01/17 - Kentrell Brothers

The Day Shift
Wednesday, January 17th

Former Mizzou standout & current Vikings LB Kentrell Brothers joins Lake & Bink on The Day Shift. 


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There's one team that is playing. This next week it private university in certain perfectly with the Gary tickled at their and the zoo and potential Brothers joins us now linebacker from the vikings good morning can throw. Are. You just miss that we just played your car you Oki. I meant. By the most on well in it. Draft class war. People people don't think most of that was to you with it and you know for the you know the video. Boy you know it's interesting because when my former coworkers who ride with them and ask Chris hockey so off from Tennessee and in Minneapolis yet and that's what my guy split. You would try to hit goals and also that Bryson tiller man I mean was on Odessa the US rocket docked. And there was pretty did not we're absolutely that I had to do it. For the rookie challenge those also write that song I diplomacy. Is like my phone like that the phone that. Then I was into I seen the idea while you know I couldn't. So what do you had a single don't doubles on that you're doing okay. I know all of the council. They were so nervous about operational it but you were you need a win Graham ethnic or sunglasses from regret to pat. After that the remark whom put on our solar. There are certain about this during the fall where word. I do that this year man who do you do to our motto don't last year laughter but yeah. All they get but he's keynote gets them going on would that throw. Eight you what the reason you with the vikings now which is feel like Manuel was going through your mind. When DC digs make that kid to me did you think the game's over there's no way your goal in the Philadelphia mean what's going through your mind. Then you won't talk about. Right complete and total shock. Like that probably he burst on the mile and like I literally. Been shocked in dean. Quite thousands of other people being shocked the world and if you heard how. That they got what they realize. That it has caught the ball or touchdown would have been like. You can't believe it is still to debate is still only knew how that happened in that way why is it. Completely. Does it look like your kitchen. But no that. They're by uncle lord Satan played the last play that's for each network it that. He took full advantage of and NFC championship. Or so like it. That would sell like me and he talked but the euphoria. And in the back your money they get all man this dream season we have the sole evening right here we had this big lead here come the saints. I mean all those thoughts go to your mind at all. Reps so in your half it's you know corporate that you read in the closed you know I've seen. You know that that to zero lead most likely won't. And since then you'll work there. Coming out did not look like you know was the only candidate bunch of corporate partner of the support of a well. Then that took the lead and I'm parliament. Or did touchdown yet. But then it happened and and god it's it's just the speechless but the moment of marketing and explain. Quite where what was going on and crack the top. When we did is said and what and when did it when it it really set in that this was. This is real. There probably. When we got to the locker after the game on the field. It's a reference to action points of but all of that going on all of still we knocking coach it's based on the other where it's at the hospital loses so there because locker room that would. So Britain other coach that coach compared. No we get the pocketbook like and then I'll let that. Are scheduled for next week that's when it said it that there will be fourteen looked and we moved we want those things and so there will be critical Republican true. You know one of the crazy things controls is at you know right here I know that the sideline probably was was really quiet before that final play. Can you just imagine what it's like to be a saints player on the other side. The breadth of the island chartered 08 in ovals they've inquired Rick Baker do well like. After the play I can't imagine hell there bill. An app or the player who you know it's stuck whatever problem we. Kurt Papa proposed or equal all are happy with what that fine and actually good. That it be great players like that you know how much. Like. Just regret and. Yeah wondered if he does this is disappointed in himself because Marcus Williams like he would make the play early in the day and he was one or intercept in which case. Right there are no I think they're not good that the right argued that since eighty. That play came in and what happened happened he probably despite. Just disappointment so you know because he python he lived on the team of support that I can imagine what he's going through butter. You know if this vote so leaping out some keep the setup couldn't do a great player and he. Yeah you don't want that happened but it never happened I'm thinking about it so. I mean who want to. Hurt from a child to be disrespectful to him and they liked. You know. This year from the brink couple like it's just crazy how would believe it. We're targeting control Brothers played U verse in Missouri in draft pick of the vikings last year and they control army looking to team and you know following that from a four of course and work with Henry big vikings being and played so we talked vikings quite a bit but all be honest with you me and when this season started in you have case in their quarterback you lose Galvin cook. Like I'm surprised at the resiliency of this team man at war or does that come from wars that start get like these keep them. You're leading the title game you meet face a guy like nick pulls it has that been. For Philip L are much the same way although not as long as well Keenan has done to lose W cook but this team never looked back. Your right arm I thought that it. And that is because of that came our members ultimately that what in the world. In these cases first and second homes or apartment the day and could look and sort of like continent never had the support. But he would have room from god like you know he. Gone to that it was the third string quarterback. He never had the support that would get you know we. That we know that it wouldn't have been more. And this is like. People think the beaten though the cases and the commitment to a case can be that there are people who practice he can go all the players are always give them. Let the equipment computer and want to conclude they like twenty yards that's pretty when he. It's important element goes down. We know we Mecca but with a little ignorant of got that book. And they did that a couple of Goodell was a little bit of that you primarily rookie. And it indicated a great job and then we are they don't go couple games concussion and that they want orca. 200 equipment. It would com and click on folk I mean this week I have done as well but you are applicable column. What would become our record you know definitely in in the gotten taken. To these in the meeting that to the between the Portland. Our control my my guys hear him or he's in Minneapolis guy he liked he wrecked cookies analyst he's going about juicy Lucy's man. Where's the best place for you if my misses something is that really good put that she's inside the murder against people their open and yet you see yeah. Yeah yes I. Have never never heard you do see. Yeah yeah. It hurt duck duck ray does yeah split it we always called duck deduced the bike is our core Carter okay. But. Robert. Cool. It's true I'm gonna end up texting Tom west and I'm gonna Taliban he needs to talk to you Obama did not juicy Lucy really release sewn. Yarder or hurt it's it's I'm not it under where it's it's a hamburger that you need to trial but the lasting one ask you before we let's go on. It sounds like you like to play a little bit imagine but I got to ask you grow. Why he's so slow on that. Double floral or. I am I'm not well I meant more to gain the Gallup poll that really about 44 yards a report out on. Yeah adamant and so are accurate Pollard and here they were part of that in but I would you play with other players about anybody yet but do note that picked you out margolick. I'm on an aid it's it's me Dan and ethnic format that you are slaughtered by twelve points back to. Run. They're not know I don't know I know potential Amanda no please know. Puma movement over here. Well before over the Kansas City and brought up my entire life and living in Minneapolis in Buena vita stands for for my entire life span a you know just go egg to want to Philadelphia and the business and us India the those the five folks in Minnesota back to the Super Bowl hopefully in the next couple we spent a good luck to her again. Operation and out you know blow to welcome. Are scheduled to give me good luck this week.