01/12 The Show On Lorenzo Cain

The Show
Friday, January 12th

The Show asks why no one is discussing Lorenzo Cain this offseason. We debate a few theories, including the impact his race could have on the narrative, while trying to bring him back to the forefront of the conversation about the Royals offseason. 


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Back here. And waited till 9 o'clock. We've already had a new member of UMBC used to is aids. Like Ryan is right again these guys heard the report. British girl or create there. The players it is city that is literally been forgotten. And I don't. I don't I think. This will hit some people's ears. I assume I'm just gonna say. Like I. We talk about Oz Maher and whose stock is really a lot during the Nazis. I feel like Lorenzo Cain should be mentioned in the same boat. I think the important of Lorenzo Cain now Reza the royals signed him or not I think a lot of it has to do with. While we don't talk about him as much because the royals. It appears that they they're not assign him. I find it very. I just act display like this I like Cain should be in the conversation. At Hosmer whose stock is there and in terms of how how much is going to affect the team losing him and what it would be like for him coming back. The same way you do would the stock is I almost feel like. The stocks and Hosmer but I almost like we put him in the same boat as. Out CDs Escobar. I got it up like he's more closer to the bow of Escobar that he is. Osborn was dot and I think that adds. I think that's all right I think to me Lorenzo Cain is every bit as a port. To this team than those two guys. Now like us sit up I understand. It is aides lied. It goes the considerations that may be even though he probably be the cheaper of the three. Yeah I'd probably get him. Half of what husband and getting let it but it's just soul it's it's not weird. Well I I just think we really overlooked him. Because I I would almost argue that I almost think it's not almost almost that is not an argue. Like since this run started in fourteen. He's been the most productive player. He's got the most accolades of any players that are in in VP voting out of Africa hearing quotes last week talk about Posner was like. 24 there's something in the NDP bode bode a couple of years of life alone. The rental was third in the MVP vote behind. I know a mud yes yes. Trout was one of I don't know who else was accurate bid to Cabrera about I think by the track of there not moving it was Cabrera. But he was third in the VP vote fifteen Josh Donaldson in my track and yet dollars and dollars and one. But this is like. I know that who's got is that how that ended their clothes in an MVP vote. And and those guys are really good. But he's also the ALCS. In BP he's got as many memorable moments as those guys do. 2002014. His defense of gave. Games against the Astros I mean it's I guess the angels and the Orioles. And I guess that he was ALCS MVP. He was really good in 2000 fifteens been robbed multiple were from a gold glove. They consistently been hitting over 300 health was an issue during this stretch. Except for the one year he had the wrist problem two years ago. He's really been in there. Like I I just I like it not. That's like he should be on their level I feel like we should be talking about the three of. I'm with you IE especially given that the market doesn't really materialized for. Like you can Dick Cain and another really good player the same amount that you probably have to pay for moose and Posner and it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Because if you bring up as. A is these days he's a year and a apple and megs two and a half years old with a deposit that is in place a different position but I think you can transition into corner outfield. ID two or Horry and like I. He's the best all around outfielder in the gate like he kept late Mike Trout he kept on this and eat it. I think he's a better until the defensively up so I think I think he's got cuts pretty darn good I've. Think Cain is a better defense defensive center field. And I think especially putting him in the corners. I I think when you I think Cain can play left rights and are better than any outfielder in the I don't know how much longer he can do it. But. I think and you look he's been the most productive guy of the three in the run. A regular season that I think we remembered like toddlers at some moments with the dance stuff but. Cain remember in the Toronto series in game six scores from first base out of absolutely nowhere. He did it is the Astros to. Like he's had mulled mixed. For some reason we don't look at Lawrence okay like literally. All ears Osborn mostly lose the riddle here it's okay acted rental Kane sun with the cardinals. Which is a possibility. I wonder how much Woodley and. On the good move anyone. Any particular way that Libya and that is increasing and everything he's been better than all of you that the two of of all of all of the big four or five guys that are leaving these include org is an ASCII. He is literally. To be bid the best player when you look at. He's the that the positioning play is a premium position. This thing all means when he moved up in the line. And considered that. The royals de facto Lorenzo Cain replacement. And Bubba starling has not worked out and Iraq and he's got a hundred Dozier and guys that could step in. Or moose and Hosmer theater etiquette and placements were his replacement right now I think is Alex. It's Alec scored. It's tough to say is that. Like I won three flips is the lowering its relief but that does like I know that was an air. He played in a 155 games last and the year before he had a wrist injury and still try to place. But it 2014 and fifteen Whitner. 133. Games in 14140. In it and that was when they were trying to monitor it. I I I I like it it it's educators and people are gonna think we're taking this here. Because people are bringing up politics like I I don't think that I don't think this is a race. Although like I obviously I think race could be involved but I don't think this is. As much as they race like it's small for half a percent of the race that he. I think that. We've always heard boos. Right from the they've always heard boos and as they drafted him moves and but dude. The rims cocaine. Have been the best player consistently. Over this stretch than any. To be honest I do think that at least part of the reason that the media narrative doesn't mono rulers of mean. As an impact arteries its spirit that has today but I don't necessarily aren't evident on its theory I think that you can impact. I think I think raised an epic it but I think agreed period here either yours small because I think it's just the media advocates. Let's the fan base kind of drives at least us in the media and there's no drive on Lawrence okay. Rick. Is not surprised. I Lorenzo was. What. I see out of the original canes are all you all white. People I see a lot result change and rent okayed by accidents major player pressing him to. So I I'm really surprised it's not even it's not a guitar. The jets were resigned the fact that the royals are going to sign them. At least he has those on the back. Rolls before the offer came that we're gonna give up or not hurt. Especially considering it came from much less so give me and husband has moments pickings got home. People on over Basra because he's beautiful ads. My opinion at heated drives it up and I. Cain's not Whoopi Goldberg. Nodded off. I taught at this does not because that's to be there well why should care about means. I. Here's an like about do you think I'm optic canes should be in the same boat as that because right now. You've got pain in the S Gabor injury. You gonna stay smooth talking about me. And I think Lorenzo and is becoming the forgotten back in this city in my hip didn't. It generally Knightley is right a 170%. Of but in my opinion. I think Dick Cheney should be all the same level. As Osborn was stuck. I said he. I understand. Is maybe just hope it goes on me. Spain and lied the royals or. Went to look inside it says eat eat a lot of his games demanded it owns the. It plays a previous position in center field and he's 32. I can understand that he will be cheaper than the two and he still play that position pretty well and I do think he has the best. Outfielder on the all around the plate any of the outfield positions at a high level I think I think Lorenzo Cain it would of gold glove. It every one of the outfield positions. And and and outlet at this might. He's got more minutes it took me if you really sit down look at the numbers that remembered they does resonate is much better than the other ten. Hell we talked about his elves who is on the field board in this rather its bid for help or because if you sell. Don't feel more government. Most missed holding camps. It most get hurt at another time. Like most missed a tough. I got like Brett feels like we talk about we we look at Kane almost as if he's a bit. LCDs esque. A war. Grouping instead of the cane and moves Cain are the said the move stock is an opera group and I think. He's easily he's been more productive than all the he is the one who's been with the ALCS MVP. Neither one of the war or World Series MVP that was Salvi. And oddly enough asking. But you one that was covered in the MVP voting behind just Donaldson in my throat. So. It is it's about the media that it. I think it's more that it was so and attacks talking about they think the media big shots. Feel osment who's dobbs is more important. And an AM. And I came Lott made a point. We well. Really liked who are they right now I think the chiefs. In football a bit more important but we talked about it. It's been moved that's the whole point of this segment is even just on other shows. No one ever talks tolerant okay in this entire offseason no one's talked about them whatsoever he's been the best 10. He's been there. Now the future it may not be in this this the meat but it feels like. But it still leaves. To say this. We're gonna ruled. The ribs O. To me because. Hosmer the stock isn't there. I believe the response to derive Dyson beat rate is going to be it was going to be a bigger deal than Lorenzo Cain just because. Of those other two guys at the same time. Because Hosmer moves stock what are adds them will probably happen around the same time it will overshadow. And that kicks in better than any of that. I'm talking about in the big moments. In the post season what are you remember that angels in. What do you remember against the Orioles. Went into the day LCS and BP. What do you remember it doesn't attain U although. This that night when they have big they. The leaned back if they got to the we bank Lopate. These ads like asset 46 times in their views. Do you think. I thought that market the bus accident a good point that maybe is that why the media narrative has ignored him. You dig any of it has to do with the fact that although Cain was acquired via trade this. President draft us and I think because those two it's always good moves and always in those two are going to be the ones to say. But those guys took off after years of tan in the written so Cain was carrying this team. Any position we need and that was the great point that you made org it up that was the pick rate went today. Like copper and go play I believe third day. I I'm not out hugely load this but I think cell layer. I think Gordon. I think Dozier I think. Brandon Moss could play first base. Who the hell's gonna place. Alex Gordon. Let's go to the limit which thoughts and. An air. And that show. Oh I out of pocket one apple JJ here now ending in honor we were back. I don't wanna grandma or great agreed. Back. Let you know if you got hurt by an able chair occult or. And toward went around on a junior and pray or. Love. My stock is in the magician hops out. I had several quick so television does that know your big time sports in Cannes if it. Do you feel like a bit of you has got to forget the dollar and go. No actually I don't want Apogee. Eight I don't McCain are. Part I'd met him at all moot. Odd. Indicating came at the Kohl do and I like you mentioned in an. Eagle. Unity content or will he do now. That's when it comes back out and eating. Gold glove trying to builder and that we don't bring him. Who'd never liked that nobody. He had caught our our guys on there there are why I'm ordered it. It all came back eat or war you know that you know with. Open. I got and that's a tab gets it. Until that adage. Is you put this race. As I think it has to do it race. Like I don't think. I just think that has acquired. Let me says it's. Because I just saw some of the techs lab that made sense to me. Don't AM for past performance. But mine there is hers and that the royals need for that performance. At the entire thing and they hammering sent. And he as. You show. Yeah and we their nose runs the show you we welcome at this you know. West runs in new lease shout out to all our listeners and after that we got them that a key aide. But those biggest. Because we salute you for allowing us to be a small part. They're Friday may. JJ radio pronounces produces is bad boy. Police referred to use security I think I called you guys that went. You started out with eight days to get on the Internet and there radio production whether it's out of alone time list. Appreciate it always is of them on this a post game so the main. Man. I. Hop. And you know now. I'm nine starts wandering get thinking. Are valid to say hey I was open a plant that seed when I sent the text today. I I just got this to expand. Not like. Us to talk about K app elections that forgot. I don't then I didn't think allowed of this race. It departments open to it and add it was only like 1%. Or something like. Lula. Because so let's just sit in a very Smart text. And is a great X in the now what three Alex Gordon. Ursula no it's. Island three don't pay for past performance. A team headed no weird doesn't need an aging outfielder I've not in favor of signing any of those. But the idea. Of paying cane for three or four years take. But not only is he. In the same exact boat. Of Alex Gordon. It's so crazy the difference. How much that they had base. Is clamoring about. Alex Gordon. At that time was at 31 year old out. Who had just come off of that eight and the day and worlds news. And Elliott all he's still pay a in the World Series only. Alex Rios. Was behind. East it'll pay eight in the world. His time coming up. Doesn't even hold him. Oval and so paint. Time during district. Is outfield position. All our. Important. In the one Cain and complete is this arm tied behind. He can play Lorenzo Cain could literally play. Alex Gordon's. Left field better than where. And I understand what the royals won't sign. A kit. But I don't understated. Now the fan base difference in how they're. Reacting to the vote. At bets or I can see. The race component. Of I just wonder I mean. Alex Gordon doesn't have a top three finish in the VP. Thank. Allen scored was a consistently hitting 300. That you are not not not it's not even close. The feeling that the opinion based heads in regards Alex Gordon when he became treat. Talk up for. About hundreds OK. At least it and it would. Appoint a couple of other radar. If he went to the car. I really did now. Split it he can't not Nazis. How could the fan base is clamoring the same bullet. Close to disable. I seen I don't necessarily know that there's a correlation there with the race between those two I. It's more the fact of you have moves in the house out there. And we're still clamoring took to want decide to wanna sign that I think that has more to do with it they're trying to compare those two. Are you saying that the BH guys and Aziz. Do you think if Cain and Honsberger. Would we're not free agents. That we would be. The Iranian base would have the same response. McCain that they had with Alex Gordon has I'd I'd. I'd out and now and it ballot that that's a topic like. It's it's a what he's he is not even out this. Is topics about. It about it okay. Let's talk about the ranges we've heard about the Rangers where the giants talking about paint. It made abyss and cocaine at that year does Reese not just about. They face is spot. Too happy. That's all. You think about not picture. He has been the best in this role of the best in history possibly. He has been the best not picture. It. Yeah you can also carry that same argument that we made for moves and cause. For Alex Gordon with the fact that Allen scored again came up through the system he was one of our guys. That you can carry that same old argument over to that side as well as opposed to like the race tight. I I agree with you it is. Per serving that there are zero. Conversation. It has died about say OK Dalai it'd be an aunt and Alan I look at existing. Him and Alex Gordon's same eight. Same thing this career in this it's his time. Frame leading up to the deal for better or better. He's had. More important moments that. He was a catalyst for your T. I do it. But note. Evident Casey go ahead brother. Earn them messing Cain it comes back to Kansas City man that's where straightening of organs. Dirty war and sort of 32 this year. He does he get through it only can't figure skating and he comes after the rose. You know being in the pay days cabinet on a part in it Ito that and of course they are now. It I I have a feeling that in mind. In a mean of victory by expanding client and bring impacted you know by the time. Targets great seasons you know he's still without first year in year for the month or two. And sharing. Words and homegrown player we treated her in irregulars we've brought in if it you know. Switched positions within in the watching and flowers the player. You'd be a lot different. You know an eight beacon herbal outscored. There really isn't Ortiz what that's for. Just seven years and curiouser and horsemen in the minors. OK okay. It's our enemy is not like he leads five years for the rumors. It was liquid of their best players play like. Eight games the as we watched him flowers. In front of our role it played at all. I hit it right here in a month met legal evidence or played at all. I think there is a component of the homegrown. But saying it is hard for me to see. His just not even talk to. And maybe maybe I've is judged how much people. Liked. Like I thought that Hosmer whose stock has made that bit of a higher level but. Like I thought came in so now were right here. Being Casey go ahead. Vote. There were hundreds of man and from fire Omar appointment they cut it out they're there right. I thought about or but I never thought about it argument that point. On it or the signing Oakley reduced time. Quote hey you know we problem with I'm just trying to think of and Zack Greinke a little bit brokers you know we got a man in the trade and bird I mean. We as oil and I mean. It ultimately the most important position. I might note that in and not recover from the army here right bill that all in order I mean he's a Vietnam and and so my. And you or are about Gordon statute in an important week we break them up to you and I remember awake and and be so happy that we got moose and outward up to him that man to gather that in my. Yet it's always been moves enough that it elder is Beck baker let me actually this that the public I would try to think about the pulse of the city. You live here think about it do you think. If Eric Hosmer same agent every. Do you think if they acquired Eric. From. Old. The reds. In a trade and he played like five gains for the red and he was 28 right now. Be ready to be appreciate it you'd think the Kansas City pain at one immediately. The company. Because he was it directed. Well I'm. Not. I'll note it. And our own government leaders are both the government and then light by Gordon are callable at. You know you read about sport of all at everybody and spoke out here. You said. You know the optimism for the future with them the man news does Vietnam at that position and it's so important and. Rich and yet I just saying like I back when he's at that moment in my mind I was just like. I don't think. If Eric Hosmer. Was directed by another team. But never performed really in the major leagues. It's up at a really beat it did they performed in the major leagues for Citi. I got traded over here that people will want them let this out. I I I don't think that is the case. I think you all would we'll end it not project that. Lorenzo Cain is the person that won the ALCS MVP in our first playoff that doesn't I think that. He's been he has been the best. Not pitcher he's been the best player you could argue that this player and adding Wade Davis it's an argument he was ready. Amazing but he's been the best Sally it's an argument DSL but I think when you look at this might sound as a relic of the selling into Iranian. Salas verbal or the World Series MVP. South clone. But no he's it's and it tells me. During that the second half sees him and locate two as the great story of having never played baseball so high school like he's a guy as you can fall in love with based on his story. No one has the all around package that Lorenzo Cain is is able to bro I'd offensively and defensively. Did the rain soaked tennis I say this text and a lot. Of result came not at all our guy. Dale had. Obvious that yet. Did he not become our guy. And. It's because Salvi was it directed it he got our guys. Hello and. Right. Yeah it's happened again. It is not hard.