01/19 - 6pm - The Process, Jags D, That Guy Gets the Show, You Can't Be Serious

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Friday, January 19th

We kick off the show disussing Joel Embiid and that swag he's carrying around after getting his first All-Star nod. Also, ron thinks the Jags D is a little overrated and That Guy Gets The Show will make you question what you know about alligators and You Can't Be Serious is an absolute all timer!!!!


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Show pattern. Drive this shows you let. Yeah proud of you who love our. Those things in his third day because we salute the game ball rolling up as the NBA's blown far. Love your pride day he'd made this Friday night the night baby. Follow club off everyday of the week and so much fun this may be our best joke. Because nothing is going on in the sports world at Kansas City really win Spain's big hits a really goes on. We're good they're really go laying up quick if they're really gives food it. Bed goes so does fed better than us. This is the show runs as soon usually. Presented by Simmons bank. As the book baby. I'm ready. I'll be inject. Being that it is. About that time. For us to bring our guys you know and about one of the guys alleged to have both of us don't have a lot of fun tonight. It's just the dynamic duo denied no adult J&J BA BOJ. Is that the dynamic duo. Does the roots. Though roots of this young. That was still be worse because you know we're not at full strength but the roots of distilled the old school of the show. Or Sunday mornings. It's going to be here today. Being that it is 601 let me bring my guys Steve inserted to the states. Okay. Hides it kick starred in game in this area. I do in my hair cut like every two weeks like most African Americans except you know refusing to do. I think I'm gonna do it this weekend that I jedi kids on Sunday at some point parts. You know it's you have to do but I didn't know that we had just actually decided. I didn't have choice though you don't have as good. You have a choice you'd just be throwing your middle finger to the show. And that he. I am I did not know it was come on hometown for Evan Longoria that. You know that is sort of yes but I feel like I think he's involving for a long battle diseases it would. Aaron fast but I know who have a mind Gloria as to who is he played. Marlins. And the Mariners. And erratic it's the third alleged other guys did an egg. If you look it up. They did is look at up. Well thank god almighty yes it did back then though that that subplot I'd heard about the Longoria are looking into on the computer and then. It I would doubt now and I get into an honorary allies. Doesn't mean I'm required didn't. It didn't know who it is I know or is this is this I know is there any business this day I was there days you don't just let me a second again at Marlins did mayor spoke about club but if it's well. Federal guys that are close to the guys in the same state I guess that's closer days. Steve is all that relevant today maybe. I know I don't on back here. Short short staffed and eyes and that even FaceBook lighting because I didn't have time to get in there in and mess with it. This time. It off you put into. That it's enough time I'm not gonna NN. I you can't be serious and newest member of going to be inducted into the UQB's is all the pain. Find out there it is and I tell you this ruin. This what does it do you write this this is one of the better ones sort of I have read like we always the best out of the week. This one has to rank up there right. I mean got out of me but this is this is stronger than strong cells get it ready and then about 645. But let's let's let's leave here. I'll give you credit you bitterly on this Fella. You've been early on them. He was a part of the the best 592 show and Sports Radio. Joseph LA MB. But is now. In all star for the first time. And I wanna say it is. He is failing this Rihanna situation. Like a pure gee I mean he is this is genius. This is big like. I don't know bit. He is gee I'd know then I don't go to another bite you in on over selling him today. I don't know that he was starting to come into his own. I know he was starting to come into his own. But man. He has pulled it off now but I like this maneuver here is thinking in his setting himself well or I believe alum if you're not. Familiar with the Rihanna situation was dessert a couple of years ago. He is said he asked a prominent celebrity out. And that's a Libby who we find out was Rihanna. Said the only way she's gonna go out with a view becomes an all star. Ever a couple of years he's been Arianna rip the vet the wagon right he's been picked her up on Twitter had her up book yet and he started like. Has tagged Jo Honda. Yea yea yea he's he's big. As so Vinny makes the all star T. Ed yesterday though about people ask him about it he's like. Now man is Linear female limits for any of women they. About you fast forward a couple of years later where he looks like he is a budding young star. It's probably a little bit easier for Joseph LA MB to go have a good night on the town when you played this genius. Bitterly then that. Eight seats is Rihanna you know don't let that. They they're. They don't what the needs are but. I knew it was just like. A lot and I get back there's you know mommy megs and I want hagel I don't I go out there and happy sit at you know one being bad and honey. I don't need you now. My guess is he's probably not dump up to you that could rival the look of Rihanna but beyond Rihanna is bad news she's famous. Went through this two year Odyssey since he's done it. I'll probably had some pretty solid looking good ladies up his way. Yes I'm guessing that he's probably adds a bit may even be better look at the Riyadh. But then I beats out so he's got an air of confidence right. So don't with debt and a good. There's Olivia Pearson who is rumored to be seeing him the real loopy. You don't sit up edging up that you need felt real and the way you played at the asserted. Because we talked about this would you the other night you know you're like the sensitive type. If you look at not bow your heart if you look around and it honestly if you look very this history. Red. I guess and she's like he likes and strong willed guy a guy who's not afraid to make him make a move make decisions. And I think she got turned on by this others speculate now put I think they'll look. What does saying I think the dismissal of him trying to blow that he's playing it hard to get. Out. Only Eli makes it. See I think I think he I think C I think these guys let it go well he doesn't want. Oh god that my X my error all my guy Joseph well knows what he's doing it poses a dog he's always he's always being company even when he was. Riddled with injuries and wasn't even playing basketball. But now that he is turning into a superstar newest started his own. Waves I guess new fans with a wave at the elegant I went deep trust the process. And his social media present guy he's. These massive months REIT. You got over a million involved the better but what he's doing I eat eat into play hard and I'm like LeBron territory like about it Okinawa as net decrease okay now. Let's let us not lose sight of this hard to give movie has little hurt. Our guys he'd like to scroll wheel guy and I think he would put. Sick sick probably went into the game by the super I didn't know Daly was the idea but you're probably an incident that hole I love Rihanna. Now. You've got a guy coming parents Eleanor you know let. You ain't nothing. I didn't knocked up plenty of runs in the bid in you do. You think use them. Unseeded girl that I head Tuesday night. I can't Blake Griffin's got more culpable person into a little noticed that this got this is there. I don't even go at a. Like I got biggest black. Like do you think she's addressed it now I think he's interested. Likable a big guys do out there you know your ladies I mean lays out there legal ladies at any lady vetted like the guys who. I learned this I'd learned this on an episode of the OC and advocate and I kid you I learned the Soviets on the OC. He told sick you wanna know was summer doesn't like you because you make yourself too available. This teller a note teller a good as it is still come or did until oil didn't do what the biggest stars. Big tall I had an ideal time no you don't they tell rob that no thirty UC like the guy who always of the U. Right so I'm not no rub in no idol needs it. I am a moment I am available on 99.9. Percent is that he's sit on the view. I look alignment. I mean we talk about before how Mya. I guess my ex girlfriend is always okay well that's that'd mean foreign. Does not texting her that an entire day evident that bet it was a laxity in you very oblivious to. He's purposely. Going in and telling yet I don't needs. I would say I tell you that this all star weekend this is this week it. Rihanna is going to be there at Raleigh for India and galleries and also Mary can I NIC goes a lot calculated certain. And I hang out I edit I didn't get to see them out on the town the oh yeah and he's gonna act like he's not even there he's got to play this thing. She's interested now. He's got to be bent Chris Brown. Whether they hold that he had to go to like I said his suit like the guy is apparent to be Robin like the dad is going to take short. And Joseph Elliott vis those hard I don't need you. Oh is this girl that he was not an off rumored to be Olivia Pope Saturday. In Olivia here sent. Yes look at live pierce so I really know what she does is they show ends this is drove gas she is a a very pretty woman. Don't let me. A litany of that the guy before the OK street. I update this Olivia appears to young lady. I've no idea what she does outside a mile she's an answer dampers and I don't know all the top if you look at what she's very checked if you look at hurt your looks that's a reality stuff she's got Rihanna B now Rihanna has probably been there with that the swagger as well. But this appears again ladies she's got a big. Birds don't oil right now Rihanna is not the top of the mountain if he did a printer. The she did dictated Dodd is the grand that they were dating and Joseph well content fake do yeah. All but six that I. She set out I picture of them together whether clearly laying and a bed and ideally they see he's fully clothed but he's out he's obviously Lowery shirt. Apparently he shot out as they were together. This guy did go magic they're still oil is creating. I have got a whole new respect for this guy. Is she she set out mr. Graham happy Valentine's Day to this honk. Thank you for being you I'm so proud of you Euro the most loyal person to me in this crazy life. 88 Eddie Eddie Eddie he's got it bad he's got he's got these girls are the palm of his pay it any. Of a it bit deep voice and every week he's got these girls are the pop a lot to do an interview on on sports and of the six. Kelly Rowland was unfair I believe she was ready to drop her drop. I'm not ready yet certain other yeah I does I don't now. I don't think both of them about that are we gotta go to this hot they. It's gonna feel like take because I don't I think the Jacksonville Jaguars defense is overrated but it all we get to that. I was still a London team today. Why do you think. Still oil in these chances are at hand and his shot with Rihanna. Ted Dane as opposed to where they were two years ago now and he shot and adds damn. On the show you clean hands. You know. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm. What I'm told him what went boom hey hey. And. Is it and we do also utility and the jeans and he has made. Ivy League and my heart. Now have three on injuries did him. By playing the old. Oldest trick in the book of acting like. You're not interested in some. And he has completely at night. He could care less about Riyadh and we've seen some of his work. That he has been with an answer this Olivia Pearson lady the substance of the hole. Am not hearing these two years ago c.s sit the only ways parallels with Timothy was at all. I would sit at the chances of him having a chance to miss that Rihanna had negative five did. Where do you think it is now. On the night 1314. Attitude. And numbers from the 713 at three which I think is about a hole. Is Rihanna dating anyone OK here. CCC IV babies you let's go look at the gold the video. Of Kelly girl she didn't leave in there. But he let's talk. There's a chance she gets to us via. She gets it he gets there and it sees. Still those letters in it it's wet though these these still ill. Will. Everything might go out the wind. I've really got it out. Later this team. As acid before guys at the air ladies out there listening. Adam adds. I think those women. Like guys who take it throw. How many women out there Baghdad as you've just kind of become more interests in when they just plain aren't you. When exist at that and like you weren't a big deal of specially would you know you're a big deal. Especially like us as they bills out there is of emails that the attractive but they're train wrecks. But there's. There's something I had prepared to say they're confident. Other trade but this is not living out there are a who are amazing. And look amazing and know they are. And it you'll guy who's played into the elected elected at a big deal and they don't look like a real look. I think it gets too I think it makes them more. While courts. Zain it generally. And most most guys I Jolo island the most guys would that would kill to data element that attracts. Or well it's polluted. I sir can essays and that no you don't disagree with. Now. I have no idea it was. Certainly. Think that this Jacksonville defense is over. And out and out wanna say this for this day. Because I think would. If you think I'm wrong you. Seem like people have a feeling of this Jacksonville defense that it isn't the same realm. They did her. The fans or the Seattle it's like at least Ellis an all time it's like the 85 years up at I think the last twenty years. I think people see it eat it. Like in the realm of immigrants at. Yeah I've idle idle. While there are good I think they're probably the best eight bits of the league that I think the vikings the really good though. Well I think about the best absolutely. Let the best of the league alt but I think there there would timber and what ever is yet to win games themselves while it's quality upon. I do think. I don't think they're all time yet. I think I mean this is the first year we saw last year we saw them. Make significant improvements last year and they were a bad football team last year but their defense was still like a top ten defects. And but it was just under the radar because there offense was so bad and in one football games busier than winning football games I think this is just the start. And everything for the Jacksonville defense like that they might be all time right now but I think they could be in the next cup. We are right now people are putting on all all based like. It's the op -- I designated foreign angry about this at W problem. We have David that it is the this could be. Lower the patriots because this is it's deep it's this is like the type deep it's the patriots when it gets when they played and did. I was so relieved that they don't have a wrecking bull that bond bill. Likely as Campbell this really. And valor is pretty but the wrecking balls like those guys and it and I think bullying. Engraved relief still I still think. But the people forget about Bradley Roby the three would you would you say three quarters. It worked it worked with to lead Aris and Roby. And it TJ what. It goes fast linebackers and Marshall. And now who's the other line and Danny terminated her bright point on the it would checks in with Alan Jackson bill Ed and all. Bullies at the pits at the idea rates again I got out and I just think we're all parts. Out there. Yet. Just Brady we're talking about what it up schedule in Jacksonville schedule. And we looked at. Who'd they'd been dot delegates. I think it would make a little bit boards. I wish it looked like it took me game where you'll look at and say okay. Does not bar. With a great. They gave up nine it picked up at five times and Pittsburgh had their plan last place that's what it did when you look at another team good quarterbacks that like the charges that they gave up seventy. And day. But certain they dominated the Texans Alan Anton savage started the season and then there's John Watson came in after the first half they did they dominated the game with savagely. They dominated down the ravens to I think it was just. They were on the cusp of Lampard but let's be real we no other offense is they're all good stuff in there it's they dominated the around the game 127 of the rams I. Probably the best offensive team they played all season the Steelers who they gave up forty if they beat the colts when he seven to nothing. Did it down at the 49ers. Who skill position guys aren't great they gave up forty ports in the Jimmy Rob Lowe. It's just start playing with the team last week they gave up 42. To the Steelers and Edwards is and the Steelers were shooting themselves in the foot. Themselves that they were they were holding on for dear life again when he in a loss to the jets. They got a seventh of that high office like I mean like I mean they made it. Like Toews are it is that they play probably I'd just don't think that it that you could say these guys are. In the timbers Ohio that showed that they can just carry delegates that the patriots. I don't like yeah they gave up three to that the the bills but I'll stick. The eye off the states. I obviously I love the jaguars and I do think. That defense can be an absolute dominant force and has gone through their free agents and the only significant freeagent they have on the defense of cited the football. It is has last year however you say is dame who is the oldest. I on the defense like he's our oldest line backer everybody else is young. On cheap deals except for the big time free agents like Malik Jackson and AJ blue EA and then now. Barry Turk Barry surged into Shonn gives a speaker on pretty significant contracts. I think that defense is in place to be good for a long time like this I don't think this team is one of those teams that. They made the jot this season because they had a last place schedule they dominate the bad teams lost the good teams I guess he is gonna be good for a couple years just because of that. Defense was and there are still figuring things that their defense is going to be. I. And it was Seattle to go like Seattle Russell Wilson's first year. They don't and they were they are winning games where they put up very many points just because their defense was shut people odds and that we saw what they'd announce that right now they're not right now I don't think I can I can get on board without I don't as a league not going to beat the patriots I do think they're going. To put in a big game. Woolsey. Like from the success so dominant aids in glee means he both advocate. Gave a touchdowns this year will say this aging Boeing if a minute audio out of Antonio breast got a fantastic Bertie. Lots to eat well. This and I I brought this up that evil doers Ortega is brilliant somebody it's not contrast and I'm giving up that many points I get that. But some of those were just absurd plays that no other players in the NFL can make besides those incredibly skilled position players for the Steelers like that back. Both Antonio Brown touchdown catch is the way beyond L touchdown catch by those were just sick boys that most guys can't make. I felt like the guy doing. You think. I felt it Chris hoping to make passing cast Antonio Brown at the life I feel like they're quarter and he can put out in the routes the throws were the girls are good but it was also on the receivers like Elliott on bell. It was a it was a nasty throw by Roethlisberger but it was also was sick catch by lay beyond doubt about that the lateral touchdown. I'm talking about that the touchdown that he brutally beyond like yeah it was it was ridiculous like items are Dion Lewis is may connect catch. Are operating. The those pretty good as it. He's got delayed beyond bell and play predicates its partners. Across the breeders'. Anchors of big plate and a sign on Oprah. He's a pretty good receiver crux of every I think I got I would argue reasonably Alex Dockett got to embrace your the only two legitimately players have profits. But it's but you say it to needed Jimmy garrote political put 44 of the you know the ingredient that. They play different. Right he has had to stretch the field anymore. He wants to dig conduct out the way you'd read as she just so that allegedly got so interest rates that the Election Day this year. That's the little guys that the that the way you can't eat this patriots team. Is by rushing with four and getting pressure was forced to you don't have to blitz that much and that's one thing in Jacksonville and. We'll see I'm just saying mandate like we must not get confused about his defense because they gave up. Fifteen to the titans they gave up seven Tom savage of the text they gave opted to per set and set out the colts and they gave up. Seven to the ravens who've been stinking. A bark is Mary feel a guy out of the 37. As a week to I don't care they sit in it at all eight bits should be given up 37 to bark is Beriault. 44 in weeks fifteen to the 49ers. Alt the it's a world rate a little bit if forget let's say who is all time in the game. And asked what he'll. And eighty cent. Ago worked their element. All Taiwan a giver us a slap in the face to tick to a key to leave it diction are. And Errol. Coming up that guy gets so topic of the day alligator iPod locked in debt duel on a golf course that's a great game. It's a loosened kid we can make them. Late day this show that crime to show you. Seats teams will read view good getting tickets that com now it's six in off your ticket order using promo code 610 sports. Today. We have the fund does a night to that we had big numbers yet. On the air here. Not at this as not in the air and I did. It's the show with this. Snow and itself got tired defined because there's so many I guess on iTunes would just show in the title. Sell if you like since 1990 insight into weed out the link that's an idea after a listener the other night. So that this. Coming up a series the next segment in about. Ten minutes. Sound that we. That this is going to be one of the this indexes. You can't be serious oh. And here is it is it is it is they have asked. Work I mean I am back in that I have that that's over. That is something that. I would do this everyday that guy gets a topic of the day. If I'm to act like you fear this didn't affect guys used the show topic. This not act is what. It's time to act like you fear this cute. Show. Today. I think the game. Spots and I am absolutely no one's a little bit that this one's coming to you. That it Naples Florida woman. And then line me. Out I'd done. It yet they'll open up the certainly easily. The allegation. But their lives it's greatly. But but but they took out his speech and it really it's down between an alligator and it Burmese I'd done last week. And it was not. The alligator scenes look at the upper hand actor Dick bachelor's Roland FaceBook it's Richard. The plot that's Edwards and side of the mountain alligator they alligator was just sitting there absolutely steel in his eyes line. The NBC affiliate WJ in saint. Well. State wildlife authorities to determine the outcome is sure of the bottles. They told lots leads that they are being outlook. It's part because the army I are not blow up their residences aren't into the ecosystem. We are encouraged by the prospect of a native Floridians. Alligator consuming invasive Burmese python's it. I mean I'd rather poor Brian nice. Any exit they don't the spokesman for the Florida fish and wildlife conservation commission. But and there's just one strand letter and a golf course I would assume there's enough for it to be a problem. The alligator blood has been Nadler and his golf plows. The fight was subsite but it didn't stop there day at the leaks into that blue streak when we continue our. First off I would say you woods' game. Lately that it is my golfing. I'll leave and they held their police unit and alligators blunt force should apply. First off I'm leaving the non. Mayor to take those that video room. And taken out of pictures on Zambia that post and of course. Both callers age around I would go to eagle and others grad needing that out yeah Cobb I'm not. Around lots of talent and gardens and blame the C plus and taken it's it's slipped the ball. But wouldn't want those. My god and it Allegheny. What do you eat. Crazy for hanging around. Let's look pounds I put my clubs in my car I get my teeth and not get the hell out of there and certainly. Their route to take photos and video recording evict continuing my game. I'm gonna trying to boot. I'm not surprised I'm disabled. Then you would aid program. I mean I'm not scared. You can tell you the clothes fit. I don't like continued golf there's one I kinda I. I didn't. Like it. He's fine. I can alligator ate like a human being yet brought it back and take pictures and that's what I'm. And I've not hanging in there to watch him. That's craze. It sort of toast. It is that time if you show you stop. I. As showstopper. And choose and. I'm just. Really you know that I'm. That's what I. Because I'm using boys next however that regard. At the Florida there's actually a really good putt extra outs are. Came garde fashion in Kanye West reveal the name of their third child on this southeast. Vote on Monday at 1247 re yeah baby girl is aimed at that got his hometown of Chicago. After the announcement was made the sports seeds of its Chicago responded on social media Saturday Sokaiya Chicago west. Isn't really yeah so now they got north west so they've named bear the name of first hit a directional school and now. Is Chicago's executive that's that is their third what's the second I think there's one in between like this at all today now wanted let's just keep reading up. The north list that was the word edits it is that it does not the last text I guide and help us out what's the outlook. Look it up to support me my child's name I've got. I'll cite wins. I hate to take out the yeah maybe these two biggest hit it site west it took less. So I Chicago going to be shy for sure. The tour. Sales quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Got named Jack and I stormy Daniels story about Donald trusted B forty. And to have. That's it touches publish say big interview Daniels which he talks about an affair with John. After his marriage to mount millennia. Arm a lot yeah. And that Amy she describes visiting trumpet a party. The day after they supposedly slept together only to find him hanging out when Ben Roethlisberger. Then you've been here before. You might want to quietly tucked out of this. By the way somewhat broad and a I didn't say it for the eight point six notes it's still but this totally something a black person would say and do it that situation though them. If you're referring to a black person hanging around and taking photos and that it either golf game. I look at home but that is they pulled that out of that we can do it. And lest they be we've we've put this poll on the undefeated. If we can get a poll about how many black folks. Which states at the golf course of that is sort of rest of the golf. It is the rest of their round and stay close enough where they can take photos of pictures of a pipe Don at alligator building and it. Someone sent round help me out I don't know the athletic ability of Saturday can he run faster than fifteen miles an hour says that's how fast alligators to get up and buggy. That First Act I do certain may be lighter look at a lot. Just how short. Those arms are. Certain sir I would like they did sir I don't know. Certain athletic ability he's lied to us cities played multiple sports in high school that he had a great yet but I just know he spoke to save the Iowa. I don't know about athletic anymore smiling like this it ain't used to think you could pick it up I am trying yes but. I used to be pretty athletic I'm not saying I'm athletic now but I feel like when push comes to job. I can dig deep down and find that athletic ability. Of him we've stayed there are no courses that ripped out Stiller it. We'll get to secretly. Sort of validity needless to laugh or is okay you that large alligators generally can't get above seven. Eight miles per that's an athletic. Kim what they. The card and it's in its listeners think right now. Really Chicago wins. But I can't I can't. Would you like the kids today that I know I am a member of that family there's no way I'm not making fun of those kids not to say you think Kim. After having three of listing them out would get a chance to be able to name one of the verses. Coming up. This I tell you hang on did not go anywhere. It's got to get out there are exchanges for all over from the Washington the drive I don't care hey is there to add whatever you do. This is the best. One of the best UTV series that we've ever had while. I could have done them mad that. Segment would put. Hey listen to the show would run the show. Six teams would radio broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and cooling studio. Having people you. This David. I'll answer it up I thought of the icons are really big problem and foot. I've done it's surreal to real use lifted. Devastated travel. I I I have a problem. Things that can seriously injured and pay him. Like it the wolf this stuff around into the wolf we'll delay its stock on that. We're not talking about eternal sort of. Am wet it was Mikey Michael I am it's not fair I'm not act. Hang out when it now that was a turtle that had read it and it ran this data or origin with. Then and that's different third Michelangelo and red yellow on this program. That was a show on the beach. It F. It. Edges. I'd say we do this every Friday we found the best sound of the week. It is not this is our telling you hang in there. Your job can he take you six love 69306. Interact with this. Tell us your favorite part. And you may end up hearing this coming up in the weeks ahead if it's if it's as good as we think it is but text at which your favorite parts are. And this is you can't please. Everybody knows she's Hillary and calorie and high you can tell you and serious. When they go back. I would act. I have no idea. I haven't thought about my brother doesn't he hit his legs he's been. The whole hearted game. There is serious. Dave did this fix this. I'm Abby Elliott Davis I. We have and I. I'd like he would just know that I feel like he is does that argues that lately. But of eyes this is you can't BCA isolated. That's the best round of the week. This is legitimately. Has his own way. Anytime Stephen A Smith makes it to the UK these areas hall of fame it has to be expected. They did this is exceptional. Ladies did you that's candidates. The only hall of Famer. That's in depth of the only all of Everett all the pain at this old way. They took it up but that's. Texted six 306 is that gonna take its excellent what's your favorite parties it was. That's what do. Yeah. I love and he doesn't know. The gardens. Oh my god hates it is excellent what is your favorite. I don't know there's so we've got to break this down out of your outlook here we act ultimately goes into it. It would be branded a. This. Patrick I think he picked that music cap but they report it. Oh those numbers. I get a that is. Yeah how. Outside their winnings at last I. Play him what he's. You start singing the music at actual notes that's my think someone say it was an accident that excellence out of it is that this would liked what it's. What that's what it to the way he's breezed right at the gate. Of. The laying. Up I. It. It. When do we get the name of the Purdue's. I can't I have a. I I out of bad news say like. You know. But that's what you. This producer's name is John Winthrop did that thought of it it it. Up that I'd. My dad that is is. Me I ads that use it. That's up 5%. This they had to take over corporate next week. I really haven't. Think he picked that music cat. But that's who do. Yeah it's their best. It's. A desperate and that's it's it's it's radio. Is going to be. It's. You may not get the show you know home runs this show six teams who have ridden. Good big ticket dot com now for six spin off your ticket order using robo code six did sports.