01/12 7pm - Unfair Blame on Clark Hunt, Hunt's Good & Bad Moves, Forgetting Lorenzo Cain

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Friday, January 12th

After Stanford Joe takes over the award-winning 59-second Serda Show, we argue that Clark Hunt is taking unnecessary blame for the Chiefs' failures. Ron runs through the major moves Clark has made and defends the Chiefs' owner. Then, we ask why nobody is talking about Lorenzo Cain. Has everyone just forgotten he exists? And why? Does race have an impact on the conversation?


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I've been about 592. Show and all of radio. How did. Our 59 seconds show this to Stanford job permanently inserted justice tonight discusses Q favorite NFL team. Are cornered him and Ramsey for the Jacksonville Jaguars conducted interviews with a bottle of the bonds star's secret stuff and spaced him over in his locker. And that's why it's gonna and it's that big been seven times on Sunday. Heard abbreviated update on John's Brown's much to the chagrin of Cleveland Browns players may have caught as their fans at a rate we're going O and sixteen. But fans actually during this parade even though browns players called them out. Fans raised over 171000. Dollars for the greater Cleveland food bank which equates to roughly 70000. EU. They do about 101000 euros per day for the parade of utility actually raised ten days worth of fuel for the greater Cleveland area. Critical. You show. That is you know with the euros rhyme this do you believe that. Oh too low load listeners put those. Barriers to the man because we salutes him. For allowing us to be a small part. You have fry. It evening pride and I TJ. And Purdue's that this bad boy. Makes you would hear things again. Certain is that witness. Is being a baby at all got as with some people out. But taxing us through the show. Wishing he would leave us all alone. Note that they can eat some ice cream is that those. Is that a myth. I screamed no straws but some soup. Is now more of a console thing I don't know if that's Lester I was an idea on. A general managers and how you procedures thing. They go lean with which. You are older and wiser. He's if I know about Liza part one. Where it's at 9 o'clock. Check out the podcast page our goal is to be the number one podcast it cute to see the radio not to sports I think it's the radio as I say every night guys are really good job. Of of putting things out there's you could see it kits that really easily or Twitter FaceBook. If you've followed the station any of us. You could buy that really easily so help us out 2018. As tanks by the shell as a number one pot. The first hour was do. Those well we we. We're really good were terrible statement I think we had the worst segment ever. Possibly a top spot for. Earlier so go back and look at that train. Or listen to it rains. I wrestle with this we talked about it in the bit earlier. Is it may have viewed as they catch this a little bit of I don't think it's up to the point. Of where. Idiot Alex or or even Bob Sutton. But I have got a lot since the playoff game that they Clark Hunt. Is to blame and that Clark needs to use the edit that she's wont do anything into Clark and his own apartment change. I've got up I heard a lot of that I've seen a lot of that on Twitter I C a lot people. Have text in a tweet that this is not remember this even when do in the post game still a lot of people with the eight. This is an organizational thing this is from the top with Clark got. That that this is this is more than just did and the analysis is Clark cut. I think that is. As that they Joseph earlier tonight over the top. I he had to look at Clark and I'll explain here a bit. I think Clark Hunt has been. Almost the perfect. Owner. I think. The moves he's made. I would say 90%. Of them have been the moves you would ruin your owner Tammy. Specially at that. I believe that to be right. Thus it is I think I think we look at failure. I think there to wage but look they'll I think there's a difference between failure there's a difference between failure when you make the Smart. Thoughtful decisions the decisions that makes it's the Smart decision. And you fail there could be a lot of things they can have. A good we'll look at lots of people look at eight. Just didn't go away but that doesn't mean the decision was still. Where does that mean that your failure was because you made at this it's. Just failures because. You literally did stuff that showed that is not hindsight before the fact you thought. They. You look at him. Look at Eminem and it's aired to really get artists implement together. Sounds like. A good date to artists come together in public this of the familiar. That's out there doing things for me. They're tailors who quit. And you say I wanna do assault was soldier. It up that's not that's going to be a sounds like to bang I don't know does that stop this topic you know so it says that Celek a beggar. They used I would not I would not limited that sounds like you shouldn't be surprised. If it's a fatal. She. M and am despite Joseph thinks we're the best of the best rappers of all. The most successful shore. Yeah. One of the best rappers of all time. In Atlanta rapper who changed bigs. It's. Just as it. Came together that rivers on as they'll let me. I think it. Hey hey it makes it. An example or football. Market analyst. Set 1000000250. Years. It's been a playoffs and it obligation. He continues it is time to believe that any adult this is is it's. Even as soon as that getting a two year expense extension over the Nazis that say. We got to get our quarterback to play the right like he's never drafted. A quarterback to compete with him he has never drafted young quarterback because they believe that they. That is a failure. That is ready may need to be think. You know look at and say eighty ultimately that Ella is the chief threat to enter bald. Is it any which it seems to be a decade as ever drafted anyone on the week. You have guys that all of the problem. Did you keep reside in those that guys who have all the fuel problems and bringing in bill guys let off field problems. It's not a shocker. When your team dictate is that off the real problem. That is it ready made failed. I think if you look at. You look at the Clark moves. He's healed. But they did the right well. These are differences like they've been the right move if you look at you look at. So that you look at his major move. Look at Clark launched major move Scott field. Visit did it turn out to be a failure. Yes. But he met. Member of the hottest parts in the hottest executive. The number one person to hire was. When it needed to hire somebody orgy of you know it was it was IPO. Everybody. One Scott deal. He would give the assistant. Executive of the year multiple times. A lot of people body had a lot to do with the patriots success we find out that that's not true. Not. Quit fired up all got. It didn't do like Jerry Jones did stay out of that right. What else would you want your owner of the. He signed up on Todd Haley. Haley seems like a vote. A young coach. Who was the office of mine and help it beat Arizona Cardinals. To the Super Bowl if you remember those T of that franchise the Arizona Cardinals he helped get the day. And we saw he got this team to a playoff. Not bad though. I got. I think we are sold. At let me. Probably people being hard on Clark Hunt. But thinking that this has been an organizational thing how many real things can you point to. That Clark but has done. Then as the day. How many real things can you point to that park on has done that it did the wrong move. Romeo. He's gonna out. Hired the best guys. When I do you think about it two major things is to make decisions he's had to make. To have a guy who runs his team it was Scott Pioli and Andy re. Go get to it the wells which you what and got to get. At the time those were both looked like really good hires eye injury has been a detonator he's been one obviously the only. Appeal appeal is just bill you can still argue some of the best players on the team were from Scott field. He made it to the playoffs. I just like I think it would that this is an organizational. Issue this comes from the top Clark. That I don't like I would I think most people want their owner to be like Jerry Jones owner Daniel Snyder I don't think people won't meddle. In. It comes from the top in this situation is just. Only easy argument that. Try to attack its use as angry that it you know they always. Say that Clark is that they. What I'm saying is what is what has occurred. You think about an owner. What he's done think about the major decisions. How many how many you hit at that time. That you say it makes it. Is doing Marvin Lewis. This is continuing to have issues we're it. Off the field concerns of players and Vince is continuing to bring them it. What is the worst off the field. They had this. Billy. Mark is Peter's flipping off fans. Or market Peters taking a knee. But he's not he's not doing crazy like he's not signing off on great. But that's a lot of people Peter Clark doesn't care about this team is it out okay most of the players don't live in Kansas City. Okay. Even if he doesn't care he has done a lot of right they. I don't get to the break is it about gut I bring you an outlook the other side. His major decisions you tell me you tell me where he went role. Then again here on the show. We've run this junior league Jay-Z radio productions of the building produces bad boy. What is is Julio themselves than probably hear more in the morning. Yeah reports are that didn't hear anything to die like there's supposed to by 5 o'clock. They're hoping to hear something by tomorrow morning. Bill Self was built in real tough. Done that is they'll be as good Brad is reportedly may take lowers your own world and reported this winter. Don't think you mean. I'd we're seeing it Wasilla city to a deadbeat owner. You can hire the best ever but. They will only win as much as the owner expects it to win. That worked for David Glass that would you all thought. Yes because Nolan on the chiefs actually wants to win but thing is this and I I'm share your frustration but. I got saved and. I would say 90%. Of the blues. Were really Smart. Thoughtful of them are thoughtful boobs. That removes that makes sense that removes that overwhelmingly. What the right moves that most anybody would make. Like heat I love that he understands and Lee I'm not a football guy. I am not going to act like I've Jerry Jones and act like I don't I've been around football my whole life and a football guy. I'm gonna go out and hired what we think is the best football guys did that make this is. Now I will sign off but the and I will make big time decisions and I'm going to put my hands and try not to meddle in say. This these are football guys they'd make the right decision to determine with. And he's tired Scott Pioli who was the number one guy as executive Dick every team date year wanted to. Teams have been trying to pry him away before. Editing hearted Avery. Who then brought Dorsey. You say what you wanna say Dorsey. I would succeed with I would say it was successful. I mean think of them will Alex. Do you adventure he had to sign off on that right. Was out Smit the bad move. Was Alex Witt the wrong move I don't think so. I rekindle. Again sign up now. Then a bad. Market leaders to get to sign up that was the first round that a bad vote. And the one you love the close. Patrick behold. I know he had to sign of movement that or they'll get that. And to pay that extra body that a bad move. A major decisions he's made. So meet the Romeo and Elway is really the only bad. To work even even when it was made you're like okay. No club. But if you look at the major moves that things that he is signed off on the major disease may. You should be happy this is an owner who does it metal. Who does have acted like he knows. Football at that he doesn't need a football guy he says I'm just get the best what I know. Not trying to figure out like. We want a place blame this is an organizational. What else should he be doing. I don't say a man to. John ball OK the threat that you think that's on him you put John Baldwin on our. What about Eric Berry does he get that would. To get park is Peter's. I got is it gets it but it to be it's like. Any of the positives that be good to give but the negative stuff at him every time. What were people get off that he doesn't care about. Their lazy and wanna say something. Not gonna sitters say Dick Clark is not happy with. Winning the visions I would need not be an NSA Clark doesn't want to does sell tickets at. A lot what does it because it isn't Dallas means. What you saw that Clark doesn't want to win a super like what you've set off I don't. I don't know what does he shill biggest at all literally nothing. I've when he hired if you repeat. That still you that this is a guy. Who doesn't want it when it's over and you immediately fly out is while it was 88. He went lately. Or was it didn't wasn't Indies will be going to another interview and he asked her to stop him from going to another interview Arizona. He said look man I'm not a metal with a. I just don't like I understand it is quick bite the quarterback. The coach the owner post reads general things I've that we got to hit it's it's aged but this team target that this change never got away. A Super Bowl with Clark Hunt. Actors that he does it. They Super Bowl. Does it mean the wins. And Super Bowl or bust. Is not a Smart way to run your team when profit is what matters. But you can still say. Profit and still want to win a Super Bowl. And actually miserable did you the most profit. That's. Right he's. He's done he's done so many things to even try to get a bit here. I'll give me this that I come on wed and wasn't it. Fans who voted down putting your charitable roof on arrow heads that we got rolling Ruth yeah yeah. I wasn't Clark. But visit that outlet like I wonder what the narrative would be how do you spin that aired if they gave it to a super. Is a completely different. Like to me at the chiefs get to a suitable next year. Which I hope they do that she'd get to us baltics here. I hear a lot of those people who have these issues will Clark that it should be edited by line. Or that they did this despite a. You can't tell me hey. Critical that the two times that I have to hire people to run my organization. I'd go out yet. But top two guys that every one. League lied believes are the top two guys that are available. I don't metal. It didn't turn around it say it's an organizational thing. Those people at that point. That stance and what do you want then. What's gonna fix that problem dot that you have that mindset. I got I don't I don't yet I don't. I do you think that Cleveland Browns owner does it wanna win a Super Bowl. It either Detroit Lions owner doesn't wanna win a Super Bowl. Nancy Casey says Clark doesn't wanna win and I go AT&T explained why Clark doesn't want to win it. Do the city that of the team terror. What moves as he made that shows that he just west of the nest there. Let me say it a hundred million dollars you can look at all hundred million dollars due stadium that would take you life. Well with kids in public school they expect it to continue the movement that was here every year particularly group. You know why at the in the classroom with no air conditioned. But we get the right thing you're Angel that the bid that was in the whimpering in the book that would left. So that they have the oneness of rebels since 1990. Yeah but always in recent. It recently. Wouldn't put up a little money right what does that apparently didn't write it would be. But I'm asking that is the message this is why Euro in the code. That this did well. What does that have to do with him not wanting to win. The interpret it put biking is there illiquid get laid out the rest that he's. That nobody mortal we. Adults it man adults eat why oh why do you Clark. Hunt. Who I don't mean it was he out of it was Lamar alive during that I've I've release it in 1990s at that. Clark was not running the T it was Lamar Hunt died in 2006 yeah and tactics but even the case let's o'clock credited to eight. Do you think it is Clark. It would be if you would rather Clark to comet and fly it like Jerry Jones. Tell Marty Schottenheimer. That Carl Peterson what to do in terms of players let's play. You all think that Holmes could lead to a Super Bowl make that decision to sign off on it. About the seventeenth picks to go getting. Alex Smith coming in 2000 well. Hewitt has won two games it had hardly be worse season overall of any taint. You had the craziness that was until Bob Belcher. Everything he brings it any read insides not to get Alex Smith. Which has been all the way it positive they. Arrowhead Stadium. Yeah. I. Shorted. At the steady at the improvements to advance it has nothing to do it went. And it's a classic example I try to do is bad. Let's also gets outs I. Don't in the beginning. Based on that acts as though I didn't not to throw. Oh you're not gonna love it every. That's getting. That is one of the appeal. It is not god has gotten in evidence. As to look at it is. Hi Scott Pioli. Was the right does it. It was the top candidate or anybody. Hiring Andy Reid was Smart as as it is the top candidate bring in Alex Smith did not directly you know split. Oh right this is it. It just didn't. As an organizational thing what else would you want. To be up there doing. Being Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder. Now I think he is the misstatement to sign up to pay a gate that lets but that's me and in the minority. Romeo chord now I'll give you that that that didn't feel right but did you. A signing off on saying OK we'll take a chance retiree keel I'll sign off on it that was a wild success. Signing off road markets Peters that was his success. I'm on what else you wanted to do. I can we talk about this I know Jill you knew you were still at me when we came with the stop we talk about this as a forgotten man in this city. That for some reason no one is talking about. What you really should be. Back here. I waited till 9 o'clock. We've already had a new member of UMBC used to is aid. Like Ryan is right again these guys heard the report. British girl or create there. The players. In the city that is literally been forgotten. And I don't. I don't I think. This will hit some people's ears. We wanna assume I'm just gonna say. Like I. We talk about odds are in the stock is really a lot during the Nazis. I feel like Lorenzo Cain should be mentioned in the same boat. I think the important of Lorenzo Cain now Reza the royals signed him or not I think a lot of it has to do with. While we don't talk about him as much because the royals. It appears that they they're not only assign him. I I find it very. I just act that split like that I liked change it in the conversation. That Hosmer whose stock is there and in terms of how how much is going to affect the team losing him and what it would be like for him coming back. In the same way you do what the stock is I almost feel like. The stocks and Hosmer almost like we put him in the same boat as. Out CDs Escobar. I got up like he's more closer to the both of Escobar that he is Osborn was dot and I think that X. I think that's all they. I think to me Lorenzo Cain is every bit as important. To this team than those two guys. Now like I said up top I understand. It is aids live. You know the considerations that may have even though. Probably be the cheaper of the three. IA can probably get a bird. Half of what caused my kind of getting let it but it's just soul it's it's not Wiegert. Well I I just think we really overlooked him. Because I I would almost argue that I don't think it's not almost almost that is not an argue. Like since this run started in fourteen. He's been the most productive player. He's got the most accolades of any players that are in in VP go to I'll never forget hearing quotes last week talk about. Posner was like 24 there's something in the NDP bode bode a couple of years of life alone. The rental was third in the VP vote behind. I know about it yes yes. Trout was one of I don't know who else I can remember the Cabrera about I think by the trend could there not moving it was Cabrera. But he was third in the VP vote fifteen Josh Donaldson in my track in this dollars and dollars and one. But this is like. I know that Scott is an odd that a bit close in an MVP vote and and those guys are really good. But he's also the ALCS. MVP. He's got as many memorable moments as those guys do. 2002014. His defense of gay. Games against the Astros I mean I'm so I guess the angels and the Orioles. And I guess that he was ALCS MVP. He was really good in 2015 but rob multiple were from a gold glove. They consistently been hitting over 300 health it was an issue during this stretch. Except for the one year he had the wrist problem two years ago. He's really been in there. Like I I just I like it not. That's elect he should be on their lip I feel like we should be talking about the three of the. I'm with you IE especially given that the market doesn't really materialized for. Like you can Dick Cain and another really good player the same amount that you probably have to pay for moose and Hosmer and it doesn't make a lot of sense to me because I you bring up as. Eight is say he's he's he's a year and a half older than measures two and a half years older than hot that it is he plays a different position but I think you can transition into corner outfield. I'd need two or four hours and like I. He's the best all around outfielder in the gate like he can play my Trout he can understand each hit. I think he's a better until the defensively and so I think I think he's the cuts pretty darn good I've. Think Cain is a better defense defensive center field. And I think especially putting him in the corners. I I think when you I think painter plays left rights and are better than any outfielders in the I don't know how much longer he can do it. But. I think and you look he's been the most productive guy of the three in the run. A regular season. I think we remembered by congress at some moments with the dance that stuff but. Cain remember in the Toronto series in game six scores from first base out of absolutely nowhere. He did it is the Astros to. Like he's had mulled mixed. For some reason we don't look at Lorenz okay like literally all ears eyes but mostly moos. Here immigrants okay. Rental Kane sun with the cardinals. Which is a possibility. I wonder how much Woodley and. Of the good move anyone. Any particular way that Libya and that is increasing and everything he's been better than all of you that the two of of all of all of the big four or five guys that are leaving these include org is an ASCII. He is literally. To be bid the best player when you look at. He's the that the positioning play is a premium position. This thing all means when he moved up on the line. And considered that. The royals de facto Lorenz okay replacement. And Bubba starling has not worked out until Iraq and he's got a hundred Dozier and guys that could step in. Or moose and Hosmer theater etiquette for instance were his replacement right now I think is Alex. It's Alec scored it's tough to say is that. Like I went three flips as the lowering its relief but that does like I know that was an air. He played in a 155 games last and the year before he had a wrist injury and still try to play through. But it 2014 and fifteen Whitner. 133. Games in 14140. In it and that was when they were trying to monitor him. I'd I I'd I'd I'd I'd like it it it's educators and people are gonna think we're taking this it. Because people are bringing up politics like I I don't think that I don't think this is a race. Although like I obviously I think race can be involved but I don't think this is. As much as they race like it's small for half a percent of the race that he. I think that. We always heard boos. Right from the two. They've always heard boos and as they drafted him moves and but dude. The written so Cain. Had been the best player consistently. Over this stretch in mania. To be honest I do think that at least part of the reason that the media narrative doesn't on over rulers of mean. As an impact arteries it's it's their that has today but I don't necessarily aren't evident on. Why is that theory I think that in that it impacts I think I think raised it impacted but I think agreed buried here either yours small because I think it's just the media advocates. Listen the fan base kind of drives at least us in the media and there's no drive on Lorenzo Cain. It. Is thought surprised. And Lorenzo was. Like. I see on the original canes are all in all white. People I've seen a lot raise a change in Lawrence okayed by accidents major player buys him time. So I I'm really surprised it's not even it's not a guitar. The jets were resigned the fact that the royals are going to sign them. At least he has his under the back. Rolls before the operative that we're gonna give before I'll avert. Especially considering detained for much less so give me and husband has moments pickings got home. People on over Basra because he's beautiful ads. My opinion I needed drives it up and AK is not Whoopi Goldberg. Nodded. I taught us this is outside because that's to be there well why should care about means. I. Cares about like about do you think I'm optic Dick Cain should be in the same boat as that because right now. You've got pain in the S go bore eerie. Devastation we're talking about pain. Lorenzo Cain is becoming the forgotten guy this city in my hip it. Generally Knightley is right 170%. Of but it might. I think Dick Cheney and should be all of the same level. As Osborn was stuck. I said he. I understand all of us maybe just hoped that goes on the Mitt beat her. Understand glide the royals are going to look inside because he he a lot of his games demanded a bullet speed. It plays a previous position in center field and he's 32. I can understand that he will be cheaper than the two and he's still play that position pretty well and I do think is the best. Outfielder talk about all around the plate any of the outfield positions at a high level I think I think Lorenzo Cain can win a gold glove. It every one of the outfield position. And and and outlet at this man might. He's got more it's it to me if you really sit down a look at the numbers that remembered that he does resonate is much better than the other two. Well we talked about this else who is on the field bull were in this rather its bid for help or because he's so. On the field bull. Government. Most missed a hold of six. It most get hurt at another time. Like most missed a tough and. I got what it feels like we talk about it we look at Kane almost as if he's a bit LCDs Escobar. Grouping instead of the cane and moves Cain are the said the move stock is an opera group and I think. He's easily he's been. More productive than all the he is the one who's been with the ALCS MVP neither one of the war or World Series MVP that was Salvi. And oddly enough as he. But you one that was covered in the MVP voting behind just Donaldson in my throat. So. It is donuts at about the media that it. I think it's more that it was some and it attacks talking about they think the media big shots. Feel Posner whose dogs is more important. And at 8 AM. And I came Lott made a point. We well. Really liked who are they right now I think the chiefs. Of all the bit more important but we talked about it. It then boom that's the whole point of this segment is even just on other shows. No one ever talks tolerant okay in this entire offseason no one's talked about them whatsoever he's been the best 10. He's been there. Now the future it may not be in this the make it feel like. 00 leaves. To say this. We're gonna ruled. The rib so. To me because. Hosmer the stock isn't there. I believe the response to deride Dyson beat rate is going to be it was going to be a bigger deal. That will result came just because. Of those other two guys at the same time. Because Hosmer moves stock what are adds them will probably happen around the same time it will overshadow. And that can't been better than any of the. I'm talking about in the big moments. In the post season what are you remember that angels in. What do you remember against the Orioles. Went into the ALCS MVP. What do you remember it doesn't attain U although. This not bite when they have they eight. The lean back if they got to the we bank Lopate. These ads like asset 46 times in their views. Do you think. I thought that market the bus accident a good point that maybe is that why the media narrative has ignored him you dig any of it has to do with the fact that. Although Cain was acquired via trespass. Less than the draft Russ and I think because those two it's always been moves and always in those two are going to be the ones that say. But those guys took off. After years of tan and Lorenzo Cain was carrying this team. Any position we need and that was the great point that you made org it's not that was the pick rate went and he. Like copper and go play I believe third day. I I'm not out hugely load this but I think cell layer. I think Gordon. I think Dozier I think. Brendon moss could play first base. Who the hell's gonna place. Alex Gordon. Well it's a tablet may what's your thoughts and. There. As a show. I got out of pocket one apple change great security now that you want under which were back. I want it to grandma or great every debate cocked back. Let you know if you are able gently Culpepper. And sort out where that route on a junior day pocket every. Not stop it and then magician. It is. Had several quick showtime and at some does that know your big time sports in Cannes he picked. Do you feel like a bit of you know this kind of forgot a dollar and bill. No actually I don't want to change. I ask the canes are. Part I'd met him all moot. Indicating came the cool dude and I like you did mention it. I'll go. Unity comparable. To the stats when it comes at bat out and ED. Uncle. Trevor fielder and that we don't bring him. And nobody. He had caught our our guys on there there are lot nine order. You know came back. Or more you know as you know. Open. I get and that's a tab gets it. Until it's that it. Was put this race. As I think it does it race. Like I don't think I just think the 'cause. Let me says it's. Because I just saw some of the text like that made sense to me. Don't AM for past performance. But Monica. Barbers and that the royals need for that performance. At the entire thing and they hammering side. And he has.