01/17 - 12 pm - Bink Is Done With Football... Kind Of

The Day Shift
Wednesday, January 17th

It's noon, so naturally we crack into a 610 6-Pack. Plus, we're convinced this doesn't exist, Bink is done with football, and sports are all about the mind games. 


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Somewhere. There weights it's noon here. I'd feel. Buyback game on the spaceship at that time for the six cents or six was currently. It. Like you hooked up with a new sponsor for. I'm ordering your wings and things. Saw all of all the people I don't I'm just saying. I know you have I feel on Wednesday. I'm not gonna say the deal experts review. As we know the 11 o'clock hour that's old Sonny he says so now we use meal of the ordeal for the new honestly I just in new tickets. Joining Google thing from an hour I frequent your establishment. Job with the youth public atmosphere that's 16. Fact he's we brought you by your can be correct. Bowl or look you can have six packs of soda. Coca look at you. Puzzled many chocolate donuts and you buy a pack of them don't come earlier until guys in here. I think we do portray ourselves guys that are on eating maybe chocolate government but it during. Ripple. Therefore after failing a fourth kick start I don't know work starts. Big banks. Think if we could be sponsored by today I feel like the opportunities are endless. Skies and warm it was a sad exhibit gives the other day at a today. Really. See wired ups. I think they'll be quiet but that was of course was not worth almost Xena got going dead since. You had one guy approaching. Two million records. References Casey beer company would love to sponsor. On under some form border Lola let's do I am I love to see you back for our. Or. Catherine Q I'd just drowned a lot of these beer companies as we get it. Stolen social. It was kind of figured hey look I I haven't been on the babble on a beard. Lake slightly likes to say here's what he is he's appear order these days ago soon for you believe a lot over you've watched there's that. This great imperial stout from. This. Still hang out of that I'd just like token relegated back and if I guess that's been long gone it's probably is fridge go back and I'd rather vote yes I get to know beer in my house that he. Feeling generally give via David if you don't work. For. Goodyear has been good and age I got some things but I just bought late feared it was widely feared that he. Bodily fear. There's an expiration. About it yet. Beers not good you look at the expiration date of human beer market they have these Beers that are that are designed to age in the bottom. But street here's past expiration date that affect things but B recently I took it right back Dorsey would please go but you'll eat anything at this summer. But as the week. It's. Just stuff over and update them as a kid me they sold this view. They're doing it all else. Not a daily is out as offensive coordinator in Pittsburgh I know everybody's very excited to hear that. Especially. One snoop DO double as well. Commander of Pittsburgh Steelers visit you. And offers to coordinate this. Coach domination of those men fired at mother and as we offer support that we won a playoff games as we have just fine. Along those that. Finally gets his way it's good that they'll let you don't like exactly two years ago through dark I did do ultimately the he might have an effect around Steelers not renewing the contract on those conference without and they said thanks but tequila problem which makes him so I just want to point this out towards 42 boards against the second does it right in the NFL and you and a lot. Have doubt and find out. Let those eight here quietly yesterday after the organizational and happy there office Ortiz got Heatley cowboy. L again like in or any of a shock but Todd Haley hang a place called the tequila well at least I can you. I'm a big Mike Tomlin fans it and do I think that they probably need to evaluate. Or reevaluate the relation between elite anti. Good about a quarter if you wanna begin to stay long term for the next couple years that you need to reevaluate. You know probably best that they move off the face have to evaluate the defense though man. Their defense was garbage this past weekend. That's best supporting anything more than eight K leaning all bids which you never say this about Pittsburgh that defense chip. Actually don't the last two years a deep it is not inaccurate plotted this it was better than last spotting these recent. Born welcome in the place defense they would in the air so long enough get this head coach it was Soviet chippewa. Yeah that is personality where they'll be in the thing is much. If a bit like Todd haley's office quarter Todd Haley would have been back. That simple. But didn't here's the thing. Didn't bridges is completely or years it like he's lightly used to be nobody's figured she what you think your beard something. Else and got beat that witch is dead. Snag a terrible years it was in the he thrived. Or at a worst time in his career cold front is the time of the it was a sound like sporting KC is signed a homegrown player boys act right. Welcome the club forward. Reckless. And welcome fearful for example maybe you ought to be recoverable but what went down high level now electoral vote. Which ice. He'll head and have any event. I was looking at where I heard overnight seat littlest bit better or die with our school. It's. Gimme gimme just wanna suck out the color I think if you break him. I went to North Carolina. Fifteen goals twenty assists at the university and aren't just. Before or airline that would go blue valley northwest back. They yelled let's. About north. What most involved. Judge these particular one about blue valley he moved as a senior. It is important that they have very little brittle importance mystical texts. Big east play there. Eight Robert Casey bigger case. The sort of my closest jobs who felt as if she picked. But. I don't know why he is not big nor spread them as a bear slight right here. Speak we loved international news on the pitcher at this north and South Korea that they agreed to form their first unified Olympic team. So have their athletes parade together in the opening and closing ceremonies for the first time in eleven years and actually really shocked. I mean it had killed them we've. That's. Very shocked. Very shocked at its its surprising I would agree. What. My question is how many athletes will defect Davis as the sun now coming back but it is a victory that fitness as a sign that other people while the world when it comes to. Connecting in. Saint phase of relationship and that if these two get together this thing off duty Xbox. Anything off. The other story of open up control. Of for all barriers have been broken we heard that the there are a lot of that plane Kiffin hired as new offensive coordinator or Atlantic. Charlie Weis. Torres junior here's the big Big Brother was junior 44 year old Charlie. You're there a few people tweeting peacefully like football why you hear a weird. Edit it if this is one of those things and who's your dad. Hoosier daddy. I'd do it it is this does help your football nepotism burned when a bit. Guys old guys favors and this is clearly does things right out we thought that the board has absolutely no problem for coordinator. He's a tight ends coach at best fit this is what Michael Davis food editor for. Pro football talk. He tweeted out Monte Kiffin son. Who's like you and wants the youngest head coach in the NFL high yours Charlie Weis his son to be the youngest offensive coordinator in major college football. What we don't need the Rooney rule because coaching jobs at toll based on merit. Yeah. Well it got a little bit but it but that's not this idea of politics this that they know. We typically do is seed is and we've been seeing it for a long time. When it comes to the nepotism in sports and what supposedly. Even if that story's true it wanted him out of the patriots. It the reason didn't get much back for Jimmy drop of a hockey team's trip Alfie and why. Because he felt like you'd my feeling and is it something for affinity. It's I'm desperate to get ready to Mike Sheehan a unit of factors like you know what this ominous and Jimmie there is appropriate that may have a group of its life coaches for the chief. His last names read and but there's a relation there actually through companies they just read it. For freebies if these are all. Or come together through an oil and specialized. You know orders in 9131 Kaminsky that the girl last night. You know and Cameron and memories. Oh and avoid. Way to you know elements he's on Tuesday at the it on your joke or join us earlier we talked Emmys a salary cap expert as you know chiefs aren't exactly and what that. People would call it good cap situation. That's that'll catch at forward here on the podcast page fixed in sports dot com one of the questions we pastoral about. But one of the highest paid punters in the National Football League mr. Dustin Colquitt. Shane Lechler situation pies they are released there in between extra good afternoon so. Fight it takes that they can you bet he got a very she's. But kicker but it is part of our thinking it was. Haven't had met here stock again perhaps it's creative partner. Ticketing partners cheaper cheaper than. Good call by you make you bought up because it's inevitable man the way that she's happy thought ought to physically get a better cap situation is they have to make decisions. And the decisions that they have to made. Did not involve being. In emotional attachment part of what what what what like Susan by John dorsett W Jill Campbell she attach the player they happy about the business of cutting some of the fat from this team right now and make sure that there in a better which removable I would my draft pick you know it for this appointment they don't get more. Michael's favorite putter that. The major bowl MVP in your honor your ball. Bill I guess I just get a wrap of the sixth in sports six back hopefully to be sponsored so that is available to the coming up next. Does he care costs were seven year deal with the world's actually exist. What discuss that next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. I bet will be on the recent flight data without. You on six and Sports Radio. Seven years a 147 million dollars. From the Kansas City Royals to air costs. That is been alleged that dad. Contra golfers out here. I. But isn't really. Has if it is why is that your house or sign that contract. If that's the best deal that he can get is on the royals. It is better than an offer from the San Diego Padres. And there's no other mysterious team out here. The most to deal one sign with everybody else like him for years the longest he is longest field gets out of people have been signing right now. Put this free agents know signing anywhere how much Scott has passed and repeat. Just pass an edge of past and chip actually pulled in the unity forced degree jobs but he writes this article it says that players are in two point about ring of fire buried. If they're getting it's he about it but my job it's your job go out by me job unfortunately. The market is Elise died a week. It is quite fascinated. Up I figured that's what you're laughing. It reminds rounds and what are at a arguments that yeah. I was presumably does resume because it's. Don't you do you do well is going to the royals at their house. What deals on the table with excellent fit because it's hard to believe somehow that other guys the items below the bourse is probably shock. He probably thought the offers for high of birds before line up and able right at it and G Martinez still for. All those guys Greg Holland news or zero Bozeman. Maybe you heard any buzz ever more buzz alert okay it will be network it is just talk that this is a game yet there was talk about it but it's also about thirty minutes ago. There was a segment on MLB network. In which on yet Harold Reynolds. And he was talking wing is. Mr. Rosenthal. Agent Rosenthal. The graphic up there is it. Which member of the whales. Is most likely to re sign elect who has the best chance of resigning with the game as he rolls base at all today. They said it was a chain would have the best chance of resigning. Which becomes Denny are the rules for pertain maybe three. To tame it then that you kind of want to four bit of buzz got it take what you get all of Dottie peppers to get on the got us free agency right now for the royals. Lords a j.'s been the best player. I don't think people don't want this epidemic yet I know that he's older than cons all the stuff he's. But he's been the best player all bowls guys we've been talked Jay Bruce it is the players 31 years olds and three year. Okay do you view the Padres. I think this deal is been. We know it's been and Ron Bauer who's the and operating partner the Padres went on the mighty thin onions in Diego and said this about her account. They feel what this guy is. This sole focus it he has all of the exercise. All of the debt. Element should placed to take care of solved look at. Few players have bad debt. It would be 28. The first year obviously 34 would be as last year to shut it. But I can't I can't really get into it more than that but I think we were pretty creative in the way we put up for contract proposal together. We like it I don't know mr. Bork like that that's another short. We like yours and asked if most mr. or slights as cubs got an owner in Alaska at a boards get back Democrat notre Conan is ridiculous about it as downpours. And maybe it comes back next year it Bryce Harper's Google's cache but it's guys down the start getting antsy where's the deal and beyond what you. He may take the pod if the royals offered there we don't know that it. People say it is night Gil had tweet about not a lot of people besides nine he'll release implement view be honest with and this is not typical of what. The Kansas City Royals would do. Is allow also like that to get to the public and everybody Knoll one. In deep lingering for a couple of weeks. That's not how deep more operates man. Dayton Moore does not op rate negotiating contracts in MB PS in the spore Boris got loose lips both the information. Came from him. You don't. Let. You a little extra ticket right there when he said that. Bus cowboy I was looking at the I was looking attacks or our response from all go out and raise the Davis Love your laugh like in the next Mallard took the weight awaited the latest you gave it looked when he sent. May use that phrase that just out board is not rebut that or loose lipped it yet. I. Do you think there's a legitimate seven years 147 million dollar offer. Eventually to his word won't be. But if he's gonna hold up for years turn to get that 200 million dollar threshold would do we think it's out there right now I wonder about. I don't see a team jumping into three million dollars in the year on top of the odd result that the offer that we know those exit. The royals when Mike. More to where they wouldn't. Did you wait for Hosmer when he does his deal other dominoes fall ice coated the region passes that the guys are getting impatient. With their age but they find me a place to go play where that would spring training less than a month you only speed and that's going all these different teams and caravans. I'm sure they elected trot out their new freeagent. On these things they're not going to do. Know. This is weird too because when we talk about the whole thing. Pattern he seemed to some of these free agents like. The view we had a comes as I was yesterday or last week or we talked about would you put a deadline on Eric optionally would you say it's. It's the first day a fan fest which would be next Friday is next Friday that. Which you say it's the day before the date of report day for spring training at least for pitchers and catchers but I'll put it in mid February assured that. And I think when we talk about. But the players themselves though and obviously I can't speak for a player as I've never been a Major League player whose team. But. I personally wouldn't wanna be coming up on spring training we talked Bret Saberhagen about the weave in. He said and everything I wouldn't want to be coming up on spring training and not know where I'm going to play next year. We understand how important spring training is for some guys in the pretenders Morales a couple of years ago when he signed with the Minnesota Twins midway through the year. Think it's just not as simple lies because you know I thought back the first the first thing I thought it was Roger Clemens joining Houston Astros midseason my gavel Roger Clemens goes. When you wanna. It was on the juice tonight is also a work operate. Answers and really great shape he was prepared to do on the can corrales was prepared to do that I'm not saying that air on the wouldn't be in great shape to do it but as a hitter. As somebody needs to while on I mean. That's going to be an issue if you miss spring training and there's been reports that there are people that are willing to hold out and sit out half a season. Buyer agents to all these other things it's just amazing and that we would think that if there are legitimate offer on the table or if there are actual offers on the table what the hell are these guys take it's a lot of asylum. And then. Again I never fall on the campus many on the believed the 147 from the royals I would love to see that happen I would love to see them try to take a big swing like that. But I've never believed that figure without there because. If you listen to what the BC and Diego executive said yesterday. He all but admitted that they have a seven year deal for Eric Hosmer on the table Jesse did he all but admitted that it's in the realm of a 13240. Million dollars and like that's not the ballpark that's where your if you think that the Kansas City Royals a team that this guy spent his entire career growing up and opera in seven million more at minimum if not maybe fourteen million more. How they do and quite tell us what you like waste time you do legitimately believe there is a mystery team out there I know that's been on the it's been floated out there. Do you think that one of these bigger market teams are playing in the weeds. Wading Intel based C had an offer and they go yeah we can beat that by five million go and is that the case because at this point I don't think this. I questioned it I I think that a lot of people right now probably our quest to bull bull C does a shakes out and test next week. The next week we got in that wouldn't be broadcasting live at and says it's Friday. We're just think about this team it talked about past and discussing. The possibility mitigating Duffy being floated the Phillies or even the Astros yesterday. We all know that the first domino to fall for the royals is Eric Hosmer like if they don't sign Eric Hosmer they go into a more rebuild mode than they would if they did sign him. And that's been the case this entire offseason they've Morris had so much effort plan against them. The entire off season like that's going to hinge. What the royals do going forward. On whether or not Eric Posner resize. Could you imagine walking in the fan fest with still some of this uncertainty about whether or not any guff is government backed BA Kansas City royal city he's on the launch that they do moved up the it's clear the debris in Oz it's God's work. One dollar a year you would use quirks built together. Believe me so either. The offer what that good Dayton Moore said thanks but no thanks. Or be useful not opening those aren't. He moves in. Pretty much geared the other welcome back. Is Jay deeply actually done. What the sport of football. Ball properly would get to that next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. I will thank you Jesus play big Giles dropped six. The sport by. So wait on the web. K state at 115. This has to be fake news ball close the state news. When there's a mention of Jay big league being dumb global I know that's true but that's not. So let us to the bottom of this date we will what is this about you having an issue with Opel is Pro Bowl. Thank you might add that have been big defender of global. Audience that they don't want to I've been one of those guys to watch it. Betrayal still ball trick skills he's out of approval now the new drew from. It's prod because of the concussion. Did he separates him what to this year and Delanie Walker will take his place the pro bull but he did two point. Everybody bows out of course Alex Smith isn't because Philip Rivers bowed out at some reason it next personally. Commits kidney or guys bow out of the probable it and play it your decision of the iceberg here with Alex Smith going for Philip Rivers interest kills you are. I don't know beautiful turn dude though players' safety thing is a couple things about the lead to baffle me one was the back the vikings had to go up there for the extra point. Which is done in college football you don't have to be can win the game off. If your head but you pointed to join us so much yet and he is still need to take a stamp two point conversion is technically a team can run back same thing with the NFL. Lol what's the point of having him go back out there course the vikings in Libya deadbeat. Because the sat on it instead of kick the extra point which caused point differential. To be in question. But with a whirlpool and get the point now. I've defended this game that at this game is fun. Bit and obviously they don't care about it they have cared about for years and avoid the been some guys do care dirt Johnson will remember him did you Walter. He remembered that it. Oh and guys like Kelsey. As the pearl. He'll of school last year and a little sprinkle motion you know after getting that touchdown. East to be a big honor to government could point down. Think what what what is the actual point in this game. Because I'm doing pro drug better. The dodge ball all I'm enjoying those things that more than the actual game I said that have gotten the point but the Pro Bowl. Initially probably as you'll judge won't drop better than they gain yes I like skills contest better in the actual game. We do the obstacle course. When they have the accuracy or the big you receivers catch a little while I'm out by the gun or go back to most comfortable when they had. That's that was worsening every he'll he'll probably be doing some good stuff this year. You'll probably gonna agree to dodge ball. That stuff. I actually getting to more than the game is the game has become so bad people don't wanna play and it L terms Kelsey and orderly and that it that's the ultimate showman when he's Donald that. I'm done that. What's the logic. Yeah probably. All this would you probably watching the game it's going to be on. You'll watch he just said yourself that you're not dealt with the grudgingly. He's hopeful or too well what did the appointment television probably wouldn't go on the watcher but I alana. Exactly. You asked two raptor. And nobody does it feel to build. On your right but if the unit documents that you know what I can do is pro which they've thought about yes and things that was. Boeing and it's Ortiz the most will Russell's game. I love with the NHL's done in each division play each other held the NBA all star game you know he'll play defense is actually on the watch in mobile star game. It certainly from the lodge even once a model and India. I didn't use compliment and are you actually employment there play defense in the health burden they don't need to play defense but it's enjoyable to watch. In HL all star game is great. Witty you divisional. Bloated divisions going against an old John scouts who were that we almost alone. Football man is canceled and bill earned the shirt. You the exact. Big time. But I I mean when Kelsey and wanna go to an advocate and he reads the Republican who played the week which you probably could. Without a Pro Bowl I think the matter who Kelsey at. I think he actually was very injured as you can tell electing to us and wish he could barely stand didn't even walk. That but he dated two concussions this season so again that. These games are. Played he builds is a good Hollywood that it helps his body for him to play the following week. I'm so it's pointless now it is likely oils. If you watch for Allah is cream mountain. And obviously tax repeal it don't forget Alex Smith Alex man if I mean I had to go to waves would like her down zero it Meehan Ryan had to make a wager right now anybody out there in the in the original public. If what you're gonna watch C law cobol or not. I would I'll bet you're gonna watch. Do you honestly as I said I'm looking forward to the skills contest with the drone drop the dodge ball on you're not that I am not an actual world I'm shocked to cancel your annual Pro Bowl party. Why he's one. Appointment television area Saturday in my invitation that it is hoping it feels as oil and I'm just canceled and selfish Julia allison's problem you know there's petroleum you know. In Tokyo say it is them lightly it would I don't I don't know what pesetas Alexandria thank. Always say they say would say is rock liquidity in Kabul when the article to keep the Pro Bowl have been in this egg and big advocate of the negate. If they canceled tomorrow I would not care. I would. Don't cancels those which quit you. Maybe an adequate you know he's there should take these takeaway of men's he's. But deeply into those. Eyes that we don't know the collar of and tiger and eaten. Burger. If you if you got three weeks. Ago. You have quite a live audience. One room floor once the game. It's got to pay to get there but I honestly if they canceled this I'm good good for the first time ever I'm saying I'm good with. Which is and so but it it's they're just watch it but I'm OK if they see what I do. Always one of the NFL does he really don't hear a minute pop Warner gains of just like pulled your car over the side or to watch couple. Then there was conversation. I'm saying is beautiful kids operable and everything to do this congress if there's nothing you can't turn away from football. You can't do it aren't cynical bit. Poignant is that like methadone for football. Somewhere we can wean you off of us. The rugby so we use as methadone for football field they've come. I'm meg. Sick in the locate the canceled. When you know you guys YouTube video and I just just like any other person addicting I think I can quit any time I want it. A time I want I'd walk way I don't need that much money they don't work that one guy who actually watched the rule which of course you. Oh on a patch finesse big bold institute some but I'm good with that. It feels confidence eating contest three contest is way too easy times what you like to see a lineman beer chugging deal. Road. Ridiculous that a lot of remember was named bin. And Jones. I drank his own. Eatery I'm at my watch that passes. And speaking of which I would watch this. Just trying to play mind gains with your opponent. Actually orchids sports we get to that net to. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Repair shop tomorrow I would get on a contract. That was one dog source from the pastoral me up Boston's offer Jean Judy Martinez in the range of five years what is really. In house reais 7140. Jump on that and you kidding me Boston five years a hundred billion JD who wants 200 million it's not hundred million dollars less the least speaking. He's not signing him Boston with that. What was the Saba 7140. Some houses got a good deal one due to particular it is five for 100 hippies. He has thirty he's going to be 31 reason that age is the power. Scott forces looking for president could sit this back in November. Did forces looking. For something that 200 million dollar range for Judy Martinez only just said. Willing to pay maybe 54100. Man. It is well it's still very money you'll give your 100000311. Over I'll sit around talking about a hundred million dollars like growth this. This is a good pattern that if I'm Basra amid Citi Field. Bulimia a Tenet of that before Dave Cameron chief is their mind in a balked at the Virginia 148. The average age they're buying them. Like maybe do. Illiquid as well. Commissioner Roger could tell. Kissel Pro Bowl. He is not going to be in Foxborough will be in Philly Torre NFC title game and then it already gone he's been in the fox for it to Weis this humans. Boise then the fox for twice this year he went during the pre season Yost went and we won chiefly they were relaxed who showed up they did they had. How old's living there made up for a major get their Patricio we're in the clown Goodell Olivia when the civil Ralitsa my wife can get their forwards Christmas. Vic you don't go to the lion's games that's regions up. Now his head coach your face the clown not tell four years down the road when they win the Super Bowl. You remit. I told you yesterday start the clock five years until the front lines make him simple as guns or prevent Iran and programs on. Four years toys with super. Do it you don't wanna start the clock. I'm with you. On how ribat work you've clicked right here I think eight years is the deal. At 55. Or just five years and beyond time five years lions' Super Bowl appearance they do. That's agreed that why is Wendy tees in a split pics of food and let Wendy does. It's teases us when he began more cookies yeah I can do some of those snicker doodles are. You do makes good cookies when. I know Ron Christie does rob and I were talking about this we've filled in for you that. Christmas cookies to a lot of people publishers usually those are the things and everybody makes them more crumbles all are getting more popular I did not seek Christmas cookies. Make EO browns. Employees and try and get rid of them do you have in your car well. I thank you BA Caro. What are you. A finger changeable victories but not to a debt that I ended up the company I'm with my real fancy or they caramel. And and how much or eat or be friends care. Use of hopefuls. Where there's a reason. You go through in the clutch. I shall have it on every leg of sugar free were those originals in there apple flavored like apple carnal apple while. In the start of sugar free and paid for. I don't know about the did you know that the the the substitute for sugar that the use of sugar free candy. It's called sugar alcohol and if you eat too much of ax ax. Oh yeah. Aria I mean wolf for brenly. It's went to the movies on time and a whole bag of chocolate covered peanuts at the square for all unit let it flow laden. By the way detect signs that you were mid skis the other night his pregnant wife behalf of that passed out and appeal to interpret that well. That can be done. That you get pregnant first place brightens Heath. Don't ever been impregnated because of Minsk. Streak is aside are. You telling me that's never happened basically says I'd ever knighted and he's. Idea now have two kids. I'd be. Yeah your amend the play and things aren't so I could CO work. You get across article was sporting news and has to do win it. Just all wall. Take away from this oracle about the Golden State Warriors at that they are frustrated. With how they were treated when they visited. The Cleveland Cavaliers a couple of days ago headlines warriors complain of cold showers. And a quick in loans arena. Seoul. It sounds like according to the report after the game. There was several members of the goats that orders were frustrated. With the condition that they had to sour screaming in this hump yet warriors to be heard screaming and discomfort as they took their showers. And most of the players emerge shivering from taking a quick wash off. ESPN head is at report. This era it was known all the abroad yeah yeah just a call from like Kevin Durant. He yelled may have got to do something in the Q somebody called brawn. So they're upset because they felt like the conditions. Debate had to be there. Alms subjected to. After the game unacceptable. We know in in in sports though a lot of times the opponents. They have a lot there at the river to see the difference between. It did the whole arena's locker room and opposing team's locker room drastically. Well member horrible this year went off operative. And their locker room facilities that I didn't know this they actually since scouts in Michigan Woodson scout and they chipped up blocker in advance before the season. I didn't realize it on and checked out Purdue sweetly as painful as that again it can comfortable they're replacing unit you've seen football locker rooms. That are exactly the nicest registered young visitors is usually the metal lockers of profit ivory. Compared to what baseball and soccer has been exporting locker and they gave you a great job of verbal team's home and visitor Iowa. Pink locker at the pain you know toilets they do things a blow to play my game this what happens I love it if they gave the words cold showers but that's the arrival now. That makes sense to me. Johnny quit once complained what about a shorter round. In the bullpen when he's warming up right Dirk what is highs should be. It should be the mound regulation. And they do it but it wasn't in the complaint about this is home cooking. High school football which now they are basically old field there's still few teams have progressed you grew the grass a longer if you're playing a speedy opponent. Just make sense this is home cooking at its finest and I'm glad the cavaliers stoop to this level for the warriors is this is what things are done when you're playing a home game. You make the other team feel and comfort yelled for the game or after the game props the killers do you think that it works though. Deep into all out of his remarks that wanted to play there all the mind games ul. That Schwartzel all of this is after the game so the mind games prima Donna that point us as the HR. Might I don't say one negative graceful players of they want to gain. So yet still frustrated teed off after the game. What are the lying game self actually or parts of the game like that did the pink blockers stop what I. Sketches great. Originally slated Suzy here in the air. It's all changed it I was that a conscious who you psychological game and yes. It does it rewards its Allstate mr. and now people are you up. You're fired up the paint. Judge squeeze one Olympian toilet. I wouldn't totally news to me and at Indiana. I gotta take a you know what I take a dumb I don't care what color the toilet. It's gotta go you gotta go. I just like that the dude where this is this is what home cooking for you implying that if he had taken down equally bad there was only a pink or what you would do a sex argues that. Begrudgingly like like a Pro Bowl you psychologically of that. It affects adults are O. Would dole is who would total it would. Of these people that it would bother. You may miss out right now abusers it would affect a thorough. Can't explain it getting your head it would that you just sat on the pink or you'll get a deal. Mean I'd be first or with year round and Michigan what they did is they. Can take cover up old I think would be an miscue was more about this. Wish him complain a lot about the old flock. Our balls are quite defected. From a medical standpoint it was like some things that like the collective facilities updated in the timetable. That he was just a while he's at a locker room and comfortable locker room conditions. Odd don't have air conditioning. Pretty pissed about that. He's in scouts up look at these facilities. Produce agreement is check it out your final. Now I just passed on down sports he filled in for us on MLK day on Monday. And he just put out an article yesterday. This theory intriguing it may be telling about the state of baseball free agency right now it's about two minutes that's. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio.