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Monday, January 1st

In hour 2 we pretty much throw out the game plan and just give you instant reaction to the Rose Bowl and it was unfolding. Baker really let the Show down during the game. Also, Ron had a weird New Years moment with Frank Sinatra and the Segment that's sweeping the nation. 


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I've been about 592. Show and all of radio. I. Welcome and they don't remained in the united second show I am your host the answer has always sponsors must certainly bending. It Jackson after this the season ending loss Sunday claimed most coaches couldn't haven't heard this one in 31 record over two seasons. Give yourself credit for a big terrible it's your job and being able Lewis and the garbage you put together a football field each and every week. I'm starting to question you've got. Certainly question Johns grounds and an office now because this team has more talent and only sixteen most teams can walk you know. Owner to win even when they're bad hue Jackson as a bad coach who was waving his players instead of trying to feel better go. Todd ball. Got out what games are bad players players there and suffered devastating injuries and watch football games you Jackson just a bad told why. Yeah yeah. And we'll. So this show was your host Ron that shows you who is out now you all on listeners. But those figures to bed because we salute some. Or allowing us to be a small part. Bob your Monday even. Name. And noble. It is here for Oklahoma and Georgia are in overtime. And Oklahoma just by hook or by crook. Got away with this and now we're gonna be right here sort of I don't believe there's really maybe one or two people listening to be right here. And I aids is got off and got away with leaving it excited wide open. And and rob missed it in this guy with these ridiculous that glasses. Are awed as on Italian. And and seeing what can happen here does against Greg. Is Oklahoma won the toss they elect to go on defense first. And so it looks like that Oklahoma knows what they're going to have to do. Georgia is up by three now. As this fellow blanket ship once again the ball is in baker made feels they are right. If they can score a touchdown they will win and move ball until Monday night. Night. This it this is big time this off it's like Oklahoma kid and it's like Oklahoma's defense there will. All right are horrible but tonight they had done everything including overtime. They allowed a field goal. RI they school work tonight. Oklahoma put up 31 points in the first pac. They still that 45. All right Mike Baker may feel the ball is all the you'll off dancing your best player. To go to a national championship game. He's got to make the plays at this is how Oklahoma would want. On this off. And and it'll be big it is this that this'll be a this will be a big deal that night this has been a really good game I really entertaining game. At the beginning of the you'd never thought it would be. And I was going to go like this this sort of if you look at the paper the run down while I was doing this run down especially driving in. I felt really good about this. I out really good about this was all burned and how they played against Central Florida. And with Oklahoma and they played. Right now. And dad they use third alchemy that look like that might have been faced this was called but. But I really am not my my initial thought was going to be running with this is that topic of the SEC defense they are being and I still think is a truth they are being hampered and and screwed over by a lack of almost lack of creativity. Dumb down offenses and bad quarterback play and their lead. Because they go up and play against quarterbacks haven't seen a guy like baker may feel it took them two quarters. To to deal with baker mayfield. And they are short. And I wonder what they're going to do here I do you go for this or do you kick this has been. IQ you have to. You have down IE you've gotten stopped a couple times in this game and short yards but it positions that arrow Oklahoma I think you just kick it did. This inches there. Whether the Arabian made her happy. This is who. What are they gonna do. I think I. I would go I would go. Now Baker's off the field so they get a kick. And lets it go at some sort while it. Sir I'm not allowed to I think he's gonna miss. I don't. I've got the the really good schools called by god today in Oklahoma called time out to freeze the room it. Now a majority of them that Al club down Oklahoma took time out reasoner OT I'll make it doesn't make your bag. A two man at. Take a minute ago that this is like this is this this late into. You know that the ticket get out on the field and I can't hide it had to do that now now now the kicker knows that his problem is is mapped out. I also like he's gonna make life I really don't like people are talking to a could rally shows it is that makes it. It legally and rightly likely have Reilly and this off. Rick Reilly he has had hit this will be a lot on him man that squint kick at the they had. Gave them a chance to kick a 55 yards Google that this Blankenship Fella made. He would third and three having a touchdown lead against Georgia with under 330 let. Had a chance to ice the gay. With that with the Heisman Trophy winner best player in college football and he took the ball out of his pains. And now Georgia Tech etiquette or not digits because seed in the he called three top pick up two time outs in a row. I think that bring baker right back now now you double the ice. I I I think this is going to be like and of this ruling I think it's going to be on. Baker in the coat Maine like. Baker mayfield this second time he hit the ball is team gave up a field goal. And he had the ball he could they could pick up ten dollars and data on the ball on the field they got. They got an all American unanimous all American tied in and Andrews and I haven't seen him I undertaker is very good. He's made 7575. Extra points this season has missed three field goals on the year. I'm not saying he's that good this is it okay I've just telling sitting right here I don't feel good about this case. And settle at 75 extra points or press. This isn't an extra point this at the 33 yard field in this isn't the NFL extra point and this angle I am not of it. I think you should call will more time out Lincoln and change it. Like the staffers are nervous. I don't feel good about. Of ideas in thrilled it. And we plan on that lower lake and lake is out here I think his kicker. Now we're going to double to deal I odd ball overtime rule they just aren't that Tony pavlik is. Now I'm not a huge fan. But it is. I am really questioning Lincoln rally right now because that's two times where we saw. Late in the game he didn't let make here. Attempt to make a play on Saturday short again and then again eyes airway and you know you can win you can. And this dog him if he scored touchdown it was acting Baker's. The opportunity to make a play that was a third since they ran a reverse with like an H. I hate when people won the Heisman Trophy give him a chance to make a play like you and Brad. The drives they had to get back in the game to tie it initially it was that. That game by game tying touchdown that he threw. He created that play on his own he hung in the pocket how in the pocket I'm in the hockey that has started to collapse around him and he got outside the pocket and created a play that turned into it touched. And they lose this game he's gonna take some blame does that picky through Spain at. And they're not they're at Georgia is probably not in it right now without that it is that it was returned to what the one. And then that stupid. Onset of that stupid Squibb kick it in the hat. Is just killing them right now. Good god man. 33. Equivalent and college football the equivalent you have Aaron Rodgers when your team at college vehicle. A college football quit. And 332 in the kids. You taken out of mayors. And now it looks like at Oklahoma gets the ball first. Now well on the way you gonna do let's see congress like at Bob at Bob Baker of going off. Give me the damn ball put up all the money. Forty data. Set in Overton. Will they. I wonder what they'll do will they. Will they start the Alabama Clemson game late now it's a party started I was just checking that actually has the ads about the Lehman since new years here. That needed that. I go out of it. What what channel is it'll probably ESPN news or something probably. Now Lincoln lightly can Riley but right now still like I feel like and I understand markets had a really good there whatever his name is the running back. Has had a really good game. In Georgia's defense has been really. You've got you've got it if name change. I finally threw the ball to their all American the you there was. There was no chance to get the get the ball lofts. A money at Florida third and have the Alabama bouncing names on ESPN two out third act like yeah I mean. Is it injured. You've got to put in his hand right but this can't beat this shouldn't be death or angry as they wanted to toss right now they lost Vista. You know there's there's a toss every time they lost this times they have but it via the initial one they won correct though. Yet whether we're outdoors the field of battle. You you give them the opportunity to offer so you can know what's it what it in the end zone and it and win the game and you don't. Give your Heisman winning quarterback an opportunity to and the football you do it so you know you have I agree it was third attitude. I I would feel more comfortable. Putting it in acres ain't but they went for the servers. Now it's sort of I don't know like this off it's that they were just with ease early in this game. Just getting stuff with ease and this Georgia defense is tied now and his completely ruined mine tires that those who would do because I looked at earlier today. Central Florida. All broken him that often it's they had seen a team and its Central Florida had a bad profits of gay. They could handle they had seen a quarterback that does it in MacKenzie milk ads. And it was that way for half in this game for Georgia they had seen it of Andrew Luck is the best quarterback Roman in the SEC. And we saw what happened there. Oh boy. Old lap. Globally there is a flag. That's the worst thing. That was lower there is a flag. Offs on its lack. That is campers down may be okay baker knew where the and it's outdated but it's the last I don't but baker knew he had a free play brackets that's like it. Look at that big it's. I think it is there that you. Break it flag terrible throughout my gambit shot now I had stated these two and a ace Alia he's urged him. And I it's it's that ability really coming. I I don't I'm more shocked about what I'm going to talk now with Albert Wilson. One or you or is there. That this will be the second time this year that we haven't Albert Wilson led topic or by his performance. And the Georgia Bulldogs are heading to Monday night. Blocked field goal in the 26 yard field goal and did Georgia is just plain work field. And outfitting the games and game with Georgia scoring it's 54 point with them just running over. The Oklahoma defense one more time. But this game to me. I know this is going to sell funky about Georgia. Error Oklahoma me putting this game. And not saying it's not the defense is fault. They gave a 54 point. It's it's not the defense as well. I mean they get some blame with that yet they gave up 154 yards a ten hearings that suits that they'll. To miss ill and in fourteen carries its and he's got a 140 yours but baker mayfield chill. And there's no other way to put it he turned into. Alex Smith that scares the hell right now there's lots that he turned into. How's it and that's. Now for a guy that now he he's been is. In projected NFL draft status he's been as low as. The third round of the second rounded now he's played his way into the first round and now people are questioning as tough as beacons you sic leading at the game. And now like that it's going to raise a lot of questions that at the end of the game when you have a shot to keep your season alive. He wasn't making violent past of it was quite call as this is so does this quote let. That this overtime. He'd never ever ever. Once. Made the world where he was trying to make a play. Liking ever ever. Ever made a play. It and he needs to it and. It's that that that the I had. That's just a Georgia effort be able to come back in this football game when it looked like Oklahoma was going to run away with this being early on. I it that way too that's. That's such a frustrating way for that game ten and two it to where the the defense just gave out but said what after it's over I wanna be here. I don't think they gave up to they'd been doing that all game. But the deep as it like the deep at it they played they gave it to four point but come into this game. The deep pits you say 3117. At the half. And the defense scores a touchdown in the fourth quarter. And we go to overtime and the first overtime the defense gives up a field goal when you're with baker mayfield has its entry into the games are. Baker got the ball 55 seconds left and a tie game at a time out heat the screen. And then throw passes that weren't even making efforts to try to go they'll be the make place. Let those one thing you could have and deal with Russia would baker it would not be skaters right. Yeah I'd baker may feel good that the personality of gunslinger like he's got he's got the Patrick Holmes type personality right. At least on the field. You know we wouldn't be scared. He looked skater. Like eat it looked Alex Smith ask remote from previous years. The way he east or dump off passes before it even. Before it even has a chance to even anything to develop he never looked downfield to throw it to their big play guys. I how many times that he throw balls behind the line of scrimmage. There were calls that our screens he'd just oral. I am shocked and Lincoln Riley the adult in the room was was horrific. It and and he'll get playing to the baker mayfield. How are sick choked earlier. Yeah I hate to use they'll college kids. And he he really. He just. And I say popped out of pride better. I now bummed out I really middle Tennessee and Alabama Georgia games. Sigh I need any clouds in the pool this. Mikey really when you lead on out like they base at a loss I NL I'm a fan of baker mayfield that you'd I I I am a fan. Of him just wanting to say what's on his mining carry himself. The way that he does sometimes because I think we need more of that sport sometimes a guy we need more of that jest. Bullied bit. Nobody but they really don't care about like right now can about all the field with the best part about it sort of was yet the lead the attitude on it. And easterners feel looked like he was scared to death of the moment he looked like he'd like he was playing oh Massa. Don't mess. Well NASA it I mean it used and it earned a breaks or does it look like they're playing three locals. And it looked like that's a big it was planned or was up all when they got a ballparks. Yen on edit and I blocked maybe he was thinking at because I mean that's that's the biggest. Stage you get beyond my AA is curious like. During their regular season it's kind of well we're just gonna wing games we're gonna run through the conference we're gonna do what we do we're gonna have big games and we're gonna try to show up we're gonna try to make it to the to the top four. And and you get to that stage where you you get off to race to a big lead and bad. L part of heads probably. Like audio maybe maybe it's our defense and held up a little bit better I wouldn't be in this situation right now units. Gore were quarter. And and you threw it he threw a big hit like certain he threw the pick. And think about how almost except for the one drive he completely changed. With the pit. At the picky was scared to death. I can't get over it now the final drive. He has played with an ability of F all year. He looked scared. It'll. That is that was Alex Smith asked. Alex Witt say it don't put me in banking. I that was that was you know it reminds me of sort of it reminds me and I don't know you called usage here at Kansas but it's not really sure but what it reminds me it is. I'll never forget. McCain's is head that really awful. Awful upset. That they had to northern Iowa. In the tournament in Oklahoma City when they hand it may be duels sells. Second most talented team. And I I I remember going I I remember being so confident obviously gods give his until there's so which at that kid's day at the courier I don't know present moment silence. And but as a kid at the courier I did. The firm rose carriers are worried and pictures of them but I remember thinking to myself. Our lot confident about this team is. I know this. If kids just gets in trouble. But their goal down which rod Collins. Put up forty shots if he has to. Because Iran we might lose this damn thing the way loans allow me Tryon. And in that game he woods. Unlike Iran Collins I've ever seen before. Especially down the stretch of the game he was an aggressive he was passed it off a shot it was a fresh bid. It was fast enough to one of the two wins on the post cold like Zogby Henry was more aggressive and more pivotal with the comeback. That he Willis. And I couldn't believe watching day. That's arrived. Basically did well baker bait field is did. When the game was on the line. Like we know circumnavigate. Asserting you have watched a lot of football but I know OK but I know that the I know you know how bad Oklahoma's defense news you can go aids is look at Oklahoma scores we can't we are shocked but Oklahoma. This it down the lane and bowed down delayed. Defensive. What. We also thought with the game on the line baked. You would be making an effort. And he's just throwing passes like. I'm not going interception. I'm not gonna get sacked. Two were iMac bubble I'm not doing anything that will make me miss that. I can't I can't believe that. Bet baker for a field performance that he gave I'm trying to think of a topic for tomorrow. On answers. Out for for a guy like a baker mayfield who is. Now he he's made headlines all season and he's also a guy that people say while he's not good enough to be successful at the next level like. I think there was probably. Added stress of this that was it just about. We have to win this in advance of the national championship game it was I have to prove it because Pete people been saying it. Now the leading up to the playoffs like. Acre base you can play itself into the top ten point baker mayfield and make himself a first round block if he goes out and wins the national championship. I like that that's all I got a lot of pressure like this and that's that a ton of people have been saying that all across accommodate. That's is should be based of which launched in two games. Today but. Two games of positive now. This does change it because. Arguably sort of his number one quality was you'd love how much of a competitor game Mary right. His number one quality may have taken it. Our and acting you can. Because like like with Patrick my homes. You assume they you can try to. Tame him a little bit in terms of the interceptions and the and the bad decisions and the bleed down under is canceling it and make plays so with a guy like they may feel you would assume that you could do that too. But that mentality is and always something that you can instill in a quarterback that's why we see so many guys. Go to Italy and just get damaged before they even how. I hate it you've done I'll be stunned. If Patrick my homes ever in a situation like this would play the odd that I am legitimately stun. Not that Oklahoma lost this game. I am legitimately stunned the way that baker mayfield plea. At the into the fourth quarter. Starting with his coach taken the ball was in the B which if almost a little disappointed in baker argued in the past that he's in college. That he didn't just flat audible. Out of a third and three situation with the game on the line and say let me throw its real ports. And down the stretch he'd. Like baker hit it go through progressive. Like I I think he threw the check down or canceling into the side it's sort of check downs as the first. And the first pre. Like and not just that sort of check downs. With Georgia defenders standing directly behind the check there knowing it's not going for anything. I am lowered. Obama get off this routes being a blown doubled to. I was really touch last night during the the New Year's Eve Kara down I think it's pretty dumb and I think sort of distant. And I agree with them I can't I don't care. I was really really touched by. We shouldn't kid we can make some good play today this show crime there's still heat. Seats tees will rape you could get a ticket that time now for six in off your ticket order using promo code 610 sports. Still stood. We. And your wish is that through Alabama's kids in the dusk and it's always Alabama and Georgia have not played here. I mean Georgia better win it. And all over and beat the analog stick and use it veto would be. Be all today playing one of the worst games these. So it yesterday during the countdown. So now I actually a lot about never noticed that they do it every year. This great out here Hackett and his it's good enough of this in the north list. But unless the count well watch the CNN one. I just watch it down because in that. Limited Brooke they get really really wrong and they. It's cool on days and they you wouldn't. This what was interesting sort of they they were in Denver. Visiting Tuesday strait of heat spot I did in I saw a couple of team. Videos on Don lemon on Twitter a strong they were doing Dodd was there another another of one of the reporters were in Denver. And she was in there just people gave as an absolute. And they kept orbit erred he seemed to be the disparity gated ticked about this. But. But when they got the culmination of the count down. Ed they. Are playing in and and and that it is now. But then. Kicked it out that ranks the Nazi. All launch saying that they can get to that it's an accurate. Ed certain I'd note this is that Ayers and have cared. Outfielder went. Up at my house while this is going on. At a wake my wife. And adrenaline that. To be used to yours. Kids bush. And I don't know I had asthma myself that it doesn't. It lying around I was above us LC will. But I don't know why. That Frank's announcement that it did for. I'll be honest with you I agree wild of IB ER 45. And yes. Are you allowed this that or. Hi I. For the first time you have heard in upper zone before other right I've heard go blue eyes and is an Iowa Frank Sinatra tune. How was tonight's big they give us that there it's. It was cold is built in practice done and who. Please. Go. Do you. But I don't feel it's almost miss those of you. This kid is doing it would be better at it I just what was it just the CU this pay. And it with the visiting. Another round like Frank Sinatra I sizes of the greatest musicians that. We sleep very kids sitting. Okay. I was this they eat we're gonna get it. But it got to is they stick with that two thousands crowd quieted. But this addictive if you want to see it up and down times Blair. I really watched via the countdown to. Ecstatic even up with stuff on Twitter guys out the bad. Anyway asserted. Does this feels valued as of doughnuts were always up but I. Only wish that was me. Like I sit there and I said I don't know how well this. We've got to get some sort of a job where we. We could be there food. Hey it's it's fine. I count on the view is that you wouldn't over who is rewind just flat out I went from the start. And have a line. King of the Hill today believable song best. And you just you re round to have me probably. Three dancing and you enough. With myself. Seamlessly. With the depth of the packet that is infinitely. Couple ranked. I don't know. And frank it's just real. Fit and I can't. From new book we're really they'll have it at night I'm sure there's a Frank Sinatra Siri has stated that this thing. I don't wanna less than I did on the list. This is it really and then. I'm really love the and so I'm here for this gonna stay here to the big buy out. It looked at me like run stop. It is that time didn't show you stop. Us. Show stopper. You. The Green Bay Packers. To shake things up in their front office. Longtime general manager manager Ted tie. Thompson is expected to transition and get a new role in the organization. Green Bay will soon begin a search for a new general manager. As Ian Rapoport report. Is somebody else seeing this made. You think this evening Aaron Rodgers Verlander is Walid around a bit here let. Why don't the Packers just fire him like why why is he transitioning into another position and hit it the organs and. That fire is why I know but who lives with somebody there are enough power fired ballistic boss. Like I don't know why I'm sure acted gathered around the owners like with this well not exactly like there's others actually owns a six exit 170. Is that one is hard now. The list what is badly that's how they'll both look at them what is the leadership role and how it was them above moved. Uncle as the kids but would you say the owner of the package I don't know. Who the person who is the person makes this. Mark Murphy is the president of the Green Bay packed it that is over. But what is what is the vice president that way it was. I can it's just the general manager. And I can't believe they can make the tag loses the guys just the general manager. Edit I don't think he's the problem it. I just. I as other people there is able to survive at. I guess they they they do need. Ada moves on from him any he'd probably somebody because he obviously has done a good job putting stuff putting down around there vouchers. I just don't understand why it wildfires. And it's just such errors are such a Green Bay thing to do. Arizona head coach adversary and is retiring after five seasons at the Helm of the cardinals and after 42 total year's football coach. Every installed the assembled media in Glendale to yesterday he would miss the players in his assistants. There's been a great guns aides came there zone and 2013 after serving as. Interim coach for the colts. I'm kind of surprised bruises Saturday. There's a lot of rumors that he was one other programs another rumors I'm surprised he shouted death and and and and and give. They get a quarterback in the draft because I know they were looking. The cardinal I don't think they did I. They were now that they may all they really wanted Patrick my homes. And then I think they probably would have taken Watson bit Houston jumped them as well pick of the draft either one of those who he was. Now because he saying he's a guy that has had success. With quarterbacks over his ears as he does say. It is a defense of coordinator right that you played quarterback. He was always awkward I thought he was. He was at Rockford office coordinator down man mr. and then he went to colts and that he took over. For Ghana when he had McCain. Yep and Rachel's room coach. As soon. Coming out of this fifty. This role within them as was the segment this sweeping the nation. Good to get six lives if we have one person that's him with lots. All. Good thing is that that's excellent these heroes that stepped in which are watching Netflix Hulu whatever the ability of watching. Texas. The segment just leaving the base did what's what's coming up. Wow I could've done better man. That statement would foot thick. Listen to this show would run the show. Six teams would really yield. Broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and cooling studio. Go with the K. Yeah that's not live. Where. He eats it Battlestar Galactica what commitment and you'll want to think. Agreed but it's too late to catch weight touchdown a Super Bowl my first class plane people walking by aren't actors. I'd like remake movies with pneumonia we're pleased. I'm not superstitious but. Furcal and I think that. And science. It works in just days off would I rather be feared or loved. Even though. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. Yeah. What's black students sponsored. Absolutely no one's someone that's that. The good tickets excellence it's 906. Texted what you what you shoot what's that Netflix Hulu. Amazon. What have you what you watch is we always do I can't believe we actually. People with ticks that are listen. As we always do drum roll for the first as much respect for the 816 Ivan Watson. WW anybody that wrong. From my buddy Ron man. I am so behind him and not wrote if I had my three episodes Klein. And I needy kids specially especially the etiquette of war blah rumble. He won't dislikes it on. Well how ruled the room I just I mean you know it's a story like you don't. I give you what let's let's show you want to remind you when you wrote lots mr. rove you know it's two or three episodes. Also of course that night. That's yeah like when I when I was younger nylon wrestling occasionally I would miss one and I can still come in in and figure out what was don't know. Younger you can figure out but it's it's to win. It's just it's a televised. Like literally till two people say aren't you watched it when it's it. I had about all all all. Pretty much all of them if either realities it. But not. Just go to royal rumble that lots of that well well it owed. Cain insists that through into it with the hills on all want to do what is. If you change so often did you didn't read it you gotta be. Though. I've got kids and I've tried to stay away from stuff soon. Here's this like is just the what you what he keep blinders. Yes got. I've never seen. The fact Killian Murphy. 228 days later by the lab read that says I'm noticing this yesterday I remember that put us have seen over its of that post it's really did yesterday. I've read I was reading several weeks about people who were in there you know there's some people who were pushing. No homes that he had that she's a better chance to win over Alex. After the game it's not greedy labeled the politics. It's got 68. Yet I see the tide I see the type stuff that you guys do. Thank you he called via word that runs Sissy. And he was like I didn't say. There needs to start but like you know outlook due to start reading we fixed but I'm just reading a bunch and that is being a bunch of them. And he's an acids that are. These are multiple tweets. And that was the next and a blue dogs well. Well I know you guys do that. I'd just be like well subtext in the shadows that upset about it. I'm happy for years issues the U he was a bit like loan. Generally I I say something that's Islam there adult subjects. The good duck I think that doctors thing it's a religious. Used to it is permanent. I just. I'd I'd the last like network drama that I got really into was. How to get away with murder. Dad and I still haven't been that. There would agree. On it's I'm at least like a couple seasons. What does it out of its so weird I don't know what you think is the kids but I actually find it a little bit lower. It attain that entertaining book that they have they have restrictions. To really. And I know some things you like blonde like to watch HBO showtime because they can really do would have thought that they had to be a little bit more creative with the restrictions they had it. It's a that's okay. It's at times it's just because it would. It's up. I accidentally that leads to more creativity you know like. So yeah I think I think that that's the reason why you do watch because they keep this in it. Have you caught civilian. Now under on the idea I need to watch it I haven't been on Netflix and a a few weeks we probably sides are probably. Got to check it out. I was show. You get it it's. I think. I hope it does on the Gainey and unity events. President of the last person we rule ideas as Lou. A a a the guys on forgiveness. Of these political bad episode here on the six so two hitter ray ray Erica. But I said it baker that's a bit low. The less they aren't as of we are out.