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Friday, January 12th

It's noon, so naturally we crack into a 610 6-Pack. Plus, sometimes a change does you good, have the Royals built a deadline for signing Hoz, and George Brett love him a nice mustache. 


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There weights it's noon here. Six. I'd just before we get into the sixth back just wanna clarify something because there's a little bit of controversy on the XYO. Get this type of person he does. There are several people and slamming several at least four odd people that say and they quite a while this is a scientist has to. They were scientifically. Is his with the SFC did not help but wouldn't it when that when the list or to call is on the other hand. It sounds like scientist. Or stomach bug in Muncie don't ask scientists. Big we should values like a pro dot com it is still sounds like as yes or not it was or use this for you the robot voice the next time for a way there's no laughter. Not ambiguous though what's it like general public is saying is a war like that it sounds like it as it adds even when he does. If scientists. I mean the world that way it was confused. So I just I haven't asked Ian Wright the sink does the woman got me at the world war. To have. It didn't expect Brent to buy nobody and isolate chicken yesterday so whatever. Kansas State and Kansas are tomorrow our coverage starts at ten here on sixth and Sports Radio six and fourth dot com and the 610 mobile. Darn time to get a rivalry game. It's about time we get a rivalry game and you know one of the things that go in what place street in this game and prettier it's right here six has forced. Is that when it comes to. Looking at the big twelve and still the big twelve. You see how they play for one year to the next he say how can the Big Apple continue to get better if we talk about. Competitive balance. The big twelve is. Plus better across the board and I ever would have anticipated briefly because it would expand its big Kansas and everybody. When it comes to winning the division now. But the two big conference odds internship every year this year. There's a real question amongst a lot of people that follow college basketball and if Kansas. Is going to be able to win the count. Everything that at least of which were competition I think definitely that you're defeating whichever team is going to be the one who would be well. Can be West Virginia beat Oklahoma radio. It Texas Tech find a way we definitely discovered it just makes everything so much better when you have other competition for Kansas is that a winning thirteen straight. He got maybe April considered. If it turns out like we always do your own doesn't give us we'll be okay. Because if when their thoughtfully freaking thought it was funny Kansas things change. I'm a big twelve best European country. I'm impressed with built with the balance in the conference. I'm impressed with the depth in the numbers I really can't. Nobody thought that Oklahoma was going to be as good as they then. A lot of that has to trade young because nobody saw him having this type of break out year as a freshman point guard. A college basketball. Is pretty impressive man the foremost is that we'll start to see if we we start thinking about the big twelve. You think about how good they have been sailors. Actually starting off slow in the conference. To some of the other institutions self could be interested to see. And what happens between case state and it's amazing three teams involved in ones and Indians. Bhutto's father. You know canceled either at the end of what they were in the top. Established stars have a conversation Travis when the wears. His wife. Was but the ones such as far conference faces. A hole for a but you. Really life as a way of coming forth furcal. Off price they're fighting everything he beat. His wife until early and that's. But don't kill the tree and illusory. AJ your guy Robert Politico put out way a great great art I don't know if you write it or not it's interesting I do normally used to get out of she's related stuff. I didn't see this from the last night for you it's no longer reading Robert Quantico. Usually the improvements and other reason than don't expect Robert Guenther did an interview with chief softens of one and Michal Schwartz. One of the questions and piqued my interest. Robert quid pro asked would guys in the locker room be disappointed if Alex Smith was traded the team went forward with actor my home. Mr. Schwartz says quote. I think they general sense is under appreciated we've really understood in our locker room how valuable he is to our offense relative to other quarterbacks in the NFL. If that were the case and Alex's out we'd understand what we're losing we know that Alex isn't really the driving force but makes the offense ago. If it happens that happens but I think we all of playing some clothes or. Alex Smith but driving force but makes the Tivo to go out. Admitted he used plug holes. Man look. At this point in time this had beaten nobody. And nobody. In that organization that shouldn't not be showering. Praise. On Alex Smith did you know what happens the more praise in the better you make it looked. The more I did he becomes an entry as a tree commodity there's this trade value to tease his soul or if you say great. Things about. What's your story three time pro ball back and let the NFL quarterback rating. The fact is we said look at these four matchups in the NFL this weekend there's not one compelling quarterback do O competing in this in the match. Without the best one might have been Mary noted Brady Bill Marriott has had a bad year these quarterbacks are not the story in this week's games. And they will be if this week without the NFC. That's when you know why don't. Like our form. What's your issue with clinical thing we always do you want expound. We've passion job via do I'll ask you would like Alex Smith and bring apple closed and afternoon. Put a match. Not full concert. Owners I've moved past that I can tell you certainly moved on. Excuse the fired former USC right back coach Phelan Mike cola as the teams they're running back coach you replaces Eric. He enemy and not be in the media and think what you say you love buyer. Actually you give it even yet here I am deal in the cola for a couple years now though it's not at all but I'd like his history like the guys he's been with disease be the year before you see. Seems like Evan Coleman or an hour. These are burning bags and he East Coast before or don't care if your the best running backs coach football so. Common side yet but he brings energy like Vietnamese did. I know what this school outside the box to the school to college football team getting what you've coaches but like the chiefs making this move to do with the the root. I don't know what's going outside the box like thing. I'm my name is that your phone like I know who this guy is develops. I'm right not a lot of it I don't know who he has no I don't know what was he worked with don't know that that an impressive look thrilled that they'll that's all flooded get a quick because we thought nothing else the possible to act I. I don't know you know better paid 53 month old admiral Jones USC is that this year yet to a shop off. They're gonna shock the box strict. The videos and that was typical of big BetaNews. Bit. Having Campbell Coleman follow. Think that Campbell yeah but was able to it and we don't like Lauren Howard to hand means. You know I follow all of it is. NFL slaves that but the one billion Atlanta at Billy in the early game on Saturday night that has Tennessee. And New England wanted to match Sunday go by the way Jay will be at a patriots party Sunday the jets head hits it on the air next. I asked it got real estate is ice that what they were either of those media players are what is the mood on Saturday night. A careful watch the game with the patriots. Your wife yeah. And another or for patriot fan friends from the sounds to me like that aren't dotted. So. I'm Mike has been able to adjust it to. Judge you because of that it's got more experience but just throw the if you open your Delanie Walker jerseys. A I do appreciate him box particular moment in its accurate enough to make him on Tuesday. Nightcap as. Tennessee against Jay's New England Patriots Sunday the jags had to Pittsburgh news in the saints and vikings ran out the weekend. The 35 star checked. I don't think artwork for the best games are gonna draw on some excellent. Everybody knows that. Cells that that's about home safely play if it's expected better out those other than the market for on Sunday. Do you best believe it'll steal some. Of these programs that. Thought but but this is the best we can football is next week usually two of secrecy that this week and we basically. The best eight me he did football league argued she's about it I would I. Is the best we. Zimbabwe rides that he stopped ate my. Me and stay home watch the eight. Your world bronze. You picture there which day. Of. Also now all of a sudden you're embracing other patriot. Get real excited dobbs another others police got a teacher endlessly I'm shocked. His Italian girls man. Dikes up and why aren't these shots and he's watch party lists these horses. OW can't go to what's his body of the Steelers of the years that they precisely through co workers and Lebanon and in the and he Myles Brand experience. What did you let your man. My friend that one's. A company here. Is that agent you really page's lawyer best friends Peter thank you. Two pages fans I don't know you are friends or even with the enemy yeah just sleeping with the enemy you're seeing danger we ran for and we can we could debate that. All we don't. Both will stop humans is first. Up this. If the seaside courses favor football team yes. What's a fair hockey Luke was a favorite baseball. Was a paper basket. There she liked. She's old oldest team that came out one day. I was on the all the raptors publicly. I was about to ask I don't know I'm probably probably that low restaurant know it had to do. And I'll leave that out. Mauled by the bell about to. That. Speaking of a laugh a minute ballots nicknamed the 2018 and up all Pro Bowl he's gonna act. Is gonna read this quote respect Philip Rivers. People involved. Is figure to redeem myself to go the got a little he absolutely deserved to be the problem was those years yes we look at like the players I don't think either he deserves for the pollution. I nice job out in order for nice season special for them because they don't comparable your career and have fun especially ones answers here. I asked Peter Senior patriots for and make him. Increasing has paid now stands right now it's now facing your clothes your patriot different. But that I don't. Know I Clough my boy lives alike in the states. I called for the that's plant trees are sleeping with the enemy. With the fact I think with the enemy. I thought to have resistance they expect the region there's a report. Old man our governor of bags. AD read he needs a make over. I saw a lot of physical battle it out. Our. All the ways that. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. I backing. On the day seriously thinking which tells your own stakes in Sports Radio. Andy Reid need to make eagle. Now what does is. Make over. Consistent. That he would doesn't need to dig out listening Jillian Michaels and those like feet. Busy to get into here than it does he need to Lusa the mustache. Actually I would be an assuring he's already been dropped when. Appreciate the actually pretty opens up full blown adult alike would Schilling got with images. He gets to her kids sitting like a goatee I mean you read the look like a rib is a different style. Ridiculously sick instead of the glasses yeah aggregates and lay sick. Figure must admit to go the food man shoot this time around a goatee. But Bruce Syrians hootie or maybe just the soul patch it goes like midlife crisis soul patch. My family. A lesser away were the riddle occasional boy. It gives the general sense that this is the crucial thing now which you were black chiefs coat still chiefs and if you're gonna Wear red code in the some porcelain and as it premier deep hatred of the red coats. Exactly. Welcome back to the revolutionary war if he doesn't. It's little digs in London. So that's not the type of it earlier this fitness of British people are stupid let's. That's how does that make over that I'm talking now. With the order. That would be excellent. Was it doubles argues in Dave when he went the whole body thing in. The drastically different degree change in his New Year's. They're losing way it's here it's all very moved him. Well groomed. Jeanne I asked myself last night at I'd rather the full court teams that are remaining he exceed the bathrooms office. Mean he knew wing and Tennessee. Jacksonville and pits or. One. Dude they exhibited. Is it still playoffs that the seasonal. In Indian think you went through all the things earlier we we looked at the defense in the but the the defense of numbers and yet to be there absolutely stood just Tennessee. As tech issues defensively we talked about the when he got the leading. When he backed in the AFC idle in the AFC in the international global lead the dog's perspective it was a use it was it wasn't the running game. Back to these other teams use the big difference to quarterback situation like all roses. Trash. You stop. Anybody outside. A broad jeans he's criticized he came out to talk about LeBron moral. Right. People called him for me here and he's wanna know in the playoffs with the respect and he's got a revolts in order. He's stamp and he's like the kid that it's swirling and finally gonna lose it a problem to the girlfriend's the eighth he is not a loser. The winner in my book he'd be trashed but he grassy day hot seats do globally world's girlfriends you do you slash day I your entire life evidently. It's working from what I'm saying. Exit today. You to be rich and date attractive woman if you have money to play pro football you much worker at a lot more than I believe billion on the kid you. At best days he's you play the NFL your quarterback I don't care how good looking York you'll still get the number. Ho man. It would make sure dramatic and it wasn't because of the quarterback this Alex Smith was not. The course next to blame he's better than Blake portals. It's not coaching because I don't think the age of reed is a war colds then Malarkey. Overall I think he's better than them so to what it would come down to tally Peter exactly without the behavior or discouraged me if they. Dictate to me it comes down to the mentality. And in the mentality. Has not being or was last week as a bid for at least the majority of the season displaying that killer mentality. Knowing that you know what will we have a team that's down and we got books take well. They had Tennessee on the ropes when he won that three they didn't as the job. And that has to change. She saved age any race I did any younger he's only dispute that he decide his last contract that he's going to be done coaching after this acted as fidgety guy. How it's never never does that as a couple years of moms like at him go back there also this though and right of the mimic this what the chiefs likely through charges that. And they fight to see someone just are getting beat down. In it because the guy didn't putting now what happens sometimes and I come back yet. Really ought on the Jules even though you've been dominating the buy geek out on the Jules that's exactly what's happened that chief they're just pounding away at their opponents. Like an enemy fighter. Gets when it happens. Get off the map of the guy punches in the jaw and knocked them out even though that I dominated the entire fight he gets you to have you seen in UCR. So we'll just get beat down. And yet they find one punch in the in our the other guy out as you go check out the cheap Congo and pat Barry right note that ample time to finish tomorrow. And a lot of good sliders Wilson's blood boxes and everything and they will ticker biz that Wilson's. Blood in building new speaker but they do they go for the knock out Tuesday decent wobbly this and everything popular fighter. Don't keep going to a knock them chiefs' lack that inlet people rest. And go to the corner get the water get a break America they beat them that's the problem. They have to have bad. That day that killer mentality man eighty Reid has to. He had just finished the job. He doesn't display at all times Jackson has a tough defense and the ante to two to get after. The Steelers. They will not let all. The patriots and Tom Brady to deal for touchdowns at the start of the fourth quarter you know what it's not a whole lot. Both teams they don't mess right now. They don't mess around Tennessee. They knew that it wasn't a done deal. After they got the ball back eagle basic. Right now we gotta finish this off. We don't want to give the c.s anymore opportunities tick in the last seconds of McCain the it would to go back down on us and it it tick of Google and when it's. Bottom line. I'm watching highlights that she'd come on pat Barea in order for our. But that that is right does that change with injury man it has to it's now or never. It's now or never that that mentality asked to change. The passion that you see from KeySpan is the desire. To wanna give us to be able to finish off other teams. That has to be exhibited don't have exhibit two games this year they of fourteen and. Mean still in it would lose. The jet skiing titans and chargers game is that Los Angeles. Seventeen and didn't have any fogleman thousands she's favor. It would until prima broke with that long run in the fourth quarter beat them for that game would they lack that killer instinct that kind of mentality that's the problem what teams back in. Chiefs have a history of getting leads in letting teams come storming back dislike the Texans global poll short for them. What you got out there in the second half the third can be achieved to build that explosion that it didn't matter they galactic war mentality. The sort that Peter de you know punish people put another way don't let them keep hanging around. The she got a dominant defense. Two weeks from right now. We are going to be broadcasting from fans that's royals fan fest. So no there. It is a short amount of time between now and fan says. Does this put some pressure on the won those two get specific deals done we'll explain next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Did we see any good. Playoffs at that thought just now celebrations last weekend. I can remember the playoffs nothing till now. You don't stands out right now though what are your chance to win. Tickets to the night before we are kicking off the biggest game in sports with the biggest night music the night before is sold out. Only way to win or your only way to get in the door is to win. As our code word that could send you to the night before with Dave Matthews Band in Minneapolis. Is packs. Pats PA. Has asked. Text pack. Passed the 72881. Right now for your chance to win messaging data rates may apply for rules or to enter online visit Entercom contest dot com. One randomly selected nationwide infant will win a trip to Minneapolis for the night before. Next if we're coming up at 530. Obviously the past there are dependent on a through. To ask you don't need to know it starts to use boat you put this close together in your member obsessed on the I believe that's abscess. Often but it tooth. Tournament I have the list in front of me so it's not a of what I had to guess too but I I know. I'm a terrible speller you as hard enough. Two weeks from right now. Mean being that will be it will stand that broadcasting live. It's a safe assumption of dubious and schools that. No there's no assuming you always with salt all I got an email your yap good to be a fan yeah I guess yeah we spent oh god so to be there. Total last appearance on Saturday what does that agree I'll meet idling on the one. Out of 88 please play along. Jay thank you good to me it just found out. Kobe getting Greek fans Saturday afternoon Rick and there's no I didn't. What was the talk about assumption. Oh man are some rigidity expand this and we saw the list all of royals at arkansans. Okay. Start to outline of it now heads the seat ego Ned has been a bullet. If people know us out of star studded lineup and they know they still loaded team and knows there was a contestant Susan that's it. A name that will continue to be talked about. Every bus and try to figure out if if the deal's gonna get done with them or not. Is here cost. What you think day. The royals that there could be a little bit more pressure on the world's try to get something done before and fast. OK you don't think so and say there should be because if they're gonna get a deal done just get it done whenever. But is going to be awkward it's gonna be weird to have a stand says with no McCain you know moves. No role. You know Borges. No SE at this point. They got everybody wants to recited hop or or what if no deal stumbled out no hi how's it. On this one if if they gonna try to ratchet up. Conversations and negotiations. When it comes of the contract to possibly get it done before. They're not not from their perspective does get the deal don't whenever from a fan's perspective you do kind of wonder. Oh can you imagine spike in the attendance spike in the interest to get a deal done with other Eagles to the roof. Be the one they needed there's going to be a lot of B here's the one thing about these or free agencies will slow. Listen to Jayson stark less on movie network if they've heard point it's true with no deal's been signed for longer in three years. That's incredibly bizarre to be January well in no deals longer than three year deal. It's just that what's happening. The price is being driven down for about JD Martinez said he's willing to hold out until spring training. Mean he's got Boerse guys that they have a feeling as her price be right same lines as Judy Martinez. No rush to her eggs returning starts we'll get there it's long and a week long as it is anyway at this study did. Unbelievable all bot howl but god how long the stuff to be a nice moment to bring him in announce the signing of interest but mean. Wouldn't count Bob nightingale from USA today. This is what he had to say in regards to the still league right now when it comes to air cost and deal. NC they got to have your contract about 140 yards there. Well it does have your contracts. In nobody else involved in discussing. Global and burst. I think you really want to go to achieve Diego. You know what a World Series and the city that could you let the public you know. That first group of our own what more than exchange Diego. But you know it's almost like. Would respect of Britney you're figure out her purse we'll get again in the military but. Who steps up with an eight year offer. Again that would be twice as much plus two years of any deals but offered. Again no deal longer in three years has been offered to anybody. Dayton Moore still perfect in arbitration so far Kelvin her rarely in the royal agreeing. Seven point nine million dollars to avoid arbitration clothes are held being Herrera Dicey lies that you have supporters are Gill's these openers that arbitration. Did and they Goodyear. Remove almost did it get. 7937500. Dollars and 74 cents. Again it's laughable Portia wanna evident on your new me Mormon I am certain that if all else what is raised from last year we make last year as well with less than and you need to. Basically a forced from ticket the National Football League there's no way I want arbitration in 2017. He made five point three million would you say it was for a it 7937. Of a sudden we got a two point six billion dollar raise for going backwards in his career this is arbitration is the best. A that's why Major League Baseball union has about what what if almost forced while page in the National Football League while I wanna arbitration system. Before you get the free agency but if you are performing your rookie Patrick you get more money if any of them that did the free agency says dumb though the way that it's. It's it's not a free agency system but all patrician type system that Schwartz is what deep boards has dealt with when he picked the option it walks like. Arbitration of what really look at the if you'd like Fremont who still has rookie deal he goes out leads the on received yet he's still on his rookie contract he's not bumping it up to arbitration signature opener made five point three million. With backwards in his career did have a good year it's two point six million dollar race. I deal. I understand 100% of white. Major league baseball players you it has been a phenomenal job of Lagos has outperformed the rookie contract beautiful time you've pump more than a year now but basically. I. So that you still walking out of that if he didn't it is that pastor. There's very little accounting for stupidity that's right people deep voice when not to teach what they tell us this year. It's over ten million and he's the leader form a lot of money they offer up to one Robert reasonable public. Elsewhere around the arbitration the royals because we are nearing the deadline to get those arbitration case of settle royal settled. With Nate in Carnes earlier in the hour 1375. For Nathan aren't you also as incentives for games started. Up to 25000. If he starts twenty games he gets twelve and half. If he starts fifteen games in both he and Ferreira have a 500000 dollar bonus. If they make all star I'm not as the only person left on the table still avoided arbitration with that will be Brandon now. You can start releasing for the first big league you don't pick it up and he's on the roster for the league yet figured he would even geared he'd with the injuries. Is it got. It works Peters itself performed for you contradict at this point he deals before retracing the majority of players don't outperform a contract so but a lot of players do. And also help performed his third year deal he was third round pick and he does it tell us what do you get when they finally got on the. But my point though it is big for the greater good of the wood short of the players. It works out for everybody ought to be guys double double double play balls their contract over an outperform apps to the majority of them don't. Thing I don't see you can look at it like a rare DeWitt backwards in his career but yet it's a two point six million dollar race is not ideal. Is not perfect. I think we see the other sports it's important duty thing I think we see that other sports to report doing big bubble released. I got a contract and for those who and I saw Samantha finds that Thomas noted today. A literary isn't worth two million dollars I think you're really underestimating the market for what it cost to have a a good closer I mean even. I'm looking at a right now five and a half million or thirty relief pitchers and make more than five and a half million in talking about the the top of the list. The Wade Davis is a role this chat in the the world those guys are making. About seventeen to seventeen and a half million dollars seventeen point three is what Wade Davis has a robber Chad in the seventeen point you can only chance and make sixteen million. Let me see your Craig Kimbrel and a half million. Helena Mike Minor just got to deal would make nine point three million dollars this year interest boilercast right Andrew Miller for Cleveland. Nine million Joaquin Soria name that we all know and love he's make an eight and a half million to play for the White Sox though. Ever be a free agent this year right and you five point three million you sort this five point treatment for a he goes backwards in gets a two point six million dollar race ideal that. Baseball is banks and banks dealt. That's distinct. And good union advocate for it to be in baseball it is great to be killer. It is give a bad year and get a breeze. A one more thing about our cost of from Bob nightingale. When a deal could be done. I think while they have quick spring and we've seen guys have been Przybilla. Real lady. A few years ago. With the Packers but I think it's canola. It to a point where guys won't be ready to open today. In this like look at. You better side and still love it directly to the families you know not so much arteries and blocks but you don't go away again in our ability. It was going to be returning to Florida or Arizona. You know we're actually get a partner title of the year so it is to get later later doctor Hamlin slid Malta are below push themselves. If the thing is Bob McCann 14250. Million dollars don't think the white cares more about movement late hostility doesn't care. We have a wife yeah it's yet till the girl from their house we're going to I'm sure she doesn't like CB. Well they don't care if you have five kids and a wife. If you're making a 150 million in good I don't think she really care did you go with Steve you should get there after the school year and move in or things we shall make it war. You make a 14050 million helping my wife routier's. What city you're union of Albany George Brett. The hall of Famer yes and interesting view on must pass it's we get to that it. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Nice to date news political season coming up now. It has seen what's wrong and what had happened with it and it is an area real owner will. Mean I guess we get the force in this weekend's game. Just vulnerable the driver is doing the bracket of the most disappointing playoff losses and east history by the way I love that conjures. That is old. All of the because that was real interest in what people were going to do and what do you think happened a Kabila Nellie. Then I thought it was gonna be that as well. However yet I think it was a Twitter all that was left up to it and so. I'm trying to say winners only for the millennial or what game they get to what are got to write that it 4% on the game that wasn't as big get a 1196%. Or estimate that there was accurate but. It surprised in the Little League game wasn't the winner may be it's his younger being based. That's what I've figured because Twitter and a bit either have you ever heard Dana and talking about that game. That when Allegheny said he had family in town anyway mountainous are just sat there for like a half hours a particular hour. The cars everything they've just here's the steering wheel. Other that was gonna win that shows you the younger feature on Twitter and only have the privilege of covering two extremely disappointed locker rooms in the that he. Here's my theory guys and I mean there the route that game did he was horrible cold feet. The problems we urged him because she's so bad here for two at fourteen under and got the oil. The literally in the chief's team as opposed that there was no. The cheap it's usually no expectation then when they lost the COLT I guess it sucked 128 point Norway were gonna win the Super Bowl day you're the politically team that chief Steve Irwin was I shocked the box. Well it's. Think the down the hall of Famer. George Brett. Had an interesting. Number symbols on Yahoo! does on Yahoo.com. I actually thought it was a really good idea they had with that. Just we have break open a few likes apple with the media don't just the bar still like he did yes he did. Brits get a nice personality about it but they but as he opened opening 85 court. It is genius idea her we're try to do is the boy will reopen debate yes ours Graham read their names he did not work like George read worked but it tests are as our brands not as far as George Brett. Critics mural in the cords baseball players of the best stories don't. What your opening you look at all these names like yours or about the stories that everybody when you open them up brings back muscles respect so. That does a really good idea. Did you get this kind of delegate from Georgia ports result in baseball cards from 1985. And the interviewed him while doing it which is George Brett. Coach Phillips good player Tony Phillips really good player with the Oakland days which sorts of debates. Good player like playing against him. John Henry Johnson that's the worst they're newer diversity that is what I remembered as a left in the picture at the very easily beneficiaries. On James I remember the name of the passing them beyond that nothing bad at running back. Good running back. Mike Ramsey. Don't know gray mustache. Towards our most and I explained indeed it was and he have a special look like it is a fact that. Voted for us nineteen 74. Making 54 trader for him. All of living in Los Angeles. And going to junior college for what your product rights tools you fight for the better at a junior college that was my school was. But there was an article to deliveries local newspapers and that it would meetings. The royals and the roads were going to be the tree short right for Tony drives never happen. Now it and now we're both in the hall of famers third base hammer on them that don't need the perfect. That's great stuff is definitely also pictured on for hours of recording opens a story about it that was a bit of eastern you'll. But the ports there. That's what guys that. In the ports should not him. Oh it was a feud betray must de Derrick Collins and before a little bit miss the growth of sworn statement just ever initial like if other like give other people and walks like like. Let's say a ton of baseball players are wearing like a more baseball players wearing that stashed in porn stars because if so wouldn't that is the baseball players bash. It's two point. Like when everybody tells me that wearing hats is what made me go bald my responses why aren't their more bald baseball players. I think today America has lost its way with us there's. Also everything has come back related bills pleats they'll come back at that he announced that the people were popular in the eighties mainly by spellbound fans though. Boston or Miami Vice you know crock auto workers at its come on how amazed are really hyper color shirt I'm wearing those guys come back but stashed them. Let the senate is not true. Stashes of absolute welcome back it is not either usually people go tease. Or beards Beatles he many people just wearing it's there you all handle a little curl that's do you lot of nationalism. In vote yeah Seymour. I asked him morally and he's gotten us. Who were on your best Obama vesco. They have a weary mustache and the very popular among them that they've had they've gotten lax for the mustache. Stevens and his mustache institute I have a pacifier for my newborn when he puts in his mouth and makes him look like he has a mustache. Understood I've seen many goodness there's lately colors and Dugard and Thomas Ashley. District is that how but the three of us yes I have thought the area the three of us goes there for now. Do with incest tersely tree right key girl and not need to deal to buy it doesn't connect with the rest of my beard like it doesn't grow on the side but the previous ghost ash no due to India by itself. Last time I grew stash attitudes that lost the bent double missile almost a game. You mascots with stations. I lost the bet that they shade until must station I'd look like Paul Bork all come up with some accuse Goldman. On one stashed image as the ball company. Women in particular kids and run from Denver for or ask a stash. Henry lake with a mustache. Big ticket go to it you're tweet that out. No lights. I tweeted before albums and picture this'll mine. Soft when your talents that ice. Go back to that good stash for one. Not go to Arlington goes dash as far you've seen this bridge before them pretty probably for the three of his domestic yet ready to. Other 100% to a Google pulled pork more up Norwalk. Go ahead express do it alone even better if you guys ridiculous Daschle. It's Saturday that saw it puts us something I spoke liable to wash like to me in line had to be a part of it because her team. We're going to be a must then why don't Sunni you know a TrailBlazer. No team and these replied that won't get messed up its. If you look at that mistake. Q would you say it's yours if you are legally single. Plus S blew north of me now it is excellent suggesting a turn Rogaine on MySpace. You've got a full beer the ball at all. Of the top but does this just like the sides are right here is his right here it is like two little bald spot between the mustache. And the beer you looked a witness if we all are careful. What I was really where I was like noises at a Peewee Herman shaved by beard you total legal export. Doubts that the Spanish. He does just what you have here and there you have the Alex Gordon and I'd ever put two and two together that you were the Gordon just give a head nods and als Gordon's. But they're the look at it needed ghost. It's in Gordon north and it's. A good and mustache contest with the listeners through that stage. You're going to vote she'll have ladies are included their ladies do. What the heck happened to that seized last weekend went and asked Dane news former chief next it's must answer. Studio sixty and Sports Radio.