01/03 8a - Josh Vernier, Hosmer Report, Bob Nightengale (Broke the Story)

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Wednesday, January 3rd

We talk with Vern about the Royals offer to Eric Hosmer plus we're joined by USA Today's Bob Nightengale, who broke the story, to get his take on where the Royals chances stand with Hoz 


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And. Like welcome Bob best coach Josh playing where and producers David Spector. Breaking news VA USA today as they spoke to a person host Eric Hosmer. The royals have offered Haas for a franchise record seven year 147. Million dollar contract. We've been reacting to it says the news broke that we're joined by our wells insider of ash burn you're now on the show. Vernon. In your streams. Did you think the royals would come over the top of San Diego seven year 140 million dollar offer. By offering Hosmer seven million more which which by the way adds up to 21 mil per year. You could operate in Rome Italy you have to accept that. But obviously than that but yet while that of course because what. We all talk all odds they didn't drop and the regular season. About how hop group was it a different outlook were going to do you know oh well someone and so when he took eight out of where Koppel would be that died the report from the Yale October. So what you have to do it got to make sure you can sit Hosmer inept at seven for 147 do you think there will be a series of moves after that. Well it hit a proper accepted if it -- come back. If you knew you would try to get something for. You know keep that apple is you could move M I'll and so. It you could book and I'll let. The good guys. We didn't and you're not. Followed them over the past year. Dayton not in the business of all book on the right. Yeah that is easy. He's got. The microphone and look I'm not in the line but it's not his job over probably. Here it is we have a lot it will have been we ought to do that are coming in third. I've done. Need over the Eagles. Cadbury morality than any sign it and the people. Again he's not in the business over old book on the opposition to the world. That means rates now adopt in the but the autopilot. Just and it's an ass is all yeah I mean I had the there's people are definitely fearful. Burn that if you are to pull off the deal for inner Kosovor U got to got the residents of the thing. And I think we've seen from the royals at wouldn't be their MO they would find a contract it's manageable. In this on May be hit maybe he maybe at the top end of that manageable for them but to still be able the provide flexibility do other things. I'll click click here a looping them up to college basketball when the opposite way. 333430. Optical error October 21 plot million dollars. Get. The cult but I would presume that there is. One is not so you are out in the concept of error out but yeah. Rejoin the free agent market in three years in five years of the along the outline. That earned him a round into the baseball on the popular yeah. It ultimately eat got about. Not that big yet talked about it that we don't let that you want them three years Armonk. Tuchman Josh Fergie are royals insider here on sixth and Sports Radio is we have breaking news from USA today that Eric Hosmer has been offered a seven year. 147. Million dollar deal to return to the Kansas City Royals. Is there a chance that Hubbard doesn't sign this deal as their chance that he wants to go elsewhere even with a deal this week on the table. Sure no doubt others. Like what we are. At camp that. A single substantive day to deal. If India were. And association. A lot more going to. It that much as we've seen that anywhere. How would this document will air with all Martina. Got bored with the agent not. It's called general manager law. Right now to equate it with you more when we're in right now. For Cutler and I let you out what becomes of the party. While I would department and other jump into the. Let you bring out. Another team jumping in the fray but at the same time this isn't just job force's decision it is their customer's decision. Could you envision him taking less money if it's just it's called a ten million dollar difference. Overall like as a 157 comes from the cardinals this for. Hypothetically and then it does he become the Kansas City knowing what's here and that he likes the working environment all last of would that be worth. Maybe a little bit less money. Sure. The pot smokers had a you know worldly now and so whether or not. And now that more democracy. And market leanings. You can't. He would know the insight. He will be on the mount Rushmore. Up yet that the sport is eighteen. That in that. Plus year deal in intensity so shall of course there's the possibility that it slightly last. But not yet let the and hot air force. Forward and and and get on the the players that is what the solution to your stock or or who don't don't let. The contract operable so of course hot button now but what you want to do but short already done. Hot reserves. The dictate that you had on news. It's and yeah. Put up numbers he has the Lipper wearing. Whatever comes his way whether it in and out. That it deserves. Yeah he he definitely does and and I think what we're looking at here is as Dayton told us before Thanksgiving Verne was that you know will probably have the last opportunity to match the best offer that are costs were gets immunity they just feel that way eagle out there you get your best offer we'll see what we can do. I think that's a situation that we're at right now I think he got his best offer from San Diego seven for 140 and he came back to the royals are sure well that will go seven for 147 will give you an extra million dollars per year. And you start to get into a place now where. Are you looking to really you know just make money or do you you wanna play in an organization that loves you when you love them too and that those are the things you need to consider as well. Although. First of all and I agree with just about it. How are rewarded not to bring out more cynical but it would be able offered in matters that yes of course you know. Now a topic again and that means that that. Are out with the same way that he will. I don't think Lewis New York others I would love them quite a bit. Of wearing a look at all for. The old bowls eat. Old Josh. What else with the royals have to do let's say that Eric ostracize this deal seven years 147 million. What does the royals have took out was to be cute legitimate contenders for the World Series in 28 were. There. Like legit contender next year. We got beat you and you. A lot of that ultimately have to come at the trade deadline. Is this unique about it starter or who. You need to be buckets to plot full and arms. He's. So whether or alt opt in order to break well there you are not yet another quarter I'll look back. And then cut order Margaret yet to break out or Gupta caught up that the last yeah it feels it's it it's a competitive. With hot bird web himself in court though. Right when we copy it and aren't in the rotation and they do get out of if you know anything to happen in baseball. But it aren't being the class of the division. Enabled but there that we let it into the Minnesota twenty. It would have a lot of work to do. Let me leave you with this one Vern you know if you sign here you start slow out OK he's our guy you signed some moral to that kind of money and you don't hit 350 out of the gate with 500 home runs and 75000. RBIs. Pressure's on man and and sometimes it's easier you know that the grass is always greater than ourselves for prayer costs were saying you know you know here. And that a million bucks more may be some morals I don't think is worth it to go somewhere else if you could have that safety net if you will playing here in Kansas City. Sure sure all the hour or so. Some people talk like to use without Gordon but one of a couple of months ago. I don't expect her cousin and have a downturn and Alex Gordon sat out Allen scored 0330. Hitter like Oscars. Yeah no you're right you're right. You're right I I I hope where proper turn to well. He's just for your royals in Saturday on six and Sports Radio they take the time Josh we appreciate. It. That's verdict and if you're just now joining us Eric Hosmer has been offered a seven year 147. Million dollar deal to return to the Kansas City Royals. Persons close to Hoss were told USA today. Now that to me is a very important part of this that the people putting this out there are close to Eric Posner. Explain why next. They grab discussed throughout the show Eric Posner offered seven years 147. Million dollars return of the Kansas City Royals. And this comes from USA today and it says that persons close to Eric caused her to hold this the USA today sports on the condition of enemy enemy. It says negotiations are still undergoing. Now. The fact that it comes from persons close to Eric Hosmer. Speaks very well out of me because there has arisen dumb people close to Eric Hosmer putting this out there. That it makes me believe that Hosmer is very much onboard with resigning Kansas City. Because what would you put something like this out there knowing that if you don't take seriously let's say he decides to take the Padres the author. Seven years 147 million dollars plus Ocalan. Obviously that's kind of a slap in the face to Kansas City and their customers are going to do that. And big Silva comes from people close air cost for the this month this number is out there. Well then it would make me believe there's a very strong possibility and it's more than likely that Eric house is going to take at the Y I would think that that this is. Maybe they're looking for that final year maybe they're looking to get this out there that hey this is what's been offered right now auction pace Indiana what are you gonna do now pace Saint Louis what do you do to the royals are now at seven for 140% of Verizon who's got are got what it out there what's it going once going like this you know that that's where it's Nike he's got a hired to micro Brothers to go out there are on the auction form and that's what's got force is doing he's going out there and aren't we got 74147. From Kansas City. Who's up next who can go 8150 to go eight for 155 who could go nine for nine 19 geek who once it on this. And we'll see where the bidding ends but. I think it's I think it's a very good thing to know that the royals all are in the middle of this that doesn't mean the deal was done doesn't mean he's going to sign here in Kansas City. But the odds right now are a lot greater than they were two hours ago their costs were remaining in Kansas City is a member of the royal. Just Bernard join us last segment brought a good point two outs in contracts are very commonplace he stays in in baseball we'll make total sense if he had a three years and after three years again and now you that if you know you make it you make it so it's good for him to that if he want if you say is the rebuilds or not there. He get out you back load the thing to. Four per dollar purposes babies maybe on cell alive there's a lot of nuances to this contract it would. Would would make it's probably palatable on both sides I I just think that wow. I had the wild part of it is just is where I'm at right now though the wild of the royals are. I felt like they played with a big boy pants for awhile there. But there like firmly in the big there in the they're in the who was the fat guy Jon Broxton then John Bryson Tampa now I mean this is an unbelievable move it. If indeed that that's that's where the offers that that I Johnny Drama along the guys. Because chance I can think what people see those fancy airing pro. You're does that picture in your eyes in the sky was this as well and doesn't noses and one leg that was a little ads it says that it. With the with that. Said though about the amount of money obviously if somebody comes as some other team comes whether the St. Louis Cardinals Texas Rangers they could be a surprise team. They swoop in and they go with like 160. For 70. Eight for 160s yeah and then yours that you're kind of going well that's still less money is what a leader by getting more money overall and obviously contract guaranteed because baseball so right. If somebody comes over the top with a bigger deal for a longer period of time and air caused her takes that I'm okay I think for most people like. That's why seven years for 147. Makes a lot has got to go out in the first well first like has a lot of money you write it that much money to only that's crazy by. At the same time it. Didn't offer out there means that the world's a plane and that the game with the TV deal looming. By about 120 air the TV new TV they did a terrible but it comes so who knows what to do ESP an acquisition through all these fox sports regionals there may be some more money there that they can shell out two. Get these deals done so and start like air caused her to be very beneficial when you're going to TV contract goes and that's really to play at the flip side of Mike is like all right TV partners total forty of that people while watching it could have. Eric Byrnes operas and Danny Duffy and give these guys were legitimate all stars in Major League Baseball okay. Our I am a bomb like that yeah that gives you more leverage when it comes to getting more money out of your TV deals of the end this sticker shock. Is very fair here I think when you look at seven years a 147 million dollars for Eric Posner. But there is a business side to it where the royals could make up for that money. And it puts them a better spot to make more money long term just having air costs on the team. Right and maybe it's one of those deals to with a TV partner looks at it is or it will give you the let's just say for argument sake ten million dollars per year but if you add Eric Hosmer and the missile that will give you twenty million dollars per year what would I notice of those are very low numbers but that's just argument Satan you know you you look at that that type deal because ultimately at the end of the day most of the money you get from your TV deals go to figure players anyway. And so the TV partner should have a pretty big say in and how much are gonna pay based on the talent you're requiring because. A TV product is worth a lot more when Eric Hosmer Salvador Torres and those guys and it presumably he's don't know yeah got to be no sense to the overall modesty juniors of the world but it is just aren't so he's not he's not he's not a money grab like like an Eric Hosmer would be for these TV network. It's headed twitter.com slash 610 sports KC devote our full. Do you like the offer seven years 147 million dollar deal for Eric Hosmer there early votes Iran in the overwhelming majority is saying yes Fiat it's yes no are undecided at. 56% dawn with yes we two point 9% at no. That's early on again twitter.com slash extends force KC or hit us up on attacks on 69306. Does is that what you think about this offered air customer. I'm my guess is most loyal fans will be excited. You'll also have some wet blankets out there like most of the people and muted over the years on Twitter you tell us a lot of possibilities we are available there has been a I'd muted these people and people are fighting with them about the fact that they don't like the fact. That they're seeing people also though that would would bitch if they didn't so higher costs were so the people who were bad. Add about this offer the same people who would be out of they didn't make an offer to air Costa resort to the people you can't concern yourself how matter to the Saber metrics people only sell man's car right. Or is the Saber metrics based Eric Posner isn't nearly as good as the perception America Oscars so. Here and just the Saber metrics numbers in your true subscriber to that. And your seed seven years for under 47 million but they're upset about Obama I'm a believer and I know when I've seen and I've seen a man who has led an organization who has been the face of an organization has been the face of the city who has contributed more to Kansas City. That any athletes and George Brett has contributed to Kansas City. I see god has a a perceptual value that is through the roof here in Kansas City and I see a guy that is it is going to be. The new reincarnation of George Brett the torch can finally get past. This goes way beyond numbers tell it really because if it was all about numbers Barry Bonds with a 110 World Series right he did because is not only about numbers it's about who you wars and leader Eric Hosmer is the quintessential leader there's nobody better. Nobody better right now like who who do you want out there in your locker room leap year team especially if you're gonna have some young guys and they need to learn how to play in the big leagues you and Eric Hosmer doing. According to USA today Eric Hosmer has an offer from the royals for seven years 147 million dollars. Another twenty more Osborn to compete next season we'll tell you exactly what they need to kick off for commercial free half hour presented by Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City. Next. O'clock here on six and Sports Radio presented by Mercedes. Bins of Kansas City best go in the morning I'm Mike Welch with Bob best coach Josh played there. Producers David Spector. Breaking news VA USA today Eric Hosmer has been offered a seven year 147. Million dollar deal to return to the royals. Don't know who's gonna sign yet or not but all we do know is that the world would need more than just air caused her back to compete in 2018. What based on everything we've seen with the squad what do you think they're going to need his eyes look at immediately think. Our uber higher cost her back even if you don't bring back my stock is yet test the cup over their third base. That if you have. As he's dossier of Rome on C junior shortstop Whitner feel the second your outfield will probably be some kind of mixture of Alex Gordon Jorge Bonifacio and worries away there. Now. What are you I think you need pitching that's a number ones and a I mean did did depending on what you're gonna do too deep do you have to trade beanie Duffy to get under the number that you need to go out getter cause let's assume for argument sake of Danny Duffy still part of the team you're dating. Duffy at the top of your rotation Ian Kennedy is is there as well. Potentially Jason Hammel in there and as what your starters you're gonna get nasty IndyCar is back. Dot probably has been a starter you're still looking for out there you know what whether it's a bit emerges from the system or whatnot so it probably still need some pitching count. Probably get in the bullpen help as well because you you may have to trade some guys out man bullpen. You get below that number to be able to get their costs were back weathered Soria whether it's a rare a couple of guys like that. If you look coach favors a guy that you look at right now sad that you're off from that you know moving the rib surgery. Maybe he's a guy that you look to bring back and it incentive league contract comes here to Kansas City. May be great colleges and other guy who still has not signed a contract yet maybe he's a guy that wants to come back here to Kansas City adequacy and instead of plea deal I think he still gonna get a nice contract but they beat somebody you can sign it's I still think you need some pitching help on this while he. You might or your just. I mean I would hate to Roth and say OK not give me bounce back Ian Kennedy ended in me give me some Jason Hammel alive can lead to we seed Jake Judas. The Jake the optic Judas that you saw at its stages last year like OK can he be got that they might have to do to to be that rate jam my perfect scenario is yeah. The use receive resigning or cows were then you go find out. A a legitimate middle the rotation pitcher either exactly Yu Darvish yet almost those you know those are those are out there every day so I think they would be they would be probably in that spot regardless of where that I still leading marketing analyst and associate to be legitimate contender yet you feel like aid and gave BA starting pitcher and probably valuable bullpen guy at least. I the royals giving air house for seven years 147 million dollars and I think won't. What else they're going to deal wit Dayton Moore tells us clearly isn't necessarily always 100% the truth he likes to. He likes to say very little and then oversell the us while we wanna keep the payroll round. And the payrolls higher than he said it was going very. Because he wants to set that bar rather low IQ that's the way to the wind out we don't like to spend all funny and then that nothing happened yeah Rex Ryan the hell out of everything rests at the bar too high that people are set to be disappointed. Dayton Moore has done here is set us up to expect the rebuilt so if the royals and get in opposite gain some major pieces and make it a run at this thing it's a pleasant surprise everybody's fired up about it all royals fans are on board in this going to Eric Hauser has me thinking about what other massive deals the royals could be looking at possibly making him make this team a contender while I. I think the interesting part about it is is is that. The entire impression of this royals organization changes if you going back here cost were no longer can you say the royals are just in minor league system for the rest of Major League Baseball. You can look at and say the royals are legit players for the rest of Major League Baseball they wanna be in it to winning. And I think that starts from the top I think that starts from ownership for for all who is tired of losing does not wanna sit here and suffer anymore. Through ninety loss season or are how wasn't 200420052006. Really lost a hundred games in three consecutive years. That's not a good look for anybody especially not a good look for Leo he's got to go and meetings and be there with the other owners and they're all winning games. And you are mired in losing David class is a wanna beat that guy anymore he wants to be the lead dog in baseball he wants to get back to the World Series when another commission are sure of just turn your royals and setter here on 610 Sports Radio joined us earlier and we Aston. Howell what what wells have to do to become contenders in the American League into when he eighteen after resigning last. Legit contender next year. Mean I think you mean you. A lot of that ultimately become a betray my if you knew about it or two. And you about it to plot or an arm. That he. So whether or all of you know that right now that you're not on yet another corner outfield back. And then cut murder moderate yet to break out or caught up capital outside of the yard field it's it is important I did it. With hot merge whip themselves in gore though. Right who would not be at an armed to the rotation and didn't get that out that week of if you know anything could happen at all. But as far as being the class of the division. The table but there that we let it into the Minnesota Twins but I knew that a lot of work to do. Just turn your royals and setter earlier today here on vesco in the morning as we told them about the report. From USA today that Eric Hosmer has been offered a seven year 147. Million dollar deal to return to the Kansas City Royals and he brings a good point out that you can have a pretty solid team even if you don't get a bunch of help if you really wanna contended. At the pitching is probably gonna be worked out yet. You have to add it to mean I don't care what team you aren't coming back to add your lineup if you wanna win in October you gotta have pitching that's why you go out you'll choir. A guy like Johnny Quaid and that's why he went out and acquired via the Wade Davis is in the James Shields of the world you've got to have arms you've got to be able to get guys out pitching beats hitting every single day of the week I mean you look at that it. You know an 80% rate that you know pitchers achieve success over hitters in baseball 8080 you know 7580%. Is the chances are that your pitching is going to be teacher hitting so you've got a fine pitchers to go out there. And delivered dimes or an end if you don't have the pitching it doesn't matter how many bats cabinet lineup you've got to find a way to get guys out and so that's gonna be the next big thing for the Kansas City Royals are still lacking in the pitching department sort talking lineups were down it lineups and after we had 000. I now at how. You see the snow on the ground and it's it's it's it's January now or six weeks away from the start of spring training in this Hosmer rumor starts today. It's. On six that they were. I'm curious as to how people reacting to this because there's sticker shock there seven years I've been yeah. Point but there's also that want to have her on her back strongly from people come up about five minutes but last November fast so we had. More in studio. And he very clear. They are going to tank we wanna win the world championships. We don't wanna be mediocre. And so that the climate in Major League Baseball today. And in how we wants built this team has changed from the climate is different and so we the only way to be able to spend money in the draft. Which is going to allow you to acquire talent you you have to you have to pick I mean you can't. Set your own budget and strategically. Al scout guys and outmaneuver them out strategy. And you know routes you'll strategize in a way that which you've gives you an advantage. So you know like we did we will Myers and we did with others. We're we're we're not able to do that anymore so the only way to to really build your farm system through the draft into it quickly. Is to pick high and so we have to evaluate that were always gonna do everything we can't put a competitive team on the field. There's no doubt about that that's how we're wired we're not going to tank like some people. You know light. You know talk about. May be or way to to get back on top sooner than later we were we're we're gonna. Do everything we came to be competitive but we also truthfully have to get. The financial part of it in order as well I mean we've been living way above our means the last two years mr. glass has been subsidizing this club. He he has no problem with doing that he's very supportive when Warner will work when we're trying to two win a championship. Like we were sixteen and seventeen. But now. You know if they didn't work so we we have to adjust and we have to get to our payroll backing. Check stay more in studio with us last November and as he's talking about payroll at this does make me chuckle looking at the seven year 147. Million dollar offer to warehouse while that last part of the of the cut and it's that said mr. glass doesn't want to lose any subs in and he's he subsidize the ballclub in the past that has been fine with that makes you think. He couldn't keep subsidized and the ball club wants to make another guy that he it's up to him down I mean. It is and and I I think what we we also see too is that. The TV deal is gonna come and apply it at the TV deals to be a lot bigger. That it's a lot less than that mr. last needs to subsidize you know for for the ballclub and you know even if it does come in two years may be taking other a year or so here where you're kind of little a little bit do have the bite off the ball with a little bit but knowing it's gonna come back he would back and and it made you do back glow that there cost contract with a new TV deal hits. Then that's the the money that you're gonna get you know because of that new TV deal because of baseball as you guys said. Guaranteed contracts as a matter to get the back into the front and to get money well on the amount of people that. It's it's funny the amount of people have seen whether some attacks on a 69306. Or on Twitter. A single people like Paul that the TV deal doesn't play into because what what who's watching just to see certain players are watching to see winning. We get by the way you know how you win baseball games. Players right so so I'm really good players you win more games you get higher ratings and get warm in your TV deal its its rocket science. It's the is free of any media. Don't care for its radio TV whatever you ask for more money would more people care about your product right if you have a better product more people care about it it's a fairly simple Hans. Yeah and I think too -- with the royals right now win when you don't have the names that people are familiar with they will check out I mean it in him and that happens with anything and so it's you wanna maximize everything and really when you went like a business you've you've got to put the best product possibly out there. It is the world continue to improve their product more people data doce you'll have more money you want to subsidize. In anything. Are we able more thing to get to hear from Dayton Moore but. Not 135767610. And a what do you think. Of this offer according USA today it is currently out to Eric Hosmer from the Kansas City Royals of seven years 147 million dollars do you think. It's a Smart move is it too much money are you cringing at getting some sticker shock let us not 1357676. And a the last November when Dayton Moore was in studio we asked him about the payroll for Tony eighteen. Yeah we we got flexibility probably to be you know in that 110. 21 warning. But. You know have been good to your point. I don't necessarily think it makes sense. Two to be in that one warning if we're not going. If we don't feel like that we match up well. With the other teams in the division so if we've got to take this thing back down further. For the sake of just financial responsibility. And that we have to look at that but I think you're right I think we'll see how free agency goes. Nobody has told us to back off Eric house where. Had a conversation yesterday. With stand last week we talked specifically. About. About Eric and you know what we can do to to make him a royal so you know will continue down that trail but. If he's not in Kansas City then perhaps we have the rethink our strategy for the next you know two to three years. Allies Dayton Moore and studio it's it's. You're gonna spend the money to to be a contender and division and if you're not a contender if you don't feel like in the personnel to be the contender in the division unite as a demonic right. If they're spending this night they think their content and it is Arkansas earlier in the fraud doesn't throw those numbers than ever to go anywhere that. And here they're right yes and they're not get a settler or not out there cause we're you I've been told to back off of Eric Posner clearly. It's telling because he's where will we haven't. Been told to back off which is. A big deal because normally would be soul pay back off a little bit let's see if the market comes back to us let's see if we can give him at a discount. But that's not a Dayton Moore was told he was told keep going capture Posner and you know. Well you don't give this kind of massive deal this spot without having a very Ali yes extensive conversation with the owner David Glass. And Dan glass to your I guess is that there is a very extensive conversation about this this is big boy money. I let's go I want to be involved in those meetings though labeled as flyable it would what takes place that we sell what you wanna do whatever it takes okay I tell us what those meetings. Steve Allen how what was that meeting last ten minutes. Think it depends on the gravity of the situation I'll say this is probably one of the more like hourlong meetings because it's not just about. All the B one there cause it's how much. How many outs we have in the contract you know when we have the contract and were we get away from when he worked he moves on it there's so many different so different levels to this. I'm very intrigued if in fact here copper does sign this contract we get the details and they're intrigue. To see with the deet tails would pay for Eric or seven year 147. Million dollar contract. Which a court US it is what the royals are offered. Let's go to the phones and I want 35767610. Zach in Gladstone Zach what are your thoughts on the air Posner offer. Yeah just. I think I think the bat copter is they are trying to rebuild if that's are all local or what you got there earlier it Dayton. It paid big it's not the rights are right now I think it's great golfer I'm glad just to date I just may date that you. Exactly you got to live oh a lot of people feel that awaits him a lot of I think it's I think it's been pretty clearly decoding and rebuild. It don't matter of minutes we've been saying for awhile right mom I mean yeah then that really hesitate so. We move on from hotter then yeah you're probably looking to rebuild it immediately but if you sign air costs that are they don't always yeah it'll go this this thing is still moving it forward and still moving in the right direction and still wanna be what you there's still bin. An idea out there that if Eric pause for us in the market were to gravitate to the royals at a discount you can sign in and rebuild around Eric Hosmer. Put it your own for seven years a 147 million I just can't imagine your thinking rebuilt. Like I guess people still don't like how it's let's see you sign Bosworth had prayed. We your trade guys like south Reggie trait I thought idiotic you trade South Korea as he's still on such a great team friendly honest I don't think you do either who was catching mix here. Well that's again that's the point the read it yet is so we're going to you're trying to get prospects and get younger if it was just about our air. The grass the mortgage gravitated back to a guy for. Stop five years 95 mil you can still rebuild in his time there cause or your first baseman for the next you know 67 years five years whatever. And it needs to rebuild the round Purcell is 147. I don't think you can really make that you can really sell that as a rebuilding this. As I mean it'll issue in glacier trading mirror feel them issued trading while Almonte to see junior and lesser trading Salvador brands and and an Alex Gordon all the same time just to keep Eric Hosmer here. You're not a rebuild because I don't think it team that has Allen scored that has Salvador Torres that has Whitner feel that has error cost them as Danny Duffy. I don't think any of those cats. Our guys that you look at and say this is now only rebuild for this organization. There's enough guys there were you look at go let's get one more piece or two more pieces and let's go sport organization. Our we have Bob nightingale of a USA today who. Broke the story with the news of air congregate in this offer. It's who he's gonna join the show in just a minute Bogut to your calls first Stephen and only what are your thoughts on Eric cons regain the offer was seven years 147 million. In the upper limit. What plausibly make an offer pinch at all. They'll probably go and to rebuild mode I think this is mostly PR. It's still get rated previously. Not. By the estate operators being fit being something that's something today they're going well in her. I'd beat the Padres still come back to go for more I think this is sort of baseline sort of baseline all personalized page weight Q hi. I'd idol like it you'll never like these big contract freighters to get rid deputy worried oh. I don't think I still think about coming back listing just. They basically call Steven I. I'll say this the big contracts as the way it works now sports. I mean that's the thing legged in sports you have got to like the market rate but it's the market remark yeah right you have to pay in order to get guys here in here if your if if if you're paying the market rate. That feels like a real secretly conspired AM audience let me ask you this to what law. What makes a contract or is it wasn't worth it. I don't know how many jerseys with the Yankees Allen TV network numbers a lot of tickets being sold it it would championships but they made. We connect our John dog and I. Targeted so at the end of his contract it wasn't worth it financially to pay him what they're paying him for my dad got an hour and he's a hall of Famer right yes so dearly and I just don't work there's a lot of it and it did at the end you go. Those early work that's kind of order. Teams go. Bob nightingale USA today Bob nightingale wrote the story and had the news that duke Kansas City Royals have offered Eric Hosmer franchise record seven year 147. Million dollar contract. Bob what was your initial reaction when you heard that number. And isn't that the world America effect on the field. As a little flat and we'll have a back. And it is to you know. It blows outnumbered those that users will get the pop wanted to shoot more important. They're not going off all links. Arctic president. So do you think this is a deal there cows were alternately signs. You know I think people wants you know eight or nine years. Itself. I think with something little like you've decided. You know the father is sold there as well note that in the world forty. I think Lindsay continues. What do you succeed gifts that eight or nine years and I know bourses is apt to getting in L basically what he wants and has gotten a lot what he wants but in this day and age of baseball we've seen it kind of slow down a little bit do you think he gets that eighth or ninth year. Well aware of the eight years and there's nothing. This case it was just say you're welcome years ago. Jacoby Ellsbury is eight years. There. She who would feel to them you know get you a long term yields still took a year ago so. I don't put it. Or is it because it seemed like one he waste a lot of default in black. So that they didn't celebrated settlements on the. But I'll be in that day in a all of your excellency my idol but I just think if you do you said Bob though that were in that day and age of of baseball where. Teams are now willing to go do you think we seen enough correction if you will words coming back to two more manageable deals by these organizations. Well thank you for being smarter about it what you know in this series is and so would jump out of the year ago. It didn't deal I've been seeing what they've done. A lot like did is an artist gave it is yeah. I don't think we'll continue to bowl the father of the world. You know I don't think little. Yeah. A little interest ever thought he did. There are about a month ago. Is that not equipped with notable is that you know which is involved there. So that it is that was part of the ceremony. You know. Well I think it depends on the eastern and civil war. Followed Bob nightingale USA today who broke the story that Eric Hosmer and off 37 year 147. Million dollar deal to return to the Kansas City Royals. But the first thing you said was surprised that it was the royals giving this kind of money. This is by far the largest contract offer we've ever seen from the royals and here in Kansas City it feels almost like will play with the big boys now. If feels nice in that way. Is that sort of the indication here of the royals are willing to spend more than really anybody could have possibly predicted. Yeah it. Sell and how much it means a principle in this community with you about this war. Hit all the lies where Clinton used to. It is back in the club now. In I want the audience just you just loved ones you know. That it Unionists and over that it's almost what into the for the same reason. Or didn't go out there and it felt like that it is this is first now with charm and you know. Bob nightingale USA today with a 0610 Sports Radio before we let you run Bob bobbing your of course broke the story the world's offered her cows were seven year deal worth 147. Million dollars. He says he really liked it he would have signed how long ago was this offer officially made do you think us. Yeah the question I don't know. I assume this sub the last two weeks. I don't think that you want but they went down. So that I think very loosely on the back on cable. A little oddly that just did that they're like. I think that bothers me is that for awhile. So there it is just the world like that it won't be that you wouldn't want them just bought an election year in the money it received approval. That'll Syria. Would be the first war consistency which means certificate. It's important. He's Bob nightingale USA today had a -- take the time Bobby appreciate it. Yeah. Bob yeah yeah we've we've felt for the prestige value. Or to try. Of course he's produced he gets on the TV and of course you're gonna visit Cedar Point that year I would too I San Diego called it every day on a weeklong meeting shore coming up correctly if your baseball it's winter what else the elegance and guys by wolves in the work out of the it's beautiful there. Big story. Extortion. Wouldn't seven. Well that does sound bit. Despite Shockey for the big stories error Cosmo. Offered a seven year 147 million dollar deal to return to the Kansas City Royals according to USA today's Bob nightingale who we just had on the show. He got it from persons close to Eric Hosmer meaning that he got I've got us. And it how we are in the situation room. Waiting to see exactly what's going to happen. Well there Oscars on this deal while another team from over the top that's the Padres the cardinals the Rangers some kind of random team that comes into play. One thing we do though. Is the royals are not going quietly into the night when it comes to Eric Hosmer they were not allowed to go away for nothing now and I think it's a really good move by the Kansas City Royals and and I would have been Morse of eyes I think if this team. From the royals but would have been more. At these things came to. Roosevelt because of the elderly get it out there they feel really good about the new deal done Bosworth people leak in and out there it's like our own. Yeah yeah your trying to be an. That's that's business you know and maybe nobody comes over the top maybe it's a situation where other teams like the Padres look at this thing. Seven years daughter for a seven. We might be able to match it but we won't be able to be right and that's the situation with I think if you're eighteen going after harper it's not good enough to come quotes. What the worlds are offered you have to go over the top a threat to go. 160. Or eight or give him that eight or nine years that Eric Hosmer very clearly wants so if you give him that number maybe we see another team jump inning grab highs but. At this point I don't know there's a team that really wants to go over the top flight out of there is a squad I can look at even the the court in the cardinals again in eight years under sixty million they would give pujols then it's. I still at all when he 200 million then that was their star that was their baby that was their franchise. And that's what people spent money and it was only one or two years older than we've than than Hosmer. At that time rightly been rules when he was what we got her third yeah it's like a 128. So it is what it makes sense to see that part of them over the top with some huge deal to take him maybe they give. A little bit more than the royals but that's the thing to keep in mind here you were to go against the royals. If you're any other squad you're gonna have to give Eric a lot of money to pass a 147 to stay in Kansas I would think especially with the tax rate in the 13% California vs 5% here in Missouri until your your smile. I know you are absolutely absolutely huge giveaway an integrator talk about that kind of money you're not that much of income that level of income would tell me. They think about let's say you have a hundred dollars taken in your paycheck now for state taxes you do the same job in California making the same amount of money and now all of a sudden you have. Doubles that night yet. It time and a half taking out your paycheck for state make up about 230 dollars instead of a hundred yeah. Are. It's pretty significant right. Now at this every time they all live in Florida and and in Nevada because the pace state checks down to Texas to Texas in a little bit in no warning that the 0% state tax does come into it I didn't while abroad James if a pay cut Miami. Because he's like I can I could. Way we're just a little bit less money in Miami we get better players I'd make the same amount of money at making Ohio because they have a higher tax let's let's say you did your job wherever you are. And you didn't Texas and you have five grand taken out in state income tax last year. In Texas you're zero rate and you'll dollars zero nothing taken up state income tax that's 5000 dollars more in your pocket. That you're making work a place as a state income tax. Well I understand the ticket she the the ticket shocked the sticker shock of people who are looking at this insane aerial attacks on 69306. If I'm wrong for cringing at seven per 147. Million. No I got excited because this is very different than anything we see from the Kansas City Royals in the history. They're four and shot with the royals and do something that they they're about the Marlins and rocketed to one of these deals in the B left hold the bag the royals. Because of their leadership because of their older are not going to get any situation that they hit and you hope write about that though they haven't done it yet so I think if earned the benefit of the doubt at that point yeah. Within days the boils having got into a situation it. Where we sat there Don well this is just a terrible like this makes no sense they did to get him strong their entire organization they haven't done that so that think they. Earned the benefit of the doubt even with a war the money is a war that number is for air Posner. Even with all that. I think they still earned that benefit of the doubt and there's always the operative for outs in in a country to get make it very very good for both sides in atlas is aimed Kennedy and let's not doesn't we outlaw stuff doesn't work out like that mountain lets you about it fear looking to go a different direction almost sense that things are down imagine nothing to be worked in. There's one comparison on this Eric Posner deal that absolutely has to end. They what is in two minutes.