01/17 - Get Excited

The Day Shift
Wednesday, January 17th

The guys share their number one reasons for excitement for the 2018 Royals. 


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Last hour Ryan polls requests into was about the big twelve. Now he asked another question publicist immortal question all right he spoke with what's his point let the desk dipping you know. I house Tuesday night both open and I'll no doubt I doubt that pivotal to be leaving us let me leave it sounded frequently now. I mean the middle and what's legal and oppose it and have men's and it goes McCaskey. Pack I'm curious Lockett cat. I have a couple of front vick's home with students. War you asked a question of means day she asked a question games we addresses questions. And issues in the place and getting excited for this baseball season. The full on rebuild well. But right now others that are trending towards it rebuild vote for in its different yes and so I understand how there are some fans who have either. On Gordon when he fourteen and only used what you've seen over the last three years. Or some fans who just. Generally don't like watching rebuilding mode baseball so I asked you guys this morning what is your number one reason to be excited. About the Kansas City Royals. In the way that I answered the question was does 'cause I'm I'm not look at. Assuming that Kane's goal on Ausmus on most is the army. The big that the big names that we watched for years is all you'll. I can't sit here and realistically. Lied to youth to the fans and save them get used to ward exciting because I don't know there will be any excitement. With me in terms of watching the whales this summer. Guess the without answered bad though. When you say what is your number one reason to be excited to me be more intrigue for mean. I'm gonna watch because. I love baseball. Almost sports team almost sports junkie to a certain degree united not as much as they Brinkley but. What I am at a sports team that way. In what also might wanna do in the summer time like in the summertime it's it's it's you're watching baseball. You're you're you're watching and listening to baseball you listen to Denny Matthews on sixteen and so that's what it's going to be for. Well not be intrigued as to what they'll do yes what the bill. Are gonna be a lot more losses this year than years past probably because of the makeup of the team so that's not that's up. Actors appeared visibly see anything about staggered starts this year. These are the last couple years. It was you had to go at any windows or remember that of gust of yours right here in the this is less the players champion fist of course they're staggered windows. When you do dinner have you heard anything about windows this year I've not I've not either. His last two years member of the Beagle within a certain amount of time. All aboard I had so much fun. Watching Hosmer and moose and keep in mind the prospects were much better of you that I can look at the a minor leagues and stick it Wafer. But at the same excitement weakness C a hundred soldier would he can do. Like aided with moves and like it was caused when the royals made. It would trade and you got -- been in S too boring here. I mean I don't didn't have that kind of exciting watching Danny Duffy. Or July when I first urban radio that's all want to do is interview guys at northwest Arkansas mobile. That's where detail what between pronto but he's going to be you know couple years to get up here. But I do like read I do enjoy guys went out there. It just bust in the grass and I feel like they have a group of guys like that at wits like that how much better can he be. He parlay that success he had last season when he is a full year can he be true you know 2030 guy but he easily would between thirty guys to be played here. The all time or he solar see what he can you see that power will materialize though. I can deal with the reveal I'm good look at what it's got a house which none part of this equation. But should be together with your wife that's that's actually a little bit reality. I like the royals back. Have a little free time alliance and I like that and to to answer question arrows and that's or are not staggered times however Friday from noon to you is exclusive of season ticket members and Saturday. From nine to eleven X who's a season ticket members but. Through nine and eleven to seven Friday and Saturday are open all fans are staggered times or indeed entry through or staggered times less abuse or work correct because they just into space so many fans coming. Licked I believe there in the two. I don't. And against it got to build up what you're saying I don't necessarily disagree India. But he the analogy that I use view is kind of like at new love analogy. You break out or maybe you're just in our relationship ended. Like were ending ours with Newsom Pozen Kane and ask bar and Vargas and all these guys it. You had such great memories with but you inevitably knew it was going to end and now we're. In this kind of like new love phase where you meet somebody and it's exciting it's fun and you wanna talk to them every daylight. It's fun to have bath like new love field and you're right there are going to be guys that. You're gonna have to go through that process all over again because at one point Eric Hosmer was just the guy toil on the wane and in the minor league ballots or call just yet hopes and dreams but. A lot of these guys were just another piece in the puzzle and you didn't have the same feelings and emotions that you built up so it's fun to be able to win. And see all of that but. Kind of build up what you would say. I just Dayton Moore still has the Midas touch like we were so long. Had anointed date more as just this guy who could do no wrong and he was. He was kill it on everything you can not and everything out of the park every move that he made seemed to be right every resurrection project and never reclamation project. Worked out for the best like everything was coming up royals when Dayton Moore was making signing and then over the last year you've seen you guys that. Off the rails for Joaquin sorted and work out well for. In exactly have a good run and it was Travis would you trade of the week eyes of the Padres netted work out so well for. Oh and by the way one of them now broke your perfect streak having nobody go to arbitration so. Rferl I'll date more to do to talk about that. The liberal while it is a bit more to do no wrong and now here you more and it appears as though at least last season in the eyes of a lot of royals fans would you like him. One whole Lotta good right this year when a whole lot that went his favor. I wanna know if it's still exist does that Dayton Moore Midas touch still exist. Is or basal layer going to be a guy that was absolutely worth giving up the final year of Wade Davis for. If you still have him for three more years. Was naik Carnes the guy that was trading away the final year Jerod Dyson is just about him on T neutral for one will be two of Anna Marie. Mean you've got guys that are under team control like. Booked early like now or. That our our guys that you could still build use as he says when he eighteen does he still have the Midas touch because a lot of these guys were already writing off because some of the performances they had last year. I don't necessarily know if that's that's fair. I don't think a lot of people are excited about the prospect of having Raul Mondesi playing shortstop. As you've written them off AB day worst lies that Midas touch it is sending him down the miners and letting go for an entire year was the best approach for. I think with this rule Mondesi is say that I'm excited snooty and do they still see a lot of promise. In Rome on May be just here but surely. Last year yeah I'm excited to see him that would be one guy that you should be more excited to see both are. Right teens these guys don't play a lot of high school football. But I don't know if we can be excited about that it. Again it's delicate moves on Salvi Duffy all these guys coming up see it in the interest to be about the whole date more like SE what Ryan's in about does he still have. That golden touch this is he still would be able to make that that the right decisions have to to put this team and a great position. I think that he does. But all signals that not every single thing that he's done. As big gold now it's like when you look at you know. Hash tag bowl Omar. That worked out now it was it was all part of a series on team yes. But at the same talking about almost all star all marked at it but they don't look you're gonna have is gonna have the mantle is an all star he was off. With because of his players because expedience. It a great double voting for if he takes his team and rebuild and get them back where they were fourteen and fifteen. Abby that the race regal and bank.