01/12 - 10 am - Let's Get A Makeover

The Day Shift
Friday, January 12th

Andy Reid needs a makeover, and we don't mean a new wardrobe. Plus, the NFL's biggest issue is on full display this weekend, the British aren't digging this, and this week's edition of That's News To Me. 


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Itself started you. Yes you say it's sunny Friday against the act you Friday is not everybody's act. Welcome to the sports landscape brilliant inner city board and that's the reason while and I'm well. On this Friday on the date of lake it was now you know success or revealed success or account Iran and Syria ambassador is one on it but everyone's happy thing is because. Well just pulled up opens Friday. It's why it's Friday it's it's. Three day weekend you don't happen from these days people deep canyon. That's my guess tribe were also on an aid people geeky and on the jeopardy would look it would it's not news that happened about three or four in the afternoon. There's a weekend is they office that the look for look for those things to happen today is the perfect day for teams in check my bank account got paid attitude that. It's got a bright must colonial. But boy bad bad. Bats that's that is true but but as we. You know get right talked about in book four to the weekend. In the National Football League that does not include became species that's the part that that makes it frustrating steel. Is sad that she's a part. And from my perspective. I looked at the teams that are remaining. In the AFC. In as the patriots. It's the Steelers. It's the jags. And the titans. I look at those teams. In upbeat about the sees an essay to myself that she should be right. That's the frustrating part is that that she's clearly to mean the entire season. Or one of those teams that people that is said without a doubt that one of the top four teams. In the AFC. And they should be playing this week so that is where the frustration lies would mean as bulls the rest of the fan base of problem with you and Ryan and everybody else. But a sick. Myself late last start thinking about this as a looking at the match. What is different about the chiefs. As the polls to other teams that are remaining in the AFC. The teams that are still in the chaos AFC playoff race what is different about him as the polls to the chiefs. Forcing not start to think about was the defense. Cinema so quote defensively this team has had its ups and they've had their downs but overall. Is this. In this round of the playoffs in the AFC and the absolutely all when we start to kind of look at the numbers. In break that down. You you show me where it fell in regards to points per game given. Because on the surface what we say about the patriots we sit the pages member pages early on in the year. Were struggling they were all this trouble boss they start to find a way mid season and they finished off the season on a good no. But this is not a typical. Ridley good new England Patriots defense as opposed to other pacers teams in years past it. We'll think about and is in it should be noted the our fifth in scoring defense yet so meaning they'll give up points up. But they haven't teams give up more points and they do they don't expect to see how old they were here look at the scoring offense rank in scoring defense. There they expect him to be good news every year they are the best score. In the NFL chiefs actually finished fifteenth in scoring defense which would be if they'd be titans it would be that last is or is welcomed the titans. Or seven it was 1717. And scoring defense they're currently. Basically say they're the worst team player which juts the titans of the worst team yes yes well the chiefs would be would they or would score in the principal and the battle of two teams were worse the playoffs is where you. Sauce that our enemy just waited checked at all so as not necessarily just about the defense because we but the titans and say now that that's not that's not it. The running game. The running game just like the defense had its ups and its downs. In a civil maybe our wedding gain was good enough. And I start whining back three well wasn't good enough. To panic serious through the playoffs. That wasn't true either. Now nobody questioned how many touches how many carries he actually dot. Would it matter last week and a lot of that was predicated by the fact that the titans and the ball ball a lot longer in the second half. But it was at the running game this year. I know that Tennessee did some things against yeah it's hated intimated they were wonderful ball. Just getting massive multi yards when I look at the patriots in their running game. They're running game has never really been all that down. And I look at the other teams that are in the playoffs Pittsburgh is good Jacksonville's good although Jacksonville last week. Their winning game wasn't good at all said it it definitely wasn't the one against a limited go ahead and check the running game off the list quarterback. Alex Smith wasn't about Alex Smith last week is that the reason why you loss that the re is that the team except rates. You've beat up port of this weekend's round to play house oh. I can't see it's a quarterback because last week that game was Alex Smith yeah there's a lot of things have looked at. In previous years that's you know what Alex Witt had an opportunity to do this and do it in to say that about some of the plays that occurred last week. It in market rate Alex at high on the list of issues. And separating factors on why they're not playing this week it now what would not say what's different between these teams that are remaining. In the C news is that the quarterback L digital was garbage. Trash accord is some players who still in the Playhouse Blake portals. And I'm not a portal stand I don't think he's a very good quarterback in a bomb Jacksonville on look at the goat in a different direction next season. Portals is still part of via the big name did he rush for more yards on last week that he threw for one more yard rushing them for F Forsett. What about a playoff. Perimeter people these relics that he's what I know. In the post season he's a winner right late this is still in the quarterback conversation because he's double in the play out and he's not very good so let me just go at it check quarterbacks. All they're. Let's go to cult. Is it coats. Is being he read a better coach. The Michael marquee. I think that he is is it better coached than Doug moral. I think most people say that he has. It up at the Tomlin. Is Abbott and Belichick we know. What ECB coaching this week in orbited the city six. The list is going to state. Toting this or we should be apart so. Bracket upgrade be trying to pick. What is it except race that chiefs from these teams that are remaining. It is one thing that day in the top on it. It's our mentality. It's out approach. What are the things that we said with the chiefs in it was right around week four. Would enable role. We say you know what there's something different about the cease this year and it is it. That we have of us died rookie running entering. It is it just. That Alex Smith looks like a different person this year. The theme that was different at that point in time. Was the fact that we looked at the season we said. It feels like the chiefs have that killer mentality. But they have that you know what what I did to the ground and I got off Fleury to throw I'm gonna go hit it puts about. And that's what we thought was different. But it wasn't different. And as the season progressed. It was just more of the same. They went in the tank they've lost six out of seven games lost a lot of confidence yes they got some of their confidence on his swagger back with winning their last four games. But this team did not display that killer mentality aided and not displayed last weekend. I guess it is he tied when you're up 21 to three until the mentality that is the difference between the teams that we're seeing play this weekend. And the chiefs right now. Bill Belichick. He does it ease up off the dance. Tom Brady is out there just roll it in it and he's throwing darts and try to I get the ball insult in the third court if they're up 28 points. Thirty this still try to point to report bit about the supported steelers' door in the same thing Jacksonville Jaguars. Did this trying to push you on every single play with their defense. Even that Tennessee Titans. Even at Tennessee Titans. We're not holding back at the end of the game would come when it came to try to go ahead and take. Take the era that out of the out of o'clock. It's been Reid's biggest problem not put on the gas we've discusses the B read the past where he gets he's leads people's comfort. So it chargers where he was spotted 214 points lead this year but lost the ball. Yeah fortunately them jets lost fortunately them tight that is not putting your foot on the throat wrecked. You don't the last time that she's been to playoff team a big deal valued who and what they were to work and six the last time the B a playoff team. We too. We want to BB playoff teams the patriots. Any legal Eagles in when they played the other team. The Steelers they lost in the played the titans or cousins in the playoffs they loss so all all this team was 212. Against playoff teams this year who wins two losses image we overvalued but the worst nightmare did come to fruition with the chiefs this year. So we caution. For what's that need to hire ourselves we roll you know here it is very tough to do it because all the changes they develop and public. Lieberman got a schedule any getting your emotions but the schedule that she's gonna finish up. Against the terrible Broncos before that they're gonna play the dolphins chargers. Very winnable games at the end of the year for the chiefs. So I I do think they got to solve via a false sense of confidence. But the grand scheme of things how good were again last club team that you beat it's in the current playoffs. When the playoffs started was able obviously to. They have a lot of deemed to playoff teams since September. Is ordered it. And they don't put their foot on the throat that's beneath you Reid's biggest problem you get leads you constantly got to put pressure on the defense. We do that. That's an issue man that bet bet that mentality that perspective. We're lacking here. Needy he tested. Man. How all day. Would it be reading. You went to four in SE CNBC games he went to once the ball you can't win every animal. It is not. It did that killer mentality now. It's. That's a separate them. All these other teams you know we sit here it's still not believe that the seeds are still batted in the Tennessee Titans but you know what does he doesn't approach everything the same way that we do. The passion the desire. What you see out it sees statins. It's not always exhibited by the team. And it starts at the top. I like Adrian. That cults come on man get Hitler finish people off. And lastly doubtless not a display of adding a killer mentality. Whether it's twofold there's other ways to finish people one air out of the football what you gotta keep putting personal beaten the other team is at a back in it. That your defense initiative it's a quarter stores job a week after you'll note that says it did 214 point lead you have the whole. We some of that does fault the defense outlook the other team them. And it's better issue. As much as we go watch in the NFL playoffs there's something about the match of this weekend. That isn't sexy at all and when he can do more would get to a it's that. Elite who can't just. About that. Who studio sixty and Sports Radio. Just. It's just. Just. Just. The court yeah. Date you. OJ be able people are gonna try to make it looks at. Jenna ginger and there's an issue. That basically feels like the missile has this weekend. The initial games that are on display and I can't disagree with you on this. There's an interesting nugget. We look at every single match show. That's not typical all of the policies. And it is day. Quarterback chess match. I mean one. Because we talked about marketing games in the playoffs. The mature at that time. When you see V Promos. BCV commercials she did you know what whatever it is being promoted talk about this quarterback forces that quarterback but that's not essentially the case this week. I haven't seen a media Steelers promote yet I'm sure it's big been utterly beyond bill the jaguars a big war. The spotlight portals that no. What he saw one promo for the chiefs what Evan both homes picture that. Who did that ESP or whatever that the playoff preview or at home with. Quarterback. That they were looking for batting order but think about this they skewed Ryan which quarterback matchup because that's what it often comes down to the playoffs. Which interest you know when I say that in here's the other Beverly gradient. Because you see which quarterback mentioned this week in excites you the most. Matt Ryan Iqbal. Part and move your meter much know Mary go to Brady. Portals big men breeze scheme. Out of these matchups we're saying this is a quarterback duel though when next week in Brady in India and future here. Seven Super Bowls combined. Never happened you're you're gonna hear that a lot next week you and age to get it probably is going to be those two and you see it in you could see potentially next weekend. Ryan always clashes in DP. Horses brace you can see that too well but at the AFC next week or week away from the trust this headlines. Never happened before seven Super Bowl rings and AFC title game and that is going to be the big push. By next week but this week if if I gave you those four games. Both sets a quarterback so which one he's saying are looking for this game to the CD's quarterbacks. Dog fights do you wanna see good quarterback play but it was. It each one of them each won the match ups. There's one quarterback that's been known to be good in the other quarterback has been just sell sell. It's a battle between great quarterback in an exact right and polls is great joke. It it's it's Mary Oden did to come if it's a social my answer your question is because the way that it stat like that. It's been this with the quarterback forces as quarterback to start. And what are. At this eight moment industry perspective or meet. It would have to be Brady. Or Samaria because I think it when it comes to young quarterback he's still got a lot of potential he he's going near what is ceiling nestled LB that the match a policy. I would go the same which it is a great he threw more interceptions did touchdown here but we can you know Heisman buzz is a quarterback they are this could this guy. Zinni put his name is right now it's winds it's off. It's Watson. And hopefully it's almost retired these young quarterbacks. Is kind of on the border there. Duty including men that are now which this year was a big step back from worse Marino. But he does what we thought he would do and what he did before this game play loose keep coaching out of you to school and play football. But it it's not a great quarterback to rule it out before. The divisional round which I think he's the best week in the in the polls this one. Better wildcard weekend that matter is we get them this round. You have the best that. Many narrow Downey teams you have the best teams in the NFL it's hard we make an argument that there's not one of the best eighteen. In his they said she submitted Tynes argued. They lost and the titans to near the weakest team stormy. And physically wise. Off the deep in scoring wise they're numbers 36 so they they're the bottom of the pile. It's four is that I mean in the proof is in the numbers we I would go burial Britney is is we don't know his potential. We're seeing Marcus realty and where what can he do in the divisional round on the road against the patriot kitty putting self and that upper Echelon quarterback. Winds and golf and kind of take in the middle on that Shawn Watson can he be one of those type of guys is if it's his per game. But to me that's the answers they give the old Gordon. Again it's been seven Super Bowls won five and Brady then you got. A guy that's turned decided he's an epidemic or record not works Marie noted that to me would be the most intriguing quarterback this. Ryan had thought you know keel and can have a good. Going to JD Drew Brees but still case scheme but I think Keenan's. But I think Keenan's hit the high water Brian what I look at actually regressed memory oh I don't think we think he's about apple and. All wanna say that to I don't necessarily think that it's one it's obviously not sexy matchup on paper because you've got Drew Brees on the road who has a very different quarterback on the road you've got case Keenan who completely but as indoors which is a different robberies or you've got a case Keenan who is. He's a scheme so. But I do think that it's broke from the standpoint of will be an interesting game I think that that one at least from from that angle because. You don't know what you're gonna get from your batteries yes he's he's. Obviously the better quarterback on paper in that match a but he is on the road in case Keenan. He can do some things against him against a secondary like percent to not to mention the vikings have a very good second or so I think it'll be a big game but. Again I don't think that's the best match of prize in the interest in game from the quarterback. To beat. Statistically you know number one the sea breeze can do instead we looked at Brees. Number hopefully nothing in the past. Measles at quarterback he's one of the best in the business I'm so open and then on Sunday it will not hoping I'd expect him to get shut down. Here is Drew Brees record and bill is quarterback rating is want two point six. Playing outside. It's ninety point nine. So easy but different quarterback in this would be helpful don't at a course in Minnesota but he's a much better quarterback indoors and how much batteries the in. Digital domes not named of I'm not super. I don't toss of the else that was again I don't know I'll say this. Did it he pretty much guaranteed unless the little coupons would win these can be indoors all the wood who's who including those who will be user on unless. If the Eagles in doubt yet to see just end up in the Eagles Atlantic placed by tools to be superdome for that game back amateur or not. The US bank stadium the super. Homered on. I've been there and the bad though these theories push out the green walking out here would wish yes I believe don't. The terms of where to watch it every game. They're urged Scioscia Virginia. You trying to imply that the metrodome was and on those dumplings in the league which could easily be helpful. Adult to stardom Brazil's is like the Kemper arena thing where it's like we all know with the dumping our dump it became adopted the don't disrespect to two World Series it should double won there in 8791. Late in hefty bag for a home run. I don't and only dome is beyond economic. The seats were bad spot perfect for football is currently axle and now all about all incorporate by the conspiracy theories that they let the roof gonna go through some of the people by the trash talk it over there I'm not talking trash our Kirby Puckett. And Arab Harvard as you quit in the stadium was there. Can you talk you find that I've never been to the metrodome at hibbett semester I opened the metric all. You'd you'd appreciate this first hand knowledge of being down July with a net you've. Done it years I drove up I'm sorry I'm not out there that Billy sounds. Users are dropped it at eight seed Gary's interest. Drove the vikings lines he was just terrible lie yes. That's fine season lasts anchor. They let that route code in these boards they more they used more presidential term. The Colin ass hole that hefty bag. Which game that. And what the report. I issel. It's true it is out arbitration that deadline day in new deadline to settle all the arbitration it looks like somebody spoke the bank. It did indeed. Blue jays and Josh Donaldson and settle at 23 million. Or next year that is a record as of record and are alteration the Rockies. Avoided arbitration day with our guy Charlie Black men Charlie black and getting fourteen night. Yeah. And also the royals that are up for arbitration -- irony Carnes and Brandon power as the only case that settled. How much you think football players. Which they arbitration. Before there on trickier they went through and then got reasons because of it. Macvicar beautiful players that have been good but. Before there time to become free agents to get paid more. Correctly on bail before being a free agent for a check back. When do you arbitration get that money before your free agent I think it I think of global players actually liked it the way that is because when your baseball. You get the free race with arbitration baseball did you got to thinking get a race. So many guys are working on she deals to start a career I am I ask you got to get out of the article or love best the downside to all right. Blair Walsh 127 yards left hash snapped a good spot down Walters kick his. It's. In the Seattle Seahawks are off to Charlotte. Blair Walsh missed a 27 yard field goal. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Let's do it. So. Some. Taste of lazy to espouse your own success portrayed. Feel like karaoke song that they. But this beyond your list. Robin BQ EI. This will be something you people lost and we don't want a sprinkler in. April the leaders of this worried. I predict now make. Motel loads. The cables through and not too fast as you can hit it. And it was but I wanna hear it on low compression. A big deal at old. You don't is not all over it. Back back back. The folks in the UK. When it comes to the national football. According to awful announcing. They put out an article. It is a survey suggests that fills never ending love for UK games may be misguided. As locals. Find Amir in football. All four. So they had this huge gulf surveys. Where 59% of Britons would watch American football courted theory. Born. Date so. Theory born. This survey asked that question what is the most boring sport. And according to them at the top of the list. Was gall. Okay. 888 in the waited it was broken down was. The forced. Grade was theory quite boring. This second grade quite boring yes. Peter has hurt quite boring and none well Barry's last you know it is I think they're quite born. I buy and and they love golf in the second was neither boring nor exciting. And in the last on category was theory I think quite each site. They had gulf and through. They all essentially as the bulls born sport that after after that. They all are but they love golf they they do animated the British nautical audiences are like that according to the sort. I don't listen those brits I don't British people like I'm not listening to them according to survey the top floor were all was the most boring. A mere football. Was decades. Hilarious at 59%. In the cricket and darts. Or four. Our. American football. What what's what's bracelet to this why I mentioned it yesterday any talk to ball. The National Football League in them playing overseas all over London next. We seen this for years. With the National Football League has tried to force their product. Over the air and they'd invested more money in a game when you guys talk to him talking earlier Bobble was it a two million dollar invest. I don't I don't have been different from I believe it was ten million dollars that the NFL did donated donated but they. They've basically invested ten million dollars in Tottenham Hotspur stadium that's one of the stadiums. That they play these games in London so I you know I don't necessarily disagree route I think that it's been. A rousing failure. That that added their attempt to try to put NFL Monday and we're talking about that's the same place that it failed with the NFL Europe. And real quick if it to be that's looking the other part of this at least for me on the surface. Is that. They did try to do all this two of Vincent Lee. Get to a place will be depleted team over the and I just see it happening it if if if they think this boring. Who wants to actually tablet team the old 1247. And all right we seem to rock years with with players players don't even like wanna play annals. I would contend this OJ that the fact that British public find it. The fact that British people find it boring. Is the whole reason your year. I at least that's what we've been sold from the jump. Was that we're trying to spread. The gospel of football. We're trying to go out and let everybody enjoy what America loves so much. And we wanna put the spare because. You know what may be you've seen it on television but you haven't been to a game and if you if we can get you into the stadium we engage in their watch a game atmosphere will sell yet and you'll love it and I told you guys weren't like. My son didn't really get involved in rodent like watching baseball until I took him to a baseball game. And then he saw everything the kind of came along with a baseball game and he started liking him more now grannies a little more excited he slog than he has to actually see the game on the field. But he still interest is enough and watching it he doesn't think it's just. You background. And he's. He's somewhat interest and at points and so that's that's all with you is that. If people in Britain find it boring that's the reason you're there. And and we we talk about Mexico and how Mexico was about a bigger success because they did what was the cardinals in the and the raiders and ended in Mexico City pitched well there has huge huge turnout in the number one stadiums Jerry again because he's could be played here too soon but it. That seemed to be more successful I don't think the NFL relate heirs to try to move into place. But they already like footballer and the point is try to spread that spread the word of football and get people to enjoy it. Now are you trying to force a square peg into a round hole but after NFL Europe failed probably it was agreed. Nationality Amsterdam admirals agree you know. Here's the thing about it. The early school of three games laments that of pork that was. Mean it's it's sweet to me I wouldn't take games over there anyway is that true that she's one of it lost a home. Home games helped the local economy the people working stadium the hotel's bar everything. We would you lose a home game this big that's why a lot of times when colleges they don't like doing these neutral site games. Every year with the team. Its worst ignore those Missouri State he's playing their own it but that's more for the communities there actually of those games at home and I feel take it game input in London. In fact is if they fight aboard. Put it came in Germany. But Germany is bad mortal pipeline lately two players playing college football. From the country of Germany I think he'd appreciate it more like it spread around put it put game in China. It fills popular in China as popular John. It to me it's a marketing deal people in China and they love it if they would sell out they love it but my thing is just too right and I told that the script. The appeals extremely popular the United States instead Evan what do these teams come play evil Russell stores were seen happen. Wanna play or so me and New York City a state that input digging here I think that would be more popular here. In the unifil be employed one I'd. I did the British put any video game regular season game real game. Happening here in the United States would be more popular but watch the jaguars every year one. I did I can see that to your right I mean your your foursome one and here but they don't obviously don't like it mean Germany I think would have greater China I think would embrace it personally I don't like when teams go overseas anyway but if you're going to do it. Put in the place that would like it. Asked you what you are saying but to meet issue isn't year. YE EPL. Is it forcing the issue here to meet the issue is wise to solve forcing it they year. And that just as it does registers when they don't do it either on the I don't think months. That they clearly they know the stolen and things become the army and Tokyo. Foursome I guess I look at it from this widget like EPL gets overseas ratings here in the states whereas the NFL I don't know a lot of people in Europe and holes of the people of Europe but. I would venture to guess that there are a lot of people are subscribing to Sunday ticket to get. To get their NFL it's kind of the more you could be better the fuel they did stuff like you've increased. And that's a fair statement because I know that they've done it worked you know it's like an exhibition are friendly in the in the coming in play an analyst team or things like her but they've never. Are an integral bridal Alec full scale game like it in season regular season game. Yet not that outside of the old to be wrong out not outside of the the team that's playing like an all star team but the when he was playing arsenal that plated at sporting pork you what you did have you priced like that you bigamy you fear works I would watch them play. I just think would help the pot doesn't lie here my shall there were awful losses. Forcing this thing in London all the time who works its will on here. I just think that this pipe dream that the NFL has all the team being nobody liked like London actually is gonna have a team I don't see any free when the sign I don't see that. Apple Tablet. I don't see that ever happen. And that's I. It's gonna be wildly unsuccessful favor and try to have a full time team aboard the logistics of it don't even make sense like how would you have jetlag everything out what you have teams go over the you have. And and I. Heard someone that I may be the ideas that you have. You know a team like only after the or only before their bye week so that would make you get a full rest afterwards Ehrlich after the scheduling and and then they had to go over there during their bye week. And and they would have to. You know be there for a week and maybe have a training facility where the a thirteen could practice on a lot of the teams started that even just with irons on changes. Instead of as a flying back home if there on the West Coast but to stay on the West Coast were got out of college and then play their Sunday game. Get a lot of easy to be much easy go to Mexico the other teams have done and go work out northern California to play in Seattle followed by you know dinners on the select that they will or teams that will be back. Play your outlook free don't sign that. Good luck with that they need to do if they're gonna do it bring back the concorde. Why stop concorde service they have no way to get there have to. If you're gonna team over there bring back the impound court. That's the word bird assertion though. It's there for us. What you say bring back I'm glad I did answered at that there's a reason why they did away with the blind don't fix it. All right in this limited Tennessee crashed at Dixon had been down addicted to any additives decries yet picked it. That's just minor. With. Would you take the inaugural flight on the concorde upfront about it. How many flights it take to get on the Concord exactly he's he's crashed every day in other airliners or I want to get it is the likes of crashed. Concordia didn't Goosen will Irina. If you develop the concorde flew for decades like you to bring it back that same type of loss V engineering getting their facts. In this week's edition of that news to me figure it out science be careful and Freddie are for to be careful when heading to a job interview also oh when you're trying to kill a spider and we have a story from saint jail issue now believe. We did that. The next day job. Boom studio sixty and Sports Radio. Some people in the right area of mobile thing. Tonight. He probably wouldn't you get her blocks along independence avenue it is wrong I didn't think. It's black anything that make your eyes water. Only got 100. I would welcome back in on you on the days of sleep big McAllister he's the dirty and is on its own don't know so I didn't. Who's talking about talking about the clips. He's got a lot of major dirty and it's like to go to that registered your voice. Over to make. Yeah you talk. You don't say the word maybe there's some limited to that and it almost eight. We and a give me the news. While just you know personal satellite. Hello Chris Jones on the. Each week we asked and each other a lot of stories a lot of stupid must win the pattern war. When we need to keep these are important. Line. Man trying to kill spider sense apartment on fire. When are we gonna stuffy news stories is out of Meredith California. Man tried to kill wolf's fighter with a torch lighter. And set his apartment ablaze in the process he Redding fire department. Said the spider was covered in flames when it scurried to a nearby mattress. Catching it on fire fires graduate lagged collection. And drapes in the bedroom. Residents attempted to extinguish the flames of a garden hose but were unsuccessful. No one was injured buyer cause 111000. In damages and all the residents had to move out of you or. Wolf's. Office. Proof or roof. Wanna sound like them better than this guy California writers here. There's an integral part or ecosystem they beat other bugs human shields while it is all the accidents down there and you lease on US fighter when you're licensed. What's the most ridiculous sneakers spider like accidents will usually go through. It is a matter you go through all means to kill. He but it means traditional wired. Patients in the empire you what it's like I mean you guys are aware I. I've had a snake in my garage for several years I was letting him live because land was that he was. I sat in my garage concede that amounts that average amount for all of you we'd stay there. I don't have any mice but I have a giant snake. And who is quite a big leagues probably. I average as they haven't read this that that's you never. Know life. Quite elusive that's they kiss babies and own beast of babies by now. I'm. I don't know that tobacco warehouse but they'll put some wood. And you'll. Raj. Urge. And headlines except suspect applies for job with police. Arrested during interviews. If does that at cottonwood Arizona. And of the place to live. In October of 2016. The Bank of America told cottonwood police. That they suspected their employees at 32 year old named Alberto Lopez had stolen 5000 dollars from the bank over a three month period. Lopez then quit his job at the bank moved to Phoenix and refused to answer any calls and questions pertaining to the theft according to police. All the charges in a war and for an arrest pending. Lopez applied for a job as a dispatcher with the cottonwood police department. A Lisa that probable cause for his arrest of the range a fake meeting. About the job we're a work for low as a rise for his fake job interview. He was arrested. There. What's. It is extremely. I feel like if you currently are under investigation should know not to go round weeks. This makes. Us is that he's genetics amid all the latest crop even if it's. Do that. Suspicious here in this effort with the team. He went to police station after. Little wacky. I feel jail. Well. I mean he is in state nobody at ease with who are pretty well sometimes are a little scared and you need to. It wouldn't feel as well lastly via. Some restaurants they will spiders. Gigantic in the torrential let's. Slip up could range from ten to 35 millimeters which is what happened to one and a half and back on this bug is still he says. But I'm not. Getting a blowtorch to kill an inch and a half spider. At the point. Step on whether. Or last time I checked wolf spider weren't venomous. I think so you. I'm just so. Snowflakes. Brinkley said that he wasn't shocked at all of the story came dangerous. I feel like that's disparaging to the times Asia and stuff at all shout out a guy locally yet. Oh man sentenced for stealing underwear from woman in saint Joe's old. Oh so true. Mr. so what happened. A 63 year old man ordered to serve 120. Days of shock incarceration. And five years of probation for breaking into a woman's apartment while she was showering and stealing her underwear. The suspect well I suspect anymore you. EI now faces seven years in prison if he violates the terms of his probation which includes not using the Internet. For seven years now apparently he had sent the woman an email asking her if she was lonely. He claims that it was a joke and then he called it a quote any raid. On her apartment. 63 year old man is staging any rates. In Canada. It is going to and from the Internet at LSU coach would buy those early for five years he cannot go on the Internet because he sent an email and how do you do you. And he. I. Potable how does want is they they know their. How does listing off the Internet or seven yeah bone everything you mean he's in jail that's impossible. There's no way out of possible but it but like all right yeah I is dotted and there's like sixty to seventy million. Around five years of probation but if you violate that probation he gets that reminds you risen five years. Five years I have Twitter account. He can't get Johnson. Please go. People very scared us right here read six in sports I just didn't think about this. Excellence is of the spider was actively running under the bed while on fire and then to be a pretty big spider. Yeah I would assume would be on the large in bubbles by which he won happens. So there they have like air. Maybe the hair was on. Despite his bills mafia stuff on a device makers spiders slam two Beers and jump onto a table. Solid effort has that's news to news you reason with either. Spiders. There seem one person. He's raising. Easily at least it was that he's like an odd and just be that reasoning on their co existing with the snake. We have in that reason we have we have an understanding. An. Argument in two minutes. There's a lot of nervousness right now with cease fans because nothing has been done in regards. To the defensive coordinator Bob Sutton. It's about two minutes. Next. Including studio sixty and Sports Radio.