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Friday, January 19th

In the final hour we continue our discussion on fried chicken and we discuss how you want Brady to be in the Super Bowl whether you realize it or not. Who ctually cares if the Vikings get home field advantage? Also, the segment that's sweeping the natioin " Whatcha Watching"


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This show. Run this shows you please. Through unless. Hook those fingers to because we salute you for allowing us to be a small part. And you have Friday evening Friday night that my baby. We've had a lot of Belichick about his face total net where you soon. We're gonna get to this ticket they because of serious not done with it. Because that would was due to a sort of have brought up Boston market hold that thought I'm asking anybody with ever we're treated these chicken plates. Do you look down a couple of people who come in four or orders and they all ordered the state beats. But it cut it out and eight these in out one alpha. Aka upward to what it needs about little brick. Like I feel like I am not like the majority of people don't do this. I feel like the majority of people don't nodded forcing their orders but all they want. After that most people just go and get what they did with a give bucket here how one white the one heartbeat but hey. I've got a twelve he's coming out on all of a little brisk. And I wanna see evidence yet that little piece that I won't. I do. But it like it that's just one that's of we've been talking about the playoff aid. So that it just died on me. The question that if the Jacksonville Jaguars lose. On Sunday which I hope to god they do. Is out of the thought process that next year late portals will be starting quarterback of the unit. If they lose at that of the jaguars decide to go and another direction. Like the Alex bit of direction or I Shia or. Board did direction. Kirk. Does that get sick his name in Washington. Kirk cousins Kirk cousins did do that. Who else would take late morals to be either stored. Let's hand. About as we have. People. Hello like Max Kellerman who lost his mine out of the key cities the next Brady met element thinks that they are going that he is capable of beating him. Are they can beat this error people like look out for like he's a but if you. Is at the jaguars decided the wanted to direct different direction which is here which is possible. So here. They've got some type of option on him for next season yet they get out yet they can get out of it because it's a lot of money like you below campaign Blake laurels nineteen million dollars. That they're going to get MI thing is. If people if they lose. Who else would he start full. It they would go our wilderness we're gonna try the Alex Smith they look at we're gonna trade thousand draft a quarterback tryouts that or ruled this site hurt us. Miami. But but it feels good. I don't think players sold on Ryan and now I ain't what you have slightly. Yes my old Blake bought to you get Blake portals on a cheap one year deal bring him in to just be a back epic compete. Well I I understand the baca are talking about I acts who else would he start for you think the jets are gonna you that the jets would say. Yeah I did take a look at him. But to pay him what they had to pay him. I mean that would net pay in ninety knowing that ninety billion but I mean. I what do they pay dash cam but he'd take it it just Mattel cheaper he's just gone to the AFC championship Davis is. His guys are going to be looking for more today. There's someone I just just recap make effort. A bucket at all it's a pair. Earned seven million but they but they are laid out yet they get him. That got that you get the guys like suggest the count or that garlic salts that pop guns puts it but it beats. If period. Just got of it was talk it up a lackluster weeks that he's on the track of B if they lose this game they decided on a different direction which I think is very very possible. He made that there's I don't know there's that was really another team that he could start orbit you're maybe Arizona baby but why that. I feel like Edwards is ready to dread to start. So let's that I had taken McCain's. I mean yeah like. I can't Arizona and Arizona is especially is a franchise that looks at themselves as if they've got some pieces to be a decent team they just need a quarterback. Adding Blake portals to the mix I mean I'd hire zone has made me am I have a bad inning retread quarterbacks. But Blake portals nobody's answer. Well and it and I just let it be audio that god has been talked so much at I'm curious if he's geared to be started. Are those convicted. It's so you talk about Boston market and I think Boston market you've missed it I had a candidates oh me oh my favorite meal I get to eat today. And was I went to church is. And I got that creepy and when I get that he's always did with three. All what's outbound on usual I'd never heard of people going in demanding. The types of what you can design yet you just you just assume that you get what you get. Around and I've even done index for all white meat are all dark tone is there have been times like you got two ties in need you rolling and get one years like you're. I did nothing about it. I just ate it. I doubt they. I did that but I've never thought about rolling through especially of the game immediately going. Ball all wrist. Let's see the market it's different because if I remembered Boston by Boston market I got socked. That was evident and allowed us market don't take it cut it in gated in front of you well. Color red whether it's history chickens. There on the there on the spinners and the big audience and they pulled out you have al-Qaeda like back there. But I would assume their eyes how how does every every chicken place though is probably. Cooking those in terms of like a whole chicken T try to minimize waste so that's why a lot of places like the one that we called. Said you bought it and I'll head over a large order because that Morgan if we give you. Twenties guys that would probably get Iraq out of thought. This out so I would imagine like a place like that. Like plays a bus there where they're just cut up. Whole chickens right in front of us I don't know I think they have like white in dark meat combo meals but I don't know if you can mix and match it got. A bust of target only thing I've ever gotten is a full ticket or hand. Yeah I Agassi about half tickets they could get the light in the dark mean. That's I got to Boston markets if. Like what Michael and it peachtree. I pick my own ticket. But apple it's a word I'm ordered its wealth eased its sale will bring. The and you wanna join in on the ticket conversation do you and it just before more than I get dissolved when you go to chicken places do you go away it. And do you find it unusual that people blowing in and ask for the same. He's a ticket to go and it's outlawed all breast have you ever done that. Yeah. Yeah I go to KFC. And bring these all wider creepiest all of dark and I like I'll. In hand so I thought I wanna note I'll apply. And I am no problematic now because. I mean by this. You know I want the creepy old park a Mac Mahan and warm iron to lag well I bet my rebounds. Elaborate the it. And that I have done it before. Wondered. Talks are. Following numbers that well we're here to do you view then. In all warm and I heard. Cedes that exits to me but we just call it makes it probably uses got a call it. That's is safe to be you know George Wright are losing money on it well that's abuse that took part would do a page from the grass for the brass that it should I because I was. That yeah you're right at the wings and the drumstick out of for the hooters apple. There might be. I'm looking like at the bus and market menu right now some bus mighty can do. If there requests like. It has chick in all white. Which would be to breasts instead of where the normal hat Jake can you get light and dark meat where you get the brass at the wing and then you get the the high end John stay but it's extra if you wanna go all white meat boss market. A lot of work coming defined as at other places not really extra if you requests all white meat apparently. That was like aids or it's the kids that are. I guess I have I have heard people requests like you ought take. Three piece all dark me. But to say like all flies as a I think is is the weakness today that is a news. Brooklyn we did answer this questioner. I went out I sit I'd rather see Brady. Blowouts. Erica I like. I see great. And I'd rather see the greatness of Tom Brady beat the living daylights out of that's the Eagles or the vikings and I'd rather see the Eagles are the vikings played. Jacksonville in a close game. Because I think the Eagles at the vikings playing Jackson villain a close game will look a lot like Atlanta and Philly from last week. I don't think that it would look like New Orleans in Minnesota. And I I. Like I feel like the vikings would blow out Jacksonville. And I just I just don't think it would be even a close game I don't think it would be well I don't think it would be that drastic. I think Andy they're evenly matched. On defense but I think the vikings offense is just as just got more talent then Jacksonville's turn off but no. What would you would you rather see a close game between Jacksonville Jacksonville against Philly or Minnesota or would you rather see Tom Brady beat the hell out of its shell. The greatness of Tom Brady and rocket Belichick can beat the hell out of the Eagles vikings I got this day. I present greatness didn't mediocre play like at the Super Bowl were the Atlanta Falcons at Eagles game from last week. Or killed the chiefs and the titans game for two weeks ago the seed greatness of Brady today. Yeah like as I mentioned earlier I'm a fan of witnessing history and seeing records being broken before my eyes because that that's something that I I find interest but. I do. Well I would say it would probably be a more entertaining match up. Aisles of just wanna see Jacksonville in the Super Bowl because I think Jacksonville. I Blake portals what's his face he them. It's just chaos that would spiral that's not the NFL world out of control of those that it will like sports city. This case that's still. It's going to lay ground to my theory that didn't mean you went over when the Broncos won the Super Bowl. But I think you can build any weak defense and win that way faster than he confining the quarterbacks and a. He believed yeah. Minnesota. X amount they're gonna be good for awhile but that despite their quarterback literally we know. Minnesota palladium had a lot of chemo. We we note that Minnesota played against the saints in the saints had a bad game. It should have won if it wasn't for markets India and Lee they didn't. But the same we know that Minnesota is here but if they get a Super Bowl Thailand looks at hale. I'm just saying but you're you're gonna say that it's he has Jacksonville and the next couple years gets to the Super Bowl you're gonna say that it's easier sort of but we're lucky we we would just watch the luck of the Irish. Let the vikings had to have it bite back on how. How is that it is much easy here. To draft a lot of defense of players and swing and miss on those guys Aniston I said draft quarterback day out completely and a that day at that you're crazy I don't think it's look at the chiefs they have corrected it paid so much of the and they have at the top indeed it's ever. But it orgy is different because they've always got. 11 is always better than the other but she's never just been out it's like the vikings. Our balance. Jack Jack felt it was now their defense is just. Really really good an incredibly young and that defense is going to carry them. For the next couple years there probably gonna be really good for the next three or four years just because of that defense or at least be. Much more competitive than they have for the last decade. There's a lot that head. For these teams just together like the Minnesota Vikings are sitting here with fingers at that they just know they should be playing here. So let's say that they it's easier that would Drew Brees can have a bad game. It should beat them on the road. If it wasn't for 43. And his selflessness. I think guys that guys still this. I was now one of the field. That it. Coming up that I saw this headline today senator. And it really did it optics is actually yesterday and it really pissed me. I don't know how you feel about this. And this may be a little a little taste early of what you wanted. Someone had a publication that it's some sort of boat. And it came out. That that (%expletive) Jim Carrey movie of all. Is gruesome. And that is the worst thing I've ever know where Lopes is Bruce almighty at the top of Jim Carrey's this. And. Yeah. This is usually. This was disturbing to me. And Mike if you don't know this is like much. Like Jim Carrey was. I like guys my. Starting off when he was. The one who I believe I realized save the Miami home. Ever since they got rid of basement to the Miami Dolphins. You. Dan Marino was the same answer. Let them. But there is this. Yeah. What does this lad Bible this this. Publication they did any. And over. 40000 people participated in uploading it started. They did it tournament of the best movies and honored in junior's birthday the best movies. Of all time. And Bruce almighty one. Bruce almighty was voted. As the number one movie all time for. Jim Carrey and at its. Completely and say. The final four sort of was ace it sure Pitt detective which believe. Possibly is number. Against the grants. And did Bruce almighty gets the mass. I am. I'm a fan. Of the grinch. It is not better than some of these other me you know layered so what is first up I don't think Bruce almighty. Was well does almighty for I don't mind that has been very good it was dumb and dumber. Dumber and dumb and dumber and win. Air at least that dumb and dumber or Ace Ventura is just answer. It Spitzer is scheduled for me is number one I eased elected every day now. They fires under rated as they live lives have been in the but the greens really. Why should you guys have or final four mile iron and a good. Like that's why and so I thought was really did like some serious tactic Germantown is a really good movie but I feel like people tend to. Slide away from the more serious you know. It's the best early show that was Mary. To me the best role ever play it was when he was. What man in the moon it winds IndyCar. That was the best goalie of LA like is seedless like cut in the united. That is coup but that is that like a dumber and liar liar and Agassi in the mass game. Fifteen. One years. Cecil was government under rate it would it may have forever when he was written. As I mean I would say he eager to get jab playing that character but that movie was absolute garbage. I am saying he wasn't a terrible radler but that movie was terrible I mean it's not about that elected me. Ace pitcher. That number ten blocks uphill I don't force of the a's pitcher dumb and dumber Truman show in. And man on the move. Ed beat us but I read. Yeah that's that's at all that's our callers that is based world. Me myself and Irene is saying is that we aren't back yet that is an eight seed that might get through was ready and considered. Legacy we're aware of that ticket it said there. Don't get lost in the loss in the first round to walk. Is eternal sunshine. Ollie tells sunshine to really get you know the day and I loved his banner movies if I advised him Kate actually made that many good movies like that now I. Comedies that actually Syrians are. Like the boat is the best look back to. It's her son Jack interleague address those early get a CI. Like a.'s insurance the second. The second what does it do anything for me. That that the second one. Yeah so what's next in the it was six I don't know if it's true or not. Yes it's a sleeper to that was pretty spoke at Versailles that I don't know if it's true or not but I think they said Jim Carrey did man of the bullet played security intact yes. I hear is that method acting. If you go on. On Netflix there is it is call it's ED and GM. I guess it Netflix it's it's it's it's a document that all of us at the wrap 88 to all of his characters what is the Tony. Tony something. Armed member of Africa Tony the other care today he plays a bit eighty copies. Of the bat on US media outlet TD stating cared. What's bit. That that vampire movie I felt like it's UK's first boo via. But it like. I note that once bitten alive there's been our movie. It was. Remember Jim Carrey at side but I'd like when they call was to your. The settle out I was not a fan a Spitzer I still like him that's pretty young Aaron I asked him literally. How callable. At memorized I still had. That work or people that the gathering this. Who are you looking. I am looking for ray Finkel. Medically prayers to what a you know boundary a fig. Tucker's Jacqui mentioned Korea I today decent success in her honor and class and he holds to a student from Rutgers oral once it's feasible for disappointment in the annual personal regret it come out of it anyway element Malo merit. Ice like that every day. Still never had. Glad I came into the fold too because the pin is blue. That's. I'd like to get it it's just look at the first round was. Liar liar and dumb and dumber and both a Specter is they slip through and they beat. The that I admired the the Truman's. Insulated. It to the attack and see that because there I feel like a lot of people would lean more towards the comedic side like a light hearted side of his career over the does the last dramatic ones the last eight war. Dumb and dumber. Internal sons. Ace Ventura pet detective Truman show the man's Bruce almighty. Integrates. A government that. A governor's problem. Like. A governor is probably the number is probably not. Summer days Victor private it was I think is best role. Was when he played and he called me but those two are privately. For a minute there I thought he was it easy let's the last thing he's done. Jim Carrey yes. But that's it is that. And a lot of moving parts bacteria who puts and a and a map. Well. All the cable guy the cable guy a guy is I. Really like the cable guy that much everybody loved that movie and I was very huge fan. I'd just like it because I I'd try to sometimes coach Steve Utley he's its teeth. And a even. Stephen. Out here is it that movie the bad bad tests on that it wasn't very good I was I was disappointed dumb and dumber two. I started I started watching that and just turn it off as it was so bad I think I would lift theater to see. Yeah I I I started to watch that it was just so god awful lie turn. But if you watch stay that AND engine thing that we're east they're going through him making that may on the moon thing. True crimes is the last thing was it that may have a little thing like he is. He is eight years you know what fun. What would Dick and Jane is that. All of the but he has done some real serious what's at the majestic. That was war. That it would. Outs. But definitely he's even. They even in rarely let all those voicemails it even up this hour. Met rod in the perfect person to play that these few but just haven't had just gotten started up your identity Matta called. Somebody's sincerity you get the run throughout these two. You don't. On that can make it and drop but I am going to turn it into wet is it pretty. If I used to have. When he when he got pulled over for the speeding ticket. In liar liar. I used to have that memory. Lost that. Are coming up to eight. Before we get to show stoppers. Can you help me understand like do you find that you had entered here Saturday or people listening to yield fine. I don't find it really interesting that at the vikings win that they'll be hosting the Super Bowl I don't understand. Why that's a big deal because I think the Super Bowls Super Bowl and it matter who plays the you'd like like about this or did you. I'm real interest of the vikings like this it in something or that the vikings could host some books they're really making that'd be the. Loosened kid we can make some. Today on this show crime there's still eat. Seats tees will rape you could get a ticket that time now for six in off your ticket order using promo code six didn't support. Nominee right. One who think through this after the break and a 100% did you did not. And I did it and why is it me or them that that's what you did they keep. So you are you look at it does it. I don't like we. They've always talk about that would solo host it's like oh Wasilla vehicles available hopes the Super Bowl like I guess like you get a hometown being split. I don't think it creates more interest doesn't. Well I also don't know how much of a hometown band you're going to get like yeah I you'll probably have. Moyer vikings fans there than you what is normal Super Bowl. But they're also so wildly expensive your average NFL fans can have a tough time paying for Super Bowl. The businesses instead of may be some. And they may be able to so the effort. At least something maybe but you know these people of Minnesota that means that this is the ones in the lifetime event and generally. People who don't care about once a lifetime it's in the last on the vikings a bit of super ball I think for Antarctic quarter. So I mean is it the policy that I just don't find it like to me the game won't be any more interest. Like I don't like to me which I can hear the story being sold. Oh Tom Brady cooling unit Belichick going in on the road the first team to ever play a road Super Bowl game. Like it waited to be it would be just what didn't Saban just do this. Did they they had to play Georgia and Atlanta that's pretty much like a home game it was pro Georgia. But I mean those those two parties advocate to put. I Meehan heads. Sure it's obviously an advantage because now all those guys live locally they'll have to travel. So I mean in that regard as he can be a little bit and managing its just stay home for the week with their family instead of having to go travel somewhere and do. You know the Super Bowl. Media extravaganza. All the mile. That's but that's a that I'd rather do to really into it as to trip as that stay in stay you know Taylor do all the fun thing. And they they do enough though so SOA I don't think any player looks forward. Two radio row with a super radio robe that means looks forward to the media days that way you got where he got rather than your normal you know. Fifteen to twenty media members you've got fifty. But if you live in the board if you live in Minneapolis. You know so we'll be nice to be in new or used to go. For a quarter. Burgers. Or in Miami that the beats so like that like if you don't if you live media ultra. I just. Like I look at it it is never just. Ike is never expert to like it's never like I never think lack of and the vikings got a chance is is really gonna make me more interest in the game. As are playing at home. Today just doesn't do it. Odds is the other. You think Tony romo's gonna really bring. On Sunday his last game of the year. He might really be together. I think. Berkeley report they have the opposite of what she's is believed that she's if Tony Romo did they keep winning with those to. I think that is made that a I don't think Jim Nantz. It Tony Romo world cult it's just. I think it was an eagle and it fails. So that is really pisses the you know like they. It cannot occurs to end up. They appreciated Tony Romo did did did the patriots gave gather that about. On how to proceed up. That's right. I tried to get to painted. Fruitless and I said nothing about that is. Nothing about that is. Doesn't the extra him. So what's next if and he was six who is the robbed in Tibet minutes to assert his bit. But. Obama opening. Saturday has. Saturday is. Now now. Combatant. Today hill you'll bear. I is in this particular. There. I may be rabid. About allowing you to be. Those lower than rout. Of the the cats and as you decide who was born aggregate now the other like sub bat man whose mortgage Freeman's cared. But to many. Uh oh what is this. All of us that night that back up acts and pulled a fast would exist. Made him made him black. New. What is it fox. Takes you out Lucius Fox. That you'll be loose spot here. The that's who just out. And news about this and I found shown back to Isaac how. Oh. Yes. Well bred is Michael Cain let me get this straight so. So all's agreements Alf. Mel Morgan Freeman and the guys in the Christopher Nolan bat and movies. Morgan Freeman was like a guy who worked for him and he helped design is weapons and things like that hello Michael Cain. You're out. Alpert and I'm religious box and they'll Al offers his thoughts and efforts of companies Jolie who now it's not enough. So you just that he had him now doing absolutely it did they put the hot keys pages to gather enough nobody knows when I. Over the objections of players seek. MLB hubs implement a pitch clock and tighter restrictions on the mound visits this year as first reported by Ken Rosenthal. Players association rejected a similar proposal last year originally responded by threatening to enact the changes unilateral. And LPGA is expected to formally reject any version in the proposed changes again this year but it seems as if rob Manfred is just moving ahead his plan whether or not. And agility biggest member was. A couple of years ago when they sit there and implementing the rule you can't step out of the box. And you can't take as much time yet when you. Lorenzo Cain blows that down one they tried this little Ortiz a couple of times but now those bettors take as much time as they used to. But implement this and less there is a hard. Clocks of swearing and there's a hard easy rule to follow they're not that they might try to be hard on it it worked but they won't. Do just like they did about the timing advantage of them better. Demi heavies triple eights Stephanie McMahon and the new day visited Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show. To compete collapsing battle with a special stipulations. Segment I was tag team battle found in the new day facing off against WW executives. But it McMahon and triple H one Fallon would have to make an appearance at next Monday's rock so that was. Fallon in the new day delivered a five rendition. Of Motown Philly by Boyz II Men. But triple aces toward the house now that performance of how far I'll go from the movie Mona. Ever watch the whole thing and Stephanie perfectly in her heart was very good she boarded up. But how to really broad amid hunter came in and gave it everything he and you can tell he's watched that movie with these girls. I've watched him 45 times myself Mikey it's. I can probably get I don't know that is that child's movie but once again he's in the rocks that because he was seeing that runs. The the movie that the rock. I was Iraq in that. One of the stars these things in the movie the routes in and Childs and yet he's in this animation is that this Adam again. He can't get out but that was obviously plant so that it I mean privilege as an. Blade trinity this is why I have to TV. And so was evidenced this I had to get big enough. In this business I got to do something to get myself into the dead you did you read. I have ratified out of I would take every bump. That they ads mutate we'll I'd just got to give mildly that would give me I've got to get big. That's kind of a bill. Coming up. I want statute this segment. If that's sweeping the nation. What to watch it through to six six 306 texted what she knows you're watching Netflix Hulu. Amazon crime network TV. Going to the movies whatever it is you're watching. Come with the game. That not move yeah. The whole. There. Needs. Battlestar Galactica what amid might not know what we. It's too late to catch weight touched down at Super Bowl fly first class plane. Watermark. Detectors. I'd like to remake movies exam. Must have been since. I am Google's it's been. But the threat goal. Triple and I think that. And when sirens. It works instinct. What a rather be feared or loved. People. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. It's lots. Is sponsored by. Absolutely know when someone that's that getting to get six six 306 to extend what you Watson. That you're watching as always we get a troubled and the very first line. That I came may be hard sort of for the from the heat for the 78. How does that feel betrayed his country. You seriously haven't seen Saving Private Ryan. It on the dinner of their citizens it tips. Yeah behind you and I have no idea it's not a bit of a bit of comfort in these global. I mean Vin Diesel is insane Brent Grimes is yet begun ruled he doubt it was business. Okay the goes well and lose anything. He was greeted fans. No I do not yet received look to the class. Stands a fantastic. But that really tests the into the a little bit from the obvious yeah. Guy. I not do when that program. Succeed platoon. This march. At a fancy pieces of Charlie Sheen. Hey. I'm Martin Sheen is Apocalypse Now. He's not a vanity. Someone here's what's the NBA and ESPN. Does tough matches. But like text is about sums it just because he didn't want to watch the wizards and this accident he wanted one NBA and it was definitely. It's sad that but the 66 Phil at this room. Saving Private Ryan naked yielding military it would zero blanking it. I think what is big is big these heads the. What is good deeds of this. And to have any. I think Vin Diesel. I think he might need. I think he might he says he never knew who his biological father was but his mother it is. Whites with English German scads hires ancestry in his adopted father is African. But we don't know. Us and when asked about his biological father he said. And south he is definitely a. Person of color. I think you know I think this is bad because I and I am Diego solicit platoon Stewart bill. Big guards need to be cool and I'm licensed or built on the leg. The graduated Greek I've we'll Beckett is lights. Was flown over the cuckoo's nest. Like I like outlines old movies and I guess the platoon is just never do one that I look to business experience. Figures in Kramer vs Kramer. Doesn't solve the girl's dream really really long time ago did it. I hate spread thank you the list. Of the city's. Romantic comedy Friday. Of most prevalent. But the lady at eighteen bombed the wind it absolutely. Stay still came back last night sort of they got in with a flipping I don't know wins standard not this early alert I don't it's dead or not. I got one that was of those are. I flat flat flat through nine episodes two days it is I've been staying up really well most in his first season do. I was. Actually. Eight got me egg got in gallons and I hit it starts. Right reality game and it's hard stern is there one that it is there so that appears to late day. I mean did it just got it right I get has to do. With like drug trafficking and money laundering and sell side there's a lot of shows like that I would say that. As far as like the intensity. I would say like the later seasons of breaking bad is breaking bad starts out and the slow but then takes off. It's like a lady seasons breaking bad is Mary and it's got now is he tired receives those. Bigot to you they would six runs the only way to watch the NBA's listening to your show. Sosa and I get the volume that. That put the volume back when. Appreciate and love. Operates columns go. So it is romantic comedy Friday you know within me. That means we live anywhere I. Never lives she Kristi. But if you must live line in the arm for the 12. If you must cheat sheet debt. If you must steals it and still the moments that take your breath. Okay it's going to be Friday. I hope the devil wears Prada is on one of the definitive about he had people with the either that or did things I hate events. Our men look I get down into things and values with good. We'll be back sad day at 6 o'clock check this out at the pocket thanks we how. The late night you can show. You're not alone run the show. Seeks to use words. Really no good at getting tickets dot com now for six cannot be particularly using robo code six did sports.