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The Drive
Wednesday, January 3rd

Hour 2 began with the guys wondering if we’ve been sold a bill of goods on how talented Tennesee’s run offense has been this year. CDot also finds himself on a KU island before Neil Smith joins the guys in-studio for stories of his time playing in the postseason and how the Chiefs defense can stop a run-heavy Titans offense.


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Station moments. Couple points when it's actually kind of bounces around and cheese in Wales the big news that the days here Hosmer. Reportedly has been off for seven year 147. Million dollar contract by the team as the royals in as you know. She sent it playoff game this Saturday against the Tennessee. Ice what was that is partly says Volquez was Lord of the Rings the author of the creator of the trilogy JRR Tolkien was born on this day. All the way back in the 1890 Q. Was like 89 goes to the callers that's Iran. There are no iphones. Yet again and that's that's crazy enough to tell your kids to get off the damn phone pay attention that it entered exactly we just sat around lantern and apple stores and greatly strength locking up oh absolutely I'm not trying to be funny. And it's it's a tight ball. The guys victory it Lord of the Rings was born in 1892. Not 1982. 1892. Things that you as the author was as gentle. Yet we re not hot girls in grades. I didn't know this yet. There for a long long long isolated high schools like here now it's on boats will start the book in the global. Problem here with me take it literally was the board and with dignity. It was like to. No no I don't know I don't know all over the period. I didn't vote and a great read. I had no clue Frederick Douglass the it from from the underground railroads and riddler but I got I didn't I do know that I would definitely learned something today. About lord of the rate at its answer a couple of these text messages. About the royals in the house situation and maybe this is where I am different than everybody else. He argued that your money's a wise in. The financial aspect of sports. As a serious implication if a team game and I don't think if you wanna die hard means it's. It is like to play general managers in the mine. Earlier today about you to shift money from one to another. Yes and can't like that I'll give an example of talking about like. Onetime network channel five you know somebody's bitching about like well I didn't say this we just put. Fifteen grand ended landscape well it's and gets in different budget that it's an operational budget like. That's for building maintenance it's not for employees' salaries and it's. And they just because a sport doesn't mean it. I'll like one bank account over there at one royal way whatever it's called me and each team has different amounts of money that they allocate. For each budget and that's part of. I think people kind of have an understanding that would like they're checking and savings account agree with some people dollar comes to sports and get an ounce as we're talking about. Millions of dollars a year yeah like it's like hey I wanna go out for a just. Transfer my 4% five bucks for my savings accounts my ticking down now to go have a good meals that we're talking about guaranteeing. One personal hundred and 47 billion dollars like they shifting and moving money around that we can agree in the history of sports a lot of times when that conversation happens that's is paying for. You affiliate. They're gonna charge you some like gonna be out the money they're gonna raise ticket prices the gunnery bigger prize they're gonna run like you're going to be the one that is paying for inevitably. So I would say this deal if you're happy with the contract into being a good team. I just think a lot of times what we see happens is like when price is in unexpected kind of financial windfalls at fourteen. The person ends up paying for is not the club a lot of times use the thing. That's like any business is it is ESPN decides to charge cable providers twelve boxes at nine bucks or not they're not scale well against hers to lose three books that person now we're. All the pats on the consumer that's the way it works the way businesses but again as I said before you still have thirteen of the 25 guys 125 man roster making league minimum. In the yankees' roster. You know if I mean wit isn't going to be a freeagent until I think that's 23. Like young guys are making all out or easily or my favorite player on the team. He only makes four million a year so you know with the exception of what may be Kennedy gore row. If they get jobs salvaged get money Duffy makes good money maybe Hammel. Their pain and their payrolls not outrageous issue. Tax on 69306. Cancer makes it sound like every dime is coming out this year don't forget that the new TV deal comes in in two years and also make sense to keep Hosmer in play for his clubhouse presence. When the ticket he will sell and the merge he will move. On the tickets they will sell at the team's not good not going out of the ballpark and high numbers like all of agency. If the royals average baseball team for the next four years not finishing top ten in the did it because Hoss was on the team and there are bad team for the most part of the block their receipt. We've we've. We can't this idiot not to know if a terrible in August and September. Going out there isn't all season did you see the stadium when she's for the dolphins nobody either. Granted it was like Christmas Eve game hardly anybody there they damn good. I also think it is a little bit of fools gold knowing what we know about cable. To be so short that the new royalty deals going to be a windfall everybody is seeing the effects of in TV. Sales probably missed their window to really cash in on the TV window like you would hope that their contract and come up like 2014. 2015 and the royals hottest thing locally in television. I don't know why we act like we can foresee what the future of cables gonna be in two years. Cable is changing. And we can agree few people have cable now than it ever had before this in this modern air and that is not going back up. I did the people that cut the court when it comes to cable. What's making you sign back up for cable the next couple years so if it made big time conglomerate. Lock myself into these massive television contracts. I don't know what it's going to be like I think if you were in the business of needing it lives sports Contra abacus averaging just wrote. And you probably missed store window because there was that. Time there like 2011 and twelve are given money to any like best is yet now would you give Texas back concert along our network. So that terrible deal for you being. And we think now that Monday Night Football might not be worth it Monday Night Football institution that it once in my work if it's for is and I don't know of the next television deals gonna be as lucrative as it was 56 years. But the thing is that you see guys that you shouldn't consume the product you're still gonna figure out ways to get I mean I watch I watch a lot of royals games on the fox sports go like for a dinner. I'll try to keep an eye on the game upon somewhere I mean that's what I'm using doing. And the other part of it too I mean there's different ways to make money on what the brilliant ways you wonder why Roger read only so much money for the NFL. Two billion dollar deal with Verizon. I mean that's new money coming. The data in the half so I mean used the content is still gonna beat there. And I think the money will be there even if cable numbers go down are still a lot of mile consume that product. And especially the teams he's gonna find a way bigger fight to get all of the fox which he'll analyst going to be now that ESPN and Disney swallowed up the the fox were in the city that was your still gonna try to figure away he's still got to pay for. Yeah I guess I would just say though I mean you've answered asleep for cable lobby apple. Have YouTube TV a lot about slingbox and we'll does not an easy deal done maybe it's a media deal instead of the TV I don't know I just say yeah so many people keep saying that he be he'll come with a TV you'll come to constantly Peabody treat their Christmas bonus yeah Botha's coming. Be like black hat. It's not money without knowing what the future of cables gonna look like to witness is convinced it was about right in the cash and two years. Let's and they will they all. I don't know why anybody can foresee what's gonna happen in television last here's one went what we learned of. The last six ounce well why are not talking about this this morning is drug network on the nation than usual about Kansas City consume sports. As much or more than any other city in the country whether it's Super Bowl you know whether it's the the college football national ship whatever. Like we locally heated up the re seeking the city for royals games off the charts and as value. No matter what the number is it sure is going to be a lot more than the fifteen million or so that they're getting right now per year. So they're gone they're gonna make money on the Steelers have a lot more money than they did before. Not a with the numbers in the apples can be astronomical. Ricardo Carl's got a billion dollar deal to get some kind of crazy getting out of Indiana the angels get like 250 million a year. From their TV contract to get more households out there it's gonna go well I mean there's no doubt about that cable deal will be a lot. I mean they'll get their money and that's where Wasilla that that's the question that we don't have an answer to right now because two years from now the way we consume sports and life sports. It's probably going to be different than it is right now. If I ask you guys this question about Tennessee Titans are gonna cats of Neil Smith coming up at 330 gonna join us in studio. What do the titans do well offensively I assume everybody has a wonderful. Thing having run the ball really well that's really tried that shares albums role. Tennessee is fifteenth in the NFL in rushing offense last year DeMarco Murray essentially. Three month. 293 carries 12187. Yards this season a 184 carries 659. Yards. Now Derek and he's been better this season and he was last season number of the bankruptcy right he has been but it's not like Gergen is taken some how become more alike kind of lead the season. Last year he had a 110 carries for 490 yards. This year 176. Carries for 700 in forty. Four yards. It's safe to say that Tennessee's offense has been one of the more disappointing units in the NFL last year was largely prop up. Other third best rushing attack and in a comedy they rushed for over 2000 yards team. Or eight dynamic. Running game in rushing attack last season. This year fifteenth in the NFL over 18100 yards average. Well it's a trap to me it's a sikh inaugural ball the improbable 4045 times. It's like that strategy was working a whole lot this season and you're markets he threw four interceptions and touchdown Finnessey fifteen picks thirteen touchdowns as a marksman oh that was one of the more disappointing players this offense was more than more disappointed players that I hear a lot of analysis and again I'm guilty of its it was a night of appointment as everybody else. I knew how great dynamic says he's running game was. 2016 what case this season. Running game was average DeMarco Murray was average this year Derek and it was like slightly above average season they really that good of Russian team this year high tech. It and here's the thing them and you get into the playoffs and things just change it to clean slate number of loose in 2014. And an awful year he got to the playoffs start racan. And also that's that one goes to zero. And that's what last rose yesterday and like and what missing here we're missing about it because every place that I look. That she should win this game. Every it's home the titans have lost three out of four. The running games not as good as you think it is Marcus Marietta's got more interceptions. Than he has touchdown pass but what missing here. And that's a little bit about what scares me about because it looks like the chief should steam roll these caps waited she's been playing and the things that they've got tired out what the titans are doing. It doesn't look like this game should be a close one but again all the stat lines it like to zero. Everything starts over and I think that's the way the titans have to approach is not to mention Vegas has no chance to win this game what. Would scare me most if I was looking at this game and maybe trying to look at it through the other prison news. Tennessee does appear to be a team that can muddy it up dirty it up enough. That it's like seventeen per team game which that happens it's a tip ball it's a holdup all the wrong time it's a pass interference. Like this Dave I think a lot of people are expecting the chiefs to move the ball pretty easily the chief to score and there's games played in the twenty sevens in the high twenties I don't think Tennessee scored 27 point again I haven't shown that kind of offensive firepower. Not the quarterback position now for running the football. But if take a slowdown Kareem Holland get a couple three and outs we know the nervousness will be in the stadium which she's being been has been there at this big tight game in the middle the second quarter. If they can make this an under 21 kind of game and 1713. That's and the chiefs don't win but that's how Tennessee has the win this game and they're gonna go on the road block the upset playoff. Yeah I would pay attention to love that she's into is that she's still got to an early lead. Then if they fall behind in this thing and it may be trouble because when they get fraud that sort of dictate the pace. They can run the football more than then and instead get away from it if if if it's not working right out of the gate you want to get out too quickly. Build on that Tennessee plant from you got a guy like that the entire data geez you know in this game. There are three people on this show. One person is still picking it take you to win the big well I'll tell you it is next on the ground the dry presented by sixty days from the electorate into the studio X sixty and sports radio and. Neil Smit is set to join us in studio. At 330. Minute show with cheese. Hall of famers. Two time Super Bowl champion Neil Smith would join us in studio coming up in ten minutes the three people on the show. Highs will start with you. After last night's loss. Of Kansas. To Texas Tech. Are you picking Kansas. To win the big twelve either outright or share it. Because that counts is winning well this season. I don't think about this Furl. And I think right now I'm on the fence. I think as long as Preston doesn't come back they're not winning it. Grandstanding. After last night's game. Are you picking. Kansas. To win. The big twelve in a basketball. Not as Billy pressing comes back I can't do I I know I watched that game last night I saw three things. Fourteen games into the season these three things that I know about you shoot out of three is the soft on defense and then. The tobacco homily and not make inquiries if you're hit like you mortgage taxes it's seventeen and 35. This team rocket. But last night. On Null I can't buy into this team at least the way it is right now I mean there's one sequence that I saw the loose ball. Nobody from K he went for a Texas Tech guy saved it from going into the back court the possession turned into a layout that they stole the inbounds pass and hit a three. Like that is unacceptable. I mean if I'm Bill Self and I don't you saw the shot a bill softly to get tight shot of minute timeout first out he dropped more F bonds then. I think Chris Eagles cell drop in one time out so right now the latest team has right now absolutely now. Texas I'm talking of bringing grief he's dropped the this is the go to last night he's dropped those on the right this is a good about human it was target too far. Do our bill Isaac Johnson Texas Tech rolled in the Allen fieldhouse last night and beat K you actually be good I'm sick but but again we are yesterday again is no way to help Texas Tech beats Kansas town of Oak Hill right. Yeah I don't think you're gonna wanna be OK so we've got some ice you along the no. Spain you'll on the no woman no ski am the only one. That realizes the cycle here. All bidding came to see long enough it would Dinkins the longer hide you've been around the city long enough to know this. But there are some cycles that happened like opening day happens every year the American royal happens every year by the art fair there's certain. Things that happen every single year. Today is today is normal freaked out about K you'd say I've Washington game is gonna kind of be free got a piece suit. Up the lawsuit that. Two games Allen fieldhouse and that as to what took the last three at home. This. Day. We see every single year so I was gonna hand. I've seen this movie before department with cart issue with that she's you've seen it before and I've seen it would take you you know what happens. EU. Gives a lackluster. Effort bill. Called the teams law says they don't say it said they don't play hard and they got to refocus. And we know what's gonna happen. Billy Preston's gonna come back in the next ten days do we know ended the Sosa kid's gonna show up he's going to be. Joseph impede reincarnated. NKU is gonna win the big twelve I've seen this happen and sold many times until I see the dragons played. All going to be on their side so yes I'm picking case you I would make. But it doesn't look good. Now listing and as yesterday. I can't really remember too many times this season but I've looked at that you would like in the good team I can't think too many got that done. It doesn't happen that many times this season that I've watched Obama team's. Watched Oklahoma play about five times this year Oklahoma is the most interesting team and fun watching called the other part of. Two you got you get taxes you get Texas Tech he got West Virginia and you've got some teams this. Again are right it d'souza and and and and bill press and come back and it's a different conversation right now they're not. And it while the team that they have right now on the floor. They're outlet on the road West Virginia are probably not win on the road TCU. You know I can't and if they hit seventeen threes they can win on the road taxes. But this group right here man it's not good enough to win the big twelve you know you just don't want to admit right. Tax on 69306. I'm Missouri's and I had to remind my coworkers in case you fans about that cycle today he says all of his friends are freaking out but they do a bad. There's not this K Eugene does not bear refine. Argue right now they don't like the best political front of them that I think Oklahoma. As of today is the best in the big twelve. I'm just not naive enough to over the course of eighteen games. Knowing that every team has become an Allen fieldhouse. This is where we some islands and overestimated Allen let me take that back on like an overestimate winter 512. Allen. I don't think in other team in the big twelve when he every single home game this year. Oklahoma boy undefeated home on the West Virginia going undefeated home I was faced by going undefeated case they search center. So now occasions like everybody else they go 81. We just all they want a distinct but it did double play good battle that is won at Texas yeah I'm gonna guess. Out of the course of at Texas Tech at Oklahoma and that was Virginia they go when one and stretched. The one in the big twelve like the winning the big twelve isn't that hauler to see this got a one thing I always kind of pushed back OK you've been about. Okay event like you they didn't tell me they look to other teams but like we never individually picked to lose any games. You're doing normally like that the seat I'm not normally like that this is different this year they're extremely one dimensional on offense right now. I mean Azubuike back certain and they don't hit three's in away and it's there were six for point six last night. And if you're an account on three that's like count on home runs in baseball. Bat strategy. That that's what concerns. Kelly Preston back an average everybody it's another and that ought to run the slightly out there all the time you know and god put it gets in the mix a little bit. The big problem is the problem I seasonally presently is the main problem is Newman's not good let's that's that's that's my biggest problem because. I would say. Talent if you have Dovonte gramley newbie in its speed playing at a high level that's still more talent than 95% of college basketball team. You got a second team third team all American point guard said he started addressing the NBA in the league Newman was a five star player with the number eight trade in its class. On paper is a good basketball player and started resort. It's. Like. It was great to be watching Jay you're against them looking I'd like. I got started and I. Remember too many times I've said that about guys would take you only would not start it was our and that's a that's that's the bigger problem than not having Billy press are not believe presently. Count normally Newman to be a guy that averaged fifteen point tonight seventeen points and I Indian all conference got a player he's not a study and what she. Like a second team out oral mentioning that he doesn't spark or and your team and you're talking you know mark is scared is. No the big problem right now would take you dismally Newman is one more disappointing players in the conference and if that's the case and also going to be pain and lack depth. Sports the B sparked a big time players play guitar player. The bucks at seven yesterday and XP and and in the league Newman and you don't Azubuike to hold their own in the Dayton yesterday as. A physical team either that's the other part. I mean would you Texas stick. Newman somewhat thick but. No physicality of that team it's a one dimensional offensive team I guess two of you wanna. Factory Dovonte Graham if he can get to the buck will be a hard time doing last night at least converting on on those drives the bucket. Problem points let's go from Dovonte last night that defrag Mason. Right and and if we're looking at frightened nation we got with all due to the basket and always convert that's not a multi Grammy this huge knot in threes. There screwed man and and last night they did. He needs to be frank isn't army frank what's this group does it think you argue that frank Mason has the best play at least a college being employed in Bill Self spotlight. He's not bring it says like it a little bit unfair about it he is in. Can't really think I'll. I think from a fan perspective like if you expect him. To go to the bug convert like frightened and stop he's not here because it's not gonna I mean they've seen enough volunteers to duplicate that the best player in college basketball I don't like frank Mason was like do you think some case as though. Initially thought and franks got we got Vontae. Did you mean it it's got to that always works that way you're not always the next guy like you markets a marquee more in the Thomas Robinson becomes the second of playing on bass on anti Davis but it always happens that way. I don't think it's wrong when you think I'd argue for is better than Ron Collins in the heart of the best what I. Jason you could argue about the real big career a stamp indicate he was the best player that builds all attracted to Kate you. It's hard to be better then that individual who won national player of the year is pretty much a consensus last year. As time. Are you can tell you when the big twelve ice yes or no. No. Brad Pickett as of right now with with this group now absolutely I think you would the big twelve because well they always when the big twelve. It always happens Neil Smith joins us right now in studio coming up on the drive. The drive presented by do sinking us from the you electric heating and you studios sixty and Sports Radio stream. Speeds were slide on sixteen and sports dot com in the sixty and Sports Radio web. Former chiefs defensive end. Hopefully you know he doesn't do this problem for them I have some things that. He might win his sixth time in a failed Pro Bowl selection disruption would you can stuff. We want to do what the game Kansas City Chiefs hall of Famer Ted program without respect. It would written record sank celebrations specialists do they know it was life and went through it the same swung and almost. After him a bit ethic that it Nielsen an enormous improvement and I'm sorry for me to. On the drive. Always enjoy the time we get to share. Neil Smith. Why why are brotherhood chiefs hall of Famer. She's alleged two time Super Bowl team. Five and they'll draft pick Nebraska Cornhuskers legend about the bronco. You want us there and all that the deficit with the Malone. And his smile really had nothing great has the greatest underdogs and I've read an outlet in the non market about it until feigning routed a happy new year. Sending you guys ran after new Houston did Carl Peterson WW it's a mile when our union contract. Never happened seven years and 147. Sound will guarantee all of it when horrifying. Yeah that's what problems we just. It was pointed it to state. In Appleton was joking with me when nothing there that's the number that that battle that is that is also because Paul Peterson never came to me would like offer me two to. I'll do my contrary. And it was funny because he always gave me problems for some reason I don't know why I was I was not I guess what you want only signs you know. Gotta give me a hard way to remember the one you are set up a whole year I mean the whole. Campaign and yes I'd like to loan for the flight was the least they get on the fly. Go to Tampa and then that that in a play that game and actually my very first play in a game mean to side. And you know like a new arms fresh and relatively that your it was a great year and I really didn't miss anything obese and Enceladus is his job right only two models Allred read. Worked out hard. In you know Notre Dame so I was looking at the highest paid athlete in 1995. It was true blitzer please me like six million bucks. Houses set to make on average two point one million. The season for seven years. Is this is the deal signs and we can you wrap your head around that kind of money the players are making them more power to you resolution of that happy for you man. Could have been a better place via a meager left Aruba it just is seeing what's gonna happen at that is who all get to go yet. You know how to go to flipped his image is really work here. They are going to be same jobs aware of that question now. Certain rare unique situation. Would like to hear people openly discussed how much money but that happened he doesn't happen at any doesn't happen eyes as happened in 99%. Of people. Well you know exist just started to happen I mean I really didn't think that Tom when I was when I was playing a game that it was a lot of emphasis put on. Our communal athletes. How much money do was make a per year and everything. There's criticism now because it's an every conversation and it's it's it's everywhere so no you became this. You can make money but now people really know what you make you like owed us the guy he just sun on you know is like the guy did you know he then you wanna get to know use our. It happened really bag what's kind of changed duties and obviously you know guys made a lot of money back in the day. Like this be like over the last ten to twenty years it is the first time that athletes don't have to work dean in the rested a lot. How is 787. Million. 47 laid out so you never have to working the working immodest afterward I've worked in playing. It worker do you can. Other people still have to work like we've reached the point out that may have to. You know wanna have a hit right now in his hair yes no question. You wanna keep it's not in euros by Lindsay OK let me just who and what a bad idea in on an obvious that for life in an onus. You know as those of jamaat you know I got Tina design and also those limits. Have Rome right now at twenty you know what distanced. Little on what he does go you never know was on whatever you know to get on her annual favorite. Now you don't always solid is this weekend is being accused me that is the on not never seen these before. There was saying that in a season. You know when when guys sit out like who was talking about last week you know sit two players and I'll get hurt or whatever and and we image that but a disability is fear and right before. Teams Dawson blares out in mid Megan incentive package all of you guys voters but that was sick every player that was due to make us native. How many Saxony. Yes I did want I have one help us. Intimate million dollars while it was broke to report back as they play makers broad umbrella. Is this fall Turks some men today yeah it's not been in Iraq haven't yet would you like take all night. Let's quit when you put this if you know this yeah. Any similar bitch like ages never told us this though that you don't have all these exotic error there was an all you guys don't make this X amount dollars on. All on Mike Knight Iverson that's like and blaze frog catches. You know for. Are all of forty dollar ago put it out and like. It's all in a contract I got a story for you today it globally and you sit him down. And I assume when you animals on me read the news and know what do you know if it seems absolutely. Outsourcing and I'll tell you we just feel Yates of years paean kind of goes a long what you're saying. Giants running back Orleans stark law need a 153. Yards in the final game of the season to earn 200000 dollars incentive. He rushed for 150. What what was idiots idiots why. In stark one needed a 153. Rushing yards on Sunday it earns 200000 dollars you never rushed for more than seventeen. In his payments NFL career to wrestle 154. So. Not so much determination. Which know what. Is up to his agent not to do this he's that close you've got to go back to every game they've played they may show. That date date may make sure it did admit a mistake on how many yards he hit yeah I don't you gotta get ever did not want to Garza made that get to. Think mailing late look the teased him auriemma. You know Perry against against the Broncos rights they let him in there they're gonna let him get the Russians out of is in Utah girl that was sitting. I don't know what that means for hot of these two bonus what is contractors. But. As it as apply here like probably. To play harder for teams can help bonuses and those records and things like that are. If the team is off why do you put the teams sit down and you not knowing that you know odds as me Tim Morse maps and argued his motives and wanna sit down and has not yet. That's what I got so I'm told Ingraham which would that yet you know of their day they come I'll say you know derivative play maybe you need to get you know fifty yards to go with that. Speaking of another person like that. Jamaal Charles this was his contract situation. You received 2.5 million dollars if you played all sixteen games. They made him in. Active for the last two which means obviously don't plays down two and a half million dollar one of the deterred he was also hotter thousand dollars away from. If he got five guards and scrimmage he would get a 100000 dollar Israel calls today to get this season at 425. Shocker so over two games all he was 75 yards to play in the two games to get the football. Eighty makes two point six million dollars Broncos make you an act that you don't play I see. Well it's really not happy yeah house for its new one out that's a big chunk of change so what is it like it's what's his. But oddly enough for half a fact he had left Michael Corbett distributed parliament voted donated all around and did it first went over and touching their all of deceptive brightly that that that members of it's no game in buffalo. Was buffalo and Indianapolis are there at a military that gained all of this to yeah all the fun out of the hit and try to flattery is gonna miss it. Lionel but he missed votes he missed the moment is what's gonna happen million dollars of the epitome wanted to do not neighbors say you've got to get you gotta have a behaviors. Above does it through Google's it's crazy. In his. Write us in studio with Neil Smith that she saw favorite Roxy rubble loads season are coming up on the other site we breakdown chiefs and tightens the playoffs are back in Kansas City would Neil Smith an excellent draft. Dry presented by don't think it's from the MVP electorate and studio sixty and Sports Radio. Time you're talking to Neil Smith he's brought to go below its season. Neil what's playoff we like in the locker room the preparation the practice the build up in anticipation. What's play off week like as an NFL player. You have to put yourself in a mine said that. Zero tolerance zero distractions. And then you have to go in and put it all Lian. For the unit I mean for the team and as this that's this. More or less what to do you change what you're doing we can't have slowly do the same things you've always been doing but you gotta go what it in a matter of you know. Now this is what we gotta do to us you know and then we gotta win you have put district wins together. Is it our business is it anxiousness. Like what kind of war would you use to describe the ocean because I understand it's a week to week league in any given Sunday you can always always put this week obviously is different if you lose this game you were season is all. Honest question and do it passed in my absolutely no one wants that Jason that fail and especially you know if you had some success on the season such as cheese. I think that. Did you look at the whole round ball pitcher of of the playoffs. Me and guys. There's been over ages. Aren't going to be back yeah you know why because they had a week off some most of the starters at the week off and I didn't really. Get to get that feel you know any gaming of course and I'm ready to go to play and you know. But I think that you still gotta you gotta make place in as the keyboard if you wanna win that football game if you wanna go to the next level this is one thing you got to take. The task that's in front of you if you don't the season and what if you do. Then you move on to the next week and it's so fun to move on because. At the end you wanna get that one behind that's the main award that first one is always the main one wanted to put my. And I think that and whenever possible everybody else seeing Satan and the chiefs are when is all game no question as to beat him. And his game they shouldn't happening and only mine but he's still got a while before they. That's where that I ever clutch described from an athletic standpoint was it's not somebody that certainly clutch just that they're able to be. The same guy in clutch situations because they always does extends up right some guys nerves and a lot more on line. What is your foot just seven MI said then you go you you you do I don't know how difficult is that there just to be the same god you were in week five. The wanna play out don't put to know put pressure on yourself. You know I've you know you can perform. Well why do more than what you actually he's capable of doing you don't have to do beyond would you do you know saying yeah you just gotta go. Anime thing is what I getting teams sport that I'm always played in my life and it's not like golf. In its trust the prospect ordered you have to trust. The main. That's next to you that's go to make showed a picture of his job. What sort of articulate young little job and then if it all works together and he comes together and it brings a but if you drop a ball in and Todd Reid MVP of that game. And did you the animals focus on what to dornin and you try to play beyond yourself or. Our our target goal what did you drop the ball he never did this before and it is gonna option. You know if it is don't turn on your paper. Did you think she's. On the that you think your defense has trust are you seeing that this defense right now there's a good group good form. Noticed he was the running game I mean that's what they that's when they book on and you don't mustard quarterback. You know to be hot one minute. And you know to be called one minute what they've got a good running backs. Knowing they found that all come that you you know what to run again so that's been I think. The chief accused he'll little bit you know that they think gotta solve their run and I'm sort of thing same thing over there. It's cheap. Is able to run for bonus week. There's no question that they should not win this ball game. Hands feet down. If they get heart going again him running the football comet that are the match tomorrow also that DR in tornados and run and I didn't know you musicality and it taken so long stroll down field. Atari. I just can't see him losing oh let's come Delta's president. Right now Saucony Neil Smith he's brought abilities and I looked it up your first playoff game against the Miami Dolphins you have won and add sex. In the game thank you remind me their damn little command never I never sacked and so did I I'm I'm I'm happy to hear they wanted to have sex and the game was lost ago was it was it's holding cell that was a crap all coal when yeah when Lawson little 76 in the that were lost that game loss would risk all until you the keys that gaining status for a week and you know market. Martin did a great day he took us to zero Beecham have you ever heard of this is zero beach whose friends and it's just like it was his week. Some degree weather and to goes down a week before. Down Missouri beach and now we had a week problem being in heaven to be large barrel something that we in accustomed to when you got a lot of arrested a week you know which. And I just thought that that is the way a lot are gonna stayed at home than it is still want to historical want to collect 12 o'clock at night to McCain Mac was I wouldn't start 12 o'clock on his site. You know district eight and but bill bogged down and have a security Iran you know you always do this in this sort of a limitless cannot hear what the weather good absolutely sneak out there. I don't remember now one could have been I don't know it mean their did a lot of things for people to what's. Worse the goal of winning or the pain of losing at this time coming YouTube express hope you experience it really disappointing playoff. Exit you've also experienced the highs of winning a Super Bowl like what Payne at what jewel is a is greater. I guess in to get into the season and once that's common goals tingles. For you for the Yoon and I promise you everybody wanna say the first thing he wanna do is when a division. And win the division gets into the playoffs and second thing you wanna do is win in the playoffs to get to adjustable everybody that's in his term everybody gets started his games this season. It is is saying that to their ballclub. The ones that didn't do want that didn't go there at home this week watching the one that's out there Portland's coaching move forward and you're you're sitting there change your Timor. You know gradually stood cheeks now that it's it's a great task at hand that you have to face. And the worst feeling at all to lose it when you're not supposed to lose themselves and did you give people things. You know there's a lot of pressure this is a lot of personnel was meant yes it is but you know sort Alex Novak. Well it should be ducks has played good in the last three weeks he had a week threats. No to something things that you tell mulch your teammates the one that the moment is too big for the the pressure is gonna eat him up because. Does guys on the chiefs have never been in this situation never been in this environment. I can you sense it amongst the team of the guys that are may be letting all the other stuff kinda get to about the course of the week. While you can because you're not be you know Warren about what the next guys to do you if you go to break is gonna bring it to the table. And go put it on the field he's gonna put it out there for you any should be got to show up on on Sunday now a force that's gonna have put a guy that got injured. But yet the guys is there that that's supposed to make it happen is the guys is that going to make him make it work for you to. Let me ask you this some of its rowdy here at this question of talking and you'll Smith he's brought about twenty sinner a palace that today guys wanna keep your opinion on this that locker. The chiefs have played 46 seasons at Arrowhead Stadium. They had as a mini home playoff wins as the Indianapolis Colts. 4646. Years years and air additive while they have two home wins an aero med. So the Indianapolis Colts they have to win the airline as it was played and games at arrowhead. What years did they win the two years that they want him I don't know that you guys and one warrant and then we lulls of course who. We lost to beat the raiders in the U want okay. Los Angeles raiders when you because they don't win against the Pittsburgh Steelers yells is overtime now. While our. Mean I was I was in those days bush at the time involved in town are to quote Dave Coates of imports Modano we lost a horrible. Now we see here we lost live the field goal game it was called game I've ever played and articles give them played in eight B. Want to and in patent yard Peyton Manning came for a team that came here war and I was via via our laws so you go back to. You got three there. He's got a guy like soda ticket time he also. It's into the that's ills brought about the load season and meals it's actually is gaining as they want is getting warmer weather outside you know why. It's forty degrees and expert McCain wins praise in the morning normal rain go away. But as we that it makes us get excited for forty today. Let us put herself somewhere else made it would be like in buffalo war you smiling face when he says it's going to be forty next week it's. Funny because that means it's time in my. You know we'll get him on his stuff anyway right. We global marks are what does it won't read. Are limited to maybe achieves ready and he does what I was certainly hope that the UK's Nielsen. Of possibilities and Neil is it's obviously her from senator announcement coming up two minutes Minnesota Cincinnati are the best to compare essence what the royals are attempting to do with Eric house how to work out for mobile find out an excellent drive.