01/19 - 11 am - Exactly What They Wanted

The Day Shift
Friday, January 19th

Did the NFL get exactly what they've always wanted? Plus, Philly fans roll out the red carpet, Lake'sTop 5 games, and a quick question. 


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They did detect fine. That's an outdated because it's in my experience. It you have fun and high school man knows the sounds like. I'd I'd played I played for has a lonely moments would you do it in the post pictures that you and high school. All the material I my my high schools aren't as sexy green it's pretty embarrassing. You just socially insecure about filling secure the football I don't have any of those pictures. Here without bowl. Argue some aren't aren't well put together a nickel blog blog posts people laugh about. By the left that up by programming note. Josh Vernon needs. He's got children that boot bunch of Burton and bird bird bird at all burned. Little guy here that's baseball today has got the beard you think we're tenth season and they won't going to be a fat for that little dog does. He's got a dog he had that big. More than with fearful last week this and we are many Emmys get sent to beat Cara in he's got niche market. He knew at first base in new rules formal world which by the way did you find my guacamole more. Appealing to the eyes and ADB's I told jurors would be killer and that would bring to mind of a figures looked like would expose local and talk more. Both on throwing her visitors and that would radioactive it looked. With a little less than right. And know how to check avocados well you knew you call TV OK let's say she doesn't know how to check and I'll McConnell for rightness. You know she she between Becky B meek is from people like hell. Checking your avocados she got mad because he had a picture of and I said what the hell's that she is you couldn't help my avocado Mozy. I mean look at your problem ambitions squeeze that are added a laser is an avocado mode that's the trick. You can't beat Kelly Nolan got a plant was a bullet he told me then you really got to get you got to get in there on. Weezer. Smashed. White knuckle and Joseph Rogan boom microphone. Or downward after they over. I saw some National Football League being in. This weekend and you've got. The patriots. Jags only is he sighed in in the NFC you got the vikings and the Eagles. But the unifil as a whole. I think that there are a lot of people throughout the league. That like what's taken place here with the final grouping of teams. Because. You have a watt star team in terms of likable rain and it a lot of people. Love in in Boston on the east tolls but everybody else across the country hates. Because they're the villains it's Belichick and Tom Brady. In the New England pages everybody hates the patriots again that. But didn't you also got some other brands that are starting tumors those brains being Eagles vikings and jaguars. And as much as we look at Belichick cumulative. Tom Brady fall all the success that they've. And we're talking among some of the greatest of all time what they do. I think a lot of people throughout the years. Have honestly wanted to see a little bit more purity a little bit more all other teams getting in a shot. To make their mark in the playoffs. And had seen that as much as we seen that bit the same old scenes seen the Seahawks. You know have a little bit of a run we seen the pages Odyssey had their run a half years ago we saw the giants have Iran. The ravens have been pretty good in the playoffs animal for the week that you did the Steelers have been good the Packers have been good. But people wanna see more it would seek other teams get that out to I think that's what the main reasons why. In the season would it sees a spot don't you know what people wanted it ceased to be your. I'm gets a lot of people's. Well listen that she's begin elicit she'd be a team that didn't need not ball doing. I think a lot of people rooting Ashley Ortiz a lot of people double wanna see new blood in. I think that that is one of the reasons why. As much as some of the sexy names of the players. And quarterbacks. Won't be a port of this weekend's action you won't happen in Aaron Rodgers. You'll apple also wools. You'll have a big game. People will steal wanna see what's gonna happen I think because the war all of an opportunity for some of these. Organizations that are ten to make their mark. In shield appears. You know maybe not as much sept rating. Each other in the National Football League is maybe years ago because what was the thing that we talked about a few days ago we talked about how like yeah. We think quarterback play still matters which you know what else matters a lot. Have a balanced team have been a good defense so I think in that way. The NFL they probably lacks is because they're probably push in that idea that you can toward Iran franchise a little bit quicker they may be years ago. And look at Tom golf and what he's done with Jackson. Yes I did Tom Coughlin that that's them that's why yes this week in with the patriots way I'm leaning well. Jake. When escape patriots lecture fourteen point. The other three teams in the title game this week in combined wins eighteen text filter three wins last year. It shows you how fast teams can turn around at what's got to be fresher in for teams like brown. There is mired in just. Suck you'd every single year and they can't make it quick jump teams make Joseph. The ravens to jump before the 2000 season eager 500 a year before. Teams make this transition worlds than their their mediocre but they're good Philly last year seven wins turnaround this year. In this is what the NFL wants is birdies I think vehicle needs a big needs new blood. Major League baseball's been the one we still is there any area baseball spec with the Yankees were winning it. It for a while baseball's had its little bit dynasties the giants. The one World Series in 1012 and fourteen but you look at the last couple of years Astros Dodgers cubs Indians and royals Mets. Your report that giants royals for that Red Sox cardinals didn't you have new teams in new blood. That's what makes baseball the Astros came from the where they were bad team that went. Baseball's got a little more parity right now on the which we are in the NFL and go back to something ridge said you know you think about. Bin in Tom when they go who's going to take it over to right now they did strangled the patriots with the wanna say it or not they have Eddie stranglehold. On the AFC booted him public enemy number one. Which is pretty impressive since all the teams play with the same salary cap yet they keep winning every year. Number he's playing in his twelfth if he cheap shipping it in the seven and erupt at new blood. Every your knee if he titled his usually the Steelers that are there for awhile as meaning it was cold speaker. And you had to get through maiming in Indy in coverage in New England. In the good news is that I think we're about to embark on Brady finally. Getting people bath when he hits the wall. He's getting people. Up in fourteen teams that double he did in the when suitable. But it knows how fragile he is and how much longer ago Ben says he wants went through more years now. I don't know if but didn't you do blood the new sessions that the public bore holes and somebody's they are this is a new blood quarterback. In the UST I don't think so big dance war built around what the team is but there's opportunities for shell wants that you've been. Patrick Holmes in that. We see this infusion quarterback but he's gonna go on draft. Seemed Arnold in Josh will be hearings aren't always big or Vegas but the good news is seeing a need new blood and what this represents this weekend. Is he injured I used to sing. The biking or the Eagles two teams that are Spain. In the Sybil called they considered it they've lost on six drug Palestinian anybody here torn between Israel there just downtrodden teams. Did have good seasons but can't win it all in one of those teams is going to the Super Bowl when they would not. Who knows but at least the Eagles vikings will have a chance to. Kind of a race some of their failures in history of not winning. I think Jacksonville's the intrigue in I think to be honest with you there's going to be. More than not rooting for the jaguars beat the patriots is they want to see something new. Now it's pretty an injury or whatever it is the BBB that ultimately doesn't. I still think obviously O'Leary's it was Brian Hoyer persuade war. If you had in the burst holes what's that's the about the quarterback situation in the Nobel if that ended up happening lawyer. Play a lot of that game. But the mere fact is you key in turn around. The team relatively quickly you can CNN that would Jackson who did the right people in place I'll give Tom Coughlin a lot of credit coming there. And that's the ex factory there. With him come and objects he knows how to be features now. Is in print what you do this team won three games life in other sitting here in the teaching should be and that's insane is Demi interest CI. Window opens up. For whatever that detonates. Colts. Quarterback nominations going to be. Maybe it'll be read in my home maybe it'll be car. And group. Maybe it'll be wherever it is in Indianapolis with Andrew Luck. Or you know whoever is in in Tennessee with with markets. Is going to be interests who steps in today and into the mix because. I'm not sure how Signet to get the drop off was going to be but who only think. Realistically how easy ingredients that I think may be too. May be too. At the top. I get to know he says I don't think he'll play at a time eats well or not sorry. But you're the one thing really missing this week at like seventeen gallons of water. You're the one thing really missing in this weekend. Is that young up and coming quarterback. You've seen his feelings in this guy's finger Oracle's. It's not Warhol's EU Brady doesn't units that. Also this falls probably gets the money because the ball quarterbacks do that lead teams like this thing that didn't match job treatment get money. Case Keenan I've seen young up and coming quarterback there it's really weird this weekend doesn't have that next generations our quarterback. It'll right Brady is the star. He has to start the weekend that the writers of our quarterbacks having. Brady portals can resurrect himself in his career I think portals gonna all of a path of being like Alex Smith. He's at a town in the fan base just does like milk what does. So so so when it comes the players. Outside of Tom Brady who would you guys say is the most has been the most talked about later this week. In SE AFC outside of Tom Brady who would you say. I think Jalen Ramsey. Has been taught by a lot and I think tasty. And nick falls. I Digital's four people atop ultimately make you a little under four minutes in. Knowledge in the Ramsey did a man's been the most talked project. I mean I'll be honest guy. There's a little bit in the that I actually kind of license focusing on the team aspect of it rather than just individual players and that the patriots we've been largely on upn. You know whether or not Tom Brady's hand is actually injured if somebody run into it has it been not practicing is the actually going to play. Like that's been the big storyline out of doing on the aside from that late we've been talking about the teams themselves. Been talking about the jaguars defense now there's been a lot of talk about jail and zubin. Most with and surrounding the jaguars defense. Or Minnesota and their great comeback story I mean there's all sorts of things that that we've been talking about the largest individual players and. How much you guys act like it is but it's been fun. Is that. We don't have the and keep in mind. They're gonna love to push the narrative cruiser is going to be quarterback in this game wither Keenan polls. From that side. With the storyline will be looking at their career late case Keenan in policy gives him will be held him down and nick polls almost left foot pole pockets of big into with the agreed agreed that is we threw the story line with the NFC. You know one thing that is going to be expressed from the folks in Philadelphia isn't exactly a strong look for the city would get to that that. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. I shot that's just our need. Check him out this Sunday. Or tossed 0:9 AM. Good stuff we're busy Burton's handling this week is still alive. So when things go alone. Or else. What was it that. Are you improbable. I'll be honest with you village of balloons will fly a few things probably naming me. Escobar each artist or I love that that's a big statements and then. Or is so light and then I ignited a month ago quarter outlet that's said. They're bigger and bring mean mean mean mean mean mean. It's. It's the music downs where you're active. Secretary that out of your clean cut there too that story my wife would machines applications on them. But we need it and she was supposed to to a free yet it she was words we. Not good with the you know. In cell phones essentially become anxious. For her husband's. Why is can we find him regret and hopefully. What's the bite you in the casino. To casino night because they were before he did he mean mean mean mean mean Bagram. It's a Jose city of poker table that was going to do. It finally has like you know what I'm just have to give up at Lehman and him go outside. And talk he figured. The slot machines in the back. Your buzz seventh street casino I'd have to have a little back room that doctor make it goes through raked in your slot machine. Some walking out here Roland. A day in the life OJ being. A day in the life but it. It it it's been married and being mean and your wife got a cell phone number real tell the truth ago pilgrims are nothing but seriously that before cellphones. But the main can do what he wanted to. In that have to be. Pounded no matter where he is it can you get milk they couldn't tell if ticket to XQ can you stop the store. In get the mid and hygiene products or milk butter whatever it is they couldn't get to vote yet this well. Also a good days. I will cost you the story in regards. Actually. I'm blaming. Fox nine. In Minneapolis for this because I think this is a fake news story. It would be but a fake news story in this way is at. This new station is trying to as I say is trying. They think that they're trying to help out the citizens of the Twin Cities by giving them some advice on traveling to Philadelphia. Oh when it comes to giving netted advice. All they did was put together or report. It scared the crap I don't biking stands at one Michael travel and catch the game at Philadelphia girl in their boring feels right now. Which I don't I don't get it says. On what the reporter rob Olson said it Sunday could be a fun day but also comes with a warning. Indeed he goals on this this neared and he talks about. Bomb be wearied of the people of Philadelphia quote if I'm waiting to go to the game in Philly or even thinking about it you should be war. Scary the vikings went switched. Does it hosts set Philadelphia equal space to Philadelphia is up crowd. It is tough group. They're tough crowd booed Santa Claus they set up the Jill. The vet when they had that these they might have still haven't they actually set at the Jones stadium is so many people drunk gunfight. And so gore in the Philly Phillies back to be in Philly now. Other not the kindness of fans and wounds and look at Oakland I don't think Oakland people would you like the little pieces hold my beer would also add when he don't slander fan base cell. Not every not every Phillies fan isn't wrong painful. On the let's hear a lot of sausage everywhere it. I'd like Philadelphia fans admit that would be an opinion is this is going to a town that loves its football team I like it in their securing the rights. War in Mosul purple hats and those braids there'll just scared how would you put together. This is a news report this is a which has just trying to warn that people that debts can be dangerous. Would you ever be steered to travel to. A CU's. Game on the row. So you wouldn't be spared 10. I've actually heard though and billions and of the favorite vacation but records are actually quite nice and I don't think there's a stadium obvious here too dull to in support the chiefs. The same way I don't think that they I don't think she's in her rule open to other means it's sometimes nice pictures of other pre injury can be here wrote she spends big but. You get a reputation of having you want when you field advantage when you're opposing fans what what you'd expect from the opposing. Com faint when you noted today of state and expecting to be an. I expected built they'll probably be a few unsavory things said to me. Now I don't expect to win with the expectation this what's going to be I don't expect people throw stuff at me at all of our studs who want to inspect idiot that. I don't think that there's gonna be anything this could happen to Philadelphia that does happen in most other. Com city could New England. There about there there actually be most fruitful side ever seen. I'm gonna see that she split their. I'd use the back you're treated poorly. Who's backfield Foxboro netted cheese melted down and Gonzales men are back with current moment and I gained back to their old stadium and after the couple games up there in the fans there exists. They're a beer liberal of their own team. But they put people just beat this feature. They were planning. He's East Coast got to feel too late. East Coast is different than from the old Minnesota and uses that bit on the east goals these go out into New York East Coast it's just about in the DC. And third actually. Knew him long commutes to work. You know they dual traffic in the crowd guerrillas and Alabama she's angry at the watch games an hour later at the some talk out of them build those as well as a political teams that are related ten beacon to be a little more. Educated on the east. A very big girl from the East Coast experience Niedermayer took pacers fan I I know she's very she's at the East Coast attitude. It is very difficult to deal with that. Earliest it's like we talk about reason we're different animal mr. bully you. Is she thought the reason. In a lot of people from the East Coast well put it this way our big leaders that his wife is as two of the reason you can't reason. McGee's story went back home where she from she's from the Providence were. In Iowa to a sport you like said the person that the cash register. To take you very much opium and ninth day. You should issue. As we urge them. At Sony what I did was wrong. Hughes when you were being that I would give dale is yeah. Yeah and for. The people she was. Actually said. Today I give a good day it like actually. It's it was OK because they're just. Heated up there until he's no different and they're just so excited about the team. And we get the vikings in the open their field well from the term Minnesota nines. They're the for at least people. Thirst. If your flat Tyre toward the chiefs Jersey and they were playing the vikings in the Super Bowl the vikings don't they would change your tire Ford. And probably offer you some cheese and some beer. As I get older I do assault to win it Tom says deal with packer fans to. Our music packer fan I would I would have to allegedly. Did go into the vikings fans of the bad experience in the games in limbo even though they're the biggest rival. I would assume the green leafy greens are practically pretty nice like a bar. By his latest we did you root homebody. He's alliance for him and he's gonna. He's a Packers being. The ins in first. First. He explains that in fact is that the work they're burned just takes everything out well this report. I'm pretty sure burns a line of credit with the vessel now. It's everything about the at a well wicked as the guy that would ever county runs through reason he's there to put Akron and it is the guy that goes did you feel all the huge bet they had comes here in the royals again. Space port that's that guy actually from speaks to his roots. Full full full record I've seen Josh burn your multiple times. In a Green Bay Packers polo shirts I had never seen him in the polls and incidently it gives free shouldn't be out of there is still way. That matter he's more aligns him so he says I could be wrong but I think that's worth. Your. He's more Packers and lions. He's not a fan anybody's respect. That's that's is a budget and as that is BS does he loves the red wings. Obviously one of my favorite things you do with would you like hey what's your opinion but it retarded like. All its Europe and I lines in baseball I think he doesn't because he covers baseball's who's going to be ambivalent too little things you know. Everybody's everybody he covers the sport he's been real about Ambien preamble. But football. I told Nexus One were absolutely overlooking. China comes to your odds of resigning in Kansas City would get to that. Boom studio sixty and Sports Radio. And for. This the first time I've ever seen Scott Bernard seawall this. I know he was then how would like DOC and under the load of them and I know. People Atlantic Laguna yoga with KDD's have a bit. Flexibility Osce and it blossomed and signals of you know he streets are here. On the Missouri side is they fear the programs like that and that's. Our mangan out here. Are you look at things pick fights something though would your reaction to a from the went six no way me and host Minnesota sucks in my experience there I. I did not like hospitality of north. What. The term Minnesota nice is that the thing in this little pins. You see this what what does not as a slate it was a David TCF bank stadium in my seized here and I had a great experience. It's easy if you omitted when I'm shocked he never carried an action would you think so the well again there's no it usually minnesotans you can hear some kind of Minnesota and I don't think. Do you have another example helps. Frost on the north side of Minneapolis he. Testing talk new England and Selig or Keisel so yeah khakis you billions khakis and elect khakis bullies they interview her before. They say morsels us. They're berries for us. They don't like brutal force they do so light and there and I that avoids UB or Minnesota and remember walking towards him from boss he thought just like. Liquor tax it's do you have it here in your bag of tricks that it never I didn't figure this talented. On the every count and actually it's more had been in Julien none keep go I'm like limits that dunk my daily doing new Yorker I'm into and sold to the other people. But about what about a British guy. No not include the Jamaican birds were to make it attacked Irish one commercial and remodeling of the Jamaica and originated Tuesday. Might doom and yeah I took notes that people. We think is a large percent as garage and that's Jamaican right now and it's gonna do and it's gone. Outfitted me. Minnesota accidents in the light at a a little community there is some today. A surprise. Better deal which ousted in drama Yemen. But right near the beach. Auto Mars and our DU. You've got interesting theory on. Something connected the. I guess. Say it's in the way the air content deal but may be something that the world's could be thinking about this attached to the air announced a long term. Jim Flanagan just hooted out a few minutes ago from a in will be dot com there's. It says headliners part of draws flattering comparison stuff. Royals 2017. For from pig named number 41 base prospect buy in will be pipeline. C that's interesting. And it is interesting if you are tile these things are. His first base way to Pittsburgh defense. If you sign Hosmer for seven years. BA you have a guy now I don't know if you wanna move Prada I'm sure the guys that ought to include positions. But if you have the guys before prospect in baseball at his particular position. We could possibly be appeared in two years or so. With the thirteenth overall pick in the MLS. Super draft before they got there of forty Casey selects goalkeeper. Erika de. From Butler to. What do you know about Dick. First. In my view a full report out of there but at the. All down I can give me a second. Take your breath away. You only get Betty over areas the sixth and Dickens fighter. I'm. Always go to the pros. All you just follow sporting an hour. It burned as required. They've got listed. The bosses let's wide eyes and don't quite a government said the FCC didn't exist holds barred. Give us an attractive to detect. It. That all right you're you're it's not blood flow. And that's why it's a. Kudos. You'll Taylor. I it yet decrying manager okay. Which just is trying. So as Byron is a get together and yet it's. We have children and Mary just okay it's a dope for second are you to cut at a political and integrate. You who are being problem as you did that at the there's about not opera sleek. You'd think that how how fast the kid to get to the big leagues. Might affect. The terms of a deal for here. I don't know it's just piecing things together and look at things and they don't get this guy is one of those guys get excited about. But this is one of the guys who talk about when you're looking at the royals' future royals the mountain team how good they're going to be looked prospects of them. And I think this is certainly one of them. At least look forward to be it Hosmer and moves all these guys coming up. But if you have the top prospects in baseball. At first base position. And you give the guys have in your deal when you know you could have a future get a stop gap for a couple of years again I've been out on the street and Logan Morrison's. And then start him for three year deal until nick is ready to go and take over that position. Who knows what matters but when you see things like this you do see maybe some hope for the future if you didn't get the odds go out and there's other ways. If not obviously you trade I don't think they love. They drafted him press conference mayor Rudy Seanez got pretty good position probably so but. He's number four prospect that first base all of baseball. Some consider. In his defense disposed to be exceptional aid to it could affect how many years wanna trying to Yunel. You wanna extend to a did you bako said that we like to swing. Well he's approached the plate he's very good awareness of the strike zone very advanced for disease. He goes you know we don't like making comparisons Hosmer the book hello there but it's really eerie how similar they all go do it anyway when you look at them defensively. So they're making comparisons this guy. And how. Would going into and that's that's pretty interest. Arctic doubled up next we did to my top five John's basketball games of the week in in that we have a what happens for a scenario it will wanna get too. We're gets it next you know how much I loved it OK she's. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. And are being. And in the I. Being nice to me. He says to a thief. Needs Uga. You're basically the town's sixtieth portrait with that the title. Would he be at least it's a title. All of you don't need to be inspired. Bit different planet in wants to be an insider her. Contributor. Without medical Vinnie I'm just saying that to be slighted at Lebanon's an insider. Our. We have. It. Oh what happens first. Scenario that would be to any double minutes LaBroque quickly atlas with them my top five games of the weekend when he comes out basketball. And they do all include. The local team. We'll start Saturday 11 AM on ESP NU. The seventh ranked a team and Itochu Wichita State taking on Houston. What do things I'll look forward to tones which Allstate. Is a film like right now kind of frank camp has been. That kid that witness from Kansas. To which Allstate he's he's under which he bought the what a lot of people believe he was going to do. At what's Allstate. Mean eleven points a game at the good people thought he was gonna be a lot war. Of an impact player at the guard position that so they're facing Yusuf Heusen doubled since the scene has been. Pretty good and solid at home but what does he think bring it would it's looking. I bet you're Jessica's mind I'm not sure I'm not here because places like Kansas they overthrew. This has been better at home Kelvin Sampson his team. They need this victory they need this win that game 11 AME. SP NU. Publicist went to him leads which the state played right here for like school. Indeed majorities who's on the watch Lou it never heard of years ago. Missouri. Faces Texas in him. And this is the theory interesting game. In Texas Stadium needs is team. More than the story. Put on the flip side was always in a position where there way they're much better off in the conference in the SEC in Texas native to Texas Stadium. Is the biggest most underachieving team. In the entire SEC payment highly ranked. Are they got some bigs on their team on the roster and they haven't done a damn thing they've only won one game in the SEC so far. Missouri these to make sure. That reporter Donte'. In on. It your mind till that stay out of volatile because Texas Stadium size kid pulls in some problems that game tomorrow. Three. And you know we did hear that. On on on 980 team. Ian. On the Ayodhya. Number 24 TCU take it on T stay K state is coming off close. All they vehicle license it to be oklahomans ray young. And this thing with TCU. They all ranks. With their gonna have a tough time here in the in the second half of the season because right now the record is fourteen to four with the big news of the week is a Jalen Fisher. They're guard he's done for the year. With. Com with a knee injury so he's due to be done that game you can hear right here on sixth and Sports Radio. Tip is at 3 PM dean weighed Iran's been off the charts for today's date that's going to be the two really good game at Bramlet. Tomorrow afternoon the other totally games that are taking place Baylor. Builds into Allen fieldhouse this is not the typical Baylor team they have been smuggling the entire year yes they do have size. On what they've always had over the last couple Beers but I just don't see at the Seattle beat Kabila has decided not enough chances but then again. Kansas at times plays to the level of their competition. Baylor at Kansas. 5 PM. That game on yes the end in the final game. Then I'll mention him bring up is Florida the gators going to Kentucky. The eighteenth ranked team in the country seventh fifteen tip on ESPN at Kentucky is one of those programs are being. That. They have so that you respite. That you have to start of value waiting. The Kentucky Wildcats we talk about how much they can do and how to stand as they can do in the NCAA tournament. Right around the midway point. Because Kentucky seemed that we saw at the beginning of the year clearly. A drastically different a -- team down not they've gotten some other guys that filthy as some other guys back into the mix of those in my top five games of the weekend. The deathly checked out via. I think demos or games can be really good in the case say game should be give to tease you losing at a point guard Jalen Fisher that's going to be devastating for them for the second half of the season which was your favorite one. All of the of the five games all it'd have to be at least quarter burst into something to me that's. Lord is that a team has been in and not the rankings but best bet to me that's one of the better games of the week. All right we have a what happens or scenario that we wanted to bring out what happens Boris. The whales make the American League CBC series. For the chiefs. Make the AFC. Championship. Meet partially. I'm gonna have to go to cities I think that that she said more things in place. That are solidified. And there's a lot of question marks when it comes to the worlds we don't know have changed them back little pop bottles from the back. Of the free agents absolutely have to go to cease and I know that it sees. Probably gonna try to out patch homes next year and abused his torches quarterback. In the in the National Football League but I have to say that I think there's its ways or slip. Some difficulties it sounds like thirty. Aides are ridiculous and it sounds like it is actually football but we we asked this question back in 2013 and well member. And we said what happens first chiefs wanted to out of work almost unanimously use chiefs are. It just easier in the NFL tees were up running Indy Reid's here and they're here from the royals they win the World Series you know out of no lower. We have a lot of people century. I will go chiefs too because of one simple reason. If you're going AFC title game reviews deals via. You get to the divisional you do it good enough to get that by could have been written by the way to wind maybe of three things happened homes wins that. In you get to the AFC. Just that one win. In danger. And I think that searches it's much easier path for the chiefs do it in the royals but I have to go with that because the pictures. Now Smith was coming back QB starter. There be a much better question can you get the FC title game. Which have we seen Watson upgrading them based Opel my home my homes that's Hillary's just get that you don't there's a lot outside artistic chiefs getting that record getting their first round bye. Did the divisional round winning that one game getting in he's achieved should. Interest. Addressing. Isn't presidential race and also of course I'd that we have a seat if you would jets wolf millions winner you want to get the FC title game after 13 and thirteen lecture how many years do you think of that. Our duties than it. So in the next year. Yet it's good cheese and we asked this question 2013. It is almost unanimously cheeks. Because the situation there but it basically went in cheese is an easier at the do it can go 262 games. What are your first round getting the yes that it takes awhile wouldn't that wild card game that's to do. Il PS before you get fields yes. So I'd say that because that the royals probably look at it a good seven years before there. And at that level leagues became deals he has been becomes there but let's put it this way football team's turn themselves much faster than baseball. Baseball's kind of a process getting the 500. Getting into the playoffs it seems like it takes much longer I yeah it was Ted and I split. But it took want to get the sport around disagree with Padgett and you can turn it around football but but that's been the thing with it is the chiefs they just haven't been able to take the next step in. In my entire lifetime they've never been able to take that next step like you see them. Make it to a playoff game and then they just crap out in the first round. Well and they make it and they win the first from Houston and they who's in New England so I haven't taken and is a step forward like. We continue to win divisions we continue to make it to the playoffs which don't actually make progress. It is confusing to at least try to think about though because right now with the royals entering into a rebuilt like you're right if you would ask that question we did ask a question what 113. Once that chiefs chiefs unanimously well guess what. Wasn't right we were all there wrong. But the less you like they were that close to make in the institute who gained just beating the Steelers here Steelers didn't score what I tell you though after. After that she's playoff loss dome. You don't remember. I'm never picking the chiefs to win in the playoffs against a December reverse psychology I don't know there's nothing in his finest ever indicated it's gonna happen. I'm gonna go with the royals. Was like a noose on what he said in your head like Oates. No you told me that I wouldn't do that that I would always pick the chancellor told you know I'd give you an opportunity there you go out of my first opportunity suitable for she's alliance. The Detroit Lions. Temperatures is also 31 other teams aborted before the chief. Was a regular summer. Yes let me I'm sorry what is slipping. This Election Day and cool sporting Kansas and he just let me I am slip and I apologize. Sporting KC takes. Denver. He played at Denver. Defender midfielder Graham Smith. At pick number eighteen. All all she supported recap all the pics of four. With the thirteenth selection you know we'll get through it in the in the typical of thirteenth election they technical keeper. Eric Dick. Out of Rory went to school Butler Butler will go in the end because of ice there. What. Erica. They're going to be in goal this year and it number eighteen is taking wham Smith defender midfielder from Denver. We really kept together that are on it and yes we did Graeme Smith. I would hope so slowly and it. We got there we go to the wolves wolves will let us. We DOS into a little bit more research. All both these players to be part of the sixties was to expect is to open up in two minutes next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio.