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Friday, January 12th

George Brett audio on opening baseball cards, fact or fiction with the Chiefs, Welch rants on Tonya Harding plus we're commercial free talking Chiefs, Royals & the Big Story 


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That's going memorial might well bomb best know just playing there and this is Stevens back here. Coming up at 830. Mitchell Schwartz is doing everything he can't keep one man in Kansas City but first George Brett. Has some better audio we've ever heard from him as he was opening baseball cards. Now the situation here I don't necessarily know what went was of him opening the baseball part. There's a bit on big league Stew is Yahoo! Sports apparently where this guy might not as goes around a packs of baseball cards fines people like famous people is that they Roddy said it would Gore's sizable early pace final segment every it's really awesome I gotta be honest it got kind of jealous I never thought about as what. And they sit there and open the baseball cards make talk about each player on the card what they know old Ottoman these stories about these guys and things of that it's fun it's really cool source I saw was Georgia mr. attitude here's George Brett. Coach Phillips good player Tony Phillips really good player with the open base which it short of the debates. Good player like play against him. John Henry Johnson that's the worst they're newer diversity that is what I remembered it was left in the picture at the very easily edit fisheries. On James I remember the name of the sinkers and beyond that at bat at running back who committed to running back. Mike Ramsey. Don't know gray mustache. Or governments that it. And it could be exploited indeed it was and you have a special look like it is a fact that. Okay for us nineteen 7454. Trader for. All of living in Los Angeles. And going to junior college for what your product right schools if that he better have it junior. College I was in high school wasn't. But there was an article that deliveries the local newspapers and that it would meetings. The royals and the reds were going to be betrayed or repertory drives never tapped. Now it and now we're both in the hall of fame is third base runner on them they don't need the perfect. George opening baseball cards is talking about each individual player that's a fun idea is in his from the air that these guys played so that was a pack of 1985. Flir cards that he opened and a host opened a packed like 1985 tops or whatever. And they started to make trades are around and he pulled out of Kirk Gibson cart and at George Brett talked about Kirk Gibson being the best teammate that he ever really had like that they while playing against him and love really played with them. And the guys we'll share Kirk Gibson story with because well. But what time when when he was playing here for the Kansas City Royals he lived about two minutes from me and I invited him over to my house and I came over my house Kirk Gibson keyboard my house he brought a son Kirk Gibson of Kirk Gibson had Kirk Gibson. Where is so funny. And he goes and he is we're gonna take steamer gonna sit masonic it is ten year old son give us a lot of us. It source that it besotted son Kia I read in the Sauna once fresh air. And Kirk Gibson kept coming go lower and lower and lower today than it is in this wanted to get the fresh areas. And by the time we were Dennis kids like Ralph was pressed against authorities had sucked in air from the outside few edits is kind of goes in line with that the Kirk Gibson story that they've done fortune told me one time. About Kurt gives like Kirk Gibson was in the royals' clubhouse and had a sudden their Kirk Wear them. Kurt rewrite the port this kid convert easily is getting abused right and sell like so. Don walks in and stalk and the Kirk Gibson and looks at the southern Gaza what's your name and big kids sat there with. Nothing to say as you would as a ten year old kid you don't you don't know what to do and Kirk Gibson according to diamond fortune blacks and. His son in the back of the head and says help me in your asking me but didn't say yapping used. Actual itself I could totally seeker gets the delegates signed to get lower in the Sauna in order to get the fresh air from the door so he agreed is that just let this kid go out you know it's like let's kick made it BM there is just trying to toughen this young man up. I don't know what. Hurt he would sit is up to you why he's an alien right now Dan and I'd like like Kirk Gibson's Q it is running back at where the corner on our muttered to himself and suddenly the old school baseball stories are really good but towards a discuss got a porn stash if that's how baseball was better and there are more porn stash as though like that's how you go back to being the most dominating sport. In America go back to the stashes the highway cops that jam right I was talking to somebody yesterday about Trey Hillman randomly. As some of the people Kansas City ran out into cars coaches and all that and it did trailers. It's to ask is beautifully it was a really good bust actually went when you talk about like the best Kansas City mustaches and he reads there yet because there's not many of them anywhere core Nelson of the royals hall of fame as a phenomenon that's just phenomenal super saver curt Nelson B source topical and he is I mean he's he's up there on the silent I think like Trey Hillman obviously is on that list and back in the day and you look at a lot of those guys have played the wheels of Allah. A mustaches well when he was plain doesn't have anymore now god you're here I mean nobody has the mustache anymore these may become really needs to make it count especially in sports and so you know we if you think of a good Kansas City must Daschle the snows 69306. I think curt Nelson Andy Reid. Our our kind of top of that list pretty Coleman's on the list as well of guys that really easy to pan Asian or Japan I think it would. It's time for movement on achieves a looker room and like doc you for a few minutes gone rossbash mount Rushmore mustaches. That they fact or fiction with the Kansas City Chiefs Specter how we gonna play this thing. I'm gonna throw out a topic kind of like our faster airplane which we got on Tuesdays at 930 at the cheese and tell me fact or fiction. Justin Houston will never had eight plus sacks again in a season how many eight. Poor me more eat more obviously fixing it nine and a half yeah election Imus expansion at. I'll say fiction as well just he feels like he's starting each get a little bit more healthy. And then if it's somehow. You can take another step forward health wise that could get used to back to a point where is not when he tees sacks necessarily but somewhere in the T. Marcus Peters and the cheese wheel between long term deal in the next two years fiction. The top. Think they well. I think they want to but I don't Marcus Peter and that's the biggest question as the market leaders want to being Kansas City does he wanna play for this organization didn't seem like Carlyle on ominously fiction. Oddly optimistic doesn't affect all six fax just because I think if I had the light it tied to gamble on it right now. Right Estes I guess that's the way in my brain works as they've got to throw money on one side or the other. I'll put money down that Marcus Peters does resigning Kansas City these things after that. After that suspension he came back with a different mind set the team is very accepting of him back. And everybody seemed like they got along really well so is baucus that's on the right track. I would being toward Marcus Peters resigning long term but if he doesn't. That will probably see it trade before long. Patrick my home will grow more into when he two touchdown passes next season political fiction on ice back that's easy for Odyssey fiction. Why. Because he's a good yeah. The road and I thought maybe I think Andy Reid really slow places I just I don't have the confidence right now I'm not ready to say he's got a running back coaches your office and ask that matters and it. I I don't know I think hitting point two is an interesting number Stephen that the media over under Vegas Atlantic be under a minute thinking under. I gotta say yes. You don't know for a fact just over point. Bet that he's getting over point about how much it'll be may be round I would pinpoint it samarra when he. Age twenty touchdowns in his rookie year yeah at least if here's the difference between you you know you let Alex. Career high here that would be more than Alex's career highs but this is the difference between quarterbacks with sweet forms a strong red zone production. You're a strong armed exhibited tight spaces that they throw touchdowns in the red zone. If you don't have a strong arm that's what makes paerson bunker kick 42 field goals over the course of the season we've become the chiefs tell the Washington Redskins game. So that's what the problem was this you can't dated tight spots the monster arm. He had trouble in the red zone my homes won't so will probably see in my mind about 28 touchdowns. There are our players from the wild card loss to Tennessee. That our starters on the 2018. Defense say that again. There are four players aha from the wild card loss to Tennessee so that doesn't include airfare it did not appear. Better starters on the 2018. Defense I'll give you much more. Chris Jones wranglings. Peters. He's one night and Houston. You only had four of the eleven guys then pull you think rob Parker what I wanted to thank you participate tactic. Being out and it want an agnostic this year I again swords and Sorenson and I'll say Beck fictional say there's five that more and it deserves this because swords and started. Yet the sources it's our Jack yeah it either he or wrong would be your obvious starting safety so that would be five via. But that's not a lot. We think about. Nose tackle on wheels all well maybe dad. About the most at least six starting there's a big issue opinions how hard it was after. We haven't you won't start next year are usually will be starters as sort of takes you back. Starters next here daughters back so like solve those problems can start to kick off season my guess is somebody gets injured up those steps and because that's what happens every year but it does but. I think they have five I think by the solid. That's not good I thought that our Natalie Allen Bailey he's back but it for next year I mean. It productive anymore. Yeah it would literally CD you can turn to get through the entire roster accordingly you're talking six new starters on defense he's a lot's lot's at. If you watch them play perfect idea but you'll settle into the reality crap out there it yeah. We certainly hope that's. Bill I wanna do it because when they trade Alex is belfry at eighteen million dollars in the if cap space and they're gonna cut Tom they'll have money. Duke grads are free agents on the defensive side and improbably draft heavy on the defensive side too so. I would be shocked to see five or six new starters on the defensive side next year too large Tyreke Allen Travis Kelsey will each have over a thousand yards again next season bonds backed. That it is at me with it. Hill a little bit the deep balls and Kelsey will be the focal point your offense. My guess is they have a similar offensive production year to next in do we get a refund if somebody gets injured. So yeah if somebody gets injured again you can and I would say fiction based on odds. You sort of enter yet yeah. Or injury. Yes I believe both it thousand yard season next year as he gets back there should be no drop up next here. Final one that cheap second round pick will be used on a pass rusher. Best available. For predominantly. It's tonight I think they got into office and line. Really out of fiction because I think they're taking either pass rusher defensive lineman or defensive back. Whoever happens to be the best at that spot or that matter is you have like that big board right to keep going down like this guys on that guy's got it will be full of mourners defensive lineman at. Impasse rosters and once it's the peony depends. All of its one of those guys on the boards speaks yeah how the boards speaks to Brett beach I think we'll see it'll be one of those. Ruehe sobered by the obstacles they fiction. I don't think they're going offensive line on the. He as if on this month old fat man and at every spot. That's you have your committed financially before. Also I understand that he need backups and we saw coming back I mean prime Bradley it was Atlanta's second round and all these sorts of court. Think his team is that the defense these so much help our personnel stand just because your paying got to play offensive line doesn't mean he's good. Yeah but it you'll have so much money to spend security spending X and I am I I offensive line yet to spend money elsewhere she can be competitive I understand I get that and just try to think like. He couldn't run the ball a little to seize your office into a folk in the middle of the year mean gee you didn't have. The offensive line protection that you needed for a lot of Assisi and we were responsibility. Either I was in a personnel issue though. Because personnel wise they were really good early in the season really good latency Mitchell Schwartz in that article with SI said it was all are falling office of winning at the job done in the middle part seems so he said that because he's Mitchell Schwartz have been Jeff Schwartz apparently have some kind of stock option announcement that they're gonna say that kind of stuff man and did you call yourself out I need to upgrade and if you're calling herself well it's like when your company says do self evaluations and tell us what you need to work. You answer that question. You work on everything. You say nothing I'm. Could answer that question notably thirty we had your chance to go to the night before with Dave Matthews Band in Minneapolis on February 3 in the excel senator. Yeah roundtrip airfare and a three night hotel stay. Find out how to win in the code word for how to win coming up at 830. Read the sports and entertainment worlds have completely gone off the rails over one person and it isn't Donald Trump. Find out new next. Welcome back again. Monster debate there was sparked by missiles wars will be at 830 here on fast when the morning. But I just. I get to something here because the sports and entertainment world has completely gone off the rails over Tonya Harding. I Tonya just came out some movie about Tonya Harding Margo Roby is the star and I keep reading and hearing interviews with people talking it. Of the make excuses. For Tonya Harding. Made excuses for everything she did win you know she kneecap or her husband and his friends knee caps Nancy Kerrigan a to take her out so Tonya Harding could win in the Olympics. Like there's all these excuses jobless is they dug about her upbringing in doll. It the skating world and want her she wasn't what it with them (%expletive) so her own. And what was that outfit now carries out another caller costume that does so herself from. Poll or shame it is yet this or cost himself a spaghetti Kerrigan's a totally okay think that yes. Any NFL team any single one and I guarantee you would find multiple players with no worse upbringing you know harder story that Tonya freaking hard. Todd Harding is a crazy person she's a bad person and I taught out we have now seem fully. Hollywood is only full of moral outrage when it doesn't help them. Because with the apologists everywhere it makes you wonder like. So everyone. Ms. valley general consensus Tonya Harding bad person. Movie comes out. So that we tide are just everywhere trying to make excuses for what she did it security we. Stage did Golden Globes wearing a black dress because all the women wore black to show solidarity. And they have Tonya Harding out there who took down another woman in her broad. It's the opposite of female solidarity put their Latin champion and anyway. It makes you wonder. Like what if scar face came 1201728. And Tony Montana was a real person you move like off. But did you see how hard his life was he was great he had to past issues for awhile he was really it was sister Gina. And she and and have that. His wife was the base head. Who all was polluted. He had no other choice but to murder tons of people aren't. The world of making excuses for people. Like Tonya Harding is it really sets out. World that we live bet that's where we are at them like that's the state of the game and 2018 it's nobody's fault but it's somebody else's fault we should do everything we can't help that person. Do better when Tonya Harding had enough opportunity herself. To do better now her upbringing does affect and I mean she she was out I watched this thing on ABC last night did you where they interviewed Tanya Harding for like two hours in the interview the mother and so we did this documentary and Tonya Harding when she was fifteen years old for thesis or whatever was Yale University so they were showing clips of this. And Tonya Harding was talked about how she was trailer trash being brought up bright and interviewed the mother Lisa were you trailer trash that she was we were not trailer trash we had a nice trailer. I mean so she was dealing with a mother. Who was drinking brandy at 4 o'clock in the morning smoke a pack a day beating her with a barrage. She did have to overcome a lot of bad stuff that wasn't on her and so it definitely does affect how you're going to be as an adult everybody's upbringing affects how you're going to be as an adult you're not tall right and wrong and I I think a lot of the people who were ages right now. RAH is because their parents is their pieces of trash and they don't know how to raise them properly. And they don't tell them what's right and what's wrong and so Tonya Harding never knew how to grow up basically the person who raced there was this eighty teacher right. And I'm trying to feel sorry for Tonya Harding right now but I'm saying is if you are a parent. BA freaking pair reached her child the right way because if you don't they will turn out to be Tonya Harding I reiterate go to any NFL team. And you'll find multiple players were they tougher upbringing and Tonya Harding where they are handicapping their opponents before the game. So there's no excuse now but the idea that that somehow -- serve blame is read all of the net exiles are blaming all Melanie you'll eventually get to a point in your life regardless of the way you were brought up. You have to understand what's right or wrong and if so it presents an idea tee and says here's what we're gonna do you mean in a budget dunes are gonna go out there were gonna beat Nancy Kerrigan will lead pipe you good with that. Yes he will now that's not right you have to understand what's right what's. Said that energy for the first time last night that she did kinda know what was she didn't try and Netanya half truth is the first step to the real truth it is so I guess that's good for you but there is definitely a racial component here too. That makes this look bad. So white blonde girl that. Helped orchestrate knee capping Nancy Kerrigan and suddenly people are super willing to forgive Mel I'm willing to forgive me if he's trash last night on this is that this is the biggest piece of trash that seen in awhile it's impossible for re not sit there and wonder. Is her being a white one girl in large reason why we're seeing all these people suddenly come out to elect a what you distillate Thomas did I ended up bringing excuses apologies nobody partly excuse culture and what it somewhat of an excuse culture but I think we pick and choose who we make excuses or worse and that's what make this makes his entire Tonya Harding crusade that's been happening throughout all national media a bleeping joke. It was animated movie premiere at their fall well below amateur she she would have gone away she had she had done wasted you have gone away in a very long time. And now she's back Elliott thirty for thirty that some people watched it would move from Tonya Harding that they can I knew when this movie was announced and I saw the Margo Roby was going to be playing Tonya Harding thought. Ball where they gonna act like Tonya harding's not a terrible person makes yeah overlooking the Tonya Harding ever ones. And yet you lose that Kerrigan right that's more victims. Now this security and it only does he get a lot of run because she doesn't wanna talk to anybody she doesn't wanna discuss like its mark do you think thing that happened to her she wants to move ball with their life and not be in the public yet probably because it height of her life at the height of her profession. Where she did it the right way Tonya harding's trash as we did their took out her kneecap right yes absolutely there's a news she couldn't compete with Nancy cared so to interrogate and is the victim stopped trying to make Tonya Harding the victim because she isn't but I feel bad for. Child Tonya because there's a lot of kids that are raised by horrible parents and our poll told what right wrong with parents don't care about them figure big movie about the people who were raised that way and then turned out to be great citizens there's a I'm sure there's over a bunch of them that are out there but but don't have cell but I mean there are exactly kids who are behind the eight ball I mean you know she picked up the kids to school you see some of these people. You'll you'll look around you like dispersants park in the handicap spot is not handicap which I can pick up the kids anymore because these people at a park in handicap spot. You're raising children and you tell your children it's OK to break the law. That's what you're telling your kids when you park handicap spot if your park in handicap spot when you're not handicap in your kids see that. What else you'll outing your children to see you do what you gonna like your children to get away with it all starts in the home it all starts with parenting and if you're gonna be a horse's ass parent you're gonna raise horses. Asked Childs issued making money off this movie magnolia or services the problem the the publicity unless she's getting much she really of any time anybody makes a movie about your life you make money how. Really is royalties you can't make a if you don't want to make a movie today about Arnold fill in the blank with whoever I have to give them money because now I'm using their likeness. Used Tonya harding's lightness and beyond if her cheating on Google that find out she's making did you sort of that she fired her publicist yesterday her publicist quit yesterday you know to see she wants and she wanted. Reporters to sign an affidavit. Saying they would not answer questions she would then and I asked her questions about the past. And if they did the B 525000. Dollars I was in something because she's a crazy person and at poses like yeah hour. Yeah of course there because she's black and it'll be eight and ask questions about the past and as a result isn't talking you know I I remember John Rocker was traded to the Indy is it was done here in Kansas City and the union -- no questions about the pass the Mike you know animals themselves and the works and Tonya Harding clown man messes that as one of the more frustrating hypocritical fans and a half and I'm so lost the story now I don't know if she knew about it or didn't know batters he says you guys better or is is is this a national park. I am I'm total of toll lost. She and I could have written an illness or years later she said finally goes well money known sometime. Of course he did he do everything. Coming up at 830 your chance to win it. Tickets to the night before with Dave Matthews Band February 3 in Minneapolis at the excel Centre are roundtrip airfare three night hotel stay company thirty. Also Mitchell Schwartz didn't interview with Sports Illustrated and it's going to spark a monster debate to kick off for commercial free half hour presented by Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City. Next to. A sale. Commercials for ads on the clock here. As horse ready presented by Mercedes-Benz at Kansas City. I'm Mike welcome Bob vesco Jocelyn where am producer Stephen Specter. If your chance to win and in. Dave Matthews Band as you hear the music. The night before in this hour's code word they could send you to the night before with Dave Matthews Band which includes on February 3 in Minneapolis at the excel Centre are. Roundtrip airfare and a three night stay in the hotel. The the code word for this hour is banned. BA and the bandit hex band 272881. Now for your chance to win. Messaging data rates may apply for rules work and our online visit Entercom contest dot com. One randomly selected nationwide entrant will win a trip to Minneapolis for the night before with Dave Matthews Band. Again that is banded. Through 72881. For your chance to win more time bandit BA and seven to two XEV seven to 881. Why Michal Schwartz right tackle for the chiefs. Did an interview with Sports Illustrated and it is talk about Patrick Holmes Alex Smith all that stuff in the thing that stuck out to everybody is he is defending Alex Smith. 1000%. They she was one of the best quarterbacks existed the best quarterback in the NFL this year and he thinks that the bad middle of the season was all offensive line related. Though the offensive line personnel stayed the same after the one and six stretch and as we got better he got better he's awesome I can't say enough good about them. Missions or suggest words are like that the the president's hope president's that the Al Smith fan well I I think. Both of those guys for a reason or president of the Alex Smith's club think about those two guys and some of the quarterbacks that they played four and Al Mitchell Schwartz played with Johnny itself Mitchell Schwartz played with a litany of quarterbacks with the Cleveland Browns. And you look at Jeff Schwartz as well he played with Matt Cassel when he was here in Kansas City enclave would Brady Quinn when he was here in Kansas City. So both of those guys saw how bad a bad quarterback could truly be and quite honestly this is the best quarterback that Mitchell Schwartz has ever played with before so he's looking at Alex Smith right now line. I got all those years in Cleveland when all those horses ass is playing quarterback. I finally get to Kansas City I got myself a pretty darn good quarterback may not be the best quarterback but boy he is the best quarterback I've ever played with. And just short is look around don't yeah I played with you know Mac cast like played with Brady Quinn I even played that Kyle or for a couple of plays here in Kansas City. So I played for some bad quarterbacks as well and I'm watching my brother right now play and have success in this offense and Alex Smith put up 4000 yards. That's a pretty good quarterback I I think I think players who have played the game. Have a different appreciation for Alex Smith and a lot of people do we're just you know fans of the quarterback and I think with their realizing is Alex with is a good quarterback and they played with some really bad ones they've seen some really bad quarterbacks in the NFL. And Alex Smith is a 100% not that category of those guys Mitchell Schwartz and Jeff Schwartz and played with. Throughout the course of their careers. I have been in the camp from the get go of that middle swoon was offense are reliant line related it wasn't that I've been asked a lot about Korean hunt down a man. And we do and Ares I went out extreme hot and I clear my answer is now has a line wanted to good yeah and broader reason they turned it on and got the offense back on track now. That he said. They you have to make it perfect right out Smith because it's not perfect you start getting happy feet I think that that was definitely something that was going on in the middle of the season two so I think I think the turn of the offensive line to meet jump started the turn of the offense doesn't mean I'm I'm I'm back. I'm backing up Alex Smith does as my force or to think I understand as well Schwartz backing the the quarterback led them there and I that's that being a good teammate emitted into the playoffs every year that Schwartz has been near that one double digit games every year that he's been here and just say hello leader and just generating some of his you know his quotes out of the most interesting part to me was when when asked about pat homes these satellites -- visas now excited stately and map homes to govern next year or state. Why else has been under appreciated you know so he's definitely backing of backing Alex Smith and not saying you know a lot of glowing things at this point about Patrick Holmes that to me that's that's pretty natural. He because it did Jeff Mitchell have to take off the Alex Smith buttons and herded to the interview itself for their file with the eleven but not hate you had Tonya harding's PR and so I gotta Smart ready to go to but I partly do you guys are missing out on and and and making a grave mistake is they haven't seen pat Holmes played Mitchell Charlie just Schwartz has not seen him like. I was listening to an interview with Brad Childress up in Chicago the other day when he was talking about Matt Nagy. And they were talking about Tamil homes in those. He goes I can give you an honest assessment about pat all of because he never practiced he was always off to decided it would have to do things after practice and after practice Mitchell Schwartz sure telling you hang out there after practice he's starting novel climates have players move on to go to the defense and coaches have seen him that he was a scout team quarter benefited from a Mitchell Schwartz perspective I'm just telling you what he's saying he's never seen the kids really play. Just Schwartz has never seen the kid like when you have the offensive assistant head coach. In Brad Childress think he's really never seemed to kids like. That's why people are inside the organization and on the team are taking the sign announcement. They know what they have and Alex Smith and when you played with a lot rag tag dumped be asked quarterbacks like Schwartz Brothers of. With and you finally see a good one it's tough to pass that up I mean it's it's like if you always dated it to all of us are you dating a seven. There may be ten out there who could be really good for you but you're happy with that seven right now because you used the dating Susan Schwartz Brothers are used to hers playing quarterback for them. They finally had a good when that they could be around they see what he can beat. An early wallet back so why understand where they're coming from their point of view the children stuff was eye opening for meet at an all bets of assistance. What he doesn't stay at their regular plain and he had the right yeah all those crazy like I was like. I get like bit so that's really well. Chile has a special Juliet the special projects debt which didn't include that homes apparently asked about the week that well I'm not special project sending him away and buried very fine with that if Brad Childress days as far away from the future quarterback that keeps us humanly possible I'm very happy man. Situation. It's it's obvious is kind of an argument for slash against Alex Smith when you bring up the previous quarterbacks Mitchell and Jeff have played four. Played with because they've played with big time quarterbacks before so Jeanne Allen Smith and look there's a reason why other players really like Alex Smith. Love the game managing quarterback defensively and offensively for multiple reasons the biggest one being. You get the chance to really impact the game. Quarterbacks that are gunslinger is guys that you know take all the credit all that stuff. You don't really get the chance if you're offensive lineman in that impact the game is much because that guy's gonna make improvisation or plays on a consistent basis. Guys who don't make improvisation place guys who or more conservative. It's much easier for them. To let the other players impact the play that's why we talk about everything having to be perfect round Aleks. All part is that you give Alex Smith all these other guys the other guys can elevate Alex well if you're player you want to elevate Alex you don't want him elevating you you want to elevate him. There's an ego thing becomes on that that's why and you also like to turn over to try to figure any player. The side of the ball you'll like the turnovers. And you obviously there's always that little thing that little. Let's talk a little voice in your head maybe ego driven that. Dislikes the quarterback in the AmeriCredit the quarterback gets Alex Smith being under credited. Probably makes guys like him more in the locker room that would make sense to me. Why eighth inning. Right I just think they they speak from experience and I think it's hard to say yeah I'm ready for a guy that I'd never seemed to anything I mean if China Childress also taught an interview. Would he say to sixteen weeks before they felt comfortable with a allowing him to take a snap from center I mean not that that matters in the NFL anymore because. Quite honestly I mean Alex Smith was in the shotgun more often not looking at Matt Ryan right now Smith took in every shot. Under senator. I mean re in the playoff game Alice took under citizen and never got under this goes to show you how much this kid still has to alert in and while everybody you know on the outside is ready to crown him as the next. The folks who were on the senate may or may not have seen him like we'll have a second here I didn't feel comfortable giving him a snap until week seventeen weeks sixteen he did not feel comfortable taking a snap from center in two weeks sixteen but they weren't throwing him out there during the season. No they were still were sings at this album took him in practice when they were working with the two feel comfortable and getting under center in taking a snap took them sixteen weeks of the regular season into the coaching staff felt comfortable that he knew what he was doing. For Andy Reid's aides feel comfortable kind of shocked it only took sixteen weeks. I don't pray right over here is like three or four years or five years right where you are. Orioles put that that's a that's the basics man that's your hands under dudes but grab the ball on the basics anymore. He says a high school and college well that's because they switched to all these crazy which is probably don't quarterbacks in the NFL because the NFL is still trying to guys take snaps and in high school college got guys standing in the shock and meanwhile developing any quarterbacks and that's why were in a crisis in the NFL it's gonna last products. Well in the NFL. They are taken a lot of snaps underneath and the senate now anyway I mean really for the cheese with a take 33 snaps under center that Alex Alex Smith took in the playoffs. Speaking of quarterbacks though we have a little bit of a problem in Denver depended on how much you'd think Kirk cousins. Could help the broncos' next year. Through the stakes podcast with Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah. Jacksonville Denver the two teams that wrote down pick one. Who object to rock goes to Denver Broncos to be picked up the better route before that a perfect body has to better receivers. I I think it makes as their defense can play he should be able to finally play comfortably I think if you're fearful. The move the six podcast but you go to jail Jeremiah. Kirk cousins to Denver with scare me his Kirk cousins like that you might have better numbers and Alex Smith season to season but. Same tier as Alex Smith and I'll be worried about Alex in Denver because. He's in a middle road quarterback. Consider what devers had to deal with the last few years a middle of the road quarterback looks amazing. To the Denver Broncos. So I think a lot of whether or not your afraid of of Kirk cousins. Depends on how how you value Kirk. He's the ECB think he's good it's gonna make a significant impact do you think he's he's he's no good it won't I just again competent quarterback in Denver makes them. Makes them back into contention I'm not ready to buy and Kirk cousins and I played a fourth place scheduled to right well that's two games to edit at least a difference in the attic and maybe the difference is NFL they have they are ready made defense. They looked to be a competent quarterback away from being being able to get ten and division that's very containable as much as you wanna. Say that she's won back to back they were tenants six comedy came down to the stretch run Oakland had down near San Diego's and for a while all four teams are are viable. On division contenders especially that she's turning things over to a a a redshirt rookie quarterback next year so you give Denver a guy like that yes I got a light at emirates company quarterback I think this puts them in in position to. Do you like to be in the mix and that's scary to me. The reason teams were still in the mix last year at this past season and in the AFC west is because. We all later games the end of season like three weeks all its west toward the exit that it is because that she's fell apart well close not Jesus didn't finish the deal when they Monica but not in his visit five at Walt is a foregone conclusion halfway through this season the chiefs or when an AFC west and then they just hold the fellow portion of better race. It should have never age has never been a race and head and pulled it out at the end and beating beating the raiders in the chargers and then beat the Broncos to the banking didn't matter. But there's still this is five what they were well and others they're dominant against of this state of the decision if he does that he does that's a track record he dominates the vision of how you win a division to weight divisions on my total number game I don't I'm still have to be your division opponents and and I'm like it was not really you don't have to you can win a division without beating all your division opponents under saying that division is very tight it's much that it is not war. The B road to the AFC west is not go through the cheats it does charter reported to you know I does it has the last two years a very good ladies who is a Denver Josh Denver gets a quarterback at Kentucky air definitely. In contention who and who's the road to the C west go through it doesn't go through Kansas City two time defending champions of this division I mean your teacher and so big. It's why as well showing on T shirts are you a line in the planets in other big deal for releasing it doesn't go through Kansas City yes it does go through tears a 100% ghost and something ghosts are Kansas City nothing history any team because it's the new year next year you play at all over it but. They will be working the bigs they have an opportune always two inches every year they say they will have nugget goes through Kansas City because that's related to Donald. Yeah since he's that the sprint senator and every year. Comic quarterback puts him in position hopelessly I don't believe in Kirk cousins at all I don't believe that as code as a direct clash at franchise quarterback if you don't believe. Or 'cause got a quarterback they don't believe there there and if he's a middle of the road quarterback which having years. Definitely puts I think the middle of the road quarterback needs a solid head coach like in India ballots have goes to Denver are they content Dell because of the head coach who so what are they know what a head coach I don't six intently lost the team and we still. That's the bears no quarterback has nothing to do with it it's a combination of everything. It's a combination of everything based on what a great base and what you've seen of Anthony win because you don't leave any guide it as a coordinator whatever can be confident coach except it and that nagging. Who'll be a star at every other every other guy that every other guy that has come through the ranks that is doesn't have head coaching experience socks and never retracted if I had a lot but this is Linkedin is Joseph by the way is it again later and those are gaining broad question exhibiting at the. He laid at his team to play when they came here to parents say well they ready to play the chiefs block them out there and Arrowhead Stadium had a advanced Joe's as his team ready to play against the Kansas City Chiefs in either game of the season he was having it sounds like he wasn't. This team ready to go well of the as the quarterback the difference I order all out of that Kirk cousins I think if you're gonna get it if you're getting star quarterback but if you're gonna give him. Who's the best quarterback in Tom Brady out there OK imagine anybody Tom writing like that he's fine. But if you're gonna give somebody a number fifteen quarterback like an Alex Smith like it Kirk cousins you better have a strong solid head coach sickened scheme that is strong solid head coach and offensive coordinator I can find out what back I do as well put them in position to be successful. I haven't seen. Advanced to look at the numbers Kirk's put up with out a great coach he has Hemingway it was Jay gruden is the coach there in DC. They got 27 touchdown passes this year threw for over 4000 arts. Bringing the Denver with better wide receivers that he had in Washington that bus that was Terrelle Pryor like the best receiver washed and chasing prouder. If you give them. Mary Thomas and Emanuel Sanders. Yeah I'm scared to guide it with that terrible supporting cast that's gonna bring him into doing what was 4100. And 47 touchdowns I'm worried about and what way do what you guys start to get older I mean how many years we talk about the marys Thomason and Emanuel Sanders and eventually they're going to get old wreck and went nose gear there when it now. Don't you could have already eight. That's the primary person when those now Susie you could be thirty next year that's kind of the perfect time as you're getting Kirk cousins I think the exact time that she's got Alex Smith I have been about thirty years older as this is the bright time. If you're gonna made a guy like Kirk cousins that you think you can elevate him from that middle of the road quarterback to maybe in the pit and who's the offensive coordinator in debt amassed and as I don't know if I add my voice acting if the replaced themselves or are you appear John Elway are usually if you could hear him though with a good coordinator and a good coach like the chiefs did hearing Kansas City with eighty Reid announced that I don't think Alex has as much success of its not be re with him I just don't police beat us. And so I got the middle of the road quarterback. You've got to have a strong strong strong offensive head coach that's gonna put back guy in the position to be successful. I don't think Denver has. Looks like an IQ Brian Schottenheimer. I was a report out yesterday that Brian Schottenheimer who lets face it Brian Schottenheimer had some success against non success we're respect I had success I. Bill does resonate with him with the offensive coordinator job with drew agree yes or quarterback coach John whatever but Drew Brees is the reason why his star rose in many went to the jets. Welcome Mark Sanchez that he went to what was a bag as it was Bryant's radler would care it was at Saint Louis he was a Bradford and and Jeff Fisher and I was a poll disasters that dollar. He's big and now the vikings all testing the NFC with Sam Bradford as a quarterback in the case gives the court is Sam Bradford on the roster. Yes this is thank you as the stalked by this is an interesting year for Andy Reid. Because. It's a make or break year. For Andy according to a lot of people in back nationally it feels like people are quicker to pull the trigger on Andy Reid Dan vocal. Which is a bit strange is usually is the other way around it comes to our egg coach but then dollar fox Sports Radio join the show earlier today and it. We discussed what you do with an eerie. But I don't feel a little fire diplomats saw Roy Blunt we clearly now you don't portray the -- issued dark right away and then it would all these teams started either coaches I don't think it makes much sense now. I was doing Rudy did it why is this chart I would have gotten rid of them but clearly itself like. They're going to be you'll probably give him another year right. I would assume that's because they're gonna change some things on the roster in didn't probably involving Al exit and then he'll get. One more opportunity but I got my knee jerk reaction when you. When you blow that it comply with these guys have been there are a lot yet but I gave with the colts that it will game. What if we're lucky back against which he's city you can start stacking these big topic you like. Like Osama some quite another coach but Eddie gets he gets a stay of execution. Then dollar fox Sports Radio you can hear the entire interview with him at 610 sports dot com at the Pasco in the morning podcast page. And lost money on the game let's start of that. Because I think this were some of his anger and fire Andy Reid rhetoric comes from him and valor did it did tell us he lost money on the game does give an apology of that event but it does. I just felt like his response was a very emotional response. And but he told us he lost money on the game like well I can understand why you'd be mad and you read when you. Are sitting there tied up when he won the three on your bet on the chiefs at minus eight or seven and a half or however many points he got with them. Pretty. Then they lose ripe yet to be she's probably been doubled down in the semi. Is going to be a blow out the titans are gonna quit and then. Donated these blogs Vegas and I lost all the money bet on the chiefs put his four is how long you take before you fiery re I don't think. Is what is making the post season. I don't think he can fire. Well that's what basically Torres paler said the other day when we talked about. You know is it's Super Bowl or bust for Clark going as loans are making the playoffs they're good with that so I I think what we're looking at right now. Is a a quarterback began I or call or record coach if you get if you make the playoffs every year you're not going to get fired but. Eventually it becomes to the point of can we do more can we do war. Well any Reid is going to have a lot of pressure not a regular season again I don't care what he did refute all matters what happens in the playoffs eighty Reid for his own self spurs old legacy. It's got to find a way to stop blowing games in the playoffs. But the outs it's it's much easier to from the outset god has hired a guy I mean Austrians I know he's implants contracts out. You're you're stuck with them. We make him better along the way around but he's here. And I don't I don't have a problem and being here at this point either but there's no there's no key there's no heat whatsoever. Not even close to being any heat on any I don't know how you make them better though in in the playoffs I don't know what you do how you do and I think it it just becomes one of those things were eventually a ball's gonna have to bounce his way in the playoffs I mean it's been nineteen years this is just a bit demoralizing postseason defeats for Andy Reid it sucks for him it's. Feels like a lot of bad luck because it's not and I know we all get angry about. The comebacks and Andy Reid absolutely deserves criticism for blowing out this massive leads in the play are. But there were there is played they went for a touchdown in both of those games. The injury look forward coverage that he dives into the end zone when it should it turn over that she's been so it's basically locked I came down. And then it. The self perception touchdown for Marcus area and on third down where they would have had to kick a field goal for but he gets batted and somehow. By the grace of some higher power falls right in the Mary on his lap as these this. That's to have blocked. It is it's like -- it's been done anything more he jumped up to try to bat the ball away copies of his arm that's exactly what you're supposed to do her the defense played it perfectly even when mayor Oden got away from the pass rush. The defensive backs came up in nature they would stop before the goal line but didn't over pursue it played it perfectly know that's on coaching is just bad. Dumb why. That's part of them what makes me feel for Andy Reid is that it's not always just oh he went out there beat and others ease things that ever happen if they tend to happen that she's in the playoffs and that's what makes so frustrating. I don't think firing Andy Reid changes. Maybe in the post season the opponents touched national tennis five points against the Kansas City cheese now and he read it could minorities only scored traditional manners that's exactly right but big needle in my body my my text media I think if you know you create Earl Clark and I rolled my eyes but. I mean you're 21 to three I don't care ball pizza when he won the tent that's why did Boston win that game is heated to. Any light at gaming you're 38 to ten and loves and he's deserves credit. Why. To the most unlucky place I've ever seen in playoff history happen against any reading the chiefs and 4013. Seriously fourteen and 48 can your four touchdowns in that one game Europe eighteen and another I mean why should we won eighty play. And one score four to show it to sound worse should should should not change you and it right. Touchdowns and that'll what it took shots out of they should should still have won those games about trying to take any blame all the blame off of any read. It insists it's still. Feeds into the narrative in my mind that the chiefs or curse I knew it does because I look at is like no you didn't coach well enough in the second half Alex didn't play well enough in the second half. The defense didn't stop Weill a said that everybody fell apart that second half and everybody deserves blame for it. Not just the play calling not just Alex everybody deserve blame for what turned that second half its. There was still some random unlucky piece of crap play it smacked everybody in the face. And that's still against my bill when it comes these conversations about who to fire who keep get rid of and the reality is I don't see anybody out there that I can point to and say back I give you a better chance to win even in the post season than any real. Well I was gonna go out get Bill Belichick Acker in my Tom winner Mike Malarkey or somebody like that you can win in the post season but now it it it really is it's frustrating because. While you and all we got a good thing going holiday Andy Reid we know we have a really good thing going out in the pre. You want more and expect it should get more than what we've been delivered. During the time of the year when it matters most in January is the time of the year when it matters most of and that's when you create you were legacies that's when you get aid. When you perform in January when you perform in October in the NBA when you perform in June in college basketball. How many coaches haven't won it for three weeks in March and eagle from somebody never heard of before the coaching a big time program two weeks because they a couple of victories in the NCAA it. That's when you make your money and you become. Who you are remembered as and you have to do on the big stages. And for whatever reason Andy Reid does a great job but when it turns out that closing act he forgets his lines. Story. Extortion case. Wouldn't seven. That does Sunday. I'll start. It's an Eagles against the in the titans and patriots Sunday jags be Steelers and saints V vikings. The hype though a Kansas City I don't think is really huge well as a low around or the hype machines byte well a little bit our fault mostly out of play on the Kansas City Chiefs because they ripped out the heart of everybody and now we're seeing a buzz that equals to about zero for what is the biggest story around sports today. This divisional round of the NFL playoffs because people are still licking their wounds there's still wondering is Bob Sutton going to be good offensive coordinator next year there's still wondering if what's gonna happen with the quarterback there's so many unanswered questions for the Kansas City Chiefs moving forward especially as it relates to last Saturday's. Did buckle loss against the Tennessee Titans don't feel like that interest or the excitement level for this divisional round is very high here. Well it's hard to get excited. For something when you expected to be there you know it's hard to get fired up. For an event when you were invited to the party and so that's how I think we all feel right now here in Kansas City. We were supposed to be at the party and at the last minute we got to save the day. But we didn't get the invite and that's kind of where we feel right now like you'll really be. I would be an opportunity to go to new England and play for chancellor of the institute of imported or from 9 o'clock hour than 9 o'clock hour today I'd be telling you how to chief are gonna win again even though I did little wave and Ali dogs. But I was gonna be beyond it by now now this knocks the falcons will read it. Because that. Let's do it I think it's the tibia the titans win if Tom Brady somehow doesn't make it to this hiring talking myself into other chief Goodwin at Foxboro after footing the entire week. Saying there's no way they could be Tom Brady right and don't tell your iPod exactly what might he do this next hour ivory tell other good right we'd be fired going to be any four and we now I don't even wanna watch these games they they told us we would be there they said keep that they've opened. You're going to be play in the New England Patriots. All you have to do is not well eighteen point second half we you'll be there. And the invitation never came in the mail were stuck going to wait a second here I thought this was supposed to be us maybe it's of frustration just because I know what the narrative would be if the chiefs. Won that game against the titans and we got smoked in Foxborough. Nobody would care about titans. Right media would it did he did it would turn into Houston Texans to point out. For those that play. A certain extent yeah everywhere is that it also be the home win to have you know hopefully before people would have been there to experience it we finally got that monkey off our back pretty good about it if you went to new England and you'll laws. Are right you weren't. Are fine with doing in the laws you that you think that you played the scene. Gupta home playoff win and now. Now look at the optimism we have with homes next year we got to play off win now we can maybe take it to the next level hey things are going well. Now there's a lot of anger in the air. There's a lot of anger in the air folks I don't think losing to the. Patriots would have people of this angry as they did coming off the loss of Tennessee Titans and still have. Aft after coming off that loss of the Tennessee tight as these people angry a loss of the patriots would have made people sad but not angry ticked off two point about plain to see. Two years in a row the chiefs haven't played to see. Made it three years as the thing about home playoff losses yeah they mean you release dated and then there is Miller you have the lower seating you lost that that's. That's as the Victor credit cards so you look at their home record they're not beating. Teams they should they earn the home field and didn't take advantage because those those are hard to hard to swallow. Some positive that he. Or give you some positive for the Kansas City Chiefs in two minutes.