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The Drive
Friday, January 19th

In Hour 1, Fanning discusses why he thinks the Jags history since their inception in 1995 has been better than the Chiefs and they debate which player they’d add to the Chiefs roster from the games this weekend ( not named Tom Brady). Fanning also has a theory on how Billy Joel’s concert at The K could impact the team’s rebuild and Fanning is also saluting Joel Embiid for fading Rihanna last night.


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Presented by. It's a great slots like you are via boat or we are the Casey opened. Fortunately here or all today got pontoons which seat I didn't know about so today I knew about Monty this I just could I did a Bible once more a gallon right fronts tonight and awards use now. Excellent excellent leaders that what's the purpose of fun to vote I would assume to float. I eight I hit home. You float out to boats not necessarily a fast boat just get on that you can hang. And I think shelf if you want to put its order relaxation boat. And cocktail go out and slow on the boat you look. At it that every vote for that purpose it. But there's more room out there he had a walk around Idaho an autographed Clinton books behind you see that those who is cobalt is more ski boats and they don't they get fishing boats I would Steve those polls here behind me who can't bullets here on the my gathered it skated the lot of them go fast that it would do them like these books right here with you could smuggle stuff notes that those open yet but it's totally been on the month now. I got really good man that I did you brits out back you back to be able to outrun the our John Lott content Boca. Call me. We'll. That's the tendency is a world champion Robert you crossed that's gone under it chopped it. Actually throwing. Our hot side. At Walt rolling putts on the wheel would kill the leverage of considered yeah Jack a little over just yet you are definitely. Yet visited I did it goes playground that they can walk like you speak replacement now more Boleyn gears only done. The blame there's bigger yeah. I grossed more than quiet. Guarantee Harrison. And brighter right that drive let's just another day. Addition of the drive ins and senior denies this as an industry leader of the open. Like also see. It is the one the only granting some good man yours is again facing right now. Yeah I bit into this pain in the pen exploded that's happened so many times the only really think about is kind of pushed some analysts. With witty well everything else and if they go to you twitter.com slash its than sports NC. The blood. We didn't bring up the bleeding hands I can't believe it's like which is worst eating oral hundred gravity means for a long time and biting into pencils and pens and have managed to have a pretty successful and productive life yeah. If I. Ingested. Dish detergent laundry detergent you don't build like a little worked up from it isn't as. Coming up at 230 the royals made a major announcement today but feigning thinks they have made another kind of announcement will get to that coming up at 230 to 45 we discussed Joel indeed it is disrespect. Of the most beautiful woman in the world in at 3 o'clock. Jay being glee from the day shift will join us in studio boy we have to start the AFC NFC championship games this weekend. Think about this last night she got the more irritated yeah. That would these matchups against the Eagles and the vikings. You've got the jags. Playing in this thing it's the patriots and thought about the aspect and any line. Pretty simple look at Kansas City pro football crazy town should band is like we have. The jaguars have been exit in existence since 1985. Around now. Since 1995. S and L wins. And on the you'll you'll play in the third AFC title game. Change the play to snag that they want wins woods you know and zero. I repeat zero. AFC title game appearances. A former chief quarter that of former chiefs offensive coordinator. Are in the title game in the NC for the Philadelphia Eagles in nick holes and Doug Peterson. That changed in me are aide told told keys. This is they got a shot every single year. And just who we think we're gonna close the deal the door its lead in our face after dropped about 300 bucks on dinner date flowers sector and we don't need to get accused him right. On the list of some of the other teams is. Peyton Manning the colts big as dealers and Tom Brady and the patriots since 1995. No later admitted to AFC title games the Broncos have been to five. The Tennessee Titans have to. Super Bowl. This coach who's now the chargers. Into AFC title game. You've got a team in Jacksonville. And did all of the upper deck. It is staying where the biggest football game. There is the largest cocktail party the largest outdoor cocktail party at Georgia and Florida it's a college football's. Three AFC championship games three acts I'd go to the Super Bowl since 1995. The chiefs have had zero. A list. And it may think which would rather have. What I rather have the jags. Record since 1995. A bunch of really crummy years but three chances to go to the Super Bowl. Or that cheats and that ten wins the division titles and their first round playoff losses. In this it toppled forming. But I have three Craxi of one of the super ball. I'd rather be the jags. In the chiefs at this point. I looked up the records between the two teams but I was really curious when you told me this earlier today these are the numbers. Piece of what they've accomplished since. Both have been well that the jaguars have been existence. And since that same timeframe for the chiefs Jacksonville is 165. And 203. In the year history as an organization over that same timeframe the chiefs are 193 and 75. I don't think it's a little bit skewed toward Jacksonville because they were so successful the first five years as an organization. Once 2000 hit wants Y two K happen they have not been the same organization could get a bloggers they've been to the playoffs three times since 2000. Before this season they'll at one playoff win since 2000 certainly changed it from the seven now they've won two playoff games this year can't take that away from home but up until this season. They've they've all won their division one time since 999 if you take away this season and again it's hard to take away this season it's still happening. And obviously Jacksonville's other has a chance to go to the Super Bowl. And before this year. Nine straight years Jacksonville 18 or fewer games there's no denying what the better. Organization is and the better franchise. Jacksonville has had a little bit more policies and success and the chiefs. But maybe this is a poor analogy comes college basketball and it's not the NFL. Few people talk about going to the elite eight as a Missouri man I'm Mike patted on the back by JU fans were going to the elite eight. Nobody outside of those spam base is remember when you go to the elite eight a well people talk about. But talk about when you go to the final four same thing in the NFL but talk about when you go to this bull you Jacksonville has that quote. More opportunities to go to some bold in Kansas City has. But there's no denying figuring your route the chiefs give themselves the better chance by just simply being a better football team and a better run organization. Absolutely that like you we do against the city an attack on the is so passionate about professional football this college football. I can't socks. I case date is for an awful way and there's a smaller group of of their alumni in the city that we're not an overly passionate college fan base in Kansas City, Missouri and up and down. You know over the course of their. Like out of college football to great round Jerry equal nice you area and this year for ultrasound edge to Eagles not. Judge guerrillas and you went to Jacksonville the only games. Bears down there. Right I mean all about high school football and college football in the state of floor yet this franchise. Is that multiple owners. Has had three cracks at the Super Bowl so we get right gauges that he just wants. To ask him for three NC time. Freaking time. And like what can we get it right in Kansas City went all these other teams into it I've thrown you. And multiple times since 1994. Of the 32 teams in the NFL the super ball that she's not one of those teams like. Like what is it about key city and what is it about what they're doing over one girl that drive the chiefs can't breakthrough omnipotent conversation yesterday of. Surely if you're good you'll break through well. Think the chiefs are good why haven't broken through like they can't seem to do what you've got other Tennessee Oakland at Denver and San Diego when the charges were there. Yeah I like all different teams in the in the in the season's 1995 have been able to go to the sheet data did not the chiefs. And it drives me crazy not to the point now where he averaged ten wins. Three cracks in the Super Bowl five crummy years in between like take it. I'll take I'll take risk. For a championship. In Kansas City the fans deserve. And the drug but it is that the more I look at these these these conference championship games that are going to be played on Sunday. You've got to decidedly Kansas City field on you know in Philadelphia with Doug Peterson and it falls you've got. A perpetual doormat in the Jacksonville Jaguars would have gone from three of thirteen to the AFC title. And you've got the Kansas City Chiefs. Won that pillars of the the AFC championship trophy is named after owner Lamar Hunt. You know a guy that the coined the phrase Super Bowl and Kansas City. We can't even get to a conference championship game held. It. Out the majority of the time with all this. With weather ten win seasons in our division titles all that stuff it just doesn't matter to me. I'm ready to break through you know at the jags can do it at the titans can do it twice since 1995. YOKG's. With the information you have about both organizations which one would you rather be going forward. I'm gonna gesture probably gonna take Patrick Holmes in the chief. Yeah maybe that's it may make the answer to all this is well. Maybe that's what the answers. You know but I think if you like this and you give yourself an opportunity every single year which the chiefs seemed to do. The judge based in Miami Marlins and Florida Mark Mulder two World Series touch with the arena to think it's too. Yeah I mean they've actually broken through I think maybe a little bit the flaw in the argument is Jacksonville now they've had a little bit of post in excess. I mean they haven't really broken through yet mean. Winning on Sunday is breaking through you done to the Super Bowl people are not talking about AFC championship appearance at least outside you're well I mean yes and like. Mark Sanchez's gone to a CJ Richard got a little. Jets always an are. Looking back fondly on what the jets did in the post season in rexrodt inspired because it's I think. Maybe putting a little bit too much emphasis on just making it to the AFC championship game and not actual I would. I would take the AFC champions should you know I'm an admonition is 93 Montana down there with the buffalo got beat. This team has consistently over the course of time since 1970. Under achieved in the post season and yet a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars. Are in my opinion still considered an expansion franchise. Again in 1995 got a three SE title games Carolina Panthers. And it came as seniors the Jacksonville Jaguars in 1995. Have been did you super balls. You know what and held that she's doing wrong. And maybe all maybe it's as simple as that illegal open meeting get their quarterback in there and and next year at this time of the year after that is that they got us okay that's what the chiefs didn't do. But the more of these two companies Chevy two games the more this there were sit here without a team player. Coming up next it's time for the moment of truth. Who is standing picking to win the AFC championship game and Tom Brady is pulling one of the oldest trick it tricks in the book will get into an excellent wrap. The dry senate I don't think it's from the studios sixty and Sports Radio. I can only drive. We started today show. Inning you said that since 1995. Since Jacksonville has been an NFL franchise. You much rather beat the Jacksonville Jaguars MacKenzie just stumbled its products yeah. Given the fact that the chiefs of one. Thirty more games since then Jacksonville lessons they've both been Indian FL in thirty games not like they're cheese oh patriots thirty day. They've been to the playoffs twice as many times Jacksonville's gone to the player ought to have a Jacksonville hasn't really won anything in Jacksonville has got the AFC championship game more times in 1995 and the chiefs at. But they do not have a Super Bowl appears it's. They've Vince is each image of game three times she's obviously have not been to the AFC championship game since 2000 arson since 1993 excuse me. She says seven playoff appearances at the Jacksonville Jaguars have three before this season aided in nine straight seasons were Jacksonville had won eight or fewer games. And if you really look at the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise since 2000 they had one playoff win and they won their division one time since 1999. The chief said a playoff win since 1999 as well they've been the playoffs seven times since then and they have won their division four times that same time frame. There's no denying at least for a regular season standpoint the chiefs have been a much better franchise much better organization him a lot better run the Jackson Google's been since Jackson has been in the league. I'm listening from a baseball standpoint would you rather have your team go to the the the American league championship. Three years or never even get there. Mean I would take that in a heartbeat. You know I mean we've seen what good like average to good to above average football teams look like. You know we've seen got to watch and and we make it crosses twelve standings because there's probably a lot of fan bases that would love to have with geez we've done we've seen a barge right. And if if you look great and then they go. You know the so I should just in the early nineties real quick it's easy drive me crazy and Steve Bunnell Ellsberg back energies are bringing in these retread quarterbacks these guys. Did that they had this is free Clark not only the team and pre Andy Reid being here again that's what they did. And anxious to not to get fired up to make you care to buy tickets to go out there to get fired at your soul ripped out. You know and and it's not just project and the jets have been three AFC title game as you mentioned. The charge of it won the titans to two and a symbol raiders to two in a suitable the Broncos to five. I don't problem once who doubles I'm like there a little bit different adjust them to you down and just say that I'm talking about. You know united and get on taking the colts and Steelers in the pacts with with Brady Big Ben and Ann and Peyton Manning out of the mix and he's saying that jaguars can do it. Can't get it done against city. Do you have a lot of organization that would trade places like Jacksonville because. I mean I was a mean for two weeks ago I wouldn't trade places with Jacksonville as an organization I assume you would advice yeah and you win the playoffs are over the last. Thirty years of twenty years and spend 95 pilots now unanswerable in which organization will be better your answer clearly would have been the change. It is to say that the last two weeks like the last does not exhibit on an honest John lines as Marty with Jacksonville because agree. Before this season it would be overwhelming you would have taken the chiefs and gets knighted by the vegetables and terrible. I would agree with Cuba before the season to I you know the image is what lost the first round playoff game and I didn't know that it last year to we've seen this or does it feel like it did. You know and changes that moms and maybe that maybe the answer my questions why can't they do it it's because they didn't go up and draft a guy like that moms and that's it it's as simple as that. You know that's what they did and that's what's getting him on top of open as it doesn't attacks on commie traitor for saying I'd rather be Jacksonville right now in the cheese because. It got its Italian world wanting to it. Go to the Super Bowl makes me trader that only what you want I don't care. I I just had we seen this story over and over and over and over again the biggest keys in the NFL. Kansas City Chiefs we've read by Kansas City and visit passionate fan base every single year. And nothing changes right so if you're telling me you mean nine crummy years and three cracks to go to the Super Bowl I'll take that. I saw others. We from RJ bell RJ in Vegas is Twitter handle multiple private sources telling me. Tom Brady's knee injury is worse in the mainstream media thinks. I would not be surprised the majors dropped to negative RCB minus seven negative seven out but like temperature I would not be surprised the patron dropped to minus seven in the near term. It is certainly starting to train in the direction. That the Brady injury is maybe more serious than people thought it was and that it is going to be a factor in the game. I feel like all week you've been kind of Harlem shake you down Drake how humbling and dancing around it it's time for the moment of truth down to dancing is representing the ANC in the super ball. Take the jags because I think they're gonna get to Tom Brady I think you're gonna on the global. I'm taking the Jackson is capable of raising an injury. Then then I'd be on the pay I'd be with the patriots Fisher but. I settle onto me. The key to winning the post season is being able to run the football play great defense and Gillibrand she's talking smack Equus to cover crop I'd love to see that matchup to. And that defense is unbelievably gifted quarterback. It's cynical Jacksonville for nothing. So I'm taking the Jackson is sort of what its ratings completely healthy is in his throwing it was amazing. I would I would take the patriots but. You know we say way at Dover college or not the greatest quarterback in the NFL Brian orders Rebecca. So I'm taking the jacksons. I feel like what is happening with Tom Brady is typical WWE. Know you were the biggest wrestling fan but probably like all four guys they like once every two or three months this will happen. One of the superstars get beat up to the pointing out to be carried out on a stretcher and whether these don't colder mean kind of the rocker some they would get beat up to the point. The they had to bring the medical staff to then take them away. And end announcers would heighten it up what's. Happening to the rock and even with that happens gonna come back. And then all of a sudden in section two to meet so they would show the spotlight. Don't magically be president yeah and he would come down. Win them back to the crowd go crazy. Don't you see what's happening here with Brady how this is a lull in mountainous than the gains it. I you body and Jackson so they just beat you over the ahead on Sunday so the book. So the big bad dynasty the big bad patriots the amazing patriots the greatest. Dynasty in the history of pro sports has to come up with a ploy to beat the Jacksonville Jan. Don't think it's a Lloyd. Graham on its broad coverage immigrant place that these like clubs that are right it's not pretty shelled and in gloves today at a press conference. He's hiding something. That was it appeared that good and that much of a back that's new nothing wrong with you there. And I'm telling you man I think break. Head is going to be an issue at at the jags can get it and then it's definitely going to be an issue. Did the jags at a ridiculously. Tough defense. And if if they can cover run the football and get to Tom Brady Jackson and his global. I can't pick Jacksonville when this why is this to mean for the very simple reason I think Belichick is going to force like morals to beat them a big he's going to be able to beat him. I think the patriots when there's even a Tom Brady didn't play I think Brian Hoyer. In Bill Belichick what would enough of a scheme I trust the patriots to run the ball in Jacksonville Q school on Jackson we just saw last week you can certainly school were all in Jacksonville and move the ball against them. I think we Dion Lewis they get Rex Burkhead back held the target give Brian Hoyer bring cooks in rock in this hostile to Brian or they can score 1721. Points do you trust Jacksonville to score 1721 point tomorrow I don't trust them. I think the Patriots defense over the last. Three months actually been a lot better than people have given it credit it was bad the first 56 weeks of the season they have been really solid released out the last couple weeks. I just. I just can't find it in me. To pick Blake bore holes to go in the box that's crazy the New England Patriots that has it ever since then trending in the right direction just to say out loud. Going into Foxboro to go that the super ball I just can't pick it here's. If you have a hand injury and his throw and edit the handling than the there was something a little big needle it he's fine is dead that bad boy and worry about two weeks. Hand injury. Affected you Wear gloves in a pressed congress to make sure that nobody sees it. There's something going on and sometimes it's not apple and sometimes it just is what it is and is the greatest quarterback of all time this forty years old. As a back out of hand injury that he's got to Wear a glove on his throwing hand. On it to hide it from the rest of the media of solid. The pictures of breast instead of light cameras being in front of the podium where he stands it can't is a bunch of them set up to the right of it today. To get a shot of his hand which is why he wore gloves. Because they don't want that don't publicly give ideas and and if that's I think that's I think that's a tough injury to mask in the dead wood just in the eagle and a couple Ibuprofen. So I think some there and a bright. British messed up in the jackets on the Jack in this game. Well when when summary goes 300 yards and three touchdowns on Sunday and in you've felt that I cannot a lot of people accountable and bringing. The lines and downed us what happened just wouldn't wouldn't. I lost a lot of WWE in my life and that's what that's like right. I think Brady's injury might have played a little bit on. Just like before the season and Gisele talking about all of a sudden he was Billy Bob from Marcy Blum Isabella in BP got to see them. I'm just not all of a good natured would it surprise you about about especially when it comes to secrecy. Might be a minor injury there it a little eight page on a play a little mind game with Jacksonville. And Brady's going to be Grady for what it's worth RJ bell RG in Vegas on sweaters as multiple private sources telling me Tom bradys and injury is worse than the mainstream things. I would not be surprised if the patriots dropped to minus seven in the near term wild and have already started to see it but maker died EU as patriots undermine a sudden. Lot of times we use vaguest attitude to further our agenda you know because Vegas it's wrong to you know quite a bit but at Vegas is saying. Mean little bit worse by the day is on now. Up next the royals made it major announcement today befitting thinks they've made another major announcement in the process we tell you what it is an excellent draft. A dry presented by don't think it's from the electric heating and studios sixty and Sports Radio. Listening on the go get the sixth and Sports Radio app. From Michael Felger out of Boston. Boy Tom Brady no fracture no ligament damage just they cut from getting. A buckle on someone's helmet for stitches around the knuckles should not affect him RJ bell who is one of the more popular sports gamblers in the country. As heist just alluded to book maker dot edu as the patriots down to. Mine is seven as well the biggest books in the world's obviously is still patrons are going to be favored in this game. Whether Brady plays or not in my opinion but the line certainly has come down over the last couple days it was nine and a half three days ago and now it's down to. Minus seven solo sex and actually it really go points excellent 69306. The Brady injury is it weights and move the focus off the ESPN report of the dissension in the patriots ranks. I would not be surprised that was the case. A lot of people are doing a lot of talking about the patriots and their power structure in their infrastructure of an organization. But it stopped the last couple days but this conversation about Tom Brady even wears the glove on his and a little bit mysterious line goes down a little bit. Don't put anything by the spy gate don't late gay masterminds. To now have glove gate. It was a man. You saw us with a throwing hand cold weather and a game like this and I don't care how good yards in fact we talk about blisters in with pitchers now effects then you're throwing hand. With a cut finger and it in the senate baseball pitcher nobody's coming out their genitalia. You know Jacksonville Jaguars will be so we'll see. Coming up in ten minutes we'll get sued Joseph Lynn B who is Kansas is at least under bill selves first all star as any thinks there's a lesson that we all can say from Joel MB but if you miss the major announcement today the royals have announced that Billy Joseph. Will be coming to Kansas City September 21 but your Billy Joel's and get out of the javy first concert at Kauffman Stadium. In thirteen nine year. This yeah. This is the only blue angels on there. And it remembers someone on the show yesterday I can't really remember who was surprisingly Greg my memories yeah. Because it means. We did things wrong we always can magically find it and bring it back when people get things right for some reason we can't seem to find the audio learner I admit I remember some knowledge shows saying. It was either going to be a country artist or white males over fifty. AA and if that person had to guess they would guest Billy jolt. She really remember who it is that. One person pick Barbara Streisand the other person pick Justin Bieber. That baseball was gonna be young and progressive I can't believe that was even a thought given on the show. GA I just can't remember who who said Billy jewel in the show an early exit right the boat show was it like many I guess we Anderson in my opinion it. It in my doing so I'd timber Tina that. Then nailed those seventeen and Martina got there. Lumber jails not that old actually telling them about it by the way they're put on its relaxes put on great shows the case yet. Support cloture that bore all to see him and he Sunday Burt who said I can't either it is that it. Who said it was going to be a white guy over fifty because it was it's baseball I don't boom wells we thought it was gonna hang it was going to be data entry guarded a person really went out of upfront they went out final month ago they did go animal in them. Targeted Guatemalan. I sit I eat you got all due credit on that you got the Billy jewel that you call and I can. He had known something right incidence of summation I don't want to provide answers out of he got it right I think this signal something. And or ice is gonna come. Out of a bases covered we've been. The final call and this that says it sounds so crazy. Like say if he said out loud that sounds a little crazy is the final nail that actually signals a rebuild and it was that this concert again. September 21 August just before the final homestand disease. That it suggests just to make sure that I understand you yes. The announcement of bill he Jules yes. Hopefully someone else driving him in the Kauffman Stadium yes. I is beaten nail in the coffin to the royals beat bill yes your high. Why it's. As soon as. Awesome amazing photos that were taken out Kauffman Stadium this offseason. About the different stages they are in in in spending billions I would assume. To redo the sprinkler system and put it in new playing surface for the first time since 1994. Have you seen the pictures. Of what the Metallica concert did the Comerica Park last summer. And that there's a free can tractor pull in center field. So you're telling me that a week the week before the final alms candidacies at Kauffman Stadium. Grant sixty K into the stadium have people on the field. At a concert on the field with the big stage. You're telling me that at the royals were legitimate World Series contenders they would schedule Billy Joel's. To play golf and stadium in September before the final homestand. A year a week for the playoffs are supposed to start Major League. Ask don't tell. Yeah I I mean I I think. He even drinking. Well. That Danielle my quotes I think this is just the direction that baseball is going. I were starting to see that these venues. Are tired of sports that are getting all the money in football stadiums getting all the money in it now devised a way for them to get the money. We agree you people gonna go to Billy Joseph counts are not going to be 5000 people getting I mean it's gonna be back. By sixty like ice Greg thought rob of these like fans are on the field they put chairs on the field. So for that it's not just people understand that credible either people on the field. Yes not necessarily on on the infield yelled like yeah outfield yeah. So you're gonna put. I don't know how many I would assume 5000. Can be in the outfield. You know there. Covering up and at this stage you got all that stuff it's going to be in the outfield grass. And were written to say this isn't gonna damage the playing service whatsoever. In this game isn't that this concert is in September. Is that as it is that the issue of the date of when it it'll support and field but that it absolutely is that the think that this is. The signaled a Dayton Moore has. That's the message down to isn't hires that there are guys that he's talked. Billy jewels coming and this is going to be the end of the royals of our competitive years as we know at an average of nearly analysts on this. For the most part like I don't think if you think you're gonna go to the World Series you'd be hosting playoff games you're gonna put 60000 fans and their put a giant stage in the outfield. And have a of 5000 people running around your outfield but you run to finish blade at Wrigley Field in 2016 and I just sometimes how does that show that was in June. Wasn't you it was you know on the world's oil wells golf it's also more than a week to get that feel ready for the playoffs. Do right so they had months to get that he'll back to normal ready to go for requested the tigers suck last year. Let me tell Metallica there and it lets you use Google Metallica Comerica Park in suited to the outfield so. All of this is the timing of it to me signals more than anything like. Wednesday four in the season. It seemed like. Well before before I got this job and I was still. Heavily involved in my video business I would go out to tickle in stadiums to shoot video of Reilly pitching and the way it works at a compensating his strategies let there all the time. Right in in in the spring and they do so like I understand it like these teams had to sell. And they can open them too doesn't it is to royals in each stood naked plate state sentient machine video rightly by for media outlets that one before the draft. Enemy in the photo with some grounds crew members. There's a fallible and in it's headed towards the royals Doug. And the catcher from bishop it makes helpless runs over there dives and takes up of freaking piece of turf it look like John Daly too could dent. I can't even tell you the words that came out of the grounds crew members now when he saw. Because women are playing here we've got a high school team just where the hell out of our field. And so now you're telling me in September. You're gonna have a Billy jewel concert on the field that they just redid. Their plan go to the. So I guess I'm I'm just I am fully trying to understand your speed so it's not a problem with them having the concert. I mean guys sensor that records I'd cubs actually get much into it isn't the new revenue streams. They had just given the fact that you wanted to resign or not and yeah you listen there. Even all trying to be more creative and try to create not for that you're TV deal the time to work a whole lot. Right now we're a couple weeks like it was concert was it ought to have a different states because it was in June or July I'd. At this point it's the feel like both teams got to play on the same sort. Baseball crappy field to the line shot all of my net from about. Hop to talk to like I'm talking like a series for about dance isn't mowing and taking care of old man baseball I don't want to say what do you. It's so specific when it comes out of the stuff in the outfield like Taj players don't like he's crazy zigzag pattern that we outfield. Why because the grip of the great. Figures out great this is true. The great grass is different ways balls in a positive direction to let me go out there a monster out there. And and that and the outfielders or. Like there and tell your team has to come back here to better race and it's a different from Billy Joel concert. And a single turned into a Tripoli Lou I want to lose the division. Cink misses. If everybody were to jump off a bridge would you I don't think it's the same type of thing but you clearly are seeing around Major League Baseball around the rest of sports professional sports. That there are concerts and events being held at the stadium and everybody else seems to be. OK with it everybody else is on the guarantee. An acre Oscars are okay. I think they have to accept it wouldn't be part of I would agree stadium there's 'cause the Yankee Stadium at Wrigley Field in Fenway Park with. This is something that's that is now accepted norm. I just don't think that if you're the royals are single Billy Joel's comings and that means that we have to go ahead and no assumed the worse. The saying is the timing of its liaison. Putting in September because of the parties yet even evident they're also at the mercy of release actual little. You evidence are we at least you'd feel decorated goats on Friday night you know play till the following Friday that. Is there and won the Pittsburgh Detroit and Cincinnati. For the pillow for the final homestand to Cleveland Indians. So I get that aren't aren't saying is it time give it to me. Again if you think this team is legitimate contender than you're gonna put a free concert in 60000 people to K. And character outfield. If you think you're out of here and it I mean. Listen here I can be completely wrong here I just think the timing of it is odd to put it that for the fish concert Wrigley Field 2016. Yeah the cubs' line. Was in June yeah plates that read a few ready overplay. Coming up next how we all learn a lesson from Joseph LA MB necks on the drive the drive presented by don't think teams from the MVP electorate he can. Studios sixty and Sports Radio for. Yet obviously I don't know what she found. Brand scared and never been grounds keeper or on the crew also never been to a concert but baseball's. But. You agree that the world have a good rounds beat them because that's really true prevents these are fantastic. AM get the concert is in September. Correct so they had eight months of confidence. You don't think the smartest mind in concept and it grass cared to maybe eliminate some of from especially when does it the first time it's ever happened in the and then. I think it'll be playable for sure. I'm not saying it won't be playable but and it just that you there's there you're opening yourself up for a lot of different variables out there. You know when we had this is a cool idea. And I'll go to the concert I've love to see Billy Joseph played golf and state. I'm not saying that I don't go to I definitely don't try to get tickets fact though does she bill original play my favorite baseball's. For sure I just think that the timing of its pretty odd. And is if you legitimately had a contender you're probably not having a concert with that many people on your outfield. A week before the end season. Joseph limp B yesterday was named an MBA all star it was the first all star that Bill Self is at in his time in Kansas. Three years ago Julie between about being an all star needs waited to my queen Rihanna. And she said when you're an MBA all star get back at me. And we can have this conversation well last night Jill and he was named an all star and obviously he had to be asked about it. This audio is courtesy of TNC. We denied by a young mom. I'm back here at all star. Is there anything you like to say that anybody on TNT right now. America. He's she denied due bag bans so. Why go where birds and so. The best ever move onto the next one you got that I thought I'd think you'd like to say a couple. Joseph Fossett. It's advise people. Guys that chased down the guilty it is too in my past chasing them when they don't want you. Beautiful amazing women there on the world a bunch of a lot I see a lot and it's an infinite amount of beautiful amazing women out there. If she animal in move on don't waste the time don't waste energy traders. Chill well indeed advice trust the process. Move on Ayers if Rihanna doesn't wanna be with you. I'm a little bit surprised that your take in this cold hard approach when it comes to ladies and just last render feed to watch all. Let's go live. Just let you. Just last week by flowers the watched the second happened and it felt like I listen to. But listen like all on pedestals until on the. Married and you enjoy and be an NBA all star makes that cash like in the NBA if war is illegal and he's got a lot about 58 more away. Embryonic chiseled out joy a joy let me move on to Condoleezza budget time and energy on chasing down women don't want no we absolutely do that I just unhealthy. I think we all. I think I can speak for every man out there we all have our league's I called the third spot the by women that it prompts when it was ultimately that is for you. You'll Joan of Arc I'm sure I'll let him go back at that. Hi I'm not sure who that person is for you and I say in the at the top us but we all have lives. This was the first celebrity artist for Joseph let me let Joseph limp he'd play you. I'm Julie he's playing you. He is the most social media conscious athlete this side of the bronze. This is all a ruse to get us talking about Jill Ireland he'd they know it's going to be done is being it's gonna be on every show. Usually get a lot of credit because Joel and be understated every athlete was like Jolie would be. I wish every app that was fun and engaging and talk it was himself in his own personality Joel and he gets that better than anybody. Joseph indeed is an average basketball team. What the record is this he's fun he's a great player he's a great ambassador for the league like jewel in the lot but don't let Jolie and need whom jest. Days go one thing in the world to have Rihanna the tension and now the war is waiting to hear from Joseph would be what are the that ever happened when that in the sports world was waiting a year Jo Ellen yeah does that yesterday it would. He said Rihanna went out all start I wanna go wanted to date which we just played the audio just eyes people back up when he was on sports that are now. Trying to petition her best and he wants nothing more likely to be done. I don't I would bet so now. He's an all star he's capsule will pull it up in the DMZ is trying to go up for three years just gable all of a sudden. No chaser drink don't ever give up one injury I. Jolo and he's one of those guys so comfortable his own skin that matter. But he can live without Israel it's in great if not nobody's. Sure what's to come back and say listen. You know I screwed up about Jason hello and welcome to all of it being done and will chase listen Joseph Joseph discoverable and that's the best part of Agile OMB. This gets completely comfortable doing is he took a shot with yeah she shouted down she got out of the woods yet and all stars should. Do or any. In and so it's a jolt us. I I says I don't AM. To be an all star pitcher to go out with me. Worthy in my Joseph well indeed is comfortable in his skin that he has and I love the fact that he's too much time and energy chasing down bad people try to get it and analyze all you need yellow beads apology. So all you need is Rihanna put hey stranger in one message and Jolie and beat is flying to wherever vocation now you don't let Jolie be put into this audio jointly be the last year trying to get Rihanna as is maybe sat may sixteenth at 27. You've been trying to do that Rihanna four minute. This is when I ran out of your friends. Maximize this opportunity and it's silly now okay she can't go make it simple bacteria that. Why should we gonna give you wish. We look muscle the I'd sit ups and on someone threw a good look there. You know movement usually lol my tax because cellphone. Campbell and offered. Imported goods and I'm so. Yeah it's funny you'd think that guy just gave up on his dream. You'd think down right there alone three honestly all of his train jewel engages in throttling plays in the NBA he within Africa. I think I think he's kind of living his dream I think I think Rihanna as crazy that's all that would be just be a bonus it's icing. I think Jolie MB is a master in creating attention about himself I can Jules and be a lot of credit Anke I think in today's society. They're a lot of people entered a black about either you love Julie beat or you're kind of tired of his act. Like what he's doing hires and I think he's or is he knows that the world is waiting to hear what he had to say about Rihanna. Capital he's getting his fifteen minutes of fame off this they'll probably take some picture at the all star game and everybody he'll talk about like OMB is playing this perfectly. We can spot my. I'm going to win. Today's top plan is presented by victory Chrysler dodge Jeep grand scholar was six right now on an island 357676. Day. To win tickets in the Kansas city bowl and sport show one of three days at bark off. Starting today closed yesterday but today. Tomorrow and Sunday yet to pick the tickets say 5530 go to Kansas City sports show dot com to get short tickets now. Forget you have to be your Olympic tickets up by 530 if you want ago. Today's pop quiz is aimed. Musician and take little guys. If you know what that is column ice right now I'm not 1357676. And speaking of anniversaries. Today. Is one of the pivotal anniversaries in the history of the NFL. Lost hi is got a pretty interesting stat about the New England Patriots they'll tell you what is next drive the drive. 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