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The Drive
Friday, January 12th

Hour 3 began with Fanning's theory on whether or not the Hunt Family is truly committed to winning a Super Bowl before the guys end up taking their daily trip around the NFL. They also debate whether a first-rounder is in play for Alex Smith in a trade and CDot thinks Heis is weird for not having a favorite dance movie of his generation.


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And it. It. I. Banks in on the drive take a trip around the NFL coming up at 415 is Vijay and ready for. These forward divisional round games. I think three of them. On paper seem like really good matchups. I'm not excited about Tennessee news I think New England is about to beat the hell out of Tennessee Titans they shouldn't even be playing the Tennessee Titans. So no part of he's really excited today is Saturday night I doubt I'll watch I'll keep an island on the what's going Nolan but I'm not gonna be locked. In watching a full. Four quarters of patriots and titans I think to titans are about to be beat down. But the other three games I think are really exciting really fun mashups on paper tiger and I think it's gonna be some fun football this weekend and I action that would before the titans game. You know maybe I wouldn't care about it as much if they didn't come here Pete that she's been psychoanalyst who didn't notice the patriots I'm curious about that on the this last couple days ozone sick with the flu called everyone call it and I just sat around reading watching movies and they get about a lot of stuff. And one of the things that. I was thinking about was this. Is that the hunt Finley was completely serious about trying to win a Super Bowl toll drafted out. And I think that decision was more about business than it was winning a Super Bowl I'll explain what I'm talking about here. Businesses to me I have different goals and for some it's to be number one for supposed to be champion to be the best what they do for some Mississippi make a profit. No interest Taylor on what last week he said you know these are the edict over there is to essentially get to the playoffs and finish in the black. If that's the case OB. I mean I get another example I mean I worked for TV station was finding third out of four and the reason they were is because they can make more profit on. Instead of being number one in the race that you do it because it costs less to be number three they can make more money. That way so being number one the ratings didn't want more profitable so I understand what businesses you know choose to be more profitable being the best and I think we assumed. Since its sports that. Every team's goals to win a championship. Goal is actually as a business is to make money hang on the loyal customers customers and find new points. And this as well goes to what Torres Palin was talking about earlier this week we will show. Lot believe it's true you know they achieved happened to you need to keep coming back to that it. OK let you all part would it be you're you're OK I I'll wait. That's an important point you'd like boring. You know but the simple coordinator back I mean it's that the people who believe. You know this year's going to be. Well especially. If you were now back to what their hat the assumption did not admit it and all of a truck there that we know what it is. Okay with a bit. What they're on the Ngo on the game. Of football waiting game can look at it okay. Well one person who look at these after homes whenever he's ready. And I think you couldn't you people believe again if you met with the defensive coordinator gave. Are you in on a diplomas but he will be at work the what. You know whatever you decide to do. You know there have to be changes. Oh stretch Baylor Kansas City Star she's beat writer easy insiders the chiefs on. It's a business first and four close. Eddie chief's war in my opinion still market on the verge of losing swelled customers who saw. The slow ticket sales for the type to play out in the bottom line is really the only thing that makes a business change the way it does. We think about this mean in the 1990s. When I'm really became Marquardt she's. Why try to develop a quarterback when the stadium was sold out and chief street she's crazy if you were blunt blow up all its Xoom as pants. Go out there the stadium was not their pay their bed sheets and get over the edge making signs. On but if you look at. You know after black issue which is another hole playoff loss and it is time for the chief to change the way they were doing business in the draft. And that's what we've got pat home sick from this all right. I'm serious man I truly believe this I think it was about. Getting to the playoffs and making a profit not winning a Super Bowl. Until they went undrafted out I mean the team in the NFL stiff for the baseball team any of the filters or sixty or sixty you know. You still get equal that of the TV money because the pies wouldn't be equally. From a story of the New York Daily News back in 2015. Each team received more than 226. Million dollars. From the seven point two billion dollars in TV contracts. In baseball for example the royals make fifteen million ish a year off to TV deal the angels make about 259. A dollar perceives. But essentially pay their entire payroll than some author TV contract. I'm telling him. I I don't think. Blame him for this at all I mean I think they they try to do the right thing but it just ain't the run the business. And it hit the playoffs and making a profit is all you need. Cool I mean that's the way. I think that they've run their business until last year's draft when they went out they got homes. And you look back at some of the graphics and a missed on top black would you be three. They got John Paul Bill Washington Wharton Brian Joe's react Paul Palmer Neil Smith Derek Thomas Percy snow Harvey Williams. Now in the back of Sampras is the quarterback that played for the if you're a Super Bowl and you talk about this all the times. Like that she should try to do with the other way. I would contend that winning a Super Bowl at least from a ownership standpoint wasn't the first priority. I would say making a profit in filling the stands in making sure people were crazy about the chiefs was. Because it if you're if you're Smart businessman if you're a legitimately Smart businessman and a Smart owner. So you'll do it differently than everybody else what fourteen since 1990 you've got two different teams is 1990 go to the Super Bowl. The 32 teams in week. The chiefs are one of those teams. I think they didn't have a choice in the new. They can't sell out playoff games they can't sell a game with a play the Miami Dolphins to clinch the division they need that to drag that molds they did. To make a profit and in turn it may get a new suitable. I think it's unfair to Clark Hunt. Too long been the things that happened in 1991. When he was. Twenty years old into what's happening right now. He'd become the owner until 2006. I think Clark has been kind of pro active in trying to win a suitable if you wanna say about Clark on our ski Lamar Hunt in Carl Peterson unless you. Because you had twenty years of examples of them not going out in drafting a quarterback. Clark showed commitment to trying to win the super bull. This organization realized it was didn't really bad with the all the stuff what happened was Scott Pioli flames were flying things overhead they add to what do something you remember. He really wanted to read to be his coach he was the top coaching free agent he got a plane. And he went there he made sure where that eighty re never went to go visit in Arizona. It is not let the best possible coach imaginable that same offseason it was obvious they needed a quarterback that was a quarterback class that nobody liked. Everybody had girl picked a nobody like that quarterback class act like Tyler Wilson I'm numbered bank like Tyler Wilson. Right NASA was in that clients aging and it was a necklace she knows it was a neck last. But we now see they made the right decision so I would argue with the information that they had they got the best coach available they went out they got the best quarterback available. And I would say up until would address the pads involved there were too many other picks I can say and I really wish they had this quarterback over Alex Smith. Maybe it's and it about your car maybe you say that about Teddy Bridgewater but that's really big it in terms of realistic picks it could go out winds that are going out there go to. Winds that she's won one up from one or two they were drafting Marcus Mario orgy was once it got to be realistic with the options that they have. Gigabytes maybe point. If you wanna say that about Lamar Hunt makes perfect sense the proof is in the pudding we got twenty years of data we don't have that Clark at the data we see from Clark and his. Clark what does listen to you the fan base and he is serious about getting the best available quarterback in trying to win is a global company Super Bowl winning product on the field. You got about a little bit to make a firing John Dorsey did you all but the football decisions to meet you care on the dated it what's going on with the team. I don't think it's fair to put Le Mars. Scenes on Clark that's. Listened. That's available. I'm looking at the entire history of the franchises like Clark is twenty years old just that this team. You know Armenians and that's what forty when he got it right but I mean I guess you know Clark oh he became the chairman in 2005. To become the owner until 2006. And maybe he's behind the scenes doing things but in terms of or what we know we can pinpoint to. He didn't really have a lot of say in the chiefs organization to become chairman and 05. It only team where they it falls annual lacked the top dog now you've got to make the decision to father passed away. And you take ownership of the team so I just don't think it's fair statement that the quarterback from 1983 until that time. He wasn't that the crew got essential part of wasn't charged you talk and what oath of 605 is when he took over he he took over chairman of 2005 his father passed away 2006 and then he split ownership but there's other siblings got ending eventually became the operating of the franchise which results I'll back off on Clark a little so let's just say 2007 the real quick I would give in this he did fire Carl Peterson so he DO one thing that was in long term cease fire Carl Peterson fired him it was December 15 2008. We fired the man I was eight. Legged dog yeah I just took over or giving you some years haven't done it I gotta get rid of they went out gods on Dorsey went out guy and you are read they went out at the best quarterback available I don't think that's a fair thing to say. Just saying you're looking at ten years. Duane both Branden Albert Glenn Dorsey Tyson Jackson you know I'm I'm Jonathan ball look at some of the picks that cents on the dollar first round picks right now. I'm just saying man. Dissing over the course of this franchises history I think it's been more about the bottom line and being good not great. You know Intel they went out they got apples. I think that to me blew me away but he's gotten killed and they don't after the quarterback the first rounds to 83 right. I'm saying is I think it's an unfair opinion to hack it like Alex Smith for this year back in 2012. I don't fault them for not drafting geno Smith of course it did the right policy art so dangerous Agile quarterback in 2012 you went out got outs but yet our quarterback inadequate the last five years I I. I I think they've. Handle the court situation about right. The only quarterback I would say they've been bit that they should've gone out that was Deer Park but their car's cigarette traffic I think they'd be they'd better situation today. But that's really hit I can't argue anybody else I think Clark actually handle the quarterback situation fairly well. They went out and they David a Smart draft pick. Are they were not made a Smart trade to get out snip and then when they really like the court like they were 27 did in the groping them the show more commitment to the quarterback position and his father. Well the first round pick in 2000 level job on the ball and went on the got Matt Cassel I mean that's basically doing the same thing is dad. You know go out and Steve Bono go out to Elvis Burke her back. Rich Gannon it's the same thing. I'm I'm a fault and so much for the castle thing because in castle was. Eleven Jimmy Iran hello everybody when did you bigger problem Matt Cassel had a really good season. Think the trade for Cassel was the bad and the contract was the bad thing. Actually got a little bit yeah yes so it until this year drafting and developing quarterback it's it's the first time he's done it. Right there and I think what's the first thing to think that we've seen over the last couple years and now full specially a new games. You know so I don't know it's it's the fact that gives fill the stadium all the time it was to primetime game what is the guy. Something happened like we got a draft a quarterback and they wind did it and liked reds at a 100% agree with. If if that if they play in Miami Dolphins right right or wrong with you think you deserve to play or not Apple's had a stadium full. Against Miami on conspiracy. And that's another reason and think out missed him back. Up next we go around the NFL at this weekend's divisional round games and excellent drive the drive presented by don't think it's from the electricity into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Text size 690. Clark and also hired the best GM available when he when Democrats now peel he trusted that guided the job like in good owners should he didn't meddle in the situations. And we wind up with castle encompass. Or is not determining whether or not draft a quarterback but if you use that worries the hell out of me a lot more. I'll say this about Missouri hiring points nine. I understand what was or was trying to do and they hired points latter they got a whole depth in hiring when Snyder. But at the time you hired coach k's top assistant I added that decision. Hiring a Scott Pioli was a good decision everybody like Scott yeah. Problem with it and talk about coaching and that's what I'm saying is if we all like these moves at the time as the owner. It's what you hire good people and you hope the big law into a good job where and when they don't the NFL being viewfinder and Clark is accidentally really good job as an owner now I'm just frustrated about this team not winning in the playoffs. But a lot of the decisions they've made at the time I was in support when they hired Scott Gil. As bill Belichick's top assistant and working and doing I've audit made a lot of sense when they got Todd Haley was the hottest name Al the year he was basically Josh McDaniels we couldn't pat her two year here probably fault them much of that one year even noticed that wasn't good and they went out and greet. I would take now as well aren't you went out at a franchise quarterback let's see what happens let's see what happens Andy Reid they can't win with my whole McCain development people deserve to be here today. If anything you want to people are too long it's not like he gave Romeo 34 seasons we don't realize it did work after one they got rid of parts acted in a relatively good job as a routine. Yeah well we'll see you know I I think a lot of his title the bottom line and rich guys don't like losing money you know it when you go what you get a stud young quarterback and tried to get it. You're guaranteed to pack a stadium a city which they have the pack. Stiller and feel gentleman as the heads divisional round. On match ups and start. Atlanta going to Philadelphia where the falcons are three point favorite on the ground. Guess it would not put enough respect on the Eagles finishing as the number one seed and also. For everything they've accomplished this year besides cars once a year he won't be like. No I don't I think we're putting the proper amount of respect on the Eagles now with a par excellence in its proper disrespect they're not a good football team about. Let's look at what's happened since he got injured now they defeated the giants' 34 point nine of the Johnson won the five teams in the NFL. They've been deep field raiders and somewhat struggled to do it. And they struggled. Against the Dallas Cowboys at one of the worst NFL games of the season it lost six to nothing at hole and were actually trying to put their quarterback. Whether coach had to answer was going to be the starting QB going into the next game where there was going to be Nicole's and the Eagles have the ninety's she special dialed up here thirteen in theory home game. Quit an early exit the NFL playoffs Eagles losers and what do we. It's about what everybody's that you want to. No we doesn't happen that way exactly. I think this could be tied game. So the Eagles respect. They finally. Think about this thing a little bit are you picking them to win not I think in the way they're gonna get the did well when your tenure disrespect to bet that as a three point game. Let's say that the falcons are gonna go a bit beat up my party this epic and it. Kevin what about about thirty did you hit it in the I don't think it probably hurt me I was in the Eagles aren't I it's gonna be awfully tough for business but it is. I think they got shot. The Eagles I just can't I mean data and the nineties teen special island. And Tennessee's head into New England Patriots are thirteen and a half point that they talk about this game. Bennett thinks that Ben Davidson has the chance they get on the ball eyes up and down is coming up and up. Up about a adult is not me neither of us all three of us all agree that we're not anticipating Tennessee to Wayne now but it. Danny's so sleeker more downside of the could be closer than anything. Do you expect Marcus Mario did it take over like you adverse Jason make it closer than we anticipated. It's it's the perfect recipe for the Tennessee Titans could be doing Republicans involved but there does. Your. You don't fluke play about rats and Stephen Gostkowski missed a field in tennis you doing there upset during the day that's the only way. They got some great number he's not the with a less than fifty yards so I have to add a little bit different chiefs quarterback situation. They're also not running eleven plays in the second half they can run capable of Jeff Triplett retired right to do this though he's not doing I mean it's of the titans group. I mean after you got that last link and it's you seeded team and you basically 400000 off the game is that echoes the right celebrate. And drink in my tie them to be done as sport flute player. Google fitness at the all England patriots is what you think about it. Saturday it was like Jeff Triplett. It was like it's ocean's eleven it got its biggest go eat out today appreciate it you cheated she's out of a playoff important progress. You may cool little. Profit on the game and are you retired now I appreciate. If if we found out a year from now it would surprise surprise. As well he made them. Jacksonville heads to Pittsburgh where the Steelers seven point favorites at home in Alaska and these two teams playing. The jags who knew how Pittsburgh. EDS deal with then again a second win another straight time I get a chance to win because of that defense and we also don't know the health of Antonio Brown at San Antonio Brown the couple weeks in the details of a 100% but so you're out there you go up against. Argued that the best defense in the NFL hold out judgment all of a 100%. I think that Jacksonville's defense is good enough to keep this game close but when you want it took five turnovers and eight. Really really good day from. Litter Cornet I don't think he's going to be able to match that success this time I enters its the other defense looks without rise easier in the playoffs in the town effect it has on them. I didn't think pits or wins the guys think they controlled the ball and protect the ball a lot better than they did the first time these two teams played well. He's sentence of five turnovers and actually didn't mean the Steelers beat him thirty. And that you have. A big bids through five that's for sure but. The jags rushed. Right so the jags need two things that you need to do to build a lot went on the road and wind and cold weather. Played great defense and run the football I think he's got a shot did you doubly portals which is a concern. Which is a big time concern the biggest of consumer but on the they've managed to get this fall this far you know and and again you brought up into the ground you'll sit in the news tonight. Partially torn happy little sickness and nobody really knows what his story I get the jets chance in this game I don't think it'll it it's gonna make it awfully close. Our last one you of the saints going to Minnesota where the vikings actually are five and a half point favorites at home with these units their quarterback. I think goal isn't it true breeze over these intimate outbid us doesn't see it this. I know how this red is still being in this game fourteen minute that that gets good quarterback play and can run the ball all the way to New Orleans Saints does. I'm surprised they're getting five and a half points and I think it would seem that the better quarterback. I would jump all over the world. Plus five and at I think they're gonna win the game out and it's looks at beginning of the on playoff I think it's going to be the patriots and the saints. I like the saints I think they'll last week it was a big thing wouldn't have not yet to run the ball effectively. And maybe it's still a little bit stilled and and we got Drew Brees on our team we don't need to be the best running team in the NFL. In order to be successful I do like Minnesota team kind of sucks man to blow against the vikings are skewed the saints at least in this round. I just think this is where they're good season ends I like your world. There is how it's loses a whole team played their own stadium for super. I don't believe it's ever happened now and it's not gonna. I can't bias the case you know the vikings don't always who won't play in Minneapolis. A robot that they're bad juju up there and they back in 1988. Gary Anderson. 35 for 35 other agencies in the metrodome was and you doesn't. Saturday same zip code in the same bad juju that these kids city chiefs in the LA rams had this last week exactly exactly same bad juju. The spread around to Minneapolis. I just I don't by the vikings and he's beat them and makes. Maybe on the last to get on the boat here by. You know the saints were the ball so well that the U Rodham solid Drew Brees can you control. At a tough time run the full want to leave their defense. Not by the bikes and this again this is another team. This is talented but hasn't been the play that political finalist plotters are last year elegant Bible that we can think about potentially playing. A Super Bowl to hold down. You know our boss Texas Johnson Minneapolis he looked the for Christmas so they would it was in Minneapolis is either scared to death even talk about. So I don't like the vikings when this game wanting to say to true. I looked up every quarterback since 1990. Who has been traded for a first round draft pick. There's some similarities in those trades let's say what they are next on the drive. And drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and studios sixty and Sports Radio. Listening on the go get the 610 sports where you land. Back on the drive highs of weird you probably know that listening to the show over the years but today it was confirmed to me. And we possibly get news on Billy Preston today Venice charter we explain coming up in ten minutes it was talking about. Mean Ellis. Gives me and said Vince is Smart guy I don't understand where the confusion. All my back. I thought that she's practice and those Manning gets mentioned it's a lot of really good fantasy advice of people in the listening to all throughout all of that no reason why Andy wouldn't it says something like. I was born. Because we know Bill Belichick would never say something like that enough votes that. Terrorist out of the losers. I'll scorers for once. That's that's really what it's about that's an awful lot of face to face opportunities with one Bill Belichick you know what he said if some guy that's actually got really ill. Leonard up about that is a man. And he. Nobody's waiting by listening our show I love Bill Belichick doesn't really strike me as someone that really keep your whole life really about other people's opinions and especially about Europeans output that. Maybe. 1981. Of them is like a list of priorities thinks laughable how love love stack here. This up today and because I was very curious. I would say the most interesting thing to me about the chiefs isn't what today potentially give for Alex Smith in the trade. They have until around march 16 he's doing two million dollars and a roster bonus I expect after the come by identities straight Alex. But look this up because I was curious because let right now maybe one of the divides we've had we've argued over outspent since the day they trade them. Is compensation. For Alex Smith some people think he's what the first Olympics I would think he's worth a high second round pick. I think he's worked the middle tier second round pick probably conditional third I can become a second round pick. We all have different opinions all what we think Alex Smith is work. That's up to temperature is up first round draft picks ever is best Thomas issue. Thirteen quarterbacks in 1990 had been treated for. For a first round draft it. Alan mentioned in this. These are not quarterbacks like Patrick Holmes who was technically trade at or first round draft picks of these are technically veteran players. Guys or FL players that were eventually traded for first round draft pick. So Sam Bradford Carson Palmer Jay Cutler Drew Bledsoe Trent Green Brad Johnson Steve Walsh Brett Favre Joseph Montana and Jeff George Craig Erickson. Bill Lou that is Rick my prayers please for the humans quarterback for the U Rittenmeyer and Rob Johnson. Those thirteen quarterbacks since 1990. Who have been traded for a first round draft that. The biggest thing I've wanted to know. How how many years did these guys have left on their contract because I think that's the big difference announced as the if he had three years left on his deal I think you could probably get a first round graphic form but he doesn't he's not under thirty. He's not Sam Bradford they'd say Brett was 28 when he got tree at two years left on its contract that's a different scenario though what Alan Smith isn't. Four quarterbacks. Have been traded for a first round draft pick. They had one year left on their contract. Jeff George. Your guide's Craig Ayers and Rick Meyer and Joseph Mon team. So Joseph Montana was the only quarterback since 1990. Who is not or they are rookie contract. To get treated for a first round draft pick. I bring that up to say this one of my beliefs about the NFL leaves your veteran players are never as valuable as you think they are. I would change is because he plays quarterbacks will be certainly more valuable than a guy like Justin Houston org Alec Fremont if you try to trade like you wouldn't a first round pick for remote country. Look at it like running back is too easy to find. If Joseph Montana is the only nine. Quarterback who was all ours is only quarterback who wasn't on his rookie yield to be traded were first round pick. That is not sound very good Ralph Smith who's over thirty has one year left on his deal that's kept it would hit four around seventeen million dollars. I don't think a first round draft pick is in order. I'll continue to say. I think if I'm if I'm Cleveland I go to that she's the sixtieth overall pick. Am not giving you pick 35 which essentially your first round pick I'm not giving you pick 35. The Cleveland has picked 33 and 35. They have the sixtieth overall pick that's the one offer from Alec Smith I'm luckily it teased my first that my fourth open I can go draft best available players the look to the future. Oh that's sixtieth overall pick. I trade for Alex Smith in the ability to franchise tag him if need be that's what I would do upon which you try to. Have to Denver for. A first round exit that we both agree yeah I mean didn't we both. What's Denver out of respect look at it differently that day. I but Jennifer Denver for multiple picks like you'd like as if you're gonna trade him inside the division and you're gonna. You know you're gonna fleas have little argument. But it's gonna cost of more. You either give it a lot I would yet. Because that that's any dangers but I would do. I would choose you get more page is when she's five pitchers on the crazy like that no first rounder this year I would do that and hearty. You know heart. But Seattle there's a precedent for guiding trade for Trot Nixon even thinks. That you're gonna get give up. A first round pick for 34 year old quarterback with one year left on his deal in hand. Tex signs six by entries are sick same breath with trader for first round pick Alex Smith is better another text or one year announcement is better than Sam Bradford any day for two years. You can go and ice Marcus Tate Alex Smith will be traded for less than what Sam Bradford was treated for all all the you tell me what you wanna don't boot the sixth and sports icon he's not going to go for what Sam Bradford went for San rapport with San rapper was under thirty had two years left on his contract. It was traded in a very unique situation. Minnesota was not planning on trading for Sam Bradford they lost their starting quarterback a week before the season started it or any panic mode so they wind aimed at. Traded for the Eagles and Eagles took advantage of the vikings desperation and got a first round picks or that's not what the chiefs aren't. Everybody knows that the chiefs are trying to move up from outs but when you draft a quarterback tenth overall pick. Why am I gonna give you something valuable proud Smith just caught. That's a situation that you're in isn't it she's best interest to not have outs but the on the team from a financial stamp. If he's on the team after march 16 but she's old two million dollars just for being on the roster. If he's on the roster opening date they old seventeen point six million dollars but the course the cease to do met at the two million to seventeen million. It is not in the chiefs' best interest for him to be on the team next season if you feel like you've got the quarterback. These other GM got the same information that I got access to button. More information that I got access to it is not financially sound for him to be on the team. Not holding teams over a barrel awaited Minnesota guy held over the barrel with Philadelphia Sam Bradford. I'm giving you this sixtieth overall pick. My toe in the fifth or sixth round draft pick Alex Smith I don't think is his valuable all the open market that a lot of she's beans or portraying him today. And in. That she sure to spot right because singer GM of the team and GM of team we both quarterbacks. Why don't even have to deal for Italy to that was a march 16. Or at least have some sort of conversation. Back channel conversations if he goes on the open market and he does it that he comes ops. I also understand why eighteen. Would wanna trade for Alex Smith if you don't wanna deal with the negotiations. Because I don't think if you different contract you can distort over Alex is deals not one you're seventeen Linda if you rip it up. I think Alan Smith gets a three for your country I can see it seemed give him a decent signing bonus a team like the jets a going out grading Alan Smith. So I can see if your team likely to say hey. We got three sector around graphics aren't well trade one of those for one your ballots went and we see what happens. So I could understand training formed to eliminate the possibility of him negotiating with other teams and they getting a deal that you wouldn't wanna sign into. Port the first round draft pick it's kind of funny to me over the last couple days of seeing how much Kansas City doesn't want Aleks Maric. But now how how valuable he is on the open market things can't be true he's a first round draft pick and I think he's a good quarterback but when you go through the last. Thirteen quarterback since 1990. Thirteen quarterbacks have been traded for first round draft picks Bradford Palmer Cutler Bledsoe triggering Brad Johnson Steve Walsh Brett Favre Joseph monsignor Jeff George Greg heiress and Rick Meyer Rob Johnson. Only one quarterback has been traded it wasn't on his rookie deal. It was Joseph Montana. I don't. To be different you were trading for Brett Favre still body at a gas left in the tank or Tom Brady was available you trade a first round draft pick that's not what Alex Smith. Still would you do. Would you would you like to deal for second round pick George's which you got a what would you do what's important to why can't get no for cutting trade him. To say what teams in the country and say it was today. We got a chance to get this guy on the open market and a draft. Basically who's got a surplus. Will tell Smith and before in one year in Cleveland. Mean I did you go product turn things around change the perception it's and I if I if I'm Cleveland. Maybe necessarily don't like this quarterback I don't like Arnold I don't like Rosen. I still need a quarterback for next he's equivalent giggle the next season with a shot Kaiser is a quarterback I think that I don't think it will. And they'll likely Lendl and John says either you're going in with the first of fort Pickett quarterback might either playing. Or find him I either go grab Kirk cousins are trade routes and you get one year dice roll outs of if you like franchise tag them and see what happens. I would do that ought to Bunkley and don't think that's the only with the Cleveland institute originally elite side and not know he summed up and upon their I'd trade yet and if I'm Alex at my job this nation I'd I'd I'd either be the jets the Broncos. I say I say no chance on house they just because the John Dorsey back let it. They have a much better relationship and I'm they'll make yeah genuinely loves John Dorsey and I don't know at least take them meeting with John Dorsey he won't take a lead it I'll sit down with the you sit down quickly you meet with the listen to what their pitches. Cleveland has a lot of salary cap space now what appears to be competent organization. And a lot of draft picks the Cleveland is not a bad thing I would say anymore at least the direction they look like they're turning it. Today today we finally get news on Billy Preston and hi to me confirmed that he is weird today I tell you out national address. The drive presented by don't sixteens from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. Coverage in case things. Think scenes this right here on six and Sports Radio starting tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock. And you think about it last week at 10 o'clock he was bison. Voice taking you up until she's. The chiefs game. Today it's getting ready for the sunflower showdown it's fake rivalry week in Kansas City. He's a little bit of rivalry between KUK steak on between you mean the rivalries between Jay stake in case you would certainly not between chance and Kate in K state because. Katie does not looking case is their right now the case it does I think he's able to Kansas like that mean it's not near. As big as the rivalry between you know Missouri Arkansas that's I mean. Those teachings have been Weickel out of what 500 years now that's another fake bribery can't miss too fake robbery and goes back to the early seventeen hundreds that it Missouri's not exempt when it comes to fake robbery and. I would say to be honest as reserves in the team that I would say has been their rival at least when it comes to football. Has been South Carolina that played really good entertaining games in South Carolina since they've been in the SEC. Obviously got to be in the SEC at least ten years and develop generational kind of rivalries so Missouri's a long way from developing a they've yet to play a meaningful game at the bit at one meaningful football game against Arkansas it was the second year they won the SEC east. And they haven't played a meaningful basketball game at any point in that vehicle fired this year is that they did get them fired this year when they made a bowl game here. The jets coverage of that starting tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock is also your final chance of the week to indeed Matthew tickets today at 530. Speaking of Kansas today could possibly be the day that we get news. On Billy Preston. This is from Gary to do more. Became city star Bill Self by the way it was all smiles. In the hallway when asked if he could hear about this Sosa or Preston today since it's Friday. Self smiled broadly and said quote I think it's going to be a great Friday TG I F in quote. He said to chat with him at 5 PM. So we will ten minutes we will see. If today is the day we finally some that finds something out about. He'll be owed to Sosa and Billy Preston Billy Preston who is now miss sixteen games for the university Kansas. This Sosa who has been trying to get elves that he reclassified. Around Christmas break ice you know I hope that happens. But that. I hope that there's a statement from Bill Self he says we should know something soon. Because it is gonna lose his preaching. That happens as it K you figured I delusional mind legislate your reaction because you're so frustrated because they come out and say something I did what I got to prepare state Medicaid you. I know it is like. But it and it is ridiculous because it's LO shooters sued say that four month yeah. Medicaid you at all. That's not a bad thing Lester I don't want anyone to think they could united out of their fans with it at all in order and I have absolutely no issue now Kansas can't. Billy Preston. Was suspended or sat by the NCAA. All in November 14. It's January 12. They haven't had enough time to get the information that decided Billy Preston they'll will play college basketball. I don't know I see it enough time to Topeka. You would ask yourself the authority. You know I just assume obviously assume much benefits still that cloudy and make them ineligible and has the ball would delight that you're not old play college basketball of the season. Go do something else come back and 201819. Season. And had your sophomore season but this is isn't serving anybody is now serving to the president. Not serving Kansas it's certainly is it's in the NCAA for every single day one of its marquee coaches wanted to sports as the comment or one of its players eligibility. To revamp. And we don't go nobody is really topic. Somebody you don't have big guys like the so assembly press and salt those good those guys eligible so we'll gets back coming up at 5 o'clock. Today. These should be an American holiday in my opinion. To be in America apologized airline know today January 12 2018. Should be a holiday because seventeen years ago today. Save the last dance starring Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas premiered in theaters. A fantastic. Movie about tweeting earlier today is a modern day classic innate theatrical masterpiece. In American cinema are you reading I love something I Lincoln and a its market at work I'll love you save the lesbians and it. Like a light bulb went off in my head every. Single person listening to the show. They have an affinity towards. One dance movie from their generation like it or aged. It's like you've never seems they've got an early Julia Stiles became well when I was well years there's been you know watching save the last united launch. You have your all generation dance class that you that you have a closeness or honesty to the two movies or may. Our save the last day in honey. I watched last week old Angela yeah I love the it was like to elect Perot like English while you're so funny. It was Jessica Alba where she will finally her. It's easy for clues maybe. You know Kevin Bacon and Sean Penn's brother. You know he moved to the move to the country delicate dance yet and sets of his own dance like a delicate. Feed place. You know outside of the city limits sharpens Brothers and rather sexy girl in the cowboy boots is you know they're doing that that play chicken with the tractors. Rolled over into the into the creek. In on the side there yeah dirty dancing team that was so. Price is removed what George generational you dance move you you keep these large generalizations that everybody has a dance movie and I I don't. How one because everybody does. Everybody has got to write generational what kind of man is that the generational did you hear. I'm in the minority. And I remember when these movies I remember like when its step up team I ever saw us that ought. Calories aside dirty dancing is well I've been bugging me for years to watch watched him there is not. A movie of my generation I just don't help. In the in the girl was dirty dancing Jennifer relative nations and fares used and one of the most obvious security I'd seen it yet to throw the baby that was she got to you know one of them I thought one of the most beautiful features herbs are not perfect knows an election a great notion that that you're giving the ocean Jennifer Grey came to shoot anymore. I'm just saying and heist. We improved attacks line. Every person listening has their whole the personal favorite just. Original audience you know and generational favorite it's because they know he's all save the last dance is a classic to meet you can't tell me anything to hunt you. I got to everybody. His big that's not me maybe it's outline for some ideals maybe it's step up for somebody else maybe save the last it's for you. Maybe your Portland and you've got us third Greece or somebody else then you have a lead. With all that well is the poll indictment against known as a generational and it really isn't talented I don't know actually don't know what Panama Napoleon. I'm Napoleon Dynamite I don't know what kind of movie that it is coming up to management gets the biggest stories of the day at 5 o'clock we are hopeful that we find out news about Billy Preston's eligibility Kansas. All that coming up on the drive. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio.