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Friday, January 12th

In the final hour of the show, we talk Chiefs for the final time this season with Danan Hughes. Plus, the biggest storylines for this NFL weekend, Phil Jackson needs to reel this in, and the Take 2 Before 2.


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It's a double play run. Avoid a lot of audience feels enough on 135. Missive to any he's mad because if you're talking about you know you've made to a pages sane he's a patriots and it. I totally screwed patriots when that you. He's not happy at all storm Emily Blunt way. Text back. Or know how long he'd sent of course you're getting treatment. So stick you with the news right now are the final time to talk to him. Boxee. What went wrong. Damien. Well all public regret regret I'm gonna miss. Here and you go our trip up or new Garden Show where elect a bit more work fare out of the way to bring it in her lap segment of the year would you. I appreciate below. And act out role with the best of the best and outnumber those days of this marquee in big daddy chain him on now salt good display. You know I have zero. So that Bessie deplorable what bowl we bring you wanna talk about the did date you know the greatness of him Bob we brought wanna saw the ball. What went down last week and in areas. And outlawed the great nuclear problem we have more on congress. But it would tackle football here man Trenton are an outsider. All week and your old game show on future wind. For spending literally in or not you know new pandering to your audience so whatever. They're connected LaMont in the end. That's an important and you know going through what they've gone through it not been a part of it obviously in the nineties. But I also but apparently came out and in girl then and supported and it was 2030 degrees out there and they were. Flying high and we got the hopes upon what the 41 the reader currently. And just let them down so ignore it it's rattle around out there who you feel for the players of late. Everything they could out on the field. First ring literally can LaMont hoopla all the hustle that these parents. You know one of the things that I find interesting. And I think Jay are agrees of me to a certain degree when he comes Indy Reid's led teams. Ever since the passing yards is is his. All's all along on a credible. Armed defense according to Jim Johnson many years ago with Philadelphia it just seems stole his defense is set lactic killer mentality. And I just I don't. I don't see it from the chiefs in the years said he's been with the seized the still the mentality. And being able to just way to put the dagger. On on both sides of Allbaugh actually even with the also it's a neat when you're up when he won the three. You should be thinking you know what we get outlets on the throw and we got a finished and we got to take them out next ever since that on Saturday. And that he interpret partner you guys remember that we call. Oddly talked about a new guys show keys to victory with a yet to do it. And I made mention. On several occasions. You play to win not not solutions. Pan out into the net that the bread and every game every sport there comes a time in the game where coach. It's. Consciously or subconsciously. We got to protect its lead as opposed to now foot on the gas pedal. And I think that was a perfect example that last Saturday that she's. Only one McMurray. It has picked up and called that would against them. But again and we saw the minimal tropical Justin Houston dropping coverage. Can be really any content and where. As many we've seen in the past or week Erica pressure on the quarterback consistently. Obviously. Tackling. That was the mutual beaten wall. Or or as an issue an agreement in order to. Egypt could occur from Newton pretty you know and you that your credit for the price and because. To be down 41 theory. And is still stick with your game plan as far as running the ball under the tree stroke get a 140 yards rushing in the second. Although playoff game and you were down eighteen point start off with. Patrick and go. To be able to stick with the plan and not get frantic and are on the ball well but the law will give them credit where yeah there that were missed opportunity. That you kind of go achieves. The play here played real pressure or stop. Would have been a different outcome than if you throw a third and medium third and long situations where they were and the ball in the draw the ball ball first round. Really baffled. It was demoralizing it is indeed he took. Didn't run against is so demoralizing for defense. Beating you took part in the drives that bring them but I chiefs lost playoff losses. Weren't you put this one compared to one happened with the colts will become back as you admitted in 95 he said your core to Ledell league game. In steered it to steering wheel and I don't know what's your attitude was like after Super Bowl one. And. You guys. I expect it'll work partner. Super I think that if you lose to tell me what you thought about it. Well in order to argue. That nine people wouldn't only be about people want and I'll let. What an eight. I think that little remote that the rating on Indo Tibet. Now pensioners say the best chief scene. We've seen around here in these parts in the last 3040 years. Are near and we were complete offense defense special prayer and figure out ways to win or thirteen inquiry. Home game against the cream that should've beaten. And we can't afford to connect game as well and contrary to what the kind of guy in Britain we got a game plan in effect there and it caught the acting so. I'd still put that at the trial but there's a lot of fans I would agree with the other. Reporting because that game. Eighteen point bark. As far as the feeling of being let down. Feeling like. You have a simple bowl cream and I think that major differences that in 95. There was a lot of feeling on this what should global trade widgets or create he left championship. A couple of years before that. And it felt like that suitable Calvin Keene an extremely kind of felt like bring that to go their way for them to get to that. That problem for. You know what I would you date in babies younger group voting on this but it really. What that many expectations the B Reid's first year and yet the first draft pick your before but 95 I'm would you be and we thought Super Bowl team. Would that team you said east that you said your core. With your three million steered the steering all you think this game gonna resonate think current chiefs. We're sold set that they were. Looking at their steering wheel out in this game. Yet and so I mean maybe not to the extent of 3040. Minutes what bigger. Apparently so beat these guys are legal got a feel for the joke Houston's Eric Johnson no doubt there. See the writing on the wall how Ali you're gonna lift and well writing on the wall he's been mayor for double digit. Years you know you've had a lot of options down but never got past that hurdle. I imagine they probably are very similar feeling. Walking out of our. Like I did that barrier and went to mark dirtier in the NFL level. Different feeling to in that respect let. So that you are thrilled that your dog and but the player especially a guy that out that injuries like the problem common law vote. You know part of the beat rubio and I saw. And and feeling like it's your last logged in modern electoral my last log in 95. A portfolio was. What we reapportionment and certain book. No vote really really killed because they've done so much for the panel to look for the community. There's been you know killer. Such for a professional athlete in the community thing out of trouble and that might elect how we feel that on the field that you triple. All right we'll talk mundane and use former chief here on the base of late to bank I'm gonna give you a name. Don't tell me is they're coming back I'm asking you are what's your response should they be back right. Should it be there. Tom. Derek Johnson. You year. A case you say yes on their Johnson woman to solo. I don't feel like you got young linebacker corps you can bring curt got them back in the you know be in the same rule. Do the same thing. I think we can be it that is quote from the field and create packages. Caught him who still live on O'Connell like it is that your blog about our Arctic. Alex meant. Ari should or a case ago. How Olson. If we achieved through. Recoup some period. Early kick and go a lot receiver. You can. Okay. Final one I'm gonna ask you about. An nom I'll want they to take a premiere as we talked about this guy earlier this morning because he's really been under rated for what he's given his team here on throughout that the last couple years sacks full. All he can grow or that and obviously you like the paddle out of the linemen versatility that complain all response. We can be that guy that thinks. Well what we've seen where. Different locations that the out of the large position not to keep our people around the league freeagent stepping up. Way to column in a way to be confined. Confined from buy America will keep through there. He welcomed the wannabe that same post a player so I know probably. They had this women. Play this game Bob's sudden. A big time. In I hate to wish on employment on anyone whether you. You know the bottom of the bowel. Ranked. Rush defense. And you get these in the whole oil gained but he thought your rush before that you haven't been able figure out you know Chris Jones went down. You know there were some injuries that Stater Barrios with being a maker want. You have democratic and galvanize could be sent them and could be perhaps that cargo holes pretty comfortably through the season. You know I think he could Lawrence intrigue there. Is that they may see these names like Schiavo. Spagnuolo. And chipper gone I don't think it may and this would be great people outside the box is. It noted defensive coordinator job the game and the kind of highlights and with what you've highlighted. Just in Houston more example of the wood the raiders do a little Mac. Move around inside outside of the side like. Should it be a defensive coordinators jobs offense. Eighty Reid will highlight his L two players I didn't see that on the defense that was really my biggest concern. And so I think you know what you know about colonial Mac intricate water bond or there no matter where they are common. You know and you can make ago so that he could take advantage of it the only not for the blind and flow line. A situation where you can you know put the in a better favor than you can get your quarterback with your best guys are good that were bought in two. Hold dropping the ball in cockroach that I never you know it perfect flashier if it works he'll leave Gartner Antonio Brown on the field. And it burned have to respect this year now that it took issue of drug now used to help. Then I guess I can understand. That it's more about. Demons. You know truck operation ordered tried to. Get tendencies and so like that then it is war and you have to figure out of the trees that are being. That that would bring it would hurt come. There'd be a draw up here with me in some of the falcons all pro linebacker because of that order over the Ottawa. You know going to be used in the real story in the all the backyards. And yeah that's what leaders and I think that would just the bill passed. Then. That you think that that leading to the best of your best speaker of the player off hire great people put forward that to me that caused concerns were because it. You have diversity DT drop on third down it it would be opponents backed up to their own hands go to the crowd noise that would die of ever happened Dina and her. So we just wouldn't happen. They've beaten to the winner go the greater degree it's. Great. They have the real to coach what they say they know how to make plays government when in doubt go make a. I'll go to the core. If David ever for a season ticket holders I'm sure you have to to ensure they come up your time and asked changes for the cheese. Do you think it be if they did this three app on the chiefs are mall blitzing homes quarterback. In a new defensive corner these seem to be the two biggest sticking points before people write that check to the chiefs in that should be concerned are. Oh absolutely a picnic on you are you know kind of itself rather play all quickly or quicker than you thought. And what the cute that you had in the middle of the season when you were spoke with pedestrian in the NFL. There's always going to be concerned with the ownership. And you look at me okay well there but the site near green and need to change what you're you know what the brighter and here they need to change that could. Try to give people hopes back up what they need to where researcher and no use for repair your you know quarterback objectionable are going to be that water. And then on opera there's no old that you attribute field you can get some war. Our players maybe some more play makers hopefully. But he offensively. You know pulled them the last tree in your mouth. You're being eighteen points at Ole. In the second half of the game and moves and I think that's ordered. Focus on Brooke also. Verge of being in a date and it's been a pleasure having you again on the show the entire year just did what one final thing. Who represents the ASE and who represents NFC in the so raw and European. Cool. I'll break your birds. Cookie cutters that are more Saber. I will also ignoring the will do it record going to be your world for world. Are complete Pittsburgh putting up the fight against them at Foxboro are the only team that is not charitable. While ultimately it probably about six B forty. Between. Well between England and Pittsburgh so that focal diplomat. And actually no Laker outlook like poetry is going to be a threat therapy that would be tougher game. There's the FaceBook the vikings playing at home in the Super Bowl it was really really cool story. Crane group are going to be their tropical all of about it the next two weeks. That the the correctness on the NFC side as the purple people leaders. There are so vehicle Orlando wouldn't really be cool and their goal. Never have beaten and long long time and know that before creeping up. We'd all about it symbol for you guys who are fighting in an age did meet him. Did you three touchdowns in the game. Dane Alex opted out until after the show to see he's not do you think you beat Davidson birthdays to j.s take talk and all this trash. He noted we'd be body in the gym sold so we go vomit on a big we have some. There are no I'm not agree go forward with a broad market. Critical for a 10. I'd. Be. Aren't certain hours it is being used Julia CO on the days. And it was kind of willingness Super Bowl midlands club lets you write their civil war in the loss right there with that what that is about Dayne is a city at three touchdowns and they get their members of the game change since they started wearing a regular on the program leather helmet. Back when board storms will be a trophy. Ninety eagle did it too. There you are wearing. Yeah after a crank started by products is at stake right. I think I feel too betrayed the team that they actually. Earlier this year they dominated the Steelers team Blake or would want to talk to the Atlanta show afterward Clinton. Campbell late portals pull off another win in Pittsburgh that's a part of initial story lines net. Including studio sixty and Sports Radio. I won't. And. I was coming on budget and any news or so much information anybody hasn't whereabouts of men who by the way. Do is in better shape than all of awesome human duke now on some obtaining. So. Years that I didn't just to make fun of SOA. OWs were trading and I never made fun at obviously in the Newark and read only get one. Calling out well yeah I was with other people disease but there chiefs. Extra runs and I want that we're gonna find out what's going on what Billy Preston. Bill Self told geared toward. That and all wait to sit in the hallway for all good. Business transactions occur. Always more. Or feel like an elevator this from geared endorsed Twitter still by the way missiles miles from the hallway and he wouldn't ask. If he could hear about the Susan press day since Friday. So smiled broadly and said I think it's going to be great pride. Exit to ship between 5 o'clock. He's not gonna give you any rate who's been blown around things. I think we're you know earlier this week. They be sentenced gone through 4 o'clock. She's pushed that news. In the day trader at Michigan members hoped comedy about. They know arguable solves our. Conceded that you've got mild sell our troops of check back about 5 o'clock pseudonyms. And I'd be honest with the you know. Why. I didn't wanna do this today. He some beautiful story and wanna do it just needed it doesn't involve cheese and should though. Aaron craft a test she's featured story lines go. In the wood twice doing. Request. Don't feel good does. And I feel good down here than music. I woke up this morning on my man. All week and I'm just going out every morning watch. The patriots game is all I'm gonna sit there is over analyze the chiefs what it Ryan identical closely he's Canada will she added element bullets or last weekend. 2221. The Baltic and I topped the embassy take. Don't by the team MVP yet David. Like seeing the ten team in the heat. Who seem cheesy compared Lugo who latency or what Tina BC I'd. TVP. I love OJ says who what who led the chiefs and point to a beleaguered points though kickers always do zany and element here where they gonna win an Indy PG a franchise record stop you can express charges and that's the point. Same name and just say in the back yard Riverhead. That young's generate hall of fame picker would beg for in him with Google's in the year than but the incredulous to regain. About this team scored more touchdowns but that's the view that the it borders he's a good tips and Blake portals. Pull off another win in Pittsburgh. Earlier this year they act absolutely owned the Steelers Molly walked. No the game. All they want. This part won't get there retains this weekend is going down. I'm on my big love him Bell's last game with Antonio Brown sent home sick today that that matters will be fondly into. No. If Blake pulls this off. I mean this would be the biggest subsidy bill. Blake used to it in the playoffs. Beats Steelers twice and really threw one pass the second half and beat him. Why you put this on right after that and it who has the better chance to pull the upset this week in Jacksonville or Tennessee. Act like no one's putting respect on Tennessee for the falcons opened you if you operatives and no one's putting any respect on Tennessee's name. But do. We noticed that when McCain I don't think Tennessee north Jacksonville has seen some of when he either there I guess excellent chance. Would Jackson has a better chance because of the defense argues it needs the influence that. That defense you Keyon we and it takeaways you can weigh in with portals that you just run the football on the roads yes I would do Jacksonville. Note that. We. Bigger. Nick folds. Is look like absolute hot cabbage the last few weeks. After everyone bought into the idea that he would just step right in and beat arsenal went. We felt good jig warns there in. You did when. It. Make full isn't always turn things around or is. A Philadelphia Eagles to screw this week that. The Eagles a screw. The Atlantis south is going to when they deem. That at the Carson Wade's injury. It's just too much for the Eagles they're not the same team without him it's a rat man I don't believe in the old people's you know that ran Ford reportedly. It raiders game can expose The Who what he is still play good defense elitism home game four bit. And for sale people's simple I think he's divisional round who lost The Who song in the and and it was think speaking of home losses. Organized performance alliance and earned all new game very fun. We play called power the winds don't blow it. We play that game really quick here are the vikings gonna blow this game. 127 yard field goal and basically that's me I'm talking about him. Keep him three that the room. Predict which team I do you think the vikings of close games. This undated. The only way that they'll lose this case genome. Gets rattled. As a couple of turnovers the bested the vikings. Defense. Is not gonna give up massive amount of points of the saints office as good as Drew Brees is an Alvin Tamar is a marking Herman up the matter. They're not given they're not given a whole lot of points. Mets it was that of the lake speed down the Soviet leader. But evidently he'd be talked about like being on a morals yet. It's amazing what they've been able to do considering industry's liking it. Field goals in its. No I in this one the most. High for bath and then that -- college he's been screwed up this week. What are you. Immediately is just visually assaulting this evening here curried favor a little I was thrilled that you describe the Japanese ones out and myself what fault of that bones Islam global unites all. Put salt. Only a lot of small. Press on them. IV test disagrees they say Naples and when this game. No. Among intestinal supporting you guys also said the titans had no chance. Just through this we should I do when I'm wrong I'll probably be wrong this weekend. Basically he does like it many many. Larry doesn't pay Phillies get the fourth best defense unifil they could win with for the convict him admitting when your own. Everything got. Good luck to all the teams as we can. Especially the Tennessee Titans. Are we at that point we're gonna root for the titans as they beat us. It's like Gil please feel vindicated if they win tie eczema and we're like hey look we lost the eventual Super Bowl champions it's not so bad. Late throwing shade acknowledged that they'll all sorts breeze. Through breezes on the road ankle still over two it's nice to get don't quarterback where I still remember that when agencies have bubbled ample. And and Favre today innocent. Nobody cares about by. Where excellence is the birth or by the ones who will like this team that's true that doubles and I don't I can't even double the best team for the Sydney rice the best receiver on the team. On what team on the bread are like these. Felix that you guys who are waiting to receive an it person art and idea different ideas that haven't like during the 1918 was better than the hall of famers. And the boss. Is Sidney Rice is comparable to Randy Moss was not even debate that part. I'd. Not even earlier and are you going or we're gonna have you funny and sometimes. You're funny. Before. It out I said this all week long. If they lose that has anything to do with the still bowl. When you hear about it. It lets you make that determination and rule on this is this a form of hazing in sports. Would you get a story next. Who studio sixty and Sports Radio. On demand team and Twitter links the brand spanking new sixty. I welcome back into the day shifts. There on six then Sports Radio. Some folks like your role. When it comes to. Fu. You've got above say some Darien had the weighted think we looked he thought Al's point I wasn't saying anything or in your father. Do you like sushi. No. Ever try to yes. This isn't nice having everything under a lawsuit that could turn things Obama fans what travelers like. I'm fans and our view. Of food. And almost. Will big league. East on this story that a ball. The former. General manager of that your next book. One of the greatest basketball coaches of all time in the greatest relief yet be technical about it got he's got the reins to prove it Phil Jackson. But this is a former haze that beat you might be. Well Hansbrough impressed of the Phil Jackson of those reconsidering never had any talent. Nobody gets talent. That's that's that more difficult and how he led the worst lottery seriously that aren't and entering orders them to get Eagles all play together. There's been a lot of talented teams in the address. Derek Tom Arnold we are questions that these players that. But it kills the bodies and I've forgotten is the response of you're aware questioned where questions are questions. Here's why he loves those questions but it's. Really. What was that was relay Apple's. Would you make if you let me dinners and I asked him if he can cook and you called it a little quiet and you guys lose game. The ability to take that was it is it's it was. A dumb question. The whole life's a viable thing I I I understand ask about somebody's moms the point that he's become easier that bad ass cost you did myself. Late Covert talk about cross the line when you talk. A bit Smith junior in the war market. When they were going through draft process filled Jack did you Phil Jackson dinner. It's a Workman says he may be taste raw fish or Ross eight. I didn't like it. Did this with juniors literature by the mavericks revealed an artist the Jackson pressured him to read the post during a pre draft dinner. We would at some restaurant the and needs to mark the post like an actual octopus chemical. First time I ever was went try it honestly they kind of put pressure on me. Do. Bizarre questions better than me can somebody. An octopus that debts. To us draws the line on this cross the line it lets you really like to die. If this is what they tell us what you into occupies. Making people eat raw hole. This tape is eat worms that are in her just get taped words you wouldn't if you read how many people do you know to have a tape or to bring it up a lot. What Brock Lesnar have Rome stomach Tuesday Romney. Missed about the wild and diver TT light yet but I stand up for awhile Rami and. General what led to it I think you might I think that might delete broadly decommissioned. That's. Yes but. Suitable for job interview I think it is found hope it's not like some of you should do all the time. I brought laughter would you eat as healthy for your right that's not necessarily 110 true I mean. OIV it's raw meat steaks beauties like that. I mean I I order my steak medium rare chip but at least it's a little ago. Beamer is still being cooked. I'm talking what do you do you think you're doing there just hit the state from the butcher block by it's usually you ruined by the timing gets back. Still let's put a little bit. The heats of the street from the butcher block or you never have what is that. The Vijay or that. Now like raw fish but it's cooked lemon juice they put on top acidity and women coax the fish only eat. Octopus is cal Maury yet people beginning now. All the Palomar fry it exactly that it and it don't Giffords the raw that's what I just I just addressed on the tax Linus are solvent outside and I just responded backed his. In talking about your reference in the way that it's cooked a mean you're talking about column argument you know column arias but but to be just asking yet. These young athletes. To do that. This outlines that calories quid. I don't know technically. A technical what technically is is the Alomar. Quit. Whatever taste Corey. That is. It's it is you actually. I mean I'm just saying like raw fish in front of this chemical move. Or. It's entirely different. If the should be noted that none of these people play for next. It's a guessing what it is Indies where it had beaten the typically play in the next I'd know I would just really a lot. I related at the occupy is not telemarketer at squid. Excellent. He's done it on net and other octopus experts to get all mad gynecology and at an idiot. They'd see that on. All you've never had like a steak tartar repent they got it yes it talked argued like. I'm not gonna felt like it but. People eat it all the time and don't get eight forums. Just as it as a way to prepare raw meat to where you can eat it. Well why is there any body that is when astle might do something they wanted to. Doug is. Just to see how cult on comfortable they'll if you look. At basketball I told you guys as last year and we argued about. You lie apple OK I. I think there's value in some of the outside the box thinking however with this one. Phil you need a little bit closer to the box and make your little too far away from the box right now like. Really back in just a little bit. And I get it if you wanted to try to come up without a reason. I don't know maybe Phil Jackson was seeing here if you're willing to try new things and if if you're not going to be stuck in your ways. Because you don't want a player that's in Leo we have to try to do with this way and I'm gonna continue to this way even if you say it's wrong when I make suggestions I want you at least be able to be willing to try. That's what Phil Jackson Gulfport I don't know bullet you know as. Bigger reel back in just a little bit built has asked if someone if they can cook and trying to read between those lines in trying to force. Tartar down somebody's face all the different. This slow roll so old wall what is this. Wings and things sorts testers. Only and another and a catfish nuggets until multiple lays it has been I didn't know and hopefully. Moya all my good would you be rock checked personnel. Treat raw chicken no. You know it's the right those pants and is questionable sound tunnel that. It's reports. Certainly third just. More apt to have. Bad things and Jimmie currently the street from the freezer they'll put them boiling water why would they do that. He's like yeah. Actual items that are prepared to draw than just going in your freezer and eating a chunk of crap just for fort cooked. So. Shrimp completely different coat an act that would would you brought I don't know of a lot of of its U Ross. I don't know of a lot of dishes that call for raw shrimp. And leaders that's a beautiful state always on the actual food item and Al are you yes probably. Steak tartar. That's raw meat. Auto segment it's a 242 in the window on the level. Shift from the MVP went to Cancun studio sixty and Sports Radio. It's a done deal. Going down the challenge. Around mid day and age between myself and dust is like kids. How does he keep doing it loses every time anytime they need to aim at me every time it hopefully we'll get into a little somebody tried to block to rid them. Don't we try to block. You always database points in the schools the spirit of the arena is all about blocking them to stop stop stop stop. I totally and we can make the rear bent in you know he wanted to revenge you've given dusty five. It's a straight up that he made bets against them. Think in the points and what I'm gonna switch to go to the this ordained. Not only push toward win that game. Number he was giving like. Twelve point system like that he should bes from. Five I think dusty that he dislikes you feel some sort of like he should give you this gives you skip and frequently that I go at you mean they took that straight up. It's more by you visit thing you should did you give them wet when it comes to ribat. Whenever I make them that means the team that I'm rooting for comes through Pope bite me away at best he never wins and that's vikings. But there's surfing. Our way out of time. On marine reconsider. Got till Sunday. We got to take two reports. Armed with no wind. And like. Exactly the best we can in the NFL when you get to divisional round you get for quality should be quality games although. Looking at this quarterback play. It's may need great quarterback matchup like who would you think would be. Piously I have this morning with that they're looking to the dumbfounded because is there a great quarterback may jump in these games. Matt Ryan in the polls with that before. Marcus Murray universe Tom Brady Boyd who holds first. Big Ben drew on his post at least keep them. I the most appealing might be more Sperry road against Tom Brady you guys won five Super Bowl you Marcus Maria that they did not have a good year. It more interceptions yet touchdowns but maybe because his ceiling could be the highest. That might be the most intriguing look at more is doing the playoffs this round on the road against the patriots. But you'll see a lot about his career when he was able to do is choke. We're gonna look like the quarterback of the future can get that thing breath as those wins in your golf in the John Watson hopefully Patrick Holmes and these other quarterbacks but not exactly. Appealing matchup. Based can read this morning. A before the show be came down to it is Wednesday in Vegas December 5 grade that in my opinion with the Pittsburgh Steelers win the super we gotta get ought to. But we got down to Pittsburgh in Minnesota is comparable. That's the over to go where your heart who walked. If you would pause. Configure is I think a lot of people would preempt. Even when there's money at stake that would sort of statement forcefully could be done not give it up a big play we don't like darted fifties you'd be crazy that the Steelers. But a lot of Koreans do as refined as big as a football over time although it's much more important obviously. What would you in the Super Bowl but often times that of Wally we Philip park when the ball's kicked off we figure out which people pulling for yet. You can't make that he built that team even if your teams you've got to do all of that he grew. We just got to get through this week because it may be V. That haunts the bullying from Lima to house the way it. Billion accommodate what he's gonna stop all the that playing field we're Walsh. What happened did this or have fresh stuff that we like they go. Guarantee you. What are your rights under the watch and a good spot down Walters kick. Regardless of whether beyond. The quarterback matchups. Aren't all that interest because that's the one thing that we've seen with the match since the way to their plan out this weekend. As much as we have some big names and Matt Bryant talked about Tom Brady is no doubt been a big game Rockport Drew Brees a part of the playoffs. The ports that opposed him. Got a great quarterback knicks bulls has been good for the ability to bring to the news the case that he's been good. For the Minnesota Vikings. This case team he's got a guy that. Anybody looks at. As a friend just quarterback but nonetheless it doesn't matter because this weekend it's all the ball watching what the best rounds of best weekends of it fills wall. Which is the divisional round. Last Saturday night. Going into Sunday. That at some point this week we're gonna hear the news that Bob Sutton was out as defensive coordinator in that they were walking on. In another direction still hasn't happened doesn't mean that it won't. But definitely a lot of fans are getting disarmed he made back. We're yet another year. Do it until we delayed a day or for the weekend. Pushed and who's out about them and we better. Musically he's pushed it there but this was some news. John Witherspoon confirming today that a Friday or will occur. Courtesy of elect still says if it's 55. I does that make devices may visit and it kind of made my Friday insists. That makes your Friday and it seems stoplight. Well I mean. Still solved that there were just tried to do there like I'm Michael what you still sunsets. Hey everybody Kevin also began. Were awful Monday. Happy MLK day on Monday. Or talking on the day shift on Tuesday thoughts. It. And. At. I know you all small week. I know it's a with each passing day cause it's flattened. We had no job. Aiming to.