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Friday, January 19th

It's noon, so naturally we crack into a 610 6-Pack. Plus, are we putting too much on this guy, the Pats are trying to pull a fast one, and this week's edition of That's News To Me. 


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There weights. It's noon here. I. And an update you're talking about the other forty players. Big they almost spit out a few. But it. Charlotte that authorities draft a goalkeeper. I thought to look at a bus tour a couple of days guys. Doing a report from. No progress. Though got you here. 8:50 am band aid off to not leave me. By the way. By the way this poll we have up at six in sports beastie 200 votes are actually BC I want. 51%. Think the royals make it through the fields via. 49%. State teams make it to the NC. So basically only two and 61 votes. More people think the royals he deals he has before the chief behaves achieved and gained during Blair's the most divisive topic and candles that are very interesting I'm shocked this polls close considering the royals are about to go for rebuild. In dead chiefs have made playoffs by that last six years some very surprised. Fares for a your very surprised that this city full of people were fed to watch the feast perennially crap the bed. Yeah because you're not picking and the other royals and going to rebuild the whole op. Seen him play in the AFC championship one time in my lifetime Jen in the rose plan Ailes yes three times. Through what four. An old man. Adams after tweet itself Drew Bledsoe all service patriots honorary captain for Sunday's dip it in India today group let's. All. Last in the past fall room armchair. Last. Every break Steve Grogan. Tony east. That's the big news of the day guys the royals they're announcing Billy Joel's play Dolphin Stadium on September 21 the first concert to be held off the stadium. Since 1979. Royal going to be on the road in Detroit that. And they want you so but also at San Diego also found. The piano. What went wrong with what is that natives of that and he and you can only vote in the regardless. And concert. I Mena state and not it's always cold. Adam argued into in the last used. It before office suite. I've been in one in the last couple years what's your rate. Outdoor stadium deal that was not it was yes it. Pretty far. 1979. I mean it. Which really NHL teams we give us being in the series game do you it's 39 years the winter classic. Be nice to winter classic. NATO their loved one last. Instead once I don't want to go for the last helped me. The wap had wonderful years Saint Louis did look like Busch Stadium like you're euphoric. In this euros Citi Field buffalo and in the ordering. Why were there when you respond to people attacked Wednesday you have says he feels the need to put forth question marks. Because those insulted by that. All of you particularly think homes beauty if she's keeping her response was okay. I don't remember your specs basically coming from me polls he's keen to avoid portals they're either. That's when things are people playing music on the field onstage at diamond of dreams is in a concert. I actually somewhat agree with the sentiment because I've seen plenty of sponsors its Kauffman Stadium they're obligated it in music showcase worth a local music as true you had. People see another thing I think people singing onstage at Kauffman Stadium for the thanking them. Filled city music complete theologians like every day do you suspect they do. Authorities saying the only man Ryan that. Dimon during this year we've plus. I'm assuming they're saying that it's just you know that was damaged during from the consulate insulin system field. Single seat just all of this case you if you are human plastic. Actually stoking it plays this oversight. Bigger clubs or old. Should jump in Florida normally. One of the bike. Remove pictures of the vikings have this big war and it's that would see our threes that flag here it was John Randall. 1 PM LS super draft taking place today it's going on right now sporting KC our ideas to fix in the books. Taking Eric Decker goal keeper with a thirteenth overall pick Dick coming out of plus or. Also defend admitted midfielder Graham Smith with the eighteenth overall pick I don't know as much about Graeme Smith I don't know about it. I've I've read up. I don't nobody knows second or third round pick for sporting KC this year that you have through fourth round picks. Which wraps up Sunday. For the analysis. But we do all the guys. That might have all of that knowledge. Phillip you've won been highs. Please I dropped that please divert all your Eric Dick questions through at any ice on it. All means be listening on the dropped it I'm sure he's gonna get your thorough breakdown. An NCAA championship game set to go this. This Sunday at Jacksonville and New England. The early game that kicks off at 205. Minnesota and Philly and by forty pounds to five or is that I'm the vikings on the clock. I'm definitely best game of the weekend as the game of the day 540. Vikings Eagles. Why he's going to Philadelphia career watch the game together they they they get the W they eat the WNC. State. Here's the thing thing about it. I flew back to the last seven years the features and in this. How often they do in the first game on them in the last. Is the last we gave you the patriots were price tag of the titans. Net maybe it's like we're Jacksonville. The patriots usually played it last in the leads into what is the golden window in in the TV I would. Fatal in the middle of the stars here's what the story line lies here I don't know if our line is small bites. Mall now. Look look another his body. What a no brainer to have the vikings beat the the late game now. Based off what I. Happened last weekend's game hate him like dirt whites don't know I don't let let's put that foot and based off of everything that big hits doubles may on that one place you could make people wait to see that team again doing known as the golden child. Bill from Fries that's not usually. It's just this affects rejects. Whether going to be. Rodney Dangerfield. Quick portals is ready being built and get no respect. Rodney Dangerfield still with us. Yes. Later. Question from the tax like about forty yes I. Forty Casey's draft day and I know you're a big frat guy a tool mock draft. Eagerly anticipating up on the fifth and fourth website by the way right he's been did but he said. But I'm definitely think that Dick picked gonna haunt sporting KC. Why you do this to me. No object like it. Chemical thing like that bring premium. Them. Having prospects in your farm system also a premium and MLB pipeline. I'm afraid so royals nick fraud though number four overall among all first base prospects in baseball. And before. Overall but stranger opinion about the rover is resigning your progress that you should open your eyes a little bit to have an effort to connect the dots. It's like we've heard that god does listen and I definitely for the deal with possibly see Diego that he's tired. Gave Cameron from Spain grabs it. I'd like us will be in the research department. Do you get guys that I thought that he loves the kids were based in by the way the organization has admitted he reminds them Osborn. That'll be unique I think with that if you heard the mobiles we've. Actually they did it affects that. It has been quickly when he's in for trick they feed you really did treat these days yet he won't be able to integrate it thinkable Myers type B but when you're thinking about your future. And amp. They do carpet padding in developing a good form system profit it not affect the negotiations to at least in the smallest of the small degree. You know think about making is that might take two to three years and we've given minus not a college players. The high school. It was coach on the show. They. If we did we do things like if oh miles away who retired about. Brought it because they finals so that we did. It but the move would like to make him. I. Would've liked organized. And I do. College buckets for you tomorrow here on six and forgery of a state and TCU is it on the road network of restarting it and o'clock. Aron fixed in Sports Radio six and force dot com or. On the sixth and sports mobile app retrieving ability to. Cuba visiting. Picketing with you. Take it anywhere with a wicket. Defeat they were absolutely eat dinner it was. There that. Obviously unit you play I just wanted. It just all sides because without estimated it was early in the week he tossed out the differences into warmup this we can get rather add. Pot that maybe there's a possibility that you might think you might slot them. And you're gonna mosey on out of the patio and apps margaritas chips balls for which he says about that is dress already record around our. I did things on Africa. I. I just got to play via. Think we're gonna go outside mode. Tomorrow and this everybody else. You under like 7:7 AM nobody you know it I don't know if there's a snowblower roller like right in the world about 7 AM last week. It's loud though. So louder than. Always louder or. And quickly at the law. I'll get him on it. If you or your. Former jayhawk Jo Ellan being selected as an all star starter last night yells or game taking place on my birthday by the way February 8. Happy early birthday to me. Joseph Allen's lead though who at one time tried to score a date with Rihanna was told. He's become back when he made an all star game. We'll let time has arrived GOL what the other thing about that. I. Great golf star. Is there anything you'd like to say that anybody on TNT right now. I'm married is she denied due back today so. Why go where bird and so our. The bass another move. Got diet I don't think you'd like to set a couple. Joseph Fossett throughout the process Joseph well. Did they just try to put the process run around. I think we've played if given the opportunity I think he deftly put the process of Rihanna blunt truth but. He's look. It's like you know what. I try to you must shot. To shot down a move at all. Degraded but I would say about them. Rica. To follow through on a slide in the end years of office today. Floods of BM. They gave you business. Today is the fifteenth anniversary of the tuck rule game to shout out to Margaret the end. But expects to see what you don't do so today it right there are gays even happy tuck rule very rich. Though not vehicles. From. At all. Well I got free as district and expect to notice the signs this assign I mean these chicken suit if flannel on on. We'll figure right now by all hall is thought. It's going down. And are able bitch rigged like when. Be dramatic fashion do. Clear a corner right now is the bondage such you walk off. It's drive. Phone right now. It's right. I know I'm moaning in the background so if it was. Yeah. You really enjoyed immense victory. I'm Michael Douglas and better. As good rep obesity fairness boards and expect that that's big fat. But quickly put important. All right Joba. Big these frustrated from one aspect of the NFC championship and of course they do they do agree we'll tell you why. If we get. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. Previous segment. Utter frustration from Jake Wheatley and myself. At least from my standpoint was seized. From his standpoint foresees but it's a follow the NFC championship. Welcome back invasive lake being. And which doused in your own so it stands foursquare and Paul Ryan Syria. I you're gonna have to use that. No you played earlier and I thought you didn't negative coaster really. Bake I'm frustrated in records to eighty re. In and know that rich in Anaheim called in earlier this morning. When house talking possible my frustration with angry. So much frustration is that I just feel like. I lost little bit of fate that AD still I still believe injury disease it coats that's capable of winning the division when he atomic games. But in the post season he has not been Avis that opened to the job done. He has won it on the division back to back years now. This team in this organization's what's the plows for out of the five seasons that he's been here they've won playoff win that is my gripe with the injury. I am not looking gears saying like. What bridge in Anaheim and brought it he said. Well late. The window is about to Coles on the patriots. Somebody's gonna have to step up is somebody's gonna scene because Tom Brady. Is no longer going to be the quarterback Bill Belichick obviously is no longer going to be the that's a good case for all of these teams that have had dynasties in whatever sport. It there's going to be dabble window right now. The Golden State boys have been easily know what one based after is gonna get oh. One day immigrants to get O one days to encourage you to step down I that we understand that we get all that and I know the debates that are getting closer to run as nothing. Nothing. Zero role. To do with. Mead being frustrated at Indy re. I'm frustrated Andy Reid in losing faith that AD Reid as nothing to do Tom Brady. It has nothing to do with Bill Belichick is everything to do with moos gets this or last in the playoffs at all. It has everything to do with boos he has the Tennessee Titans this year at all. Why they're cults the following week it is everything to do with that as ever to do with blowing a massive lead against Indianapolis Colts. The first year it has everything to do with those things got nothing to do with the patriots and other teachers who bought the business in the wind dole. About to close on the pages that's the reason why I'm a little bit frustrated. With things. What you see your frustration how much did the the guys who were here before have they influence Perini read this the Darwin Walker used to play. A for the Eagles who's on WIP. In Philadelphia. And I do believe his is spelled out of this is what he's seen here. Yeah holds true. Hazy night. It can be blood. You know I don't know much one in the sense that he's better at clock management to him he's better. Winning games in the line. He makes better decisions this Flores who run run pass balance that's like mine. I think that makes them roof closed because he says in the group voice and he added it city comports himself what was makes a root Google's. Sit like this obesity of assistants. Learning from me and he read yet adding their own spin on top of that. Which makes him guilty and learn from me read it your own ideas. My biggest thing is how much of the young ideas urging Reid accepting from coaches were early lights. In Kansas you know it's almost heartless as the coaches we should doable time big ideas good idea. It's so good Anderson. It's mean you read the X zoom philosophies Joe Stork viewed as a radio show. In Pittsburgh and any threesome in the face and it's at the Eagles have analytic people in communications with Ed. Wood on the it's that during the day Doug Peterson purport down situations. Clock management it setter. And that's that is growing its new age way of thinking is sometimes. If you think your own way is the only way. You barely bill bill tech. It has five marine. Beacon verified that your weight works when he sisters personally without any Marines. You're not doing everything a 100% right. Eighty Reid's been very good five minutes each time gains in Philadelphia main Super Bowl. In the playoffs for five years with the chiefs he's doing things right like any greed is a winner he wins were re goes. Yeah maybe just means that outside influence a little bit of a portion. I thought well I don't look at divisional round last week four teams play all four more in the top five square in the L. Eighty reads resistance. Of getting rid of Bob Sutton. I think can be ruled pitchman to chase it really Clark he's been the ones that he's the only one really with the overeat he repeats. Does not have that overeat you reap. Or cut and and we get changed he could start a season ticket or want something different. A look at the beam is what you do as you can epic RP would teams are doing you know if you think that roadmap success. Of what they're doing and doing well in something you're not doing I truly believe Bob Sutton. Kept this team from going to believe he achieved should be you really get. If this chiefs' defense was even up half this year. This opens skillet. Big numbers Ortiz in the 81 chargers it is for all these guys without York the offense was winning. But the defense hold this team back in he's got to sit back for a minute look at the big picture and understand one side of the ball kept him down at this in the eight. 16. Palm look at the defense to stop excusing them by blaming everyone else. Reggie will still right I agree with Reggie it had never once disagree with Reggie Reggie state head at the dual my point. Best I've told the text earlier Reggie I agree with rich. The window was closing on the doing the pages that had nothing to do with with with their but the crux of the of the statements that almost make it on my opinion. And the and the editor icicles on say it is not and baseball that they lost several of those games. Absolutely it's so so so soul just the texture is a way here that this is how it works in sports. We are you all the head coach. And things go wrong. It's your fault. Now now do what they get Bob's sudden. As absolutely. Let this organization down on the deep that decide a football yes. But don't tell me that the play calls everybody was in love with when they had the full point and a Big Apple boss what do we like in a second at. The play calling in the second half was atrocious that you would hate it if it was if it was that it was making those like all that's spot ups are. They had coached. You have an issue you know that's what you get asked what high and just fighter people. He is the CEO basically all of the kid to Citi sees Indy read it once from net. I think the biggest reason of the we have a divide in this in this Erie lake is and I I I tend to agree with this. Bet it's. More on personnel than it is on coaching at least in my opinion I mean we looked at this Kansas City Chiefs team. Coming into the season and the biggest question marks were on the defensive side of the ball who was going to play linebacker who was going to be on the defensive line. Who was gonna be playing a second cornerback then you lose Eric Berry in Europe you were piecing things together as a seasonal. How horse and now we tablet you won the three lead after. I. Don't present a 100% fairway but when you look at the season as a whole. I'm still have to consider album breaks today 881. Game. You win. In five years. And people its ports and now. I'm sorry man. I mean at some point you do have to acknowledge that perhaps the defense doesn't have the players to get it done the way you wanted to get it done. Yes you an eighteen point lead evaporate that is inexcusable. If the Kansas City Chiefs and Andy Reid thought that it was more of more on Sutton that it was on his personnel the man would already be without a job. I am not saying that Bob Sutton is not the person it's who look at you blame for this but aren't you legitimately going to blame personnel for blowing at twenty when it's released. Argue aren't you going to blame personnel. We'll be epic meltdown Indianapolis. Now it'll also be why that not. Talking about personnel. Stop it and the horse to be real about something big coach I didn't Mac it. Those are the cheese wrote coach enacted but it Sean McDermott a clown suit. Maybe Reid who built it. Configure quarter I read to you in Kansas City beat gene in any reason that the game Iran is nickel I should have made him pay. Let's. Say he should have made LC this lets you go down the stretch Dick LeBeau. Coached his ass. This last week it gets if this boat some things too can use. To be real about them and it's time that she's been a playoff team this week. That is the last time deep seeded team it's. Did the playoffs if we didn't have to acknowledge that there are issues with the personnel but the coaches don't control. How many times assured we talk about Ron Parker not being able tackled his arms like it does he goes out there and this broad shoulders I. All the sudden Bob Sutton is responsible for for how he tackles no he has nothing why. If you have a guy defense that your playing here tackle you pull him aside practices say here's what you learn how to tackle. And I understand I don't like that's the I know being deposed quite good enough job level do you honestly believe that they're taking time out there today teach Ron park that apple says it depends according to highlight the personnel. Cool Mac has moved round deepens the raiders because he is a person that they need to showcase talent changed that showcase talent just in Houston. So it is as in past Everett not the defense is backed up. In chiefs fans right on the goal line. He would pass coverage please Mark Peters on only one side and that's probably I click on that at this though is that I'm all I'm saying is not black and white I can be both. But what we're pointing now. Would point out one aspect. One out when asked it would say that it's not. A little bit a bolt the masses have talked personnel were told C if there was more personnel and what ever changed called and placed it. What what you re ever give that up. Ever if I were talking about beef and all of told C. The so maybe he'd. The buck stops with him Obama. The buck stops with Obama. You cannot be told seeing it and expect that well you know everybody's gonna fall this war will be all made this heat all the team. Eighty Reid is the CEO. In it it eighty you don't let it at all it is is stagnant this year and Eric Berry is the Al. Or did it the enemy isn't what a great job no deal just off. Did adopt 83 old commodities. It is is he keeps them or you're right it is foursome NC it's not about civil also its offensive she should of scored against the titans in the second guest says on them. You have you blow 28 point lead Indianapolis. Eight eligible children offense did their job day game. I expect that or forty points and threw for 376 yards and four touchdowns everybody has gone from bottom to get fired that day that was on the defense. In how to do this if you forgot your plane ticket tackle. Excellent view is that it's coordinator setting down and show him how to tackle. And they knew going into the season a bit issues with the quarterbacks. Are coming up now makes it interesting thing has happened that should be noted in the gore since the PSE CA BC game this weekend with the Tibetan. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. If have been thankful for a couple magazine. It. It's extremely or I. Might have a kinky side. No confidence thing for. More expensive with with the four night. No it's actually admired my preferred magazine this thing where. We'll believes that providing moment in news see them and you for news highlights magazine. That the that they still make it there mr. duke as caught up with 2000 gallons of the other. A few things he's never gonna learn as a just catch Dallas and do what he does do this team in the east are the things they. We. Owe me. Not just. Saw it it was Bob. President. But as I think for the newsroom for now he got. You see. All I believe you guys miss that did not see. Yes. The president that stormy Daniels that the points are do you look dealt with and heard. She's spank him he he had her. Spain it would build Ford's actors are. Injected me. While I mean the devil's in the details were you know I mean he did details. You not become why is now lives and now. The same it's instant. Through two. Well yes we do take my elbow and spank them. Up or magazine. And pull a blunt. We're at sixth and sports Casey what do you think happens first aid. The royals make it to the ALCS or beat the chiefs make it to the AFC championship game. 749. Votes tallied so far 56%. And yell and the chiefs make BA championship if she gets things why. That is saying we greatest thing for years ago I can't leave the whales who went to rebuild you know we ate a. In the team's as the vision are getting better. The chief just getting their divisional round win getting to the FC title game. Much easier path I'm actually very surprised miserable. That is ridiculous question when I brought it up and guess it was a up. The question. I guess that is a proposal out there but Leo quite polarism. Excellent up or do something interesting has happened now when it comes to the AFC championship game. My way through watching us and our super draft I can't pronounce. Eighty he's 70% of these players. France and the pure rock. And the Colorado Rapids. Will will take it and now the number 27 as we just enough. When he ate him off the board in Kabul. Round. The AFC championship game between the patriots. In the jaguars. When it comes to betting purposes. Is now off the board. With some bookmakers out I don't know this off the ball at every single book maker out the year. But a tweet from Denver pearl on the ever fail earlier from ESPN tough call to pull ads ads off the board but not enough known about Brady's and dilemma for book bookmakers odds are we won't find out eat more till game time and maybe not even need you brought this up. Emailed me and in minor body talked to some bodies admit a this hand. Com injury. For Tom Brady maybe there's something dear we know that the pages like. Blow things out of proportion in place things up I think that that is essentially what they're doing here but you never know maybe there's some the retirement too since we want a player. Bumped into was an arraignment ranch was hand in practice doubled its. The nine point spread history drug and the seven and half points off the board it is one thing about it selling ever ever speaks about this. It managed human beings to be nervous about this when that makes huge difference. Although can you imagine if his union's worst and we and as we're wobble. Bill checks that what I'm ought to win this game. They're going to be true genius that when. You get the simple Boyer. That would be in that order morals genome full epidemic educating and see which one does the long decorate it it would be but yet. Somebody runs into his name the reasonable appeals held each plane around. Unsuitable. Get haters in this league who put nothing past that featured. Do something late for gamesmanship when you wouldn't be thing that's them doing it sounds like always he's going to be fine usually hurt but the thing about it. If he's not practicing a couple gains. Oh for the if you change your game. It's going to for the patriots that it quarterback up there and believable to his receivers and warm up before playing the title game that's what I believe this actually. More serious than lead lead because he is not practicing. In the letter deems they players I gave all that put that the barometers of the opens a locker rooms of the infield cold it is. Go as far as not having your quarterback practicing that's it that's that's going or for the Olympic Belichick. Would do. So I do think that there is something to Elsie that's pulling games also board that's that's a major deal it is an answer in Vegas isn't done. Very Smart. In what they do. Imagine being in the and the reason and put that up or can you imagine Twitter whatever opinions we won't pick in getting after that. Can you imagine the chiefs were in this game in my Garcia. Ron Parker and and Alex Smith and hurting like a backlash like one birchard theater from what it was somebody money it'd trapped still sees me. If you imagine that we can look on Belichick's face. Casino operating from. Can you imagine the look on everybody and it in a moment or two teams. Is basically you're Super Bowl teams are done if you don't have. The patriots pick what separates the patriots from these other teams. But we're Carson went scheme down that old actually things together. When Brad went down he's even kept things together. Do you think all the patriots did this and what what year review and I'm like what these other teams is the pages so you never. Probably. Can't imagine the wrath of bill check if you were the guy late. The rain in. The goat. He's rain into the the goat. The greatest of all time in the NFL age you'll just hurt his hand before the AC AFC championship game could you imagine. Living with that may be Belichick had via the player and it's a Tom Brady on purpose because maybe they're falling. Would you leave it like that phony glasses lashed out. Leave the facility view with a guy that her Tom Brady can you imagine the backlash from the teacher experience I took all our loan. If you're the one that did that. I had them it would each of forever. I we've got to the bottom line. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. Some people in the right area mobile thing. Tonight. You probably wouldn't get her blocks along independence avenue it is strong and it came. It's black anything that make your eyes water. Other additional lessons to mean. On the days it was like being in I think lamb what else could. Lose to us. RM frantically searching for this the story than just told me about. It is just to Julien who did some extra. You. So. By Tuesday. That said. Between Greece and each other a whole bunch of news stories and a lot of them lined up in my deleted files and folders. And boxer in my email because of stupid. Did you save you. We do it every Friday I'm sure it'll tree you see things in twelve years of the humor. Mystery and intrigue by a lot of while looking bleak futures. Graham liked death from a friend foaming with. Headline. Man falls toppled car made its no it's fake it. Coming out of Canada. And me what to do and and when it snows man wanted to confuse snow movers with a or he made entirely of snow. And pulled the police instead. It's a lot of work. And then and Simon of credit announced last name creative life sized model of the Delorean. DMC twelve. You know that as the that the future mobile. Used a bunch of snow now. Pretty unbelievable leased the cops off so fairly he built this in the snow removal zone on the streets. When the plow trucks came through they said as the car parked there we showed up. Then realized after standing around and calling for back up that it was just snow sculpture didn't get make lights and into. You daddy who reflects the very real. Republicans know school allows it politically what are they stick it on there and letting them know that they made their hold. I'm assuming it's this while the. At other street. I thought it was pretty darn good. I won't ever made in the thing is a little bit crude snell. Know what it is that still. I've made yes. They Grenada snowman but it we've. Made an anatomically correct is that the goal. Was. It was blessed volatile as the saves us a couple weeks ago though. Early twenties or cute but I didn't think there are flying now evident double the big blue beat navy base that is who. But are without ever going up like eight to memories. Would Brady's shoulder that is news coverage gloves on and rising rates of we knew hasn't. Do little. SharePoint. Now I feel like a real jerk for a lasting about this. But now there for a lot of other people laugh about it on this Google could do is openly. This news story comes to us via KOAT. And Albuquerque, New Mexico. These are Rene and I both moms with young daughters were very upset when we heard this next story report of a fifth grader at the Albuquerque school of excellence handing out hot laced candy to classmates. According to the dean of elementary students five kids shared a box of dummies similar to these last week. Some of the kids got sick others got legally according to the dean there isn't nine year old found the dummies at home we spoke with doctor rain out he says these dummies can be 100 times more potent. And claim marijuana. It's very important to keep these away from children. They taste good they've often looked like candy and kids were really seduced by the and we can't play ball. Man I feel like a jerk they've in this but that has to be. The best dates the fifth grade teachers light bulb in that new story. All the kids are so so good that. They'll. 10. Draw that ticket. She said that it. All of a sudden. The ruling turned sideways. And it's suicide like this to boldly showed it what was that I guess I doubt that the young Lee did floppy. Notables. To schools like this or did it seems headed out individual was. Like it or piece of chocolate bar which is. From what I hear it and and and and and and a lot of these gummy bears. Beat the other young lady had a chocolate bar was. She brought gummy bears and apparently a small chocolate bar negotiate. Quite a bit of its illegally bears this sheet all gorgeous dummy leaders are polls that Incredibles. Incredibles that he was the name. And those kids or. Fits. Appropriately. Everybody got sick now. Your highs and a one and what is qualities. I mean I just when is gonna throw this out at a news. Well number one I'd be best gifts. Regrettable and nothing will waste them on a bunch of toddlers that we have to the penis. Mean it seems like a simple mistake. Have you seen these animals like what I did just that they look just like the bears. Let. You seem to get incident though Bessie issue. Think you let Ricky let's let let's let's or do you get into some credible source close friend as I can understand the confusion if you hurry dog food thinking it was like to retreat now. The three big threes remote and old who treats and I don't know I don't I'm saying these trees would just like exploded and and and publicly kid do what would you know I know. Rightly. Or three big creators and that is they had a bacon flavored gummy bear and I tried that once the thing looked regal assuming the dogs were football but he looked. Like human. Streak he's very. Still good though. That that little girl got hires. And that's too much animals. A lead from what I hear what it. Headline. Five foot long as you don't wanna go and warn you if you're eating toast. Vernon and the five foot long war came wiggling out of man's body after he ate sushi told. Objects flexible Phil Jackson thing because it would just just. East Asian man in raw meat. And CME people's. And there's sushi experience a California man who ate sushi every day. Ended up with a five foot long heat for an avenue on everyday. And it everyday I was really good well apparently the podcast a doctor went on who actually bond. Went on shared this story of this nation. OK but it is. He claims that the patient came in said he felt the worm quote wiggling out and then begin to remove the worm which started moving them. The emergency room. Position was initially skeptical of the man insisted. That he had a tape worm. Amien said quote I really want to get treated for worms. And he'd robbed the disgusting group with than the man wrapped. Mailer doubted toilet April kept eulogized about it because coming from the doctor quote I take out of toilet paper roll and wrapped around and of course is what looks like a giant long tape worm after being unraveled the tape -- ended up being five and a half feet long. The doctor recalled how the patient said he felt a worm quote wiggling out and felt like his quote guts were coming out as he sat on the toilet tape or was it inside. To remove the worm from the toilet and started started the movement. Or. We think Blake will go for some raw fish and. You put this in essence mean. We wanted their big Cleveland just. Security as best. You think you'd like lost weight pretty quickly paper to paper came out of the inning Sizemore and. It's unclear inaudible. Just just an attempt. It was sunny eighty years news demure and coming forbidding highs are we tried to warn seed out about stop feeding it and he didn't listen he's the Spin Doctors. It's Texans and trendy line stop the tape I gave you the warning. Old Austin and amnesty is turned down. A little paperwork. You videotape almost all of them then I don't. It up by an increase. Don't think Phoenix five foot six bill. Eight years no way. We don't you think as soon as this that's news to me. Nadal now he's stretching 56 he looks up felt to be in the locker room. All right governor of bags there's one thing that a lot of sports fans Kansas City should be getting excited about is true. And I got a little bit of beef with JB would get to that connects listen you guys know this Amadou. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio.