01/17 - 11 am - Let's Get Excited

The Day Shift
Wednesday, January 17th

The guys give their top reasons to be excited about the 2018 Royals. Plus, we talk with former Mizzou star & current Viking Kentrell Brothers, do athletes owe fans anything, and are fans ready for this? 


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Bigotry that strikes me. Think it was a fine yeah oh by the way Third World is CDs being something. We should be into the into the audience view. Always a brilliant he's a brilliant than do nothing rib. Jeff rose and actually greeted with our big man. Tenth recipient of the L boar hunt and for professional football for positive impact on the game will be honored at her voice when it or. That banquet in cities with combat that bodes well why were they think she's doing great job. Could bring people live from. Beautiful world that fill up a member I dirty work we'll have a nice little conversation and own bloody shoes. Yes that was the column in the world. Interviewed about it shoes. But this would blow that. Stop and we stopped. We stop. It Jersey crazy. But that's. Stupid enough. The freeagent. Well I. Everybody knew it. On the ice and black and white rule and got the ten games spent. So what else he's got the car was. Actually dropped this reacting to the iceberg where he's he's out there and hit the ice burst. Did you guys do. We'll just you'd been out in its back from this and you've been out in game this person gave back. Bit of fight. In games of the cows. Wild down gold. It appeared through the flight booked us. Or an island buffet line you met pitchers did Luke we cast. Oh go on Twitter looks exactly like Graham Murkowski quietly just does not look like to. Napster's it is now it looks like look out he's got his beard going. You'd Sao Paulo a real tough guy trying to go to Detroit he will not going up in the state of Libya for the ball we assume is indeed Michael. Tough guy yeah. It's tough guy to follow want to worry. Yeah have been heading off for three years Trenton, New Jersey from who's the one little talk he ripped out there and rip housekeeper. He follows tightly by scripture. And. And suit the sooners. Boomer. Last hour Ryan polls requests into was about the big twelve. Now he asked another question publicist mortal. Right he's the questions point let the desk dipping you know. I house Tuesday night both of them and I'll no doubt I had a little seemingly endless let me leave it'll just out of free play golf. I mean the middle and what's going to oppose it on the men's rules as it goes McCaskey. Pack I'm curious black cat. I have a couple of front vick's home would students. All pork you asked a question of means day she asked a question games that we addresses questions. On line last last hour it was ought to be told us. So we can all universally agreed that the error. The issues in the place and getting excited for this baseball season. The full on rebuild well. But right now others that are trending towards it rebuilt vote for in its different yes and so I understand how there are some fans who have either. I'm Gordon when he fourteen and only really used what you've seen over the last three years. Or some fans who just. Generally don't like watching rebuilding mode baseball so I asked you guys this morning what is your number one reason to be excited. About the Kansas City Royals. In the way that I answered the question was does 'cause I'm I'm not look at I'm assuming that Kane's goal on house is on most is the army. Debate that the big names that we watched for years all he walked. I can't sit here and realistically. Lied to youth to the fans and save them get used to ward exciting because I don't know there will be any excitement. With me in terms of watching. The whales this summer. I guess the without answers bad though. When you say what is your number one reason to be excited to me be more intrigue for mean. I'm gonna watch because. I love baseball. Almost sports team almost sports junkie to a certain degree united not as much as they Brinkley but. What I am at a sports team that way. In what also might wanna do in the summer time like in the summertime it's it's it's you're watching baseball. You're you're you're watching and listening to baseball you listen to Denny Matthews on sixteen and so that's what it's going to be for. Well not be intrigued as to what they'll do yes I think they'll. Are gonna be a lot more losses this year than years past probably because of the make up of the team so that's not that's up. Actors appeared visibly see anything about staggers bird this year. These are the last couple years. It was you had to go at any emails or remember that of gust of yours right here in the this is less the players champion fist of course they're staggered windows. When you do dinner have you heard anything about windows this year I've not I've not either. His last two years memory of the B go within a certain amount of time. All aboard I had so much fun. Watching Hosmer moose and keep in mind the prospects were much better of you. I can't look at the a minor leagues and stick it wait for what I have the same excitement weakness C a hundred soldier woody can do. Like I did with moves and like it was caused when the royals made. It would trade and you got Lorenzo Cain in S too boring here. I mean I don't didn't have that kind of exciting watching Danny Duffy. Or July when I first urban radio that's all I want to do his interview guys at northwest Arkansas mobile. That's with a tail was between pronto but he's going to be you know couple years to get up here. But I do like read I do enjoy guys went out there. It just bust in the grass and I feel like they have a group of guys like that at wits like that how much better can he be. He parlay that success he had last season what is it all year can he be true you know 2030 guy but he easily would between thirty guy Eddie played here. All time or he sellers see what he can you see that power will materialize though. I can deal with the reveal I'm good look at what it's got a house which none part of this equation. But should be to get with your wife that's that's actually a little bit reality. I like the royals back. Have a little free time alliance that I liked and two to answer question arrows and answer or not staggered times however Friday from noon to you is exclusive for season ticket members and Saturday. From nine to eleven X who's the season it remembers but. Through nine and eleven to seven Friday and Saturday are open all fans are staggered times or indeed entry through or staggered times less abuse or work correct because they just had to space so many fans coming. Like I believe there and two. I don't. And against it got to build up what you're saying I don't necessarily disagree India. You know the the analogy that I use he was kind of like at new love analogy. You break up or maybe you just you know relationship ended. Like were ending ours with Newsom ha isn't Cain and ask bar and Vargas and all these guys it. You had such great memories with but you inevitably knew it was going to end and now work. In this kind of like new love phase where you meet somebody and it's exciting it's fun and you wanna talk to them every daylight. It's fun to have bath like new love field and you're right there are going to be guys that. You're gonna have to go through that process all over again because at one point Eric Hosmer was just the guy toil on the wane and in the minor league ballots or call just you know hopes and dreams but. A lot of these guys were just another piece in the puzzle and you didn't have the same feelings and emotions that you built up so it's fun to be able to win. And see all of that but. Kind of build up what you would say. I just Dayton Moore still has the Midas touch like wheat for so long. Had anointed date more as just this guy who could do no wrong and he was he was killed on everything you do not and everything out of the park every move that he made. Seemed to be right every resurrection project and never reclamation project. Worked out for the best like everything was coming up royals when Dayton Moore was making signing and then over the last year you've seen a few guys that. Off the rails were Joaquin story didn't work out well for. In exactly have a good run and it was Travis would you trade the week eyes of the Padres netted workouts alone for. Oh and by the way alone now broke your perfect streak having nobody go to arbitration so. Rferl I'll date more to do to talk about that. The liberal while it is a bit more to do no wrong and now here you more and it appears as though at least last season in the eyes of a lot of royals fans would you like and one whole Lotta did right this year when a whole lot that went his favor. I wanna know it's still exist does at Dayton Moore Midas touch still exist. Is Jorge soul they're going to be a guy that was absolutely worth giving up the final year of Wade Davis for. If you still have him for three more years. Was naik Carnes a guy that was trading away the final year Jerod Dyson for it's just about him on T neutral for one believe two of Anna Marie. Mean you've got guys that are under team control like. Booked early like now or. That our our guys that you could still build use as he says when he eighteen does he still have the Midas touch because a lot of these guys were already writing off because some of the performances they had last year. I don't necessarily know if that's that's fair. I don't think a lot of people are excited about the prospect of having Raul Mondesi playing shortstop. As you've written them off if they worked a lot semis touched it he sending him down the miners and letting go for an entire year was the best approach for. I think with this rule bond seizes say that I'm excited snooty and do they still see a lot of promise. In Rome on May be just here with early. Last year yeah I'm excited to see you that would be one guy that you should be more excited to see both are. Right teens these guys some plant high school football. But I don't know if we can be excited about the added to get its delicate moves on Salvi Duffy all these guys coming up see it. In the interest to be about the whole date more like SE what Ryan's in about does he still have. That golden touch -- is he still would be able to make that that the right decisions have to to put this team a great position. I think that he does but also now is that not every single thing that he's done. As big goal that it it's like when you look at you know. Hash tag vote Omar. That worked out now was it was all part of the World Series on team yes. But at the same talking about almost all star or mark at it but please don't what you're gonna have is gonna have international is an all star he was off. With because it is what it is because it idiots. Did a great double voting for if he takes his team and rebuild and get them back where they were fourteen and fifteen. Abby that the race regal and bank all right speaking golf. Going to the bank. He's been playing in the bank. They just wanna game to get to the NFC championship. Former Missouri Tigers stand out to shall Brothers he joins us next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Yeah. You go out there and that's what is the rock that was going to be what I know. Yeah. Yeah. I don't think it's as arrogant and to have yeah. I know he's he's he's hitting good you know I'll watch downloaded I love. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Me you need them. Well it's. As simple like a magnet. Then to. Come the it yeah I don't. It alone plan. Can Charlton Brothers. From state Planon. State plan in the National Football League from the pretty good actually. Intro Brothers karaoke skills are up there was Mike Welch. I don't know blocked. But I'd say that they're much better but that's what can I compare it to Israel itself while it's all. Coming tomorrow and I'll get it we think bars here in the other Singh Paula the book the bar's going to be able higher than that I look back in decently paying. And what tells you on sixteen and Sports Radio assistance force that job. You shall we do when you're just a minute but before you actually guardian reported the network. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is hitting part of success office according to Todd Haley but that relationship with spots you know. He leads out and feeling big been. Probably part this is a big bin wanted to back even in bad. Yeah Todd Haley. After what we saw this past week the points in the bull. Let their defense did not step up in make any stops being scored though bottom line it puts a poison aboard but I just think that the relationship beer. It just wasn't it wasn't around I'll figure was but one it was clocking double double weeks ago. Been 1 to 1 o'clock that they didn't want to the sidelines so. Don't think using huge billion boy I'll say this guy with big inspector if he wants an office according to back. He would have been right back at the bottom line. Big Ben's got the kind of status where he wants you back you'll be back now but there's one team that is playing. This next week it pride in the University of Missouri man perfectly with our guy. Gary tickled they're on their resume and potential Brothers joins us now linebacker from the vikings good morning controlled. That you wanted to she got. He just missed it we just plea karaoke. I meant. By the animals on a look at it. For like four. Of people people don't think they know someone who was beaten you know at a make it known that video. Boy you know it's interesting because when my former co workers who ride with them and ask Chris hockey songs from Tennessee and in Minneapolis yet and that's what my guy split. You try to hit goals and also that Bryson telemann enemy was all telecasts of the you just rocket now. And there was pretty developer will include that I had to do it. For the rookie challenge those softer light that's thrown our diplomacy. Is like my phone like that with phone that. Then I was into I seen the idea miles you know Patrick. So what do you had a single don't doubles on the you're doing okay. Wolf but the council the they were so nervous about operational it but he without you need a win gravity bar sunglasses from regret to pat. After that the remark by whom put on our solar. There also the fact that this thing proper word. Guys do that this year man who do you do to our motto don't last year oh you're good yeah yeah. All they he would but he's skiing which gets them going on wood that he can throw it. Eight you what the reason you with the vikings now it's just feel like Manuel was going through your mind. When DC digs make that kid to me did you think the game's over there's no way your goal in the Philadelphia me what's going through your mind. Then he won't talk about. Right complete and total shock. Why that probably hurt on the mile and like I literally. Been shocked and seeing. Quite without the other people being shocked the world and if you heard how well. That they got what they realized. That he would have caught the ball or touchdown would have been like. You can't believe if it's still two days they'll believe neat how that happened in that way why is it. Completely. Does it look what is your percentages but no that. Thank you are by uncle lord say no played the last place that were. NFC championship round. Or so like it. That would sell like me and he talked but the euphoria. I mean in the back your money they get all man this dream season we had the sole evening right here we had this big lead here come the saints. I mean all those stocks go to your mind at all. I mean. So in your half the you know corporate that you read in the Clinton you know I've seen. You know that that to zero lead most likely won't. And since bureau there. Come and out and did support you know was we panic bunch of corporate partner team support it would. Well. There are limited to two lead and I'm parliament. Or did touchdown yet. But that it happened and and now on it's it's just the speechless but at the moment marketing and explain. Quite where what Obama and crack that top. When we did is said and what and when did it when they're really setting and that this was. This is real. There probably and in. When we got to the locker room after the game on the bill. It's appropriate action points of but all of that going on on still we knocking coach it's based on scene of where it's at the hospital who and so their locker room that would. So Britain other coach that coach compared. No we get the pocketbook like and then we don't let that. Are scheduled for next week that's when it said in that there will be fourteen quirk and we knew we want those things and so would certainly grateful Republican culture. You don't want to the crazy things controls is at you know right here I know that the sideline probably was was really quiet before that final play. Do you just imagine what it's like to be a saints player on the other side. That read go silent shivered the whole egg in bubble in quiet Rick Baker do well like. After the play I can't imagine hell. Their real. An app for the player who you know it's that whatever problems we. Kurt Papa proposed or equal some are happy what what that meant she could. The great players but like that you know how much. Like. Just regret and like just for complete. Yeah gathered here he says he's disappointed in himself because Marcus Williams like he would make the play early in the day and he was one or intercept in which case. Right and I know I think they're not good that there were abuses since age that that play came and what happened happened he probably despite. To disappoint and so you know because he python he lived on the team with support. I can't imagine what he's gone through it. No it's it's suddenly you know 70% of the mediocre player in the yeah you don't want that happened but it never happened to me to think about it so. I mean who want to Adam and an effort from a child would be disrespectful to him at. You know. This system you can cut collect certain it's just great you know I have to believe it. We're targeting control Brothers played U verse in Missouri and draft pick of the vikings last year and they control army looking to team and you know following that from a four of course at work with Henry big vikings began. Played so we talked vikings quite a bit but all be honest with me and when this season started in you have case in their quarterback you lose Galvin cook. Like I'm surprised at the resiliency of this team man it would orders that come from wars that start get like these keep them. You lead you the title game you meet face a guy like nick pulls it has that been. For Phil don't have much the same way although not as long as what Keenan has done to lose W cook this team never looked back. Your right arm Philip if it. And that is because of the team member on the exactly what in the world. In the cases first looks like it holds barred apartment the day and come out and cover like continent never had the support. That he would have from home got what you know he. Gone cat it was the third string quarterback. That he never had the support that would get and no no we don't that we know that it would have been more. And this is like people think that the seed in the though the case of them committed to a case. Compare that there are people who practice he can go all the players not only didn't quite make when you take him on that could quickly like the twenty yard looks pretty funny. It's an important element goes down. We know we gaga but with a little jig note that got their book. And they it and we had a couple on Goodell for their other guys it is primarily rookie. And it indicated a great job and then we I think you go uh oh couple games concussion and that they want orca. It's kind of equipment. It would com and click on folk are mentally I have done it but you are applicable column. But when it com or record you know definitely in and they got taken. To these in the meeting that to the in the partly. Our intro my my guys hear him or he's in Minneapolis guy he liked you exclude these analysts still only about GC Lucy's man. We're the best place. For you might miss something does that really good put that she's inside the burger I guess people their legal and it would be easy yeah he said yes I want. Never never heard who see. Yeah yeah. Duck duck ray duck would you guys played it will always called the duck the abuse the vikings you get our core harder look at. Coral. Yeah arbor or hurt it's it's if I'm mark it on there where it's it's a hamburger that you need to trial but the lasting one ask you before we let you go on. Is sounds like you like to play a little bit imagine. But I got to ask you grow. Why he's so slow on that. A little slow roller. I am I'm not well I'm more regain the galloped. Really about 44 yards that's a report that was on there. Yet that name and we'll vote on record colored and yes they were part about it is that what you play with other players and belliard but you'd know that take you well cargo it. Some room. Or maybe it is being banned and ethnic bar man yeah outflow at twelve points back to. Run out of there not know I don't know. I know potential amendment though please know. Put muscle man over here. Well before the team city and going up my entire life and living in Minneapolis in Buena vita stands for for mine tile like a you know just go to Philadelphia and a business and us India that those the finals in Minnesota back to the super ball hopefully in the next couple weeks ago looked again. Are her memoir. Architectural figure may look sweet man to man. An agency Lucy's may disappoint. This guy detects I'm glad to text he US here in the second zone which executive rose on he had just it was like it's in my right if it met -- of the game if that tells you go to Minnesota staples I was old need to happen now homeless that they don't even know. That's audio. And I I go and I was wishing is he said that's just an inside out cheeseburger if you are inside that. We to shut the whole day of the rest of the day. A mixture to your mind as that he expected of them there that that. The conjured up some memories for that he's in particular expert he's in all know. Not all DOT Rex needs of the cookies don't. The vikings just. Dutrow agency who's got to get it right. I get a little you aware that it's going to be 48 and drizzly but the chance of purple rain early this week and I don't know all the good questions and I want that never get asked that. As well as on important erratic juicy Lucy question I'm shocked at UMass yeah animals. All right up bags. This question that we have a ball obligations. Oh professional athletes widgets that. Boom studio sixty and Sports Radio. I. I basic digital Brothers yeah. Missouri Tigers turned over the Minnesota Vikings. I don't remember seeing slow. I've emailed New York there's an old well excuse you lose only that but apparently. I just tell me that's the ribs the better. Just soul and I inside out cheaper I'd add text as I mean that you deal and I text I'm not at all I text Tom west and the vikings. About what's just occurred with a juicy Lucy Mitchell Brothers is checked his text back to me. Main gates. This is all the yeah that's that's that's that's it is accused of the just. Did it he's boasting know the deal he's the orbit I know I doubt if I don't I don't hold just like basically said that I thought. Jews who staff the ribs of Minnesota analysts view. I guess I immediately said it could they not. Comment out like bad. Is it not at least not now and I think I am yet to see an athlete coming to Kansas City who doesn't at least know that are writing that you know that feeling like I'm some unknowns out there and Pedro and Tom I don't know. Our stall. Rick is synonymous. With Kansas City all the close touch as a friend and talk and trying to talk her out on the phone if you know me. Being from there not agency OC it's not just disgruntled I. Actually you know deep dish pizza is that Chicago did not know who he is right right. Yeah yes it's so it's still the vikings or not. Introducing him to. I feel like it's and data Minnesota for trying to say that an inside out cheeseburgers. And their trademark. Notice it does is it a mosque this is guys hear what. You are ridiculous that's. It is probably two men say to each other. Attachment outshot very surprised. Six year man. Amy and he's got a little little it. He's not in my journal of a little like asking them out show a picture of what to do was on the practice and make you gotta make things there. And Hayes and Ricky and it was eight and he said in a campaign is anymore bed scenes that he. And you know I mean if it is that's fine major saying right now you'd feel raised would do it. But if I was a rookie on a team in the singer's song that's like I mean 20000 dollar dinner but if they don't wanna do it you make them do it. We're taking into goal post in which is as Melissa I'll get no argument about. An infection. Called the but it is that the B you'd. Not a big deal at all don't don't don't don't start which I got popular way and it sounds like they have their lead at the airport he should note he signaled albeit not all at a map of iPods and Mac using Lucy's. Should know that like twins I mean is something about Minneapolis and it's something that's yet to be introduced it introduced us to it. And I find says there they've been all over the third. I trust that aren't with I think different cities handle it's it's been all. Over both for him to the a player there in year number two in the teeter has introduced until at discount on key element of guys know it it's it's on the orders got a team leaders that. I'm gonna call the organization I mean all I'm saying is on his own employees and he's even leadership nugget we want to tell you can't get there as a result compared to. If it's a year to gather barbecues are we talking about like barbecue incessantly but there's much more common knowledge in the in this ago. It's like to have a better claim and text on YouTube guys that noted juicy Lucy was. No text line we know what it is we asked the vikings played big variety he said Nicole yet what is it owner herder. Let's. Get listening tinged here. Salt excellent on about it shouted out meet me you with the red meat you'll ousting all lost instantly. Would you say to everybody in the country deals Abbas that we knew about it for a would never supported him. Do about it I would agree but not everybody in the country knows that they'll. On normally. I feel like skyline chili is more synonymous then the juicy Lucy and that it ought otherwise known as the inside out cheeseburger. Agritech that you are disrespect it's very number of militants. Everybody knows it ribs are synonymous wicked city if you were to say what is the apple we know we don't you think that she got to go deep dish pizza right. Chicago. Is a double L or bad Italian. Was that Italian beef or Chrysler what is the full it's all around as Italian beef. We knew we need to go if you say what the ones but they that I am gonna get. If I go to Minnesota will be. Was the horse in your mind is who's the analysts analysts. As a lot what. That would have been on defense. Al said its opponents. Think that now you on the early craven some wall I ask it she'll be at the well do you think of a border over fished in the 2008. I appreciate and respect the fact durable easily but what is the Jews is what. Because you all or body and I had it all it's just too you've gotten past the reason. She's gonna support them now yesterday. I spun out on the chiefs it is. Welcome back that Hitler probably didn't play well give simple. Check this out. This conversation has two wins. When. Comes to professional athletes what is the air responsibility. To the saints because there is in my opinion. There's a cuddle when it comes to what I should expect out of a professional athlete in the reason we're talking about this is over the weekend. There was a gentleman. That tweet it actress orchard that he he saw Chris torture outs. Hadn't interaction with Chris archer in big wood on it to trash him on social media so this this is what he tweet. I'm sure you get a lot of attention everywhere you go. Hide ego and it turned on a pig for what are your biggest fans. Ten to twelve in four plus ER rate last year. You eight primetime yet buddy hash tag stay humble. Any he has a Twitter and social heat heat tweets at Chris archer. That he knows that he gets a lot of attention everywhere goals but I did turned down a pick he was upset because we guided take a picture with. This was Chris archer response. Eight why did you say this in my face. Beat. You're an adult. Why is it a handshake in meeting enough for you so that's what that's what happened he met Chris Porter Chris archer shook his hand. He says why is it that enough for you seek. I was just trying to half full with friends and not be photographed is that a sand. In the DM not obligated to be photographed answer will like a zoo animal. Hash tag respect other space. I am a 100%. In support of Chris archer. Professional athletes don't have to do things go a ball that beyond when it comes to the fans I understand it and like win. Went went players are cool with the fans and they do cool things or they take a photograph or did whatever it is. But they're not obligated to have to do anything to meet the one obligation that they have is if somebody respectfully approaches you. You kid you did you did respectfully declined to sign autograph them respectfully. Decline to take a picture. Just be respectful to think now supports it in the annual ball and you can do whatever you wanna do but I don't think that there obligated to sign autograph or to take a picture or any of debt. Will we appreciate it everybody did yes. I understand they got personal space. He shook his hand BS Chris archer it seems like a really nice guy really. And I know we will dust up with in their but he seems like pretty good and loved ones on TV but he met again. If he shook as tea here's the thing the pro athletes of the ninety's in the eighties the duel right. Don't want that so pulled him. Is that like George Britain is that the deal would people make negative picture sites open. The unit bring the Polaroid. Have some on to the Polaroid shot about what the big or what happened back in the duke whenever he's got a cellphone they wanna sell it would give Chris our trojans won his privacy. He was he answered a lot of questions lot of people were we backing Iran agree with you man. You guys have the know are. Shake his hand meet him with with the center com. Be humble. Guy duke is isn't it. But you'll opportunity to scroll up. Don't bother me he should purity and admit you well body weight and likely to get the hell out of his way. Jewish record and would want. When kids. Chris archer would have been. I tell you met a bit not obligated to doing your dad I actually lead to believe that you want these guys to go open up you want and need to be good people. But they don't hold you anything not not not with everybody. We don't even know who's gaining entry everybody would not agree beyond that text size 69306. Hit us up if you believe that Chris Arthur should it kind of take it and ball taking a picture with a guy or done more. There are people all the debt pool B a ball the except from what about that all along that it I'll talk until they did double gals would probably until the. Austin lawyer or your past you're still you know any verifiable attacked slide and they were gonna happen you tweeted right Butler. Nude tweed right now they have little little had really bad at quarterback apparently easier to. Who played OK it like Twitter there was this. Big war. At big Mac 25. After. Is not a I don't know I'll just aren't in the deaths against Porter and they'll know what I think it there. Of adult fans that say you know we paid their salaries. This the least they can do. I don't I don't think although I asked him on a traumatized by mark. Still there's several more wires. This one is there. Here's a bit when he one year old man wearing a brawl. That beamer is a plausible one what do several Mark McGwire. None of the verified more hours. See I was in Saint Paul September was told it's a while say. Product one person by the way. I said he go back to the guys that the interview Minnesota and we said. Bogey because this cities and you actually activists in all of that all of them alum York. It because I've given replaces insisted it be given three recommendations and is priced at eight on a recommendation not that he's into the for once he said he's on. Excellence in order Texans and I don't have to hold the door for people either but I still do. I don't know if that's necessarily the same thing because I don't think that if you don't hold the door for somebody they're gonna tweet at you later and be like hey mister big time. Can't hold the door for me when I'm coming into quick trip. Best amateur partners. I am not saying to Chris ports year. That light. If you see here is simple for the photograph that's one thing. But don't trash him because he just wants marshals to get us now people or other high rollers and with this treated that he would get a picture of reach in and and he has. How old was like and a woman I probably forties it's an age thing right like he was that definitely uses are. Are recalling an age thing because I feel like at some point your random and doesn't achieve that. Your blood meals won't give her a little kid and you turned down a little kid for graft on like channel. Thirty girl guy. Wants or don't need to get on the wallet and then why aren't all that have not said all lifer I and it's it's. Are coming up next in a fills the gonna do something but Palestinians ready or. The opportunity to consume the product in this way we get to that net. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. Well you know. This is not good a good message language development which is breaking news situation. It got a situation. The central place. As in the situation occurred he still around my hair is going to you know. Agreed to plead guilty. Alongside the market their tax fraud case. He's looking at fifteen years of misery and laundry the special. At fifteen years. The situation were Snooki might have you doubles Oscar knows. You be with the situation. We couldn't smoking in the opposite way you would situation you know anybody else from after the Russians Snooki and the situation note. What was it beat out nobody else with an eight dollars and lots of snow. Yeah I don't know him. Q how do you want to sell ads in pastures wire you don't what that knows more ideas on us. I don't like much but I do it like a funny situation. So me. Like let's put it like it. As this. Information. It is trying to the color your wife's eyes yet oh inch. What color of the situation as well and I'm guessing around android. Murky. All all of. That it watchers though. The fact that you're doing it on the Jersey sure enough for me. He used. Situation I'd never did like how long did you watch it. Assault on several seasons or is funny dispute Disco is Jim aliens and Eagles and looks for girls managed. And he Tia I believe yes bow it. Down to fold if we have a lot longer yes that. I'd been so used to watch Jersey civil war. Miami tomorrow wouldn't admit it would have lived in the house. After. Are you willing to watch the National Football League yet. Consistently on Thursday nights. If it's just online if I have to that's due in the wild about the into tonight's. I will I think this is a major mistake that it was on these companies trying to get Thursday night football. If they found a way I mean I would finally two kids you know I'd would easily do that. But I don't think it's a good idea your current ratings need people watch. Why do you wanna ruin what's organized with average age what old forty fives that it's an older audience that's the average in both they and everything alternately you think you're a couple more deviant watch it on the York. I think it's a huge mistake if the unit the one on known and of this will go I don't think we're ready for. The people made the conversion. In an of the younger people watching Netflix and everything ultimately. The pain innings of bees meaning and I don't think the eight innings in the world are ready on I don't. But the highest world that counts he should just watch a lot of sports on line the paintings out of that and now the feeling would do. I don't think like that guy. I don't think would watch things on line is though I would but I don't think if they inning as the army still says www. When he get he still has some notable acts. Why why are you as. It's. Says Debbie of death. What's our what's your results up at WW dot 610 sports. Dot com that's that's. HTTP. Zach does back slash WW Adidas and worked but. As well as honorable thing I don't know if you've heard of it called the YouTube it's on the WWW. Dot YouTube dot. Are part. But how like FaceBook gets the hot we certainly not music on how can we say it staining wood now watts. Watch a team on that. On line when I don't think he's getting to the world he's on Twitter. And Dave said don't what are. You want because at the beginning is a lot like a lot of people they would just say you know some my TV and watch. Put it on their I'm not gonna find it I'm gonna figure out how to do it. Tex like insane and I'm wondering how is that not the NFL basically admitting Thursday night football as a failure well. You know if failure that make you a sense that they're accepting bids for Thursday night football not only from online digital only bids but they're also accepting bids from ABC CBS is in the is and then in the bidding process as well so it should be noted that while Amazon FaceBook those companies have the money to compete. I I can't I can't see them spending the time dollars. That Disney wanna spend to put that Iran yes yen. Or on ABC. Any number of other Disney's interest because they have money football and also didn't didn't Disney absorb a lot of those fox sports reading into what they did so did it has a lot of money lawful. They've laid off a lot of people he has in so. I could see Amazon FaceBook want to make wanting to be this group. It has this feel I think it would be an interest in the do. I'd Zuckerberg -- I just I do think and I see someone on textile amendment present 25 not ever want my age on the Smart TV. That is true like the digital divide is is something that's very real in this country and I think when people. Analyses spoiled by it but you've gotten use to and you take for granted the fact that you have not only Internet access high speed. Mean there are some areas of this country you still can't get high speed Internet which obviously affects the way to your viewing experience ago. But does it actually is dial up he does he does actually still hasn't you know we now. He the Textron on tax and also says 25 he hates watching it on his computer seek. I actually have a way of my laptop up my television I think a lot of people utilize the same type of thing but if you do wanna watch laptop I think I have like thirteen inch Reno my MacBook it's not exactly the same as watching it on your big TV. But I think that there is there is a getting used to process because I prologue time to like and now. I don't girl in my iPhone like it doesn't bother. Smart TVs in the you do that way too but our online only thing I think. Would really hurt the market would teams playing look at the chiefs were only on online. There'd be a whole lot of moms and dads caller kids as you have that it opens the moment TV. All right coming up in two minutes we had these six tennis or six back we're just what. Outward fifteen minutes away from talking and Bruce Weber. While the other big upset last night for K state against Oklahoma I think it's gonna come up in this expect as well we get to that. It's you don't put in jail you don't look at the we don't tea. If you don't do laundry. I gotta close the. Who studio sixty and Sports Radio.