01/12 6pm - Don't Let Andy Watch Case Keenum, That Guy Gets The Show, Showstoppers, You Can't Be Serious

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Friday, January 12th

No Serda tonight but Ron, Julio & Joe bring it. Ron is worried about Case Keenum and the Vikings. If they win the Super Bowl could Andy Reid convince himself he can win one with Alex Smith next year? Tonight's "That Guy Gets The Show" features an armored vehicle and a stolen bottle of wine before Julio takes over Showstoppers. Finally, we induct a new member into the "You Can't Be Serious" Wall of Pain.


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Show. So this show. Heroes to run this that you played. Down now to listen there is put those things that because we've salutes. To be a small part. You have Friday evening Friday that I've. I have some fun tonight changed today radio but it's his but it is as bad apple. Stanford yellow and only those niches in the building. And don't worry. There will be no asserted through those with a guy who is. Less rhyme or third you can go on about this year Friday. Because certain is Al. What I get is this is whizzed and people out. You got to wisdom deep and get to those TV that's like he was out on the text message and cry and that patriots weeded out today. You vote it out and see a picture. It treated out of pitcher and had the look on his face that you give him every time that we played a saved by the show music at the end of the show now well he deserves. Announcing that it. At least we assert it will not be here tonight. He is. It is the it is out. I think he'll be back next month day. Where he will host. Additional solo mentally ill B hosting. Let's go in the morning will repellent and Monday morning vesco but he'll be in to do and the show next and then will be the next route but it's Friday so the best out of the week you can't be serious and this one. Telling you this is going to be a vote out of you know fellas ever this year. The creativity of this joint news it test we had to vote which one is the best so we'll need your help with that as usual. Will be it's a 9 o'clock. Men and Travis Thomas do this. Right now. It's a boy because this week is the NFL playoffs. But favorite week in is that championships and David this week is generally a pretty good week in you get or gains to a Saturday to outside today. And. I know probably g.'s fans are really not interested people are kids that you're not really interests excited about what gates we did. I don't wanna go in to talk about that. But I say it. Not only this week he would but as long as this team. Continues to advance the is what three decades the city sports fans in seats fans need to pray at it's too. And I get to that is that is that about it teased with it this act. I'll get that just lets it is one team that we should pay may take a look I don't expect Puyallup thought about this. But it is our job to kind of go but he asked to serve as they now like to think it that we are able to do. Get that. Outside of that those observers that this the bout that thing is that is that. Stay at eight years ago. And we continue to have days it by the book bobs that never gonna change bots that. All are as involved with a bit negated it and give it about that and at that they'll lie that he is continued to be of the stamp the board nervous idea that this jokers go to retired. And so. I dare. Tell people we know he had these ads this history about. The loyalty factor. Built just ride all the way through with. They're two people and two things that need to be changed bots of one of them. And now let me tell you why this one team is very important. To talk about the other thing that needs each. Quite close attention. The Minnesota viking. My bosses go to eight year ended but she's fans pay very close attention. To the Minnesota viking. For however long they're in the playoffs. I I think. And he's mine and tried to think how Anthony's mind works when you start think about is age and how much longer he would do this. The Minnesota Vikings scared we need him to hurry up and Lou. Okay they need to they need to get out as quick as possible. Because. I can see this scenario now I don't have any being behind this I'd just I'd just looking get this back and see the scenario. If k's came. In advance of the Minnesota Vikings as their quarterback to the Super Bowl. Ike hits and he's mine. And good news. And you see Andy's mind renting. To get a few more years left. I mean the Minnesota Vikings get to the super bull with Kasey Kahne. Had no Alex has been the case kingdom. I look now it's a bullet to him. Hey let me do it Robert grant that make a decision with my heart. Allah is they got there he. The second big pots that needs to be go to the second big is Patrick behold these could be the start you. We don't need anything. Anything messing with it needs it to make him think. They're keeping Alex bit is the right look desperate for somebody who has been a supporter of how. Alex. Paying him the money at what may not use the money that combat possible draft picks they'll come back. Because we see the girls this team is that that. And I don't need. I. I don't. Idol is better than case Qaeda I think we got pretty good skilled guys. I think that. You would be on the money if we hadn't already drafted Patrick Holmes like Andy Reid could use a case to new Super Bowl as a reason to not draft a quarterback. But he was already instrumental in getting his guys I don't think the vikings playoff performance has any impact whatsoever on the court I. Hope. I looked at. The way eighties mine were somebody who does it have it'll AD is this BS 48 years in Italy. I hope it is not thinking. With this. What has talked. It picky with this A hole Andy is sitting there are right this is everything we kicked it well you'll think. And anyone out there listening funeral Indy watching. Case keen on the leading the vikings team to the Super Bowl. Would make him think let me try one more time with now. Let me try one more time at that. I I I I I am I can just see the way it like at my work. Like I think AD I think it eat. If you let's. And he's a Smart guy I think and if you let Patrick Holmes start it they did it and allocate. That the picks and the money into the rest of the team. I think within three years he may have a chance to win. If I'm Andy Reid. And that's Mike Zimmer didn't. And I've got really good skilled guys that Korean month year and Travis kills the entire re kill element of his own. I'm looking over them they got he would make that. Digs other running back is the best running back is not hurt is hurt he's not playing. But I can't see it these kids out. I get this. Case didn't I just don't I would think that I just don't want anything to creep in his mind that they. With his heart in that big the right movement anyway. Would be Alex coming back. Because it's not the right not it's a one who has rates that Alex had never lost his job and I still stand by. I don't think Alex at a loss and they played very well. And that and Hebert says in I don't know run eighteen mil you got a lot LET milieu would go. You think is the number one thing on AB reitsma. Either winning a Super Bowl as the number one thing on Andy Reid's mind. I do. And not talk about winning a Super Bowl right now. And I like I first do you guys that. Because I've looked at the bucks let's it was an LP day him above a certain beat. Eight dug deep. Like they exit epic you are replaced her up it's a coordinator you already. Replace it echoed this spot to be a good idea Ayers. Well he's wrestling with this I elected and Presley Alex that's Italy's. The longer it goes yeah nor nor nervous idea about this business and how is it if it is a big. What did you. Our kick to the championship. And a man who. We just agree. Winning. As a bold enough bullet thing on his mind. You don't think he is a big actor and his album. Went out. Next year with the use the my quarterback. I don't think that cat is gonna change so what is suitable. Not think that would be the bad move because I think three years out. 816 you thought Alex it replaced. Should be replaced by Tony Romo yeah but Alex Mitt late if. Last year the Alex Smith that. Played the previous years that last year yet a done. I just I just don't want any thing to it in his Amman I don't let any dating. To it in his ma. That alone should be the star I think in the next three to four years Andy Reid as a real the legitimate change it. To win a championship. With my homes that he continues. To get better it. Apart you can say it. With that was getting rid of Alex in the money in the picks. I don't think you should be that. Nervous about Alison out situation. That. There's still plenty of time for that I think like it Jacksonville I think is gonna be a big player in that. As far as making maybe making a run and two so there's still a team or two out there that that might. You could possibly use as leverage as far as getting. Better draft picks third all compensation. Oh well bill I don't think there's an issue with it being able to what they want Alex. Why is I do I don't think we're gonna get as much as people person. No it at third round pick that's fair test I agree OK so they liked it. Which means they don't have to pay the money that's fantastic. OK I get a pit. I'd just say. I don't think he's keen to get the vikings there. But it is wrestling with outlook the outlook as well. Next year I know hack it I don't if it will look at what Alex has given us the odds are that you will do so. Case feet of the gets to get the vikings there. Okay do you know eighty. A guy I was with it what it's up it to you pay you know Eric Berry he's coming back. You know we shed some of these guys that are older. We see Ed Tom always did DJ. You know we got the guts of maybe some good threat it's a really let's step to this but I think we can put together really good he fits that that could do. Case came to did you get the vikings. Suitable. That. And he's not done he knows that that's how deep it is no vikings defense I know it and if he doesn't know that the we have big Irish. Is that on the Bob Sutton is still on the staff like I don't have a problem keeping. I figure in the minority I think I am in the minority but I think that the majority's overreacted nine I don't I don't there's no. Ad again. Like he passed it to. That's too is. Where we disagree I would probably pick him to go but I'm not gonna be obscenity says Bobbie I look at it as an audience of of these very. I just say. This started because I think most of them yet. Like to meet at the two changes. That need to be may eat at this team are Alex. Abbas that. It's ta. For multiple reasons Bob Sutton is not getting it done with talent of players he's not getting it done Alex Smith the had a really great season. But the money you asking you can use to get other things in the draft picks or picks you might advocate. It makes it. I'm gonna say this right now I have not been about Andy Reid being fired. Never been about it I think that is an overreaction. But I will tell you this. If Andy Green key both Bob Sutton. It brings back Alex Smith. I would call for his bar. They get here on this show runs as smooth as the reason guys that Spain. Sir it is not in witness. Real soon and it's just Davidian. And a lot of people probably here after the awful lost the titans last week that really threw the watching. And it fills the well. This week. This is arguably one of the best week kids to watch the sport. But. I will say this. I think as as it earlier. A team to really keep it I awed. I think for g.'s fans of the Minnesota by I personally I think there are two moves bet that they need to be Mae and Stanford Joseph disagrees Romeo one of them I and I had not seen it may be a big need to be made they're the ones that makes it. And it's Bob Sutton. And Alex Smith moving well. The bots that thing scares me because we know it being a big east history is extremely low. Extremely low. At the bots that being bid that nothing has occurred yet. Is making me nervous like the more days this continues the board nervous not getting that that guys coming back. And he's what he's the other he's wise they pay attention to the Minnesota by. And I'm not saying I have any any understanding. That this is something that it is watching. But just kind of seeing is is this thing just a guy who's it is going to be in his twentieth year being ahead coat. A guy get up there and ate a guy who desperately understated. Like this. Hole. This whole pot or his whole wave of weight he's thought of will completely change if he went to some verbal. And man. If he sits there and watch is big scheme of lead the vikings to a Super Bowl. Tsk yeah he'll just get the I don't want anything to cross his mind or to make him wrestle even more to think you know what at that I keep skiing there in case Qaeda. I'd like to take what more crack at it would Alex Smith. I don't it is better that today's keynote. Now I believe it is very Smart. But I believe also it is hungry forcible. And it and ID and it probably is going to eat everything to be shown here of that hey. The young guy in the three to five years is the best way to do that I believe that is the case. An avid supporter of out so you're. I just think it just makes it where the team and the organization. But here's my thing and acids on the other said the Greg and I wonder I wonder where people's thoughts are with its effect can't bring back bots that. And Alex Smith. Let out I would call for his. At worst case scenario right for me that's worth its enemy to me that is that is it just like. I said earlier Robert Kraft bop rat. For the patriots if you if you remember the articles that the came out. About. The things that happened between Brady and Belichick he was kind of making decisions with his car. But he was making decisions with our and I love Tommy I wanna trade rock of those are Smart. This is the hey that was the most the most and I want it to make those Smart decisions and I understating it. How much he. He loyalty is is regarded with it. But may in a series how I. Don't agree with Jill. I would say if he just brought that Bob said it was horrible. Because I think I think it bots that gave back. Maybe you can't have a problem is that eighty would be a little bit more involved in the deep pit and and had to do kinds. But if he brings it in praise of both back I think it's viable but I also think it brings Alex Smith that I think it's far. And I think Ian should be if he just brought Alex Smith I think it's fire. It's just a situation where Brett beach and seven and say no we're trading Alex Smith it's not a matter of you five year Andy Reid is take the general manager and actually. Do general managing it but we know that's not good at it. I I think that would be the person to fire read is that person's just facilitate announcement trades at a firing at Andy Reid and I'd be crazy no I don't think you sit. If Bob Clark. I don't know if you'll do. Because he believes aim is I think he leads that updated irony in the football guy. I'm not gonna metal but to me. Held out and say that because that comes business because Alex is saving you rates almost eighteen million dollar Alex is rigging draft picks back. Alex is in Alex leaving the team if you haven't really won with them. I mean I think Alex at the this year he ever had his career I would argue probably the best your eBay ever had. And the results were you didn't. Actually you you made it to a rounder. Earlier that you did the above all. And you had the replacement who look like he's ready and you could put things around added that fire. Had a. Think bringing back Alex is necessarily. A fire able offense if it does everything that comes with. Well here's my reason behind this is one this contract next year while it's. It will save a decent amount of money yes it's still pretty decent. As far as escorting a starting cornerback a quarterback who is probably top fifteen quarterback which a lot of teams pay a pretty decent amount for. Is that it's a pretty decent contract. Mix that with what Holmes is what is is getting paid right. You're gonna need to pay back it so that's what that's a couple of an adult back ups and write a couple and a couple million right so that bond set eighteen million down to say 141516. Mil. Right you're gonna need a backup. What's what's board is getting twenty mil next you're actually getting Alex Smith into getting in getting the homes. For less than what you would pay a Blake portals to use the back of soul. If it was me I would even consider in this is not. Fair to and it sounds a little bit ludicrous but there with me here of maybe having Alex take a step back and had to be back there as well elderly I mean yeah way back up to what we're gonna give us a fifth or sixth round pick. Not. Get a fifth that's extra pick at me I mean don't have to pay that money. Yet here's the issue I don't know this war is the issue Leo if the chiefs' situation with the way it is they'll also be you'll. But the chiefs cat situation. Makes this even more. Up honorable thing instant. As you went out paid your safety at that tops the top amount of money in the league figured eat me you've posed yourself with a lot of places. It deals those aren't necessarily in these called wanna say they're not Andy's call but that's that's the reality. Andy has the big about that would you know you. Problems. Like to be right now. Let out Tom bush Beagle on the Eric should go on Alex at the lauded Dustin Colquitt should be gone and Allen Bailey probably should be gone just start with. To shed money so you can do something. I. I I've I've not bit on the Indy beat fire Andy Reid and I've not been on. But he brings both these choke back. To me that is fire. And we could talk about Britain speechless on the table right now Britain beat is not make it. Indy this is Britney does not make it a decision on the quarterback Brett beat that make it that this is of the defensive coordinator Britney and make it none of those cities. Well look whoever that person is that would decide to fire Andy Reid if they're gonna fire Andy Reid because of a personnel decision. Why wouldn't ages make that personnel decision until I'm telling you they're not then what if it was this scenario they've what OK I'm just yet. He called for the day of that I got I got custody. It you're making decisions with the ball. Like a football decision to me is. Okay. Bots at. And the second time you had a terrific comeback. This last time was against it off that you had no business doing this with you seem to struggle to put your best players in the right situations. It even when they've all we've we've had really good talent you haven't had overwhelming deep it is with a tough match the talent that we and it. It's time to move home. Alex with the trade value with the amount of money you would say with your cap situation. When you combine those two. That is decisions with your heart and those are not Smart football this is and that would that would that doesn't make any sent. Tanner Casey go to college jump in on this. You don't all of a little quick you knew that Alex met then. Value of the trade that Geithner talked about right there. Where I couldn't agree more on that and Alex and welcome back next year. That that is a herbal. I I agree with you I. Hey this is an. IPod and supporter read any minute here that we all and we can all agree. That Alex that is not the quarterback the you know what as a championship. And when we came in the gonna get to that been jet. And the median and jets make in the oil and jet okay back or get in the bat regular season team banana belt is not okay. Drastic. Act. The perfect situation that all of crumbled down the trade out I'd get out with merry. Why not a great Whitner and that while these and at at eight in the year and back to its expert show that you're back to your your Albert as. At. That you're here with that I'll portable seventeen million dollar contract with the Brookings attribute the quarterback. All of your response there. Not that I agree I. It doesn't I just a talent. Continue. To watch the bike I know people here don't blow probably are not excited about want to get a bill football that the that terrific law. But I'm saying. Watch the bike I don't want anything decreed bit Alec it and he's ma. It is what makes this is that Britain beat out 88 creep and he's five and even think about the back. Look with their case. Look into the case can. I that I can get this done without keeping one more year let me try this one more year I get this dealt with that I'd get it done. No leaks. Police. Coming up Beck Agassi showed topic of the day man rams armored vehicle. It to a shot just for one bottle of line. Okay you're not the only athlete here Jeff Davis I had to be trading for a triathlon right now so. Do a lot of running in this cycle laying swimmingly you know all of of this and no actually I don't. I'll play real sports but try to be the best of exercise and. Oh yeah. Real quick I forgot to say this historic I don't know if Hilton who I forgot. Say there's a story. I have not public sale of an easier sell and why that Friday. We like to do different things. Let's threaded views of things we have seen before. I would guess with. Tomorrow. What is it 11 o'clock start at 10 AM the pregame show you can't they state K you right here. Those sixteen Sports Radio. I'm not allowed to you. I'm not fired up about this game. And it's a rivalry game and on the Kansas made it through it through I'm going to watch the game and listen to if I'm in the car. But I'm not fired up about. And not not any part. That the about it as do it. It and have a real hard time to think about way of talking about. So that's Allen's in the 8 o'clock hour it's 636 right now. I won all three of us to come up with will lead the could be the best top. KUK. State. It asked to be addressed the bus did a couple of minutes on each one of them to try to come up and our minds would be the best top. Britney on what BellSouth might say tonight we might not be pretty ignite its date we bike it's but outlet to outlet it that this. Come out with some 8 o'clock we get to that point we just a couple of them. Outlets yellow we propose. Another inspired. Outside at him like a a game you please but in this and listen to you it's fixed it for me personally. A rivalry game that doing things for. Which it is evident that the Aggies a topic of the day. Admirable and she's aren't calorie and high. Speed and Sirius fluent in Baghdad. Blowing. Outlook Ellis as as does the do it's there. Yeah Xavier had a lot to do and how you can't elements in me is still play. Yeah he's there. What is going. It's time to act like you here. Associate that aspect I kissed the show it was on the stock. If not act. And act like you fear. This cute. Show. Tuesday. Hey slots. Don't let that probably is not good to be spots that he went and did this this man uncle Al's thoughts. Headline reads man brands armored vehicle it's to a stop and just one bottle. Of line. There are American brits are maxed out and Brandon Arnold personal carrier it was shop window before climbing the rubble. Just still one bottle blonde and it does not say what kind of what it lets you report. It was an enormous talent and Russia Wednesday morning going to the local media in the video most of social big. I may and it's why the vehicle from a privately run motor sport training ground nearby. Through the oldest. Edit to a small town just outside of the Arctic Circle. Local agencies say it struggling to turn around and and arrows street the man. Witness described as being. A little truck proceeded to slam the tank into the window of the family debate still. And those aides said they also crashed into looked and looked at because of court TV. Those not wise words colored Bentley added. It's shared on social media is still that it's so let's sew up some good got a night. At least well this this last minutes were all struck her little honeymoon that splits up quick lately exiting the vehicle. Briefly expected to detonates that it's great this got the red rope and let them. What word about it they subsequently subsequent. The hills and. Today. I've I've served you well on Arthur Arthur yeah. Arrested in possession of the stolen bottle line. This shot was not license to sell alcohol and early voting age the added. Witnesses visit visibly in the woods did not seem particularly disturbed but it's. Basically some guys still the vehicle wouldn't do this job it's also why was the big. Why did you still one. On. Do you think that's what he waited to do it just happened. And a lot of effort by kind of by about I guess you glossed control. Of the vehicle and just sit still and that's. Just take this one but otherwise. What the question is what kind of winded. Did you go to keep out a lot to argue with Monty dollar didn't go that it would stop eating it was red light. Strikes me as a red and yeah yeah hamstring who resting spot him. I don't believe a blind rest I don't think investment line unless it put pot in her. I agree. Subsequent plot to us basically. Thank you very let's. Some are sitting newest blend. Doesn't it. Nothing and that's and sent them just now. It is that time. Didn't show. Stockpiles. Showstopper. For ESPN third baseman Josh Donaldson and Toronto Blue Jays on Friday broke the record for the highest salary among players eligible for arbitration. Reaching an agreement. On a one year deal for point three million dollars a source told ESPN's Gerri president. The previous record for an arbitration eligible player was set by Washington Nationals outfielder. Bryce Harper in May. When he agreed to a one year deal worth 11 point 625 million dollars. It was I thought the cardinals may pick up Donald. That was really close of the big talk. Dots it has been really really good since he's been at Toronto I think you would you be yours ago. I don't know what he's got around me because when he got their Batiste that was fair. Encarnacion. Was there. I guess to Lowe's to. Write about somebody has fallen off Troy Tulowitzki. That's all of that along. I thought that was held a steel as far as that trade went through that make us out of Hillary dear by the way in stumble over. It really was Osama moments and he had pressed him but earlier in the but as this is at risk that the sequence. That's the other guys that. So block of the year this is the Bible for blocking the Utah Jazz guard Rodney hood has been fine 35000 dollars by the NBA. For slapping a bone out of fans can. While exiting the court during Wednesday's game against the watch that the base had come as he did he did was announced on Friday after picking up his second technical foul during the 107104. Victory. The jazz reserve knocked out via cellphone out of the hands of fans sitting courtside at Capital One arena in Washington. But the fans appeared to be taking a photo or video of the security guards exiting the court. We I I did that pay an amen on a minute aimed to say that they deserved it can ask that is that it'd uneasy Rodney hood coming. It didn't let you spew and you're not surprised good ride it's been in the broad value is really regarded among a lot of NBA. Scouting circles. Because of his height ability to shoot three. Good rebounder I mean he was he was OK at the transfer of the Mississippi State it dude. Also I'd see him being I'm not surprised that he's in the league. I'm a bit surprised he's in this process to have the impact that he's had gotten I. I'm jobs right like for me. No one taught me off guard like Chandler Parsons did his first few years he stinks now he's its in the parts that code and add. Brad it is almost right at the bottom admits it was caught me off guard already obvious front of all good yeah I'd ever solve things like potato really held today. I haven't it's the right day hopefully we get that was rob I know. The read that to covet is it should be uncle Al when he says that statement with that that lesson was off. I'll apologize right now as show all of this is admitted to insert sort of what it just made it worse. That was it that was an awful sick of all who never gonna hopefully that now though I mean they're not very good at the web to come back on this and it's Friday we certainly had the best sound of the week. Hopefully we can make up with. Emeka forth coming up because I think we have some really gets that you can't be serious coming. And it. Subsequently the other way. Activists say that's a quick it's politics and Alan hill can you say to his but it's a subsequent I don't know what they'll. I think this bit but whenever about it and I just could never cut. Common problem. Spit and now than now being America. It's. I would do this every Friday we've by the best sound of the week and I'm telling you this is going to be it. We're gonna have to vote which one is better had there the member. And it's a first timer. But this is this is really creative it really hilarious to be. But I think we have to vote which one is better so the way this works. Good to this excellent six 306 he texted which one you think. Is the better one which one which sound you'd think should be the winner. And then we'll induct our newest member into that you can't be serious all the pain. Are you ready. Julio or you read we got it right this time is it really I got right this time as a unit really wanted to play this that. All night maybe it was me throwing out. Are you guys to come out with a KEU case the eight story has thrown us all maybe that would make a word of this. This educate BC's. And she's Hillary and calorie and high. Speed and serious. In yeah. I would add. I have no idea I haven't thought about the Bible but doesn't take these yeah. Cooler today. Or risk. This is you can't be serious head of the newest member. Okay you can't be serious all the paid my bride. Producer on the day Leavitt sorts of big it likens himself to do it a imitation. Of al-Qaeda Virginia air it was the milk food right. That the draft guru with a terrific air. Bodily that it LOB it was a cut this. But it's bad. Draft picks. He was doing his deep buzz. Ranking system. Hand he had to. It did have a breakdown as milk averaging your witnessed it and did a great and it of milk is milk average junior of the guns. Now what's it tell me which one thing is the bill that this bill for junior let's start Whitney just didn't do ago. Number two definitely MIT the big board is Whitney Houston went to go back and forth on this one throughout the process they have certainly has all the tools you talk about and I will always love you are to believe grace ballot of all time but ultimately could this at the off the field concerns hang around the shady group. Damn this has a lot of team executives a little nervous what gone sample the trigger on would use of these. Toby and off the field concern there. It. Okay wow. All. Out style right. That is about as hard. Would it look like. It's about the great wit. Number two definitely MIT the big board as Whitney Houston got to go back and forth on this want to rock the process dancer has all the tools you talk about and I will always love you ardently grace about double time but ultimately couldn't skip the off the field concerns are allowed to shield its on this has a lot team executives the low numbers would guns had pulled the trigger on Whitney Houston is. They'll be an off the field concerns. Is it Bobby Brown. They are it's fifty well. Are we gonna skip the fact that he talked a billion miles an hour that's up. That was that yeah president of there was. This. Is great that's. So number one be optional by 737. Pounds extremely confident in the abilities powerful voice incredible agility is group should be part of the team but also go out on our own and when you gain assumption lower body strength to you could probably squad of cement truck and and certainly Latin product Brooke beehive to overcome a lot of adversity teammates lack of roster continuity pregnancies backe but the good hair displayed incredible resiliency and there's a reason Obama. Becky with the good there was. Hell of a job. Is. What's the X number one be optional like 737 pounds extremely common abilities powerful voice in credible agility is retention department team. But also go out on our own and when you game assumption lower body strength to she could probably swat a cement truck you know concerning loud and proud member of the beehive. She's overcome a lot of adversity teammates lack of roster continuity pregnancies Becky with a good here. Displayed incredible resiliency and there's a reason she's banked. For me it's it's the Whitney when they got out of the bag and says she's lesson off the field concerns. That Margaret. I don't know man that member of the and that's why she's bay. It's saying it's able to work with three. Eddie adversity. Adversity he's good Becky quick that yeah. The summit this mantra was pretty solid tip sheet does available lower. Struggled for more time once again good to get six six three zeros which one was better with bill I have to take milk have a breakdown was that. Number two definitely MIT the big board as Whitney Houston that's what to go back and forth on this one throughout the process dance certainly has all the tools you talk about and I will always love you are to believe grace ballot of all time but ultimately could this get the off the field concern and around the shady group damn this has a lot of team executives a little nervous what gone sampled the trigger on what do you since he's. Don't be an off the field concern there. That would. Number one beyond channel like 737 pounds extremely confident in the abilities powerful voice in credible agility is proven should be part of the team but also go out on our own when you game assumption or body strength to she could probably swap cement truck you know it's a real loud and proud member of the Bihac. She's overcome a lot of adversity teammates lack of roster continuity pregnancies Becky but the good care displayed incredible resiliency and there's a reason she's back. I gotta go. What. They were you know that's that's beyond today no doubt. They were both fired you can't say that we'll get them it is our beyoncé said that it would be good here for the week. I think I guess at the look at this for both both of them for their high mark. I think obviously the B odds with the that he with a good air is is the hide. Every year is. Are being dead is enough. Even did this I can't even find it on Google. Are. Yet. Ought go to and use they at all appealed concerns with tired not being alive. The way more substance out of ought to be a little V ad at the textile and we're getting beyoncé. All right so Whitney Whitney loses this wouldn't. And she's no longer with this this but Whitney closes this led our newest Denver. And the UK be serious all the aid. Bike ride coming up at two minutes the best thing in second show that Sports Radio primarily that's the only one. May not get the show you're not alone on this show seeks to use words. Really no good at getting tickets that Condo for six in off your ticket order using robo code six didn't support. Stop what you're doing Lewis Toyota into Diego.