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The Drive
Friday, January 12th

The guys welcome Fanning back after a few sick days and kick off the show with a list he’s made to try and convince listener’s spouses to let them watch football all weekend even though the Chiefs are out of it. They also debate if Tom Brady despite being the GOAT still has something to prove before CDot declares this weekend as fake rivalry week in local college basketball and Heis has his FINAL (for real) Fantasy Advice with Heis of the season.


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Dry ice presented by duke saying geez this was. Beat certain 23 on Twitter with one of the best bills open presents I'd ever heard in my entire we don't read man. And we don't go no park when did you realize you could do the self impression I've only been practicing like this year like after the Washington game that we lost this Princeton and and assertiveness and at the moment when his stance what you wanna do it's we're gonna have talked to our guys like to do impressions. It's the best impression person and I know we're gonna am by now. Bill Self questions about ultimately the seventeenth when he tees it Tuesday. The one of the greatest coaches the whole angle fills well. It did 1212. So I know nick I don't know I mean we just we're just focused on them Gordon somebody right now and name. We have toughness last year with Franken jars and then I mean we lose those GAAP as an and in the big twist on me trillions. They and. He can fill it up and I just think if we can start born somebody and make an open shots and Keating's. Willie Mac. He won and had talked to let the conversation like Bruce Weber and Bill Self you know gone zero for dramatic about it. It goes right. They're bad I don't know we didn't know it means that six. We stillborn yes I thought he he took off early and and certainly took more than two steps yet he needed. Guarantee Harrison. Nobody ever. Let's do. It's another day another dollar another addition of the drive wanna talk about under selling the moment saying yes beats it. More than two steps yeah multiple other times and that's obvious that speed so it. Back with the sunflower showdown this week in it. It is. Lords who give hints of that in about thirty minutes so what is it got scared to harassing year. Bit nicer producer of this thing and creator of the open it will no longer contagious. It is the one the only brand thing I don't get the priest at my house is written in my last strides last couple days in is gonna come you're like little essential because teams he had little lane four feet under. That little Wayne has risen from the dead and others like I think there's a ticker going across Kansas City TV but I mean being being dead and the flu. A back though. Everybody's happy that your back is the drive we're all the way together. And you told me about a problem you'd think a lot of mid are gonna be having this weekend that is not a problem in custody can't. It might be a problem that any helpful that it might be a problem all red dot Chrysler how it is not a problem in custody hearing to the prize. And it's it's the chief's fault and I mean it they're all electorate that the ones that created this mess and they were. A nine point favorite it's supposed to be playing football this weekend. And now all these men all over time round I got to what was an excuse to kilowatts of bubble in the chiefs are points I think that's a major problem like you listen I have some free tunnel and last couple days my friend. Well as horizontal on the couch dealing with a bill is so I've got some nice excuses. Or reasons depending on how you look at it. Things that you can say it or you can do that'll earn you some couch time and and yelled watch football I first and foremost is allowed to ride out of the day. Just what this will really had anything may be pro active on saints you gotta think ahead it has got to be proactive and you got to come up with something to do. Before your wife says woody don't she's played this week he got dressed in addition he lacked for an. I would say. She knows how important the next couple weeks are as we're trying to determine who's going to the Super Bowl. It's not like these weeks of popped up on anyone in no news is we were gonna be happened we have three more weeks of NFL action yet. And that's trying to explain like girlfriends or wives locally and I would say Saturday night. Well we get it heightens the patriots are yeah I was gonna wait maybe that's right it day. But the ladies gotta do what you want it's nice but they slate she's at Sunday's seventeen that's a mistake if she doesn't have to give you anything different. It's now or extra nice to be anything. No you bank completed yet lines although arsenal apart Rankin I can work I've worked my way yeah I assist. Yeah I assist those guys are Smart but yeah the main island we are in the system and the system and outs of life that enjoys watching but I'm here to literally interspersed with this good this could go to the you know he's you know he's news right. Tell your neighbor history next door down the street normal way little Reich is if you're an extortion is can gay and mistreat. Cole should help them. Hello overwork project and that wait and sit on your ass on a few Beers. So you grab a few brews your help but more importantly see helping others at these so it. This is what I don't understand when you guys always talk to me about all these things you have to do in your relationship it makes a little bit more sense because your mayor with three children and Chrysler doesn't have any kids and why is Chrysler have to come out. What all these lies she doesn't understand hey it works that makes iso will be unique or beat it's a hobby and interests of Chrysler's. What would all these excuses to watch real housewives of it Lena at the trouble all these excuses to watch this is lust she's not. That's what you want like this does he notes he says while I'm watching my show leave me alone yeah you guys are exhibiting her album hey you know I really wanna watch vikings and say this week in. Can I didn't please watch and urged respect illegal I'm not saying from the moment you get up on Saturday you're watching Oklahoma against Oklahoma State. I'm saying is this is arguably the best weekend of NFL action we have in my opinion. Seven the eight best teams in the NFL not counting Tennessee. Lady can't do it yet. A couple hour how he I. On the ice on the fly your argument there I think a lot. Knowingly and we're gonna go okay because you're talking about you know this is awesome watching a show of shows. Sometimes thirty minute yes and power Macs and several double. It's mold them. And it's unlike a Monday night it it helps you do a lot of money united routed dinner something the week this is this even gets understanding here in its let me just a couple months finally realized this when it's moved into house I think the houses a key component it is. When you house. There's all something that inevitably needs to be done regarding that house for something needs to be sixteen to add something brings something of their errands to run there are things to do that I thought that we do at a constant weekend base and this has changed. How I answer the bell. With the week and my question would beat. Do you have to watch all hours of the NFL game like there is a happy medium here. You're telling you have to watch the first quarter of biking saying you can't get our hey maybe you need me to pick up around the house they ultimately quick. Wanna watch the second half this game I always tell me that relationships are. Compromised yet just got a compromise to this tell. Tell you why that you have to go to the neighbor's house now most recent help what they're doing it yourself project got to be about awaits advocates here. How spring in your cell phone when you say she continued she needs to. Here's the other into an issue you likelier than this man this great suggestion despite the best laugh. Get up early knockout that stuff that ice is talking about at that leaky faucet right. Or here's a really get sea ice doesn't seem like we keep all. Apple that I impeccable phone just like I absolutely I here's here's another this abuse weather's been bad salt on the streets right. Just go wash your car were up early take your car. Vacuum it out get it nice and clean and then what couple went into this a last resort I don't like vacuuming. I hate that. Just got done earlier in the day that really helps her out that you build up a lot of equity so that your your your in the clear this illogical this. Like what I had to do with my mom when I was in high school and I didn't I don't is done and I didn't have a Carla hit it I remember. Give my best friend Josh we are 1415 and didn't have a car yet my mom always make a deal with us on the weakened when he came over. Said hey if you dual these three chores I honestly I LTQ where you wanna go. So on Saturday were out pick in the weeds up cut the grass and break it leaves or whatever so it might be condensed out yet that's what she got a forty something you're not doing the same thing I was like. If dean. His apology like you gotta get some stuff does that you can add your own time to do that. Built in excuse channeled the people. Over the flu. So I can't I can't be expected them to go outside and and do things and clean out some gutters and and things like Dallack. I'm glad to arrest you know this week it makes perfect only get healthier and license yeah I here's another four. And disabilities that take her to breakfast. Take her to breakfast is really good but you gotta be careful because you take the wrong place you on the weekend as you know line. Take place you're in trouble and it can go really bad. Not at this breakfast eight let them. See that time. This is 100% guarantee certain he's just waiting that it just puts a little hand back in the cash register give me about two dollars and then it cuts it back please. Brad did. And here. Yes he eligible that way so here's a suggest. Is that for breakfast. Like you're up early get a little early before she does. Go downstairs maker nice with Booker breakfast. Which you know you're thinking about her already some nice nutritious food the morning. And enacted by a little bit of time in the afternoon because secondhand. But I see makes a lot of sense I bits despite in my favor of one do something nice for her ended shall leave you alone the rest of the day I can't really fault the logic in that. And the bullet is pretty simple I mean every woman loves this for a game for us. Said. That's what was a tick. You. Your life or your girlfriend of foot massage. Here's the here's the beautiful thing about that though I know yet and I ended down into federally you've got. It changed probably not all lets you know I don't ever know what you need to be here's what chicken though here's you can you can not get two birds with one stone. You can do the foot massage all watching football. Like she attended two things meant your satisfying urge you to spend spent far weekend with you and you get to watch and laughable ice. I'm tell I don't know lingo you're not putting it down in the bedroom in exchange of rubs for football and she should they fit your. And their foot trade groups. Are now. Of the flood rubbed it on talent on us and an adult necessarily suggest this one. I think flowers your little bit too obvious that you go there you said artery for state that you don't like it there are a waste of money. They didn't smell like flowers but you've got all divisional playoff weekend. With a big bouquet of flowers she's gonna know that you're trying to kiss ass he wants. So I don't think I'll suggest that but if if if that's your last resort. The very the issue to get a smile and hug out of him like issued I don't know maybe quarter quarter and half I took to watch the game. The more subtle and having your girl may get a Foote rob in the middle name is it large part of the game and all of you with me. Again a rough week or. Ill or obviously. But make sure you know like yours suggested you have to do and you can't you can't make it added some extended invitation to be sitting gather that you filmmaker you say let's just what's your. They Nationalists like do you know like upstairs somewhere like. You know Linear over the 65 inch flat days. You know got the vikings. I mean he's under so much about but yeah. That's a that's that's another you can do both. You can Yuba Tex lines they shot. Helpful Tex lines 69306. Do you have any of your own suggestions didn't do that again next week yet to do this and three weeks for the super bold yet to do these sort of watch the Super Bowl off the hook. Because they wanna go to parties and they're gonna talk to their girls and their line and their friends that are your buddies wives and so you're off the hook there and you're you're totally clear free because they also wants the commercials. Not to can't sell it commercials on divisional weekend or you know conference championship weekend like this weekend and next weekend. Those it is really like a lot of stuff especially you teams are playing anymore which we should know all about in Kansas City. Tex like six 306. Also you caller right now 913576760. And do you agree with feigning suggestions to gain as you well. Of any kind of possible Schwarzenegger tell it to free up the television to watch this week in and MI crazy for thinking the greatest quarterback of all times still has something to prove by explaining next on the drive. A dry presented by don't think it's from the electric heating and studios sixty and Sports Radio or. Star appearance at class. The idea was courtesy of CBS we'll get into. If I'm crazy for thinking that Tom Brady of all people still has something to prove you give into them momentarily but. The mayor Brad feigning. Yeah told me. There are things you gotta do this week in we believe the referring your Saturday in your Sunday. To watch some football this weekend so we're Agile life you like I over the different situation a lot of it is because. First and foremost if she gets mad at me for watched sports like you really see Mary I mean as a television sports nationals were stuck radios means part of it actually usually gets dropped my job in an election the wall okay that's a really good points I'm trying to help the people. Up this guy in the 620 yes I picked a fight with my girl last night Shula talked legal setting problem solved but that's not really the way I would approach it. If you happen to care about her. But that's an option that's options. And get a Lotta Lotta in high student you're you're you're getting redundant to Christ called us whipped. Just because we're trying to do things for our allies. Don't rub thing is win. The other stuff about take it I don't put Betty line. Rubs man. Is it like if I'm going to give my wife of Oprah and I'm not into it as a result of trying to watch a football and sitting on the couch I'll do it I'll build up equity along. This life is like it's like he's Gretchen Dodd's bill and Doug will move. Like. Like loves it. And I don't need I don't I don't have to build a bet that equity by trying to figure out time within my Saturday and Sunday. To watch the NFL games and also helps that I like that enjoys watching the ball well it's just an idea you don't have to use all of. Every time we have these conversations it just makes me happier and happier than I'm not in any relationship or I would have to convince my lady. That I am doing to do it yourself project with my friend in order to watch what I care. Everybody has been that great marriages that ice. You know like I don't really had to do that either but. You know we got stuff to do you gotta stop me like I said there's all you like to do it yourself. It it's not the drug to speak that way at least get a good foot rub irons out and really like any designer divot on mad rubs in the game with the I run this theory by you guys in your opinion on if you think I'm crazy your. I still think Tom Brady has a little something to prove. These last five weeks for somber. Six touchdown passes five interceptions a slightly above 60% completion percentage 61 point seven. Put together an MVP kinda year when I say something to promise not talking about his legacy Tom Brady's greatest quarterback of all time. Possible rings there's nothing that's gonna happen in the next three weeks it's going to drastically changed. If he wins another one he just becomes even better and he's even more than gold and I'll rethink that is it was at this point I think his legacy is sealed. Brady is he's what he said a public comments about trying to play till he's 45 is trying to defeat. By the time absolutely. We haven't seen an athlete to maybe you can say John Elway but even Peyton Manning last April rang it was not because of Peyton Manning was bad as last season. Brady's still playing at a pretty elite level. If you think about how he's looked the last five weeks if you think about all these smoke around what happened with you spewed in their report has some truth to it because everybody pages talked about. Brady's done multiple interviews Robert crafted interview with the Monday Morning Quarterback Bill Belichick spoke on it kind of as much as Belichick will speak on something. I would say there was some merit to what happened in the use BNP's. If British struggled this weekend against Tennessee. Org does think it's the Super Bowl. There is going to be a little bit a conversation this offseason about. Mean Brady maybe Brady was done to be Brady over estimated himself. Pretty he can play five more seasons breaking him play a full sixteen weeks that he really trailed off the last four weeks five games of the season. Eight if he didn't get this team back to this horrible and you traded Jimmy Rob Lowe and a lot of people myself included think it was some. I wanna play for five years I don't have to think about every single day of looking over my shoulder for Jim McGrath I think that Brady had something to do widget problem being traded. Essentially was giving Jimmy drop blow away all you got the second round draft pick. I still think Brady has defeat father time a little bit at least in this. She later time around for Tom Brady you know we talk about the physical part. Of being forty years old try to play well this man. Listing out there bull forty eyesight started going to like stop start up in your body you have no idea. I it's such a gradual thing in the what EE wake up feeling that I can't kids read television screen like craziest things start happening. They try to defeat father Trammell and lots you know I think he's probably one of the most is being disciplined guys in the NFL really do this but sooner or later. Catch up with you know and maybe it has maybe it's this last month and maybe that's when I got as you are doing. But I can compare Tom Brady to you and I 'cause it was Florida dentist and somehow realistic comment price or not when he can't. You know we got our Bible is. She managed to be able to bubble that there's two lakers can pop a top ratings like. Real estate floor in the mid two thousands. It's gonna pop at some point I don't know if it is right now maybe it's next year maybe the year after that but. Short Belichick's side on this thing and issued Edgar junior. Quarterback at forty years old in the NFL as crazy does he get something approved course Tom Brady. But asked if it'd be a rough and maybe maybe it's this stopped between those three guys who maybe just getting old because the difference like. Last year was hombre he's only played twelve regular season games they had the buying. In between that's so it is sick it sees it was this segment and a lot differently and had been this year he played all sixteen games this season to date LT. You could really start to see the Wear and tear on his body the last month of the season that's to be the conversation this offseason if you remember the only other time we talked about Brady being done. Was a couple years ago whenever they came in Kansas City and they got smacked. And I remember if you guys remember. Bill Belichick was asked about making a quarterback change any laughter off the last time we've had this conversation about Brady let this patriots team not it's noticeable this year and it be because Tom great plays poorly. Or as poorly as he's played the last five weeks. Connect it to him and tersely I am sure it'll hurt. So to get a catch up to all of its this year but I mean. You look at is well excellent a look at his last five games. So he's god. He's 06 touchdown pass them by five interceptions yet in his last five games in a before that the whole season into. So. And get the jets and buffalo and Miami. Buffalo twice so I don't know man you know I mean surely you're gonna catch him. You would think. A quarterback is forty years old it's so poorly he's gonna run out of gas. Coming up next it's fake rivalry week in college basketball this weekend we'll get into an excellent drive the drive. Presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and studios sixty and Sports Radio won't listen to what sandy your work fights won't seem so bad desk with a morning sixty and sports yeah. Back in on the drive. Coming up in the same minutes there isn't surprising update Mike gamers out there plus. We're serious this time the last fantasy advice with ice. Of the 2017. Just give us an unpopular demand isn't it though because activists. Nobody's doing CN FC championship game I wouldn't say no I think it's easily daily NHL fans of the people eaters there's NHL there's NBA there's there's plenty of options out there is trying to open the rug out I kind of ran out I kind of like people listening to the show of Bergen it we're gonna go on to test it out. They were gonna ball into fantasy hockey. I don't know if that's the career path and what does hockey guys I did not dabbled Nancy hi how much you lose. Steam. You know how ESP in the tablet rivalry week works a big deal were two plays Carolina. And Michigan plays Ohio State. The rivalries that happened. Locally. This is fake rivalry week we start with the first tables Saturday Kansas State travels to Lawrence to play you jayhawks. I want to play live but it makes you look accidentally went back ahead this creativity but I. The top white hair. This isn't me this about c.'s revenge. Is chase they gonna come out a little bit more Jews because the last time they were down field house they gave Kate you would gain. And it was taken from Mumbai pour officiating. Would seem to be account and are able to watch games inside of Allen fieldhouse. Is taste they gonna come out with that same energy and intensity. In this. I don't think that your problems and those good no call it it's being not as bright they'll call me. I don't see anything there even Bill Self disagrees with the sell those until he that was a year of study I mean he took the beat play. You only do one year old and a three euros that's yet I forces game. This season based or case it was just like a commitment to make this game than you're looking at that you struggled a little bit. Was in a couple of home games but. Then if you look closely at the case states the who have lost to only get much shot. In this game I really don't and in this in in fake while we game one. Now think Alison very Braun electric ground. I don't think they have much of a chance this game is an Allen fieldhouse on how you can really pick and does it in Kansas is dominance at home and giving case they lack of ability of waiting in lord's. I think this big game a unique team way to really dominate eating meat in you need try to do it dope and the movie about them we won the benefits for kids Vegas. A decent guy like do you waste put together a really good season quietly. If you can give him four at 20/20 five point game that you can kind of neutralize Azubuike a little bit and let's say the Billy Preston and odds are Sylvia don't play in this one. You got a chance to keep the game close its ports picked Kansas State in this when I do think if your K state and you go up and down the list. Winning an alibi game you marked down for dub ya think you understand hey. No problems now get out let's take care of business once they come back to me at. If you can you tell by keeping it's all about keeping up with the other teams in the big twelve. And the big what is that the top five teams out there it seemed like TCU was on the verge of being eliminated every single day because they already have three losses in the conference. But your case if your case you. Boring job one home game in conference play you got to try to keep pace with the other good teams in this conference. I think that we've seen the way you beat K you. And that simply you you get. Azubuike foul trouble and then. I'm actually is a bit a rough night shoot the basketball in their thirties and as a booties in foul trouble he got a shot that you care where you play. Speaking of another fake robbery I hate to do it to you but it's about tiger's. We'll talk to people who for three wide. Kerry did and has been so. Pass. It back to. Ortiz the night tonight. And he goes yeah. Since Fayetteville to play that game at the SEC is trying so hard to make us care about it I just don't really care that much about Arkansas that's lost the last three games in conference play and a one and three in the big twelve. At Mississippi State at all surprising home game begins obviously want more surprising teams in the country. Ellis you went to Arkansas on Wednesday gave them an absolute. Down 75. 254 RTD exhibits at the day I'm headed down tomorrow morning events of the game. It's funny ice put the Kevin earlier in their city. Is there expect he is there Trevor relatives. If you can Dixon at twelve points consistently whichever carrier you got a shot to go on the road in deep in my opinion a tournament team and Arkansas do you think they're gonna turn around. If you're not gonna get consistent scores and seventh courier who was one of your own upperclassmen on the team it's going to be tough to go on the road it's a steal he's done. This isn't a rivalry that's yet like innocent that there at the states I mean it feels like though it's. Forced and feels like they're out of something. At some point you gotta play a meaningful game for you Robert we'll start with Demi is our hasn't been that good at basketball. Two point eight Arkansas hasn't been that good but I would say it was a lot of the first here because of Mike Anderson coming back with if you it has bands are in the last year's been winning as being arrival when it comes to Missouri basketball last season. You try to tell people to care dollar houses sports teams just backfires on. And we try to create rivalries. That aren't there I mean people cater you know they don't think it's Texas Texas say in and they don't play anymore which is texas' rattled as the Baylor. In the big and at about one in it's Oklahoma played every year but we try to force robberies Dan. People's throats and images as it nobody goes for that I saw a tweet earlier about Wichita State I'll be back at Missouri whose arrival in the American in the war yeah Mazar I can develop I'm in I mean basically Ford changed America account I noticed is ridiculous enemy. This is that the SEC what five years and your five. End up. Arrival. In NK doesn't necessarily have arrival anymore either in the big twelve so any time comforts is trying to. Tell you it's a rot or TV tries to tell you this is a robbery just I. Arkansas. Home against Tennessee who's determined team at Texas they named was one of the more disappointing teams in conference play home against Allred and Allred actually one more surprising to dobbins a few really good this year. Mississippi State at Alabama and in the game and I think Michael porter's coming back home against Kentucky on the day before the Super Bowl will see what happens with Missouri. But if you if you're gonna try to build up a torn their resume you gotta start putting up some good wins against teams you figure gonna make turn. I think arkansas' gonna make the NCAA tournament this is definitely a road win that you would like to steal. I saw him. Some audio today that made me think of you that was a great minds think alike yeah I listened to Bill Belichick she sounds a lot like somebody I know. You know popular votes that. Terrorist out of the losers. Final scores for winners and that's that's really what it's about. This allied brands being a lot more time will you know I feel about that. Terrorist out of the losers. Final scores for once and that's that's really what it's about. God bless you bill. That's great stuff man it need Bill James. Need to savor the traditions. He doesn't need this Boone vendors. Need to propeller heads. Yeah need those guys it's about one it's about one set of numbers and finals. It is a little bit surprising to me and I'm sure Bill Belichick would admit there's a lot of times the guys that win the most games. That's yeah. Did you mad. The best quarterback others generated little public board even does alliance he puts a lot of stats and I don't public morals is the one winning games if you hold opponents of three points. Much like if you throw 87 passing yards away he'd get on Sunday. The reason they want I would say jail Rainsy was the big reason and one guy glass Campbell the big reason they want Blakemore is 87 yards passing does not want Jackson award I would say this if you look at Alex that stats this year they're pretty impressive that she's in when much. You know so. There was a little slow this that's really what that impressive in the second hand it's shockingly enough the other team came back the moment their quarterback wasn't putting up good numbers acre corn is gonna put up zero point and 34 yards passing the second half it's going to be very very difficult for you to win out. Go back to Garrett Nagle said when he was in studio today shift a few weeks ago and we are talking about quarterbacks in this and who's mean with. The handful people that were in studio and he was signing books for. He said is that tell quarterbacks is he throws for eight touchdowns and 684 yards passing all that stuff because I don't care what the damn game. That's really comes down to you know win the game and if you can win who cares if you add eight touchdowns and ran for a 148 yards doesn't matter. You know I feel about that. Terrorist out of the losers. Final scores for winners and that's that's really what it's about what's at its own most beautiful. A couple of sentences I've ever heard in my life. Up next a surprising update for you matting gamers out there plus you know the studs are this week in it in the divisional round Baha'i is here to tell you about the sleepers Benazir buys buys an excellent drive the prize presented by don't think it's from the VT electric. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. We give you a chance to win a pair of stealing game and The Doobie Brothers tickets coming out. Gained CNN. But if you play mad and you know how important ratings are. Being the biggest man guy in the world and particularly game I think you'll understand this part of it like that it gives ratings like Tom Brady would be in 99 but it also gives like individual. Categories you get ready for so tightly kill his speed would be 99 JJ one street the B 99. Markers Marietta's catch rating went up this week because he caught a touchdown pass and makes a lot of sense to me. It was 58 now it's sixty now to pinch if you need to have a slot receiver would mark Israel does ends you know he can catch the global markets Mary go to the those silly guys over mad NEA sport they have raised markets Mary Otis catch ability to last week he actually liked he put over the slot if you wanted to know if you really want to be on an analyst at that would just I don't I don't know how well he would you like catching the ball and getting hit at just like something I dropped the ball. Again they they raise the catch rating of Marcus Mario to you that they're descent now sit over there have been wounded troops and an algorithm and a of his rating. Adding to mock and the chiefs again but I'll let you let another team's quarterback catch a touchdown pass and got the though he lose the game you deserve the work. About that is too like that she's almost everything right and play. It's they still be you know I mean it is good course. Me like Mario effort catch rating if he'd please out of the shock and maybe that's part of its. Could be could be that's that's outside the box way of thinking I would say it is rating was 58 Fuller dropped a whole lot whenever you can bet it is not usually catch in the bond shot and 50% of the time. That in 99 speaking markets. Like that she's he's still playing as we did is he somebody iced got to play if it's this week we'll find out. I'm Stuart fantasy advice with ice. For the final time this football season unless it comes back by popular demand which is Anita Beatty case. The last few weeks so a lot of it might be diving into a daily fantasy football contest this weekend it's gonna be the final time this year. But there's gonna be more than two games on the scheduled port in school wide enough margin I would say. Sunday's U under the radar plays because there's going to be a lot of shock on the board this week on top guys that are likely being so. Not only will tell you that projected top shocked play also give you a Friday sleeper at each position starting quarterback. Everybody in their mother's going to be playing Tom Brady. In daily fantasy football this week and rightfully so is it that's matchup against Tennessee thanks a lot plenty of yards to opposing quarterbacks all season. If you wanna go aways from Brady is weak. I would consider to be scheme of Minnesota. Besides England and Tennessee the vikings saints game has the highest implied score board. The matchup for Stephane digs is going to be a little bit neutralized Marchand Lattimore is going to be guarding him. The case has plenty of weapons and also they're not gonna have to worry about whether being a factor in the indoor track US banks. Adam Dylan is an is any great spot in the slot Kyle Rudolph is another strong red zone option of running back here Canon has been a great pass catcher all year. So I think he's cute it was a nice pivot play away from Tom Brady in the loss OC view. When he if you're looking on immediately salaried sites and running back. Everybody's going to be plainly beyond now. These sought to avoid for a variety of reasons to be honest somebody with that type of volume going up against a suspect run defense you have to consider playing. And also remember Jacksonville's pass defense is resting. And they shut down Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh back in the early part of the season you know bill is going to get any of opportunity bought it. Need to find some savings. Louis in week sixteen and seventeen is one of the tops or running backs and all fantasy football. Patriots are so XP thirteen and a half point favorites at there's going to be plenty of running clean pass catching chances for Dion Lewis remember with no expert Chad. It's going to be great match but also one other thing consider. Tennessee is very good at stopping the run. They are terrible stopping pass catching running backs they rank dead last in the league DV away against receiving running backs on the Jensen. Wide receiver. Everybody is gonna be on Antonio Brown or Julio Jones what's the deal. It's a metric that allows you to certain look at another sort of defenses that all the rounds or lack. She's saying good attitude that there's a break it down they were not yet is Bulger diseases that are you brush it. Might have helped them get better on the defense side while government and Antonio Brown or Julio Jones and I would go with Nelson at the Lars sleeper this week. Actually look at it pulls possible option at quarterback but if you really wanna dig deep in this week. And part of the reason is Nelson galore has had really solid match of Philadelphia split the team in targets staples took over. Runs most of his routes in the slot where Atlantis in the most susceptible wide receivers all year. And also the belief that the Eagles are gonna have to play from behind most throughout the inner gonna have to pass a lot Adler and great all over the field and also in the red zone and finally. Tight end obviously the top dog this week is Rob Gronkowski. Delanie Walker this week Dennison Lance pointed out there are only too tight ends in football. They've got more targets than Delanie Walker in the final accord disease those two guys. Rob Gronkowski and Travis else. Kelsey is no longer in the post season and Rob Gronkowski is going to be awfully expensive doses lately tells you places in the is not playing the you know play drums else. Especially with the Tennessee Titans likely being down early. Mario Mario is going to be throwing the ball to Bellini walker constantly. Also last week vs the chiefs when he walked got plenty of opportunities at 25% of the target here's an act game. So force sleepers like Delanie Walker Nelson that alarm Dion Lewis he's cue them. All for your final time getting fantasy advice about. I saw this we popped up moment timeline today. You know they were doing the Mega Millions in the jackpot. 400 in 51. Million. Dollars Sawyer okay at 820 year old kid Shane ms. Cutler is his name of Florida. He is taking the law some. Isn't that much money you got any lump sum payment. 200 in 81 million dollars. Artillery or a 1874009. The nine dollars to one T. Years old shamelessly is tell us sexy. I wouldn't say I would be dead at 23. If you're 21 years old I know for a fact that money is never going to be an option and no one to ever tell me no. Some work as much as LeBron James is worth the 285. Million dollars. I lived in Florida. And obviously there were several Al yet. You couldn't tell me anything I got the money it's what you get that money when you'll like I am I'm 45 years old you kind of still have an idea like. Or mature enough you know the value of our work you have different priority you pay someone how's that. One years old somebody gives you 200 in 81 million dollars of their you know. You never have to work again you never had to listen to anybody in I'd be dead at 23. Could have handled its warriors all there's no it was a lot of PC. Lottery stories about people Wednesday just in terms there and these are like grow as people. It rose as I can imagine it's forty years old banana to earn 81 million as a stupid question I understand that that lump sum payment is eight online. An absolute ton of money. It's as if he won if you go and get that money overtime no you don't know. You don't you don't want to every now I'm taking what he does. Tomorrow because tomorrow so it's gonna give you 200. Point when you reach how much money you need lied to pummel someone tells you. I'll keep you to order 81 million not get like what ten million dollars every every bought. This ice you take it you take the lumps on and and you invest. You know or you put her away and then if something happens to you then your wife gets it gadgets that you family gets that you do every. It tells me the argument that if something ever happens to act on of that money again if someone tries to cut you off you still have constantly constantly coming at. And maybe I don't this is purely out of ignorance I don't know why more people don't consider a ton of money over let me answer your question because this is from the business insider. They say that if you take the lump sum. It will make a difference in thirty years. I'm not about fifty years goal that if I'm the twenty year old kid if you're telling me today we're gonna give me 281. But I sang her time I spend. You 120 year old. 630 years you can be fifty years old let's fill. People are living in a hundred by the time they yours for just icing get to Ernie and I get a really 85 year old Aaron I don't think 8281. Million. Anyone out there are aborted due to their. One million and like mutual funds. And it's nice and save your bacon money out of it if it takes and you can make some more aggressive investments if you want him and he got to take a loss. I need to be investing 281 million dollars and somebody I don't care about this anymore here. Hey here's fifteen million dollar I never ever think about investing money I'm leaving the rest of my life. Anywhere I've ever thought about going against rod guaranteed return on your investment constantly throughout tied in the what does 201264. Million dollars when he actually won 460. So how much mores can be overtime. A lot more millions of different girls all the taxes that do violence to frighten never afterward. I just part of that's all taxes or take it I just. Is it a cute I guess what I guess what's confusing to me about the lump sum verses annuity argument is. You really arguing for so far down the line when you have no clue what's going to happen. Cancer diet 37 years Ole. I totally you could put it in your will give to somebody. On that won the lottery. Much money as humanly possible. And you never know what's gonna happen wood down the line at some them I don't know taken the money you all here right now you all 450 million dollars. Obviously Texas got to come out. You're telling me over the Sullivan hey I can make 320 million dollars. Thirty years according to business insider account and take EU technical. Some credit and I'm an orgy when the money I would give it a lot some right now right you can take. Give some money be a chance to take care of everybody you know polite ten million dollar in and lit the 270. Million dollar and raise. I mean I'd take the ice. Like something big comes up you know it's an extremely ten million. Amazed that the money what big is gonna come up I don't know I just think if something like that what did you private jet breakdown exactly what happens like you know hey you know what is it in I would tell this man I've never listened for a twenty year old Katie you know that you could still get more money over the course of time and Carrington said over thirty your time that's when you start to see the difference. Only to be fifty years old at that point and that's a three years older than you are. Now take it'll take it'll make it be investing you do right you're gonna have more anyway. We can't spot. I'm going to wait. This pop quiz is presented by bids for Chrysler dodge Jeep grand prize pair of tickets since daily gain in The Doobie Brothers when they come to Kansas City performance starlight theatre on June 18 tickets go on sale. Friday but actually it's 8 o'clock. You can check of the website right now Casey starlight dot com. Today's pop quiz is a song take away Heisman. Sex on 69 reserve's six. If you invested in mutual fund with an average are alive seven million or 7% a year high issue make nineteen million dollars a year. Nineteen million dollars. So I don't care about the thirty years from now you tell agony nineteen million dollars easier it is all in this thing the money it could see you it's making 1%. A year you'll make it two point eight million a year eyes. That was and getting greedy I don't know I don't I don't try to do within the Smart thing I don't know asking what. I'm not knocking in the two point eight million dollars I don't know to be fun to win a lot of them live like Stephen Nelson. I get in the lot let it it's gotten what is I putted for a million dollars I think what it is not here's what you put your put. Did your sister that 1% CD and that she's got that world war. Give my sister wayward 1% like 280 when they must not working anymore for the rest the light coming up soon medics. Have we under rated Aleks Maric. Oz well I mean excellent route to try to buy toxic waste from the studios sixty and Sports Radio.