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The Day Shift
Wednesday, January 3rd

In the final hour of the show, we talk Chiefs with NFL Network's Sean O'Hara. Plus, the Royals could change our lives, Titans long snapper & KC native Beau Brinkley joins the guys, and the Take 2 Before 2. 


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Our final hours basically it went south on sickness or radio who'll join the second. Donald here a former member of the giants. Would join us on the show them in its own network. Out what that means. Is gonna agree with the in the passing the confidence to change or he's gonna agree with you. Don't like how should be cocky about. That's because it's like that. What do you think we don't what do you think you're making entity beans you're here customer sign in here with a teaspoon oil for Houston yet. Didn't see global. All that housed there what would you rather have I'm curious what the what people Wednesday. Hosmer or the chiefs in the super all would you rather have that's. Reese engineering. I think it's a Super Bowl and it's just Mears be important is that these judges got in his house. Just a couple years ago is to let it ring from 2015. CFCs fans want it is almost policy she says when he gives as good news for teens in sports fans. Team is allegedly went out the window it's nine guild and out their. But again a lot of these reports get up there would go there and get the royals don't like the talk about these things Boerse does so I don't know. Would the actual truth is on it that's good news teams in the playoffs in the NFL you've got a higher costs were could be coming back your team can be ponying up for money. If they do this I don't hear any more I do when you're anymore last year be blessed cheap. If he does this with. Betty yeah it was at a coach needs to go away seven years a 147 million dollars us not talking about. You're not being team if you're talking about I think you were cheap when they went on gave Gordon and Ian Kennedy the to licensing policy history yeah 72 and seventy million of those guys following concerned about that at all. Up speed it was when he comes at the seeds remember our red Friday pep rally at winning streaks in Saudi here's north Kansas city hotel and casino. 2 PM until 6 PM this coming Friday. We have plenty of six dollar intensive food specials that drives he got. In out and stating will be broadcasting live from winning streaks. And out there will be prizes that will be given away at the event so come Kamal by winning streaks to be an awesome time this Friday two to six. Six has forced our specials. All specials rather and job. Tick Osce got. Road brain dead it's extremely lucky. 2015 that royals run. Rode a little while ago. You're rubbing his head for good long absolutely. Utterly and absolutely. It's worth it so you say and explaining to be good luck when he comes to the bush becomes an today one. Of the day. I don't think healtheon and Domi does that make this. It joining us now former powerful player Natalie that chandeliers and info network analyst. Follow him on Twitter at Sean O'Hair sixty you can see Sean on this phone networks and apple playbook tonight at 5 o'clock central. Always good stuff with the network annoy him. Addicted to that Seattle's John good afternoon. Hey good afternoon. Appreciate you watching and will try to keep it real. You know what though I am addicted Sheila told that it will be networks same way I love the specialized. Channels these guys really break it down and Sean. One of the big talks on NFL network lately of course been the playoffs. In Kansas City Chiefs are caricatures were you fall in line this team was five and though the loses six and 767. Induced stormed through. The into the season how do you look at chiefs early season mid season or this and this team is playing now. Well I think it's probably a little bit more in the middle you know I think early on this year we saw just an export so often at certain and you know according punch. Currently cable everything was clicking. You know kind of everything was great. You know they would you put stuff on film you know people are you know kind of figured things out so. You know I think. One of its opportunity in on the NFL whose success. And will you know also and you find yourself. The talk of the town and respect back into the it's hard to keep that agency that. I've been on good teams that have done that you ought to on a little bit of Peter. He got a little too gas and then he discount potential so. To look at her at the chiefs there often does so also. They're literally to graduate from purported game out of reach. Each and every week so that alternates. Any decent corner wants to try to defend and try and kill with the deep ball. Curry on war on the football and Kelsey car openly your defense. There's a lot of guys who obviously trying to defend that. When it comes to look at it in evaluating its use offense. Who is the number one guy that you wanna take out as if you're the titans are you look at it I'd say in the best dream putt I DC it is time repealed arsonist to ought Kelsey who is that guy. Well I think you'll get a stop Iran the playoff football actually we're kind of comes down to you can make it teen one dimensional and if you could stop the world. Now you're putting a lot more pressure on on the quarterback and he couldn't get him and stop the wrong first down second down in the third and long I think that's the formula. So that you can sort out clean on the holy so kick out so it is it is governor under pressure quarterback Italy which is remarkable. That you could lead the league in passer rating and only world five receptions dolce and law and still be under appreciated but. I'll that you can do that now you can't take away the play action pass. Obviously these are biting the back field he's you know I'm not actually got kind of runs were home. And for Tennessee. Rose one thing they've done a great job this year is not given the big play actually Jeter have been able hawkers. Got a good job when rebels they're going to make a player council. To get all the markets and on anything but but certainly against the chiefs. Talking to former Super Bowl champion in FL network analyst they shuttle here. In John Wood the names has been mentioned Matt Nagy he's getting some runs it looks like he's gonna be according to the B writer for the store for his Baylor. Could be interviewed for the bears in the colts' new type of things. Arm is that a shift the flaws because he's started play calling in the jets' game there averaging 29 points a game. Is at the end of the work sometimes you're hot for short amount of time in everybody wants you. Yeah you that you get you've got a right away you know it's. You know when you when you look at. Success that. Some Indy Reid's proteges have you know specifically Doug Peterson. Absolutely I think people look at definition and handle the volatile that we can get another. One of those types coaches. That that knows how to attack defense is no one knows center to put watchable in the Bork. Those are hot commodities right now so yeah two cultures to you know Yates. They understand it it's a tough business you've got to strike or talked. There's not much about loyalty but it's about tiger you've you've got to. You got to take those opportunities and common even if it's not you'll get the job just the fact that you are drumming up interest here in the conversation. For any coach who took it helps leveraging the fuel today coaching job your country would be out. In the years or maybe you about you know you're chew on your current contract because he's the teenager with what's Kiki. So it's an efforts. Some quick when you saw the initially we saw the match ups for the playoffs he saw that it was going to be titans at seas was supports the McCain your mind. Paul couldn't titans keep up with the chiefs offense here I think yes to the question which Kansas City Chiefs keen currency. You know I got the same question about titans. What also commercial lot because there's been times where they looked unstoppable on. There exotic smash mouth offense looks great historian also owners. And then there's a pound creature on the tape can they can get out there away communicate blocker possible safety on an email box that you're going and it's it's remarkable. But they've won the game against Jacksonville I turn on the film the first five run plays they've got negative twelve yards rushing. Hump and so that the protests yet I don't know who's gonna shall offensively. That that's kind of the first thing that they jumped out of me home you know and and I kind of look at it had to chief defense. No that's as consultants it's given in your recent Rickles. They got dashed this year. In the kidneys stopped Derek enroute to do Marquardt and an appliance. Because of the knee injury but they could actually what it comes down to district and that's the chief defense was given a lot of rushing errors this year. Kick and they can they stop Derrick Henry. That to me is the bigger scale look at it. You don't interest in Dayton peace on is that when I look at the titans in the titans have been sacked one time all season long and end and they struggled. Ought to defend assigned you know last month of the season. But the one comment that it sees to win this game. But I am a little bit disarmed a ball mark is they're gonna just from him using his legs prospective and and he's had a really. I think a down year by everybody's expectations going into the season but is it that type but talent is the type of quarterback is he the type a dot. They didn't particular matchup like this but in that one game can use his legs in makes a special place on a special day. Yeah he can certainly do it you know about what can do to not and I think that that's probably feather in the cap for the chiefs that look at that you know they they know how to defend. A mobile quarterback because there that they've got themselves. The want to you know I think changes this offers he is I don't think they're really good shock on runner. He's running skills from the high corporations don't hold positions seven yards in the back field. To walk word letter has has had a little more success of the shock at Ron's. I don't where it was been pretty cruel to play action passing this year but that technique and it takes so little that read option aspect out of it. You know he'd never goal you know what how quarterbacks can handle third down third longer one point man. Coverage you know Mario or some sort of like and can sneak out the back door on your bullet. Non I think if you're here and you read it here the chiefs. Gearbox Roland you're you're saying look I'll I'll I'll take that you know if they're gonna travel and on a quarterback scramble on third down. We we don't write rules. So what are your opinion on it she suffered some line. The bit up and down the season and given a 37 sacks this year for Alex Smith but they also boasts the NFL's leading rusher. In when you look at what happens in the trenches for the cheese and much respect you have for their office along. Well I think they've done a great job they've hit a lot of adversity to him which Morse has been in now lineup with a foot injury. Pumpkin I think he's actually done a really good job. Also a possibility and and now you know I think. Nick parties it is a very underrated Goer in the league Q he got a new contractors and rightly so put. Other very physical delivery later in the run game and you know what they want somebody different styles over on its not just his own pure they they were on the gap scheme. They want to win and play the actual mixture action and there and has some gadget plays to home but I really think that there. That they they've done a great job the tackles are are pretty underrated you know hurt Fischer's. It hasn't played pretty well this year and Michal Schwartz probably get enough credits work for a we figured out how well he's played in and looked their division in the gets the best passed version in the game with Von Miller and but also adding Grumman and collegial Mac. Sort of faced those guys twice a year the other battle tested. Like deal with the line. Now leaders odd bit of a number of sacks where Al Smith. It kind of run around and it tries not to divulge what Lima when you got ago announcement is athletic enough. Any scramble around and syndicates. He loved that about Bloglines group merger doesn't rule the way and getting complete tasks he's taken someone mr. sacks to go down. Has sacked in the stat record but I'm not gonna do with the pass protection. Final question for you show on over the felicity and around the NFL network about Patrick Holmes debut. Are mixed reviews but I think a lot of people expected that you know we have a young gun companies and you know huge economic couple rows. You know make couple bad decisions. He's not a war things there that it solidified for all people has. That maybe makes a lot of tough throw look easy and and that ball just. Flies out of his hands so. That would keep everybody excited. You know when we have got to can kind of move around again just what could tourist. The a lost the ball you know that's what makers later Rogers and special. He's got a got a lot of people see you a huge. Huge upside if form holds. Channel here for the Super Bowl champion New York giants' league it's your money and if a network or on Twitter at channel here sixty. Tonight in FL network's playbook special 5 o'clock central right here gives and takes a shot. Are. You show hero rate there. Let's lineman he's got a range like Fisher he doesn't like I should ask him about a house that those massive gonna be enough to use the good dude. He's like he said he's very underrated. Hole outs as it did do that you don't stay true to its. It good news in the good news. And he snort but he. Realized and ballots the ball play and everybody knows Alex is immoral and rumors. I talked to member of the titans here and us and we are. Legend. Lives in the wake of what would you say outlets in death. Local kid and and slow aggressiveness and local kid done good. Lets you set let's act like as far as on staffers on concerning thing a light here are some four. Pearce and Becker. There's some but there's a legend now my favorite here's. Over Harrison Ford yes. About William Henry Harrison was your favors but by Carrington Harrison. Alex who is expecting now. Now that is he's been a big all the on items or point out big preserve their playing with a plush explain. Then that if you deportable. Today plant that's absolutely and they play. We'll take claiming. You know. Not really with a mean you know the they planned emerging you know what is a tight in the. Oh. Are the biggest stories still going data city is Eric Hauser we give back to the Haas compensation. Net 2015 that royals run rebel who had a lot. Boom studio sixty and Sports Radio. Things copying. And and and are being off in the I. Among the lies. Stop they did it done and Houston loses. They'll do and here. Man. Who brought that was that big combatant and over. Burned toward the pig. Are you stuck your finger and it. People down on the big island down on them there in Tallahassee they're freaking out because it is not. Even. Your team didn't show I seek it snow book like this notion of women. Who thousands. Personally getting in Tallahassee front government. Tortoise in front sticking to the streets. That's a best puzzle that's not that's not desperate but doubt that he blow. Out. Interests. But no it's not it doesn't look like is innocent. That's. A snowball fights and our path. Of. Last time get a snowball fight. Last time it snowed. Also sold like last week so you take your kid I'm still plagues old there was no matter where my my kid was even involved. There was enough snow for lateness of you like plan is not just for some ability like it. But but Beers and the smell like play in the snow in capsule. Apps. On. Eric house. Wriggle creepy room. We're seven. Years a 147. Million we all wore right. You guys other you know born and raised in Kansas City at. Bid through this team doing the lean years. And rejoiced when they wanted the championship in 2015. You know. Good times don't always last for ever but. With bet you guys are all in on a 147 million bows correct. Four holes my money but I also urged. And when you get odds work you may not have a lot of other nice things together get a deal with that. You can do expect the yen Oz last year he had moves on record pacing homer and usually it's the policies he learns opinion did the policies. Understand their fully understand opinions you know Warner customer I saw all the with the experience treated her house last April it wasn't pleasant. Lot of people do calling trashing everything Olson an anchor becomes back but he comes back eventually June and July. The newness the new smell of that contract will be off people say we're as the winds that. You go all in readable mental divisions about getting the White Sox I think of the sleeping giant. The top 100 prospects loaded Chicago White Sox. Top ten loaded with Chicago White Sox. They did some nice trades sailing got a lot of products back lot of prospects back back what they did big concern me going forward Detroit at normal. Minnesota does is they will be got the playoffs last year got there were too early couple years ago when he made a run for which are still open to make a difference in the united and eating gained suspension. They took a step back but I now I think that they're here because divisions religious angle for Cleveland is Cleveland. If Lucy in the unity can still pitch Cleveland still going to be in my opinion it pain in the ass with the vision of the big win at the thing in India born and everybody's side. Right now the single as the favorite to win in the American League central still Cleveland right. Probably see tracker ways yes. About the pedigree still do it loses some people but. Exam or showed some promise big hatred is an adult and one of the younger best younger players lose Carlos and you don't settings have been lost to him. And they'll spend a ton of money in these vendors growth of cheap. The White Sox a deal out of the prime this year I think in the future goal for the White Sox going to be eighteen to be in this division. They still active pitching. I think Cleveland still the team to beat right now it is to be really interests to see how everything shakes out with a Ailes said. Just how good in the war Eagles beat if they get care costs are back into the full if you can retain him and keep them here and you don't look to traded Danny just Eagles look to trade any other significant piece. How good in the royals. Because people stated that the whales into their farm system. Now Scott act out right now. You still wage doesn't have the deputies Phares and lose Bosworth come up with speed but isn't England back early December Flanagan tweets that. Kind of weight under our I still think the are stupid as the Ruble. You go for. And rebuild that Duffy we are filled these guys are safe for the royals if they sign Osborn. Is very me and of course. Rituals like the best organized baseball. Leads the field stolen bases almost hits forty home runs probably does he didn't go to or call us here he's on this opening day roster Tuesday or. Even look at for second baseman forever Whitner filled provides the things that you want. He's an older. This is just about us receipt these guys in a couple years from thirty years old. What is your team goal for you willing to Georgia to Gadhafi that probably in and that that should makes royals fans happy but at what price. Now things do open up the team in 2020. Lot of money skirts or off the books for the royals. They boarding Kennedy contract. Goes by the wayside. Air cows were essentially didn't about point one million a year which this team can afford. If they get to new TV deal to be too big to beat a rated to lower money these next couple years been big money after that scripts all the pride that. Go forward that they can make a manager. But Cain you build the team around air costs are customers got his three he's OK with the review but I think it's full on rebuild. Half revealed that a medium rebuild if you bring back Erica. If you don't if you don't get air past let's do it somehow some way. Another team comes jumping into the streets it's hard as you said they get tons of just getting the money for standing order in getting so they got money or let's say the pot is upped their offer to say aired its bit about you some day wonder how bad they want it exactly. Let's say at that happens. Do goals all rebuild it if you know Hoss is not going to be yet. I'm legal review I had fun watching this team rebuild before arguing that Obama the lot of losses donate season you would. Price you pay for win and that keeping your argue AT and always begins with Seattle's Huard was right there Seahawks we say you know this town. Byron Maxwell you had a sixth round pick general doctoral or. Or herky NT it's not to get deadlocked in the third round pick and Wilson Youman singled and doubled and Andre at the of these undrafted players. For the Seahawks on cities that's European. The royals on that same thing when you at the start paying about. Saying growing pains teams that you strike when your opinion little amount of money which the royals did in Elvis and its pay the piper. You ready to those hundred games like here. Oh I don't think who's under. On to say which he beat me which is I think a lot of fans pardon mentally prepared. It is a surprise read it I did I can deal to rebuild under now I don't I don't know how fans react it's not as if we've ever seen that here before. It's what this is actually to actually mean I'm prepared and does not. Act like we just entered into an era in which we were just this modern dynasty of sports and were far removed from that mediocrity that laws. Mean at least 2012 when you were low when you were under 500. We get it under 500. Well 20 you were at 502 years ago which were under 500 last year. I think Hosmer increases your chances in the bigger TV god. Is that somebody marketable. You can put on TV for a 162 games excite us will be a bigger bus and Gordon. Keep in mind boards and turned 34 result customers to get two years before he turns thirty. There were shown a track record to be bitter bitter and outscored we got here we added scared. To spend other people's money back because of the fact that you think you've been burned by other guys before like I'm sorry at some point. You have to park start taking these swings that's what major clubs do. That's what actual big players do. They go out there retain the guys that have helped them get to where they want ago and they keep them on board to try to get them back to that promise. We we do we get back to tighten sees we'll tall to a member of the titans ultimately next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Do. Adam. Jones who do. To whom it is true I'd back in obligation in play maker counts in 06. Sports Radio you'd probably be doing you're gonna face in a hole. Come up on the weekend only. Got to get him with via the remarks. Joining us now from Nashville forward Carney pulled the port Missouri tiger under the great. Gary pain won't ever for the titans name sobering boa you do man. They were doing great man Ray Rice just nobody cared corn Anke chill night due to big story in your parents that it's it's great names come legible. Obama. Or if it detects light hit me at this week to vote he said that you know briefly on right. These titans weakness and trials or call the titans and see who works and an arc as we've we've done it before and Bo is a lifelong. She Spain you know the chiefs in the playoffs not exactly been great. Are you gonna have sympathy for the chiefs and maybe airman was snapped this week. Or multiple. What do I do. That he had city royals. Okay well is. That they can be offered. 7147. Taken it. It. You ought to bring all it. All it says is that is that your biggest thing when it comes the world right now is this kind of try to following. If I mean now so clearly you're you're going to be playing playoff ball ball here this this coming week and when it comes up. Watching the royals the most ours it is at like the dot it's you wanna return because there's a lot of free agents whether it's moves whether it's chain weather's hot sauce that got. No all through those guys who oversaw the case of little big guys you know with Barbara Walters on and you know it's could have been. Burger court walker saw on the football for him. So vote your big royals feast of a teacher and. It would apply it and I. Does have a lot of low moment. Split newbie app. Or on line become all but you know got out of a. It's all that matters at all seriousness of what's it going to be like for you coming back to Kansas City this weekend and plan and not meaning any us out game is a meaningful game. Deceive you to try to win the super wal just a team to grow lots. That's going to be surreal on distraught that he'll stay grounded now on what got my family and call for uncommon. And it's got it's going to be also think that'll cover ground even more distribute around that most people with the help me get this situation that. You'll cut in my life and point to them you know on the mayor walked me. Let him beat a great the big honor Ernie are pretty good match for their support system and on this picture we're grateful. Sort of along Stanford Tennessee Titans that in city native Bo Brinkley a bow I know Greg Jones who brought to be at their. Former Carney coach but how many people we gonna have on lesbians. I don't know we'll tribute will Manila electric we found out. Well organized might moment ever written texts like. Crazy it just you know my dad called buddies. Portray him wages for and you know people out stated that. It was unreal. It's going to be it's going to be guitar. All I'll say this object coming at the right time when it comes of this game on Saturday because I think from a weather perspective. It's going to be -- the -- a row on let me look at the of the weather here for about this coming Saturday it's going to be it's gonna be in the upper authorities is so good like here is gonna be 35 or 36 on Saturday because the last couple of days has been zero or below. Yet it's been I've been getting you know pictures from locker room and Omar are ripped Edward Norton third two and it's been you know biggest single digit negative team. Development wake up pick out more in depth look yet Archie. But. Yeah it's been cold blooded it'll it we haven't in the last week it won't let it pretty cool it for a purely public. The colts game and peaceful state district I'm not mistaken could he. Well sure but. You know thirty. No I thirty's probably gonna pick Cooper did effort you know what you guys and yeah it's been through what we've been there. Yep it's gonna show awesome actually this coming weekend when your game public TT guerrilla army just between us is just mean you saw on the radio. Does the weather and when he gets a little bit and it indicates a little bit cold does it affect you mentally sometimes maybe not just you at some of your teammates. Are there are not really mean it's. That tribunal. Little bit pitiful but it's it's for details on partly super cold like in the next game last year that was. Obama never played it before and that I mean that kind of got on hears it a little bit cover a little union and the unit we prepare for that just doesn't look so cool I know. An object within the sleeping last year were talking before the game and after the incident we could feel it it was a real the Little League. Amid or those pictures. Yet maybe a little that lead them in mid thirties coming out of a team game amid its computer. Uses their prevail because it. Lot of people don't pay attention that debate at dove field goals and stuff like that your stamp and the cold it's gotta be different Bo. It it's a little different and more government army don't you wanna little Kurt Warner and foot dark chocolate might trigger a little bit and try to drum all you'll pack. But that's Turkey on computer that the feel like 1000 you will too cold your arms control walk up the and in all positions count more Fuller you know saying repeat over conflict fumble little wall. Or some little stiffer than the other and you know the control of the law on part wouldn't you know and warm but let me thank you would keep him. But I keep telling these kids man high school may be a long snapper. Kill Jews getting launched a full ride to Kansas State man he dreams can happen for snapper. It all mean all of them I would from my first dirt road food plate you know play other or stroke play other positions. Let me did you you can get it sort should belongs there but also ordered the coaches like so people like you know I looked like as soon stop like that. So these artists always tell people wanna ask me you know. No more children in loss server to be played other sports like you don't get it out there. You did you know anything different competition. Circumstances there. Her gain since you know just trying to build that it was announced. Appreciative he would and so the duchess while outlook on the floor both know that that's pretty cool look at pork fillets double dipper and this. The of media that you heard at school because of a plea here key city but that last week the titans. There was a moment that game and it's made its way around a lot of places those watching. Marcus Mario this press conference yesterday at this on the titans website. It was talking about that stiff form he had to bury church the strong safety Jacksonville. And gets up and talks little job. Gee don't Marcus was capable of that little stiff for the safety bill. But he really that thought it Doug our news heated bloody markets. He must be quiet. You know he is pretty thought she did indeed we did we are competitive games in the locker room there. You know dignity it will hop from thought the nominee people see that but he could give Melanie wood up and looked my. About ourselves now who are book you know eight. Mean that was the political play yet and really great leader too close to natural more quarterbacks. Let's purge we. Who's the toughest guy on the you know on the roster. Yes toughest hole actually the bad ass. Well call are admired modeled because crude. The secret of what the university I work for me to sort it don't you go. That. I act and I got another question for you what are the things that everybody has loved the entire season has bin. All the touchdown celebrations at all these teams are doing had you been a part of any celebrations this year. You had. No I have a week. We have I have not been accounted completely changed the things laughter after what you were touched down the clock started immediately sluggish on the get out there and India lined up for riot police not wait on me. I got hot spot but that's about it and I are probably. Amir bar ever sykora brought to do it forty G. I approach it on both. Our broad look Tony junior. There's one celebration I'm glad we finally saw below. The lions they did the the rockets thing around Christmas. But it was with skill positions for actual like men to do. They think that'll be priceless you know. Some guys does that put that would be you know aside for everybody on the street to let people. Well it's always good kids in a boat Brinkley launched there but Tennessee Titans played locally here for the party bulldogs were split from Missouri Tigers as well. Bo would say good luck this weekend but but no. You know. Show your kids that noble. That I appreciate it guys yeah on that you mean that. What you know an error which we will not let. And most people don't close my best friend in Sydney millions of others killed well Albert brought about maybe meeting today. Oh. It's the bills skilled music players have been sees it William observant and opinions on your watch and you bow but the local kid done good thanks Lebow. There aren't they did here. Old man who's funny. Is what it's effortlessly smuggle people did you Evelyn in very under respected position. So doing quite well for himself and as a extensions while those who quite somebody uses the extension. Exactly that was Biden. This is doing quite yet for long snapper is he would bet. Pressing hell like. I'm surprised more guys don't just say early on their football careers that I wanted to gonna declare a long snap. This is when you're college and they'll. Big guys on campus when he told if you're at Ohio State or wherever the signal will be lost that. It's just carbon it's. Try to get totally doubt. Seriously. I mean. Known for sure you along as in the world but as you. And that's that that always proceed become angrier about restate. Five years I don't sound like a racist blah. (%expletive) law examples but like that like early on daily you know on their arguable pre cancer. I just can't say I mean you can prolong your rear you can't rate Roubini if both players is. I get this also the not a lot of guys that I think mentally realists and you know your limitations you're talented but he appreciates that because of would have the Eagles and let me go to about us navigate. Very in depth conversation about long snapping a two plastered during an Eagles. Take for brand jeans with just what does it take it for green ball politics doesn't. He wants me yes. Or kill full ride to Kansas State won't stand. They don't I. Asked I did do accuse him. Don't go broad to put answering in particular I don't know or see those Cooper. Dele Cole would do a press conference dissuading anyone jeans when it again scampered in that respect a suspect on. Say the world's. And now. Our shot this about us. They should also wars are grossly thank you to vote this week in more. And sealed vote. Yup I'm pumped in as well I noticed that a sell it like that you like the heat he announced it was going on when amid some brutal to ask both these old she's at. Replace them. Out or let our auto segregate the we do to take tubes or two in the wood duck on the base. We've all due respect and reverence and with all due respect that idea ain't worth. Avail that pain you know what whale and dolphin get nano. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. The best of poppies. All. By the way sometimes I don't know how we made them majority to show inaugural addresses but. Actually get a text read meaning he would school rule about it. But if you go to America 5 o'clock in the morning it that you was there were on the jayhawks rock chalking it up they didn't show up Lawrence he stayed right there in Lawrence watched the game. And bad luck in its beginnings ball ninety feet. And things into Texas is like audio. He did back. He did it it it was factual. Or 5 AM had an aid plan promote you to he wakes up to sort of stuff. I can picture him doing it too. He sit there and on the toilet. These guys. He's got his glasses halfway down his nose may fire up the next. He's learned a text like three months ago and its parent in north he's a player demo viewers by the way if you know either. I knew the feeling what you saw last immediately boy do you 68 planes all the time being at that if you wouldn't let. And that light rain dropper external missile about. Grant was mode in and out in. Decider big time of people for autographs size of eight I played in emergency rescue team and not. Any heated up economic guys not Levy did that is you're. He would do you mean to tell me there's another man wondering this planet that would claim to be Brad fanning yes. Text line homes at Texas tech red ball. The axis that. Expects to act like it's cold it once. Excellent that is albums text that there are no no that. All. It on this got to be cheap a year and almost say they're coming boasted that they do sport but whose boat was rock talking about the play in a vote. Erica last big news of the day. What the royals can be 74147. The Padres. They're beat writer came out earlier in the Wimbledon name. Seeing the Rogers offers actually all fours are a mystery team like St. Louis Cardinals paneling in the weeks see where the numbers are before they did he jump. That's the team does concern for her because her because they have the money do it. They're billion dollar TV deal keeps in the season for the course liberty at the bunny. We go out and try to get John Carlos did so money's not an option for them I just hope our government the right choice and stays on this side. Of the state of Missouri will be a free or rebuild in the deflated and we. In early December movies at the winner in the talking about is that. The royals go full on rebuild if they need you bring back your jobs. What you bring back your customer I think he'd obviously America the other guys you've heard on the trade circuit would be absolutely safe for the keys or royal. So maybe it will be good news for kids who were fans when clearly looked like when things divide that is free agents. The final time they'll be brought back outscored one wouldn't. The other one is overconfidence and everybody could talk about this it doesn't. But if he's what did gore over over confident she's me in on what needs treatment here. Because I'm feel confident feel happy about chiefs of maybe I need to be real here but I look at its game on big headed for the season's big competitive. In this game they show. Q what they should be achieved slash is number two seed playoff. But the titans didn't make the playoffs and they finished 97. Committee and the one he knew he'd be real thing just a little bit like she. I just never seemed chiefs who in the playoffs this kind of fired firepower beat army field trips built on values and Alex Smith. I'm Biden is an important line in chief's game like she's witnessed a little bit. He's got you here with me and. And I rubbed them. I talk about Robin standings hand. Barnes and fortunately with eggplant tonight. It was good luck of the fifty. It going. Forward after likens taken credit for the import them. Up up up and hey. Rick beds get paid off quickly in 2008 and I hit it does it 2015 that royals run road that we'll have a lot. Eric Osmond as India that the guy who taught all the most today. Miss that. I thought Gordon Hinckley and Eminem has taken and in this respect honest that's that's primate I know distorted in order to respect. And the good news that it could be possibly. Being offered. A seven year 147. Million dollar deal from the Kansas City Royals. We hear that news the about the contract I think the one thing. That when it comes that the Kansas royals. Yes as a fan and watching this team and a fan of a process I'm all land a ball in on giving your house for the money. But with that at the same time I have to acknowledge something the ball. Cause. Returning to the team if he accepts it deal and doesn't look to go to San Diego singles or anywhere else. I think that the average fan and would equate this seven years and 147. Million dollars to winning. And that's not necessarily a we are possibly gonna greenbacks organization yes we know beyond just him being a good player. In the intangibles of being the face of the franchise and being so let's talk to the media. It doesn't necessarily mean that your. Out of the woods when he comes to losing season does it mean automatically you awful season now all it means that. Or go all the time being. That care costs are what are your favorite at least in this town remains here at least another 4567. More years and can't. If you don't deal in the opt out. Baseball player is out now and deal dead after to a three year. Another potential opt out here by. That's what it means that Ian proof. To. Support banquet and not just dropping it off big news. Twelve man I mean they see we miss it in yesterday and white if you now. Today and I missed it which created today about which stated tomorrow. Night at the time. But Jonas tomorrow in imitation. Yet. It. Would you would you welcome Alex Smith to this to this roster.