01/22 - 10 am - All Too Familiar

The Day Shift
Monday, January 22nd

Chiefs fans had a very familiar feeling this past weekend. Plus, Lake sets the record straight on Billy Preston, the irreplaceable part of Yordano Ventura, and the difference between winning & losing was on display yesterday. 


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I feel drastically different as deeply. Then last month. It's all. It's around. All of the home. We saw it again you're enabling alternately like that I'm doing just fine. Is this Louis we have here and didn't have you visited this is what did you do have made you think you know exactly that would fuels some of that. Do you know I feel you know exactly how we view seems fans in viking fans are the same except. One thing. Seems to have one Super Bowl where you beat the bites you that's the difference between Hedo but nobody under forty years old. The lives there and really deal that was a B 55 and older sixty bird. Out invasive. Right now six of Sports Radio success or background. He's taken his team to a super cool 52. I tried to yeah. I tried to get dusty likens the bad reasons. Should take it and you'll never put roads out of there would have overcome that deficit. Out of a 100% believe that would have been canceled 506 touchdowns and all it. It's over it's over it is oh good run. But in the midst though of watching via the C a piece of games over the weekend. Fitness was a whole lot of questions today we looked at both the the AFC. And the NFC. At San Beazer games. And let's start where is. Bill reality when it comes to looking at the AFC and the NFC chip chips the reality of the National Football League this year with the Kansas City sees. Is that this is days out move yet against foot seas. That seems a few years ago. At a situation where two in the course of the regular season. They defeated the two teams. They ended up in the Super Bowl. In that 2014 season they defeated the Birmingham pitchers at home number that was the at a minus four ball game that would be to me it would yes and bigger question with a brief appeared to be the starter anymore. Also here you defeated Russell Wilson. And the Seahawks. So now all year in the playoff here is your what happens this year. You have a season which you pound the New England Patriots. In their place. On the doors at night opener for the put the season ended who else did you beat. Followed up with the game against Philadelphia we have no idea of Philadelphia. This that was of course went. Funny I Paul's course and I wore the concept I. Does that make it seaspan feel knowing that here we have another year in which your team was good enough to beat the patriots. They are in the Super Bowl facing the NFC champion. Phil defeat. Eagles who you'd be too big Eagles game was real indicator of his team was a wealthy she's were playoff team. But they were more physically dominant you were very impressed with the Eagles pass rush. That front for the front seven of the Eagles looked very good at the cheese were able to overcome maybe it's that time yet the teacher beat the student. Eighty Reid put down Doug Peterson told of the call. Keep in mind nor reason Doug Doug Peterson is in filling. They watered the sheet of any read he would BP's. Only be read back after Shaquille. Kelly. Failure in Philadelphia they wanted a piece off that tree once again that's what they've ordered Doug Peterson. That's. Should listen Doug more fear is calling the game maybe maybe Doug Newsom. Just. Cast just frustrates you to know that your team does that itself. To defeat. Teams this season would say go to the civil ball. Which yourself not get enough to get tools. He has to do was watch and it is tough to watch nick falls. The guys that though was engaged in conversation piece in Kansas City last year. And that one dean doesn't mean a whole big maples who started for about Smith he had the time it was like an immediate. In I've never really see the quarterback please wells in the polls in those situations. I mean he was against that defense the more deepens the NFL just dropping dimes and his passes late unbelievable keep in mind he had a deep pass even draw. He didn't care vikings are bringing back rushed he would just sidestep they need real on the field. Not only that he was hit it on the money sideline catches over the shoulder catch. He was doing everything it just shows you how typical. How important quarterback pleases me that Tom Brady when he did that second half coming back nick polls in the second half was absolutely amazing. Against the vikings 1111 for 159 yards threw touchdown. 150 point three passer rating it was great quarterback played that you saw it does Alex Smith have a game like that and it. As good as Alex Smith is what at times I've never seen him look as good as we sold Naples. Yesterday afternoon against the vikings considering this vikings team wasn't he would deepens the twenties now is as the number one ranked defense. In the NFL and it makes it even more impressed that he went down did this but they play. In besides the plan even the losers at a place. The jaguars are filled. And they plan as well as his neutrality was used things to your advantage. And I know that Jacksonville did not win a game to get the Super Bowl and there's a lot of players think he should have done more than sit on the ball but five seconds of two timeouts in the first step. On the road New England but Jacksonville. Was capable yesterday it beanie Super Bowl team and matter fact that game's undoing one. I think they actually win that game checks schools that close to be doing yesterday and one and BR us what he wants my object miles Jack got that bubble yeah. I shouldn't doubt the patriots batted out of because I don't they won twenty to 3.3. Lead in several blown. Thinking back in the game but I shouldn't out of it I'll never got to me and you could put the page down twenty points or else they'll pick. I was before Jackson Friday don't gut feeling. The theory that he got beat the patriots that was a formula that they play with a I think beats the New England Patriots but they play. The plane of musicality. Now Doug morrow did slip into Indy read mode and have to. He took his foot off the deck wood Doug Peterson due in Philadelphia. He did it was it is put it all for the guys at all though he was on four I mean. When they had that big lead on the Nam. On the vikings. With a couple of minutes remaining is that noun and an emotional we're trying to put the dagger in them right now and that is from A exactly that's exactly what Doug Peterson. He went out there and finish them that's not something you typically see you mean you read number I don't coach like Andy Reid. In that second half get real conservative. At the end of the first. There is an explosive belt and I don't think that got over the two it's over I think detectives served up anti into the force have. Eight it at any time a little off the gas a little bit but we bought in in the fourth quarter. I mean big game Jacksonville is not going to try to be throwing deep balls try to try to you know not. The other pages salt in my someone they explosive per say but we Jacksonville were talking about the team that finished sixth. In the NFL the law that one spot behind cheeks rejects schools forced points per game. Jacksonville averaged. 28 points a game. She's between six point one points a game she's Evers point by point nine rejected opium we look at it they did distinct units or office. Actually because would you their offense outperformed the chiefs this year. During or not at some point oh what would do well in points. With thirteen minutes remaining in the day. You're not. Point applicable rules went deep balls to try to put more points you it's not when equities domination and what he had yelled into for that import it apparently at Hilton on the outside the patriots did it won't jobless step it up defensively they did. They did get to that he told it's 600 yes it's over him directly borders they say you know what. You should you should of ran the ball when they tried to one thing you public morals from losing the game where you. They also complete bore holes away from winning the game forties well. Don't skis both the 25 yard line you'd yield on 35 seconds slip of two timeouts. That's concerning the girls that that that is conservative the board's finance was like why don't mad rules you're gonna get the ball first second half you could put in the fourteen points on the board before New England never had a change. You have to do these things are doing well on the road play. Yet that it probably would lose the game but it really what we bulls when the game either the public is actually pretty good game. He was you split did you. Our bodies clinics that it was he was planning to game I'd really fought for the longest on it being tested like Boris relieved when I go to the super ball. This. Which was. Most those 300 yards but he looked confident. He was pleased the ball well convert on third downs that a lot of the play the play action to run outlook do we Jackson rules mixing things up. Elephants Tom Coughlin influence or whatever was. Bottom line is as they claimed up. In the in the first half their and it never regained it where Philadelphia. Put their foot on the gas gets more what are any redo at halftime against tight. Clammed up. Claimed that and the defense can get in via the field Miller arraignment when he plays the second half there is that they couldn't get off the board yet they're gonna keep bugs that has been scored okay. Whatever team which EC I feel the chiefs have wasted this opportunity secular chiefs could have won in the fashion the jaguars this. I thought we had to pass rush that was working was fluid tomba was still. You know freshly be read first got here cheese were able to get the quarterback Jacksonville got to the quarterback second unit fell 11 sack on the Steelers. I opened could have played that temple. I still thought Smith the better quarterback and league portal clearly believe portals play in the NC out of initially announced that was that I do feel easy better quarterback. But they had this formula. It is didn't put this formula altogether and Arnold beat you read listen and up the Doug Peterson. I don't know if you listen up demand and he is once he started Coleman plays Matt did against the jets like lol. This team is back this team threat. What happened titans game I don't know. But I still bigger blow than eighteen point epic of Steelers game last year but you lost the home that close to gold BC chief chip. Just lose that killer mentality in the don't have. Now it is it's. Another year in which you just see. Both teams that are going to play in the so that we want to. Thanked a botnet or so what does that race for two weeks in a prolonged everything. Really tells you how you under achieved about the years yet again we're capable enough to be more physical lose Eagles beat him with Orton went. You know even auto yells what you. Carson wince when the played as good as balls that yesterday you're perfect that you can't be better than what we. CS Carson wins would have been fine but come on though. Bulls played out. Like it is also a matter is that we have. Doubles cup and it pulls inaugural national debt Iqbal was better than Carson went correct. I can't they record you can't 8115. Point three quarter equities that you be better than. You cannot be better than the polls Ellis Donovan I told just going to be temple wants. It falls. Almost spirit and the any males age he well he gave credit Doug Peterson I know that did they know Peterson's won the one take. It's didn't give credit Peterson draft him. So frustrating idol offered asking him hiding your act but the bottom line is that is it's maddening. All right the news broke over the weekend they Billy Preston and is officially done at Kansas university. Well I have been saying for three to four weeks SOB so much on the Mike home but it. I did mention this once on the here and I mean to do a few times that to others around here a distinctly to it was going to be away for him to play TU. Well in terms of the particulars of some of the things that wind down tempered Garcia his situation. Our deal in the two guys in what I know. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. I love about it basically to begin with als he can't. This is ridiculous extent sports. Dot com blogs. Stop it. Just under this old blue. I'm sure it'll clear about this assault or our Doug. Shouted at a shoddy. What that is Saturday and a little bit. I don't buy big bulls. Coasters and wondered and it appears only source of food on the Texas and worked me out. I was on worked up about wanting partly in his budget Peterson. Coach Reid in Minnesota appeals to your chance on his soul and that moment so when this game for him and his organization something very special. All that that if you fresh load. That's a lot of luck injury. It's the Peterson out yet but I don't we need to add Doug Peterson to the guys my mom has a crush on analyst. Really oh yeah for an hour yesterday. Developed quite the affinity for Doug Peterson yesterday. Good looking guy ladies like. For the likes of salt and pepper. Update that Dallas is here in the gators shocked hopeful or did not did that here and more in this magnificent air. I would give back to Doug Peterson we'll get back to. Talking about what took place over the weekend with the NFL play lists all the debate sort from over the weekend in regards to take you. It has do with it's official. Billy Preston. Not gonna play gain. For you today that best best to deal it I anticipated that it was gonna work now like is says about a month ago. When I had received some information. From. A good friend that is in the sports agency world and Knowles hole likeable lot bought a lot of things going on in the war without passable. Okay Eagles lot of things that are going on in terms of recruits point from. From you know to what I mean also from from from from what particular high school they're going to what's the institution they're gonna. You know signed with what college university plays for. On what. Player is going to sign with what agent in what's going on with dom investigations a lot of different institutions. Our soul. Real quick before I dive into. What I had been told it what I wanna revealed. Let's get to what Bill Self had to say that the force part of what bill had to say a Bob Billy Preston arm over the weekend numbered arson via an update on such as. He's handled this very well. In frustration obviously a huge key to it and in with the family to let you know what when we when we talked to when I talk to them. We've laid out the options like what's best for Billy's better off if you go overseas and play and make some money these. The better off at stake here with the unknown that we don't know what the unknown is we certainly don't have the exact timetable. What what's best for you guys slide in and and that the decision was made that. We wanna state keeps no question wanna stay Kansas. But we can't stay and not get anything out of that and think about it kid that talented not even play this year and and when. So so we knew that that we knew it was getting to be here and what they had to do something and and I was open. We're all open bit that that closure would come before they had to do something that. They they said they were you frustration set in and they apparently so. I told him I said he says he told B understands. OK. And the frustration setting in and I knew that the frustration has said he and when Billy Preston's mother started tweak. A ball or frustration with the process okay social let me cut to visits this this what I was told today. From a source that I trust in regards to issues would Billy press in case. Number one let me state. Com. For fact. Bet Kansas university has done nothing wrong in the entire since what like. This it's always we'll Billy Preston is something that was treated in terms of with his family it is not something that was treated on the Kansas side of things Kansas. Basketball program in the universe has done nothing wrong in this scenario a case social to meet Kansas is is absolutely. In the clear on its. Billy Preston's mother. When the people that tall to have I just described are somewhat of as being the person that. Likes to take advantage of opportunities. Caitlin let's put it that way. And I don't know this woman out of this all just just the information on being given. It when it comes to recruiting we know a lot of times. It the year our institutions out the year doubled try to take advantage of that. And will look to try to gravity or nap it's okay. Billy Preston. In terms of the call. And be accident. I had been told that the the the caller and question somehow some way. It is is absolutely. The reason why beach because member that the whole got to do to clear financial picture. It sounds like the call our. And the money that's tied to the par. Is something that his mother created in terms of a relationship that she had okayed by civil what do you mean by a relationship that she had. What I mean by at least ship that he had is that. I'd been told that there was a relationship that is mother had wit somebody from another institution. That was recruiting. Billy Ross okay. May be that bad. That individual. That assisting cultural whatever. All that Billy Preston was going to land there now now I'm not gonna seniors say that another institution is bitter because Billy Preston didn't. End up going to their institution ended up in Kansas that that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that through this relationship. That CNET. With this coat it sounds like it the it was a gift somewhere in. Which makes things more key because if if if if there are some sort of what they should that we take the clear ovals. You know. How deep this is. Big you're trying to for double hold on what is really going on here is this is this actual payment. Is this something because they're connected in their tied to each other we need to do some investigating. Which makes it even more. I guess Adam oval murky situation. Is win it. The alleged horse and that's involved in this with mom. Is at another institution. Which may happen to be in the OK so now we're trying to slash all of this stuff out in you're trying to figure how how how how deep business and we know that right now in the world of college basketball. Bet FBI investigation. Israel. It's deep in their whole lot of schools that are under the microscope right now so I don't blame changes at all. If if it is initially went all the stuff is going down the same goal portal. Let me take a step back here because. If this. Is. A thing. In terms of relation if this is tied into a vehicle in the vehicle gets into being into arm an accident. And we're trying to sort out if there's money test in this has nothing to do with us and our hands would have fingerprints on this at all. Concerned about planet tip like there. You absolutely beat beat beat concerned about the and you can't go down that row because all of the eligibility questions so wanna soulful. This was Bill Self. In terms those kind of bullying now from his perspective some of the things and some of the issues that they had to deal with the investigation. It was a it was that the NCAA. Reinstatement. And K where where. We had to. Get the information to the NCAA and they had to rule on. And and and justice to be real clear so so fans don't think they're who people are fault. It it was a situation in which it took some time. Two to get the information to deal in in a final package. Because. If you get it home and it's incomplete and they want more more drags on longer and longer so so. Our people did a good job on me put together but even with that being said. That package was delivered to them until right before Christmas couple days before Christmas that you know they. I. But then there were follow up deal we have more questions we have more things and and we we were hoping that that is there could be some resolution to it and we we thought that we were getting close real close but. But. I think the team in Bosnia. Put pressure on a one on the coal and Billy to say you know that that's fine but our heels off to take. If if if if this can't happen so we knew all along that if it happened in and and we we have been told that pay. We don't disagree with what you're saying we're not saying we agree but we are saying that we are not quite ready to make a final determination so. So I don't blame anybody be honest with you I idea. I just hate I hate it for you know because he get a chance to experience what college basketball's well. That's not just because he's Candace but in and certainly it has been good teammate and hopefully he'll go there and kick button. Put himself in the position the higher crap it because when. At the end of the day to me this is just another. Example. Alone. Payers making bad decisions or making or making decisions that they know damn well would jeopardize their kids' future. To me that's what this another example look see at weeded out. I calmed what was Justine reduced our in this under that the first reject absolutely had said Nancy says I'm tired of being quiet. I'm sick of watching people bad spots Albert if he suited up tomorrow he'd be the next coming to Jesus Christ he gets enough is enough ES fanned these supporters be empathetic. Would just be quiet until the NCAA does what they have to do. Pass say that you people. Did she followed up instead I don't think they understand. Billy is sixteen and 240 pounds I could've sent him overseas in November when the started. Any would have been an instant millionaire and a fourth round pick. I allowed the NCAA in my personal life fourteens as guilty people don't do that. Seed estate I allow the NCAA in my personal life fourteenth cell. At the end of the day. Kids eat eating suit up for Kansas didn't play in any any meaningful games that's a fortunate it sets 44. For jail sees us retain its outlook to see him play Kansas. Scott summit to be some debate so it's gonna go overseas and make Smart. One you still have to try to get these guys get in the year apparent and this veneer the pair them or ball on down. It was forest to parents being actively. Maybe pursuing things more than the kid is typical and the seventh throughout years when the parent speaking if you go to Little League game George in front of the parent's mentality. Yes parents Keyon screw things that kids can load times it live vicariously. Through there it. They're the ones and it may slip ups not typically kit yup number Reggie Bush. I think parent deal overly cute it exists to be clear. Arm I'll read you directly from. The job from the attacks. From the sports agency com source that I have. She was sick money. It's he double late thought it was a payment. Because a cold just from an a. That's that. That's it. And I will play and make some money over Bosnia. All of our ball we try to signed Billy Preston two dvd it's humid and the other team looking leaning. You forgot what you don't go play there who are you. Can almost thirteen ache coming up next. A year ago. You lost somebody special from the other tennis to royals organization Donovan to. But there's one thing about his death and has lost its many people are just not talking about. I'll explain next. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. His confidence is just I mean this walk in that clubhouse when he looks you square in the but then went to assess and ready for years yes. MO. Amen you know him. Get a yes. We'll be back seems to he could have he was great and hurt we'll. Making it. To be part of what is there oil and and. I've seen I. I've seen me. Seems sunny days out of our willingness. The man. Seen the army times and couldn't I. And demand. But. It before. We'll and his pitches then. Went inside and hits him in the job is going after the terror. Camden yards. All. All of the forward. With the do you want. And so we were back in the dugout and calm on that Donald. Decided to go. Not would it be like and be thrilled. I mean it's gotten some good. We'll get. The growth through brought out. And that's part of what are your doctor. I look back you basically think it was down 06 there's Sports Radio. A year ago today. We lost their Donovan tour of the Kansas City Royals organization families. In here in Kansas City. Due to the car accident. In his own zone. I still remember that day vividly being because. As some waking up this Sunday morning in MC in the conversation on Sina stuff on Twitter Adams able what's going on here and this is real and inane everybody is. Heading to the station. Everybody that down. That does anything on a year and even now produces behind the scene everybody showed up and we all. Data on the radio. And we just talked about. At best is still like to certain shows you liked it you never forget I'll never forget that. And and that's it on the green and the arm for yup the weekend. Packed show obviously that changed everything and it changed everything is so we all up here we all we kind of rotated in this annually thought about everything in. What burns hot stove on before that. In Levine took over that then it will burn though I acumen over the entire government's failure to have an entire day bullet. Without I'll never forget that men and in on never forget. How people felt. Oh pol that day and how sad people war and we were all said but just how we all need to haul. Like I want you don't does it manifest and people said it I'm so glad you guys were on the ear and you guys were talking about your battle in. Eight in NTELOS stories are given a scene from beat because we needed that. Asus. EEE it is crazy to think about a heat being a year removed. From mom from that tragic day but. Get yells manager of the Kansas rolls on with the process go in the mornings. He was asked. Did O'Donnell's death affect the 2017. L. Thanks so you know Bob I really doubt you know I. I don't it was and everybody's heart and an on everybody's mind but I don't think that had. You know I just don't think that had anything to do it you know what why not last year in terms of RR. Block record at all you know I think our guys were another bear you there are very unique group of guys. You know it just if they didn't forget them but that surely you don't get I have no reason why we didn't get that the. And I and I I act its act until we see that from off. From the royals last year although at the beginning of the year when you stroke what the beginning. It does kind of make you what did you not to date slow you do you think it may be mentally just. There were things that went on year but he said it it didn't affect the 2017 outcome but that just met with O'Donnell. And last sees. As of five teams difference between the royals went. Would that have made a difference in five games possibly so. You know him losing thirteen rose I mean I've games by gay and I'm not yet you never know now says no I'll roll it meant. But. The thing about your Donald and him no longer being with the organization and him losing his life and him. Not being. Is that. To meet its much deeper been talking about velocity. And what kind of it's easy. To meet the same day or Donald hand. That you just can't replicate. In not everybody has it. Is that damn fighter and is the is that spider that resided in Hume. Where he would get angry at times. Eva gets frustrating at times. He would he would get fired up to the point where he quit date. His teammates may be angry at them from from time Tom grieve and the manager you know from time of some of so with the because he needs and the senate damage Tom down but desperate need of special. It to meet you talk about that that by year. Not everybody's form with F fired not everybody develops that five. That's what me nor O'Donnell at the expense. In that game when you take that part that's that's a chemistry thing like he brought it to the team. When you take that. Away from a team. Only chemistry standpoint. That affects you it really does and it it is hard to get back when you looked at home. And ham. Do we look at him in the same way in Tibet. I hear that you're down not seen it day Campbell does not what they're trying to win every single day didn't do personnel is a different personality man is a different person I would speeds is a different chemistry. That is something that's irreplaceable. When it comes the door down and out the Beverly auto body enough does I think that we caught up in talking about. Velocity and and what tablet it is a guy throws and Allison wood a book with that emotional attachment in all of that means so much. To walk. Everybody more talking about it. It's easier to rein somebody back in didn't develop that fire but he's actually had that. He carried himself like that I Arab or burn. Beckett returned last couple years. We talk about the we've been true would carry himself for a club he knew that he was that he knew he had. That special thing in those words curbs going of these crews going. In the right direction I think he's poised they're real nice season to be honest with you become become the pitcher won't start. That he would be but they got the fire he wouldn't back down from you didn't back down that route now. Didn't back down from an image out of now. It's one thing about not even that was kind of undersized he would not back down from anybody and I think that they carries itself a little bit with the team. If they had him he he considers a protector. If you somebody from the royals guess who's coming you're not on the mound what are ways that and few minutes of bottles on the mound. When such and such capital player gets drilled. Is he didn't care he grew up or draw you back when he still that old school baseball mentality. In he would defend his teammates that's one thing about it well respected the fact he's going to up and I think a lot of the things he did was misunderstood. Some of the incidents secular understanding tempers open his position. Like wage rate general Brent RE two at that point does he have to be on the mound next that he was going to throw. The match. I don't thing. Just called me and it classic at. At at it yet it was a is that not let down me it was talking you know talking jump to a committee said you know what McDonald's about a he he's he's at Abbott got to meet you call it he knew I hit in. He was coming after he knew he was going to bite me but he didn't. To a dump something immediate cease fans did after via the titans playoff loss. Looks even more laughable now we get to that. I agree we'd go to the awards has again. Okay. How she's there. Putting studio sixty and Sports Radio. So. And. I saw some cheese fans are in place. And I'd like to site. I don't know why they've had an issue with this because just roll call. The let's go back a few weeks days. After the cheese. Gave up what 21 to three. When. And balls that you Tennessee Titans at all the twelfth. What was one of the excuses that was you. Hallucinating. Or we had status Chelsea in the second. So essentially that that just the biggest reason moderate losses which it it was a reason it looked it'd help vehicles. But that was not the main reason why you loss. To the Tennessee Titans. It could also third downs. He gave up so many rushing yards. To dare injury. Mark is Miriam. It also you you couldn't do anything offensively could put a drive together and I know that in terms of the time of possession it was release slated favour of the titans did you beat him one of football. But the bottom line as you just could not put anything together. And take it away a weapon like Travis he'll see is significant. Explain to me what happened yesterday with. Tom Brady the patriots because. Locke missed the second and say integrity you'll in any. Near mountain West Africa LC LE two minutes left the first half when I found what goes away. With who that was the question you know it would've been with the teacher tapers it was a play. May rain for 46 yards and Anderson they're playing with the likes of the agreement Dele you winning a playoff team with them. Kill C yes what it would do to her yet they do feel he could pick up for. He would help I think the chiefs move the chains a little bit better in the second air. Yeah big rock means eat on that often so much so that they could shift the way they do defensively. Jalen Ramsey was in on rock of view you those times. There were about rockets and passes now he can shift off the B word about Brandon cooks. Deity in the golden light speed they de gras element of it in you took basically a piece. The pictures often. Look at one star we will Britain coax is going to be looking. Could change you look at our Kelsey Hill you've got a bunch of weapons braves makes these efforts count. Good players look better and roll or to lose rock you lose really door key on your offense is Robert home. Forget they still were able to win without. They still found a way it I know that there are a lot of people market there will say. Late. See here you go why are you comparing to Alex Smith to Tom Brady the greatest the ball. It's bigger than. It is bigger than just a compares because some people say well. Travis Chelsea. And him being now. Is more impact folding lot being out because the quarterback is better. I double rates you can bet the quarterback. Is clearly better. But the reason while we'll let anybody get away with that particular take though is is because Tom rate. Was basing that Shaq. Some field jaguars an elite defense. While Alex Smith. Was based in the Tennessee Titans one of the worst defense in the playoffs. There's a drastic difference there between the 20. So no I don't hear this stuff about eagle letting anybody off the hook based a whole date now. If Brady can get it done. Trailing by ten points in the fought against the jaguars defense. Then there's no reason in the world Alex Smith in the C should not be holed up. In eight. Team point lead. After news that who took where they're bigger rocks. So frustrating and you can't watch football with the NFL. Over the course of what we see here in this press and not be forfeited your t.'s. You gonna remain frustrated. Reset in the old all open the cell the two teams that should be. To stop the year they're facing each other in the plows in Philadelphia's best quarterback is not buying. Hearts are wit out at eighth and and they alls is the main Ballmer chief. Tony Alford. Brandon cooks easily out of Europe is your wrong a thousand yards essentially. You take that piece away for a whole half. You're down Sabrina coached the agreement dole you re in the ball 46 yards. Mean patriots office. In exactly those mean they they're very good and essentially in total offense late next Tuesday ordered to do it they wouldn't like chess match that don't win by the more talent. On the field but you could just mortar anymore. They they spend way under the cap. Fields beautiful look at those pieces is give us just how many guys won rings with Tom Brady office that's going in the golfing with a I must be first bout them one ring Brady down to one. Well there's going to be a friend. Edges but he wins by the with the likes of Hogan. And mental and Dion Lewis was when I take a piece like rock and they still don't use anything as an excuse. These do. I just thought woody here moving forward to it Kelsey being out for the second half that was the reason why we lost the parts that it wasn't. It was a factor in why you Bob we weren't as successful offensively in the second half I would give you that are granted it. What to say the doubles the sole reason why absolutely not passes making excuses that I think it would. I can't deal with. You another key loss to The Beatles we room apartment Sproles. All you Americans rules are still there on third downs and scat back like that new Phillip we've got hurt if you are so imagine if those rules. A row quake. Pulls the black. Spoils of the barrels in the backfield. Child by. Props to him podium with him and you arrest. Us begin big leads language I actually went to high school basketball tournament on Friday. An ass albeit please Almonte are all pull all Oak Park play hoop pork. Oak Park. Lane while there. And you guys get a player. I got you with his C supporters. Who sees my school best woman and incredibly odd man he's he's a player. And I don't know why Mosul what's his name again. What does naming him his full name there. Old style box chatter about. I know you you think I'm joking. This TCB get recruited by everybody your loans get a lot of do you offer them yeah I know Kansas is is tracking them now. But do your Missouri Tigers should be offering right now case basically offering right now. Makes no sense I don't know Missouri's who have full bore. Is it. This feed you Carson from Bryan school we've Chris when people are just committed detect. Losers lose and everybody and lose the Michigan. Wisconsin. You David nobody's going loser Oak Park bench. Britain will what would you think he's gonna end ranking in terms of the really good players out of ball park per want about it. That's Laden's oldest I'm sure that they're definitely one of the best at that we dripping with pro athletes there. He's a player oh he's a player. Are shouting them are total in two minutes. Arts Randy coworker Bob test of this morning got to leave it too big tear you away so we're gonna try to reign if that's gold backing it. We get to that tumors that preceded drip and maybe. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio.