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The Drive
Wednesday, January 17th

In Hour 1, the guys kicked off their Eric Hosmer Contract Draft, giving listeners an opportunity to win if they're the closest to guess the signing date, contract length and money, and the proper team for Eric Hosmer to sign with. They get into a little bit of Chiefs before welcomming on Jeff Passan of Yahoo! to discuss his piece on baseball's issues with contract collusion and if the economic system is broken with so many big name free agents still available. Jeff also gives his Eric Hosmer contract prediction before the guys hear Ned Yost's comments on how they're still in good shape with their remaining free agents with the timing getting closer to Spring Training.


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Good drives and. Statement and it was barely upset about what took place at alum this weekend. You're gonna ask for it Priscilla there's Bruce Weber told us two glass break and we had to ask Bruce in the head. Yeah you guys know who it is what it. Who in our. Pick yet. And while I. Don't know how it moves on my. No warning them not to think. Here root out here on trial on injury Robert and I think we got. Here late Triple Crown. And right. Play golf. Ticket that. Yeah wait for our guys credit card. Is okay. Navy man or will be the only thing the book down and Bono. Have her out. I got a twelve athletes and that's like twelve that boxes that record immediately think Bruce and so it really blame for not being angry again it's 12 o'clock. It was. Earl drives inside to the rim late. Yards. Obama. Event right here. Wildcat. So Juan the Iran. Or about Rick you know I. Guarantee Harrison brand. It awkward. Getting into danger there there are the dry and let's do this another day another dollar. Another edition of the dragged into years and years thin ice this of this thing entry hater of the yield. They've been had to write notes that you're. Doing fantastic and excited. Ford today show because my favorite in studio guest is going to be with us at 3 o'clock eleven Neil Smith. A level allegedly pops and but there's no one that puts a smile on my face and brightens my I'm more than Rex Butler will be in studio with us at 3 o'clock today. I'm excited at odds though literature that's when he eighteen seasons is gonna be here because I know like maybe work was gonna be canceled it because it's cold out some. Not sure adults so you know you gotta yeah you're at your own way to get here we'll talk about that coming up at 245 ending don't work was canceled today there'd be a small party at night. The actual sleep that I have been a little bit. I mean if they offered to give me the day off because it was cold I certainly would make it I'm simply not gonna hurt away and called in tired one time work and I was given the day. And it got a cult and work one day because again all in baseball league injury out for ID technology. People hyper extended knee that's a little bit different got a real walk I mean the lord works in mysterious wage or else I mean. We all have our reasoning or I'm not being out work we'll catch up would just pass and coming up at 230 you also have Rex Butler in studio. At 3 o'clock I mean this policy here's this this is not hyperbole. We had a story. That you absolutely. Need to hear. 4 o'clock. So what you like you blow smoke I promise you I'll not blowing smoke. We have a story that you absolutely. Need to hear you all easier on the show. You need to be listening to today show. At 4 o'clock. I would like to start today show ways it's time for us to have the Eric Hosmer contract draft. Not to use the listener boos at 610 sports dot com. The error has a contract draft is a very simple. It goes as follows. Date that it is officially announced by the club. Not from Jim Rosenthal. Not from Johnny Damon. Date that Hosmer contract is officially announced by the club. Seeing that Eric Hosmer signs with. Year length of the deal and dollar amount of the contract. Is there any thing that we're leaving out for the air out contract draft I don't believe so no. Team away dollar amount date date. If you get back correctly. We will give you a parent tickets of The Doobie Brothers. And highs all states I'd do this I guarantee you I will find you royals tickets because something tells me. They will be instantly available for the Tony eighteenth season I. Guess. That it did it seem. Have you had made an ice I'm gonna guess. But that's going to be the case have you followed up with all the other people you'll prizes that eagle then did you ever see that sort. They unity of our 27 dollars on it's I can't get optimal. Seven dollar gift card and I use the down so when it a seven dollar. Oh I got. Two bucks nugget about remote. I don't burst in the air it out a contract draft. Gives me January 24. San Diego Padres. Seven years all 141. Million dollars I think the royals like Eric Hosmer. I don't think they need Eric Hosmer I think the Padres. Or in the same position at the royals were heading incidence when he thirteen season. They really need is somebody like James Shields the kind of help get them over the hump and teach them how to be pros and help them become a winning baseball team. I'm a firm believer that any Duff is not the pitcher that he is today if not for ever meeting being introduced and working under James Shields I think. A team like the Padres certainly have a talk about it we'll see the benefit of having your house Merck and they are willing to pay more for that quote prestige value than any team out there. So for my first pick in the air out contract draft. Did meet Wednesday. January 24. The San Diego Padres. Seven years a 141 million dollars. That moment ago. What's the twenty seconds Monday yes illegal Monday January totally second. San Diego Padres. Six years at 130 fine. There will the guys to yesterday's ice executives. See his base he's the commissioner is the color board of directors guy. He said they offered him six years in less than a 140 million dollars to say six years and one and 35 million of the Padres on Monday is when we get the. Really quickly if you miss what Ron Fowler had to say he's the executive chairman and co owner of the San Diego Padres this is what he had to say about the country's interest in that. Eric how does audio is courtesy of 1098 AM in San Diego. Always had a lot of dialogue edit then. AJ and cider and it'd be. Obviously we'd be discussions as it relates to players. They attack and they probably the old shaped much crucial logo what they want to do that created would be for a what he's eighteen. And they they like it they like is they got they like. This leadership of the call us. Obviously they like him as an athlete. We've got let them. These are very impressive individual the yes side out of high school of debt. But you know what you got to looks like he's a very polished. Individuals that a lot of experience was impressive. He knows what he steal the spotlight you know is that it frankly there's a part of of that these very. As we talked about a jays baseball hall of activities really bogus. Baseball. That's illegal bloggers in that they want I think. I'm based on what we're seeing in this weird. Baseball offseason were no contract and offered aside from more than three years. I think six and 135 might be as good as it gets frost this offseason. Very solid interesting prediction both of you had the San Diego Padres the team that everybody. Has been expecting over the last several weeks yep and vice here's liberty sleeper team. Yes not necessarily sleeper team from before. A sleeper team now. I am going to go. Six years 139. And a half million dollars on January. The twentieth. I believe is this Friday. To the Boston. Red Sox. I think Boston is done I think they're looking at Mitch Moreland is fill gap I think they're these using him for his versatility. I was never the belief that just because they signed him but that was gonna rule out there caused a completely. I think the Boston Red Sox remain in play I think the need for a long term first baseman and somebody back. Go ahead and slowed possibly thirty to 35 home runs that short porch in right field makes a lot of sense they have the money to spend and their fans fest is coming up this weekend Boston has always been a team like sneaky big splashy announcements leading up to events like this. I think it happened very quickly and I think Friday may be that dated you LC 6006. Years to the Red Sox this Friday fair. Two things first and foremost. There's reports out there today buster all he said the Red Sox offered Judy Martinez. Deal hundred million dollar used to telling me that third. Bring it costs for a 139. Million bucks and then page eighty Martinez. A hundred million dollars is riding buses never shied away from. Big contracts especially with Dave Dombrowski knows they're general manager. Don't tend to goal along the analytical lines much they used it. Adding data rescue laws there 'cause I think that they're not ruling him out completely just and I think they're lurking in the shadows waiting to make that property. Billy URLs to be really nice sign knowing mention you know a good place to land. Fan fest is right around the corner. It only means of Kansas City and the deal's done before fantasy. No I don't I'll be back okay and I think actually go to the man lead so fans this is what next its next or next Friday and Saturday albeit not there yet will be there on Friday. The two point 60. On how how would that be you think fantasy be fun if the royals in a sign of jobs and he's their fans that based on believed to be craze. So C got you got Padres the Padres I says the reds. V busts are only tweet that you alluded to was source. Boston's offer to JD Martinez in the range of five years 100 million dollars. All shoot down crises yes I guess so to speak when it comes the house memories by. 100 million dollars. Is possible words. An extra year in how much money would get another one organized a half. If I'm boss and I know money is not the same issue that it is in Kansas City. At JD Martinez at five years a hundred million dollars that have aired Hosmer at six or 130 nights out more inclined to sign that contract. Know that offers out there for. I doubt eighteen once. I guess we'll find out the next couple days. I I would completely agree with at a JD Martier dozens of getting that had to deal from Boston I think it probably puts them outside of it. Utterly completely rules and marketing boss has a lot of money that they are able to spend but I would apt I wouldn't bank on air cause we're going to boss in the way that I feel. More securely about them as opposed to San Diego and Kansas at us. The table more time. We'll treat this outs an inning and with the sixth and sports dot com if you any email us at all. You up until 6 o'clock today I would say did it early in blocking your prediction. In you give yourself a better chance to win. Date. That there is officially announced from the club not the date hasn't weeds and the date that it is officially announced from the club. Date. Years. Dollars team put me down for next Wednesday the 24. Seven years 441 million dollars aired out resigned with the San Diego Padres. I got to I got Monday January actually second. Padres. Six years in 130 slot. Six years a 139. And a half million dollars of Eric cons are going to Boston Red Sox. Adamant that. Coming up next face simple question that every cheese Spain has an answer to plus. Is Kansas State basketball the most predictable thing we have in local sports we did to a national address. The drive presented by don't sixteenths from the MVP electric heating and you studios sixty and Sports Radio. The girls drives inside to the rim let. I scared her campus today two seconds ago Oklahoma. Yeah. If you watched it yesterday in Kansas State play beat down on the number four team in the country Oklahoma Sooners. Saying really limited train young people like. A bad rec league player at times yesterday happy trails going to be somewhat known as unanimous pick this year for the wooden award. Trey young has been fantastic in his freshman season improbably is only season at Oklahoma. And I was on and bring on the cats and I was on their page numbers is kind of Reading it and temp FitzGerald said this was the best win or one of the more impressive wins they've had in the -- of Bruce Weber and it certainly was yesterday if you limit. Trey young boy did they dated have him throw the ball over twelve times which was the most were in major college basketball player since 1999 I thought case they did a fantastic job of thought it was a good win I was happy for the students I was happy fortunate to stay at the university. And they got me thinking about this. We've seen this before. So villagers. Think amid internal as hate on case state last season Kansas State had three top in Wayne's. They also had two losses to the two worst teams in the big twelve years ago. But he'll season they beat Oklahoma at all but Oklahoma was the number one ranked team in the country. Also had a wrote lost the second worst team in the big 123 years ago. In back to back games of those Saturday Monday turnarounds. They beat Kansas and I was state both of them were ranked in the top fifteen but they also went one and three against the two worst teams in the big twelve. Kansas State is the most predictable local team. They're gonna get probably another maybe two big wins in Manhattan. Because there are good basketball team that also got good talent a light weight like Mary brown like Xavier sneak thirteen. Gonna have some frustrating hair pulling kind of losses at some point in big twelve play it's a pretty predictable to know how Kansas State's big twelve schedules gonna go year. It isn't an end when you first brought this up on like rail encased it's amazing. Parade they acknowledge that you can run. This last night that really stood out to me. Watching that game was they blew out Oklahoma not once but twice that's got my attention more than anything. They were up fourteen early in a lose in the league. And it came back bloom again in the second half and maybe that's the difference but it it last year. An eight game stretch. Where they went to win six. But there two wins were over number seven West Virginia. And number two Baylor at Baylor. So they are weird there like this year bipolar. Bubble. Talented. Underachieving. Screwing basketball team and it happens every single year so you're right I actually was phenomenal what. Image right on what. He looked terrible. And at the same time what's gonna happen to these guys ridiculous I was there. Probably Oklahoma State somewhere I bet but that's a possibility. On the so. Cases get a proper opportunity here to change that. Deep wage and he might be the key to this whole thing is that he was phenomenal start getting into a very bright and train young big dude like dean weighed in in the game that he played in the impacted he could African state. And maybe that's the difference but keep duel it. Even last year when they took cut the wires beat them water hot couch whoever is called it. And they had to lose in 1988 lords they came back and won at home against Oklahoma. In the next game so. I think the key here is what case they do now because typically. You know they fall against some bad teams actually have some good wins I saw also. One tweet this yesterday in which are given credits and I'll remember who said and I liberties they've been and he made the best point I think they'll be frustrating as that case they think. You know your team is capable of winning gain drugs like this at home they don't get every single year it's not like what happened yesterday obviously a big way and I'm not trying to take away from the big win. It's not that surprising that case they've yesterday many surprising how they shut down for young and how dominant the performance was. At Oklahoma was pretty comfortably down eight to ten points almost the entire second half of the game. It's just you don't know what they're gonna be from a dated via game to game week to week basis. Bacon at home beat Kansas this year by eight at some points and I wouldn't be stolen. Just gonna go on the road in moves to just about anybody in the conference or drop a disappointing home lost. It's just as frustrating I think is a case state and that sometimes disappointment Bruce Weber. That's the cycle that she would like to break in order to put yourself in the upper half of the big twelve. You've got to eliminate when CC was bad the road loss to TCU or in Texas Tech was bad the road losses to Texas Tech. You got to find a way to go forward oh or six and oh against the two and three worst teams in the big twelve. That's what Kansas does that's what Texas tech's gonna do this year that Oklahoma is it's I think what to do this year you've got to find a way you definitely wanna be taken seriously as a team it's gonna finish in the top 45 you've got to find a way to stop having these bad conference losses you're in your. Yeah obviously in baseball it's as fifty with the royals at all and they dominated the twins they dominated the worst team their division. You've got beat up on bad teams. And that's the key for K state they typically don't do they can rise up and play good teams in the league top wind sometimes armed politically crummy teams don't. I was like this as I was driving in today and I didn't really have the answer to and I was talking with Specter and I'm curious did you guys opinion on it. Do that she's had a successful season. Because if you really look at it from the outside looking in the one double digit games this year they hosted a home playoff game. We got to see their franchise rookie quarterback it everyone is excited about the future of said quarterback. Fully understand what happened at the end it was a disappointing ending to the season and all of us had some what bigger expectations that might disagree on the expectation I had a who's the next round got to go further. But we all had them doing more than what they ended up accomplishing. But it's still hard to win double digit gains in the NFL to win your division. Two times in a row for the first time in the entire franchise a rich well back with. Five with a great fondness of what happened in the ninety's but ninety's chiefs never accomplish what the last two years chief team of accomplished would you consider the 2017 when he eighteen chiefs team. Access to your question. I would say no. I say good season yes successful season now the reason I say that is because. For me fortune is successful season I think geez they have a deep in the post they haven't done enough that he not do that that loss another home game in the playoffs. In the blue eighteen portly. It's the chiefs team that we've seen over and over and over since the ninety's it's a good regular season but now a successful season and the reason it. It a little bit too to come to this conclusion is my initial reaction absolutely not now. Good season. You look at titans game. Really crummy call at a critical time before progress thing. Missed field goal by barker which is rare in the flew key. Marry out of the ruling is a touchdown pass to himself which is only happened one time an NFL history. So you factor those three things and she's won that game and maybe it's different. Is that didn't. You know so for me it's not a successful season I think it's a good season it's not a successful. I think the chiefs have reached sort of a Kansas basketball pointed to a prisoner of your own success like I would say this season coming in second in the big twelve is a good year you had a good team and you put together a good season that would not be a successful year for Kansas winning a tournament game would be a success for Missouri it would be fourteen to them winning a singular turning game. But I think that's the level that that she's got to. It certainly doesn't feel like a successful season. Maybe that's a successful season to a team like Tennessee or team like Houston. To win their division in host a home playoff game in when double digit games of feel happy about the future you have a quarterback. It certainly doesn't feel that way for the chiefs coming up next to catch up with. Jeff passage of Yahoo! Sports talk to him about. Our air Hosmer contract draft. You've still got a chance to do right now boot at sixth and sports dot com we need date team dollars years we talked did you pass an excellent draft. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric eating into he studio sixty and Sports Radio. Some room to the song. Hansen I'm sorry track. Yeah right now. National baseball writer for Yahoo! Sports they are willing to run this franchise like you franchise should be run this earned the right to be Smart. And Jeff Hanson on Twitter page longer. More awful ignominious history. June through the BC has seen in the league knew Robinson you know just taking going on and a writer wrote that dam glitz and gravy train and pocket. At La James Hansen I thank you really see us on the drive yeah. It's time coming up in ten minutes anything's gonna learn a thing or teams from the past did today. In about ten minutes right now just jump just ask that Yahoo! Sports. Joining us right now on the drive hotline just it's a lot and what Leonard wrote how was hosting on Monday whenever rules don't. I didn't know if I actually enjoyed it for hours long. Get the very nicely at let that the the people of Kansas City enjoyed it. Ari you've listed as 59 in the program we are actually 59 that's about like you know. I'm actually by nine and a half old so that extra happens because they don't feel like rounding up the height used is it reasonable thing to. The I would do that it's on 56 but that's just me. Yeah. Exactly what you what your short you have it you're not sure yet. I'm not sure despite what that turncoat in Chicago says about your I'd I'd yield average. Imagine this piece in this piece yesterday and a I was fascinated by and on. The piece you wrote was essentially about is there collusion going on in baseball is that why until the flood if I've got this right. Is there collusion going on baseball is that why more free agents haven't already side is that essentially that the basis of your piece. I mean that the that the park as more and more. I think important takeaways from this. It is not whether it is or isn't collusion or might there might not. I think our kids. Pollute. Who loses. Agreement among teens is really really difficult to do. And and if you cannot you what it needs you it is teams really are able to manipulate markets. By similarity. As opposed to. An agreement in in the way that they're going to function which is to say a lot of instinct that freeagent. That it costs too much money that players get overpaid. But at the you know about the evidence to back that up. But we can't send out amateur that's simply can't stand that temperatures internationally. And when you're signing up as many guys he'd strike he's. Pre arbitration long term for long term deals that buy out those arbitration free agent years created is really the only place street instead bodies. It is our world spend money there would be good striker a lot because the players this dissatisfaction is eventually going to boil over. Frankly its third. Yet many Kansas City and we're feeling obviously the only. Mean no royals free agent sign correct I'd like to get back like wonders how the rangers' other than my. Side note no pot burn them socket that came in the no basketball are the only creation beware of the side the Nazis or the optical I think he's got a good pitch last year. Is that read this to. And I'll read this in reaction to this alliance for your peace players are panicky summer threatening to fire there agents that they don't have jobs by the end of the week. It's fertilizer for bargains I got my attention man. Like that's legit players are starting to freak out right now three and a half four weeks away from the start of spring training. Yeah and in answering that because you know they they are millionaires. I say they'll have spouses and they still have children they're still having variety. It makes though all of these human things that affect. And there's that thing just because they have more money yet. It makes dealing with those things a lot you can hear but it doesn't mitigate them in any way shape or form and yeah look. It can go both ways you can have a bag and why you hear the Aggie. In this particular case it feel like that used to get the job. And and he nagging and keep telling you betcha can't deal with it anymore. You got your program that occurred in the apparently it paid it's not war but on a visit to sit here. And trying to deal with with all of the issue that its causes and Jean your bank because she is now. In the air. It players that they walk. They have the money yet the doctors but they can get the play. Players. Should they know that they'll be able to get jobs. The certain number of players out there who are starting the thing is they're going to be a major leak out for me at this point and as much as they're trying not to panic. Art they do. Did you pass the honest portrait great piece on. Possible collusion. Between owners to not pay free agents alerted throw a couple of numbers passing. And and and tell me your thoughts on this again no free agent assigned for more than three years so far this offseason. Last season there were only. Five for your deals on and five and 45 year deals before that. You know I'm an in 2016 there was an eight year deal into seven year deals and into which is think common. Even last year when the when the size of the contracts were starting to become smaller or is that. Have more to do with the free agents that were on the market. Last year we really care for nature. Well I think that. I think that there is it fair you could be made there at the same time. It just doesn't. Terrible pretty eclectic in the market for lonely and it and it didn't prevent. Guys from getting more than three years and I'll tell what it is for having scored your. Reaction chilly day. It was years. With the option that because he wants flexibility so it that are not awkward guy or you're. What they're not really offering them more than three years and more than twenty million at the same side. When you look at yeah. Both children they reported that it is thought that the doctor pepper didn't Martinez five years. Op that. Creating. Is that Katie Martin has blown it by one year in thirty years old not talking about. You know guys who didn't burn to the thirties and. It is going to move out so quickly and into the market historically in past years. Seven years. On the that you 200 million dollars and if that are all the lockers. 150 dollars. That didn't show. Chet how important it marketed them. Or there is it that correction. Or. Borders borders sitting there and let the central players. Choose to go ahead and strike it. It is the new normal without it did it in the other pathetic job the past couple collective bargaining agreement of holding back their actions. That yeah it for three decades it is it true superior court. I did you pass Yahoo! Sports about math right. 59 that you ordered one available free agents have outside which is not very many at least at this point so well my next question to you Jeff is. Affect the royals is that a good thing. That they could potentially afford. These guys and afford. And bringing them back or is that a bad thing if these guys like most guys can't if they happen to. You know signed for one or two years and don't get the fifty million dollar deal on the royals and get to compensatory. I think that is legitimate concern at this point will it might. That he docket C a market that he likes. And that he's going to take a killer deal and you can go out be the same thing should be that I think my best the earned. Over the last couple years of all your contract that if you look at my restarted the numbers of collapsed to pull these inflated. Bill had taught him that he's had. Oratory they feel again the last few years and the chatter late. Air and literally practically identical and then the choppers there it 300 plus million dollars he's not granted. He's younger important short and he in all world. Defender at third base so understandable. You. You get more. As far as the offensive. Production. The socket and the child are are you Beckett back and the notion that the stock has hit more than a year salary concede. They seem to and and I think that's what a lot of players think what happens is that market. Just all I read a quote that you had in your piece from the union official react to reforming. Again this is from Jeff passage beast that he wrote awesome piece. On Yahoo! Sports. There's less interest in winning an ever witnessed before one unit special sit at you when union officials said. MLB is a fantastic job of convincing the public that it's okay. I think fan base are accepting of losing now sometimes they even want thirteen to lose that's mind boggling to me. Because is their number of people. Beck and call on you show every day saying I'd rather the order just order that. Every day that happened past but I'm just my point is is that like. Basically fans are accepting of tanking right now it's essentially what I'm reading from this quote. There. Thank you Brad bearing currency is there hope for it and is not yet been here. All around baseball and look. So that'll be like my trick on us is that is that is out this year officials saying. I think part of it is the fact that the Chicago thank you won the World Series 2016. And he's an asterisk tag them on the world to that. That would make it look easy what happened and it looked like it was easy path toward it. At the same side here yankees and I know they're different because they're different stratosphere in terms of finances. They day they didn't rebuild Avery and the St. Louis Cardinals. There there have been out yeah and yeah. They're the ones who you can look at day. Yet we can't if we Rahal organization right way. He competitive every year even. Is more regular partner in the cardinal for democratize. Create enormous amount of revenue. Deserve credit for Adam Dunn. We're not talking about the same numbers in Yankee that doctors that are outside the giants I mean there's there's still in the midwest. And there's still never gonna get. Absolutely they'll be richer opportunity. And so it is very interstate argument I think that that person making. The newspaper or shall we. And he knew that right into the win in fact all thank you and then you know leave these players about jobs because 33% of their own this year. You won't find them. Fit Jeff's last question here we are doing and Eric Hosmer contract draft you have to give date that it is officially announced by the club. Years. Team and dollar amount if you had to guess for Eric Hosmer what would you guess. Are you married him. Because past I mean column I'll give it time to think I have next Wednesday. Seven years 141 million dollars to the San Diego Padres. I'm doing it oh. Temporary. Eleven. The new. Seven years. All 140. New. Five million. What did you. And and I say that with absolutely. Zero confidence and so I want you. Odds I have little confidence on the day. You cannot profit in the years and the ball. But you know comparable at all I think I think also market at this point. Remain a mystery and it going to be interest into it if he outplayed and out at Judy Martinez marketplace that now on the docket at the gate area. If you'd start issues and what the hell's going on is less than a month from spring training and every group. Free agent is still available. That's just a start as an old let me ask you this that. Let's say on a scale from one seeing how big of a shock will it be if he doesn't sign with the royals or the pod trees that. I would be there which out. I think out port it is his job as a way of of using leverage points to convince people and I think if you know lacking lacking in other team. Right now doesn't mean that he will not show and I think ought to I don't think it's just it seemed. I had a. I I I I have a difficult time believing. That guy that there on the market as long and another team would trumpet and engage lower number of the steel bargain. Jeff thank you very much appreciated that's just pass and from Yahoo! Sports res these things terrific. It's titled here's what baseball's economic system might be broken Jeff thank you very much. That stuff from pass in man really good stuff. Always good to hear from Jeff passed coming up on the other side on MLB network radio Ned Yost called this offseason. Mind boggling will play the audio for you naturally drive the dry presented by don't think it's from the electorate into studios sixty and Sports Radio. Great stuff from Jeff. Passable kids who throughout the course of the show coming up at 3 o'clock and ten minutes I just all of Rex Butler. It's easier to catch up with the royals TV broadcaster for the first time into the when he ET. Aid them. Ten minutes I just saw this pop across my time and I wanted to play because the kind of went along what you're talking about with the passing. Net as well MLB network radio talked about this team's chances of keeping its current free agents. Absolutely you know when he offseason began. On I was like man this is in these guys could be interesting. You know to see what happens here because. You know we've got guys that we've offered. Yeah you know arbitration to end. You know make qualifying offers to which means that they signed big contracts were gonna get we're gonna get drafted so it's going to be an interesting wanted to see how that all the ballots and you know what to wait at the market has slowed down that definitely. Kind of like it was without scored a couple years ago you know we you know once freeagent theater no way we'd be able to. You know resigning Alex and you know what the farther went along the more you know we kind of gather hoped that. You know maybe we would have the opportunity to resign him and I think it's the same types such as scenario here that. You know the longer that this goes you know via the opportunity for us to be able to assign one or maybe even two of these guys. You know the chances of that have you have. You know change dramatically I think in like I said you know who knows what does. What's gonna happen but it's going to be interesting to see how it all plays out I'm you know open. You don't like gates opened you know we like our guys we we want our guys you know on arcane but on the same. On the same EE you know dot pattern you know you watch your guys to be successful and you want him to have the opportunity. You know experience. 38 and seeing you wanted to make as much money as they can but. You know you can now cover both a year bases where there were there get a really get contract and back with you. That's kind of the best of both worlds. That was Ned Yost today on MLB network radio on series X him it is I would say we reached a bizarre point in free agency. As long as I've known about Eric Hosmer. And had a good feeling that he was gonna be a good baseball player. I thought there was close to a 0% chance that he was on the team and when he eighteen or when he became a free agent players like and just do not sign in markets like Kansas City. In jest what 567. Minutes ago. National baseball reporter Jeff passed in predicts them to sign with Kate sitting on to say whether we're confident and but. Jeffrey Flanagan sat across from us he predicted Kansas City. Just hasn't just local radio with this and said Kansas City it's not 0%. Any more than Hosmer is back in Kansas City. Which are people. I think so I think it's because the market is so wacky. You know that he's talked about personal all of alt a these numbers back at you guys went back and looked at the last. Three years of a free agent contract in multiple. 4567. Year deals hit it out to players so far we've got a month left to go. Before spring training starts and there has been a contract signed for more than three years. And Dwight Davis I think as the biggest contract out there for three years and 52 million from the Colorado Rockies on the far we go in this thing. The more you start to wonder you know. Guys release won't be back in Kansas City it's a legitimate question that I never thought was really gonna be a possibility. Pop quiz. Bob wins probably. I'm going to win. Thanks Bob Quinn is presented by victory Chrysler dodge Jeep ram and a pair of tickets he's feeling and The Doobie Brothers when they come to Kansas City performance starlight on June 18. The tickets on sale last Friday. Go to the box office over starlet or. Toppling Smartphone your computers these tablets go to JC starlight dot counterpart just take today's pop quiz is a movie take it away guys. OK let's golf and you don't need all schools aren't you know I ask you 290 pounds. Outlook now the ugly. And that's all ugly when he sweat the sweat run backwards over his forehead that spelling mistakes. But you know I'm only that is colonize the right now it has been a long time coming but in two minutes we'll finally remedy that problem it is a retired. Of Rex Butler and writes. But not stole Brent Sadler joins us in studio with two minutes right here on the drive. Drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio.