01/19 - 1 pm - The Home Stretch

The Day Shift
Friday, January 19th

In the final hour of the show, the guys address the biggest controversy in Kansas City. Plus, NFL storylines for championship weekend & the Take 2 Before 2. 


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On six there's Sports Radio couple things. To mention one thing to mention in. I'm gonna bring a big issue between here and one site. Final I know Ryan's gonna time in office. Oh the the first thing though. Is it regardless of Tom break. He's not talk about. Kimberly Jones you have in a phone network we've solved Tom Brady wearing red multiple means he talks of media houses and I'm not talking about that is he confident he will play. We'll see. What do you think that scene saw that Tom Brady is not the starting quarterback for New England comes on. Zero thank you it. 0%. He's going to play Tex thing going a little bit of clarification mystics on nine when three sporting graphic and what rounds that was the first round thirteenth overall it. Some might call that a reach. I'm gonna reach for the things you want yes. We all know the sport went. Back up court. Roll man. All right the controversial thing. Bet I'll go ahead and mention. Because us all this on lots. On my Twitter timeline last night. Kansas City and were debating this in talking about this. Evils pizza. Taking Saint Louis style pizza Mason why yelled it's anger and anger potable water front they don't want hostility to the fact that people are gonna start talking about this excellent 69 threes he'll states. I saw C dot. Was talking about straight trash garbage want nothing to do with it many people. Here in Kansas City would like an important would we don't know we it would not deal with singles and anyway. Any real reason controversy of the two for two hours in order talking about amidst. You haven't Georgia and much props also salute your form this. Figured that would be my choice to be ordered by in the list when they were here on top of backing of the it beats him and me we don't you tablet deep loss for those who would that game and a war was brought Libya as we know what I'm gonna get on tonight and I don't know well. Eagles from the right I had not really when he first came out and beat that like add that in some restaurants here it is Saint Louis date beat it beat the man. All of a lot of people talking about just what delegates discussed these damn eagle one if you wanted to squares or whatever and just all the at all. Needling a sandwich it was a bad I don't know why everyone. Honestly we just alms and but the I think you hate because it's from. I think he's just Haiti confirms that obsolete. I would not always article myself a fan of being most beat however I used to work at via. The video store on Westport we had most pizza right next to us. And I used to treat free rentals and repeats all the time. The putting thing though I've never paid for most pizza but I've eaten on any occasion. Yeah that's fine big stand up for singles saying that it's funny. I think there's a lot of fake outrage because we actually go there just like in the city here's the putting thing about it. People know when they go eat ribs can bump under our tip because you look at the bridge you're reading the following email. Showing up for Saint Louis. AC barbecue joints mostly use cycle is now is you put in the you put edit their needs it even now just chomping down in the sand or hour and protectorate spear ribs or Saint Louis that removes a lot of barbecue joint use the single most cuts. For the ribs that's one thing about people's. The rigid but we're Saint Louis out. Got to dig at Kansas City. Did note I didn't know again I had no problem dream I dream beer from Saint Louis. It no problem like saint Louis blues eight cardinals in the global experience but as far as. This whole thing is Lou fake outrage. Win which house is what I'll say all this products before on this deal. Like the double what was the ravioli that don't even think so I'm currently. Israel and yet they're very eager to guide pretty decent territorial about. Withdraw those revealing which I've never had so I don't know uterine Pittsburgh you know you agree a deal. I've never had to Los Angeles the breading on NB until I am certain if you like ravioli was load of if it merit I mean I'm not I'm not went out to malls restaurants and ordering at. But I'd say it's. Been a big backs and one outsourcing Lewis up with a gay men and capable crew and here right. Executed barbecue place here in the Saint Louis style ribs. True storage and a big deal about it. I I didn't know a lot about cuts that but the more you find out more more restaurants or he's in Saint Louis I'll rip man eight look at the Tex right now there are people that are better. Now there are some people don't feel there's people fake outrage. And it keeps the darkness fell that like that beat the most pizza but the most part. It's about 75%. No. First in the woods. I've never had it could that was most and they were giving effect it's the same goals but that's OK right in Minneapolis they're based in Dallas humiliated I mean this is from Saint Louis. SAL's best galleries right but it was EP those found in Dallas. Would you like and that's what you probably. Think it's as good as it's on pizza there and skis and of course not because. Note that there are graphic and he's like man's thinking oh they're dropping in the but it's a bad. It's it's just pizza or. I mean I've. You stood up for last night so it. I've never. This outrage we have a leg ribs were by Saint Louis Alvarez we don't. There's only really one pizza I've had my life in light it was yeah just repeat that school lunch. It was the only woman in Daschle's people appeared what you glibly we'll bullet since that your little you know don't. Let don't let it's you don't talk about the fiesta pizza with like that the taco meat on and I that is stuff Serb schools I hated that. The lowest of low form. Edit the low that low that's disrespecting us where he's using it as always your goal is to loan know your team. As a dad now that you like like lighter Chris your items on the heavy and that receive them think you actually like that. Will give me Burton brings back some nice single guy like Chicago's the dish tomorrow that ultimately use cream cheese and I used profiled a week do you work as well we knew you would be if you want it York. I'm just say well the Yankees royals they think low blow but it's O. Say don't people love and uses the New York did you go to New York it's much different key city and Saint Louis. It's just like instantly. Generally as wrong with on the repeats hi. We're just. Toad you guys last night Twitter was blowing up on this the saucy doubtless we about it. I saw on toward Donald for Monty to start with tweet about bonds would tweet about evil speeds I've never had all these settle them. OK to feel the need to sell out. Your account for the when you've had an inspired editor let's look at the two for two hours of their it was with the talking about here. And nobody knows about you believes that aren't you green just work quicker well atlas. Amy if you were. Out at you it's your stock and it blasts away MRIs. It if you were drinking and he was PT. I eat at sober up a lot of weddings. Safe to eat something yards I thought. Not a late Eddie sober it's just eats it felt severe I'd give me a gritty shall we it's it's him and people accused diesel stay on anybody that tried to Eads after a lot after dropping. Everything. That. All O. A a well well. In this is that you take everything dirty did just that this lastly from on the eight once Asus is not true. Pizza is pizza Null or not all pizzas to a pizza. To stop here the first and only had 11 type of bad Pete and Alice fiesta pizza at school here's the first or 2 morning anything kids. People have pizza from where do you word name like Papa John's. Pizza. The debris from another place they won't like. We need to and it just that it's not like I'm serving something that you don't like this in like sushi it's just it was was Wallace of C. Just make an exit I've never anonymously on tape or not from I don't think kids love sushi. I've never had kids as who eats sushi. It's easily as your kid ever say agents believe he should I don't know what he's are never given as to associate before and not like it when fish. They fished it banner many more. Special wall catfish he hates everything from Minnesota. Catfish. He's now than you can ever do your kid projectors. Are a bit rise of the attempted really. Why are you or science does know or doc he's much shock because it's kids are like that. The EC settlement looks abnormal there shockingly my five year old son hasn't eaten catfish. Hitler would but honestly if Eagles came to Kansas City I would. Excellence and bite you in the fiesta Pete the comments were more fiesta pizza for you. What is fiesta beat today you don't remember it was. I think that's the PC term now I believe back in back in the day we what they were derogatory term for that pizza now. Yes the Rocco. Would people ought to be cited. Is in the NCAA term. In the midwest and Hillary are two people are responding in their ten year opener April while we've. In the course in the midwest region if it took place and install a second round match out of Kansas forces Mosul yes. You we all bond. I think one aren't that crazy because that the thieves probably earned it many. Which seed. They look for every story line is if the coach wants coach of the school. They look for that net years ago I think you look at the Kansas Wichita State in thinking about that possibility Giuliani kids something big would dukes they want ratings. Jill and artisan ESPN his latest practicality is is his brackets he has that possibility. Onto the updated this thing yesterday. Where he has Missouri is a ten seed Kansas has a two seed Andy meets it was sort of was upset Miami in the fourth round they would meet. In the second route Judah to go entered lose first reported at what you book but now let's be real artists. The fact that they mix. And played before the season for perky belief that absolutely is in the minds call all all the people on the committee. They see the interest debt gained garnered yoke is what you what they wanna do they wanna sell tickets Italy's venues have been doing a story line assertion that something they really look at when they look at these these sites. And make them attractive matchups to get people to buy the tickets for a in the proximity drug in the Wichita from Columbia in Lawrence. Yeah he will be all over that home run do. I think that there would absolutely be interest. It will be interesting though how much interest this time around is there's no Michael Porter. I think you still be interest is because of the school I mean what was an. Heard that ever was throwing out all not a real game albeit stupid the real game could be eroded and and they sell now have a paper view like I. Immediately L news dismiss bad because there are a lot of KU fans and some and you fans. Most for you and said they didn't like air when a real game doesn't matter anyway. And that if you lost pride in the way and well if you want to know fellows in matters and well that's what. Tickets sold out fast they set up a paper views of people would watch that there were plenty of interest and it. If it matters the second time around and please. Please don't NCAA title meta Missouri and up and their first round bomb this texture one with the committee he'd leave users. Kids it's argued it. Kidney ones that the same gather problem not a roll right on IB. Like with the committee due to. The community committee viewed as of us on the they did. Asked us. In the same reason that the NFL wanted Tom Brady and and and Ben Roethlisberger in the AFC championship game is. Exactly what you want is doing a Missouri key inches historic rivalry. August oh Westminster dump these guys together. And interest me oh and by the way one is refusing to play the other. So. Now that are right there's no good story there all speeders are all williams' first Kansas that they would always end of December. Speaking of stories we got a little story lines coming up next will the pacers beat polls. Would this Tom Brady injury would get the initial story lines that. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. I'm sure. And it was right there with today he says they have a message he calls. Is that led to avoid future. A C news producer and even those knocking my selection of chicken wings. School he giggles or just alleged incident when he. Mean we've knocked on my and you're both so I am Tuesday some chicken wings this. Fagen and where I want to hear your wings. It was bags in. PG refinement that ridiculous thing. Serra dish put up and articles like three or four different spots at five pound for Rio challenges for this. I don't read fast enough for being wrong talking immunity recruited. Was awesome just Lasalle Bank that a law won't go. So take some. I've been worried I think he's the first one we the he has some of them that are. He did it would hurt tank along and in and these foods don't work. Repainted Adam Richman retired from the new members who get the death. You're go to began a master is he with Aaliyah did the new guide how do eggs things he sees the new gave his neighbors who. Better back last week you read this thirteenth come bagel global whale. Who wants to eat them or read. All the bagel. Zoellick three and a half pounds but whose secret ballot cream cheese vehicle on the cream cheese sauce. They'll pounds of relief and dodged salmon in the Siemens will feel that while much cold hard it passed there's three guys in the I hosted to a initial story. I just two games left. AFC NFC championship game set for this weekend the Sunday. Am wondering what all this week and today we can regain its work on Saturday. It sells them like us we. Early gains God's Jacksonville visiting the patriots'. They thought it fueled by. Eagles are going to be the vikings. Few of you going around 520 locals imprisonment I do not smoke continually talk. It somewhat. We talked about a little bit today guys Vegas already pulling the pats and Jacksonville game off the board because of the looming injury to Tom ratings and. For the patriots be exposed for faking. A Tom Brady injury. I don't think so be it doesn't start to think there is something to this when he sort of at the press conference with two gloves on. I start to think that there may be alluded to it's it's him being a low. More injured than what I thought a couple days. Yeah me to be that this would be asking his friendship with him work and this is what they'd like to do but the fact that he's. That press and to the peach bluntly that have a quarterback actually practiced here we like he needs practice number eighty. I still think he'd do these links yes I think there's actually. Something to. Jacksonville. Like pressure what it would do you know films that when one behind Pittsburgh this year -- they get to the quarter that picture should be. Let's stick with that early game guys that horrible beats Tom Brady what does that do for Brady's legacy in the Jacksonville. When did you type this in Jacksonville still be going quarterback what. I'll draft that. I don't think this does to answer the first part I think this does nothing for Tom Brady's legacy I don't winner Luke and I and I know in terms of losing I don't think it damages his reputation. Coughlin has been known to be god has gotten the better of the patriots now I know he's cold scene but he's in the front he's he's probably helping with the blueprint on how to beat these could be evidence that I mean I'm dead serious but let. Everybody knows all bought Jacksonville's defense and what dear what they have the ability to do so is it Tom Brady saw sort I want the public not. I would. I would either but you know please Campbell into and that's what like Jack schools and save Ramsey. And I know every quarterback Heath virtually Jackson but there's two guys that really got rat would it would be maiming and bradys and put pressure on. At least we hear it digitally. Policemen getting pressure on the quarterback the swelling Jacksonville some of this game. Moreover first whistle. What was so we'll we'll quit. Let's listen to Jacksonville loses this game are you asking the question. Of is decimal going quarterback in the draft is I think is that the need to think about a court like regardless of what that guys like portals with the Super Bowl in the editing it. It's become as big priorities in his you have a quarterback did when does give one get I'm getting I'm get a new quarterback. Divorce I glance at and discovered that bad. It's not back let me explain myself but number one lake will always be Ian read that it's just it's been proved. Number two I don't think that was one that you can take the bet you would want. Back at all about wasn't in it boils that wasn't that disease could take. Because you always win furthermore. I do not wanna give him relate the power of the red bands in this game because last week. Dusty the dirty where wolf liked and decided to. Give you the power of the real bad and we saw that the vikings although they tried their best to get that game away. Still pulled out you know I'm not giving you the power to read that sleeping jackass and I curves no I think in south out of sort of like. Weird who viewed that he's enduring some weird power that we're like if you make a bet on something you will happen. It'll always turn out for him relate. There's something about you and smoked meats is just and could be. Makes things happen. It so yes tax plan I guess if you wanna say that scared I'm scared. Scared of losing 25 dollars and one lakes team walk away the Victor. Delicately to label it drops on Monday sparrow who. Some. So excited about it. Earn reminding me I need to go pull Paul Allen's call of that final interception by Brett Favre that's there. You only have a morals he foals are keen a matchup in the ass Super Bowl law actually. You're guaranteed to have at least one of those two guys on the Tennessee side consider ball a what would that mean. But the NFL if you get. A less than stellar. Quarterback. Is there any way there absolutely is a way I think Jackson has a shot now if bubbles from betting on the game I'm betting on win. But this Brady injury situation. Everybody's gonna be focused and met over the course of the next couple of days to see how will only gets and the other thing is. Managed decimals defense Nast. Drew Bennett with the nine point hurting no more no not not for New England. Wouldn't public would not be giving ten points to debt. I think that's who we're going to be talking about simple. Rules for skiing than world war is as old as you choose the storyline. A quick BC news breaking out of the NFL by the way out of chapter tweeting up and after an investigation the NFL term. But the raiders complied with the Rooney rule in their hiring of John Bruton and that that there will be no discipline. Go. Final four guys and I just wanna know what you think about this. What do you think would make the best Super Bowl match all the best ball match up will be New England sources the vikings because you. The goal of course is the best defense in the week. I'm with you daddy he thought they'd be covering the first. The vikings at their homes they don't they'd be big storyline deputy journalist he may actually play you know. Tom Brady can he do it again. That is who wore on opening for this the one that I think that we're definitely want you wanna see like his first Jackson miss and the defense life. Does anybody with a placebo like portals in the seat although. I'd make your voice portal mom. And all of her Jacksonville Jaguars always believe it until I'm sure she wants to see your board in the all. Policy bleed portals for weeks that Marty trophy and electoral your history and I don't want house. You know look at the girl right now on me fifties she still day amongst the living. Our name Suze who. Policy which Susie being the that us who's agreed. And I played B. Which is a bit arrogant. To deal. You sane. That's all I got three guys and go through and we. Mentally we double check to that fills. Yes. Two weeks removed. Is it makes you men and the whenever Friday ran for five hits national news. Like last week at a perfect time won't that be and yet a holiday. We've been perfect by a way I. I haven't gotten your official reaction from the kids yet I know your big fan Keeping Up with the Kardashians I don't know if you have to put this news is actually speak but I'm Jay in and the I've revealed the name of their new daughter. Chicago. And Chicago. We've been rather. Instant. Is it better than or at least he is doing too much and what's the other kids request use to want none of the other gonna go another cardinal direction. But southwest. Apiece. It. Regrets. Regrets who's going to be the first celebrity to sell naming rights to their child but like a big corporation gifted it. They've beaten that US bank US bank west. You're 39. Look to to look over here but but but but but but the you know I should've done that actually. Revenue of one of the by the naming rights going like that old study pizza McCaskey. Billion which tells you little Louis B a. All of and I until it updates. Is this a good idea or horrible one. We'll let you decide until you it is next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Not a formal yeah. A CR D'Amato regal he's that it did he slander people on this. Onto it you're not gonna you're not gonna be a fan of his last week of telling right now what else I'm knotty. Are ready to come home and you listed as over. Trip. Our own people around whether. It be suited to lead. Don't think all of us now. Fetus land it would of our favorites though. That today everybody on this still likes to eat the morning. So the stats. Well you see it when. You're not that yard. I mean that's our news maligned entity can be you do you pay knobs on the spurs. Bring your pin is wrong then and it. A good idea that I think this is the don't post and been quicker wrapped most of rappers delight. I don't know. Was to track back in today. No I was I had such popular vacation I was you'll know Brian let me to a not here now and like here recognized. Market yet. He says. He hasn't played a corner like I mean before. I think that that is a great idea. If I was the Jacksonville Jaguars. I would put in jail Ramsey own rot now I understand it that tila Ramsey is and as physically. He's he's he's got big hasn't aired theory in most safeties I told we get there. But. That's the go to guy you know the funny thing is about human ramseys that you bring him up. Steve Weitz miracle network tweets out jags quarterback geno and Ramsey said he noticed pats players trying to guess them up. Means give him praise give them hi Denise educated guess the project team is hard to get up put it thing here is. Like Jalen lights. Disrespect card but you love that Pittsburgh does that led the patriots are disrespecting. I think it's making the jags album at. The patriots are all given that operate almost all the team earlier we scrimmage with them they're good I think that's driving crazy yep the Steelers talking about. Playing the featured at the BB jaguars. It drove the patriots are given praise and I think it's driven crazy. They want that disrespect. They love that this respect I don't I think that the Jacksonville Jaguars are one of bill's. Teams that were possible to say about them. They liked to played the disrespect car. So if if you if you disrespect them you're feeding into what they want it even if he's still have a little bit respect this they'll decide that they can try to find a way to see you know not not wind up. Line it's like the royals would pursue clones and drive years ago when everybody was given praise. In the U Christian you guys love when people doubt you always they will find that one article does it in we'll talk about that who wins this game and why. In your opinion. Would make these these picks Allen who eat eggs in Gwinnett Cobb CB should I know you're going vikings but AFC. I think that the page against which this squeak squeak by Jacksonville I think they went 2117. I think it's gonna be is going to be a tough hard fought game but. I just ain't dead. Tom Brady's got enough. To get passes to. Obviously vendor to governor who jags 28. In features 44 because one thing the jags do that's the Kryptonite to the patriots. It's force put pressure on the quarterback and I do feel that if they're vulnerable. Think this is not in the lead defense that completely shuts teams are number with the cardinals scored 27 and at the end of the game Jimmy G of 44 on. Of course Pittsburgh with a 42 warm last week but I think they're gonna play enough pressure in those quarters are good enough booting Jalen Ramsey. But I think that did the Jacksonville and they finally scoring defense as well. The gore and jags 24. Teachers twenties he's be 128140. Torn Georgia I was yet NFC. I have the vikings. I just think the vikings ball lot. Why that defense. The defense for the vikings. In the fact that I don't even at full I don't know I look at the two quarterback situations. Mean they're both back up the habit to take over their team has Bradford was starting corner by humans had a longer track record. But I think -- more in sync with his players offensively. What a scene from the old the bulls there's a lot of confusion would that Philadelphia office especially the back that raiders game. I think Keenan has more in sync with this team I think the vikings go with the part of they understand the Super Bowl is at their home stadium and I think that's a motivation force. No team's ever gotten this far was that close in some bone vikings 24 Phillies fourteen. We talked this morning about this story about Thomas More stat the other part of from the dual saints. In the donations that now we're going his way. Off force foundation and he's gonna give money towards job Minnesota children's house. Because the vikings fans polled a Buffalo Bills into all this kind of cool trend that's going on the NFL with the opposing opinions. I'm the guy is they like the fact that he he hurt himself we gathered it up and came out there. At the end and they they respected that from an lined audio but look the vikings saints also and they respected. In more spent so that's what they're doing it and so he says is eligible once the money or all of that may be. Two on a Children's Hospital Minnesota's regular check. When they get to the silver ball and I think bill's mafia started all the way by doing that that should Bateman who abuse them but if it yup I see the chief do and that's what component they respect. But this is that kind of a trend or things are cool. So we're talking about the odd donation amount. As of yesterday was of the like 100000 dollars to ten years something's that yes what's that now this this just updated according to the star Tribune. Donates its rocket past 200 in two when he. Als. Forsake spotters their. Were they doing it because it's also where they respect the team. I don't know why everybody is. Giving me up beyond a donating is much is AR. Would you clearly there's the respect talk this. And I'm much better with that trend than eating tide pods. Thrown out there gentlemen in Minneapolis star Tribune the story yesterday is that a 100000. At a vikings Varian noticed more standards act of sportsmanship. In suggests that in the social website read it the purple faithful respond by donations and so they liked the sportsmanship involved. With more stat nick says and here to give discuss money. Ellen's even talked about it seats at those of us he talked about on her show yesterday. This is amazing the world needs more of this this. You watch owns new game show about it when I am not pretty. These other stories you never get tired of here. Where there's JJ watt in what he did. When he comes to want to hurricane it all these stories it's EU laws talking about into Los. What here's what happened. He hurting so does the hundred car. Here's what is so what he did was despite his injury more stayed try to back on the field to line up for the meaningless play the next point. Even though he's not part of the saints extra point so be. Goes out there anyway in sportsmanship a winning guys go out there he went down did it biking Spain's noticed this is that right. Gives testimony. That's also due 200 in 20000. Dollars. Off for the bomber but the punter as the border but the punter Forrest UT that's also. And the times Picayune New Orleans headed saint's honor. On the field goal for extra point attempt burst viking. They needed a body out there in he went out there were the torn rib cartilage and also biking experience all that they respect that. The biggest hit ever Tokyo and a and a full board game was. Aren't you overturn. At NC company astute just. Not to win streak I you boy went to breath. Say that the colts did say that to my teammates at his local to the sideline and laid down my first player ever high school for bulls freshman. Kick off. The other team the returner double compound rate. His legs is longer periods of play. League's program asks about gross is that take advantage over that's it'll run out of Burma right broken leg up when rats in Greg ball. Moore got your clothes and big. Mouth or gophers earn. Its manager ice can affect pinkie. It's a lot loudly through England's one that you are right that lends one. Oh yeah its debts and cut off that anger and it is open a pack of assorted fruit gusher. All Robert. Heard this yet. Despite a thermal. Our final say we'll get the Tate to afford to and then we've got the little guy in the Dow with an Oliver's face summit next to. You've got to always protect the knicks nuggets. The studio sixty instantly. And. But before the it was sitting there. I would. They open. By the way we do with Frontline. Critics she'll do it did you reach a satellite out this is not Rebecca black it's Miley Cyrus and and didn't ask you lastly who you guys. With a couple of games are you know with the Eagles. Eagles will soon. Another team's gonna choke. All I tell you talk to. Address these with the matchup was against people you don't like none eagle Jack's eyes once you have an Eagles and jets. But time for it Tom Brady went over there the guys are gonna sell you death as they're under very simple. Very well we'll do what and history has indicated they wouldn't quit then the numbers they're the number two seed I get that all our agencies whenever you see here. I must've missed that and artillery and run a Super Bowl get the night once the until winning the championship but that's cottage cheese for her to see evidence. I know. Phillies number one's seen him and if you missed my point. Phillies the number one C I get it yes Seoul. Exhibit a history of honestly you know. You know taking him on it last week York was emirates. Edwards by exit and I'm not gonna give you the the good juju are about and I'm gonna do. Dusty. A better place here what in the history of the Minnesota Vikings would indicate to you babe wouldn't choke. Will be ready by it was just a day. I I. I don't you're trying to get the good YouTube on your side as soon as I told you every time I make a brick bat with you something miraculous happens. This one you don't really be yourself you. You sell your Mandarin better dusty and something happened that they have called a miracle. If it took them. Let's miracle. Was because you're damn ribs. Our soldiers who was just embedded June that was it I'm not put that voodoo on Doug EP give me give you chance to be great one day. I'm not putting that voodoo on Doug BP is just not that. I'm beat that Aston. Social after they went on Sunday. And they face the pace in the Super Bowl did you degraded it won't men who were mine when they spaced pages and so global integrated pretty Eagles. The other vikings a I don't happen because they're gonna trip this week. Eight important and. You're right in Iowa or anybody that you. Distill that are important for him anyway and just to be expected. But the thing that's one thing it does stuff about this weekend games. It's clear as we sit they're going Spiegel he was going to be Doug Peterson. Former chiefs assistant. With the quarterback it was the back of quarterback and he's sitting next okay. Creating Reid's offensive coordinator but he finally lit cool place just the half. Back when fatigued and needed her comeback. Is coaching in the C title game where. Nick vols quarterback to back here got sound strange but that's the reality. In the publicity about every. He's a winner worries gone one until you've got to simple fortified years view is that in the playoffs. But the one thing at this and is that imagination. Someone helped pushing to get over the top listening to your system see would they have off. Obviously Doug Peterson was a good coach you probably should have been called plays. But all that is offensive coordinator in Kansas City yet even read The Who have. Who knows exactly how they divided it up. Would appear that kind of creativity. Why did he do it did you find out that that Peterson hasn't analytics guys. It is headset on fourth down which is really it being given in the percentage of what did you do clock management things that I think in helping me read X peninsula. Maybe Reid have one it was but we need some of that which will come here we are on Friday that a Bob Sutton. It was job this port the games this weekend quarterback matchups on Mac Helen at all. But think it's actually more fun as the game is actually more about schemes than it is the quarterback whoever that the quarterback's throwing. In this quarterback because when I mean look like me who it is not about you in the old little it is about them being. That's what I like the biking and defense and the warriors. In the NFC and I think Jacksonville. As few things on the side. One of them stay with Tom Coughlin who's in the front office but he knows how to beat the New England Patriots why is he didn't twice in the biggest games of the year. In the soup and wore the defense. Gifted come brilliant round that could yeah. I believe how excited we ask. Headlines but the very disappointing game and what else do you. Just because it's. You know Dane Andrea. Rooting for this city team is supporting the team some. He no holds how much does this mean. Well yet still he is going to Philadelphia. Eagles sand dunes one thing we're doing. Ryan is slow me. Four year it's like to bully me for years and now all of a sudden. He wants to. Hop on the bandwagon Philadelphia Eagles about. What you know I am. Not gonna. It's all it's come Sunday. Evening. Sunday night. Officially when the game is over. Yes by executed a much insight and no it's not gonna come down to. A mystic as much as you address when they are they wish to make it through drugs they lose you don't feel of this now will be drawn. I'll be right here on Monday. Look right behind us off its rate. Scratch homey. All the trash talking give him. Snap goods are all just pick. Well also buys out all you want and can be tied or play an apples and vote no on Monday. If they would capitals still did not animals somewhat concerned about it. The sake it would take that I have as it regards jewel in the prostitute the young man from making all our game and a everybody's talking involved. She. What now he is an all star. Everybody knows his name Rihanna that's also an art. Now he's getting sued his body every other celebrity superstar out there. Passed on to. This kid. It Witten ribs but don't bet they'll. The positive vibes from Rutherford won efforts and tell yourself that. It will be eight next week. It doesn't migrants and promptly did not are you wanna do it toasted ravioli Vietnam now now. That the Saint Louis style ribs in order to. It's just. We'll see you well on Monday action but all I wanna hear about what happened to the other idea I think you miss the season and hit them like that. Have a good weekend. That's U2. What are you Monday they see of him but what you. So. But by.