01/12 - That's News To Me

The Day Shift
Friday, January 12th

The "biggest" news stories from around the country. 


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Some people in the right area mobile thing. You probably wouldn't get her blocks along independence avenue it is strong and it came. It's black and needs another take your eyes water. Only got 100. I would welcome the idea and are you on the days of sleep became pals he's the dirt in his own don't know though I didn't. Who's talking about talking about the cliffs. From Los Gatos won a major dirty and it's like she got that registered your voice. Over to make. You talk. You don't say the word maybe there's something related to that and put it on the eight. We and a give me the news. While Chelsea you know personal SATA. Hello Chris Jones on the. I. Each week we asked and each other a lot of stories a lot of stupid moves inland afternoon for. When we need to preserve what. Blind. Man trying to kill spider sense apartment on fire. When are we gonna stuffy news stories is not a Meredith California. Man tried to kill wolf's fighter with a torch lighter. And set his apartment ablaze in the process the Redding fire department. Said the spider was covered in flames when it's hurried to a nearby mattress. Catching it on fire fire spread through Latin collection. And drapes in the bedroom. Residents attempted to extinguish the flames like garden hose but were unsuccessful. No one was injured buyer cause 111000. In damages and all the residents had move out. Wolf's. Office. Roof or roof. Wanna sound like him better than this guy Californians tigers here. Hazard integral part of or ecosystem of other bugs human shields while it is all the accidents and non English on this planet when you're licensed. It was it was trying to kill sneakers spider like accidents will usually go through. It is a matter you go through all means to kill. He but it means traditional wired. Execs in the empire you what it's like I mean you guys are aware by. I've had a snake in my garage for several years I was letting him live because land was that he was. Keep ice out of my garage concede that amounts that average amount for all of you we'd stay there. I don't have any mice but I I have a giant snake. I. Who is quite a big east they probably. Average as they haven't read this that that's you know probably I don't know life. Quite elusive that's they kiss babies and own the ease of babies by now. I don't know that tobacco warehouse but that some would he then you'll. Raj. Urge. And headlines except suspect applies for job with police. Arrested during interviews. If it. Is that a cottonwood Arizona some of the place to live. In October of 2016. The Bank of America told cottonwood police. That they suspected their employees at 32 year old named Alberto Lopez had stolen 5000 dollars from the bank over a three month period. Lopez then quit his job at the bank moved to Phoenix and refused to answer any calls and questions pertaining to the theft according to police. All the charges and a warns for an arrest pending. Lopez applied for a job as a dispatcher with the cottonwood police department. Lisa that probable cause for his arrest of the range a fake meeting. About the job when a book or low as a rise for his state job interview. He was arrested. It is extremely. I feel like if you currently are under investigation you should know not to round weeks. That this makes. Guess is he's an idiot I mean it is no other way to stop it is. That. Suspicious here in this effort with the team. He went to police station after. That'll Lackey. I feel Joel's. Well. I mean he has wasted nobody at ease with with an. Well sometimes are a little scared and you need to wouldn't feel like it will lastly. Some restaurants they will spiders. Gigantic in the torrential let's. Slip up could range from in the 35 millimeters which is what happened to one and a half inches. Back on this bug is still he says. But I'm not getting a blowtorch to kill an inch and a half spider. That's the point. Step on wanna. Or last time I checked wolf spider weren't venomous. We kill you. And so he snowflake. Think we said that he wasn't shocked at all of the story and it's dangerous. I feel like that's disparaging to the town of St. Joe and stuff at all shout out our guys are likely to happen. Oh man sentenced for stealing underwear from woman in saint Joe's old. I know that's true. Mr. so what happened. A 63 year old man ordered to serve a 120 days of shock incarceration. And five years of probation for breaking into a woman's apartment while she was showering and stealing her underwear. The suspect well I suspect anymore you. BI now faces seven years in prison if he violates the terms of his probation which includes not using the Internet. For seven years now apparently he had sent the woman in email asking her if she was lonely. He claims that it was a joke and then he called it a quote any raid. On her apartment. 63 year old main stage at any rate. In theaters this. He's going to and from the Internet at LSU coach would like for five years he cannot go on the Internet because he sent an email and how do you do you. And he. I. How hot does want a they know their. Putted off the Internet or seven years bone everything having equal in jail that's impossible. There's no way out of possible but it like all right yeah actually is not at others like sixty to seventy million. Around five years probation but if you violate that probation he gets that reminds you risen five years. Five years now that Twitter account. He can't get on him. Please go to. People very scared us right here read sixth in sports but I just didn't think about this. Excellence is the spider was actively running under the bed while on fire and then to be a pretty big spider. Yeah I would assume would be on the larger and bubbles by which he won it happens. So there they have like air. Maybe the hair was on. The despite his bills mafia stuff on that device makers spider slam two Beers and jump onto a table. Solid effort has this news or news you reason with either. Spiders. There seemed one person. He's raising. You legalese it is everything that went on just be that reason is they co existing with the snake. We have that the reason we have we have an understanding.