01/12 - 11 am - Ants In Your Pants

The Day Shift
Friday, January 12th

Chiefs fans just can't wait for this to happen, but why? Plus, a new coach let it all hang out, Lake exposes the irrationality of sports fandom, and we fill the S-hole. 


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Howard's view of the they sit here. Or like towns. As we still try to. Navigate through the week. But it sees games all well. That's frustrating. But there are some nervousness amongst these things you can sense it. You've seen on social media there's a lot of fans are upset right now on the same in what's called Bob's sudden wisely and five. What's the hold was the deal. You see it all over Twitter man. Think when when it comes to the cheese and cease fans. In this nervousness. Bob Sutton is still the defensive coordinator. I don't know if he's gonna get fired this weekend animal fees to get fired at sweet I don't know if you can get fired a month from now. But do you exhibit some of that nervousness when it comes. The longer we get removed. And days it removes them weeks we give removed from that playoffs laws that there's a strong potential for him coming back. I think so because they're hoping separate facts. It is why you regroup and get things going for next year your Easter put your playing together for for 2008 teen Natalee that slip for candidates. Before gobbled up for the head coaching job in Detroit new York and in Indianapolis here's on the spilled they're going to take hold he'd been scored. The top four right Xian probably of the unifil got a public inspect the NFL if you want to get ahead of the curve go that direction. Things do sometimes take about a week. The bills is fired her office according to Rick and that's the latest news just came out that Rick Dennison wasn't one minutes ago we didn't fired bill look at it took about a week. It lost last week in chiefs' loss last week it took about a week if it's going to happen I hold out hope. Did the sudden thing comes down 3 or 4 o'clock. In the business day pushing out there yet the whole weekend yet an OK day on Monday. And see these three days in between where the media not really going to be there and people forget about it I'd choose dates that we do. Even though I think you'd actually be positive I think the chiefs fans want Bob's sudden gone in that would help me just look it's the one common denominator teams still. In the playoffs. But her defense and chiefs in out of the patriots in total defense railroad chiefs are scoring defense. That's one thing chiefs had been good that points allowed 2012 since 2012 chiefs and see arts source fewest points allowed things are different now. The longer you wait. But going forward he's not your planes Weis still keeping that point but he's still here he must be in your planes. For the future to me they're really teetering on the this is the opposite it's obviously tough decision for them because it was point blank about zoning team. You mingle. You would have gone lest we can view with two epic playoff. Good. I couldn't not go with a 28 point play awfully loss in Indy that was a major strike one there treatment of the chains. When you do it twice and you lose an eighteen point. Old playoff loss against the titans. In another office would agree either they scored points of the second half argued that stood eleventh Mbeki port still your defense did not get off the field. Titans. Oh that third core bit dreadful nine minutes or third quarter off your defense didn't go off the field that prompted defense coordinator I've got other she's due. How would you like just the news and I never felt like Bob said he's got this play your team just needs all that money. If he's not put him in positions this exe. He's clos Mac but the raiders. The date with a tutor for the quarters here to do as a kid Norton and it was John Dunham took brother. It was defensive line coach took over on the place the raiders. On defense become a defect these were on the move clue lack around side side to put him inside the utilize his skills that they were going to highlight how you play. The chief sought as they put guys in the best position to succeed. But they don't on beef mark speed of play one side or the other not floating around field that's another major issue. So to me either really teetering on the sudden. And if it's gonna happen the day today is today than I do expect a few these things drugs like build ridiculous than. I think it's in chiefs put to release that are reported. Themed settings were. Or whatever in doing today words are going to be news in a couple of days that seems like chiefs waved when things out there and the Mac and thing. That was on a Friday night when it yeah any new NA map and our state aid they met me yet after the news older recycled they pushed this Mac and thing out their so would be forgotten news or at least eight down news this attack that they natives how they operate with a look of a sudden the go. If they don't do it by three or four today. Well maybe he keeps his job. That this thing is interesting to me in all of this is that we've started a short talking about ain't you read in what I believe should be. A make all of sports when it comes to them and tat. And bear probes how they're different from other teams that are remaining in the AFC playoffs. And a lot of it has do with eighty reed and him just when he had a killer instinct. To meet only looks specifically at this. You don't just does. Tim he is still lead the heat the team's lack of aggressiveness. Quite. We can sit here everybody can sit here and still be frustrated about Bob's and let's say that they do all Bob Sutton as if it's a quarter we don't know if he could be backer now. Let's say that they do spiral weeks from now. Too aggressive at the very end of the season. And let them go it. You head into what we lack of good candidates out here. Like it's not O'Connell or something incident admissible all jacked over the ever bet horses. Just coordinator eight. Don't you want to go out there could be aggressive in your next tiger you don't wanna be reacting to what everybody else in this or. Position he's shown he ability to be aggressive. They were with getting out of the mess in 2000 well. They were aggressive enough to get on a plane go to Philadelphia. And talked Indy reader the airport before letting flight Ayers own. I feared it would happening he really gets on a plane errors Phoenix close was on the scene Diego. If he takes governor zona I truly believe that coach and she's would have been Bruce area. Which who knows that worked out and Bruce has been put your cup by I truly believe that she's like Bruce hearings and that's what would happen if he'd be Reid took that job. In Arizona all the weight on it. Like it's 2000 making right now season ticket holders are teetering. Right now they don't like to do your game. Okay this tweet from my touch or voice 567 he says. Odds he tweets that you would mean they're waiting on their guided become available. I guess we backed hole. To deal on the guy shot now available Gado available Steve Spagnuolo whose interview for the giants back to get a that would be inane and I'd look at Tuesday's signal of Cristiano. Took the Ghana. Why do you want to be aggressive and go get he saints banks. See them. I do today be rigor to the Fed's quarter I could see that working and you see that personality working PV read. There's a very that's why don't real I don't think it's here all Ryan is he would shake between B Jack I don't think they like each other. And then when just the real called the gimmicky offense get the ED appreciated that so I would tell ought to almost almost automatically check off. Jack go real pushy they didn't let bygones be back. I'd that's in the past moved four of that than let's say that's that couldn't happen people who lately is idol season ticket holders they're literally teetering. India and what are Libya but emails I seem averse I don't know if I want to give us I don't know hundreds in the open market bring back out. And I'll say listen I don't think deal our digital home theater Clark understands the people neglect data such as the big one. It's very few times you see the tank assault Greg Robinson intensity quite a bit. Usually it's been a head coach the manager the baseball team gets most of fire. But I haven't seen like Bob's sudden and I really haven't had many people say. Actually and had none so you need to keep us that Evan that'll usually have two sides of the point. But I haven't heard of with the bills admiral Dennis in the day. If your think Nokia may be teams as you know wait a little bit longer before you decide you need to have a back up plan usually have a backup plan before you do. For if fire coach Bill Kennedy who you want to get the sometimes aggressive and always greener when you make those decisions. But. The fifth recordings there are some available right now you can make a pretty nice offer to. In they would they would love like what if it's according would wanna come play for this team. Have this home you'll Libyan. Seriously if your fifth according to what kids seem to be very attractive July. You're gonna have those who is he any current confusion with the office on the other side like you truly wonder with a beat. But this would be a defensive coordinators dream to coach defense literally stayed you've been so loud for the opposing offense more free to Erie. And an offense of the homes in Tyreke hill agreement Travis Kelsey. You can win and get to the playoffs the way that benefits coordinator Kansas City and be the next Doug Peterson or Matt Nagy in their office quarters but get jobs in the NFL. Indy Reid's got seven office go to treat our coach. Like he's a very attractive job they have people be kicking themselves trying to get easier to be the defensive coordinator if they had that opportunity I think is to be job number one. If who's out there you'd wanna come cases that. It's. It's. Still like. Seattle that the here's thing about Seattle because corner caught you're so I've actually Kara also instrumental in the defense. That detonates it I think he still has his fingerprints all that. Saturday after the game. After it was done Saturday. Night I say there's no way off subs come back up that that would be the easy thing to do. As I say it at this microphone right now. I think there's it's it's. It's it's it comes back I'm still hold out the three or four today Tsquared pushed the news out in maybe 5 o'clock. We've been recycled push even though I don't think we don't it wasn't anything. But the more that the death happened by the day I'm concerned. The longer it takes him to be nice is if it does not happen by littered him angry and see all those days I don't know. If Alice this is backed year old is is is setback. I'm not the one heroic nature and a if you hit two weeks after it was shall you do lose no time to build your defense for next year they'll maybe you wanna go back to a 43 of them 34 maybe have a different kind of philosophy you know I think the talent base here is been drafted that 34 scheme. More than 43 but he made that switching to Edgar can help Reggie Greg went down and out in in buffalo. He was drafted as a 34 linebacker. Rex Ryan when they make irony and switched defenses there's no room for ridge Iraq. Personally you have does make a difference. The longer we wait. Your waist and thought if that's not your guy is your plane going forward you're wasting time and area of she's wasting time unless they said no bobs that gaggle for. Seed that this is big business that shopping habits we got live shots. From Philadelphia. Right they're they're doing a live shot could be your. Witness should be live shot talking about. Chiefs. And Steelers. Appreciate pacers Raddatz let they would be like shuttle usually gets it ceased ease of patriots are ill she doesn't it matter it should be chiefs and patriots. Now live shots. Info and more payment is reduced to less than they talked and she speaks. Can happen. When you'll be able to produce a show on sunny. Only the chief of the idol and Betts did a beauty Steelers he speakers. And a. Element of the show wouldn't that be too. This. Who response to a tweet like two days later. Caught off windows. Alone. I had the message. I'd best. Are we have a clear example of a new higher in sports. Who did not win the press conference waited two years it's audio it's unbelievable. It's. Who studio sixty and Sports Radio. In other instantly make it much else. You rate of breakdown. She's. Patriots and. Did quieted. You go deep Planon. Classy bill. Over Blair Walsh bill bullies that doesn't bother you missed. Does all right in league with. Cannot wait there's going to be some collapse weed out the Super Bowl or maybe the Super Bowl. Here in new law. Fresh off the new data coming and muted by the way I needed by the way it did that's noted. I was under the right. Have been broken of that new fitness right now yesterday I don't know this image or whether me and said don't worry about snowed in snow yesterday as it might spitz now. Don't like to have you can't less than like a bit about your odds on amateur this has got to look at the radars that were you on that. It snowed like Andrew if there is no snow that is so yesterday and you know I think confident about your dope. I don't agree and Richard do in this obscene as I don't you had zero confidence in your prediction you're gonna peacock. Yet I can't gauge it looked at raider I don't think it's gonna snow guys don't they couldn't. Nude. I did. It. You worse so I knew whether I'm confident utilized and deliver it you liked it with a and I told my producer do whether couple minutes late. Watch the other U Purdue on. I'd semi do what they're doing copy off of an induced into the claim and mr. nice be job. Of the definitely ice that bracket so. You just. I was under right. Let's be honest here. This guy a 100% this guy. New data on backbeat weatherman a lecture given up even wrong you'd didn't believe you yesterday I do it now. But it's I don't know too confident that I can predict with the royal no denying the outs tonight Libyan really wrong last year no article does give it up I'm back in the game no gain confidence back in the game. Horses well. And I'm nervous the first time I've never put it on the mall before it did well what I'm dot com John Holmes I'm John Holmes always good pass through it on the eagle streak as it. John Holmes SSA acted. Meet heroes Bob and teach people. Is there. New data. Think that's known as they talked and muted. Poll taken aback by the John owns. It's. It's a percentage of our audience either and I doubt that reference. And how he's like. A huge hole he was whether it was audible. That unites. That about him in reference John owns in the movie. What it. Is all about Dirk Pickler. Roller girl yet again be what it was like one world records. I'm on the baton to deeper senators 60% or less of our audience to. Tex like right you go or. If you take lead not meeting to be wrong as usual. What's wrong. Bates dance no operatives go back it was a pathetic that it is that they would abide gets 230 did approach that worked castle note. It's just go up with a real well. Right here. Nailed it published a you know Sunday thing is that's like us they want it's cops. My. And portrait stands war. Room on the weather change on the that's the guy I trust the weather. He's yet in this room and LT where the tornadoes are next. 1115 minutes would have to Gary Parrish. A tornadoes touched down outside the Kansas City. Where it's at next on the night shift her keys. Repeat. All. That's. Eight. We have a clear example you know how they say always try to in the press conference we have new hires a colts you've got to put the press cover. Well. Did this. New colts with LSU was he when he in the press article did you when the press out this new law coordinator. No we didn't it and it was though shooter or say what you hear it does matter you're talking TS EC football getting kids city hiring coordinators. She press conference late rehired reported their positive. What are Vietnamese aids. Not getting negativity. Can he think of many negative questions on someone's been hired in at a new threat. Typically now what's your view what's your vision how do we afterwards that he won that press right he want it. Well you took an assistant coaches already on staff. May Stevens junior immediately called plays in a long time these new law the court got a big deal here is is press coverage he tell me. If one. This got donors disembodied L issue in two if you recruit. You go and L issue because of this. Jack on the left actually reason papers I've read paper twenty years ago. I don't read Twitter. You know how. A bit about what Europe thinks it coach deplorable they do respect I don't damp paper I don't read Twitter a couple FaceBook. You know it not to offenders they offered it elect. Look at you know what. All I can do what I can do you know what I think let any outside influence say when you're not good enough or you can't do it. Doesn't opt out do. Okay I'll. Are at the art Steve. It didn't say a moment and thunder ready to Kennedy's seat makes an important play in and talk at all. If you're as you can only it's it's kind of a big deal there they they go through big talk liberal corner and was met the other theories to pay one point eight million dollars. They talked about a moment are. Says it reads the paper quoted book facets of the Booker said. I like number one hit. FaceBook Twitter you don't read the paper by the way those comments rollover Twitter. Bugger McFarland Bibi don't look at that thing you're just gonna quote something somebody said. That's amazing things we've head coaches do we equaled four. I'll read papers but that hey this one article said well you do read the papers if you don't. Somebody else does. Heard PR store facilities the work for Mike Sheehan in Denver. Mike witness read paper you'll needed PR people went to his office in shooting the articles everyday they were about him. So we read the articles what you like or not it's wonderful story to say you don't here's the problem. So well issued on pumping in money from the guys that want to do because this is it a deadly thing your organization. If you recruit. This is the new age media this coached or you'll just on our Jim Harbaugh is doing all go to the social media. We Irving and on equities would be interval. With the pins they jigs regular route he's movement he's a social media these coaches literally every school's got to Coetzer to. Begin on social media to see with the recruits are saying it you know scholarships have been old because of what kids they aren't what are what they don't say. You can learn a lot about the personality what they're on line profile. He can go back but a lot of different things out about. They support drug use was there to kind of racial tones and either tweeted that the path you can find out everything you want about recruits not only that. You use Twitter in steep pitch yourself and because you find out about the latest recruit in high school football if you're not on social media watching video. Hours twice been watching some highlight film some high school kid because someone's tweeted about as the duke what's too much at the coach. We read that crook these guys go up it's because they have to recruit. All hands on deck culpable everybody goes up crew. Can you go route would you don't know anything about anybody is you're not any kind of social media lab. 2017. Differ man. We might guess what you got to do if you're not doing it. You're gonna be barred the fact that said this about the guy to a white Thompson came out of the bulls never let Al Snyder. I agree that it be hard to ever know any more possible and the problem is which could do nowadays you have to recruit personal. Yet to be more social you have to deal that the reason he said but what are county and used in the year and there is because he's probably told this is what recruits like. They love it did you marble goes on and Ebert whether tweets or whatever they tweet about it they'd talk they'd like that kind of if the personals nation from coaches but it is dead into FaceBook quarter that was the only on it hasn't read the newspaper in forty years. While closed minded or you if your outlook at the paper and look at what's going on in the world around you. I just this is the one they did they do it's be a ball. Old school coaches. Nowadays. Whenever you hear a coach. In people's say that they don't do Twitter would bait they don't do FaceBook or they don't do whatever it is. Is that impressing anyone not impressing recruits when you say that if it's a post about I don't snack shack or snack base impressing anybody. I did it it that's how you walk. That's one thing is that when modern precedent that would brings recruits into the bride about like Muslims recruit and this is not an abrupt about aids makes absolutely. Also you have to be conscious of what's going on the Simonyi winner of the when the pork a high school teams were sending. Various assistant coach. Jim horrible pick up the phone personally coldest. You marble tweet that you. That's what these kids more. In the BR Jacobs had a look at him Boogaard or loans that borders that. Read the newspaper idea don't it's that. How are we twenty minutes away or you guys at twenty minutes away. From an opportunity to win appear to just that it can't city bowl in sports shall for one of three days of oral halls of January 18 to January 21. Go to law can cities or shall dot com to get your tickets right now wall would do that. In twenty minutes. But coming up next. MI in awesome sport stand at lows my team or an absolute idiots for feeling this way I'll explain that. Expose you know amounts not that is. And studio sixty instant media. So we'll. Who. Breaking news like it's. Oh we got breaking news. Got real quick and that's what in the hole. Loses big time breaking news something that was called. Taking credit for calling I'll just say guaranteed Smith will be in the pro ball is good for you Alex Smith named the 28 team. NFL Pro Bowl he replaces. The rivers. Phil obviously likes this type of game but I figured because of coverage here bins in the civil you regarding what you would have been there filled the media. If this what today with Phillips he would be there for dinner. It's got to be priced line is you know 52 kids. Approval for your kid. Did the books. Alex Smith award again. This means. To bring him dodge ball back. Yeah it does Bo the addition to her for Alex the ticking down and dodge ball. Photos to every killed due to drone dropped. I guess I guess a good thing it's the same thing to say yes Alex Smith it is. Gonna be in trouble again and the bad news is because of that and she's 88. They steal it was gonna get in growth in the they Newsnight we know. Well there's wanna be playing in the big game and I. Breaking news of the chiefs are playing this weekend no sound like this at best at the I'll bet it is three time pro hold. Player Alex Smith retired three time pro bowler not once not twice. Three time pro. Aren't excited about oh. I just like that's that we saw. Couple weeks ago and radian big been faced off with the first time and FL history. 77 Super Bowl rings on one field. And you'll hear it next week to you I didn't first times seven and that if Egypt irony was that impressive because when Alex Smith and Tom Brady on the field there were five Super Bowl between her and any time at least commerce five super doubles on the field in early needle marks Maria please. On this week actually is five spiral Hillary out on the field dog is that he is. Like mortal sin bin play two Super Bowls but one when those quarterback. And does not inform. Old man Aardsma Beck segment you're an opportunity to win that Kansas city bowl and sports show tickets coming up next segment. Tech sign it does lean on this desk size six on threes or six by the with the same as the breaking news actually that was. There are some mean. We're a ball. Must stand. Yeah soul when it comes to the NFL in the team's number rooting for in the playoffs. The the two teams analyses phase in the Super Bowl. Are the Minnesota Vikings clearly on a bike span. And on the AFC side because as via its seasonal longer part of this. The Steelers. Take best scenario to start else's cease make it into the Super Bowl to face the vikings. Not going to be the case vikings still have an opportunity to build hear a unique and that's what. You would probably deadly. And I torn between two lovers who like oh. Their deal and you be Talking Heads a little bit you know that's our UB UB tormented little bit he's the border between. The idea of what appears the demand. But you were born between two lover. You report between two lovers and went low behavior. Of course I always thought that the trust that song was per speier by the fire and that inspires. And it's a few things W excuse me while I kiss this guy Jimi Jimi Hendrix we're believer wrapped up like a boy. Think. Cool what are you talking about now sings songs all of the French were for shower. So. That's not gonna happen so. Right now this is as a senior today I want it to be vikings sources the Steelers. In a speech is. Portable buy KeySpan like he's never won a Super Bowl it's in Minnesota want to buy execute. On the agency side. Want to its ports it was to get here because. Mike Tomlin. I got wanted to get back to Super Bowl. And have money on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Take. There are thousands at stake here with the its ports deal before the season. Yet none of this did this before the season this is bets that were made at the Bellagio caesar's. Last July. Okay. So let's say that it is vikings'. Steelers. That's how it's going down. So did I have the team that I've rooted for my entire life horses the Teaneck in making money asset this this morning Tim Ryan and today. That there is no conflict here. I want the vikings to win. I'll gladly rip up. Bet take it or lost tickets when it comes to the Steelers beat because to me if it it. It means more to mean. For the team that you drool watching and supporting. And is still stand up for bid to win their fourth Super Bowl. They'd just for a couple of thousand box. Right there and Ryan looked at me years to life. Are you can't rational like your pretty logical pretty rational horse when he comes here takes when it comes to your sports phantom. When you sit a little bit rational here. I don't feel being irrational because this this plants. If bobbled the welcome to ADT's fan and said you know. Would you be able to pay. At say 2500. Dollars. I do your pocket. You know affect I'm not guess it really puts you know for fact that your team is winning the Super Bowl day year. I think a lot of fans would gladly pay 2500 now knowing that their team's gonna be admissible in gonna win. This this would be curious about why the unit and my city papers but it Emmys like Jack do and I'm like educate even. Don't justified in its shoot your wife a symbol. If that. Well I. Tell me I'd give up to three years at the misses a bit like 25 great work aerobic or 25000 or 500 where did OJ that's what 5000 different stores reported 500 dollars Hayward gallery it's an archived through your data flipper maybe she'd be a 100% OK let's just like some curious because here's the thing about super bulls and he gave Red Bull and opening. You would have a dog in the fight which you clearly do. If you watches comparable to get people make wagers whatever is whether things are six Packers when it would've said. You rooting at the super people who's watching casually. You'll see you don't know who want to win the when the games to keep up did you find. I'm blow this I'm wolf the preacher who knows that if you're fighting with the kick up finding that he group. But I think like you like a lot of the tomatoes or hurts them whether store cream company chief of course you. But deep down your fantasy team and over money you would rather see your team win a big. And that's why I think you'd be either way it Steelers won when money. But deep down personally are speaking late just like most fans you would rather see the vikings do it you would pick that oil money. Just because they and them. Out tools pushing it would like fifty greener and in the dom. Field of it is real and what's at the par four you know like now WellPoint is too much money for your gonna win fifty grand if the vikings lost to be very upset inaudible provide it. If it if. IS stood still but it took to win like 101000 bucks I'm sorry. I'm sorry to tick Tim grant to market is everybody's got a price. Everybody has surprised if if you like is like in thousand dollars make. Yeah I'll post below I'm guessing you know I'm glad vice doctors don't tweet about it. When it makes you appreciate your time like really like that. Apple to sell out like back. I thought ma everybody as a price would bet that that will probably be the price double B the park while my. Did you send thousand dollars right now. If you are met somebody that is rooting for famously came over there or can they La. Would you play somebody may have trailer skills he cream month. You know that they do you're a big gain like which house he's. Been a bath pillow one of the we've all. Do you root for your team over your fantasy team comes in the chief Evans is the meaningless game against the dolphins were up a big game. You for your fantasy team are you rooting for just your routine is that's why this late because. If it got down to the vikings Steelers your money's on the Steelers shorts with the vikings. I would think you'd have to go to your car remain in my sweet sixteen and I'm gonna championship game. And the chiefs have already secured their spot in the play but they have in the need to win succeed not nice heroic don't relax and growing curve balls user recur baldness and that's word that's where my question. I mean I think I would still probably have my allegiance with the chiefs. But you're right on the game starts going right at the chiefs are in a hole thirty points that app on like okay. No there's no coming back I missiles which bio agents but by the like aren't out just build Orleans on the named. Don't do that. By the way this in the it was six we not roots he's been with this Steelers beat. Maybe it's a lot. Did based on the acts. It was an odd bad apple to make it I bet on the it's on the Seattle Seahawks Steelers were good that that's the is looking at outside the Steelers of the Seahawks as. All what you did that I want out of me. Do women's we'll get yearly meeting nice bed was booked a moneymaking opportunities. What that bat before after the yearly. Keeping a couple of years ago. Now the head of the help you fight lands and posts now. At some coaches fired. K you was fired their O line coach exactly and serve and the special teams cornered you're the fourth. Took awhile. It. They beat he's beaten one FBS teams since he's had coach heads roll out Lawrence. I'm shocked to this long birdie at one signing day. Very surprised I just now realized then that have been. Interpreted the Bob Sutton inspired apologized on cape make a move. In the Clark chief. At home by the way I hit the breaking news senator dinner and. Just full of it. He's got a very brief breaking news from bit Nicholson Smith royals and they Carnes avoid arbitration at one point 375 billion. Plus incentives based on sports in all star appearances per source Sony corns. Big Morse perfect as regards still vulnerable in an hour ago. Are we it's a people on the line 913 by some 67610. We're gonna play game coming up your next segment we have three payers of Kansas city bowl in sports show tickets on the line. And what else he will explain the game. Coming up next. Boom studio sixty and Sports Radio. And. I'm back in your. It's there's forces guys coming up next here at the top of the hour we'll gonna play a little day. Right now and woods now we have Kansas City. Boats or so tickets on the line. And some would say that this this game is Syria president. A big fan of when CNN does things that make me laugh yesterday adds all the scroll on CNN. And it stayed up there for about an hour and a half. Of such as whole. In case you've been living in Iraq allegedly the president that's very disparaging things about them less developed countries just event. I just really been soaking it all in about the fact CNN and journalists ever were and yelling out the word as a whole will last day. The metal that in. Our you know we've got some votes are taken through might be topical here on the patients and liquid Dave. It's pretty easy we're gonna give your word I just wanna know how many ass holes there are in the words how many asses. Are in the works. Pretty simple right well to give you the word he got a couple seconds to respond. It to write a row. It's emotion take its that's them. I just fine booted winds its way into the wanna miss that about both. It was notable warm weather we'll see boats. I may see you know how many asses. We're gonna start wind. Jill Casey. Jill your forwards or is senses. Since it. Centers. Sentences. Org. Sorry. Aren't we moved but Joseph cards that it's something that's. It's difficult I thought there. We've we've moved to Jeff and Casey Jeff your source ward is a saint so saint. Let's bring. To get. So rewarding. To. Me. There's one or. Oh this is this war on about the grip but let's go to Jacki blue springs ready Jack. Are you award is suspicious. So this. Suspicious. Or. Three. Three tell somebody asked holder. Exploit his old speller remains of 09135. Some 676 stand. SU's built like things the spelling needs an idiot let's go to Travis into peca Travis you ready. Sure. Your ward is. Possess. Four yes. Right dat right I. One. And you're going to via sport boats. How many asses in there. Mississippi. As I jabs at the foot Travis and speak on hold. Herbs and Spiller he's got one of the three. Let's go to is that didian. It's a giddy yep I was up it. You write or would do it made your first word is. Passengers. Are you are worried yes. Right. One more. Your next word is. Lasso. Or lack yes. I do. Yeah we do all. So mark them. I'd like I liked it I don't put Gideon on Mosul we get Travis. Who's won it we got Gideon that's one given your words got to tell somebody asked holes there are in the word that's right. Let's see if CCA. Can be a winner. This associated. So or who were on the stick is a muted. Current. I quickly looked weak yeah. It's like a go to the closer you. It seems he's. An emotional aid agencies. Post yup so. Like I'd like you go out. Before an awfully big. That's right it is still a boat. I'm. I'm brutal dog not me pilgrim will make them a bit. I do you best major forest lord is. Scissors. Three. Loss. Would be if he Juliet. Now it's all about campaign season. It was already we don't do. It's Tuesday. Let's go to two days and Shawnee. Date yeah. Joseph ward is. Scientists. Yes. Kamal. Basically. No it's not we. It was three sorry Bob siren let's go to Lou we got to get all the fallen out with their thoughts to Simmons six then let's go to. Might induce rain so might. Much what all right Billick the thing that they may have been. Because he's your award is disappear. To. No old. Here. Disappear has more. All right let's go to Michael in rates now. All right I don't. Obsessed. Aren't. I said I descent unknown. But she's best of it already is one letter to get this tool but. Play at all. Build build them. Every candidate that wins the past you know. All right maybe also forums could goodness CJ vehicles that are basically we want to be rough on yea he says. Passage yelled as in like title passing you know. Just ask you know. Use the sleazy snake you've got to answer. Stop search. Stop search on Google. It Oprah asked and we just need one more because of the case by the way. Let's go to Josh in Joplin was a Josh but retrocoder. I'm in a moment we'll try to be easy on you. Best dealt. Org okay. One more for the win just one more there. Taxes but you do ballot as is I would ask display is. Bureau. Him all the way down here nailed this they're a very bad. It's pretty fast and the adventure bush and we're done here are not only dating to gradually since Travis congratulations. We still. Get some Boise nickel back so you go will look. Here. Before 2 o'clock till next to dad the sixth in what to expect. On the base. Putting studio sixty and Sports Radio.