaking news. Breaking news. From the NFL. The Arizona Cardinals are reportedly expected to hire panthers' defense according to Steve wolf's. As their next head coach for wraps its good higher than the old bodyguard and yours are known on him. Coordinator of the Carolina. Or that this guy analyst Steve Welker. What they're doing is doing the typical thing that if they do oaks eagle always more sand eagle offense they defense. Debra Syrians offense you switch now you go on the defense settles somebody can do that. With the bulletin type Malarkey offense you'd defense Vrabel. Look for the next she said coach to be defensive line. Which with things go. Eat them more tan and local. There's of this is definite pigment difference in these here are your. Think hairdo though now and I take that back as one does it different here no there was a lot of my solid wood ball but it was lose a different guy Google did that. Thing. Didn't get his own Celeste and that a picture and they don't show for. Evil goes yeah Italians and I think that we still have a show dolce still has Vista has just let's blow up that's the that's. That was the preview for the next governor of Europe she hit me with a car but I'm not speeding. Word they care about this stuff. You know what though Jane as I'm looking at a picture of Steve wal gross. He has blue eyes. Or different. People growth mean looking guy who lives in my in my human period. To figure out your website color yet. Give them. On the to do if you don't do for a. There's a lesson that even mean he reads and Lauren who. From watching this past weekend CA BC games would get to that next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Eddie was like mussina. Might bring last month. Has been won't. News. I'm nearly as bad as Minnesota Vikings. Anybody bother to get off the plane. If you steered. It but I told you I mean there's bleach you would eclipse the through IO. And yeah. But it did ball. I'm really excited they were together. We give them. Do feel that. It didn't work out I don't miss the forecast to. But I didn't see any purple rain yesterday and a puzzle over right. Almost. And it will wrong about the weather all the time. Bigger whether what you lose when. In this there's going to be forty injury is Leno you know like the bit on ready to on the news they had the whole war. To a live shot there a look at the rose. It's pretty clear out here it's forty degrees dude it ain't freezing may have. You wrote odd looks pretty clear out here. It's forty drizzly there's not going to be ice. Sort of your assignment was right the roads now they're back you guys in the studio of course and as dumb as forty degrees. Are dangerous or Tuesday. When news the idea. If there's one thing that ain't you read in watching. This weekend and it's awful weather outside is weather but he should alarmed. Is that you do not. You do not. Let up. In the course of the game. You continued to. Cope with the opponents throw. You continue to try to put the dagger it went in until the game is absolutely. Absolutely out of reits. What better reads Buena folks who've seen so many great arms and back in April. If anybody watched Super Bowl appearance has been up in about four point eight to three. Lead was born by the bell didn't make you reassess how you go about coaching. When you see a bowl championship stripped from a team. The blew a point five point lead. The chief should learn from history lake if you don't learn from history you're doomed to repeat it they blew a 28 point lead in Indianapolis. The big word from the now the label it eighteen point second half lead against the titans are any thing from the game. That's they just I'd keep Bob Sutton saints and formed a Yiddish epithets. According pulled a 2818 point lead. In two games sparkles stuff today you can't so you have now learned from history you're willing to go out on the limb and make a risk. For hire to change things up if I mean he read and seen how can we be more physical like projects. We turn our offense like the Eagles and we have a quarterback like Patrick Holmes how do we get this global point from these teams. We continue to update this much gain a project teams the price tried to copy of the New England went. And I know that that's been popular for weaknesses than when Charlie Weis and Romeo Cornell and bill O'Brien. Josh for Daniel first time about the lose just you know in their trees have been quarter. We knew what the published due to be good even without that nobody wants a piece was doing entry we wanna skeptical the only few more former GM of the year and we. In the key is if Britney in politics but that that there are so tough to immediately what they do. Because it's horde to immediately with anybody come breed it is tough to emulate Bill Belichick but I do feel you could word from the other team I don't think Kim from New England. Is there is different man British is different cat in there's no way to emulate but you can immediately to spell played the Eagles. You can emulate the style of play the vikings you can emulate the style of play the jaguars. He's got to do it means war from what's what. Take notes. Apply it listen team assistance Eagles look analytics they have an analytics team setup by the owner. The Eagles went for fourth down 20 this year morning that in making the interpublic birdied seventeen aboard the team league 65%. Y. Peterson. Understands he has in the Webby things and he listens to other people that know things. In I at anfield and you read we're gonna be going back in coal plays this year dumping he's gonna turn red over to be enemy Wetherbee enemy doesn't eventually I think probably well. But initially I don't think all of the credit they get the call placed on the jets game. You think he's gonna turn over this Rolls Royce office there'd be enemy rattle it always gonna consider them like Peter is that an egg. Let me say Al Unser at least I got. It right. And listen to people that's for sure. All man I'm just seeing this all I needed it at thumbs up thumbs down on this and from what else here. Thumbs up thumbs down this from DMZ. Roy Jones junior says he's fighting Anderson Silva. Is Dana White signs all. Well now. Now don't do it mean Roy Jones use same guy who's willing to fight somebody off the street for you under you are the ones you airs on defied him. Who just viral. And it. Voyage home in Anderson so nice to make some money and give knock it. Turn turn take on aspire to is how much would you pay eight to cede that. I wouldn't pay for that that isn't saying man that'd be a fight my fight. With freebies. Mean Anderson's all stolen name but I mean. And only made 11. Or two fights and he came back Britain asked yes leg injury. Bulls on all Anderson souls face right now. East. By the way did you see the clip of the official. Capital Tom Brady at for the game. Gained on those that it. I still ash old line alms. It's a great the bad look don't look right there and the big soldiers to be so does it was. This would have suss out there was another official does get in on the so all I did see that I guess you know the games like car. Texas has been agency I am shocked that they got bubble would against the at home when Jack itsy review and it's still lives as suitable opponent like. But I was shocked the day and all acts when it's all eyes one time and once once the target. Anderson so how's that for fights and that mysteriously as it has been that many generally include them and yet but Diaz does being our Cormier and Derek Brunson pigment away albeit these had been out his voice technologies and Jeanne MLB network what. Talking about I don't know acute care and. Speaking a Major League Baseball. Mike will stalkers might have every reason to be pissed all it's got force would tell you why next. Who studio sixty and Sports Radio. I back get on the basis. Ellis a mom buddy that was today just called a second goal wasn't as cursor. He college sports. Sorry guys. Financing and and ran for another we another important call to get to hormonal and and we double and right now. Reassures us letting me know the stuff. The Daytona 500 well first. For stricker remembered that it but it. When is hot Derosa caught us out so well what else analyze and think about what tomorrow holds. In the world and that. It was sort of favor caller scary thing to Bo Freddy's RF friendly there Fred you're welcome anytime validation. And I went 357676. Cents. Is is this a phone call that we should take her they should think it could you guys are what are fish. No we weren't certain there was a chase. I really don't like I did it. Vikings' loss hurt more or less than missing by Google previously. Ul. Yeah yeah. Our. Come. Out feelers gone out works both welcome to create a jet to take up stating we're open to the Super Bowl. Man I swear I. There's a phone call it says act with what your group take them loyalists. I'm still way better at fighting. This year overall was unexpected. Would it was also an apples that have worn yergin house would like. Re all Mora weren't recorded Blair Walsh missed field goal that vikings team was going and it wasn't going to meet I still think to be dismissed not inviting disaster and Joseph asked publicly when I peacefully with the Blair Walsh they. That he was not going to overtake me period when the 1990 Egyptian networks that are it's only kick ever missed here what that that yup that Becky team was fifteen and one Brian Billick was jobs that would've won a Super Bowl. Randy Moss. Robert Smith. Chris caller who wanted your Broncos in the rebels. It played a that you are about here. Gary Anderson missed the field goal guys wanna hear that that would that fuels bigger gambler role. Ball is acting as actual and a legitimate Super Bowl threat to just the fear Blair Walsh Mickey when he missed the field goal. To basically put the game. Did when he missed it Atlanta came down a curriculum and hootie and beloved figure business namely an eagle or just take a stroll down memory later. Amanda he's. The ten finances. I'm here together easily beat him. I. An alphabet loosens the sauce a Major League Baseball this nugget from MLB trade rumors dot com from over the weekend. While free agent third base than Michael Scott this has drawn much reported interest of late. That was that the case early in the offseason. Mart's five cent of mlb.com. Rights. However teams that initially pursue stocks this ball is law and is asking price. Now at least one GM expects whose stock is to land a far less valuable deal in some outlets projected entering the off season this is the ball. The medium. When you see what Jay Bruce got for the Mets. Is hard to see the stock is getting more than that. Win win Jay Bruce sign big. Your eyes lit up in San right away this is not good for moose. Jay Bruce got three years 39. Million dollars. While Bruce who play is on his aides 31 season in 2018. In the stop this will turn thirty until September. The former DA into the winter with the qualifying offer tax stock has DA which is among a few factors have worked against him as Feinstein or fine sand. Details in his these numbers about one year older I thought those interest in how much scab Boris help boost. It sounds to me he says price intently to lives if you read this. Did the they were did to my stock has drawn interest of late. That was the case early on sale meaning teams are start to come and on my stock if they don't oral giants never giant big one did we stocks. Didn't wanna they toward prospects away like Arroyo threw the rays to get. To give him a month or so was asked a question why it sounds like one feels like Boris was shooting for the moon announced combat biting his. The deal is going to think now is probably not even close the deal that he would have gotten had bourses come down. Eddie come down a little bit I Aggie ring bourses thinking. He didn't know this market was gonna be this bad early on that we waited out says that boards at a cost moves whatever money. Oh. It could be in this house. Wonder. And a well this makes it affordable for the royals think. What can you before. His three years 39 million of this is the case would zebras that many of the world's top three years 35 million readers 36 million what is moves look at four. The royals could conceivably afford that contract. For my stocks the course and be. Would they still want to do that or you wanna go full rebuild you listen there's been 36 million dollars in stock as if you're planning on rebuilding your team. A Duffy being traded stolen so the question in. In their pillows guys trades still the question is what we've seen these traits and include baseball. Look at the cardinals figure Richard reject. Deterred him Friday bleeds it might not but they were going to trade him but he did it seems like more these moves have been raids rather than free society. The big moves have been traits. Which is really bird free agencies that in the race and it's twenty straight. Like on gore like Stan you see these these trades that are free to deal I think this week is gonna decrease. Acting a thought last week wasn't known what. I had this week targeted all the entire time it was a three weeks whose return already. We just we can be a fan fest broadcast in lot on Friday in many teams party atmosphere that's the Rangers had their last weekend. So it's ones. George on the unions talk on the what Lorenzo Cain anymore. That chip is going to be failed. The giants by don't want to and they don't want keen to move that Timor luxury tax. Second hand. Three weeks later this spring training. Then assessed on Friday we're going to be the year analysts. Feigning a seed out will be broadcasting from fan fest on Friday as well so it will be anybody in that age traditional. That batting cage. He's not soft all know he's I mean that a gauge what's his guys watches they can sort film us now is not. A big who'd you keep them filming. Resting at stats that's he's he get it get keys keys in the Toomey he absolutely does origin. I don't know why you would doubt that you take this phone has I'm the off season out the most missions form sulfur I don't know fees that advertisers. He was questioning arm as he discussed retirement you have these who's laid up last year he was questioning there. If that you ever just switched to softball. In my. You taken a stand offense as this year. Or. There's a cell service sport baseball yeah. I don't really know right now with. Our panel in the air. Once played baseball this year and exciting electable which a girl who has been found earlier. I'm spotted Todd is totally unrelated topic camel's bottom Todd early years ago last weekend shouldn't and then I realized that includes. Football Jersey rule was made me look like that tugged. For you to where I was gonna buy me a toggle off of it of course she looks through but it. Hell have you your past that and you can't be at the nice thing is that the yellow at the blue letters. About earned on stay. O'Donnell's fit. Nobody's bigger well yeah. Ryan's the bigger fell. Some talked. To within ninety to 99 to better on him. In tiger I don't think this is this why is he he Dillard's off. The reason I don't like this I think is stupid rule because. Does it apply to skinny people liked you in years linebacker above his skinny people not Wear a Chris Jones Jersey now. Like Vince Wilfork jurors are off limits to anyone under to act it out. Rocket will silly at that part is the only active workers don't righty you know probably a three month. I could work real problem lately he killed. And that I'll be right Kelsey probably Abbott Dante Hall where Chris Jones there's the fattest. That Gaza at all ever. So you're seeing it use him right now where Marcus theatres if he asked if it was squeezing into fuel that one would be here like you grow was we designated it could in my size that it would be this week it looks. I can buy that my size. That picture homes that's gonna happen go. That's gonna happen it's because you've made these arbitrary rule I don't I would be Chris Jones. More my speed. Revealed in the engines but it Allan ray. What we're for boulders the organ. There comes as would you. Prefer when it's. East to. It was about the peace I would also now. Six when I was married and I wasn't too fifties about it and is eager DT beside you figure out how. It decides. You think it was always the size of that back and you the dog right and I in the mid nineties to a point in this big. Second mid eighties. There was right there on the Citigroup to order for. Dinner tub and I was about dinner comes way. 63 to 43. Zune to forty's to fifty's. That's would you buy it linebacker Jersey. One rocket and yet quarter Baxter's the year they call. You're kind of like dirt. She's going on and on eight foot room talking its eyes Rogers. Michael when you see a guy three forced pins where an idea. It's like a Dexter McCluster who as we see those that turn again did that for brown who cares. But the fat man be at their fisherman like you're Tellme is running out double in there aren't enough crap because of the way you're gonna add. Football jerseys to it. It'll awards party party. Well. DT. Oh we doubts about chiseled said the weight. Football does he got it covers going to be awesome we didn't expect in two minutes next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio.