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The Day Shift
Wednesday, January 3rd

NFL Network's Sean O'Hara joins Lake & Bink on The Day Shift. 


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Joining us now former powerful player Natalie that channel here's an info network analyst. Follow him on Twitter at channel here a sixty you can see Sean on this phone networks in apple playbook tonight at 5 o'clock central. Always good stuff with the network annoy him. Addicted to that Seattle's John good afternoon. Hey good afternoon. Appreciate you watching and will try to keep it real. You know what though I am addicted Sheila told that it will be networks namely I love the specialized. Channels these guys really break it down and Sean. What are the big talks on NFL network lately of course been the playoffs. Into Kansas City Chiefs are our cultures where you fall in line this team was five and though the loses six and 767. And who stormed through. The into the season how do you look at chiefs early season mid season or this this team is playing now. Well I think it's probably. Little bit more in the middle you know I think earlier on this year we saw just an explosive offensive and you know according on each. Totally kill everything was clicking. You know kind of greens everything was great. You know and then when you put stuff on film you'll peoples are you know kind of figured things out so. You know I think. One of the toughest thing to handle yet so who success. And what we also and you find yourself. The talk of the town and respect him back into the target key advantage and I think that. I've been on good teams have been edited on nine people on a little bit of Peter. Buying cattle off the gas and teens complications so. To look at that at the chiefs they're often does so explosive. That they're literally to graduate from important game out of reach. Future weeks so that alternates. Out of the any decent quarter loss to try to defend currently kill with the deep ball. Curry on war on the football and Kelsey courtroom ultimately your defense. There's a lot of guys loosely trying to defend that. When it comes to look at it in a valuation that c.'s offense. Who is the number one guy that you wanna take out as if you're the titans are you look at it I say in the best dream putt I see it is time we TOR Sanders to ought Kelsey who is that guy. Well I think you'll get a stop alone the playoff football that's really what kind of comes down to you could make it team one dimensional and if you could stop the world. Now you're put a lot more pressure on on the quarterback. You couldn't get him and stopped wrong first round second round game in the third and long I think that's the formula. So that you can slow down careened onto the you know he so kick out salute to his it is further under appreciated quarterback early which is remarkable. That you could lead the league in passer rating and the electoral partners such as dolce and law. And still be under pressure but. I'll that he can do that now you can't take away the play action pass. Obviously these are fighting in the backfield in the not recollect guys can run world. And for Tennessee. Really wanted to get to a great job this year in the occupant of the big play it actually Jeter have been able hawkers. Donna good job audible they are going to make a play on assault. I think that's always the months and on anything but that certainly against which keeps. Clark the former Super Bowl champion NFL network analyst they shuttle here. In Sean what the names has been mentioned that Nagy. He's getting some runs it looks like he's gonna be according to the B writer for the store towards Baylor gonna be interviewed for the bears in the colts' new type of things. Arm is this if the flaws because he's started play calling in the jets' game there averaging 29 points a game. Is that the and at the work sometimes you're hot for short amount of time in everybody wants you. Yes you that you go you've got to ride the waves you know it's. You know when you when you look at as. Success that. Some Indy Reid's proteges have bad you know just some of the Doug Peterson. As of late I think people look at vanish in an Angel volatile that we can get another. One of those times coaches. That that knows how to attack defense and no one knows better at what point to Baltimore. Believe hot commodities right now so yeah practical it is true unity it's. They understand that it's itself business you've got to strike or top. There's not much about loyalty but it's about and you've you've got to. He got taken urgently common even if it's not you don't get the job just the fact that you are drumming up interest during the conversation. Or any coach can Turkey also leveraging the fuel today coaching job your country would be out. In the years or maybe you budget year chew on your current contract because he's the teenager with what's key people so it's it never hurts. Some quick when you saw the initially we saw the match ups for the playoffs he saw that it was going to be titans at seas was supports the McCain your mind. All in the titans keep up with the chiefs offense in I think yes the question which Kansas City chief Steve Morrissey. You know I got the same question about titans. I know what also is crucial because there's been times where they've looked unstoppable on. They're exotic smash mouth offense looks green things are also owners. And then there's a time preacher on the tape and they can get out there away communicate blocker possible safety harmony mean a box that you own and it's it's remarkable. But they've won that game against Jackson doctor and on the film the first five run plays they've got negative twelve yards rushing. Hump and so that's for Tennessee I don't know who's gonna shall call offensively. That after the first thing that they jumped out of me. You know and and I kind of looked at at the chief defense. No that's their consultants it's given in your recent Rickles. They gun dashed this year. In the kidneys stopped Derek and are helping to Marquardt and an appliance. Because any injury bug me that's really what it comes down to district can the chiefs defense was given a blood rushing errors this year. Continued in that doctor Henry. That to me is the basic outlook and a. You don't interest in Dayton peace on is that when I look at the titans in the titans have been Jack one hi all season long may end and they struggled. Onto the senate side you know last month of the season. But the one comment that it ceased to win this game. But I am a little bit concerned about mark is they're gonna just from him using his legs perspective and and he's had a really. I think a down year by everybody's expectations going into the season but is it that type with talent is he the type of quarterback is he the type a dot. That in that particular matchup like this but in that one game can use his legs in Mason special plays on a special day. Yet he can certainly do it you know about that can do to be and I think that that's probably feather in the cap for the chiefs that look at that you know they they know how to defend. Hopeful quarterback because there that they've got themselves. The wanting and I think changes that offers it is I don't think they're Henry is it good shock the world. His running skills from the high formation and the whole positions seven yards in the back field. To mark burglar has has had a little more success on the shock Enron's. I'll model burial has been pretty cool to play action passing this year but that's in the economic takes log that read option aspect of it. You know he'd never goal you know what how awkward actually handle third down for a longer run playing man. Coverage you know Mara some sort of like and can sneak out the back door on your bullet. Non I think if your if your opinion read security chiefs. You're Bob's sudden you're you're saying look I'll call take you know if they're gonna try to live and die on a quarterback scramble on third down. We we got a long. So what are your opinion on it she suffered some line. The bid up and down the season and given a 37 sacks this year for Alex Smith but they also boasts the NFL's leading rusher. In when you look at what happens in the trenches for the chiefs and much respect you have for their office along. Well I think they've got a great job the panel a lot of adversity to him it's Morse has been in now lineup with a foot injury. I think he's actually done a really good job. Also a possibility and and now you know I think. Due to maturities it is a very underrated Goer in the league can he get to new contractors and rightly so put. Other very physical with very good in the run game and you know what they want somebody different style overall and it's not just his own pure they they run at the gap schemes. That they want to we will play that actual extraction in there and has some gadget plays to our home but I really think that there. That they've they've done a great job I think to tackles are are pretty underrated you know Eric Fisher has. That hasn't played pretty well this year Mitchell Schwartz probably get enough credits were for a we think about how well he's played in in the third division in the gets the best pass versioning in the game was Von Miller and but also I think Perlman and technically back. Sort of faced those guys twice a year the other battle tested. I like the ultimate line. Editors follow a bit of a number of sacks where Al Smith. It kind of run around and enjoy I didn't know there's an awful lot when he got to go announcement as athletic enough. And he scrambled around and in the kids. He loved that about one on line of scrimmage or doesn't pull away and getting complete past he's taken someone mr. sacks to go down. Had had sex instead record but I'm not gonna do with the pass protection. Final question for you show on over the felicity and around the NFL network about Patrick Holmes debut. Are mixed reviews but I think a lot of people expected that you know we have a young gun company and you know you expect in the next couple rows. You know make couple bad decisions. And he got to work things there that it solidify for all people as. That maybe makes a lot of talk throws look easy and and a ball just. Flies out of it and so. That always gets everybody excited. You know when we democratic economy where Alec energies for the look at the rest. They're a lost the ball your he gets what may enmity here Rogers those special. He's got a lot of people see you a huge. Huge upside for more homes. Shot a lawyer for the Super Bowl champion New York giants' league it's your money and if a network or on Twitter at channel here sixty. Tonight in FL network's playbook special 5 o'clock central. Right here gives and takes a shot. Are. You show hero rate there.