01/03 - Beau Brinkley

The Day Shift
Wednesday, January 3rd

KC native, former Kearney Bulldog, and current Titans long snapper Beau Brinkley joins Lake & Bink on The Day Shift. 


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Whom. To whom it is to do. To whom do you do exist. And I got in obligation in play maker counts in 06. Sports Radio you'd probably be doing you're gonna face in a hole. Come up on the weekend always got to hit him with the idea that. The markets joining us now from Nashville forward Carney pulled the port Missouri tiger under the great. Gary paint balls never for the titans name sobering Bo how you do man. They were doing great man a right just nobody cared corn Anke channel nine's do the big story in your parents that it's it's great name's Tim Tebow. But knew it at what moment doctor. If the techs like Libya this week to vote he said there you go briefly on right. These titans weakness and trials or call the titans and see who works and an arc we've. We've done it before and Bo is a lifelong she Spain and you know the chiefs in the playoffs not exactly been great. You can have sympathy for the chiefs in May be airman was snapped this week. It. Or palpable. But of course I will do gooders. I'd give I want how big of fear unity of city royals. Okay well it is reports out there that they can be offered Hosmer seven for 147. You taken that. The Gilbert all. All it says it is that is answer because they when he comes the royals right now's got attracted a following. If I mean now so clearly you're. You're you're going to be playing playoff the ball here this this coming week and when it comes up watching the royals the most ours at is that likely got it you wanna return because there's a lot of free agents whether it's most whether it's chain weather's hot sauce that got. They'll all removed as rouge all of Qaeda though big guys you know with Barbara Walters on and you know it could that. Burger court walker saw him at all for him. So vote your big royals feast of a teacher and. It would appointed him. Does have a lot of low moment. But you'd be happy. Why aren't we can tomorrow but you know got not a. It's all good minutes up at all seriousness of what's it going to be like for you coming back to Kansas City this weekend and plan and not meaning any us out game is a meaningful game. The city to try to win the super wal does a team to grow lots. That's going to be serial bomb distraught that his stay grounded now on we'll get much anymore in more for uncommon. And it's got it's going to be also I think that'll cover ground even more distribute around that most people that. That helped me get this situation in this you'll cut in my life and playing for the you know have been there walked me. That's going to be a great the big honour Narnia I couldn't could not for their support system and on the security we're grateful. Target along Stanford Tennessee Titans that in city native O Brinkley a bow I know Greg Jones brought to be at their. Former Carney coach but definitely people we gonna have on lesbians. I don't know tribute will Milan martic Leah found out. Well organized might moment that architects like. Crazy it just you know my dad call buddies. Portraying wages for and you know people about stated that. It was unreal. It's going to be it's going to be guitar. All I'll say this object coming at the right time when it comes of this game on Saturday because I think from a weather perspective. It's going to be Russell EYE a row on let me look up the of the weather here for this coming Saturday it's gonna be it's gonna be in the upper authorities are so good like here is gonna be 35 or 36 on Saturday because the last couple of days has been zero or below. Yet it's been I've been didn't. You know picture from my parents and they all my grip and ignore the third Q and it's been you know negative single digit negative team. Development wake up beat cal Maury yet but yet acute. Bada. Yeah it's been cold but it it will we have in the last week it was a critical game for a cure a cold treatment peaceful state district of not mistake it could be sure but. You know thirty. No I thirty's probably gonna pick Cooper did effort you know what you guys have been through what we've been there. Yep it's gonna chill awesome actually this coming weekend when your game public TT guerrilla army just between us is just mean you saw on the radio. Does the weather and when he gets a little bit and it indicates a little bit cold does it affect you mentally sometimes maybe not just you at some of your teammates. Armed but are not really mean it's. It's kind you know. Little bit pitiful. It's sort of difficult from conflict that super cold like in the next game last year that was. Obama never played it before and I mean that kind of got understandable that cover a little you can you had to admit we prepare for that is typical local Manila. I don't object to the big thing last year confer talk before the game and after the and we couldn't feel it it was a real the Little League. And its board those pictures. Yet maybe a little bit league book committee bid thirty compatible piece gain amid its recuperate. Uses there prevail because it. Lot of people don't pay attention that debate at dove field goals and stuff like that you're stamping in the cold it's gotta be different ball. It it's a little different means more maternity go you wanna little grip on her hand foot and Eric and looked like triggered a little bit and try to drug mall if you will pack. Some Turkey on computers that feel like sometimes you will too cold your arms control walk up the and he at all positions Trout more forward you know same routine over conflict from a little law. Her on the little stiffer than the other and you know the internal below law upon the just you know and warm but let me thank you for keeping loose. Well I keep telling these kids man high school may be a long snapper. Or kill just getting launched a full ride to Kansas State man he dreams can happen for members. But all of them in the world that I would love to monitor struck out food plate you know play other sports stroke play other positions. But he did you you can get tortured for certain but also amid the coaches like some people like you know a little a little soon stop like that. It is a it is always tell people when they ask me you know. No more children who also have to be played other sports like you don't get it out there. Did it it you know and then different competition. Circumstances there. Her gain since you know just got to build to announce appreciative he would consult with such as my outlook on its well. Don't know that that's pretty cool look at important look upon it for him this. The of media that you heard that school because of a plea here in city but that last week the titans. There was a moment that game and it's made its way around a lot of places those watching. Marcus Mario this press conference yesterday at this on the titans web site. It was talking about that stiff form he had the very church the strong safety Jacksonville but he gets up and talks little job. Did you know Marcus was capable of that little stiff for the safety. Hard fought but it really a pocket Doug our news heated bloody markets he might be quiet. You know he's he's pretty tough kid movies we get from Rick from. Competitive games in the locker room there you know get people out sometimes the nominee people see that but he's figured he would Melanie went up and looked. About Taco Bell who are well you know wait. Let me know the political play yet and a great leader to associate natural marsh quarterback. Let's personally. Who is the toughest guy on the you know on the roster. Yet tough as a bad. Well call are admired my vote will be called quote. OK to decrypt at what the university and worked for me to sort of doing judo. That. I got. And I got another question for you what are the things that everybody has loved the entire season has banned all the touchdown celebrations at all these teams are doing. Had you been a part of any celebrations this year. No. No I have a week. Wherever I have about big. Account and completely changed the things laughter after like you were touched down the clock started immediately sought to try to get out there at India like to provide what he's not wait on me. But that's about it and I are probably. And if I ever scored abroad can do it Georgie. Our project on both. Our broad broad Tony junior. There's a celebration I'm glad we finally saw below. The alliance they did the the rockets thing around Christmas. But it was with skill positions for actual linemen to do. They think that'll be priced Sierra. Some guys in the of that that would be you know outside for everybody on this week you will be. Well it's always good kids in a boat Brinkley launched there but Tennessee Titans played locally here for the party bulldogs were split from Missouri Tigers as well. Bo I would say good luck this weekend but but no. You know. Show your considered an album. Hey I appreciate you guys let me only in I mean that. What do you know an error which they look. And those people known someone that's for an incident he millions of others killed so far Albert brought about maybe meeting today. Oh. It is so. Bill skilled position players of the season glowed yellow June 11 and opinions on your watch and you Bobo the local kid done good thanks Lebow. Outbreak here at first you aren't they did here. Well man who's funny.