01/12 8pm - We Need To Talk About Lorenzo Cain, Royals Off-season, Kansas vs Kansas State, Showstoppers, Whatcha Watchin'?

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Friday, January 12th

Our conversation on Lorenzo Cain carries over into the top of the hour. Why isn’t anyone talking about him one way or the other? We discuss the impact his race could have in the narrative and compare his performance against other Royals. Then, we have some fun and try to come up with creative angles on the non-descript Kansas vs. Kansas State game in the morning. Showstoppers carries us into the segment that’s sweeping the nation, “Whatcha Watchin’?”


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It show. Now and we've euros to show you we welcome at this. It was run as soon usually shout out to all our listeners and out though that we've got them that a key aide. But those biggest because we salute you for allowing us to be a small part. They're Friday may. JJ radio pronounces produces is bad boy. Police to offered you security I think I called you guys that went. You started out and they'd basically what I did and ended Iranian production whether it's out of alone time list. Appreciate it always is of them on this a post game so that the man. Man. I hit. It is shop. IE. I'm nine starts wandering get thinking. I don't look at two of its day I was open a plant that seed when I sent the text today. I I just got this to expand. Not like. Us to talk about K app elections that forgot. I don't and think a lot of this race. I taught myself intuit and that it was only like 1%. Or something like thousand. Malone. Because so let's just sit in a very Smart next. And is a great text in the number three Alec scored. Or so when I know it's. Islands don't pay for past performance. A team headed no weird doesn't need an aging outfielder I've not in favor of signing any of those. But the idea. Of paying cane for three or four years take. But not only is he. In the same exact boat. Of Alex Gordon. It's so crazy the difference. How much that they had base. Is clamoring about. Alex Gordon. At that time was at 31 year old outfielder. Who had just come off of that eight and the day and world sees. An Elliott all he's still pay a in the World Series only. Alex Rios. Was behind. East it'll pay eight in the world. His time coming up. Doesn't even hold him. Hillary and so paint. Time during district. Is outfield position. For. Import. In the one came incomplete is this arm tied behind. He could like Lorenzo Cain could literally play. Alex Gordon's. Left field better than where. And I understand why the royals won't sign. A kid. But I don't understated. Now the fan base difference in how they're reacting to the vote. At bets or I can see. The race component. Of I just wonder I mean. Alex Gordon doesn't have a top three finish in the VP. Thank. Alice it was a consistently hitting 300. That you are not not not that it's not even close. The feeling that opinion based heads in regards to outscored when he became treat. Talk about so up for. About hundreds OK. At least it and it would it. A a couple of other radar. If he would of the card. I really did now. Split it you can't not Nazis. How effective date. Clamoring the same bullet. That they've. I don't see I don't necessarily know that there's a correlation there with the race between those two I. It's more the fact of you have moves in the house out there. And we're still clamoring took to want to side who want to sign him I think that has more to do with it and trying to compare those two. Are you saying that the BH guys and as these. These I think if Cain and Honsberger. Would we're not free agents. That we would be. The Iranian base would have the same response. McCain that they had with Alex Gordon has I'd I'd. I'd out and now as well as the that's what a topic like. It gets up what he's he is not even out. Says topics about. It about the rent eight. Let's talk about the ranges we've heard about the Rangers where the giants talking about Cain. But how much does it made a bit it's OK that year does Reese not just talk about. They face is spot. Too happy. That's all. You think about not picture. He has did the best in this round the best in history possibly. He has been the best not picture. It. Yeah you can also carry that same argument that we made for moves and cause. For Alex Gordon with the fact that Alec scored again came up through the system he was one of our guys. That you can carry that same old argument over to that side as well as opposed to like the race I. I I agree with you it is. Per serving that there are zero. Conversations as has died about say OK Dalai it'd be an aunt and Alan I look at existing. Him and Alex Gordon's same eight. Same thing his career in this it's his time. Frame leading up to the deal for. Better. He's had. More important moments that. He was the catalyst for your T. I hit. That note. Evident Casey go ahead brother. Earn their resting king it comes back to Kansas City man that's worst case scenario for him dirty war and sort of 32 this year. AP does he do it through his only chance to get skating and if he comes back to the royals you know being in the pay days cabinet on a part in eighty count that intercourse a. Oriented I. And. And I mean a victory in line expanding client and bring back it you know time. Target straight seasons you know he still was out for a year a year but a month or two. And sharing. And Hewlett and homegrown player we treated her intellectually as we brought in if he would you know. Switched positions within in the Washington flower at the corner you'd be a lot different. You know an eight Beacon Theatre boulder outscored. There really isn't Ortiz what that's for. Just seven years and two or reimbursement in the minors. OK okay. It's our enemy is not like he leads five years for the rumors. It was liquid of their best players play like. It. Gained the this that we watched him flowers in front of our role it played well. I hit it right here in Vermont met legal evidence or played at all. I think there is a component of the home grown. But saying it is hard for me to see. His just not even talk to. And maybe maybe I'd misjudged how much people. Liked. Hosmer whose stock has made that bit of a higher level but. High octane and Salle were right here. Being Casey go ahead. Vote in. Their hundreds of man and it's the fire Omar going they got it out there are right. I thought about or but I never thought about it argument that point. It would have figured signing Oakley reduce Simon. Quote hey you know we problem with I'm just trying to they go about. That Greinke. A little bit go to new you know that we got a man and the trade and Bert I mean. We're loyal fans I mean. It a little the most important position. Irvine note that in and not ought to recover the man on the right bill that all in order I mean. He's a Vietnam. And and so my that I am and people are about Gordon statute and shortened week we break them up there and and I remember awake and and yet so it would gaga moose and outward up to them that meant to gather that in my. Yet it's always been moves in. There is Beck event correct I mean actually this that the alleged that I want to try to think about the pulse of the city. You live here think about it do you think. If Eric Hosmer same agent every. Evening if they acquired Eric Hosmer. From. Old. The reds. In a trade and he played like five gains for the red and he was 28 right now. Being ready to be if create do you think the Kansas City pain at one immediately. The company. Because he was it directed. Well I'm. Not. Although it. And are still Henman in his book look at it Gavin man and then might like Gordon. Koppel at. You know you write about sport of all at everybody that spoke out here. You said are in the rent a chance. Or that import bank in and out of them like. You know that there's a better future with them the man news is that Vietnam at that position and it's so important and appeal. Receive yeah I just saying like I back when he's at that at minimum. And I was just like. I don't think. If Eric Hosmer. Was directed by another team. But never performed really in the major leagues. It's up to really be immediate they performed in the major leagues for said team. I got traded over here. That people will want him let this out. I I I don't think that is the case. I think you all would will expect not project that but. Lorenzo Cain is the person that won the ALCS MVP in our first playoff doesn't I think that. He's been he has been the best. Not pitcher he's been the best player you could argue that this player and adding Wade Davis it's an argument he was ready. Amazing but he's been the best out it's an argument yes but I think when you look at this might sound is really the selling into any. Seles verbal or the World Series MVP. South well. But no he's it's Alan and tail speeds. During that the second half sees him and look into as the great story and having never played baseball so high school like he's a guy as you can fall in love with based on his story. No one has the all around package that Lorenzo Cain is is able and I'd offensively and defensively. Did the red zone and as I say this text and a lot. Of result came not on our guy. Dale had. Obvious that jet. Did he not become our guy. And it's 'cause Salvi was addressed to its he'd got our guys. Hello room. I know. It's yeah it's happened again. It is not hard. Found out there. Hundreds of paid so it's not our. Those guys really game with confidence. Eight point six these boom or bust at the plate doesn't block and a imminent routinely leave the that the swings. To loan. The last. Since 2000 or three. 2014 when the roads still it. Compare their average. Lorenzo 30114. Hillary and so. Rios 750. In the red zone 2872016. When he was hurt with a wrist injury the whole time. At 9300. Eric Hosmer. 2014. 21715. To many 716. To 66. And last year it breakout year 282838. He's been a better hitter than America over the extra. Listen I wanna makes I want. Rooted in them. I'm having multiple topics and ideas development is and I'm reading war and aesthetic frustrated as the Lorenzo cain's not our tactics. That was what that would that would cross media. Is that really the field. Eight whenever yeah. It it the only difference is is he wasn't draft is that it. It would drafted. So any of these guys to the royals have gotten in trade. That overdrafts. None of them will be royal. You know and at the plate. So the Chicago lights out all those trades they've made. None of those guys are real whites. If let's get the final word on this that I need to get off that. That was the hit. Iran. It. Hard at work there. Think. The timing at what they do a good offer well it came my aperture outlook and outlook. And in our relationship I think that Blake art both dynamic and it. But at the time. Win out in appropriate you know we're all pretty cute doubt on that world World Series win one key thing it'll keep rack unit. In. Now. You know we're not at that China. Enthusiasm. Wing Cain is available so you know here's a much. Clamor for change everywhere with Gordon back there. Wait let the whole point is present knowledge of I have never. Disagreed. Or not understood that's at this from the beginning hopefully while the royals. Would that. Side. I hit I hit the greens. Bob Pickett being his dad's illness. Has made some compelling arguments made me think about. Though like it makes it's because then got the thought Alex court. Playing center field for this team every day makes enough. Like makes me the way in my life was in her first try. Thinking about implants and you updated it a Disco before. Mexico I understate. How good thing is yeah it's. Lord of the brain reacts. To which is that it is the worst acts like like this thing yet it is is what we look at and our biz radio. If you call it means that you tweet me if you tell me face. Love to sit tell me still not your biggest idiot TARP plan as just stupid. Now not what would you say what you think has. I'll let up ahead. Get an area. Okay. By the way I've that great week. Do it then and now. Every its activities that. Eight days. In. And of isolated in a matter of ice and it's in the text line. It and nobody says anything beeper in different. That's has been like for eight. It's like no passion for Cain like nothing is being said. About we just like. Pretty did tax and he won six. So Burris and Wade Davis are both considered our guys and they are required and trade. How many people want exuberance. Right there are many people say it's Oprah's Angel is at least I know Dave is in pursuit. Is is the royals yeah. If you should know that people want you also consider James Shields and our guys. I mean you can't tell. The people at Kansas City would look it did any of the bet differently at any depth with trip to. By the collar all Iraqis it was treated here within his first three years that could be it. I can't believe. Maybe Cain it is it period you are just gonna move on it's it did. K state kids as well. I got a full avid about it does support. You wanna know here here is lying. That the big twelve and the TV people. Are telling us they feel the same way tonight. Are marquee team. It will. It is as plain against their number one rival right. The plan at 11 o'clock. What channel they play they added up it. They're playing at 11 o'clock. It's like the worst time slot never. That's what they do to Kansas football deservedly so every morning every time it was football it's that it. It will be on ESPN. At least it's this. But they active slide and Ireland. Mark TT. Your team that basically. In college basketball. The only thing that people care about. The reg oversees Biden only only stories of Kansas is that going to repeat and get another big twelve tickets. Everything else people are really just waiting to reduce. It championship week and the term. If plant though it may eleventh. They're number one all the road which means they're more apt to lose. I guess about the only ones that get rid that is. I'll be fine with it. None could do it so troubled. Of a become. Being waged it's been weighed verses. The general pick this you meet in and I watch it enlisted to look at them apart or Kansas but it. That. I was state game this week either and didn't think for me. Outlets. But boy that'd case that that that didn't. I'd that was getting 1000 another day. That's come up will actually add the way. So you'd know it listening what's the or 11 with a Gilmore Girls noble and old keen interest in. Almost came to fisticuffs. Just last week upstart like this. And being the dean wade yeah that. Breweries love is dean dean. Looks. Like electricity I think he's just Andy. Looks at home. Stick out like so. Seen in a battle for breweries hard between dean weighed in speak even those injuries is that it did loan that. We could still run some sort. There's a light year between the Gilmore Girls beat we dean late game. Or. One home Corley is beachfront. It. It. I need because needs David yeah. I absolutely alive I think. Absolutely. I was at that is better than page here and there that is creative I'll give him that. It's gotten it. Let's get like I feel like. This and imitate this and we do this Ed and sometimes a bust them. But man. Our goal is here to talk about the day. You have to talk about. But find unique ways talk about it. And I'm not gonna firm. I believe there are good amount of people who were the home of Kansas State and Kansas is best thinking is basketball's big deal here. Lot of fans of boat which you could hear the game tomorrow starting at tinian the pregame. Big time lat time. Put. I didn't lament is coming here it is if one. At that at. NC at a given you an eight. All right this one is Hume. For Kansas AK state if K state in Bruce Weber wants to really. Fastened themselves as the tournament team they've got to go this all right Darryl. The big twelve for K state it they got to go get this like Kansas is one of the wins for them to do it. They've got to get this kids if you're going to try to be like to but grip. But to program does not want to beat. The senior and had his group beat a guy that didn't make it happen. Like he loves his brother like you can't lose games like. As decades ago. Edit I don't want it on that. And that it. They did nothing for me it was a do I think that team that wasn't any need to. They've ruined it's I did I can't it's hard for me it is it. But there's not a lot to does that mean that peaks. The only thing will be interesting. And this is how. I just say this you know that it the only thing that would think would be interesting is that Kansas lost. But I don't even think that that. But rarely. Do but spurred. I don't think anybody would necessarily be all that surprised of that and they Villanova. Villanueva got house. But Butler and it's it's there the bulletin. Kansas losing would be pretty significant for the conference race but that would be cool. That's it. People. Bet right not that it's. Carry. A big topic of the real topic is just an overplayed topic. There I cannot believe anything. It. About this. Third. That here at spread but wings all over the place. Let address. Governor. He. Speaking of Kansas. I think that says it show. Learn all the agreement it's something. I however don't know if you'll. This is real pain and bully you you'd think this is anything close to. It's. But they get here we. Coming up in that. Couple more segments here we are adhered to at 9 o'clock. Which look to them and it is remains on the Friday as well as soon. So well that drive a couple of days ago. This is going around and Twitter what is anyone anyone heard of the key guys excellent. Let you get licences. I think they had him in studio. That beat turner 23. A humorous and it beats her 23 in his is. I don't know if you can find out. How much of a jump a person's. Although orders. Have gone from but I would imagine I think is really tickets after. This went out entry and on with the grabbed it if you look at a couple days ago the drive. Go to the plaque is pocket page and listen to they have this guy who did like a fake impersonation of bill so. I myself. Others. And I thought maybe it was because I was looking at him. And and am and I looked at him and it and it made it it made it Nat sound that close like this is good is it. I think people think it. I played it and up it up later for everybody. And we are like. And up field. And try to. Imitate. I've got my start first time I was ever once extant Sports Radio. That is like the second or third act called the couple. But I did me impersonation in. Dating back. Up. I stagnant temperatures grabbed it by the parking spot easy it's easy to park the parking spot. Period Casey shields in shied verbal I don't the first time ago. So I pray that it hurts ice this 10. Making shots and Gordon somebody that we didn't do much of that last I mean it we didn't do any of that last night but Dinah. Actually had a stress being active on defense and in practice blah blah these college kids don't wanna listen nobody you think when until the court somebody to endorse somebody. But I mean midway through January and four conference games in and stealing Gordon nobody you're keeping nobody in front of them. And they give Utley had seen any and they give them uncontested threes so also we got to do better is dead and I know billions Silvio come and that would be huge because. We don't read ma'am. And we don't go nobody. We were too active on defense something we'd stay in front and nobody we know Gordon nobody I mean they just did layup after layup consistent very easy and I mean. This. Very underwhelmed. I think he has a lot the banter is. Part gas is at its outlook. He's got this. Those that are at speeds of one that deals will pose a and it. And it's dead and eight. I. Autorad head up out of just to be frank with like I had to stop. Seventy sick at the notice that you get you through. This trip this. My biggest take away from binding and on Twitter. Was honestly how much he looks like Danny Duffy and his profile media doesn't like to any that maybe should do what he was Colin. If ticket sales liked any of you got subject. If he can go there be a ruling down the got to the south that sake. He has and you and I I. I love this effort. Making chatting Gordon somebody that we didn't do much of that last I mean here we didn't do any of that last night but Dinah. Actually had a stress inactive are defensive in practice. These college kids don't wanna listen nobody you think when until the gore somebody they gorge some. He's he gave an element. It's if I'd heard this at a party where does that add an event I ever I would think I'll manage great. But seeing it all over bar stool and Oliver Twitter is it's is that level now it's it's a buying party trick if jab and PDF he nailed it it's let it ride arsenal picked and added politte. It's. Only two. I probably. I know borscht and that's how I saw that on Twitter originally was their retreated. So Austin. It is that time didn't show you stop. So. As showstopper. You. Art for this first when it. It's it's a bit long with the two party here but I feel like we get a lot out of this. So Kyra Irving went on JJ Redick stuff ringer podcast today and two former duke he spent a good ten minutes. Meaning their lives. So. It XP. I'll all of it that's the second part. It gets it yes so so the third card here is you know Kyra I. Well it's as good OK so carry kind of goes back on his side his whole theory of the platter in and saying that what. What he meant is not really where that came out of his counsel let me let him explain what he meant by this. In the flat earth. Think that it can speak note note that a conspiracy or is no way to an opinion you know what I what I actually said though like I had been. Watch the whole once it is there videos. Me like I had the specific pages in order as to rim are like the truth given to you and videos like this to flat earth in the horizon. Evens out I'm only a flatter than those disliked. And do as much research and I had you know in order to say some like that to those who raise blurred out like Clara men's appears there there at the wanna get us and you know when you start thinking about it is just like the actual intent behind it was just I do your research in space. Do your own research. On in sticker I Texan as you guys able. He is the friend from college tries adds that one time it has all of these and it appears I don't know let's. Won't need eased EU. If he smoked some of the slaves let's go in and strip them on. The seatbelts you win and Saddam gone ladies I don't know when he was the hills that. If you think this is all it was is there. I think it's always been there. Do you think. That if you he's like it comes as what LeBron. Enabled but that ultimately. Maybe Alan JR one too many times on offseason night. Put this. Well the sad part about this is apparently must be passing mass and on fellow teammates. Because now JJ has his own theories on some of asserted itself and he's here here's a you have. Here's Jay John dinosaurs and let this speaks for itself I know I'm Robert yes. I'm not entirely convinced that dinosaurs existed. That's good so. I've come across some weird web sites in my Google searches and for example the word dinosaur that didn't exist till like 1842. There was no word for dinosaur Monica. And then all of a sudden. In the next fifteen to twenty years after this British scientist comes up with this word dinosaurs described in medical journal. People start finding fossils men and I'm thinking to myself. Are humans like homo sapiens right we've been here. Since like 101000 BC we've been roaming the earth. We've had multiple empires all over the world there. North America Central America. Asia Europe Africa whenever and all that time. We didn't find any fossils. 250 years ago it makes you think the other. Makes you think that we've advanced technologically. I I mean it's an early. Winning. It did his own abilities. They don't sound like Jonas to rip. But he's. Let's see Rory this coming up. Good I think it's excellent 69306. Text and what's what's would. Movies Netflix Hulu. Shows you watched it takes that it is segment that sweeping the nation what to a. He covered the case. That's not live. Yeah. In the mood and. There. Needs. Battlestar Galactica what commitment if you'll want to think. It's too late to catch weight touchdown it Super Bowl fly first class complain when people watch him bark orders. I'd like to remake movie because I am with you on your word for it. Must have been some. Hi my girls it's been. But the threat goal. Vocal and I think that. And sirens. It works against gays what a rather be feared or loved. People. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. Sponsored by. They've stolen stolen goods that. I think it's excellent sixty and 306. Text did what you watts it was shows you what this league's. But whatever it but what. And we always do and it's. Romantic comedy for a kid but his next to me it's. I am watching Goldman and eating typically are leagues and do it. Please tell. Group what is gold. That this author. Of the group. Did you your wings. Brand name. Probably he's got off. Probably geez guys I and that's why you pop that joke right. Probably we'll blue cheese it's got a specific about it. You act like people make or lose he's that he wouldn't be imitated. We're gonna skip over the fact that you keep referring yourself is daddy does that feel like this needs to be addressed that today. This would hear from the seven was looking forward to Atlanta. Do led. Live action I'm with you 785. The ground based on production salary so racist. So it is just. It's hard hit it out Avis. Of well. You. On the classic show. Innings and split in did hit. It as the Vietnam. Bad seed pod. All right. Book so you led you can be but you know. Vehicle that. This means the state. Best. Part he's. It won't be doing. It's. TV he was on their back well. There soon side. It's big. Oh have you. Okay. He had left. Run do these these kids don't know about these sell it. And he did and I tell the young workspace but why wouldn't need a sign that Lleyton. At least that is to end. Gently as. Hello policy to what it looked at one greatly. Greatly and a real good. Undercover. Watching a lowly them i.'s list of undercover high. Auburn it got elected that I think the show I started out really well and instead. Auburn started here this weekend alone and I I'm almost finished my second thought they doubt about those last night. Out today this tape is real I can't help. Secondly it's fun fun days that it thank you. It just discuss insecure but I know it. Review oddities in segment every week does it make if I am raised outlines that. What is it that would what that would make it that Edmonton he's. I hunt. Guy. I wouldn't take saves but I came that this obvious that the next there's a lot. Though it is real deal or build that that's the Marlins. And you're. When it comes. They. I think I've got lots of big the Dixie that was that that was. A little romantic comedy that I want it been universally viewed at then we got a CD program it's Oman and thank you. This news covering surface that he really liked. Because you have to get Lou. And it's well lit LLC good. A folded its. And let. Sing alongs tonight or just. While. As we had a lot of whether I check out the black kids ages six to report on this. We have a lot of them will be back Sunday. Scott what's important 78 we.