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The Drive
Friday, January 19th

In the final hour, the guys play the hits, get into the latest news with Tom Brady's injury, and wrap the hour with our Friday staple: "Ask us anything."


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The dry presented by. Also great slugger like that you are via closed or we are the Casey quote. Sport showed your portal called today. Got cartoons which seat I didn't know about so today I knew about Monty this I just could I did a Bible once more a gallon right front up tonight and awards usenet excellent excellent reader six with the purpose of fun to vote I would assume to float I ate I didn't home. You float out to boats not necessarily a fast boat just get on that you can. And I fish out that you want to put its orbit relaxation boat. And cocktails go out of slow on the boat you. But he couldn't every vote for that purpose. But there is more room Monday had a walk around Idaho an autograph. Click the books behind you see that those who have cobalt is more ski boats. They don't they get fishing boats I would Steve those polls here behind me who can't bullets here on the bus gathered it skated the lot of them don't go fast that you do that but these books right here with you could smuggle stuff notes that those. Oh god yes but it's smuggling had been on the month. If you got your man that I did he breaks out back to back it revealed outrun the our John lot of content Boca. Call me. We'll. That's the tendency is world champion Robert you prospects. Under it chop it. Actually growing. Our hot side. At Walt rolling cuts in public what would you tell overture though considered and Jack that little overkill yet interjected laid. Yet visited elected it goes playground that they can walk like this be great place. I'm more Boleyn Theres only does the blame there's bigger yeah. I grossed more than quiet. Guaranteed Harrison brand. Nobody ever in the. Congratulations. I'm fine thank you so much clueless it's going through your work. We just pass them or so of the NFL and I know it said the way they send me and that it would soon. I don't know about this term move forward to McCain is winning the big twelve and ultimately obviously tiger is making the NCAA tournament and also Kansas State they return. It is they go along way to make it's are at this weekend as they play hopes that these scenes you've worked here. Right here on sixth and Sports Radio actually it was that game right here. As Kansas State is trying to defeat that TCU one thought he just lost one of their better players Jalen Fisher. Where's the laughter jerseys to against TC to the end of April the rock of black and they are we hearing. The lavender. Uniforms. I'd sold ice I've read this and I have been teasing it he's making fun of me so I apologize but Scott Boras said. Quote if there are teams that tell their fan base they truly want to compete for World Series. These gifted players will receive market value if they do not compete and instead choose to profit. We will have to address the system this was something fanning was really passion about a couple days ago about possible collusion in Major League Baseball. It seems pretty realistic to me that when these owners are having billion dollar meetings in the people that actually signed the contracts and pay these gods regs get together. And they noticed how many of these high mean six years setting your deals. Only benefit the player and don't benefit the people that are putting the contracts. How they start to have a conversation about hey let's not do this anymore let's be Smart let's be judicious and spend our money a little bit differently and there's no reason for us to be competing. At this big level for 567. Year contract for. Good players and not great players when we can keep some his money for ourselves and spend a little bit differently. So I would not be surprised in the least bit if collusion happened between Major League based. Well if I'm not mistake conclusions illegals so I hope that didn't happen if it did in this day and Major League baseball's in big trouble because they've got busted for the stock for. You're right I mean insider trading trading is also a lot of people make extra money when it comes to pave the way it works of the plays they tell a little bit. Eight wink wink hey you should invest your money this way and we just never find out about it. It comes these things that is really really hard to prove and I understand if you're the age where you have a client like. It necessarily affects Eric Hosmer as much because we all think he's gonna get paid. I don't think it affects guys like my sockets and 345 years ago guys like most were getting pay heed yet or five big money contract nine figure deals there's no. Like site as does not figure out what just quit your job equated it six and 130 assaults probably not afraid I don't that you would either know probably now that's probably not what happens either of the big stories. The day game city I've been waiting for that moment all my life. We talk about them every day at 5 o'clock. I'm happy Friday guys start and it looked ahead to a very exciting Sunday of the NFL action on the NFC side. To journeyman quarterbacks and it's apples and he's in Wimbledon getting their big break as the top two seeds remain in the NFC over on the ANC. In the lead defense of Jacksonville heading to New England take on a questionable Tom Brady who has been dealing with a hand injury since Wednesday that is actually causing the public to. Really officially freaked out and on line has been moving all the way downs the patriots touchdown favorite. Looking at these two games tells me the two teams look into the crystal ball that well and I'll in the Super Bowl by the time Sunday night instead. Hi all. For all bar say. That the vikings or at least the home team. I got special that would be boring franchise that is not what is suitable for them to post the Super Bowl get a chance to see their team. I hope that we did that as NFL I think the best match up would be the patriots. Essentially playing a road game this bull I think that's the best matchup for us yet that's I'm rooting for. I'm tired papers would like everyone else tired of it and I was certainly love forty you seem to have the seat or to be a little bit more wide open. But does not the world that we live it's I'm rooting for what does the standards it reasonable in my opinion most entertaining Super Bowl. Is the patriots against the like. Six jets and Eagles. And I I don't potential heat for picking the jags over the patriots and I understand that it's it's Philly it's great little bit when it does something that. The patriots get up four point seven yards per rush that's 31 the NFL the other side of that the jags double in the NFL in rushing office. Ellen but they went for it pretty damn good. Kennedy who run the football do it effectively its defense as a hard time stopping the run and keep Captain America that the Indian decent chance. It's up. Jacksonville's that'll pass defense in the NFL and over to a sack for another two interception so. To be this the defense to defend Tom Brady it's authentic and run the football against the patriots I think Jack you go there and do. On top and you factor in the Tom Brady on. You know that falling for a little bit handed her the chance he ended. And the thumb with four stitches they shoot it's a lot of fun well made they seldom that a bad matchup for the patriots but it's pretty obvious to bad matchup for the patriots but. The patriots are the patriots managed to get really really tough game it's going to be tough game for the jags to win for sure the patriots are to stop the run. On the Jack can run the football it was pretty good defense. In the Big Ben got to last week so I'm picking the jags that's what I think he's going to be really tough. For the vikings to go on the road. And beat the Eagles in Philadelphia outdoors. That that that pulls the quarterback and he's going to be tough environment at the vikings got lucky is held even when that game last week. Against a new world it's all taken the jags in the Eagles who goes to. Titles since it patriots. And the vikings built for the two teams I'll have you know we have record of it is me accusing them fours playoffs in what team. The first and what I'm mostly yet the rams and chiefs that's it and that's not ovals like that she's like my picks were like spot. Pregnancies at an awful well. Wonder if not there'd be anybody that we want to choose for pets instead of viewers than the history of your text we'll get to them a little bit the message sir obviously said we saw the look collectively at the rosters of teams involved in this weekend's games and it led us into a discussion so sort of put in this frame of reference me as let's say everybody. From these two games in the NFC in the AFC championship games. Automatically became a free agent or put a new address the chiefs have the number one pick in this so draft. If you could choose one player not named Tom Green to put on the chiefs from this weekend's action but he figured it. I look back and forth on this because I think if the chiefs and the player like I think they would have the best offense in the NFL he's given all the weapons that they would have. I mean who's. Option in and on into the attic want to lose to me. But I still usually or it on things like that you got a really really good dolphins. But it she's often it's whether you Alex Smith or Patrick Holmes to be the best often via boat. I need more help defense that you don't office. You asked what's a bigger problem in order obviously he had somebody like you Ramsey you have. I think the best quarterback you when he fell I think this team needs pass rush I'd ask the lines cable and put him opposite just music and it could have the best pass for a few of you for covering up. I talked about it was last hour. Illegal Jason Nelson senator Philadelphia Eagles pro football Fuld says it ranked as the best run blocker in football this year. I don't know it's not a skill position it's not sex it's not a pass rusher. But what's the biggest thing was the biggest reason she's lost. Against the tight in some of the games are during the season they cost him potentially the number one overall seed. And caused them a chance to win some games we could run the football is actually on. Equipment running back it got to be moved to defensive line and run the football so give me. Especially got Mitch Morrissey it's failed the exact full use of free agent and adjacent fields to the best run blocking center in football because I think there was still position. On what he did she's a pretty into the way they talk. Yet tiger killed Travis LC Cory mine they can recite Al Wilson Chris welcome back healthy I like this you guys told Rick about the July. A little bit better be able to run the ball better idea that homes in that. Holy smokes and got this office. I'd go into and Ramsey and I don't think it's close Jalen Ramsey on the other side of markets Peters would be absolutely unequivocally and see if Feliz that. Finally yesterday we made our predictions for the big announcements. That took place today from Kauffman Stadium rhetoric well. Well we might look at that just second. We get our predictions. We all had to decide who we thought would be the headliner for the September 20 response that became and the answer was. You got us. So salutes Carrington. He got narrowed the playing field by predicting a white guy over fifty your country artists began to look at all the little Jill. So congratulations and that was all done what gets up spinning yeah he sent some that are earlier today around 230 hours that. Made me wonder what was in that polar pop up appears at. If I thought maybe the tide pot meet fuel. Somehow god makes that drink there. Why again do you think the bill usual concert could be a sign of something more for the royals maybe there's a message being sent. Think it's the finals it's the final thing the basically tells its gonna be revealed in. What's the date that concert on September the 21 when he went is that it went as the regular season. The end of September early October thank you so basically. The royals' Billy Joel concert on their brand new field they just redid. For the first time since 1994. The week before the playoffs. That's crazy but you look at Comerica Park after the dollar was in their last you get a tractor. Like you're gonna go to air here feel. For the playoffs start. Yet the play and go to the playoffs they'd look this concert and you're gonna go back to me with the fish concert Wrigley Field in Chicago and you have sixteen won the World Series. All actor that was in June a little more games on that field and you know I don't get a lot more time to get ready for the playoffs again you can't. Kit tears filled up like that and expect. Them to be the playoffs. This year but what 56000 people actually on the field because the stage debut at center field. The baseball field right before the playoffs. Granted you've got I think that I think the royals got to Pittsburgh. And Detroit and Cincinnati before they before they can actually got a full week to get this thing ready to go for the final. Homestand this season yet they're not they're not planning on going to the playoffs in a giant rock concert on the field. Right before the playoffs again. I know this is back in 2010 but Eminem and Jay-Z at a concert at Yankee Stadium it was on September but there. For the show with this a very similar court toward the play the Yankees do to those. I just think this is what baseball is turning into I think the baseball team to start a CAV. Has this market corner. The chiefs of having concerts at their stadium for the last 456 seasons. We some of that money to be much like we can attract 40000 be clear I don't. And I think that they've done these baseball games these concerts enough to know. They just need to do to make sure that we can ensure a safe playing field for a guy's got to play here all the time going jolt please call it stadium one time. The rental chain placed there 81 times whoever's it's an appeal plays 81 times I do think the royals albeit trying to make money as much as any companies trying to make you. I don't think they would sacrifice the safety of their players. On this and I. Let's get a scare the hell out of the baseball field you know and went bounces one way or the other because two ball games and I'm fairly certain that the room was probably not gonna go to the playoffs this year so it's not gonna matter all that much well surprised that it was this time of the year there and as you think it's cool listen. All the royals' new revenue. They really pack it in there. You have got it's and it's a signal that only these teams don't. And I concludes that hits for today you came in today all man. Angry Muslim frustrated. That Jacksonville is in the AFC championship and not your beloved Kansas City Chiefs the true. I thought about this all last night she'd. Irritating and the more I thought about more what to edit the more I looked into it the more angry. And the reason I say that it's the Jacksonville Jaguars had been in existence. Since 1995. You were seven years old time. The Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina Panthers. Became football teams in the NFL icing at a Carolina Panthers starter jacket did you it was a big fan of Carol there's colors it was beautiful and the logos Bastille incredible yet really. Since 1995 different. The Jacksonville jaguar years. I've been to three and it AFC championship games. The chiefs of and do zero. She's the last ten times that Obama. Got one playoff win against Euro Wednesday on the edge or is he titled. Sit again. They have been since 1995 the chiefs they've had they've got one playoff wins zero playoff wins at home zero instead appearances Jacksonville Jaguars had seven playoff wins. And it ended three. AFC championship games. Reach it just go to the Super Bowl since thirteen. Was born in 1995. On the side of the of the of the of the playoff bracket. You've got a freaking former changed back up and it fools and a former chiefs offensive coordinator coaching the Philadelphia Eagles. As the ones seat. To me that she's elected a total t.'s total TDs. They'll win games went division here and there they won back to back for the percent in franchise history. And absolutely nothing in the playoffs if the Jacksonville freaking Jack liars. You go to three AFC championship games. It is state where they get more high school and college football when they do pro football. It can't do in Kansas City the biggest game of the state of Florida into play in Jacksonville. And that's what four plays Georgia in the biggest outdoor cocktail party in the world. I they have to pull off the top of Jacksonville's stadium what did you play there the should there third chance to go to the Super Bowl. The G-7 had the chance. To Eric she game is 23. Jolt on with the quarterback. The change your total freak entities and they make is that day we have a shot every single year. In the door it's Lan interface that we go on a date with the chiefs receivers that Tom addressed the particular nice. Nice to entertain them plaza been through a box live flowers and get home doing this. It is that the total freaking tease me until this. Society for New York Jets crummy for. Or is he took out. San Diego Chargers and they are still AFC championship. Tennis needs. Two AC championship games once Super Bowl Oakland Raiders to its Italian suit oh Broncos. Five AFC chance to talk about colts and Peyton Manning misused it there in the past. This to me is outrageous we've got to we've got a terrific city with a passionate fan base and the freaking Jacksonville Jaguars. Are going to the third AFC title game and we have it in the one since nineteen. This. I look at AFC championship games maybe the same way that you look at him maybe this is a false comparison Tex I can tell me. If I'm right or wrong in this archer from loser. They've never been to the final four potentially lead eight multiple times it allowed a lot and watched him. They played. Oklahoma in the Dayton missed the want to free those they played UConn in the early date no ever pats on the back for misery getting severely ache that's not the gold. College basketball. The goal is in my typing into gets the final or to give yourself a chance to win a national championship. And I'm not going to be as agency game obviously it is an accomplishment is a great day who put it to chipped it in two years ago. Who played at Egypt to game two years ago is no thoughts about it. Watch the game with the Broncos a couple years. And how quickly things have changed when it comes to the NFL. The cheats you would agree are much more successful organization. In the much more consistent. From a year arrange your house ample. Since that same time average 1995 behind the numbers. The chiefs are 193175. Jacksonville's once 65 in 20. Jacksonville's into the playoffs three times since 2000 the sheets against the playoffs seven times since 2000. Jacksonville has won their division one time. But she still won their division four times since 1990 now. Before this season Jacksonville had nine straight years they lost where they want eight or fewer games. They've picked top 109. Cash great seasons in Jacksonville Jaguars have not been a really good team. This is just sometimes I think baby York how we have nightly sports is a bit flaw and it's for example chip McCain ever once championship. Right over the last ways of the year's miss Florida has more UConn has more UK you've seen would not trade your program or you can't you would not trade or. Yeah at least have been one seeds a ball actually went with us and the chiefs were once the playoffs so three maybe I like. Nikkei is a one seed has a legitimate chance and a lot of those years to win a national championship you're gonna get 63 other teams against what eleven other teams in the NFL. Agree I guess my point was. You look at success differently than just winning a championship in certain scenarios like with Kansas the end all be all does not seem ship's belly got. And B hard is it a B article Florida fan hey you got we got archived no you don't am fortunate to its name but there are other metrics how we decide okay he was really successful. There's other metrics that aside how successful eight. NFL team is the just dating to the AFC chipped to get that. Broken don't perverts are up three Super Bowl appearances since then BA FC championship game Mark Sanchez has been to two AFC championship game. Just you get there one don't get the chiefs that's it I'm trying to say drives me bananas that you have all these these these. Bridge teams could not near as passionate fan bases we're supposed to be this pillar of the AFL Lamar hunt's names on the trophy the history of the Kansas City Chiefs. These hall of famers is great stuff that were sold. In the Jack to order the thirtieth C against 95 which he should've been there. If it's irritating to me that if all these other teams that are these iconic franchises. I mean tell fans occasionally the same time as the jags but it to Super Bowls if all these these upstarts and somebody a good point on the tax. That I mean there was talk of the Jack moved to London a couple of years ago and now playing in the AFC title. If the franchise can do what technologies doing wrong and maybe it's as simple as not drafting quarterback which they did in the eighty packed alms is the answer all of that stuff and then make this conversation completely changed in the next three years which could be the. I think dozens of different arguments which are making it if if if the art and is not that she's been disappointing I hundred absolutely. I guess my argument would be eased. There's no way if the chiefs were the Jacksonville Jaguars in before this season they had nine straight years and they pick in the top eight you would you say man I'm happier being what we've been. Where are AFC championship game appearances where before this year obviously this year counts. Was back in 1995. That you would take out over being the chiefs who of one double digit. Games in three of the last four seasons does it make is elected she took the patriots are that there are about that there. That. Green Bay Packers at some point but it's even better than the Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville. And largely disappointing for much of there existence they were really hot when they first came out the first five years that came out on fire then it went about. Ten to fifteen years they were a relevant and portly that talked about. And now have a really good run let's see if they continue let's see what happens next year let's see what what mortal rebound next year let's see what happens with this organization when they gotta hate Jalen Ramsey when they got to pay other guys that come up like. Let's just see what happens with Jacksonville. Does find hard to believe a team that has won their division one time over the last. Woodson nineteen of the core of the century they wanna once she's done it four times Jacksonville's under 500. Since they've been a team under five they have not been successful in my pain. Jacksonville is is that three opportunities to go to the Super Bowl. And we all would agree that the chiefs are better franchise in the Jacksonville jag OK so that what it is you know what's wrong like what's the flaw. It in the trees like if if the jets in the titans in 244 teams in the NFL the 32 at that have gone to a Super Bowl since 1990. In this I can't iconic for a franchise that were sold. In Kansas City about being such a color of the NFL why can't ago. You know that's my biggest frustration. When you see. Blake portals in case keep him and nick falls as quarterbacks in conference championship games and we got a quarterback it was the highest rated quarterback in the league. At 46 and five point six touchdowns five interceptions this year. And were sitting at home again. Irritates the hell out of me that I think we have about a football team that get a better fan base and jags get benefit is that a lot of teams in the country. And we can't win a freaking play our game at a team like Jacksonville can go to three AFC championship game at four to be one win away. From playing for a fourth championship for points suitable frustrating seldom. And chief of fixes are right it is great and I appreciated now. Not so spoiled fan not a spoiled Kansas City and what she's done what they've done to stop its really difficult and I'd admired but listen man. If these other teams that are lesser franchises. Can get this done why in the hell can't we get it done against it wants at least wants. Coming up next Tom Brady's hand is all the rave right now in the NFL we update you on Tom Brady's availability for Sunday next and address the. A drive presented by don't think he's from the MVP electric heating and you studios sixty and Sports Radio. Tax 6906. LAL would stop thinking winning the division means that when they start giving out trophies pointing to divisions they can named AFC. Championship games are more frequently than winning division. Going to the AFC championship game trumps winning ten divisions. Yeah I mean certainly better not arguing Napoli act I guess my point would be. Winning the AFC championship game is a obviously a tremendous accomplishment. It is not celebrated. In the NFL. I saw attacks I was like well you Suggs is not the final four. Jaguars final four college sports or does marketed differently but college football's marketing it's getting to the college football playoff. We discussed the last four teams in college. All we just are college basketball we discussed going to the final or pick how whenever you watch nationally televised games on CBS it's called the road to the final pork. But wrote the national championship game it's the road to the final or because in college sports. Being the last fourteen is a tremendous accomplishment and to be celebrated but not pro sports let's. It's going to the sort bull. Why did and to teach him to games hit nice celebrated coach because of that. It be to forget who Super Bowl appearances that's how we measure and judge pro sports is a different robbers a different metric try to knock wood Jacksonville's done at all. UBS eject Richard game you get yourself. A one game any given Sunday shots go this will it should be celebrated. But I'm not going to say team it's been almost forty games under 500 over the same timeframe like the chipset and mean technically sixty games better than Jacksonville's billion over the same timeframe is not like we're discussing a team that is one cause of global. Seven playoff wins when that she's got what like three or four. No I mean there there. You say the Jacksonville Jaguars are much better policies team in Kansas City and got implode there's no not until. The that's the biggest frustration Kansas City right but haven't been a great post season team with a big bit of sevens and iPod and post season team. They went. Nineteen years going a great team if that's the case they were really good in the beginning. They've made the playoffs in what one time to time since 2000. Now it. That's not an organization like theirs as well no I. Get this that organization has managed to three as he title games and in the lifespan of their franchise and the chiefs have been able to get to none it's not that that's were my frustration lies like other teams can do it. You know. And in the trees can't that's what drives and that is what the duties. Look at this stuff that especially the jags this week for the conference title game and I did I think she's. Got a better quarterback. I think it's a better franchise yet here we are once again same old same wall citadel. Watching conference championship games on Sunday that it's not our team and it's got to. Breaking on fire this town will be that she's actually got to the title game. And I've been it's been at Boston on AFC championship weekend. It happens I mean outfits that would raise it is seven syllables and yet let the top elevens and stuff Brady's been we haven't had one of those since what 1970. How big is CJ did you games you know that operate despite a because he does this supermarket and I. This is for bragging that's all we oddest bubbles don't care I can't tight time that when the AFC east I can't tell me onto a double digit games. The NFL is judged by going to get what taxables duck is an incredible accomplishment. But I'm I'm not gonna act like winning that I I look differently Aleks Maric. If last year. The game against the Steelers goes a little bit definitely and then they get smoked by doing the same way that I think at Argus I don't. Good differ on Alex Smith it's entities from the seat again this week to be done in the patriots absolutely. That I doubt you'll I'd say I'm saying is that we can go back in a time. We think they don't draft dodger homes if Erik Fisher never holds a scenario. Let's edit an image the Steelers it was. Obvious draft based on speculation I should my point that's what you're saying about ratings it's not a big deal. I sing the diversity policy in the city eleven is huge and it happens like once every other year when Tom Brady's. You know or even more so that. Kids and women had won this fellow go crazy. That team in the AC championship right now. And the freaky jags are not the chiefs say you know it's like it's like other teams are unable to do with chief for whatever reason company drug makers. It's even in Jacksonville to go to this bull that's gonna win this admirable. And obesity and let's get to this game but probably and if they have the defense to do that absolutely if they're gonna face Nichols case key and I do like to. I guess I'm just saying as. I assume if I assume is gonna pick Jacksonville to go into New England defeat in England patriots and you have Philadelphia winning yeah. Jack's ability Philadelphia and deductibles are better team in the nothing to do more things well let's say that full peninsula at Jacksonville essentially when this herbal I didn't. That change the argument in this I guess we give people an update on what's happening with Tom Brady. Twofold from Michael Felger he is a sports talk radio host in. Boston quote no fracture no ligament just the cut from hitting the buckle on someone's helmet for stitches around the knuckle. Should not affect him from Kirk Mihm on Twitter hopefully am saying that correctly. Sources Brady or with both with and without his glove today about a 5050%. And break above using his glove about the glove looked great. What is happening with Tom Brady. And you're much of a wrestling an ice ice you're much are wrestling fan either going up the case goes to elect some of the last lot of damn BM Bigelow is what Jesus and Barbara tries. There's there's no common a suspect it's a scene for us that's your big Barber's rise yesterday night I don't know on neighbors so if you just wrestling a lot of served W listening used to watch wrestling on you remember. Probably like once every three to four paper views. Iraq. Or stone cold remain kind they would get knocked down they carried out on a stretcher. And it everybody hold everybody in the crowd that on what happened. And you would think there's no way that person was gonna come back. And and shockingly enough saying 1215. Minutes later still Cole emerged with two Miller Lite. He would run down from 232. And he would come and you could win the match by all my god you believe that it happened. No arrests and thing. That's what Tom Brady's doing all of you right now he wrote the open you picking Jacksonville's solely based off what Tom Brady injury. You know I think sex there. Made a really good point. Knowing the patriots they got tired of us talking about the story on ESP in and bella checked Robert Kraft and Tom Brady. How do you notice no you tell us who the player was the Tom Brady rain suit was a running back is a handoff and nobody has told us the player was that magically rated Tom Brady and cut his hand and now he needed four stitches I'm not saying it didn't happen but I'm saying is we didn't by the information. Brady's wearing gloves I can't see how severe the injury is. It's like my grandma had arthritis cure gloves he had no ligament damage didn't break ain't paying everything perfectly fine. Now everybody's all the difference on T believe that what's wrong with Tom Brady. People are getting nervous you know Brady's gonna do he's gonna be typical Tom Brady being we've seen now for sixteen years. Brady's gonna be Brady he's gonna Belfort to 752. Touchdown passes maybe an interception. They're gonna win this game and we're gonna spend the next two weeks talking about Tom Brady going to be his eighth Super Bowl game. And it does this action is in mean these guys as the numbers not as big of a number until numbers. Patrons can of four point seven yards rushed that is 31 unit of second collapsed. The jacks. A double in the NFL in rushing offense. They can run the football patriots have a hard time stopping it. Right we run the football you eat like to keep Captain America is bad them. The G tablet in Overland pass defense and fell to a sacks they're number two interceptions Jacksonville sports last week but they did early age of Obama they did big beat him but pre 55 touch they did last weekend Eller college of defense changed and there are points out that immensely over the as Jacksonville Pittsburgh down points. That change the way different. But I think that's why eagle Tom Brady's golly it's a bad matchup for the patriots. So as the pitchers may when this came to Jack I think the Jack you a political fight that's one pick and manufacture and it Brady's got a bad problems throwing hand. You know we'll see so. Jags got a legitimate chance to win this and if they do it you're gonna when the Super Bowl they beat the patriots the ones who Jackson. Of those some things and obviously cause some problems forward New England a difficult problem for lots and I don't get to this point without being a good global team. They can run the ball. And I think their defense is a little bit over rated I mean two of their last four games I've seen they've they've given up forty points so I don't think this is Denver's defense or Seattle's defense of one of the legendary deep talking about this Jacksonville defense. But they do some things well I think they match up pretty well against Barack in that one of the teams at least simple enough bodies and they can limit croc a little bit. I just can't go against what I know I same argue when it comes to kids in the big twelve. Watching too much actual basketball too much of a lot last couple years defeated tell me to Jacksonville was that he did sounds crazy this and it gets. It's Pittsburgh team that can beat I don't licences to Jacksonville public portal supposed to think Bill Belichick the greatest offense of mine that we potential we have ever seen. He's gonna figure out a way to limit Jacksonville's offense looked like portals are now. B bill Bulger twice and so. Tom Coughlin ensembles with the jags I mean he's gonna he's going to be a double rooms here. And the other thing is Jacksonville defense these guys don't be upset too scared anybody and these dudes are not scared of anybody. Like you and. It's how this game is red really overshadowed the other game I think it's because Brady and we all like all all our quarterback driven. The other match up its case keep him against nick holes that I am taking it was put together a good season until you look at he's the typical having announcement you're 22 touchdown passes seven interceptions 67%. Completion percentage. Casey has been good but he had to be electric this season hasn't been only level quarterback. I do feel like the other game that's not a lot of luster armed with that game yeah afford to it's football it's only three of these games left but. Jacksonville and their ability so potentially defend New England all the stuff that's been following the patriots of last couple days that's the game that has the sans. And it was we got a guy accumulates in Minneapolis got bosses in Minneapolis guy. Does not like Eagles are gonna win that game but even if they don't have the vikings go to the super won't play in their own stadium I think it and that's Alice stories do. It'll really really good stories because we don't have these these big name quarterbacks played in this game they've all got interesting stories case keep him in and hopefuls were both slams. Under Jeff Fisher right. Or is it just. Fisher is now starting to make the rounds. ESPN Carla taking credit both these guys success what's he saying this year's rate this is some reason yeah you always knew that we had the became willingly got in the department to show when you're there yet. Absolutely so are fast and that we showcase can come through with the Texans member. Mom that was it for five years ago maybe that was the first first Narnia and so. Interest rates is different issues completely different than we normally see a lot of fun which was more likely take you individual over the patriots wants them. Because you're picking at both of them yes. Probably K Wednesday twelve more like it's more likely to eat wings and bin and Brady and Belichick finally on the I do I'm surprised it out down and you are on cable this year while I know because you put a minute between Iraq and art plays he's. I adds to win an Emmy well that's one day that sixty minutes and the big twelve schedule still has. How many things to go when you get so many other teams involved and so against two teams at Celtic jags I just look at it I mean I'm probably more profit in case you. I honestly than Bill Belichick Brady edged. That's resuscitate you more more chance to win the beat while via gadget does and you're looking at a of the way I just saw it's you don't play. He's gonna have a couple of those nights in the big twelve. I look at Texas Tech Texas second now being better than Jay you overdid they already have a disappoint lost teased you just lost their best it'll who's gonna win the big twelve it's been to fulfill. Mean I think it. It's still it's a lot mean. I k.'s top talent in the big twelve and I think the jags have a legitimate shot to pay tax on 69306. Ditch or questions and we answer them as we do to every. Friday's show its ask us anything coming up on the draft. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and studio sixty and Sports Radio will won't. As the as Larry Nasr is that the guy's name the media gymnastics coach that was at Michigan State seal the US agent this. Com. Testifying or telling their story in public that once in the is an appealing story pretty deep one. That would take a loss on time against you but that's the 1 that I am following and someone that. Makes you wanna Ricky. Growth trashed it thru window this so. I think the answer for a lot of people in my profession as Donald Trump like I think Dallas are two. Something's always happening. With our president a little as always there's always something that's happening and we reached the point like. Even joked about it sometimes in public like how angry people get about it's like that's solid answer for me to got sports I mean it's our job to talk about don't you think about it now accounts expletive. The answer for me would be done it comes like something you're free to talk about because the potential backlash. Tex lines 69306. Staining can I get a trial for your old in baseball to honor in 45 are you any guilt. The king of pitch as if you're forty if it should. Yes we can and you know. Sex on 69306. You need a body guard to keep you alive but you can only choose one Jack Fowler James Bond rainbow on the program. Rambo is probably one of my like. Your five favorite series. Back up at me to think that silly thing in Rockies my favorite movie series. Americans I actually it's like I love the first American pies and written on their outlook for him Siegel randomly checked bag on James Bond and I'm about. Tex lines 693061. Is more painful to watch WBA or the spelling. I was sick for me probably WNBA. The I'm gonna go to WNBA on television science and do enjoy the intrigue of the spelling B if I could tip one of them I would go to a WPA and yeah basketball person does not add to watch and I'll make I don't like watching television dynamics like I enjoy watching on TV. I went to this was a while ago I went to watch Brittany griner when the big twelve was here. A lot like basketball like watching game play like like it's like watching a really good wreck basketball. I mean isn't it obvious those certain arrogance is having this conversation on the air of course he'd rather be at WNBA game at a spelling you live what fun is. Now sit in the audience watching it six Ural spell words that stuff. I'm gonna kick lately though before he gets tackling the kid ice hockey team even. That's why CB I think it's telling me it's fun on TV I don't think that women's basketball translates well to beat cracking go I'd much rather watch basketball. Watch as well for me it's like certain sports like. High school wrestling that like cousins wrestled in adults who got us ideologically. Like women's basketball residents are sports that if I like somebody that I care about that really good option other than that it adds that it. Sex on 69206. Where we played like castle in Kansas that intensity and my guest here I hope it never come. Castle here. We want to. And citizens to be here you know like. I liked castles much like castle ga in the last time I was in Vegas this talent and now everyone tells him that it is like try to union which is they and I just looked at her eyes and onions I wasn't fully with the Obama. Tex lines 6906. What are your favorite ice cream hopping and no one's ever answer that question. There's there's one proper answer hot fudge. Is there another excellent top five it's Katrina. And does nothing else I'm close ice cream topping your type of life. I screamed hospice just popping on here and not put egos it's opting. For spring and that doesn't sound accurate what he's talking about any place do you feel like frozen yogurt her eyes and you can top with the heat and that are like Robertson that's an ice in Italy and ice and I'm not like I like the chocolate sauce like down. Well let's let's sprinkles is the topic yeah strawberries or it's not like there's like this strawberry sauce I think it well right topping sought its its cookie yet. You know it's nice because I was like that he'd like that. Not that it's like baked like you say that you don't that's like I didn't policy. Like cookies tax on six it's me. It. Just can't go wrong so yeah. I took a look at that and that's it I think I'm I'm taste that I can't I can in the field I'm assuming you hate sushi. I. Sex on six that there's there's six what is your favorite breakfast cereal then. Like my favorites like semi healthy breakfast cereals unit here is a favorite fun cereals fruit. A the strawberry frosted mini Wii console like English is so as a primer to favorites here nicely and somehow feeling like. She goalie I've never had not usually no honey incher is perfectly smooth these leaders. Boys the the Reese's peanut butter parts that's legged sugars like Steele and Ehrlich is cinnamon that's. Got to crunch good. He wanted to confront some amazing. Like I. Tex lines 69306. Anyone eating cookie dough is gross it's only for cycle pass that's the perfect weight in your blocks and that's the practice. The ship it out here to the podcast basics and sports dot com also available at high two's back begin Monday this drive.