01/17 - Bruce Weber

The Day Shift
Wednesday, January 17th

K-State head coach Bruce Weber joins Lake & Bink on The Day Shift. 


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Wrestled the victory the guy told Bruce what right now. On the hot lots going on goats. Only the good afternoon what we're doing great great effort it. We're greatly. He coaches Wednesday's huge holes before you lose a lot of country music between plates and Toby Keith before you came on this day they wanna listen to sports star and say. Another look positive coach that. Are your little. Are there are. All a couple of key. We're kind of government that. That the two when you're playing. In the country. Truly. On TV well. You know the attention. Would you vote for. Coaches. And it may advocate excuse me. It. Percent for both the that her. I signal went into this game dead. You know this was one of those big games where you guys to really make a statement because you know when when you have a team that's played as well as Oklahoma has played this season. And people are talking about as as the season goes on they'll go to the Reza me. Building type of winds that was clearly a resonate building double win last night. But what specifically in that second half and you talked about making shots and you guys meet a ton of shots in the second half but I thought that that stretch from the eleven minute mark. Off all the way down to into the games that the lockdown defense that you guys played you played great defense the entire night but all specifically. Far from that. From that stretched. On eleven minute mark all the way down you guys were just all guitars defensively it was like every single shot that they took with a tough shot. But they had to take there was no nothing easy for them last night. See note that the terms portrait for baker achievement. Albert. He. Out there for who carded a course. Haven't you blocked Turkey burger on the that triggered the oak tree really. Yeah. If he's that guy there. You know carted from the top players in the country that are eager so. There. Was. This article you plan. We didn't vote your very. Active. And I. Challenge and that we get away with each get help. And they and they make he also close out the beat. The structure of its people. And they keep. And I'll I'll work it out there. The lack of that should be politically deal. It don't cart is take all. India also the issue that it. Sorry if it took a lot of what we're here. Its order and I'm happy. It's. They're big old slow it technical also got. Technically. They're pretty easy way to chill. Were legal group company others and. I really am impressed the winner tardy he's he's adjusted. Here in the lineup he's just been unbelievable here down the stretch and in a bunch of games and he had that stretch against Kansas over the weekend. Where he was very dominant and and last night his quickness really pulls a lot of problems down the stretch for Oklahoma. It that he. Worked GAAP 880. Perpetrating. Which album you know. Either. The next wave. Great and the compact sort that way. In the sector epcot at. For that second or two. Check their do their part are. Equal he got the body on the blue. And at once he figures out to go do it it could have. Open up all votes were just got ill with something. Great there. Ricardo Bruce Weber head coach at Kansas State wildcats and coach Oklahoma came in that ninth highest scoring team in the country. For young obviously targeting younger by talking about him. What did you do ES twelve turnovers in the game we've seen this in a power conference. Game for many teams since 99 it's never happened in the big twelve. Budget turnovers nine over the weekend was there something about that matchup. Re thought you could exploit so much for young. Well I didn't know he got hurt corporate Kirk over the but it. Analyst at talked about it if it. Crap yet. It all kind of what we say that at that and call it. A lot of credit concede it's all act like that. Each state. Like. Now eat eat when he went down. They're right. Certainly those are now what I did and I think he got so frustrated. You know. By the Israel. Net. Special that is the you know what you want to eat there shouldn't be. Coach. Factories. And speculative at DA. By you know. Straight special thing that balances and good night were or as Mark Kirk. Really could he say that they're good at it you know what sort guys. Dean weighed he's been unbelievable. When you when you I mean you're you're there with him every day and you you get an opportunity told cement. He just he is too when things and then the way that he's playing he's been off the charts lately with another 21 points last night what this is sailing. Is it cute she tried to do we know it sort. She appeared. Former order. The letter. Jordan agree that market either. So large here whoever might easily. The only. Rate the quality. That competence. At all killed. You know edit its stake it will ride the coaches did a great job with the soaring so are. And all of it in the post strong east march quote that at. Embattled. The little chocolate did it start and looked at church. So corsets but he don't. I'd just like the top of the and I think that there he watched also went out. Disease. Made a decision. To step. And that. Report. Weather but this conference coach because it is no easy outs. Even the big twelve rays beat each other in Texas Tech doesn't lords who wins Oklahoma goes and beats Texas Tech you beat Oklahoma last night it seems like. There's a whole bunch of teams that are right there together you're right in the middle of things how good is the big twelve. He won and I remember that part and then we'd end there. 88. They're. Eight. Other. Other spot that you tell. Them that. I want to add. A good good good quality teams look really shouldn't go there and had and I started. Early at the land. You know there was the opposite of but they're all it's a Hebert to. You could be we need to do what I streaked. We need more like 78201. K. And but now there is there part ago in order to grow. You know you guys got to come ready. A toast congratulations on the of the victory last night. Best of luck we appreciate you coming on what this and now get lucky guess TCU on Saturday. Threats out. There are a good record in the comeback kid. Clerical court he could score. That they took. It won't be as he but every. Great crowd. There were no vote could vote for. Will talk to for a social about it. At that aren't. Aren't they here. Coach Bruce is on the days.