01/12 - Danan Hughes

The Day Shift
Friday, January 12th

Former Chiefs WR Danan Hughes joins Lake & Bink on The Day Shift. 


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We will bring you wanna talk about the did date you know with the greatest of hip hop we brought wanna talk a vol. What went down last week and in areas. And outlawed the great nuclear problem we have more on congress. But it would tackle football here man Trenton are announced that it all week in your old game show or future wind. For a very literally in or not you know new pandering to your audience so whatever certain occasion reminded the pin. There are an important and you know going through print gone through it not been a part of it obviously in the nineties. But I also banned for the apparently came out and in girl friend and supporter and it was 2030 degrees out there and they were. Flying higher we got the hopes upon what the 41 the greed that currently. And just let them down so ignore it it's rattle around out there who you feel for the players of late. Everything they could out on the field. First ring literally can Oman hoopla all the little bit beachfront. You don't one of the things that I find interesting. And I think Jay are agrees of me to a certain degree when he comes Indy Reid's led teams. Ever since the passing of the is is his. All all law a credible. On defense that coordinator Jim Johnson many years ago Philadelphia it just seems dull it is deep it's it's that lack a killer mentality. Ain't I just. See from the chiefs in the years that he's been with the sees the mentality. And being able to put the dagger. On on balls out that the boy actually even with the office and he won the three. You should be thinking eagle let's throw we finished him now ever since that on Saturday. And that he entered the partner you guys remember last week we talked about. We've talked about a new guys show keyed the victory with a yet to do it. And I made mention. On several occasions. You play to win not not solutions. Pan out into the net but the bread and every game every sport there comes a time in the game where coach. The side. Consciously or subconsciously that we got to protect this lead at the quote to now foot on the gas pedal. And I think that was a perfect example that last Saturday that achieves. We want the Marie. In it they've gotten called that would against them. But again and we saw the animal of its own Justin Houston dropping coverage. Can be really and gone and where. As many we've seen in the past or week Erica pressure on the quarterback consistently. Obviously. Tackling. It was a mutual between wall. Of the war as an issue in the game and in order to. Egypt but could you wouldn't be you know and you that your credit for the price and because. To be down 41 reed. And this will stick with your game plan as far as running the ball under the tree stroke get a 140 yards rushing in the second. Although playoff game you were down eighteen point start off with. That breaks and go. To be able to stick with the plan and not get frantic and are on a ball well but the law will give them credit but yeah there were missed opportunity. That you kind of go. The play here played real pressure or stop. Would have been a different outcomes and with a few through a third and medium third and long situations where they were and the ball in the draw the ball ball first round. Really baffled. It was demoralizing it is indeed he took. Didn't run against is so demoralizing for defense. Even you took part in the drives that bring them both chiefs lost playoff losses. Weren't you put this one compared to one happened with the colts will come back as you admitted in 95 he said your core to let Nellie game. In steered it to steering wheel and I don't know what's your attitude was like a pursue global war on. And I've yet to run I had my little partner. Surprised. That you lose the tell me what you thought about it. Well in order to yeah. Nine people wouldn't only be about people want they'll let. What an eight. I think that little remote that the rating on their belt the well pensioners say the best she's seen. We've seen around here in these parts in the last 3040 years. Bernard we will complete offense defense special Korean figure out ways to win. Thirteen inquiry. Got home game against the cream there should've beaten. And we got credit for beginning game as well and contrary to what city. Kind of cut in Britain we got a game planned second error and it caught the acting so. I'd still put better at the trial I think a lot of fans I would agree with the other. Reporting because that game. Eighteen point bark. As far as the feeling of being let down. Feeling like. You have a simple bowl cream and I think that major differences that in 95. There are a lot of feeling of this what should global trade reject what previously. Let championship. A couple of years before that. And it felt like that Super Bowl caliber team and it's creamy kind of wait and let it go either way for them to get to that. That problem for. You know what would you date and maybe it's younger group voting on this but you know Ali. What that many expectations the B Reid's first year and yet the first draft pick your before but 95 I'm would you be and we thought Super Bowl team. Would that team he said he's that you said your core. With your three million steered the steering wheel you think this game gonna resonate think current chiefs were sort set that they were. Looking at their steering wheel out in this game. Yeah I think so I mean maybe not to the extent of 3540 partners like because. There apparently so he these guys are legal got a feel for the job Houston Eric Johnson no doubt there. Souter writing on the wall I'll probably gonna listen well writing on the wall you prepare for double digit. Years you know you've had a lot of options down but never got past that hurdle. I imagine they probably have very similar feeling. Walking out of paired. Like guarded that barrier and took my third year in the NFL level. Different feeling to in that respect what so that you are still that your dog and but the player. Especially guys that bounced back from injuries like the problem common law vote you know part of the leader beer and I saw. And and feeling like it's your last logged in a hundred electoral my left London 95. A portfolio was. What we reapportionment. Certain book. No vote really really real because they've done so much for the crown but look for the community. There's been you know killer. That's for professional athlete in the community thing out of trouble and that might elect how we feel that on the field achieved triple. All right we're talking and dating you his former chief here on the base of late debate I'm gonna give you a name. Don't tell me is they're coming back I'm asking you are what's your response should they be back right. Should it bigger there. Tom. Now. They're Johnson. Mir. A case you say yes on their Johnson woman she solo. I don't feel like you got a young linebacker corps you can bring their job and back in need to be in the same rule. Do the same thing. Could be could be or it is quote from the field and create do. Caught him still live on the O'Connell like the district here long now where art Arctic. Alex Smith. Are he should go a case ago. How Olson. It. If we achieved. Recoup some period. Early kick and go a lot receiver. You get there okay. Final one I'm gonna ask you about. An nom I'll want they to take a premiere is we talked about this guy earlier this morning because he's really been under rated for what he's given his team here on throughout that the last couple years sacks full. All he can grow. And that's in obviously you like the oh offered the linemen have versatility that complain all response. We can be that guy that thinks. What what we've seen where. Different locations that the output of Lott's position not to our Q what around the league reader stepping out. Way to column in a way to be confined. Confined from buy America will keep through there. He welcomed the line would be that includes a player so I know probably. They had this would then. Play this game Bob's sudden. A big time. In I hate to lecture on employment and anyone whether you. You know the bottom of the bowel warning. Rush defense. And he he would be in the hope oil gained they've bought your work before that you have been able figure argues brokered jolt went down. You know they're out of injuries that Stater Barrios with being a maker want. You have and galvanize could be sent them. Could be to have that cargo holes pretty current food to recoup its season. You know I think he could warrant some changes there. Is the thing that I see these names like she on though it Spagnuolo. And chipper gone I don't think it may and this would be great people outside the box is. It noted defensive coordinator job the game and the kind of highlights and with what you've highlighted. Just the news that more example of the wood the raiders do a little Mac. Move around inside outside of the side like. Should it be a defensive coordinators jobs offense. Eighty Reid will highlight his L two players I didn't see that on the defense that was really my biggest concern. Yeah I think so I think you know what you know about colonial Mac and ticket water bond no matter where they are color. You know and you can make the so that he could take better than they the only not that the lineman or line. A situation where you can you know put the and a better favor than you can get your quarterback with your best guy under that were bought in to. Hold dropping the ball in cockroach there I never you know it sort of flashier if it works he'll leave Gartner Antonio around them field. They're burned have to respect this year now that it took issue of drug now used to help. Then I guess I can understand. That it's more about. Demons. You know truck operation we're going to try to. Get tendencies and so like then it is war and you have to figure out of the train that army. At that particular thought it would their problem. There have been dropped out here and in some of the falcons all pro linebacker because then order over the Ottawa. You know going to be used gave the real tree in the all the backyards. And yeah that's what he did and I think that would just the build that. Then. That he's going to cut that to get the best of your best speaker of the player or hire great people at the where it took me that caused concern for because. You have diversity DT drop on third down it would be opponents backed up for the road Minnesota the crowd noise that would die of ever happened Dina and her. So we just wouldn't have. Q what. Would give the grade like do or else it's great they understand the coach what they say they know how to make plays government. When in doubt go make a. I'll go to scorer. If David ever for season ticket holders I'm sure you have to to ensure they come up fuel time as changes for the cheese. Do you think it be if they did this three app on the chiefs are mall blitzing homes quarterback. In a new defensive corner these seem to be the two biggest sticking points before people write that check to the chiefs in that should be concerned are. Oh absolutely they pick on you are you know kind of itself rather play all quickly or quicker than you thought. And what the cute that you had in the middle of the season when you're spoke with the best team in the NFL there's always going to be concerned with the ownership. And you look at me okay it would clear what the sign your brain and need to change what we're you know what the brighter and if they need to change that could. Try to give people hopes back up what they need to researcher and are you prepared your you know the quarterback objectionable are going to be one. And then on opera there's no hold them or you attribute field you can get some war. Our players maybe some more play makers hopefully. But he offensively. You know pulled them the last tree in your mouth. Is being eighteen points at Ole. In the second half of the game and moved there and I think that's ordered. Focused on parochial. Verge of being in a Danish it's been a pleasure having you again on the show the entire year just did what one final thing. Who represents. NFC in the so raw and European. Cool. I'll break your birds. Cookie cutters that are more Saber. I would also ignoring the will do it but I think it's going to be your world for world. Are complete Pittsburgh putting up the fight against them at Foxboro are the only team that is not charitable. While the ultimate portfolio. Of about 6040. Between. Well between England and Pittsburgh so that focal diplomat. And actually know wake outlook like country it's going to be a director and that would be tougher game. There's the FaceBook the vikings playing at home in the Super Bowl it was really really cool story. Crane group right going to be their tropical all of about it the next two weeks. That the the correctness on the NFC side as the purple people leaders. There are so vehicle Orlando radical in their goal. Never have beaten and law along tie and then know that before creeping up. We'd all about it symbol for you guys who are fighting in an age did meet him. Did you three touchdowns in the game. Pain Alex opted out until after the show can see he's not deep radio beep yeah that's who birthdays to j.s take talk and all this trash. He noted we'd be body in the gym cells so we don't make on a big we have some. There are no I'm not break Lenovo award for the beer market. Critical level. Oh. All right what's a little bit later. Are treated as Dana used to UC on the days. Analysts and and your willingness Super Bowl midlands club let's do it right they're civil war in the loss right there with the what does that Dane is a city at three touchdowns and they give it their members of the game change since they started wearing a regular helmets rather than leather helmet. Back when ports to hold the trophy. Ninety eagle did it too. There you are winning. Yeah after a crank started by products is a sticker idea. I think I feel too betrayed the team that they actually. Yeah us.