01/12 - Dumbass Take of the Week

Fescoe In The Morning
Friday, January 12th

Who takes home the crown in week 2 of 2018


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Your team's end zone we sucked everywhere huge. Shocked some from Maryville to Parsons yes I enjoy coverage of this football from whom do to align more is Peters the AFC defensive player of things listening. Every one agreed to. The bed with this one just be dot bull dot and crap Don it's that dumb ass fatigue of the for proving my point once again that I could be and as and coach out of double. Has taken the lead. Currently the standings are tied. One is the first and has taken the week of the year. We all tied and we ought to terrible discussion it according to Specter so it's ones across the board for myself playing it and Vasco. Spec what we have this week well. Really taken anything from Tuesday's show and wish Bob was finished with Andy Reid in his five or seven stages of anger and grief in denial and all that. Thinking about Tuesday. And then 6:15 rolled around this morning who. One Bob passcode is now taken the lead. Will you say it should have been honesty who you really trust more to be gained eighty reader might Malarkey and I think that's the proof of the putting that might but lark he is a better big game big moment color right now that I'll sell it. Experiencing right tight ends breast right now it's a little editors this this remote right now absolutely. And he's now trying ringling yeah. Those racism play a victory I'm marking who's what are the gains there I had stadium Andy Reid might Malarkey. Like market. Who's blown an eighteen point lead twice in the post season Andy Reid might mark on Saturday you said Mike Malarkey should be fired. We're going for too yes depending on the football games we got to stay. You know they've he showed his true. I thought I was gonna win. Human because he yesterday. It was one of those so heavy loss to the cost us ten swear your like crap. Well I got to look back on it like. I walked out one back because we brought up yesterday if the Denver Broncos offered me first round pick for Alex Smith would you take it was in the running. Who's in the running his team that's got the bronze stars week I said no opposite as I couldn't hold on Tuesday number five. Over five overall pick for Alex Witt and that was there yesterday. Afternoon just things like. Dollar stake of course have taken the first for the fifth overall pick for Alex but that's absurd it is that division as its new I did not take epic. So I backed out you know what I got us and let let me play devil's advocate for you want now. You take the fifth overall pick who's who right. You know beaches gonna do a draft how do you know if he's gonna be too. I know the fifth round or fifth overall pick for Alex Smith in a situation I don't think you're gonna get that on the open market I think that's a way over value pick I think it's like the reality. Alex at the beginning of its over Olympic form is never gonna happen now. So I should take it because it's unrealistic and that's that's what I kept coming out and actually it's unrealistic thing in the first place so obviously I'd take it because it would never actually like what you gonna do it with a supermodel exactly I get back in the fifth overall pick for Alex this the yeah yes if that was on the table obvious area should they take it and that makes it a dynastic but all of its domestic for this week and a that's a shame. I still missed it how you like Tuesday. I'm feeling pain and in your mock. And me for feeling pain well we could have played the fact that he said Orson Charles on most important players on offense tees it's expert team at that you're marked. For a couple days assets did that guy sadness I feel you know I think we're so seeing red that you. You forgot sometimes what went. Out Tuesday was earmarked Welch's got the bronze from yesterday but. You tops all of this morning. There are brilliant take you instantly when I walked back that was that's what happened from him Orson Charles is one of the most important pieces of the office sometimes they do say things sarcastically Stephen out of it and when I started it was not much sarcasm you know 6 and 6:30 am on was not on TYI I. I guess you know you've Sumi for feel pain that the team lost being mad and angry and upset I area but that doesn't absolve you from dynastic Italy that's a passion does go. I mean seriously it really doesn't like it forces us into things like you always your crimes of passion. You do things that are stupid because your passionate in oh you're you're you badger angry and emotional run and we. You know how to handle yourself or at times you have an absentee. Policy behind the scenes a little bit. Clean and I keep a running tab of dumb ass takes throughout the weeks I don't forget and night and it your Marcum. In the podcast and at 615 on Tuesday Josh and I both sent the same email at the same time and Bob on Orson Charles. So do you had. Here it's I I didn't like and I I'd like I didn't even Heidi John and I think about it I was gonna do today but then you. UN on the Malarkey so as a Malarkey take. Big beating Andy Reid and mean and mean he's got more wins and they're in the playoffs and maybe Dallas but I think Josh and I are on the same page and we both heard. Viewers and throw the Orson Charles takes from now 615 on Tuesday I got here and happy for the show to go before we get to the biggest. S holes and sports the results it looks like Bob Sutton is going to be back guys and a thing I've not that upset about it. I'm frustrated with the amount of times I see Justin Houston drop recovered but outside of that. It's not the scheme is not the way they were calling plays just the fact the defense got old there gonna need five or six new players. I've I feel like. In motionless when you say Bob sun's gonna come back when there Hitler into a site like I'm I'm not Adam not Adam whatever fine he can come back only once. Because I I do sometimes look at the bigger picture what I don't wanna fire guys right away we've all been there I had Tuesday. We all want to beat fire the guy and have an immediate answer or solution for it. When you take a step back which is what good. You know managers and coaches and you know business beat they take a step back to survey the entire situation. It was Bob Sutton the reason why. And the answer is no I mean honestly isn't. Pops up that's all they had the injuries they had aids and I think you could point more to the front office for allowing the key positions to get old. That you can point the Bob Sutton for not putting guys in the right position. Go there Bob Sutton even though the chiefs did guilt or 21 points per game this year since the bye week they are right around eighteen points per game given. Which would put them not to and I in the NFL so after the ball out of the office to score more points you know we're well it and audits and yeah he's such as it is and it's generated by offence guys you're eighteen points a game and a pretty good you scored 28 given up eighteen which has. Think that pretty much what what was your move there are pretty good. Our biggest holes in sports not sure did this knew there was something in the news but the top ten as Olson is horrible. Number ten Jason lock in for our rob this is via. Our text line at six nights reserve's six little biased by a bullet. It. Number nine and they've Bengals franchise with two more years of Marvin Lewis and number eight KU football and number seven. Cleveland as a city. Other city at number six Saint Louis way to wow great way to slow. Way way too low. Which operates pseudo. Number five. Other top five holes and sports according doors that slide job man Zell. At the only sixteen it's an post trolling the Cleveland Browns those good and who's not good enough went four over for Kemper arena. Number three. In Oakland coliseum. In this congress. The top two was it was very tough to make his decision but number two. Arrowhead in January and be second biggest ass hole and sports which means number one the reigning champion coming from the Josh playing their love of all. Call and all of sports that are in violation of sparking gradually easier joke meter literally.