01/12 9a - Reason for Optimism, KC Bachelor Party, Royals, Dumbass Take of the Week

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Friday, January 12th

Reason for optimism for the Chiefs in 2018, planning a KC bachelor party, Royals plus Dumbass Take of the Week 


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That's go in the morning Mike Welch and Bob invesco just laying there and producers David Spector. It's positive man it's been a long week talking chiefs football after it bought a loss against Tennessee Titans at homer. She's now wanted for the post season under any read it. Everybody's trying to. Scramble to figure out what's going to change south Smith going to be gone more than likely yes we don't know that for sure. Eighty read it can be sticking around but the question marks but there's also. All things to look forward to and twenty AT a lot of positives you can pull through this season of things that say. The future will be very bright for the Kansas City Chiefs. So you go to six cents or stock comment and quick on what to look for. 22018. As all three of us myself ESCO and playing a way to end that. Those delegates. We said except for pat on homes and I notice you didn't fill out the form so is that a boycott by you because nobody except for bundling it is not a had signed it starts. But a the bottom and I imported big plug here like that's a missed by a mile and better I think it did and I've heard it I've boycotted the segment because I wasn't allowed to pick Patrick hall Ali yeah. That's not showing up my mind numbing health Welch's let them all because we set aside from obviously muted way this better than I did that they've known until the I did not think that involves but I did pick a different defense why would the return of Eric Berry I'm looking forward to the return to their theories 2018. And Heidi. Addicts think it was a big deal is when he went down but I realized over the course of the season it was. It's news DL yeah. Perry went down because he's a difference maker on the field he's one of the biggest difference makers we've ever seen in Kansas city's sports history. And he does it all guys this play on the field to his preparation off the field to speculate mark as yours. Eric Berry does it all and he even judges barbecue but he's such a vital vital aspect of this team. To get this guy back next season I think is going to be used. This organization and use the market leaders of Iowa and Utah on offense it is. Three months when he to Beverly Hills when he three. Patrick a home just wanna do the markets Robinson's 23. And go on and on. Travis Kelsey he'll managed just 48. The chief skill guys have been nicer windows for success yet ahead by young offense to something we definitely look forward to him. D'antoni team that like the second youngest offense in the this year and that was without Smith at quarterback which obviously polls the average up with a vacancy but 33 years old. So it's super golf ball that's across the board all of young guys that are in there. Mid twenties at most yet pounding him when he five. Check can request and Spencer ware would presumably be back from injury 26 Albert Wilson who's a free agent he's 45 I mean this is. It's a nice window of youth on the softness and. Deputy grading three putt a rookie running back we think about what they've added just a few. Years in the NFL draft on the offensive side it is from. Who went as far as I'm looking forward to for the chiefs and 48 team at a different defense could get this thing. Bolton will be starters and twenty team somewhere like four to six new starters. At this time and they got all they got slow they got smoked. And with trading Alex's head to free up eighteen billion dollars of cap space so the you can go get better free agents when it comes to defense assign assign somebody to be a big time pass rusher. We're big Time Warner or somebody help up front. And that. You expect for the most part. The chiefs to go heavy on defense in the draft. I think you get more Reggie Franklin's on this defense. It gets back on track and because the addition of Reggie brag when he was one of the most important things that he did this off season pass to draft. If you could find more guys like Reggie Bragman become an MB a significant impact as a what was the big time player towards the end of the season. Who at t.'s defense can book a lot better next year and a lot younger I'm interested to see you. How would drafting and timing of players is going to be down without Chris Ballard without John Dorsey. Without the caddie went to buffalo. And now its he's just lost. More guys from their front office so by my count. They had six guys alone they lost their front office to have my character from last year's draft from the book really since this since it's institution came in here five years ago. And started to build up this organization where they found guys on scrap piece really made trades for guys really did this really did that would be the other thing. Six guys that front office are gone. And and you've got to replace those guys here replacement guys were better I don't know do you replacement guys who were the same level hopefully. But it's going to be interesting to see how did the actions of the defections. In the front office other organizations. Are going to change. The way to these guys that he collapsed down because the guys on the front lines the scouts of the directors of its personnel and that kind of stuff. Both had to do to really find the talent any read the coaching staff do a great job of coaching them up. But you still have to find guys who could say that guys better than this guy and we're gonna take this guy because we know he's better. You lost six guys in front office big loss it will. But the good news is they don't have to draft the first round yeah like that's that's the thing about. The front office for the chiefs if you're going to have rebuilt at some point. Every time in every situation you're gonna have some kind of rebuild the for the chiefs to lose as many people as they did from their front office it's kind of the perfect time because they don't have a first round pick the deal itself. Your front office guys got to bring them and they actually get to work on that and not the top of the draft it takes a little work. Yeah you wanna keep them well I had an actress Ballard what. Apps are made third round fourth round fifth and that's where you find your guys at me look at look at. 303 round draft pick that scouting heading first round pick sitting but we don't have to worry I'll make it. First round pick in every team yeah we don't do that aspect and third round at widowed. I sat around their around fourth round I mean starting right guard is a sixth round draft him but you have to hit the first finds a Marcus Robinson to be willing to take a chance on its highly Killen yep demarcus Robinson was a big chance that yeah it has a first for your for your -- Altima read a certain well yeah first make your fans happy but it'll be without a fifth round pick in Tyreke kill a third round ticket Travis Kelsey a third round pick and Justin Houston. To Marcus Robinson was a what was the fourth round pick Korean island Kareem as a third round pick me a block Larry targets as a sixth round pick. I mean to let let's look at the Reggie Rackley and obviously a guy that they acquired in trade. You look at some of these other guys that that late round picks that are making it actually you have to hit early obviously but if you're lucky your undrafted free agents if you're lucky your second round picks if you're lucky your third round picks they hit. It doesn't matter what you do and you've got you've got to build your organization that youth around you get to the point and I don't care about the first round draft pick is a much ado second through seventh round draw ideas he's yet to hit the first and the point is you take a walk off their plate. You don't have to worry about the first round in Eugene move along to him and anybody in the first round this year but they got they got. They got a third round draft pick that was the leading rusher and at any NFL I think they hit pretty hard. I think they hit pretty hard it guided played this year when he's well. So putting in game when he drives one and your third under a 2017. Was more valuable to your team in your first game is right there's no arguing that F. Undefeated game when he situation George apparently it was more valuable to fourteen in the year that he was drafted in your first round pick resulting in the first round Markus Peters was a very important player. Crippled this defense. Deep now and music dominating pass rush of the entire year you're seeing a very different he just is used to being injured Tom Molly being injured those guys that's why he dressed as in Wales I addressed it before I wasn't better I crippled and I think it's safe to say a third round pick in the year they Erik Fisher draft it is a much better and much more important player for the steam that are Fisher discuss at this Kelsay was yours or so it was also a chance. Miss that you have a lot of players they tocchet later indirect trap because they were. They had character question but so what they still took a minute I mean it was more who was the first round pick two years ago. They have it in in the year that we went to Chicago for the traffic to be traded now and the throughout Iraq right John powers Jones. I would venture to say the fifth round pick that year is more valuable that anybody that was taken in the first five by the keyboard the guys who had issues come and do these were gonna drop anyway doesn't matter they Witten got those guys these other guys he found those guys this on all your front office man that's a big loss to pick. So save big loss but if you had to pick a year where you have turnover in the front office. This could be the I think the first round pick anybody can deal what do you do from second to seventh that's for you make your team if they make the first round pick we wouldn't see half the turnout has busts. That's a player and geo strategy. Crock Crocker. Yeah he won yet you just didn't pay pretty ordinary did you make you violent guy actually be married to now but I mean you've got a you know business out of Portugal later rounds they really aren't you lost a lot a lot of people that front office. Re the perfect play and for your bachelor party in gear agony I believe how weird this is about to get next. The best. That's the party in Kansas City. Kind of playing the best that's the party in Kansas City and little oil will result senator opposed single. Results and news sausage I don't you inspector got some conversation bother about it. I mean I was some somebody else's that's the party. And then be spun off into that's created her bachelor party Kansas City so you respect are not getting married here not speculate. I'm good. Wow I hope she didn't hear that as you were very clear answers you feel this thing you look over the clock you she's a sentence. And descent into when he finally got to be careful about line will I will look to weed out the link. Later on and let her know that that's what you said so they go I'm good. I'm good you gotta make the movers as a strong. Let's again and atop Nadal. How bad. That's had exit talk as now becoming the top hey. Guys I don't like you. So good together and our best. That's the parties in Kansas City this could be going from noon to 2 AM. We got a plan the perfect Kansas City bachelor party on out. Why. Can't stay up dialog bow and we've been Burris who's fourteen and staying up to them in the last time you're out past behind them. Let's go. Well I'm gonna do in the spring time when the weather's nice of a duty bachelor party at this time here January February suck. So I'm doing a and it's gonna be for a gay royals game hopefully it's a Saturday afternoon game they play like 1 o'clock game. It out to the parking lot I guess he sang at the start at noon so get out their new little tailgate out the parking lot for awhile pounding drinks in the lot. Grilling meat so various two varieties. We will go it we will sitting crafted drafted we will take in the royals game of whoever they play set opponent here. After the royals game we will get on there who were apps and we will dial up arrives and then we will head out to where we will go a party bus. Spring for a party bus. But this spring for Google and that's. Well what we need a party bus four victories and an hour and an amateur. So I don't think it more than Lowber if you wanna get a party bus against fine he's your network album forty people users he'd be designated driver employment are wisely and don't think if I. But that's never gonna we're bring in our friends yet he's gonna drive. He's gonna drive the bus and IEA got this guys that drive that we're gonna go hang out we're gonna bark all all around Kansas City I would probably start. Outsell that Patrick noble are really 87 they should Waldo and move my way up through wall those stopping a body bakers in two brook side. I was hit the Brooke signer and Charlie who brewers and then probably finish up. Probably finish up around power lines have been nice cocktail that. You know plays down there and then finish it up that in in downtown and maybe. Stray into India and nudie bars if if time allowed we got them by drinking by two way. Time if time allows there at the end of them aren't paying out. I'm not taking the nudie bars it is a waste of cash and flags. Clusters totally comfortable I've never been scoundrel strip club. They're it is I I I awkward there and I have never never been hi I am very frugal with my money while I mean. I I will spend money on things it. Better right now like that never has been a thing while I've got to spend cash and got to spend pessimist I'd load up on tickets from my buddies we go see chiefs' playoff. There's your ultimate bachelor party right there we can do about it. And then you wouldn't bid then they'd lose maybe go. You gonna hit all the breweries intensity Iceland again it's a guy like that the brewery tour very tour I like that that's cool under threat in bed by nine. Well yeah what does he do that kind of theory and new game and with them by flying out of the parking lot my win seven mail came to me he makes Seattle them later into. Picking up all those yard barbecue grills to their left the parking lot click you know sort of on the back to the party about. I like it. Would you do toward Michael World War I museum the breaking up a little particular but it Iran or spiteful and hear they're wild. All but give yourself a little bit of a blank his if you go from noon to two new. 2 AM. Yeah that's fourteen hours during an innately good bit of boring or off. All right good let's thank you have wanna know it is not I. My starting with not a party bus necessarily but he bought he she spots area again I'm renting that. I think outdated driver center poll give us the bottom three of the rent an old broad intervals. Just take that ravaged driver ever take that she's crossover hit the town that's paid you to style big utility endorse a guy. Why does the school every time I die and I haven't been able to donate you know who. I'd drive by it all the time it just looks bad asks of stored there then going on before you were. But Kansas City to a barbecue who works rounds ago before barbecue places around the Kansas City area and it's decided by vote. Everybody inside the bus what do you eat at these places though like you get a full mile each joint million hits like a little you go full meals like like I like jacks that that's what I'm going to get me to get everything jagr who want airport at a full meal. Orders jump to guide to. Picking choose each individual one. Go indicates that one thing I'm going Arthur Bryant's and another thing over and Casey Jones knows Casey would have called it now. Now one and then they go to spoke out and you want to relegate you had had to go through the Kansas City barbecue gauntlet. Pick for them by boat as you have one piece that you apartments here prize here saying which here who had them break yourself up. After the barbecue tour this sports timing of it comes into play. Well turn it tight games don't notice red setter what's the big twelve tournament night into Saturday night has that spot as good times. Then after that it's his Westport time. Good guys is go westward turn out hop around. Have a damn good time to I don't know maybe go home maybe you don't see out works at fourteen hours of arsonists. If you're Kansas City bachelor party. That's like right Tex I'm what do you got 69306. On the text line let us know what you have. For your ultimate Kansas City bachelor party because I know some of you are all planet a bachelor party here they're architects like skydiving is is a fourteen year old birthday party. Today. Don't you right beside articles unpaid volunteer at Lauren okay. There is I don't know I don't know how I'd paint ball I don't this deal. I brought up from fourteen years. I had space usually kind of hit you guys like like he hears the is gonna call myself when it is I just like to see drink I don't need activities. Activities. I don't like that's my generation that's just me being a slow off. I don't like I don't wanna plea cool with your past. I wanna sit at a table I want salty snacks and I want my sauce the part of personally I like I'll catch you guys have been necks were ordered to let you know we're at I don't I just a disaster. Drain. Each salty snacks babies and ride things. And talk I don't need activities and like you guys today we need people we meet Paul Sweeney skydiving we need what a kick ball whatever it is. I see you drinking getting messed up I remember when you. There aren't well remnick draw. The wives. Give me. He. It's I don't hate. Nude dude she's bosque I don't it was a duty to tease easy but I don't like that it is. And drink. I don't need to go on the schedule it's hard to get these were going to do us all sit here and there. He'll break into mine will be stricken from the record. And. I. Had I a lot I would do sick and drank. The Dennis dual credit. Not on a Dennis dual mineral based dual L identity doesn't it still is a back support Alex I chairs either it's got to be diluted mystique stuff or. Nowadays I don't think I don't do I. I'd sell high top for lunch the other day and hated every freaking men and that's. I hate sitting at high tables I hate sitting in chairs a don't have backs this tools in order sock. OK let's just call it what it is those rules with no backs and looters are terrible. I need a backup my eye on my feet need to touch the floor it has to be a Booth. I have to sit out yet because I'm left handed and I swatted rickety salty snacks and he lets the hell of a talk I don't need activities I don't need lights I don't lead paint ball. Wolf I need. ID ninety duds before. Expect an invite passcode to your next event obviously you're loud music and your dad overboard. Yours do you ma who walked on pac man video games. Child so it is just what we. And and at a certain point you have to wonder. Is there anyway so it earned at. A fun conversation. About what to do it your party Kansas City to an angry rant not move and that's goes that is called by bear. A lot of people use it used to skydiving that just maybe it's. Tell me where to eat in wind be applied gold and to have I don't hair to stop it we duels on and he moved out of do deputies. I may I'd hate and activities that I was a child I like is sick. I like to be sedentary. Like that. It. Did eagle the important part plays the plays. Alone. You mean my boobs. Well there is more news coming as everyone wants to know where Eric Hosmer is going to end up and it looks like a standoff. We explain next. Hello it's. Okay. Hey hey. Hey. Yeah. It. I was at the back home. I'll call him back behind you. Okay. It's. I set a high top for lunch the other day in hated every freaking minutes. I hate sitting high tables I hate Citi shares that don't have backs the stools at hooters socked. Okay let's just call it what it is those schools with no backs and looters are terrible. I need a backup I Annan and my feet need to touch the floor and asked if he would food. I have to sit on yet because I'm left handed and likes what it's great to meet salty snacks be left the hell alone talk I don't need activities until he glides I'd be painful. Don't people aideed. I didn't need it but before I expect that I want chops up these it would be a block. Just don't make me do somebody moved a bit of US cities I hate I hate it activities I was a child I'd like to see it. I'd like to be sedentary. Like that I. It. That pushed bond that is. Schools. And that's the party is being too much to activity. Oriented it. By the way is your discussing the perfect in the city that's the party up next line at 69306. All to be Casey that's the party. Yet at 6 AM tried to Casey I and Liza Morales. Oh. Yeah. Go to ice land. Bachelor party slams. The Claes point it might take you tell us who ends they get your tech data out today my adult connecting but icelanders nonstop during an emphasis is Iceland ice land these Iceland Iceland. Well that's what we do and it. The United States though we bees bees make it sound ice and land it's Iceland dislike. Yorkshire. So as he's English inland. It's England in a your shot and land. But by dale USA today it was on a San Diego radio station at. The mighty 109 DA and discussing air caused earning his situation with the royals and the Padres and where they are currently. In contract negotiation. You look at not only did they they got to have your contract about 140 out there. Well better have your contracts. In nobody else involved in discussing. Global and burst. I think you really want to go to she Diego. You know what a World Series can acidity that could you lovely partner you know that first group. The phone would want and a chain Diego. But you know until look like we're respectively a year figure out her purse. We'll get the guy in his nose and but. Bob my daily USA today and if you're San Diego Padres I think you might make that jump to eight years and try to get more urge him more involved in the Eric Posner sweepstakes but if you're Kansas City Royals. Seven years 12847. Which is 21 million dollars per year for seven years for Eric Posner. That's about as high as I want to see the royals. I don't angle in the eighth Europe him I don't well one year later in his career when it really doesn't matter now. To affect whether or not get their costs were because here's the deal. If you're gonna go through this legal process you want a guy around. That is going to be a leader for Eric Hosmer you have determined is that lie and so you want him here to obviously lead these guys do you also won in your ports yet you want him to be that guy at the end when you know yet another new crop of young guys to kind of be that stabilizing force within this organization. If it if it cost you another year on the back and I'm not really that. Upset out I think I would be able to do that if I were the Kansas City Royals but I would also put a deadline and they stink as Bob nightingale so does he go through spring training something but these guys not being side. On the royals as he will give that he year you signed by the start spring training February 15 or are offers off a pedestal like out. Now I want an eight year old Value Line Tony Duma or not they want. And I. Like. At some point it has to stop I feel I thought DeRozan. Had made they're they're best offer and I am good at that like if if if if if somebody wants to dominate here and that's the deciding factor. I'd kind of good riddance to a I think I think the the royals are passed there. Like comfort level are ready yeah I like this is their this is their workable level or two in southern we haven't done regarding extended. We're very extended day and offer with years and dollars that have not been matched to any other time in our franchise history at the bit about that we only get Johnson Jonas of what would you do it any capacity on the street that question what would reduce the aisles of your Boris. Just just ate let's let's try to get now one more year let's try to get memorial try to get ten more million whatever. Bob nightingale USA today also discussed will deal could potentially be done for Eric house. I think while they're halfway through spring and we've seen guys that never has built those aren't. Real Larry. A few years ago. With attacked and I think it's canola. Get to a point where guys won't be ready to open day. In this. And you better side and still love it that we view the penalties you're not so much talk recent talks. But you don't go away again reliability. It was going to be returning to Florida or Arizona. You know commercially yet apart there are a little bit in the year so it is to get later later doctor Hamlin slowed Malta are below what you themselves. Bob nightingale USA today that was from a San Diego Sports Radio station the mighty 1090 thorough reporting day is. Middle of February. Halfway through spring men figured if that's your that's your starting point that's march 1 early march weren't January 12. What I would be that would suck up trying to hold the team. No matter where ego what what you do I hold the team hostage France the other day that. And how good is that he doesn't turn out right really well for him I mean look you're you're saying I'm gonna go ahead have a slow start because this is my big opportunity. For Eric Oscars perspective as much as I don't want to miss any of spring training. This is his shot. He's not getting get another chance to get a monster deal like this ever again in his life and chew week so you got your time where we remembered that we'll ask about the teen you know everything but the player all right Mike I get that from a personal standpoint. You have an opportunity to cash in as a player you want to work yourself out. But he also wanted to get it done and it started to mean. 15047. It's a difference of three million what I mean players get it to this time urinary go to camp and I think if you would talk Hosmer himself you're saying what do you think you know I wish I outs of the would be done. I'm sure Anna I mean most of these guys spells and that's why you pay the thought that I created the play but a lot like Christmas time a deal would have been done if you said what you expect all this be wrapped up days and all week we would have. Like it really hampered Hosmer freaking Christmas gifts this year has. When he get he he can't about Padres when you know sign squeaking if you feel like that was an easy Christmas gift for everybody was and that was a year from whatever sign with. And now here we are heading into this Christmas Goodell did the or anybody's gonna get here Fedor V gives you royals Jersey a resent the royals right I wanted to stay crappy gifts he got an act as fired Jersey and let's it was a dangerous one in game five of the World Series and it'll. And nickel. Man. Their playoff game there is a blocked field goal. In the AFC divisional round in 2005. Where the colts' Nick Harper picks it up it looks like he's gonna take it to the house and win the game and Ben Roethlisberger polls the shoestring tackle that play. Showed up on NFL network my favorite plays ever. Quarterback and make a couple of does a baron admitted we ought to do over there approximately fear of the divisional round coming out this weekend and Ben Roethlisberger will be in there they block anybody like markets area that didn't happen. Coming up we have the biggest hole in all of sports the result of your your suggestions. That's it adds the text on 69306. Discussion about the chiefs and Bob Sutton and it. Find out which one of us was the biggest Donna asked this week next York city. Absolutely. Sucked everywhere huge. Shocked some from Maryville the Parsons yes I enjoy coverage of this football from whom do this align more is Peters the AFC defensive player of things listening. Every one agreed to. The bed with this one just beat dot bull dot and crap Don it's that dumb ass fatigue of the for proving my point once again that I could be and as and coach out of double. The last day of the week. Currently the standings are tied. One is the first and has taken the week of the year. We all time we ought to terrible discussion it according to Specter so it's ones across the board for myself playing it and that's go. Spec what we have this week well. Could've really taken anything from Tuesday's show and wish Bob was finished with Andy Reid in his five or seven stages of anger and grief in denial and all that. Thinking about Tuesday. And then 6:15 rolled around this morning who. One but that's goes now taken the lead. Would you say it should have been honesty who you really trust more to be gained eighty reader might Malarkey and I think that's the proof of the putting that might Malarkey is a better big game big moment color right now that I'll sell it. Experiencing right titans breast right now it's a little editors this desert on the right out absolutely. And is now wrangling here. Those racism play a victory I'm marking who's what are the gains there I had stadium Andy Reid might Malarkey. Market. Who's blown an eighteen point lead twice in the post season Andy Reid might marquis on Saturday you said Mike Malarkey should be fired. We're going for too yes depending on the football games we got to stay. You know saying he shouldn't do drills. I thought I was gonna win. Human because he yesterday. There is one of those sold at a loss to the cost us ten swear your like crap. Well I got to look back on like. I walked out one back because we brought up yesterday it. The Denver Broncos offered me first round pick for Alex Smith would you take it was in the running. Who's in the running his team that's got the bronze stars week I said no episode as I couldn't hold on Tuesday number five. Yeah homer five overall pick for Alex Witt and that was there yesterday. In the afternoon existing alike. Dollar stake of course have taken the first but the fifth overall pick for Alex but that's absurd it is that division as its new I did not take epic. So I backed out you know what I got us on let me play devil's advocate for you want now. You take the fifth overall pick certain right. You know of beaches can do in the draft how do you know if he's gonna be too. I know the fifth round or fifth overall pick for Alex Smith in a situation I don't think you're gonna get that on the open market I think that's a way over value pick I think it's like the reality. Alex at the beginning of its over peak form is never gonna happen now. So I should take it because it's unrealistic and that's that's what I kept coming and actually it's unrealistic thing in the first place so obviously I take it because it would never actually like which you gonna do it with a supermodel exactly I get back in the fifth overall pick for Alex this the yeah yes if that was on the table obvious area should they take it and that makes it a dynastic but all the bronze domestic for this week and a that's a shame. I still in use by. Tuesday. I'm feeling pain and in your mocking me for feeling pain well we could have played the fact that he said Orson Charles on most important players on offense Tuesday its expert team. At that you're marked. For a couple days assets did that tonight sadness I feel you know I think so seeing red that you. You forgot sometimes what what was most out Tuesday was earmarked Welch's got the bronze from yesterday but now. You topped all of this morning. They're brilliant take you instantly when I walked back that was that's what happened from it Orson Charles is one of the most important pieces the office sometimes they do say things sarcastically Stephen out of it and all of us are there was not much sarcasm you know 6 and 6:30 am on was not on T well I I. I guess you know you've Sumi for feel pain that the team lost being mad and angry and upset. I area but that doesn't absolve you from dynastic wheel that's a passion does go. I mean seriously it really doesn't like it forces us into things like those are crimes of passion. You do things that are stupid because your passionate in oh you're you're you badger angry and emotional run and we. You know how to handle yourself or at times you have to. Policy behind the scenes a little bit. Clean and I keep a running tab of dumb ass takes throughout the weeks I don't forget and I kind of your Marcum. In the podcast and at 615 on Tuesday Josh and I both said the same email at the same time and Bob on Orson Charles. So. Just hear it. I idol and I I'd like I didn't even Heidi John and I think about it. I was gonna do today but then you UN on the Malarkey cents as a Malarkey take. Big beating Andy Reid and mean and mean he's got more wins and they're in the playoffs and maybe Dallas but I think Josh and I are on the same page and we both heard. Viewers and throw the Orson Charles takes from now 615 on Tuesday I got here and happy for the show to go before we get to the biggest. S holes and of course the results it looks like Bob Sutton is going to be back guys now a thing I'd not that upset about it. I'm frustrated with the amount of times I see Justin Houston drop recovered but outside of that. It's not the scheme is not the way they were calling plays just the fact the defense got old there gonna need five or six new players. I've I feel like. In motionless when you say Bob sun's gonna come back when there Miller into a site like I'm I'm not Adam not Adam whatever findings come back only once. Because I I do sometimes look at the bigger picture but I don't wanna fire guys right away we've all been there I had Tuesday. We all want to beat the fire the guy and have an immediate answer or solution for it. When you take a step back which is what good. You know managers and coaches and you know business beat they take a step back to survey the entire situation. Was Bob Sutton the reason why. And the answer is no I mean honestly isn't. Bob Sutton that's all they had the injuries they had aids and I think you could point more to the front office for allowing the key positions to get old. That you can point the Bob Sutton for not putting guys in the right position. Though there Bob Sutton even though the chiefs did guilt or 21 points per game this year since the bye week they are right around eighteen points per game given. Which would put them not to and I in the NFL so after the ball out of the office of score more points you know we're well into August data such as it is and it's generated by offence guys you eighteen points a game and I'm pretty good you scored 28 given up eighteen which is. Think that pretty much what what was your move there are pretty good. Our biggest holes in sports not sure did this knew there was something in the news but the top ten as Olson is horrible. Number ten Jason lock in for a this is via. Our text line at six countries are six little biased by a bullet. It. Number nine and they've Bengals franchise with two more years of Marvin Lewis and number eight KU football and number seven. Cleveland as a city. Other city at number six saint foolish way to wow great way to slow. Way way too low. Which operates pseudo. Over her client. Other top five holes and sports according doors that slide Johnny Mann Zell. At the only sixteen is an post trolling the Cleveland Browns those good and who's not good enough went four over for Kemper arena. Number three. In Oakland coliseum. In this congress. The top two is very tough to make his decision but number two. Arrowhead in January and he says my biggest ass hole and sports which means number one the reigning champion coming from a Josh playing their love of all and a call an all sports are in violation of sparking gradually easier joke meter literally at a later date with the day shift in two minutes.