01/12 - Reason for Hope in 2018

Fescoe In The Morning
Friday, January 12th

The non Patrick Mahomes edition!!! 


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She's now won four in the post season under any read it. Everybody's trying to. Had to scramble to figure out what's going to change Alex Smith going to be gone more than likely yes we don't know that for sure. Andy Reid it can be sticking around the real question marks but there's also. All things to look forward to and twenty AT a lot of positives you can pull this season a lot of things that say. The future will be very bright for the Kansas City Chiefs. So you go to six cents or stock comment and quick on what to look forward to. In 2018 as all three of us myself vesco and playing a way to end that. From the start of the I'm. We said except for pat my homes and I notice you didn't fill out the form so is that a boycott by you because nobody except for bundling it is not a I would say and its diehards. A the bottom and I imported big what are your client. That's a miss by a mile that way better than I thought you did a perfect I'd boycotted the segment because I wasn't allowed to pick Patrick behold I had. That's not showing up my mind my little helps well it is as a whole because we set aside from not bulbs are muted way this is better than it did that they're known until the I didn't think that involves but I did pick a different defense why would the return of Eric Berry out looking forward to the return to their period 2018. And Heidi. Addicts think it was a big you'll fish when he went down but I realized over the course of the season it was the it's news DL there. Perry went down because he's a difference maker on the field he's one of the biggest difference makers we've ever seen in Kansas City sports history and he does it all guys this play on the field to his preparation off the field to his victory tomorrow as years. Eric Berry does it all and he even judges barbecue but he's such a vital vital. Aspect of this team to get this guy back next season I think is going to be it is this organization in Houston Marcus theatres to. I would youth on offense is. Three months when he tune for every killed 43. Patrick a home just wanna do to market Robinson's 23. And go on and on Travis Kelsey he'll manage just 48. If she's skilled guys have been nicer windows for success yet ahead by young offense has something to definitely look forward to him. D'antoni team that like the second youngest offense in the this year and that was with Alex Smith at quarterback which obviously polls the average up over the vacancy but 33 years old. So it's about super dog hall that's across the board let's go guys that are in there. Mid twenties at most desktop 125. Check can request and Spencer ware would presumably be back from injury 26 Albert Wilson who's a free agent he's 45 I mean this is. It's a nice window view on this office. And yet regretting three putt a rookie running back we think about what they've added just a few. Years in the NFL draft on the offensive side of it is from. Who went to bed as far as. I'm looking forward to for the chiefs and 48 team at a different defense. Multiple news dollars and 48 team somewhere like four to six new starters. It is time and they got all they got slow they got smoked. And with trading Alix bid to free up eighteen billion dollars of cap space so the you can go get better free agents when it comes to defense assign assign somebody to be a big time pass rusher. We're big time corner where somebody help up front. And it expects for the most part. The chiefs to go heavy on defense in the draft. I think you get more Reggie rag goes on this defense. It gets back on track and because the addition of Reggie brag when he was one of the most important things that he did this off season pass to draft. If you could find more guys like Reggie Bragman become an MB a significant impact as they have what was the big time player towards the end of the season. Who had t.'s defense can book a lot better next year and a lot younger I'm interested to see you. I'll be drafting in finding players is going to be down without Chris Ballard about John Dorsey. Without the caddie went to buffalo. And now the Teamsters boss. More guys from their front office abide might count. Had six guys alone they lost their front office to have my character from last year's draft from the vote early since this since it's institution came in here five years ago. And started to build up this organization where they found guys on scrappy truly made trades for guys really did this really did that they did the other thing. Six guys that front office are gone and it. You've got to replace those guys here replacement guys were better I don't know do you replacement guys who were the same level hopefully. But it's going to be interesting to see how did the actions of their affections. In the front office the other organizations. Are going to change. The weighted these guys that he collapsed down because the guys on the front lines the scouts of the directors of its personnel and that kind of stuff. Both of the due to really find the talent any reed coaching staff do a great job coaching them up. But you still have to find guys who could saying that guys better than this guy and we're gonna take this back because I know he's better. You'll six guys in front office big loss it will but the good news is they don't have to draft the first round yet but that's that's the thing about. The front office of the chief if you're going to have rebuilt at some point. Every time in every situation you're gonna have some kind of rebuild the for the chiefs and lose as many people as they did from their front office it's kind of the perfect time because they don't have a first round pick to deal with so. Your front office guys got to bring them and they actually get to work on that and not the top of the draft it takes a little work and so. Yeah you wanna keep Everett well I hope they have Chris Ballard what. Apps are made third round fourth round fifth and that's where you find your guys at me look at look at. 303 round draft pick that scouting heading first round takes it means but we don't have to worry I'll make it first round. Yeah yeah we don't do that dad and I are drowning and we don't know. A second round out our round fourth round I mean starting right guard is a sixth round draft Tampa but you have to hit the perhaps find it to Marcus Robinson to be willing to take a chance on its highly Killen yep that's part is obvious it was a big chance that yeah the first for your for your arrest all the -- certain well you first to make your fans happy but you know be without a fifth round pick retiree kill a third round pick at Travis Kelsey a third round pick and Justin Houston. To Marcus Robinson was a what was the fourth round pick cori are hunkering hunt as a third round pick me a block Larry targets as a sixth round pick. I mean to let let's look at the Reggie Rackley and obviously a guy that they acquired in trade. You look at some of these other guys that that we're late round picks that are making it actually you have to hit early obviously. But if you get your undrafted free agents if you're lucky your second round picks if you're lucky your third round picks the head. It doesn't matter what you do and you got you brought a build your organization that youth around you get to the point and I don't care about the first round draft picks but I do second through seventh round draw ideas he's got hit the first and the point is you take a walk off their plate. You don't have to worry about the first round and you didn't move along to him on anybody in the first round this year but they got they got. They got a third round draft pick that was the leading rusher and at any NFL I think they hit pretty hard. I think they hit pretty hard to guided played this year when he's well. Sony in game when he drives went out your third underneath 2017. Was more valuable to your team in your first game Jacques there's no arguing that F. Undefeated game when he situation yours aren't it was more valuable to fourteen in the year that he was drafted in your first round pick result in the first round markets Peters was a very important player. The Ford didn't hit it down by you could also say that Eric Fisher did hit indeed Ford not hitting it. Crippled this defense. Deep snow and music dominating pass rusher the entire year. You're seeing a very different he just is used to being injured Tom Molly being injured those guys that's why he does it well I addressed it before I wasn't better I crippled and I think it's safe to say a third round pick in the year that Erik Fisher draft of losing much better and much more important player for the Steen and Erik Fisher discuss at this Kelsay was yours or so it was also a chance. Miss that you have a lot of players so they took cheerleader and her trap because they were. They had character question but so what they still took a minute I mean it was more who was the first round pick two years ago. They have in in the year that we went to Chicago for the traffic to be traded Al yeah throughout Iraq right Josh Towers Jones. I would venture to say the fifth round pick that year is more valuable than anybody that was taken in the first five by the keyboard talk about guys who had issues come into these were gonna drop anyway doesn't matter they Witten got those guys he's got those guys he found those guys so Guatemala on your front office man that's a big loss to pick. So save big lost if you had to pick a year where you have turnover in the front office. This could be the I think the first round pick anybody can deal what do you do from second to seventh that's for you make your team if you make the first round pick we wouldn't see half the turnout has busts. That's a player and geo strategy. Crock Crocker yeah evil and yet you just out of integrity very did you you violent guy actually be married to now but I mean you've got a new business culture import for the later rounds they really aren't you lost a lot a lot of people that front office.