01/17 - Joel Corry

The Day Shift
Wednesday, January 17th

Salary cap expert Joel Corry joins Lake & Bink on The Day Shift. 


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Digging we went exhausted talking about the changes that he sees we all goals for the last the years they've had some issues with the salary cap. And with that there's one guy's situation. But the perspective both his salary. For next season. As well is it injury update is gonna be much needed when it comes talking about how this affects the cease moving forward. Saying he's a real curious but. He's Joseph quarries and Georgia's schedule Corey Wright for CBS sports global post men affected its threats urged Taylor. One of his go to get a gauge ray as he gives the them a lot on salary cap issue he's and we always welcome at Joseph Torre is the salary cap expert more Agile. Hey good Jules do a good and the question is czar remember back when the chiefs picked up the fifth year option. Of dean for America actress paler. Put out an oracle about it of course you were on here. Talking about what would cost the cheeks because there is a structure more you were drafted won the tenor than beyond. The big the guys for the average pay in his average pay would be over eight point seven million next season jolt. I guess my question is. The chiefs. If deep forces on the active roster. On the first day of the league year which is what first of first the main. Out our New Year's march for almost 421 big league you're there if he's on the roster. But here's the thing he has to pass a physical correct Tzipi if he doesn't pass the physical the chaser on the hook for the full amount. Yet here here's the injury here achieved its injured deer key now with ticket yeah options in your community PDA. It's silent. On heat beat the timing of passing the physical. So it didn't gray area you unit in the oil contract. It will specify the reasons you're here and he. That it will kick in light came chancellor that he can pass the principe and physical mostly someone like that. And that imply. That you were talking. You do what you comebacks war. And it tore me Cain or either for pre season training Q what would it between you and physical you had to archery. Which. Think we can hopefully iriki march 14. That would mean they take such a silent the team may take position if he can't pass physical. Crime and the problem yet pull the trigger. They were out of it where's the union is gonna go with a later dates to partner agreement situation. So it's it's unclear not address the media specifically. That he can't get agreements. 40% of disputed tunnel on the caps so that you have about it 3.5 million dollar captain if it ever came back. My thing is why you need Ewart I know people and we'll keep what you expected. We've gotten border pass rusher ran a similar cap number. You're reasonable forty purity before you know it advocates. Who has the markets boards before this year know. Any thing before it insects here that can actually even maybe before we keep program. Can have a brick. You'll have a great accuracy. So it if you did if you kept him of course if you would you point seven million dollars in if that would be pretty but it bit of release him. But she's released he would you say it's the B 3.5 against the. I think you got agreements come and so will begin at 3.5 county it's 40% of dispute now we can help. So scary that total revolution if they want it to the 3.5 credit is lost degree that's. There and beat pat that. Your response was different and be counting 87. Joseph I. A quick question for you in regards to the physical part of this now now. In the breeze my answer is because I wonder is is a standard physical procedure that every team in the National Football League. Dole's do or is not up to the different teams when he comes about waiting for reagents. Also want so for that reason I ask is because America there was an issue earlier this year. With Martellus Bennett and the kingdom of the fall lot of Green Bay in the and he ends up getting picked up in the hand you know people are kind of wondering what did DD check out on the Packers or how. Added the sport how injured was he was injured at all. Socialist or like a standard based on its terms of what goals all the these players. Well and it Beers dollar in something I don't count tracks the you you've failed to disclose. The previous injuries and that can unravel. The contract or he backed money that's woodpeckers gore Carter could signing bonus. A volley now that it he would want that physical in past is and the standards. Or the ingredients you keep them or was within the sole discretion between doctor so. If you doctors want it passed the apple conduct want to ask you can patent some injuries which will be so he's nobody's right. We passed some like Elsie came chancellor or. Quote enable. I think it was you guys wanna play given the severe community based and Pete Carol sing about art I'm going back but didn't someone queried. They Jolie thing too is the chief Samie look at the chaser in the red. There are over the cap at this point how easy do you think it is for the chiefs. To clear up a lot of money obviously Tom Ali we just talked about him that would seem quite a bit out smitten save a lot of bit. Is there any body when you look at the chiefs could reassure her baby like he just in Houston. Well one thing you have all the top visas you have. Their job and counting his contract in aboard when it comes off the winner automatically for the last in the league year march 14. Then you got to connect with you. It really cap for mayor so it on the books you're basically. Eight over depending upon what cap comes in Becky she mutual. So maybe do something. Allen Bailey. LC six. Revis. I don't know why you bother to pay him a million. Years he's got years. You'll have gone for a spot on the cap to get these. Injury guaranteed skill injury cap guarantee. Roster bonuses there is the only year it. Would increase the cap number by that eight point eight million dollars they are so. You could pay him ten million dollars next year or what he did. You are on duty she thinks and Procter and usually pick Patrick became. Partly because we're all we can maybe sign him. In which you did in sorts and you're really kind of stuck importantly year. That is what they visit obviously. So pleased at seventeen right there. Seventeen free and clear you left last question for you jolt. Would you still pager put her four million dollars but that electrical what he's a red. I know he's gonna be free Michael Keaton is the Shane Lechler situation with highs paper in the league. Didn't between 62. To an app movie so. Try to take the contagion if you went back to you got a very cheap. But kicker by the honorable Cowell indeed it was. Haven't had Mac appeared daughter. Again under active creative partner. Ticketing partners cheaper cheaper than that. It follow him on Twitter at Cory Joseph old Joseph I didn't really is because there's another joint Korea and what are some singers on them at. Yes. The list. From the UK that's why I have my name or. The lack of hours. There was an I don't have a common name probably remove. Or ma'am we appreciate it's Mandel would talk to down the line. Get extra hours a year and a joke or.