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The Drive
Thursday, January 18th

In the final hour, the guys played the hits and CDot is curious if Fanning wants Alex Smith back in KC next year. They also bring back Mike Welch's comparison with Blake Bortles & Tom Brady from earlier today and try to figure out what's gotten into kids today.


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The drives presented by do sticky sort of my theory is when it's your turn it short term it's now Isaac Stern last week I went to highs with an idea. And us that I did think that this idea lets you throwback Thursdays and isn't the grammar not put on is great on Thursday he got on the post old pictures. They just want to give people a reason like when we can tie itself the popular social media. And we could create a throwback others they've interviewed former players on the rule. He said all right. Give me an idea of some players would like to give an idea like there or guys that list back there with probably. Sixteen to seven people were royals players ice at the list ice as the biggest of the show that I got. Don't worry so today we meet as a show I mean we're talking about the idea he said I've got a couple of calls out to former Wellesley. I'm important. Mike Sweeney impulse little and big inning and I looked at each other all the victims. And I say. Also. Passed away. I says he didn't. Yeah aided. I shouldn't. Franjo it's a city that's still know what I know let's price this kind of down that bill would have responded to a he's likely you don't have other that there is like exactly what. It reached out to a ridiculous spot and I'm like yeah. I looked good idea of why he did on cross him off. Guarantee Harrison. You drive. Five days so let's listen to track yanks. Very icy prices on business and let us it's still in its. Society you know we're on the Missouri side of it you know we're all we have the privilege of being at the it is seen vote this week. It's pretty it's stuff that nobody really get the pontoons get that ski boat to get that. Fishing boats that all sorts of boats jet skis everything I saw the great jerky flew down there they get a trial on. They all sorts of stuff gets Jeffords is in and what we're jails. Well surmise an ax wielding situations where it's awesome stuff up pretty good stuff so don't like what that airport all that I can decide tomorrow and tonight Saturday. Ten to five on Sunday I don't know much about both but I would still vote that smaller than it in the liner yeah this year. Yeah this go backward records of the cobalt. Boats which are finally made it the other shake hands. Terrific local or semi local boat company and bullets over here absolutely gorgeous I told you that was on two motives like one. If you ask you this year and a book that is that's they'll all might be able to stay with them right on two months that I've heard of before this. I would pull it beautiful people look at the hope I identified as a punt. I've never been called upon the war they'll oppose them. Look at month to vote is essentially the opposite of what drug runners trying to out on the Coast Guard would. I like those are not facts that I've gone ahead as our base before you know about it and yet you didn't see them and ponson a softball team Yates whose era pretty fun and yes. Be listening for the sell their during the commercial break. When you hear that sound or color number 691357676. Inning win eight. Pair of tickets that McCain is the boat sport show. For either today. For the root January 21 go to Kansas City sports showed up county grad tickets even. Of the biggest stories of the day eighteen city. I've been waiting for that moment all my life we talk about it every day at 5 o'clock. I'm actually a little bit surprised that we didn't hear more of boat horns of the course the daily you would imagine that people are violent play around on some of the votes check out here the foreign see if they might. Instead they felt like de ice tomorrow and really what it would it really gets going I love it Obama can do out of that you. You gotta hit VIP you did today that knowledge does anybody here today but tomorrow. Come out here and they'll take care if but today that it got to be a big ball out got a boat showed today. It's like you know that he's like legitimate vote peoples like the police got let me clear that. But if it was elected he lay on the boat awards. You know the entire time at least that that's all we're doing to check out the quotes I got a couple buddies they specifically in of that here because they knew they would I want. So yeah he's a series quote uses that. That's that's life I'd love to experience one and I can't get out of it that. I vote them boats boat show money does got afternoon money I don't she'll. Or rather coach nobody to. It's always start the hits to it's optional little in a film to kick off the shelf standing. You distorts and as you're looking at the list of the quarterbacks snatching up I'll over conference championship weekend. In particular you're looking over these you know who was basically a hail Mary in the flu mist apple away. From going home and not having a chance to. Play out this narrative of the vikings playing for the Super Bowl their home don't. And it lets a conversation about our pal Alex Smith. What is the unlucky is good quarterback of this generation quarterbacks saying why do you believe of all the quarterbacks. Alex might be the most unlucky of them. Well first of ice and others got to come across a median Alex Smith College so aware that somebody wants to call via. I assured look at the quarterbacks that are in the championship games as we gave up late portals that old. And they case you know you're telling me that those three quarterbacks better than what we edit it said he wanted him starter. The answer to that is very simply no. If you look just this weekend right. With the split Marcus Williams whipped out a tackle and also the vikings instead of losing are now winning go to the NFC title game. It looked to me plays a huge role model is that what worked against Alex Smith would variable for the touchdown pass to himself. Walker missed a field which typically doesn't it Jeff Triplett one of the worst officials I've ever seen it one of the worst calls in playoff history. None of that has to do without some of a right. Here and got a break. Alex Smith did not read outs let's quarterback rating in 2012. Right in 2012. When he got a concussion with the same as it is now. Any at the highest quarterback Brady it at any quarterback in the league split got a concussion 2012 losses job college athletic forty dollars which suitable. All right so another bad break Alex what. Like the worst luck. Anybody when it comes to two good quarterbacks and is that three quarterbacks that are in the change your game this week are yours for the Elliott gave city government. Art I agree with you there is not as good but I mean because what does that really mean like I don't think that. I don't think it falls as good as that press that are not going to let the fact that the bulls in the NFC championship maybe taking away from the greater goal at the bigger picture is. I don't necessarily be caught up so much he'd just won like. I think to establish with great players and good player yet with its old city different match I just a look at playing this last week in it now changed my opinion. One at boulder case you know poured out like what portal you gotta look at the totality of their career. Yep like mortal being that mobile virtual quarterback would rather have flooding that's the conversation that I've worked at just adding I think that people should be having about that. A big proponent of that you make your own luck and I find it hard to believe is at the most important position in the NFL. And if you are truly great player you'll find this season that you that you are able to elevate the play of the guys on your team and put your team get a chance to win like Matt Bryant. Well look as good quarterback but not great he finally broke through. You just don't see too many really good quarterbacks that don't eventually break in looked virtually truly the quarterback you'd think they're going to be. Everett and federal civil war. I think there's a lot of money you look at that putt that Roethlisberger is virtually rebel. Not a 2123. Yards and two interceptions. I mean the Steelers won despite him you know in grid he would back at one point one want couple. So I. I just think Alex Smith is a much better quarterback in what is records ducking low ceiling so apparently the ceiling now for nick falls he's capable Blake portals. Is the AFC title game at their ceiling at least according to what they've accomplished. Is higher than Alex. It. Number who tries his third. Elite quarterbacks in Miami quarterbacks mean point. Still live in the house there is just one quarterback that's Tom Brady but not as concerned after he missed practice today. With that injured hand from practice yesterday and extend encrypt just the little that the line in Vegas. For this game was. Nine the beginning of the day it's no creep down all the way to seven and a half the patriot that's a full point in a house down. No I think it would take more than a hand injury. To keep Tom Brady playing on Sunday against Jacksonville a home playoff game. Especially especially after everything that's sad and took place in New England this here especially with the recent reporting stuff like a sham. But all the drama going down in New England but it. Pat says that the stars possibly certain to outline that your projects that. I. You know with the quarterback. I think operating with a quarterback who let's Jake excuse me like for the coach for the still oh for the for the jaguars to us that moral code that. As Bill Belichick Williams College where's the game. This game is in New England Sweden Gillette Stadium Foxborough mass looks. The New England Patriots the platelets. For romance I thought. What do Brady doesn't play. We like it edit the jets went. Seattle they came they got to go Brady doesn't go play a vital here. Who are you taking new in this high. I'm I'm asking you should answer the question. Is Brady's hand amputated. You'd think that I don't wanna if UI is of course is beautiful and ask you what it's. Yeah. Did not today. And ask you there's no question this is very simple question or not it prominently on what I think hey that's it. Scott did something akin to answer it if Brian Moyer starts the game I would only make 30. That's very easy let's let this. Think it I can't believe you would ask that question that is the opposite it where the whales that. Think they have to but Brady's hand offered an optical out that I will say this idea that an injured hand Arnold union at all. Ice I will say this it's not ready it's cut off the Jack when it also that it. I think that right or. Is it important that way. As. I self knowledge of the council Olympic Games. Bella and now there's a normal team. Mil dollar check. I still think that at me. Other piece that you are are putting Brian Hoyer a situation where it's running game the right is it all and bring. I think that would do little. I this'll be something cantonment he actually able answer this time the last time Missouri had any idea what were the last time Missouri. I had a reign to wing it was when this movie was popular in society. Agency that you've seen the number 21 to. In a game in the high fifties were frozen as the number one movie in America. Happy for you that was December. 7. Of 2030 I can working at 610. Eagle born there all right. But they got to win so congratulations to them a big victory in a must needed victory as they count down to Michael Porter junior and. There was blood for a team that is missing its best player. Certainly look. At what archery expertise that's cool that they look at that thing. Yeah give them aloud what you picture clip let's wanna game series the wedding bit with the Florida game get away with a nice. Good win over white team at Tennessee that you talked about this yesterday it was. It's time for the for the tigers actually get a legitimate win a date they had to get equality yet at some point they don't have a quality went. Finally got one in conference play yeah what against Tennessee got a chance to get a good road with this week at the same image that is. Scratching and clawing to get the belt back part of life and Alford sixteen it's when they come I was reading next Wednesday. Got a chance. But it's doubly hard if everywhere for Missouri counts is too because. Damage it big department like before we'll play it in that was that Joseph our audience forgets Dave doing is. His brackets like that yeah plant about this case you adversary going to be in which its occupation him in round two in Wichita her. If you go to that game that vote and over again and that concludes that its board today. Escude is now the government before peca. You want Alex to tackle. I feel like as we've gotten away from the disappointment of the losing. It's lock yourself more the sort of a couple weeks not sure it's got it made it's really. Unfortunate what's happened Allan and accuracy of the new. I think the thing I guess my argument against the law. Vote go to the luck component without the we agree Alex Smith this whole Lotta years of the starting quarterback a lot of opportunities with that she only won one playoff game since he's been. But if you Bryant a lawyer whom isn't really that good in my opinion and they defeated that you expect I think he can give it everything that she's had asked for. Pay your running game are we got your remark I need more weapons are we killed them both of you thank you your idea. I think they'd give it everything this if he can be the one elevate that in the next couple that went out got a quarterback. I think we can play the what if game when it comes the lucky unlucky with seemingly at I think he's actually I think it's factual. Argument saying it is. The bad luck or that you make four outs that you can make it's about just me but I think eighty dull and it seems like a Super Bowl but he broke its bulk agent and it is thought it was a perk up a direct an argument. Just like. You know yeah I think if you're a truly great player more times not especially in the NFL I'm not a fan of basketball the tigers born in the wrong or Russell Westbrook. It's a great player he just is born in the wrong or he's not putting Egypt yes they'll let this be the greatest players generation was once but in the NFL. It's hard to meet a fine a quarterback that we think is truly great. That never breaks the one time. Could find a lot of average quarterbacks even a lot of but average quarterback got one didn't see your AFC chipped it in Mark Sanchez has done it twice do you play portal is now done. Yeah that is not we can find a lot of guys that have done it once maybe twice now. It's horde of I'm a lot of guys that consistently. Consistently play at eye level but I would just like you make your own luck in the its virtual leader ray player. Let's elevate your team and be in the situation I'm not in and I haven't seen that consistently announcement. Listen I'm with ya like it eventually you make you Roma. Are outlawed. You know sooner or later like you hit your opportunity. I think it. The first part earlier talking about you sit and that you feel like I'm trying to talk myself back in a pronouncement that action now. I'm really not what I'm about is given a god I think he's a really good quarterback. It really bright guy aggregate quarterback this week to give a fair shake that that's all that's on sale to an old saying is if you did. That you wanna crap out and that's why it's it's completely your your right. These Keenan got one of the luckiest breaks I've ever seen. What is safety with to tackle now he's in the in the NFC championship game. Where Alex Smith lost a playoff game because at the quarterback of the opposing team the himself. A touchdown pass the ref made an awful call Booker missed a field goal but Alex Smith. A lot of times has got some bad breaks caged heat and got a beautiful break. So pace here in the conference and you announcement isn't. Things go against the Eagles and a New England basically keeps the cheese into game of the playoffs 2015. Without Justin Houston Jeremy back. I want it. You know. But in an. You know we forget sometimes have a great quarterbacks are actually lose the policies to. Nine losses are you know may have lost of watching games in the playoffs like good quarterbacks lose in the post season to. Listen outs of that opportunity Tennessee. Today I'm not let them off the hook on this. Against Tennessee that on Saturday night he got 36 minutes and all all everyone does not all you can do your team. In field goal position you with a game in due to not let off the welcome that I will say this though. He's got to operate and and these heat and got a break Alex Smith did not. In case you still play right now Alex is now. So I'm not I'm ready for doubles already about all I want I want people to acknowledge and at least take a different look out. It's say listen the guy that really the U quarterback in the city a lot of great things he's got to operate the that's. He's really good other some of the breaks. You treat it I mean. I know that stuff happens and it's and it's eating them for 54 yards in the second or. Like I understand a thing like you've got to put yourself an a in a position to kind of be caught with the ups that you continue to perform. And you well that's like us as they let you make your own luck it's unfortunate things evident at the G-8. We agree I think similar to argue with the NCAA. Right. Meaning of playoff losses somber yet while losses so those bills also does not help the help of the target but. We occurring if you're truly great coach I gotta be able points are this is why your rate because you're working at the via public art. I could have a truly consider yourself that you know we coach you gotta go the final four got to win the national championship. So that'll work Al Marr the medal were coached before that we see a lot of coaches coach the lead eight before. Look at that it might interests and been through it before put the reason we consider my interests and different than Bill Self is self thought well laundry when I look. Same thing about Alex Smith that's one thing with case I don't care case you know what's the if he came to. We can gain points of average quarterbacks that Rex Grossman played its mobile network. Offers a simple records that's what a super bulls select. I think we have to review look at their whole career. And do it consistently put themselves in their team and a situation to win when you feel like the things all lines where you. Don't know that she's at that their quarterback Alex Smith I think he's been given enough time where it's time to see if you're young in the second group market ready for the. The chiefs of making that argument at all operating outspent. It's not a global action while she wouldn't do that we've seen enough. You know we've seen I admired respected technical knowledge that they would give city but it's not to move on so I'm not saying that whatsoever against Agassi. You don't want quarterback in Minnesota one hell of a break and the guy at the city and Ottawa. You know that's what basically go back and looking at Alex and say. That's operates. Some opportunities that he's missed legacy that the Pittsburgh game last year in the playoffs he missed diary a couple of times and it's all ready this is guys they were in the that we can't org or dial. Plus. Who's got some really bad luck. In in games that really matter and that's and you look at its key that they. You know it's. Very good at dropped that football. You know that green is in the right spot with a great read I saw were market leaders pushed his receiver out of bounds so he could I think which Decker out about that play. And it Peters went off with Decker try to go kick the football because Dekker could catch. She's everything right on that played offensively. They gave up a touchdown what's that luck men and. While we speak the term winner like that's why that's why like this hopefully portals that everybody gets eating late portals. Is that a quarterback and though for 87 yards and a playoff game and we call went a bit but Roethlisberger goes over 300 yards five touchdowns in order such and his team do that we're talking out firing his oats now experts believe. Like at the margin of airing without losing these games in calling people winners it was like I heard all the time how much of the winner at the mobile nobody. It's able to win their quarterback realize how when you what's the instilled with a quote winner nobody wanted to be their team's quarterback like. We attribute those things that people we know full well watch these games how random things can be. I think. Drew Brees and everything in both the quarter misty without a team down field. You put it to the visibility Gaby left the field with the lead a lot more you can do as a quarterback that's an advocate public quarterback linebacker for the saints. God it's terrible play. Technically Drew Brees lost again. How did you lose the day that's why they hate you attribute with the losses so much that the quarterback when we know how mean he different random things going to a team when a football are. And I'll say this again I mention it's early for those who it is a bit Roethlisberger went on super super boring. Nights what you want about point 32 picks no touchdowns. It is Super Bowl so great stuff happens man I just like I think this thing I don't like back Alex I think it's not suitable homes here again but. I just want to make sure that the people know that. That that's what his ass off in Kansas City and I actually Richard to fair shake in and if people understand that you read it looked. And and one bounce here or one missed tackle there at least be buried at four different his legacy be completely different incident. Coming up next one of the guys on vesco in the morning gave one of the hottest takes you ever hurting your life we tell you next the drive. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. Of breaking news. They're the Eastern Conference starters. Off the name. LeBron James. Shut out the project all you know what. Yeah that's a typical night in one's. These guys John this ten to Kuhn book. It's. Typical of how college went back. Fifty cents. That afternoon money. Do you think it's not a typical middle name now it's not even close. Actually Adonis attendant whom though. It's a ticker this last idol I will bet you. Whatever you want literally shipment so it's funny ice ice which you can sparking an. We have to work out that its. Share. Dowell at the answer and the others. So the Eastern Conference all starts. A LeBron James the goddess. Irving DeMar DeRozan. And Joseph well be like I named a starter for Whitney NBA all star game he is now the first all star. To play under Bill Self at university it's a red woods became reckless the Joseph the that's crazy. Republicans with that person and asked if you ask you which one would it may be off our team first I would have guessed the vault. Studs that have come through there. The more us towards never could also argue one of those guys. Shrug college at a terrific NBA accurately US generals. An expert about this now that I was reading the rest that we have kept reading the the exit the raft. So these were just a five vote getters in the Eastern Conference yes that was the leading vote getter in the west. LeBron with the leading vote getter in the easily get the number one and number she makes it possible that Jolie b.s on the same mister curry even though he plays for Philadelphia which replaced the old state. But Jolie before the five top vote getters with the Easter conference that he's the first all star to play under they'll sell. At Kansas. Well tonight sometimes go back and forth a little bit of a different kind of relationship that I like Welch in the morning that's our respect for Welch. Today. And I mean this with respect. I'd love. The Celtics through much of Michael Holley says that this is wanted to overtake that ever heard in my entire life I've heard a lot of dumb takes over the history of my life this I'm loving and Steven. NBA games gold Martin Luther King Day it's our verdict say just this Monday. On first day. Sought ever heard them don't snakes that you know what like you know I should have gone on to nation that. That'd be great absolutely would look the talk to a but. This is one of the worst take that ever heard in my life Eisley play. Blake portals is starting to follow the same career path as half and parading them. As he is managing his team it into the AFC championship and eventually into the Super Bowl because if you remember. Early and Tom Brady's career. You game manager Joseph drought and today until 2007. Tom Brady was always that stigma and fantasy draft right UNC super walls but never fantasy super walls because he was a quarterback who was a game manager and tell 2007 when he exploded in the from that point forward he's always a big numbers. But he relied heavily on a fantastic defense and a strong running game. In the playoffs during his first Super Bowl run at Tom Brady with the Pittsburgh as an underdog in beat the Steelers. Zach who played world's arrested for it was a ten point underdog back in 2001. As they went to as they went to Heinz Field in the AFC championship game at. And pointed out they've beat Pittsburgh that they went that another upset victory in the Super Bowl what was portals underdog nine point somewhere around that area. A little bit here brings to the point. The most. Athletes tend to become the biggest stars Blake worlds is already well on his way to that. Being one of probably why you should apple bulls and AFC championship game right now. He's also to an island post season play. That is fact postseason quarterback into and out. Now it's not because plagued morals is putting up great numbers are going well lighting up defense is left and right give more rushing yards than passing yards in the wild card fragments that's that's a real advantage back and I got to win a game you win a game and he did he show he can win the game multiple ways when it comes to post season play. There's one thing you could always say about Tom Brady. He's a winner. Wait morals right now sit in it to go wake portals is a winner. Really no word. Maybe my favorite part of this entire video is vesco having this team. Reaction all of us at am when someone says something like this. Are you under the substance of something yeah are you strong card I'd say is something wrong argument that we staples like appears that the voice Thursday's Illinois right that's how it's not an. Idea that you can hear bust those somewhat be convinced that Blake bore holes is. I'm Brady the Welch's talking about. Was in Brady's first see the this portal this is first season but this one of his career number was winning his second Super Bowl at this point. There's no comparison between number eighty in lake portals. We just talked about this the last segment the most infuriating thing in sports is now we're gonna call click or will the winner. Literally eats who games ago at the Buffalo Bills in the same NFL playoffs at that one in three home against buffalo he threw 480s that in. Yup RT it's a winner you don't. And quarterback if you don't win at the most important sport a position in all sports shouldn't even mention in the same category. As he's the captain of the jaguars ultimate state of overstating your approach you shouldn't be in the same discussion in the same category. I'm great he's the skipper of that office. I sit here to poach. He literally he's all of our radio station. I'm a beret. The first winning season in the quarterback of these. Now all winner yeah yeah but at this point and somber Korea the picture back for the season yes. What else talking about I don't know I I. It feels like it's a little bit of a stretch for well a little edit the grass strips out others really sort talking like. Stretch Armstrong has been forced to those that compare we're talking like we're talking like how do the splits at first base they try to get. You know one op performance with that kind of mr. pipes I mean this is serious. You have a cut you know does that mean it's like email it to the big lead but they hear this that does. The world needs this year sports talk radio hosts can bear Blake portal that the number everyone needs the business. He sent you can send in the link available on six and sports dot com and that's on the morning. I mean it is in all seriousness that's one of the dump it all ports thing that ever heard in my life don't you name it dumber sports opinion than. Name one. Mortal or eighty. Just got hurt last year at an axe to it morals is Brady yen. That little bit of stretch in. The polls today added a major announcement. This is the first time in 39 yours is going to be concert bill Kauffman Stadium. You look that word about the playing surface a little bit well but you mean of course yeah. It would be excited anticipating bad there's great worried about the rigor or else the grass in the the billions and company ever. And I felt like I sell the altitude Comerica Park last year you see the discoloration. And the problem on the playing surface in Detroit. Was it was. It was outrageous. It a LL series like us is we it'll feel like everything new sprinkler system drainage everything. So I'm curious to find out win. The concert going to be an easy chance that they absolutely. You know during the season it's him that's the wheels that they had it right or regular old. I don't know does that mean a October. Answer it seems like it doesn't seem like. Like you but a little earlier I would like that I don't know who I would think as well and that is curious about the whereabouts going out and think it's going to be dump a right to try to get organ show. Think. It's gonna be Billy O two I think it's covered and I have to meet Billy Joseph eyes. Now. You have like you have an. Not having digital music you know little bit about you know man that's really all about them until I don't know who's married to know. Kristi break offer yet there it is the work out. But did note you know of course I believe that the celebrity when idea for several well I did yeah and they have such highs in the success Rick prepared so incredibly I really did not factor in money and ability to sleep whoever you want all of both. Yeah I mean I believe that they didn't work at it it's really release the project. This would be my guess if you want my if they settled bookie right now who the aunts are now it's gonna be for Friday after the royals and counts. Country artist is an overwhelming. Favorite network I mean. You don't want or country artists white male. Fifty gets its its unity Billy Joseph old Bruce Springsteen and one of those. Schooler I thought the eating your leg over here. But he is a Metallica at The Rolling Stones may not know what surprised ice apparently it's actually on the topic it's. Maternal it is true yet so we when he sent that email and try to reach out strip it out that he objects. So you know that if you did your backpack. Probably get on the witness yeah. Nine cross mark my last okay Israel I got ice. It's I think it's easy. I think we just got to look at. Things and I think at. The house come back. Get outside of the royals and that is if we're gonna relive that magical moment a couple of years. The royals got just six weeks when it's better than all the teenage girls with bananas over odds what he's trying to get back to this place over one life. And he got more attention at all that the speech did. When hospitals role. So I think he's going to be plain kid things. I actually took my sister that was their first counselor to sisters that are personal it's just the personal I was there he saw the crowd of people. Now that it done because. With Gordon opposite direction so it was yeah I get out of brits that are that LL or also thought it was easy you know the deal that way. No there's no Sheen that that the deeper the coaching the plant the note she. Should and it does that answer there yeah because they're actually going to be there for everybody Billy told us the K yeah. Heisman you have performing a concert experts are at Kauffman Stadium I'm. House to go morsel on the Carrington side banning I figured your office here it is dumping eaves and Kauffman Stadium. Is the thing that everybody's going to be looking for that is that is well it's it's going to be somebody sort of the next hearing to windows somebody its prior over the age of fifty trial white guys singer may be on the countryside but this is so completely easy this is the number one favorite on the board. And I'm shocked that you guys didn't even say it. It's going to be our outlook. With a substantial amount of money down. Betting that it could be cut everything just adds up since then song forever. It's the person that comes back constantly sells out shows in Kansas City but we know it's going to be darn why they had the debate about it. Garth that the overwhelming favorite. I hope it's not art that's so I know that's not guards had nothing against guarded like them to go on a somewhat different direction but I just don't anticipate that being the case if you asked me to predict who I think it's going to be this is the overwhelming. Gary thinks you think it's going to be Barbara strikes that your guys know that. I literally thirty seconds ago under shelled sent it was going to be guards from the cure so that you think it's going to be or which you know like it is like your secondary option apartment right in his. I don't lie which he goes he Barbara Streisand concerts I goodnight now it yet. You would I why. She's a member of the tri Ed an unconnected with her. He took off its. Roots Saturday well. I started that you like eucharist it was a woman like that Apollo like you could pull up markets are. I don't even know how to respond to which each of see the work abroad and think about that apple. I'd go with your bottle over the things that using on the radio man is on Yale that's all I'm hearing type things beginning and I think I mean I should make that point I'd ever Q does that fire. Withstanding all the depressing up is harbor. I think people are mr. Did you put you you can pull off any number of Burton Troy where I can. Be immediately on Halloween. And I used the on Halloween just wrote about this this middle aged quite a bit of all of us older than at any age now. And all the partisan it's a. That's who he thinks it's gonna be booty though that's not be moody. Well you know it's going to be. Country artist is overwhelming favorite. Why mail over fifty. Option the year number atop an atlas think Taylor's swift no. Those of the going to be there like it was what we're looking at least not gonna be there right. Breaux mart no one's deal is going to be the first concert kickoff is actually a rapper. I here a year it's got to be Garth Brooks. The rolling stop it dummy somebody like that. So I think Joseph the stones are gonna play it seemed like The Beatles played municipal status of 1964. I would be shocked that it's it's gotta be somebody like that it's going to be somebody. For the older demographic of older crowd that's all they have with the do we go to Kaufman and Jon Fogarty. I'm shocked that they have. The things that are coming out war could be Neil and I shouldn't have probably as well try to reach out how rejected John Denver's union mission in the almost not a man yet he didn't show you get on the show. Suits him. Coming up next week but a ball on this thing it's got. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the VD electric heating and studios sixty and Sports Radio. Listening on the go get the 610 Sports Radio act. Back in on the drive here it's here creating here ice you lie and to keep the city both in sport show. And they got a lot of stuff although it did not sit quietly but it could be outdoors and this is definitely show for you. You have like a rabbit eulogy tools they got I thought they got grilled. It's not true shoots it down there can never count vote could imagine here goes on that tonight they'll let o'clock formal ball. Tomorrow new designs ended up on Saturday and survive on Sunday and get tips and tricks for what motivates upgrades repairs French. The Iraqi actors vote learning center you watch pro anglers actions he got in she finished re. Act two different fishing techniques in blowers at the 5000 gallon. Ought trial fished out here and that's one bit that I'm ready not. Timber tea as world champion lover jails thirty year. You can enjoy it right now well I haven't seen the going to be should animal jokes we talked below are never talk to a lumber Jolo for not talk to a merger I know eighteen before I never I never talked to a number Jill willful whichever team is world champion leverage you can join action packed show featuring cross cuts aren't. Under it shopping. Actually Roland check analysts. Our hot selling analog rolling contests. That's technically. They're someplace in the city you can go through taxes for yourself I assure you that. The Tesla out of Charlotte so it was a pleasant let's go dark except yeah and you can go there. You can practice and see if you're marksman when he going acts. That go check it out and do an advocate as well in sports show from today until January. What evens out. It's a place that's because a lot of times when you put down millennium I feel the need god didn't feel like defend our honor but. Sometimes. You know that we deserve it off you've heard this or read about it there's seated on the year's open. This new thing going on cut at all I I challenge and and it's not much else not Z who can get their lights the lightest. It's a lottery like no lecture in order to keep there colors vibrant no no. People are. Seeing a laundry detergent with little pot they are eating them while they liked our workers originals like OK and people are eating him. Ice this new story comes courtesy of CBS news that's the crazy is stories covered. Many of the social media videos are recorded and posted by miners. They're putting poisonous laundry pods in their mounts for click to read Internet fame through Warren. They call it the tide pod challenge. Nineteen year old my gun did it on a dare he told us knew better but did it anyway. A lot of people are just saying how old's grandmother Howell. I wanted to Italy and a no to Annie went back and amounts you know now authorities say this is what started out as a joke on the Internet. And now it's just gone too far. The pods are bright and colorful and children make him look like candy at least ten deaths have been linked to ingesting the pods to work toddlers eight were seniors with dementia. Procter & Gamble the maker of tide products told CBS news they should not be played with. Even if meant as a joke safety is no laughing matter. Now once laughed at children's hurting themselves. The lap clicked on. It certainly is set in people of god but this black. Toddler. And I don't know so I developer colorful but it held or seen here with the mention I couldn't as the in the exact same. Evil bodies of sound mind Hewitt being now you heard the clip. You know that you shouldn't put laundry detergent in your body instill. This dummy. They'll all of the other way to put it why in the world would you. Tried. To meet you. Hear it here in your little more little thing like you want Smith that's determined self worth in here. Self esteem that's what you. It's ridiculous. It's column I don't know. I don't know how I don't know what else and the conversation atlas that don't like like yeah let's hear this things will. What I'm like yep you would like to view the use is he's in our laundry and we used the liquid. But we use them for dishwasher elect yep they don't. Look like we don't do. So I think some of these kids that the attention. That they could do this and congratulations you're giving attention to them what ago. Excellence the sixth witness this millennium generation I'm thirty saw colonial vital I've never done app that comes up that these kids do now. Let's say wait and let it go out like I go to a concert out. Make it. Seem generation. It's people like I can't be in the same generation and some of you now if you eating and urgent that yet out. That was it and we are not say if you do inside one day to put lie injury that urgent in your mouth but obviously app is. He's like thirteen fourteen year old okay you're all about the though that eating on the third inning. We feel sick from doing like partly fueled their year it happened but inside it it's like Angel with double sided like. Natural selection survival of the that is like a lot of yours that is or what god has. I took an anthropology classes in college mentor professor told me that lesson. Yeah separated from the hurt you know I'll tell you if you're gonna sit there for years old and he iPods. More than likely you're gonna get separated from the owners. More than likely you're not gonna be cat that things that peace in the Middle Eastern cures cancer Saturday. You know who say hi I obviously realize that it's about the iPod they add spokesman. Of someone tell you not to do this yet they used rock. Craw. Or is that it's no use the on. Line three deter his lecture likes what it's liquid. Oh yeah. Rock Rob Gronkowski. Just imagine there was like a million dollar question yet it would iPods that's a thing of the million dollar that you indicate that include you know we take note that. So it's the Smart. Want to pick that help kids that these are used better judgment call Rob Gronkowski but literally the patriots with the beat you outlined. Your generations. Well the millennial this dot eating lunch or opera house. Probably the equal its iPods maybe like. Navy in general I guess we like sniffing glue like they used to be right and other data that routine purposes you know like sniffing glue. But I think that was yet Generation X. version of I. The next line six 30623. Would meet with these people out there and I played like it wanted to be in the same category. I don't play an idea I don't know what the political considerations the arts that would. Seemingly no clue I would assume my sister Maya fourteen. Are the sick usually. A lot during the same courage. I think it can end win the next that the next generation that agrees. They think it's outrageous to pay ten dollars for a couple of confident that when it ends. That's in the morning generation I'm just I just over the back. Like in the in the audio yeah. It says I know what's supposed to do it that's the is that outside there are so many people that horrible things that their. Or attention from strangers now does it it's a joke maybe go over the line at the license program. Doesn't her body. I was willing to put laundry detergent in the I get this likes the oppose it and we'll just my district if you. Mike makes better than the little irked it I. Don't I think that that none of it blows to put all that lion. Urgent about it to the black has made six that sports dot com also available I'd special thanks advocate as both sports show. Rabbit south come between eight and January 21 and out. Never beat a bit different. And the lumber July tools to manage joint action packed show featuring get across that solid hundred shopping. X throwing our odds on it like growing labor log rolling contest we'll ship did marble we now. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating into the studio sixty and Sports Radio.