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The Drive
Friday, January 12th

In Hour 2, the guys wonder if there's a certain factor on the board that led us all to potentially undervalue Alex Smith when it comes to one specific thing. They also debate a Carrington toss-up involving our youth. Former Chiefs DT Bill Maas joins us for his final time this season at 3:30 and had lots to say on the end of the season, whether he thinks Bob Sutton will be back, and why he may not be ready to give up on Alex Smith just yet.


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There. Look. And in. I. We have a whole lot right now six and sports Casey. Ordered a count. If you were to win the powerful. Would you all please take the loss column over getting paid a larger amounts over time we looked up on business insider dot com. If you won the lottery we bring this up because the gentlemen that won the lottery he's twenty years old he took the lump sum. Listen to this he made. 20881. A million. Dollars. Tice says that's not enough. Hi says you know I wanna go for the night exactly as I said I wanna go for the 350. Overtime. And deservedly so he's getting crushed on the tax line Asia she deserves that I didn't say that's what I would do I said why would somebody who is itself like Hewitt yeah I with a one blitz there's about an additional hundred million dollars the you can and don't you think that's worth considering overtime especially if you're you know because I got to limit as I make it a hundred million dollars over time you're getting normal. That sort of I 81 million dollars and a big void. Tickle some yet and that he spent all the money and crypto Kurds Kurdish lauded orbit. The pop quiz today was a shining grow by the UB rather that wraps up our week of giving out tickets ago acidity of Brothers Steely Dan over at start you. Little piece of information is due to China growth. That is the name over at least it used to be and of Nolan Ryan's range taxes and another China growth that's a fact Jack and I know. I saw a stat. Earlier today from friends the show biz and Auburn in his radio in Denver. Between this out only three quarterbacks in the NFL this year had 4000 yards passing and fewer than ten interceptions this year. Tom Brady I think is gonna an MVP that season Drew Brees put together really nice season eight Alex Smith. Bands continue to rate Alex Smith. Talking about Alex Smith a lot over the last couple of days while you've been on tuchman talisman basically every day since he's been quarterback of the DNC chiefs. And it made me think when I read those. MI under rating Alex Smith. So us down and I really thought about how I would describe Alex it's up to me on the street and play it with a she's having a conversation. At any asked me how would you rate Alex Smith this I would say I think she is a second tier quarterback in the earth. I think he is capable if put in ideal situations if you give him a solid running game I think he can be effective if you give him enough weapons around him. I think he is a very low risk some what I or quarterback I don't think next on another team he's got to throw for seventeen interceptions. I think it is programmed in his mind to be risk averse I think it's long as it's new and transformed Alex Smith. I think next year draws what team he's on like nine interceptions by the high pedestal see him being a god it's going to be a high volume passer. In a guy that those a lot of interceptions I would say the negative without Smith is I think he has a pretty defines ceiling. I wouldn't be expecting. Massive numbers for I would expect him to win a lot of shoot outs I think he is someone that needs again ideal conditions. Under rating announcement I think that's what he is I think the conversation about Schmidt is is that good enough because the quarter that's right is perfectly fine. You went double digit gains that what do you see happier kids that you can win your division unless the pitcher throw in the division whitbeck quarterback. The question to becomes too can you went so well with that quarterback and the stage that the chiefs are at is that enough to exit from. Your quarterback. Usually I would just. So numbers do lie. You know. That lie about Alex Smith a little to shoot a movie tin cup ICC of its income. The Kevin Costner there's Don Johnson golf movie and Kevin Costner has been confident the driving range pro I don't presidency yet it. It any exploded Johnson. Did the David Sims character. Because you never goes for he always lays out. David Sims is talented tour pro leads the US open Qichen as great road top ten guy but he never goes for. That's well ex mrs. Like he's a guy that's a really successful quarterback in the NFL but he doesn't go for. And we don't go for it sometimes you don't win the numbers writers at saint ten years Drew Brees and Tom Brady. Then go for it. It's the third and the final drive when Tennessee rushed three guys. Alex his eyes went down his feet got happy and the cheese ended up losing that game the time without needed to go forth the most. He didn't he couldn't pull the trigger he's a really really good pro. A really good quarterback and his numbers chase Drew Brees and Tom Brady but he's not. Also think the numbers if you do a little bit we're digging with a fine to home and that's why I would rate him as I think Alex and to have a pretty defined ceiling where I would say the ceiling for. Tom Brady injury breeze even though the numbers comparable yet to do a little bit looking beyond the numbers. This year when machines to run 400 yards he was one of six the patriots were five and two and they do run 400 garner big about the playoff game it just happened between New Orleans in Carolina who run the ball as effective as the big New Orleans has the best running attack in the NFL. I'm Kumar didn't play that well Mark Ingram didn't play that that's what the numbers lot though and oversees the same guys Brees Brady this year. But he's not only he's not even close to that yet so I guess I'm just thinking of do we under rate Alex Smith. I think like anything there are always out liars and people extremes on both sides are people that swear by Alex mental -- every single thing he does it make excuses for every single thing as a unit and other offensive line look at some point it's a salary cap that you can't put ideal parts around him. It seemingly every single position he's got to be good enough to given the structure of the sport that he plays or quarterback has to overcome some deficiencies that you read. People they just think he sucks he's worked with get a Laporte to answer that let's not. I stand with Alice and I think what happens is if you take the stance that I take a lot of times group with the people that think he's worked yet I don't think out but the heartless. We've just seen a pretty clear. Marker of what he's that we've seen five seasons here Alex Smith led team but he's football. What happened at the inning was not really that surprising. When the chiefs had in the in the first half of the game when they had three months and they had Travis Kelsey and anti retail. Alice at the really good it's an inferior team says he's not a beautiful ball to look at that one Tennessee's not good. The moment it became not ideal. They really need to run the ball and they couldn't run the ball that is what on the ball or they Dayton had Travis Kelsey and became a little bit more more more one dimensional. And you're asking your quarterback to elevate the play of the guys around them at 254 yards and Z and and but it scored a second half and it gets hard and see what apple balance meant. And not think beauty is part of the solution for this team moving forward albeit they I don't think I under rate Allan Smith. One of the few people that probably rate Alex and. It's fair it's the fairway to do it like again I think you should either really really good quarterback. And he's won eight of the games quarterback to team that's wanted to games for those either quarterback wins. But if you go back to the steeler game last year in the playoffs this tiger kill a couple times. The digital. And the final drive you need it the most. You know it's it's the one thing a assailant got this is your fault Alex that you're in this position you've got an eighteen point lead at halftime but the same time at six minutes. And you field goal woody and it'll. He couldn't do. But that's my biggest doubtful he can't pull the trigger on some of the stuff he can't gamble. On a goal for when he needs to. And I think that's why a lot of times I say numbers do lie. The perfect example is numbers are Brees and Brady. Those two guys are still play and they can win when other things don't go well. Especially big games like that and Alex hasn't shown he can do that so. On is he's had a top of the second tier guy. For highs hum basically asked me questions today we were doing kind of switching over today hi our recruiting it was not about physical football recruiting a little bit surprised that was a topic nobody asked me. Quarterback match up in my most looking forward to this weekend. I do think at least this week it is a little bit skewed a little bit it's a situation like what's happening in New England where it's Tom Brady. Obviously the greatest quarterback of all time going up its markets Maria out of who's a young up and coming quarterback not even close to caliber. It's a situation like in Philadelphia you'd be really excited it was parcels wins but it's a back up quarterback in the falls. I said the saints in the vikings I think that is the most intriguing matchup of the week I think that's the most intriguing quarterback matchup of the week. It seems gonna talk themselves into case key to make sure I could see eighteen like Denver saying hey we don't want those but the big money on Kirk cousins. We don't like any of these quarterbacks at the top with a fit overall pick let's go out and grabbed case Tina who would be a clear upgrade from the quarterbacks we have. I think this is a very big week for case Q&A very big post season run in a guy that's being used to make a lot of money. Next season if he goes out there and plays well Ortiz just returns the Minnesota who knows what they're gonna do now with. Bradford contract up and Teddy Bridgewater contract up so I said the saints in the vikings because I I think that they want that's the best quarterback matchup this weekend and I think that's the best game this week. Would you assaulted knicks holes Blake portals and a scheme you'll be quarterback in teams. In the divisional round the play right it's not sit there and to think that you think the best quarterback matchup. Of the weekend involves case keep them. Who we saw when he was playing it was was played over the Texans we came in here is played pretty decent is firstar yet. Although the game to treat this is this is crazy man and injured in an economy that the knowledge and judgment and like little bit. But root for late or Ozal Vietnam and root for that matchup. In Pittsburgh you know. I think it's gonna be crazy stuff the lady rebels and right now. About hey. I'm not I'm not come and I might retire I'll get paid. Everybody's told Blake portals trash the Steelers got their asking by the jags in Pittsburgh earlier in the season would Big Ben said. You might hang it up in the story lines and hacking to me are really entry I'm curious to see with the jags do and and part of me. Wonders if the fights are gonna melt down omen as to which case Keyon that was really interest. There's no and it makes fun of I would think aside from the patriots and titans are not excited up patrons and tight I don't really care that much about it I'll keep an eye on it but it's pretty clear the papers like thirteen and a half point favorites page and when in the game and not losing a home game Marc Morial the titans the other. Three games are really interact. Jacksonville did to help others through the time that whenever there decided that sample portals does have a moment of redemption of play or go to their plays well they win all on the road in Pittsburgh. Walking back a lot of comments people like myself and made a bubbly portals was Seattle vikings looked Ian. I think the Eagles are losing this week a lot of people Vegas is giving him achieves this week the first sixty we've ever seen favored in the second round over the once he. Vegas is picking to Atlanta Falcons to win the game can bagel the road to accessible I think all three games aside from patriots tides are actually all really interesting in good story lines. Yeah me to the patriots tight jeans and his interest in you don't see if they can laughable. A new England and they can't they can make a game I think under the gun shop I mean more than likely the page can win this game we know that. But if they run the football and in in markets Miriam can keep that profits on the field convert on third down that shot is not much of one but maybe. Maybe. I just think their luck runs out they got their luck but they got to look down when he won the prix last week it yesterday coming back is that she's a lot different coming back injury patriot. Up next we got to toss that question that every single person listening to can't relate to what we look most finally on our growing up years explain the question excellent. The drive presented by dosing geeks from the electric heating and cooling studio sixty and Sports Radio. Coming up at about ten minutes we'll catch up bill moss. To recap the chiefs' season and all of talks about defense Bob Sutton has been fired yet he's very big Roland. It's players not scheme I'm curious what he thinks about the breakdown that she's had. Against the Tennessee Titans and what he thinks about this defense going forward in what he would do so we'll catch over bill moss. Coming up at 330. All of thought this toss up there. Because I think everybody can finally relate. To these four things. Which. Of these four things do you look back corn. Most finally. Your first car your first serious relationship. Your first kiss or your first time tossup. I would go. For me it's brought in late in my first caller my first canisters. For like number one. The first time I go go places and like you're mobile like you're not locked in any place. Like you know you got a caller I'd like in 1980 Chevy citation. And I thought it was the greatest thing in the history of the world and and I actually go anywhere along the view anywhere I want first your relationship to name was heard and first time. Mean it sounds better than it is first kiss was like a really big deal and those six great first release. Real kiss him like it was like audience was it and it was like out there walking home from school and has grown neighborhood it is. Or cares and as crazy as the romantic story you told me there's like it love at first sight it was like yes so that was like I didn't you know that was that was kind of a big deal I broke argues that attitude. Not so much I think the answer. Were a majority of people. If we put this out as a poll I think first car would be good writing answer that because I think like York the first caller is essentially your liked. Way too adult pitcher because for so long. You have to depend on other people to get you ran out. You want to go Soledad friends that you need to go do something you want to go buy a video gamer go to the movies you always had to ask someone else for their permission. Based you have your car with I got a call one like challenges Heymann yet Bakken thirty minutes and never explain or I was going. But a lot of your first memories of adulthood. There. We're hiding your first call our first date it would own you probably took it in York or you picked the wrong to do that polish India agreement probably so many of your first early adult. Those that totals sixteen to eighteen years and most of us. And that car lasted longer than my first relationship didn't beat that first. You let me let it go to even though it's not a great quality that this emotional attachment. To a call delicately it's got Leggett got a personality. Like even though like it was a piece of crap I got rid of it. And I love that it was yours though they have that's the difference of the first car. It was all the things you've ever wanna first got my car while mom had it was in nineteen 98 GMC Jimmy. And we went out it was buys us seventy heading your pharmacy Ebert I got to seventeen a birthday. We came back from eating dinner and there was a new car in the garage out of a mama's Sid whose cars I never Singapore she's like yeah that's my caller. And I say what we're doing the other caller and she said it's yours GA OK hold my god. Like so many of my memories are tied into adulthood of are tied into your first caught its first car Tyson it's not even close let's ask you which one do you look back going most finally. Your first park your first here's relationship your first kiss your first time wasn't real click on the in my first time for his first relationship was wise so. You know I mean that's a different. I'm looking for the cricket sound effect yet again yeah so for me you gotta do that because because you're running your streak tomorrow along deploy as you. Colin thinks an hour it's not gonna help you watch the game into Robert point third unsettling when we do not like portals drop back the past. And you it was a ball and then you've got the coconut oil to rub it arts the arts has ever beaten he's coconut oil under the what do you do drugs I've. Sometimes lotion. I did not know how to act of navigating the road since programme all the (%expletive) like I don't know I don't know much about your your grandmother but rob us now that's week. My grandma you know Paulus. When I got to say no and how was it did though and and never had my grandmother since very strange thing you had a program. It was going in it was a words in my 'cause we like I don't like when she would ask someone to do we would have Ceres are we didn't know wanted to build it by. I mean was demoted Jack. If you take all of these and. You would have played your cards correctly. You could have used all for these first car for serious relationship first as percent alt have been intertwined. With the same person the same car and every single point now wasn't that. Particular case for me I'd like the first car for serious relationship. Because those were two intertwined elements together of my life solely I'd lie to date slotted as I dated a girl for about. Year and a half throughout high school aid together for another year or so after college so light the first car. The first are usually should became intertwined I still go with the card because I don't. You look except when I found a that I had a card Oscars just through the obsolete. I bet my first serious relationship very well you know things ended up perfectly fine but it. The first part that level of anticipation excitement and. Here's the thing to go like we talked about callers in. The kids now the don't wanna drive. They couldn't wait to I don't dislike it's the don't wanna drive. And the reason that is is had been driven around a lot part of it I'm Sherri C dot either crazy as you got look at anything I mean my sister she's fifty she can't wait did you have that don't want drug because they've been driven a lot in the part of that I've grown man had to go see somebody to pick up the phone that was connected to look at a to a accord. You know communicate to all these different things that legally where a third there's a faction of of kids right now that the don't want to dry and the fact let's get there we. I don't I agree with I don't know any 1516 year old kid like didn't wanna Clark is if I'm not only really no 150 year old relief well it's my sister. Can't wait to get a card this year she knows these are 16 am in my by sister she's been on the recruits like. You know she's in the car when she turned sixteen yet so Muster can't wait to driver pride isn't back so which one of these like being. The first kiss let's not very high at least for me is your first kiss avenue were so young like it does it. Edit Mac. You going to talk to the president be more naslund the bad bird finally on. Your first call excellence and I am a first car for eleven years I say the only thing that really rivals having your first car was your first pet. A the first dog and cat or Burr Graham and held got to pay you add. That's the one you have a long memory with this you know like Juli isn't having a pet talk responsibilities. You have memories of them but man that first car off. Excellent what will let would you what was at an agent 98 GMC Jimmy what was yours eyes. First car there Wednesday. Pontiac by remember the other divides the gap is so that doesn't know it's been harmful five years a suits in season five role there went the way of old small B you make the show these citations in northeast of like that heard this haven't got yet citation Michelle yeah. Hatchback Chevy citation X eleven the stereos were there were vertical on the it was it was. Coming up next week judge doubled bill lost to learn more about the defense of what he thinks this team should do it Bob Sutton build mosques and excellent draft what do you do drugs sometimes lotion. The dry presented by don't think he's from the MVP electric heating and who studio sixty and Sports Radio stream G speeds were slide on sixteen and sports dot com in the sixty and Sports Radio that there at the. Build a mosque of the world. Former chiefs defensive tackle. If they're virtually Sophie I think you know given schedule but I think this could recoup your efforts. On Twitter at build mosques all I. Hole and it looked program to talk I was sick go to water will you. You know that can be got pulled off president of the GC GG ambassadors. I've seen him play. Marshall all that apparently that line war. The fact you we have a lot of corporations do moss I can't tell you know what Craig. She removed. What went from a particular book bubble reforms to. Sort of boom. I don't look at sports this conversation all week we catch up with the former chiefs offensive lineman in Missouri sports hall of Famer bill moss who joins us on the drug bill are you doing today. We don't fantastic we present we have to ask you this toss that question first before we get is that she's a bus a wanna talk about public regarding Bob Sutton. Which do you look back on more finally would build your first car your first kiss your first series relationship or your first time. First well first at first it was delta. Or. Talk about. Her. Let's eggs said they're they're not. Yet. What's what was your first lead and when you Hillary driving in the sit in Orange and. I had. Well I couldn't afford the real note that side. It was Syria 68 old real message sides of the tree like tricked it out. But it was still. So I you know I have editors craters all that good book. He gets up like that that's itself. You're one of the few people among us actually got real money when you became adult I what card did you buy for yourself then once you start actually seeing a real money. On. You know really what that big cargo. Decide. Figurehead like bronco or are generally. Corporate want to commissioners mr. cool just signify the British stupid. And their reason I didn't I didn't finish my bench outside but I was let in on that when it further. Did you not like test drive the Corvette before you bought it bill. Yeah I did that we're pools those. Somebody else. Where it was stupid if you are honest if I think it's critical court you should know what you can actually. I'm just trying to wonder how I'd 65 you'd thought that was a good purchase specially your size like. Is that like your 65 and Lena media right now Wikipedia as did 65 to 65. In just a court that Panamanian you know. No zealot here's that he received in your strategists wouldn't do it yeah there's like. And parks and open the door and try to climb out that their typical practice. I still is from the Mini Cooper on your next by two just adds I. Don't they tell that you are at. Right now we are talking to bill loss on the drive he's brought by seven Sri casino also in BP electric heating and cooling. Bill why do you think that Bob's son is still on this coaching staff. Loyalty and he's and he's very very very you know he's like Marc Lewis well his guys don't. But they're not only were these pictures as coaches enrollment the other. You know as far as you know that's coordinators leave and so that's all been kind of like two cent change in my own back DeSoto. When they Brad Childress. If it's been seen demo. They haven't released all of ritual called police. And and get some offers Nazis and future coaching job Padilla was. First CNET and accomplish. Just yet accomplished until it. They're real sea to swept the streets. Missed on the same thing I wanna. It's becoming their coach you know latest course but struggled with when. We went to Philadelphia they're saying thing first press. Whipple was yet clerical rulers in Chicago called yet cycle is a saint or battle all law. But that's dedication and loyalty that goes with the region's coaches. Bill do you think that'll be his downfall eventually and Andy's. You know and it the legacy mean look there's certain virtue. Trio there. If you read disciples if you will that are that are big influence in India told right now so. This ten year. Speaks a lot. Mean it he carries some weight obviously you can talk about all our. Troops. As that I know I insist the same thing over and over oh yeah. Because you know the dangers of being cared weight at the end was also done. You know like Marty was saying the same way distributors and who's winning record carry a lot of weight and what is also at the end. None of that matters over number. But Billy talk about loyalty and obviously you show a lot of loyalty to Bob Sutton. At what point do you look at we've giving you five years this defense hasn't really taken a step forward my big thing this offseason for the chiefs is gonna be change. It's time for change they're making it change at quarterback it's time for change on defense. And it's a little bit disappointing and obviously we select time in the offseason that any Reid doesn't see what I see that it would be in everybody's best interest to just sort of start over next year. Yup I did it but picketers were there's. There's a thing where it's easier to get the look at it or piece it's okay. Soul becomes it would whose pershing. To Dorsey attribute the general manager. The cycle which creaky contract so which players right like a volley that were little bit now. Just infusion you know how much is he actually gotten out of chips in Houston since you have that incredible year. Really not that much. Eric Berry two seasons for the most organs and now. So you you you took a deep sense of what he came here we can hear that defense were to include defense. Really cute deep sense they would kick after perpetrator probably still going strong views it was just devastating. Dirk Johnson would it still is at a peak. You know that big doctor poking its addiction can be better if reduce. It almost insert all part okay. So. As. It's India's captain he's look at overall this. Okay this is also fault that we got stuck with these are captured a key player trust me it's huge it's not getting anything execution that is the Ollie washed up later figure me out. Her third in her two years ago Dirk Johnson got to hold we have replaced anybody linebacker we've run for three we don't have anyone back which. You know children back up the responsibility beauty that that was. But for the resort Dorsey is gone to happen and you know stop and look at that it so. You have to look at key situations and what do we have here which is involved some useful facility at deal with this is what he had played. We're seeing with respect to do I like Houston's I understand is knowledge of the game so you know they're bets. That's where that's where you are. This and if you saw these comments from Mitchell Schwartz what you do in an interview sports illustrate don't read DC in the you can. React to here's what Mitchell Schwartz told Sports Illustrated I think in general in general since he's under appreciated Schwartz said. We really understand our locker room how valuable Alex Smith is tour office relative to other quarterbacks you know fell. If that was the case and Alex is out we understand what were losing we know that Alex is really the driving force that makes the offense go. If that happens it happens but I think we all love playing. What do you make what Mitchell Schwartz is seen announcement seems to me that. That he's you know the players. The play Alex Smith and a whole lot of respect. Well I'm telling you what he let since it's still. They went down troops. And I don't I think there's a huge win and that's why he's Smart guy he's the leader of calming force. He he he he can eat them manager he's it couldn't picture people. So what went ice won't do him. You can get a good shot to competency you know he's got a picture situations and handle to achieve these are good guide illegal. Understood what he left San Francisco. They went toll you know. They couldn't they couldn't rebound from an acting she kept them float for a long long time. All of mediocre team he shipped them to get there for a long term. They had somebody that coaching changes to what's actually sort of little search coordinators different schemes sit and everything. And he weather at all. So. I think that's what you have with it and everybody's so written with what cloak and you're done look I see the saints season. Among holders unbelievable talent unbelievable. To weather the storm and go a long haul that chip PC I think you have a good situation. With with both the challenge together I mean it's it's both their salaries combines next year. Will be under ten starting quarterback in the year ago. These street that. Get rid of it. I don't know its premium position. Right out Saturday. You let employees get hurt you're hurt you got Arnold's. Distinctive stake what you would mobile homes what would it do it there's no way. It would have to be a blockbuster if you were a lot kept. And I don't like I can improve my entire roster because we do have a lot of holes and so defense. We have to be some debris which are all beautiful lecture. So villain meet a lot of hypothetical trade scenario Cleveland has the sixtieth overall pick. Let's say they give you the sixtieth pick in the and say conditional fifth round pick based on instead of the things that he could do are you saying that you wouldn't take that trade route Smith. I'd have to have discipline players or just the pictures there. I have to have a I'd have to outline I'd have to really look and see. You know because as a matter cure completely. That move. Forever. Okay and we don't know what the future holds. You know he's a guy either. You know Hughes whose history we'll play. Over a long peer to turn his good there's not many injuries. Knows how secure bodies sometimes even if that means. Why he has some at BC times this thing we hate to see that it's exactly see articles news when there's stayed in there are certain longer great throw. All those things translated word yet right now. Not many quarterbacks. In the league that plea that long. We're throughout spend a lot of time. It in in the in the public originally injured so. I have to know exactly I have double play handle it isn't what we're do. Former work 3040 seconds ago we look back but he pass rushing linebacker 54 out he received a multitude of figured I I need pass rushers or work hard for you better have outside linebackers brushed past. OK but it hasn't got guys inside that are flexible because over. And to be able subtler. Now if you don't have that. This contingency. Nobody you have better defense linemen be your seventh down one meters ever felt like other partners but that's occasion change things up that'll shortly. You have to make that all figure out what direction of Robert dole bill that he sets a told all of you want to we want. It's decent and has a problem as big problem. And finally gave inspiration oils which we all need to put that that's the truth of it that you have to have a plan going forward and hopefully that's typically. Bill we got like two or three minutes left element run through three players on what you think should happen within this offseason. And a little bit of a quick here first let's start with Derrick Johnson what would you do this offseason when Derek Johnson. I. Let's move to Tom holly. On. What would you do adjusting Houston's contract. I didn't sit well valuation where he I like that show last two years productivity. I should download them I've looked at what try to catch if you wanna receive. Have older. Understanding. Of what would it do. And I sit down with them and say hey we need which are traditional. Leader of the players were you strip we need to restructure your deal. That's built loss he's brought to about seven street casino in MVP electric heating and cooling bill great stuff today meant they sauber coming on. They've. Billy Bob moss joining us on this rather something I want to talk about on the other side based on what he had to say in. I'm just firmly on the opposite side of him and Torres paler too for all mines that I trust and I respect their opinion does on the completely opposite sides say would it is next woman's right. A drive presented by don't sixteenths from the MVP electric heating and who studios sixty and Sports Radio. But the we just got done talking bill moss. We'll bring that cuts bank for him momentarily. But play what's the rest handler said. When you talk to him about this and I find the color really quickly. He was talking about Patrick my homes and a backup quarterback. I'm saying an average service edit that's not a concern of mine go get Teddy Bridgewater are finding it back up quarterback here's Torres paler on the downside of moving on from Alex Smith and making pageant homes are quarterback for next season. We'll have the old guitar and she. Who will be court. What are the chances. Whatever quarterback Dave Big. Apple won't depart and go Nate. Pretty well soul. You gotta gotta rent. Okay that the ripped into. It is usually how we would put that is what you mean when did you don't want them quite well. Poor client. Me or what may be on the cheap wood. Quarterback. Not I don't. I bet that oh boo Robinson you know a million woods did but for about that plot but it. I don't really don't beat it when you get well mean and yet you make a proper. Victor but ultimate what have you ever. Put in a bit. Bowled when he merit that he went up to doubt it but you know what you. You vote went or why the ball pretty well what ignited the. So Torres of the Kansas City Star talking about tobacco quarterback we just had bill Lawson and he's talking about. I would trade Alex Smith and solar panel plane of what defense on warn Iran and I'm in his intention is. Use the draft picks they can be essentially give browse meant to solidify the defense. I'm not saying those are not valid concerns obviously a backup quarterback is very important. Asked Oakland from last season as the Philadelphia Eagles on what they're dealing with asked the Minnesota Vikings. Who were playing their backup quarterback right now in case Tina I'm not going to diminish the importance. Tobacco quarterback. Also defensive scheme it's clearly important. I would say those are secondary. Issues to dealing with finding if you have faced all our quarterback. So it multiple times as we I don't care that she's make the playoffs next year maybe that makes me unique in this. They from a seven and nine mobile homes looks good in their building towards Tony nineteen in beyond appropriately final at the missing the playoffs. The expectation is make in the closet yet Alex Smith when you've got quarterback it is thirteen year NFL actions six the on the team. That's when you hold that team to the expectation of you need to make the playoffs. Not the guy making his second career spark whenever you start the season is holding that she's a standard all these other issues might be important issue. Issue in objective number 128 scene needs to be developing your franchise quarterback in Patrick won't. And I agree with that I I don't. I don't I don't care of the make the playoffs that you're not happen again it doesn't come down to what we think to see it comes down what Clark well. You know that that's really it comes out and if he says hey listen. We're all of the playoffs. What do every have to do to get it to the playoffs. And that's the case. And Alex Smith is probably going to be years so I guess what do you. Why bluntly asking that. It was the player to ever play homestead and say hello. I think you'll agree he had to have been in the conversation to go up 27 to ten to draft a quarterback with the realize that's what it was so a bit edict is make the playoffs come hell or high water. When was the plan to go to homes was in year two if they made the playoffs you're on you think they wanna make the playoffs this year to bring out the back what do they make an extra dollars and 2018. You just gonna bring Alex but back every year you make the play like that alien to me at some point you'll willing to make the investment and take the risk in starting quarterback. What you got a about except what happens with starting a rookie quarterback and live with the mistakes republic I agree with you they just haven't done before so until they do and I can believe. Coming up next you'd think that a family might not be as transparent. As they perceive themselves to be we get into an excellent drive. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and who studios sixty and Sports Radio.