01/18 6a - Big12, Pats on Chiefs, Welch Wants a CB, Royals Prediction

Fescoe In The Morning
Thursday, January 18th

The Big12 looks a lot different than a week ago plus Mizzou gets a big win over Tennessee, audio of Pats OC Josh McDaniels on the Chiefs collapse, Welch wants a former local star plus a prediction piece on where the Royals free agents will land 


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I'm on college basketball was going to be from January to the end of February it plots that. Big twelve race with all of these teams involved nobody pulling away now once you can point do it adds I. All he's strong squall lines. Do if you look at who watch and enjoy throughout the stretch to find out who would become the big twelve champion. Well just like decade using sole possession of the big twelve and it looks like it's gonna be the same old same old with a lack of excitement down the stretch where I. I think he's able holes or so yeah yeah I will provide gambling advice much but we do what I'm against other than Specter and his is terrible but you saw it coming a mile away at your real games like we said yesterday right at this time as factories at Texas Tech is gonna go to Austin and they're is that they're gonna lose to Texas and at this time tomorrow Kansas will have a 88 lead all by themselves of the top of the Big 12 Conference and and I watched because where they tipped off Monday right right. Monday. It was a for a time it was a four way Thom yes now Kansas is in sole possession here Thursday now right. Sole possession for well late Wednesday night I watched the added that Texas Texas Tech game last night right from the start I mean if it goes is predicted every year with this Kansas basketball thing and that's why will we did the the whole look in the Kansas basketball skin a few years ago Josh Kennedy don't we still have that I mean it's to a tee every year the same thing happens it's very very very very easy. To predict this thing and and last night Texas Tech analysts and walking buzz saw on Austin because they weren't. But you do they were gonna lose that game you just knew they were gonna lose that basketball game because that's how things work in the Big 12 Conference. At this time a year now were in the middle league play a third of the way through whatever it is and kansas' RD separated themselves from everybody Yeltsin I do enjoy the standings in the Big 12 Conference because Kansas is number one any of Texas Tech West Virginia and Oklahoma. Kansas is ranked tenth they're in first place Texas Tech is ranked eighth there in second place west Virginia's ranks sixth there in third place. And Oklahoma's ranks fourth in the nation in their fourth place in the Big 12 Conference so it doesn't leaving gul in order. Of of how they are ranked nationally. How this team are how this league is starting to shape up already and Kansas right now is in the driver seat and we all knew they eventually would be in the driver's seat. I didn't dole would be this early in the season especially after that opening night loss to Texas Tech he thought wow this could be the year may be somebody gives Kansas a little bit of a challenge but only a third of the way through they only have a one game lead. But we're starting to see what we see every year Kansas starts to assert it's dominance over this leaked and when you win on the road like Kansas date in West Virginia. Now you're looking at somebody must try to heat to back and try to win it Allen fieldhouse and as we know. Regardless of what's happened this year it's still a very very tough venue to play and West Virginia is always spoke out about it as well as Kansas State everybody else who rolls it up. Agassi at the laughter that is only a third of the way through so there's still plenty of odd time but. How could you not here. Anybody else in the Detroit are. Our kidney you can't hear you know again I am not without a crack at this thing and out entities these guys again that gap a site that we're tied we're chasing these guys again and that that's the the unbelievable thing is that wait a second at Kansas the alleged the worst team ever in the Bill Self error. It's got one game lead there sitting at 41 atop the big twelve and they've already had their toughest road test that they will face this year in in West Virginia. And they won that game and they won that basketball game and took care of business in Morgantown after being down sixteen that was. That was a big win for a lot of reasons is we talked about the other day but now you look at it going forward who's gonna beat Kansas where they get a slip up where they going to fall. Maybe it Oklahoma on Tuesday night for the Super Tuesday game. But other than that you're looking at the scheduled you're going. It's got the buzz saw West Virginia and there's not many opportunities now where you can look at it they have a legit shot of losing on the road. Read the other side of the state lying to an appeared a few minutes on fast go in the morning I'm Mike well with Bob passcodes just going there and producers David Spector. But when it comes to Kansas. Yet we've seen the movie before but the number one thing you always ask yourself is they still plan now field house. Is they still played outfield house. That everybody who wants to win the big twelve pass to somehow win there that's right more than likely as they used to get a completely fall part of the road. Which is adds that the possibility but with the way they've played Allen field house. Trying to make up games even if it is just January 18 were half a third of the way through the conference schedule college basketball. You should know that everybody is gonna have to go through. Allen fieldhouse to try to get anywhere close that big twelve cards that big twelve crown and that's what makes you believe the Kansas already has walked well. And I'll I'll relate to something that everybody can understand whether your college basketball fan or not. In sports when you lose the beginning part of the season you say it's early right all it's early we got plenty of time to come back from this. Cancer to the city royals' losing that first series up in Minnesota. They never really recovered from that over the course of the entire sees it it it really hurt them early the chiefs what early got those five straight wins to start the season. And they were able to kind of just sit back and pat themselves and take advantage of that five and oh start so yeah it's early and nothing is determined early but made you can do some separating from the pack. Act early and and that's really what Kansas is doing. If they hadn't beaten West Virginia on the road in that win on Monday night was against. I don't Baylor on the rotor or. Rumors Iowa State on the road or something like that you were so it probably still got to go to Morgantown they haven't won there since 2013. There's no chance you know that they can win in Morgantown they never do. They wanted to Morgantown and got that win and that besides Allen fieldhouse in Lawrence has become the toughest spot the play in the big twelve conference on the road. And Kansas already got backing matador system so I mean and if you think they're gonna go to Texas Tech and lose down there after losing at large that you think bill sells gonna have revenge on his breath when he goes down the Lubbock and a couple of weeks. They're gonna get that win down there as well and so they're sitting at or one it is technically early but we've seen teams who win the league's early we've seen teams lose early and not be able to recover right here in Kansas City 27 team we saw. Well we saw that the jayhawks lose somewhat early. Right last in this season and a lot of people started jump off the band Wagoner he was all over in the drive with Fannie and C dot. Well they got our own because they had some K you mean sweets. And angry responses on FaceBook. That Tesco and hiring a red at. And this was from winning KU fans started melting down after a couple losses are. And reaching 5950 on Twitter and there's no way it. Oh the big twelve this one out right this year there's gonna be at least food teams share in the title. At for the glory and downed sixty K state for less than a minute left in the first got to be a long disappointing season. Adds that Newcomb on Twitter big twelve streak is over this year. It was a fun ride. B new new. Chase you and trash this year. How underscore partly on Twitter and hey you changed socks. Bound to happen eventually. Disappointing. Nonetheless. At every step of writing can use Sox I'm not really sure how a program of this caliber is forced to trot out this disaster of a lineup. Also Billy Preston isn't going to fix this all I know is we have some garbage player scooping up appellate minutes from actually underscore O'Brien on Twitter. Hash tag rock chalk jayhawk. God this team is getting kill me before this year is where. Thank KUB ball. At Al underscore Conway. And this take you team's socks bound to happen eventually disappointing nonetheless. For Jeremy on FaceBook. Bill Self is a more homers miracle banked a three point oh away from BD AB reed of college basketball. It faking emotion. Second I think you moved. Hash tag food for thought Payton on FaceBook says. I know we could look so different any game out. But this team is trash as it stands no toughness that shot selection lack of effort and die by the three. Just terrible as of now street games this year. Format on FaceBook. This is awful they need to do better than fourteenth straight but in order form. Weigh all caps because I mean speech. Adds. Taylor on FaceBook bully nobody has been and and disappointment. Or Reid's what were you expecting a new big news here that brought. Facts do you view it this far off. I'm Premier League human like your expectations. Are high that's like some cheese it like Orson Charles that is why this year. We do get asked why is there is a lot knew what should his well I didn't hit back at drops everything are you amazed I mean there's no question about that back Sox. But I like your take it your your anger at a small leak Newman to think anybody was talking about going into this season and show some leg is like a guide to edge gives us have been great if he doesn't. You were counting on it anyway I mean my god. We're definitely Newman on Twitter and FaceBook it is funny to to see how many people were jumping ship it now now he's a third of the way through conference play in case you. Sits in sole possession of first place in the Big 12 Conference and asked the toughest part of these guys yeah they really have an image elements he gets easier from here because I think that Oklahoma game on Tuesday night is going to be a very very interesting one of course Baylor is coming and Allen field thousand any teams not really Nazis by Baylor mailed bill whatever they'll go out there and play they don't get you know. Scared by the Allen fieldhouse on troll like I think Bruce Weber in case state it scared by the Allen fieldhouse mine are healthy avoid that video out at a ideally the video thing is crazy like he's got to avoid that Ming right and they hopped in the hallway again on I got Saddam a mine messed with the Kansas fans in the theater buyers that it is that there are scared or anything like that so yeah I mean it's just it here we sit here we sit in the middle of January and it's Kansas basketball sitting on top of the Big 12 Conference with a one game lead over everybody else in the in in the conference. The big twelve to the. SEC. Tigers this guy up here tonight. They have to do three phone company. I've started slowly. That's the biggest of the ball game you know. 5343. Missouri 629. To go. Resume help on the beat number two among number 21 hint is Tennessee is yet to be numbered one through Clinton Tennessee 5955. It. An impressive winning clean you're tweeting about. I love console mart now you you're stealing my thunder Gallup banks that probably the right Michael I don't shyness around the floor. He's in a follow up three club. And Missouri went. Up three. Putted it down a five seconds and then a foul the rent a three point shot that misses two free throws. Missouri its value as the other and hits two free throws ices game out a winner yes good job like outlook on the sound I love to follow up follow up three now what's made it is how you teams do by now that I understand like coach you don't trust they're they're guys do executed because they're afraid to get us out behind the line when he shooting but. They get the foul 'cause of arts clapping like good job good job you didn't you didn't do with you know fourteen seconds left. Electorate down about five seconds and then they file. Out nicely done like it was Amare you know I did did have ten point lead to cattle tenuous there down the stretch but. That's that's a huge win for four Missouri first woodie it's a ranked opponent since when he thirteen. I mean this is the team that I don't guys. Would know. Michael Porter they're completely over achieving right now yeah and it's great it's great to see and it it it's. It in year one to be doing is putting themselves and a great spot for the NC term well they are. And I think we you have to look at you know you mentioned the first trying to win since 2013 added that to me doesn't matter. What matters to me is held on after the Arkansas and Florida debacle really had opportunities to win those games and he didn't finish as we always like to talk about sports you gotta finish. Missouri was able to finish yesterday and and they were able to close it out and Izzy marquee win not because of since it's been to when he thirteenth. But it's over ranked opponent this year and it's a good resonate win for them and you could look at this and say now of Michael Porter junior does come back I don't know if that's ever happened but you've got this nice marquee win already under your belt it strengthens your resume. As you move down maligning get set for the NCAA tournament I thought it was very humorous of Rick Barnes after the game to talk about the SEC. Being the best league in college basketball and Mike. Every coach in every conference says there are league is the best league. In college basketball I know everybody wants to carry the water but we see that more in college basketball that we do you would in any other sport like whatever they are out of your league Italian league frank Martin's idea gets the best sleep in college basketball every big twelve coach says that now we see it from the SEC and hell cares what league is best right now it's January we don't know what league is best every team is good teams every team every league Hazmat teams. And all play itself out I think in the NCAA term whoever has the most standing are the ones that are left but that that's just a nice win by the Missouri time. These guys not just about Missouri. Over achieving its about Collins a Morton over cheating because they knock on console is that he always under achieves his talent area every year that's their evil when he came to Missouri the number one thing was great recruiter yet brings in those. Does that doesn't close never closed and they always under achieve their talent level and flip the script right now Missouri. I'd chiefs fans chased it through a lot this January but this one takes that sucked cake. Here next. His bid for a lot. As as did this month it's been a tough month as is normally expertise fans in the interior January's a little bit harsh. But I'm just the game be read error odd ball about a good maybe read you know little jab there but like every error for the injury air we make it to. Do okay yeah corrected it to the early to mid ninety's remembering that while there if you lose. United in January generate sucks to be it she satisfied JUS is a chart a little sting out of that the he's had his moments but it and the only one you know nobody gets you to January and then your markets ripped out and normally you're just checked out and angry November December which would you rather get to January and yeah yeah I would every time average everyday you got a chance he really do have a chance you know. But this is tough. This will be tough to hear Josh McDaniels the offensive coordinator the New England Patriots was talking to Tom Brady as the patriots took a week. Over the Tennessee Titans. Okay. Audio is super claim but it's Josh McDaniels. Using Kansas City is an example saying hey they were in the same position last week we can't take a foot off the gas pedal you know like the chiefs dead now. Every have to finish these guys off the top break. Is that how Tom Brady sounds and it. This added that I just thought what punch in the gut screw you mcdaniels. Yeah it was one of those that you kind of have just say well man they're they're they're taking what Kansas City bid and using it in their game against the Tennessee Titans but I've got to be honest I'd be doing the exact same thing if I was ever remember Kansas City was up 21 to three. In their game we cannot take the foot off the gas and and if you think like they're just going out there and making that stuff up that's not true Al Wilson admitted to. Our foot off the gas and point nine period we got we we got we got in again. So that's Al Wilson talking about it after the game. After they lost in the Tennessee Titans we took our foot off the gas and it reminded me of the conversation fills that we had yesterday about Andy Reid we gave them his post season check out remember we we played doctor Jesse Reid yesterday. And gave his postseason check up and I think Specter the first question you asked was how do you grade or how do you rate Andy Reid's. You know kind of control of the locker room and all of that kind of stuff we thought about it I think I gave me to admit I don't know job maybe zero and I remember my weak middle of the road I think I let him live yeah you must know he gave the minute -- from well I like the suspension for more is Peters put a lot of things in the right direction Brooke. Aside from that. One move right it feels like there's mother issue and and clearly we're seeing right here with the with the eagle finish much I mean I think if a coach has the control all over the team over all in big picture control over the team. You'll understand that you've got to play from whistle to whistle when you've got to play all sixty minutes of the game. And the chiefs did not do eight they did they took their foot off the gas as Albert Wilson said there and in the second half. And that's you know you start to see a pattern here of why Andy Reid doesn't have success in the month of January and why guys like Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels and Tom Brady in the New England Patriots do. Their date they've got what six Super Bowl wins right they've been there eight Super Bowls or whatever it's been for them the probably gonna go to another one this year. And you're still would have been seven and 575. Deaths and invited to this guy and I don't my god awful sorry this year would be 86 or seven and five Bob Bob Bob tells her attorneys rattle announced that it's it's going to be that bad and it's happening we don't know it is. And so you've you've you've you've got bad situation where they billionaire they won five Super Bowls they've been to seven of them. And Tom Brady's forty years old and he still on the sideline screaming and yelling firing his guys up you still of the offensive coordinator basically talking to the team like they're a bunch of high school kids because that's what that is. That keeps foot on the gas got to keep your foot on the gas like. That's that's supposed to be something you hear NFL coaches say but you see why New England is able to do this and win games and Andy Reid sitting at all taking it out of as well. And Andy Reid does this to us every week as the media right when he's answering questions that are our guys knows a joint right. Do they may date Beno NATO our due date they they they understated or Stan dude we have we have we have. Pros and our run in her locker room they'd been edited they they knows situated so you wondered out today due date. Do they desperately to beg for because they need a Josh McDaniels on the sidelines going all very high school on you know gas and talk radio. And they would have the yelling that Tom Brady was due. You know they beat the high pitched Peter Brady squeal that he had on the sidelines. You're you sound like that was at present yeah exactly that's exactly how our DN yeah. Knows that Tom Brady on the sidelines but you know it works in and maybe if Alex Smith and Andy Reid the two so called leaders of this organization have a little. And in the offensive coordinator Josh Beckett is -- Jacqui you seek get into some guys' faces on the sidelines in some of that video baby if they had that same emotion on the sidelines maybe it would kept guys up at that level because the worst thing that happened in that game for the chiefs to meet was halftime they were up 21 to three they are playing great football they went into that locker room and they went. And that's where you've got to keep these guys up that's part of coaching as well keep in dudes fired up in the lock key to that adrenaline flow of keeping guys ready guide we haven't done anything yet what what it's who cares we still got second half of we need to keep the foot on the gas and we need to go in Canada it's still approach like he has on the sidelines but that's still approach clearly did not work in the post season for these guys and while he says we got this we got this you have to wonder. Do you really. Do we really got this when you see those guys who have won five Super Bowl still acting like it's the first Utley never had a big lead a playoff game before that was very eye opening for me well Leah patriot. Can thank the chiefs for a earn some extra motivation lastly. Do you try to take what the page user doing. In this clip and then. Do that as the chief staff because Andy Reid wants to Delhi jail right yeah looks to his players to be leaders that's why would any says. We got they go to jail when they know it is we have strong leadership in his locker room and all that like. I'll put this out there you don't have a leader in that locker room save for maybe Eric Berry was a stronger leader than Tom Brady or or even close to being near Tom radius or do you Tom Brady's level of leadership at five super lower priced. Giving it back when he started winning Super Bowls dig the players on the field that you don't look the same though they were not even in high school might that they've they've like kids out there by comparison. So we knew bring them back had a cash hey that's still a guy that needs motivation that's still a guy who means Josh McDaniels bring you know pay. We keep the foot on the gas pedal don't let up on these guys don't do what city did. If it tell me that Tom Brady needs somebody in his ear talent that but nobody on the teams does. I think you're a liar. I think you are too and and that's what it takes you know you you your players to handle the situation in delegation is fantastic. But every once in awhile and you have to be the leader of that organization you have to get in guys' faces and you have to keep guys fired up on the sidelines. Being a head coach is as much about being a cheerleader in a motive either as it is is calling the plays and that's why I think sometimes we talk about Andy Reid calling the place. This is the stuff of the head coach that gets lost where are you on the sidelines getting your guys fired up you need to be a motive either on that sideline that George job on game day is to keep people moving in the right direction to keep people fired up and keep people go in and keep people on the right mindset. Not worried about what place coming in to replace. That's where you get that lost that's what you're missing with Andy Reid on the sidelines when he's calling place at the end of that I still -- -- you Josh Reed Daniel vettori Schechter I poll that still screwed us it just tells -- failures abroad apathy and yes he shows you five -- up idolizing shows its failed tenure in Denver that's exactly right is that fake news is number twelve of the fake news chart yes that's a number thirteen no there's only eleven. And there's now I was eleventh there's only eleven of them a fake news or guests sought out though number eleven as the last one and number eleven estate news that they were twelfth. He ran out of steam. But the number number eleven was the Russian collusion. Confusion. Is the greatest hoax perpetrated on the American people ever. Since when Alamo organizing friends. Just coming up at ten minutes tech slide 69306. Any topic to discuss thrown out there will dive in it but any array the issue once. Also bears what player available in free agency this year chiefs fans should have their hearts set. They do next. South Carolina and Oklahoma and Arizona. And like Nevada and New Mexico we're gonna California sent back. Do you have to go to South Dakota and Oregon and wasn't that it's. No. Yeah. Few minutes that's like 69306. Any topic you want discussed brought out there. The Walt died and at. One of the biggest things going into this off season is gonna be free agency for the chiefs because as they trade Alex that the maybe get rid of some other players some. What you would call probably dead weight to free up some money. And one of the guys this will be in the free agent pool is it had a underrated and people around Kansas City know pretty well as for Missouri tiger EJ gains. How about CEJ gains come to the Kansas City Chiefs because they wouldn't have to pay him some massive amount like shut down quarter. And that would solidify your number two quarterback position by the idea good. Addition to it to this ball club if they are able to go out there again I'm always very hesitant in free agency go in the NFL because they've seen it not work I mean I ECD's dot or at all. In the National Football League but if you're gonna use in this instance. But if you're gonna use it to supplement your roster as opposed to build your roster and you're gonna bring in a guide your account and had to be your number two at a certain spot. I'm all about using free agency this way and I think that's the way that the chiefs need to utilize free agency because. But the limited draft picks that they currently have right now you're not going to be able to replace everybody in the draft so you are gonna have to supplement a little bit. And the chiefs really have a utilize free agency all that much since Andy Reid took golf an M and II I'm I'm a big believer that I really like that that mode of operation paid we needed a wide receiver we went around that chairman Mac we needed a run stopper we got that they're rude or whatever that guy's name was in Philadelphia we needed a Indian Ocean Bennie Logan yet we needed as a defensive back maybe we go out and sign EJ gains or something like that. I like it in the supplemental role but if you're using free agency in the NFL to try to build your roster. You're going about it all wrong and it's fool's gold really but in this instance Mike I'm with the I liked this move a lot that he can help this is a one. Easy to sell right local guy right ourselves fans love that kind of stuff to absolutely I think even I had him errors I like I loved him at the zoo and then I was jealous when he moves to the rams like. I I've always admired EJ gains so I would I would do that RP yeah. Here's an interesting stat EJ games of course traded at the Buffalo Bills this year and that sent a lock in straight. And it this year the bills when they started DJ games he was they were seven and three out as a way to did it start EJ gains or one in four. Now outlets I mean the numbers are the number of areas as they say he brings out the best in the defense and it's not always about how many interceptions you have or statistics and EJ gains if you look at the drinking a free agents of Tony eighteen he's ranked super high. But that also makes affordable yeah he's clearly good enough to make a strong impact him when you're talking about a team is from looking for and number two corner. Forever. You have one year of like John Smith Marcus Peters another that is been trying to find that number two corner. I think DJ Gaines makes a loss in these very less than ten million. If you paid out all the bonuses and stuff for for Revis yeah yeah and also on the list and thus entering a much better player at least when it's not gonna quit on you happily through a game. It's time to shouted out here on sixteen Sports Radio brought you by lady Jane haircuts for man I'll be at the location liberty on Saturday from ten in India we got twelve dollar haircuts of come on out in CS. Starting to figure out I am lactose intolerant. This will be down like it'll or sad I mean a lot of people develop that. It means he can't have built tees and all that stuff clearly they've created so many different things now. Where you can have gone Gary chi is that they beat the guy I cheese it's called it's like agencies. As the there's really good actually and it utilized them pizza you'll be okay so did either around. That's a nice alternative but still face but it's just we you can't meet theory. It is hard for Russia. And you don't feel bad for him I just learned that start in did not point to free survival the idiots who didn't. And give us the rest of the story gag TSE and on that point and sleep outside. Size is not a strong so he's going through your thick and it's not only did call employment right now what is it just because as you've probably heard Spencer all of closer Spencer and he he of course invented that store were you by what he listened to the mall Spencer's gift I was ever going to say this person probably was just. Here's my next to him if that's goto the ballot are what it was Charles and yeah. You don't expect her events are expensive for Spencer. Do you see now as cheap readers for your debit cards finally owning your trip down. Yeah that's it that's the thing they've been we'd have weighed on those had a little sign out of his hand the other like a year. Yeah but eventually everybody was gonna go to the chip Reid you're either gonna go to the champ. Richard held out longer than most good for them but eventually we knew it was gonna happen it takes it does a lot a lot so yeah. And also they don't need they won't let you do cash back I doubt cutie yeah which I which is good because it's beat you through light yet there's times Burma. You can cash and no Internet site. But they're they're playing its Martin's. Burnout from GA looks you should you achieved the sign another keynesian. Defensive back on now it's like games I would like to get rid of the other gains Billiton and go with PGA I would absolutely welcome back fills it's going to. His name isn't the issue it's the not being able to hurt your head around when the ball's coming at you problem that bill tends to deal just make jury's still worst when he threes that are but it does have. Bill Gates Jersey doesn't have to change at Trenton can do it that's good but the point yes but also cars. Plus colors are awesome. I mean I don't have one mostly because they can't afford to have. The muscle power to sleep what do what classifies the most important mustang yeah again I guess not just the regular one but like one where you get the big engine is. Adam I got to economize picture of him and I'm their minds up and ran a parking lot Johnson County the summer all those out. Those I'll stop by those under yeah Alex's death veterans day. Yeah yeah yeah and like cart thing it'll do when every year to death. Our you know our people get together and they'll have him that are on Friday or Saturday or whatever it is clearly aren't part it is those cars. There. They've built by people may not necessarily built thought like souped up. Indeed better buys the owners themselves there's a lot of pride and a lot of pride those things that. I just want to double stuffed Oreo clean stop with all of you. Where you Weaver's Lithia. There was one yesterday it was sitting out that are done little to the newsroom blog and hot and spicy or you know I saw. I saw the iPod worry invented and two yen has a ring on claiming that. Thank you Internet and it is that was my only took him from the Internet and that's yeah it's like a hot. Spicy and Willie and Brian I don't know down the Orioles and ultimately. The way one atop the singles stuff though. God do I do appreciate announced yeah it rated single stuff I saw some advertisement where they have the all this stuff. Where there's no talking whatsoever you're just getting this stuff and all that has got to have that because I don't really like the talk I saw it. When I played into it or you immediately goosebumps or whatever reason that I love back screen next in sign. Important question zero. My mouth. IDs. My ego like savage on its US dollar and don't twist on students there had been now attacks as though he twist on the collides your teeth in the white is a union EU. As a threat to pass athletic excellence has generated an exact Rotella. Stopped because I like to challenge myself how much every night and keep on the one cookie. It's a little things that it is. I guess this that could pull hours and I did twists and even as he hated twists I don't work for my food out on the same like that all you can meet peel and eat shrimp I love shrimp not interest at all you can eat crab legs no thank you I'm a fan of boneless wings know speedboats used. Right through. That you go to the old west. Yeah I am. I also loved you get a glass of milk but to Horry who's in the milk they sink to the bottom. The at all saw. And then you get like just the cream you get the chocolate in the milk. It's delicious yet time right now that you get the hospital walls. Orioles are shot and milk you know it's Charleston but you know it's gonna do equity you can continue eating horror warriors how big glass of milk wheat. I totally like classy talk about it idol that I yeah gave it acted out six ounce glass or 68 ounce class. That's shouted out and the more you know when it comes or those yeah. As MLB free agency gets closer and closer. And it is some kind of stalemate predictions are starting to come out find out who that one of those we'll sign after the key play next. Welcome back as fast guard boarded up quite well with Bob best coach Josh playing there and producers David Spector. Predictions coming up for free agency. It'll get through it's just a moment but he play first reported the key play the wind did. That term played eight start I I don't know yet we were just kind of debating that during the during the break because of what my kids Sydney yes I played today and whoever invented that term deserves to be beat because that is the worst horror. I think that that is out there right now we never called the bad now you never call that that might you know all the day's play was your friends I mean weeded them mommy setting a plea dates via Google calendar. The let everybody know and so and so is coming ill when they were going to there I mean when that we get organized play activity start to come about. About the time that people decided they had had everything structured. Maybe and everything has to be planned if you don't have every day planned 100% that you're somehow lose in life. Which case I think you're actually missing out on life though it ancestors and that's where it came from. Yeah organization the over schedules we we as kids were just don't go out complain we pushed out the door the doors locked behind the silk route to the fire alarm went off at 9 o'clock and it's someone to be in seats heated you went down he found a couple of neighbor kids you play I mean so I remember when asked immediately -- George factor UN mandate set up for you know it sounds like parents setting up played it the kids don't have France or something like that like that's not friends but their friends are busy they're busy so you have to find the time we're both and can get together because kids now have to have so much structure somewhat schedule. That they are allowed just kind of review the go and be like a mile and that and then people become adults and parents are figure out why they're so erotic and depressed all the time parents to visit be bothered right children having. And activities and activity there something objects planets into their lies it is it it's just absolutely ridiculous our key play last night Missouri with a big win. It. The political put out and that's and. That's actually that's the biggest of the ball game you know. 5343. Missouri 629. To go and. And they hang on to way over Tennessee their first ranked week since 2013. Key play brought you by Anthony plumbing heating and cool. Are on MLB free agency ES PM about the match game where they predicted where everyone in free agency will end up. An interesting point for the houses they would be getting Eric Foster and actually a pause going to the Red Sox. But the royals getting might loose dockets in this predictions that they say it seems unlikely the world's really want to move on from all their free agent talent. And they bring back what one of their free agents whose stock is might be the best pick for them at this point. More so because stock is has very little leverage considering how third baseman or distributed well among the contending teams right now. And it to your fellow contract allows and hit free agency one more time to still try to close on his prime. And in really cash in on it so. Also right next year he got to compete with Manny Machado and crashed thousands of it is I think a small two year deal in Kansas City. You get past next year's free agency which is full of great third baseman. On the year after that so it would make some sense at least with this argument to bring my stock is back to Kansas and that's. Interesting Mike because I didn't even really think about it in those terms signing a one year deal for Mike whose stock is is a dumb decision by Mike was stockings and a dumb decision by Scott Porsche because that's right Manny Machado adjust on considerable becoming free agents after next season. And regardless of what you think of those guys as people they are better baseball players and Mike stock there's no question about that would you rather have Donaldson or China or might we stocks I think if you're ranking is three. Moves is probably third on every single person's list. When it comes to those 33 baseman so then they would be foolish to signing one year deal for Michael stocks because the free agent money next year are you gonna tell me attempt of baseball's gonna be looking to upgrade at third base next you're probably not the case. So the logical move what the that net that makes sense that that ESPN article. To sign a two year deal as you might we stock is that you're not happy with the long term offers that your getting and then two seasons from now when 20/20 rolls around you can decide whether or not you wanna move on somewhere else or maybe like what's going on here in Kansas City. But I think a one year deal right now for my stock is as one of the worst things that he could possibly do based on next year's free agency. Here's the deal in the event for the royal tell you really resemble the royals perspective I was I was thing about yesterday because of all the talk was. Guys get fifty million or more to contract then the rails get a nice little draft pick that's right. We stock is in cain's looking like they're going to be fifty million dollar guys and now point certainly the way the market is bad no and I was like. I wanna get something for these so they want a way maybe its best certainly does come back and I am I asked the question lass and I am find out the answer this at. If he were come back on a one year deal because they did make a qualifying offer you should take it. But it more to come back and what your deal if he walks in the following year can it still circuit that pick if that's the case of Michael and maybe rolled the dice that way because I want to get something back to these guys leave and at this point. You know for for moose contain it doesn't look like the royals are gonna get much back to return itself. What is driving down might we stock this is value is that the type of season he just hat because it took him tell his contract season. For moves to become the kind of slog that we've been waiting for her come so we listen to people around Major League Baseball and around you know media and the content around the country. A lot of the drawback is well. He had a great year last year contract season yet if you give a big contract right now is that there's no guarantee he's really going to put forth the effort that he put forth and when he seventeen to have that career year. So teams are a little bit skittish to jump in I'll might whose stock is if he comes back with a two year deal the Kansas City what's years like he did in 2017. Then teams would. Probably be more willing to take a bigger chance on. Acting when you look at my we stocks I think there still are a lot of negatives from the outside world when you're negotiating a contract look when you go into a eight a negotiation as a player. When you go to arbitration or anything like that would your arguing over money with. You know that with the teams out there there always gonna have these negatives that stand out and are simply negatives about my stock has. He's not the shape I mean there's no question about that he's coming off that knee injury and then he's coming off the leg injury and back to back years had severe injuries that limited what he can do people will start to wonder does he have an issue was staying healthy now and ACL injury is a freak injury in the Rondo and injury obviously a freak injury that happened to him. But is health going to be an issue and when you're negotiating a contract. You're going to utilize anything that could potentially be in your favor and I think right now Mike whose stock has has the label of a guy who can't stay healthy a guy who may be a little overweight and not in the best shape. And is coming off a contract type of year so I understand why the market is very slow. For Mike who stock is right now just like it is slow for everybody else because baseball doesn't wanna spend and they surely don't wanna spend a lot of money on a guy that they think his injury prone maybe not the bad shape and is coming off a contract here those are three big sexual negatives that the rest of baseball could have on my stock ex. A positive for the royals news from the tax on a six and 306. So I move stock it's if you get a two year deal and things just let's say this year things just aren't working out Bruce is having a good year but the royals aren't sure. You could put him at the deadline for prospect go to that second year on his deal you can get better prospects back at the deadline. And even though trading for prospects at the deadline isn't always big you know give you the biggest return. It's better late and go elsewhere dating now it. Does when you have another year remaining on your contact if it's your eight end of the year guy if you were each rental like it Johnny Quaid deal or Ben Zobrist then you're not gonna get as much back in return for those guys as you would get back forgot it has a year are still plus remaining on his contract and if your if you're the Boston Red Sox let's use them as an example in your battling with the Yankees and it's nip and tuck. And you could use about like Mike whose stock is or glove like Mike was stocks of the deadly and you have him for another year. You're saying quote it for that because we have obviously more control over this player so that's a beautiful text from the tech slide right there to thicken it in those terms as well. Because you always have to be thinking ahead if you're dialing the more on what your deal doesn't make much sense for me. To bring Mike we stock is back makes zero sense for Mike the stock to society will one year deal but it two year deal with him back in Kansas City. May make the most sense for everybody involved and it may make the most sense for both parties and it may be the best opportunity for my. Stock that's violated real quickly just as people are curious where does ESPN have Lorenzo Cain going to severance his coach giants then there's enough room and an outfield for McCutcheon anchor. So that's what they have an interest it was up put out before the McCutcheon trade I don't know that's after the because it traded and they exploited that. Even with the improvement by picking up Andrew McCutcheon there's still probably too who outfielders away in San Francisco. And realistically there probably gonna have to give Hunter Pence another opportunity to make a comeback. Because there in a bad way out there so that's where they have Lorenzo tango and I don't the reds are canes and make Philippines this offseason I read McCain would make some cash it appears now maybe he's gonna be undervalued as well. All right curt Schilling's bloody sock called and it wants its place in history back we explain in two minutes.