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Monday, January 1st

We open the Show discussing of course the future of the franchise Patrick Mahomes. Ron finds it remarkable that Alex has been able to hold him off all year and Serda doesn't feel the same. John Grudne appears to be headed to the Raiders and it's a bad sign for Chiefs fans. As we do each and every Monday we give out our Weekend Hugs!


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Let's staged the play. There's a hole and no one is on this side of the field. As it was changing the play the middle the middle linebacker for Oklahoma. Again. Obviously not JG giddy pig just yelling apparently. Is there any aside. Right away from the area where there's no one yet to begin with. They hit the ball low to me CL and nick is. That's basically telling got to the two Ed they student at the add to that the. Thank him out I was given up almost three under which there's this. Sort of act. I get some of the plays and did. Like nick job ran a long one urged his late this tackles as chiefs fans we know missed that this year. No one lined up. All of the left side of the real sort of it actually thrown quite a bit in this game are absolutely got eight carries it Michelle's got 600. Stop you're talking about things that they're doing all season no I'm talking about the exit of policies are you can't. Have to fits of alignment where no one lie example what side of the U. Ed say it's somebody called time somebody to pick you salt I used also audible out of the light. I don't care fraud as the ball well. You can't have ladies we're people don't line up the side of the. Eight Eddie awakened Riley is just trying to set this up to be another big stage for baker to and a baker his. He is struggling in there that these Georgia thrusts are killing me here is another huge play. That will not be made and all it's it's even worse he's thrown a XX. He's going I'm not going to break it to this over baker is to itself. All right coming up at two minutes the this show will officially start. May not be killed you're not alone run this show he teams who have. Really know politically tickets dot com now for six in off your particular order using robo code six didn't support. Of this you know would your home run this you leave. Shout out all our listeners and give it to us at this. As we salute you on that Monday. For allowing us to be small part of your New Year's. Day 2018. Ed. I I don't know how many unanswered points this is that Georgia has rattled off. I've never would have thought that Oklahoma would go an entire quarter the issue that school. And then so like baker they are in desperate need. They drive Ed Kirby Smart and a mean negated in this is a step Kirby Smart answers it. We got to stop that and make that one dimensional and I laughed and sit up. Put him bakers say it. Now. Was yeah I was 31 to seventeen at the half Oklahoma obviously has scored in the second half Georgia scored. Retest. So it's 24. Of the it's scored to give it 31 minute kicked a field in. Are so yesterday who has. Was Patrick Holmes days that of people calling you let you were texting that in epi Patrick Holmes day all of this that and it was. It was a great performance I great. For him for the situation for him. Specially especially if you look at what we've seen from other quarterbacks in other rookie quarterbacks. And how they performed not even God's gift to sound Watson who only threw for a 125. Yards it was like twelve of 25 or so like that adverse. Game. He was awful. It it you do get to understand there were some things like embers complete defense was an out there. And they were consistently playing. Their top guys Von Miller was in and out they say it to leave made a tackle I don't remember him playing. Certainly wasn't trying to tackle Kareem hunt on that touchdown. But. But I think all in all a bit better better than what I expected. And he just showed you. Glimpses and showed June. Yes the talent and the armed talent things that he could do. With. That is a people can't do putt or it brought me. I wonder if you. If you were at this place at all and Saturday if you thought this through and and on different at that people probably. And luckily I've given this take. At a time sort of word those notes listening. To me it made me think. Not only am I depressed about that homes the rookie for what he's been able to do. Don't. What does this mean about how some. How ill sort of like coming into the year the Alex admit that we've seen because this and I talked about and I did. I guess a supporter of Alex Smith starting oh I mean a guy who is bid and turned immediate top five quarterback we're into the year. I've been a proponent ballots men starting because I think he's been different. Than previous years. But if you think about the Alex Smith for previous years sort of they see Patrick a home they've seen this in practice every day. You ever think how the hill that Alex Smith. With a one in six swoon in the middle of the season would have ever killed Patrick Holmes off from start. Like that but let's let's show you how well Alex as late. That he. It was coming into the year knowing the Alex bit that we know and what he's given us the I'm scared to make big plays a wanna take any risk. You know I can't it'll throw the ball down the field. Mike Aponte is a beautiful place to me and my second favorite play is applied outside of the scramble that Alex Smith he's been able piece help. I that we saw yesterday off. I'd. It's thinks that. AND you know that they went out and they drafted Patrick my homes and and obviously Andy. Has ever had any legitimate. Quarterback you can say is a top three to five NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb in his prime was very good donning bad. Was never that I he was never in the Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady category and so I think there. Then taking that reach on my Holmes was Andy's saying he felt like he could finally be that guy for him. But he never had. The key ever stop for a second day he was going to start in this season he wanted to he wanted to sit him on the bench. And he wanted him to learn as much as possible and we stop it. He has learned by I Wii so I this. Route its I think is that doing and he sort of I don't think Andy would have been scared to pull the trigger in the one and six won't they gave up like colleagues are to. I don't think he would have been scared to pull the trigger if this guy. Was playing at a rate he'd thought he would have been so much better at giving them a chance to win at what we saw yesterday started. That was better. Did the Alex admit that we've seen oval and that would have given that she's maybe a better chance the way it. So I don't think it would have been afraid to pull the trigger I just take Alex played so well. That he's kept that guy on the beach but I think that it's. Now I think Alex is looking at this like. It could potentially be his last shot to actually. Win a chain out yeah he's well I think that that's bad that's part of we we've seen him elevate his play to a level we didn't think that Alex's game could go. Rain and they did have. What are the worst stretches of his curry here in the middle of the season. I. 4000 yards as he's I think Dallas is treating this like it may be his last opportunity because he doesn't know where he's gonna go out next year he may wind up. With a bad football team that doesn't have that type of talent. Around him that doesn't have the type a head coaches willing to build an offense solely around his skill set and sell I think this year was. Kind of LA Andy's. AD giving Alex one last shot. If he if he continued to play well like if he if he doesn't start the season. In the MVP conversation. Yeah maybe we see my Holmes bye week finalists Italy started at these are O and four and they they just they're playing and thinking on gore I. Even all four engines and even if he played in the terms that he did in the years past where he has just. It has been a struggle offensively it has been an issue offensively. Like heat. He hit his level play has been so the like just just think about this yesterday's. It's an effort to learn it before you lords. And may blaze that was a game I think a lot of people who watched that game we got in the post and show a lot of people watch the games it. All. Look at that that's why. That's why he's so let people thought that was a great apes or I could argue that Alex's head seven games better than that these. At that gave you look at what he did yesterday packed homes numbers I give you go to Alison hit six or seven games you could argue. Six games that it's not argue. Maybe a handful of others you could argue we're better than that game. Just showing you how well Alex has played that. He's this what. A whole did yesterday and better the sixth or seventh time has ever out of. Bout but with Alex and especially the fans and something that we've kind of been arguing this season because. I do think Alex has been special this year idea being Alex deserves to take this team into the post season. And try to make a run attic because my homes as time is gonna come next season. I bet that's just the fan though that the fan is so used to. And saying OK well Alex is in good enough he's gonna have to win their division he's good enough to get us in the post season. And then lose in the first round I he's I get enough to do any more than that so even when Alex. Has those games and I agree he's had 67 games that. Are easily. Light years better than the ones that well like yours are better than I mean I I excel like they're there's factory eBay heat my arms looked like a rookie and he looked. Really great sometimes yesterday and I he's got out of the and idiots of yet supports arose out of a rookie is mr. Chris OK I watched it yesterday. Still look like he was it north Caroline yeah. But yeah exactly that's but. My Holmes is the eve. Physical specimen biathlon a schism is just like hasta charge so you're you were saying that he is able to just make plays with who every throw on the football field with him wages. Incredible it's an incredible skill to have and it's not and that's something may yet maybe you can learn it something that some people is just a gift for them as well like Aaron Rodgers. Worked really hard when he was sitting behind Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers is just incredibly talented too it. Creating and making the guys around him better and there's not very many quarterbacks that can do. What I'm saying is all of that stuff you're saying I don't disagree with he showed that yesterday. What I'm saying is Maine you remembers that game last year. I mean what is it dealt with it he had to go off in the final game against charges to throw three that's dale passes to get to fifteen touchdown passes last year. He. He had some gains against Tennessee. And against. Like like the gaming had against buffalo which I think with the worst gave this year. He had that game like five or six times let's like about the game against Caroline. The game against Tampa last year the game against Tennessee last year. One of the Denver gates. Averages are several games last year. Where he was just. Even that she's won a couple of you still look my. I went to this but if it they we're watching Patrick Holmes of practice every day certain. And an Alex played the way he did specially and specially last year. Others have been very very typical for them to hold an event. And holed it out of playing gains. Ed that's it that's about Citic everything you're saying man he'll be able to get what he did things yesterday that. Alex is not really shown to do have like he'd just made the pros that Alex and handful of everyone including Tom Brady of the league can't make. Like they're like if you have watched this man. And watch Alex Smith of the last couple years. There ain't no way watching Patrick Holmes of practice every day. That he witnessed snipped start meant nick folds caved in last. Us is this sort of just think about his what was the game he got injured he got injured in the colts game and did play the Jake. Nick pulls for the jets last year. Thanks certain. Yet because they almost lost if Patrick Holmes on this team and came on and gave that performance in his first gate. Alex Smith would have run into a Colin cap situation. It probably would have never started. But I do think that that's. I think they Andy. Like the way we sign and Heidi certainly mad if I I think Andy is ruthless and they he went down players like that but I feel like. Any doesn't look at outs like that well. It's just line media go to break and I'll bet if it yes roar yeah step tennis that's yeah that is I hacked. Add to get. That's a little light. The other side to Dolan is to use. I think about it how neat to me like being in the Lee how many teams. What Patrick Holmes not been able to get on the B think about the rates you'd think he would you think Joseph Flacco Obama oh. If you get this joke put the news today be it the show will run the show you lose seats teen book written. Broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and cooling studio Sports Radio. We visited us and saying I am. I bit off the snows we'll Sunday. And it's on the so often we. Villain pretty good feel of that. Back to normal back to hold. At this time frame. That's dead is a struggle. It's sort of lose its. Maine in the producer role also hijacked. I'd be giving me the stern way down to go. Milledge at us so we going to if you don't know. Florida's and I we need to go to break it here reminder telling me. Rhett and I didn't I all right and then I go to rent that. To get out. Whatever I'm gonna say the aid and is. Now he he has something that he asked to give them. He has to get off I am are what I said now I know you'd. And Lou it was it was more news in life as they morneau yet telling be like that would right there that put this ball. That would that would lead through the this balls. I don't really have not on the side of the glass and Erie usually every Sunday. Bites us safer Joan Julio word we're felon and for other guys today so just mean you'd and. Yet it eat it you can't wreck media. It didn't get the idea reality Collins as the I think I will you be allow Iraq o'clock to let that this is not it's that this is not first then you do this. Like when you're on that side. You do language. Because I don't believe that you're doing it is if you could be reckless I think you're doing it because. You have forgot. That you bring Libya because probably because the Tate or use is so strong. That it has come out right candidate you have a but it took it to mean wants to one up and say well I'll edit it to god that's outside and is he going to be at the break. And it here tonight. Boy that needed. But no talking about is like and that's it homes at a fantastic performance probably. The best. Turn of events the bit like you go ahead to how much better can it be yes in my opinion. You know even for the they are rational fans for the rest of fans hey you've got to see. Exactly. What it is that he's that he can do. You got to see what. Oh. Amazing plays he can make but did you get to see. To take what you're comfortable with the starter for the future it to you understand okay if you're thinking rationally. Yes I give it Alex Smith. Should have never. Been talked about not being the starter with the way he's played this year is it crazy talk to bench him and that. He should be starting in place. And watching that performance and understanding. Alex Smith endangers other guys in the league. How he held off. Bet he easily sort of easily of all the rookies that started and that. This job lots that's Mitch truckers at eight either that's a bit. That's whoever else all the rookies easily. The most comparable the well. Images probably looked probably easily played the or. We saw the pocket presence from him in the pre season though like that's. That's something that we knew he was Capel get like these manipulating the pocket uses speed to create and you know Macon throws on the run and that's stuffy didn't. College season against the threes if we watched we watched bits of some pretty good pretty easy. I've been out likes to play against the vikings his first game. And it looks like his feet his Internet it was a five he's still looks that way. It week set the the tape is still looks that added the vikings are good enough to slow down there Rogers a little bit about bad defense is fair it's not just about dividends are talking about it it just did it look comparable he's still that by the late. Baker mayfield finally got its asked again. And let it drive to where they have tied this game at 38. I got this absurd and that's it. Men just think about some of these playoff tee let's all root. Buffalo sort of we obviously metal. That shot McDermott. Hold eight Peter men out. Of the line. While there now that that out lists I don't think houses I think that was Sean McDermott. Jess just thrown darts or if I am I TJ he was just hoping. It Nathan and Peter men would give them a spark that Tyrod Taylor was thinking. You've been you've answered requests sort of a thought this if Patrick Holmes was the back the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills do you think he would have gotten a start this year. I thought they. I edit the bills to draft and then they are they have a claim that he did you understand what we're doing here they've made the playoffs does the team that made the playoffs. People commit but this on the air with that move but they've made the playoffs something no coach buffaloes that the last seventeen years he made the playoffs. I'm with you I think Patrick Holmes would've gotten start over Tyrod today. Let's say whatever he says about the dark about it Niedermayer will Tyrod Taylor was delegate lead to make him not throw the dog. But Tara towed out in the playoff I know that I'm just saying is he's not been that the particularly special to where he wouldn't give Baltimore. Think Joseph Flacco to survive given up the start to. Timothy with a back. I think Johansson its work. Where they would have looked around I think Cincinnati would flat out cutting into adult now I'm with you I think eighty dollar a lot with it have compared. In day to Alex I think he would have got starts over the that they weren't terrific. I just. I mean that our team that are in the playoffs like there to listen at the beginning of the Minnesota's season I don't know if case Cuba held off. Patrick behold without getting a start and that's what I'm trying to say is go to teams that are in the play offs. Those teams that are decent teams out there and started over you. Open at some point but I. Either opt out of going to the crappy teams sort of talk. Two teams of all the bills who make the playoffs Tennessee you think if he was and I know Mary go to it even Mary go to big defeats. If he were on their roster do you think that that would have gotten a start off with Tennessee. You take lake portals the three seed projects of bill that was on that team at the beginning of the year. That Blake portals would've gotten to take a seat to pet homes that they want to play. And the practice the way he has all year. I think that is a team that. Ed Alex Smith as well that now. That guy who is. They grabbed her around the waist it cutting a ball on third at 1470. Yards. The same way that Alex would throw you know what was standing around and it's not too good to Albert wills. I felt bad enough. I just don't know is that it's. Necessarily that Alex is flat out held a Motley I just think. Andy Reid really genuinely thinks highly of Alex Smith and he wanted him to have this season because he knows like. I'm sure they've had conversations. About the psyche like you know on this year if we have like you know is you see them as it is in about starting. Well I know but I'm saying like next year like he like he got out ex I would imagine in a nanny had a conversation at some point Randy said. You gotta you gotta take it to another level this season because it's gonna be him next he's they've knocked it. It is not set with Alex you need to take it I'm not these I am light and it sounds like a coach would put that in and of their plight like I you need to take in a surprise if how ledger had its goal I'd be surprised if Alex Smith is on an Andy Reid coaching staff at some point you make it he does arguably. Likes Alex and has a lot of respect for so if so why are you talking out of both side of your hands if you believe that it is such respect. For Alex why am about to hit to start this. Hey you better you better really get it done this year because you're Siskel and next year I not more on what kind of talk I. I'm I'm more honest of people buyers backed what kind of confidence does that steel into your quarter. They are once again they stepped. That they thrive under pressure that's what Bill Belichick told Tom Brady. But it gets here is geared is Jimmy Barack Lou outlet could be net UK say that to Tom Brady Tom Brady's won five Super Bowls and I do think Bill Belichick wanted to move on from Tom Brady and Robert Kraft would let. So there. You know coach would not tell the guy who he's going to pick as his starter. You better you better pull it together this year because the guy Edwards at the is starting next. I even it. If he understates it that they Eddie was like. I'd building the entire offense around you'd disease by I I Ike in a way that I have never done before. Ike. Matt Nagy is helping me build entire new concepts for this offense that are built built solely around the things that you're good. And were going to try to give you one more shot they just step but they. Let's have new things incidents this office is a completely different than what they and previews this off it's odd that you can go pop in tape of Donovan McNabb. And whoever their quarterbacks were in B various. Incite they changed the entire offense but they don't they say they built and built itself a day that they built. They built this Williams is perfectly for Alex de utilized. You know his is different options that have helped Alex exceed by using his likes more that I'm Alex and so what were some of the concerts did it utility it's. Yes that it has not need a guy you're planning on benching. I'm so glad. Because I don't know what you're talking. What order you argue. But that's what are you argue. It that's that's the idea is no worse they did that in my whole days it was ever going to threaten this season while I act. I just don't know that I don't think that is necessarily Alex. Was holding him off. So so that gets its usage you don't think that's that's ever have threatened what you do think that it became too Alex. And had a conversation with him telling him you better get it together this year I thought. Well at about how late. Like any say and we've got one last shot at this like sorry like you know you know the drill we drafted the court we drafted. The young quarterback who's going to be the future of our franchise. Alex I respect you as a player you are one of my favorite players I've ever coached. Let's take one more run this vague stepped up. That's not crazy people. Some people thrive under pressure. An enemy in a that. Because you have says so many things to contradict yourself. It is that I'm I'm lost if people are on the text I've yeah it is man. Michael what I'm I'm gonna I'm Natalie has started an up. An enemy. Here. Oh gosh all. Oh like. This any. All all mogul. Oh well let's go to break at a tees stuck exactly it is good game between Oklahoma and Georgia. And that's out of that today right now all of which it picked up upon bullets or to test at a particularly with 652 ago. Coming up next why is handled that the raiders decide to start being Smart embassy of senator duties contradicted. Now if you lose an incompletion. Would run. The issue you can. Fifteen sports and video. Good at getting tickets that come now for six spin off your ticket or using remote code six did sports. If you are listening yesterday if you learn from. That's a statement you puts you can't help us beat the number one. But that's our whole thousand AT I as soon to be the number one podcast not just sports Kansas City but just the number one podcast. Radio plaque is general it's six of were stuck and the show. I I've. Here he is if you missed it. Would tune changes. First name was his original name. That we opt out of we're allowed to say that it now I'd never really looked into it. Now acidic yesterday. Multiple nods and check out the putt product. Don't program. Movement that the tees. While this is a 4538. Gain a big big third down coming out in this game five minutes left. Georgia storming back to take control of this game just getting their asses kicked. Up and down the field I thought that that oak law almost going to score 78 ride. What did they just stopped him for about a quarter in two minutes and then finally. Oh that is it finally baker mayfield came back to earth on a drive and out defensively. Oklahoma has scored a touchdown to take the lead in now they're about to get the ball that I've been slipped. This has been a good later on following this the winner of this will play next Monday the Alabama Clemson winner. So 00 sure we'll talk about that tomorrow. Before we get to these innocent person. I've been here a lot of people. Disagree with this and and I put out eight wheat last night or eyes. She's fans. And as a person that is that she's seaspan. You should use should not this is not a good day. There in a lot of reports that it should after started by saying you know on sports that are last night was this BP talking about. The yen. Jon Gruden will be the next coach of the raiders we've seen Bolton reports of this is not a good day for cheese for aids in judge Gramm's going to be the coach. About people and I sent that out we yesterday's Saturday and so many responses he's washed. McCain passed him by all of this and it I'm like okay. Right like I know he hasn't been a head coach for two years he's only. At first I have for every week of the year and the playoffs or one round of the playoffs he is covering the gay. And he runs these ridiculous football camps that he's fired football coach of America they if you ever watch the groove and stuff with all of the the first year quarterbacks that he asked though and it does Courtney at camp he has still doing the verbiage is still into the game and knowing plays a break. But he goes to team's practices all the time because like every NFL team or other country. And eggs out what the coaches. Like to me like. People say that in games past and like to meet I said it and I'd much rather at Jack Del Rio as head coach of the raiders. That an offensive minded person who has done something that your old offensive minded legendary coach has it done that's when the chip. He got red shots into the tide had always had deep as the bread that's it may place. He got Rich Gannon as eight MVP. Like this dude is that it is the real was the real deal. Like eleven years he only had two or three losing season. I eat eats he was it would really really good is it that thing. About matching him would dare Clark and that offensive talent with Cooper and that offensive line. You know a I I'm not thrilled I'd rather Jack still realty unit. Well that pain and at the raiders. Can just get our running game like game like fighting a star running back or a middle pack right back really. Opens everything up there are it's it is everything taking it Derrick Clark did not take steps back. The way he did this year. I yeah Vienna picked a better place I and that's the thing too was it their play calling was bad this year he wasn't throwing the ball downfield like you saw. He had that deep touchdown pass to Marty Cooper this past weekend and I cars got the talent and it really stretched out he's. That it was an MVP he just he just didn't feel less aid and you know they'd. They fired their offensive coach or they get rid of their profits coach who's really doing them. Like pairing him with an offense of coach I guess you could say you guys wanna believe that. They gave has passed him by I remembered to reveal was out of football in broadcasting for years and years and then he came back. And had. Multiple record setting offices when he Tate back every one array so I did it you would use the Davis stood by. I hope he's not to this number on offense in the NFL every year and it's different team come on now. Just. It is that time if he show you stop. Us. Ask. Children. I'm sorry leak it Riley justice and associate I hate that. It is unless it is sort of. He or Oklahoma. It is didn't kind of went 340. Left the day. Georgia's got. Two time out. You'll have a Heisman Trophy winner make it baker make eagle the best player in college football. I. Not take. His hands. He's. He's really got faith in his defense the way they've stepped up here in the fourth or search ray and. It option play and took the ball up baker and agree that he. My. Bakers had absolutely can rightly or oracle and ill I'd take it. A spike in donations. To the Andean Jordan Dalton foundation came from the most unlikely source on Monday morning welcome the bills. Yeah. Well as far as nine yard touchdown that's allegory in a fourth and while situation on Sunday night. Not only sealed a win against their ravens and act them out of the playoffs but it also secured the bills' first play outburst since 1990 back. Fans of buffalo are understandably thrilled and they went oh I don't know it all bills organization promises and the dolphins. Present the bagel some buffalo wings. Fans decided to donate to Dalton's cops. And sometimes I am not a fan of Mike and bakery moments. But. Actually yesterday was really got to Ku lose the the today. The buffalo fans and then the Buffalo Bills football TE. If you miss that if you watched when they were watching the final play they were showing fans of bars. And then they were showing them the football team in the Miami locker room. And it was actually. Really entertaining to watch did just lose like Kyle Williams who's never been the playoffs they have celebrating in the locker room with kids about that go. Translation buffalo. Who knows what those plans were doing outside of buffalo though the ones that put him. Lit up fired shake tables things that. At this and I have we see them in the post season. Of I'm what do you play. But I. Baker may feel doesn't forget. Back in August ESPN's college game day crew made their predictions for the season and both Desmond Howard and Lee Corso are very high on the sooners. But it was course as comments that so that's the eventual Heisman Trophy winner Corso called the sooners pretenders. Bass towards it that way that is segment was clearly on mayfield the mind as he arrives. With a sign saying pretend. I did out of that lie ahead that's that I saw him walking out but that side that didn't realize. The shot that we course. Well coach les I thought Lee Potts Utley was done years. Like not just done I'd truly thought that they had. That they have. We're firing him or the like I promise you that course again and there attack what I promise you there was a farewell. It was just a little holds up that's really the course. But at that they have eighties position put a mask that they notice it as if crust it's all right coming up at two minutes. We're really gonna go to break so we watched it is game coming up at submitted we get it's Monday. If there's anyone out their lives be good to go step by six 306 to exceed your weekend. The show would run the show. You glean from the MVP addicting TV and coombs the yield six she's a Sports Radio. Yeah. Yeah. That's the but baker made the this there and winner. This 55 seconds and a tied game. With three times now. But as my days will be traditionally do well Mondays we go the weekend huh. And where there's so many people who need. So many people in this was a week in a huge week. New Year's and other. Holidays. And there are mania so this is what we do on Mondays this weekend. We feel bad foot you. But will not give an out kisses everybody can use those little feel. Okay. I've developed a sense that means that allows them to get physically and appropriate person without them knowing. Michael. Did that night and. Again. And and Oklahoma is right. Let me get these legacy give it to six 6930616. Year we can. So many out there. I want to throw it out colors there's little air whittled the ball to Hillary and he handed an opportunity. Without this concert is it is he makes it to the probe will end. It makes it to the playoffs that the ravens makes the playoffs he gets a one million dollar bonus. And he had made the plane he had made an interception. Which seemed to have sealed it himself. But there was a holding penalty. They got to take it back and then as we talked about it earlier with the bills fans the other sent them ravens. They obviously did not make the playoffs they gave up a long touchdown pass on what the world. And cared little didn't get that one million down the address that is extremely and I have been a big higher level than. Men obviously. That being lucky they could use the and sandy don't have it. You mentioned one million the way that they're now that. You have your notes there. On a hug chuck Modano. As they did the Indianapolis Colts as expected have officially fired him that adds. Well I had bash my god now and it's it was even MI had issues with that was more Jim Irsay and the way they handled Andrew's gotten them potentially ruining Andrew looks career. But you kind of feel bad for Madonna especially seeing all of everything that he said. After the game because he immediately. Went into a meeting with there say where he was fired following their final game of the season. And Agassi was tearing up when talking to players and I feel bad for chuck got election. I hope so well done and Nazis when I say this and that's that this on the postage so the it and I. I hope that that she's really look at him I would love is that the prince Edward. He did a really good job in Baltimore when he was a defensive coordinator. I think he I think he is yet to be really would have to be really good defensive coordinator. And I wish that the that she's thoroughly looked. And I I would go to every coordinator. That acted good every coordinator. Press conference to hear it's. I don't care about buffs that when he speaks I've been to those glorious new set McDonald court. In a matinee sport and every coordinator press conferences or by the way. Third two great. Baker mayfield was unable to get it done. Seventeen seconds Georgia's applause when he. Steve Harvey. Man he wore a what's the looked up what he wore last night as he hosted the fox covered Saturday. This all white outs he ought to be changed it looks like Georgia's victory formation so we as Lynn Perez. This if you hit it can be the first reaction that that I hear it because that's an. It's a and we are headed to overtime. And pass that day. Yes do you see that out yes that's I mean that people wanna know puts it all right it was cold assailant New York. Like it is now what's the name with and code. In Anderson Cooper's they wanted no parts of it. They were freezing cold but Steve ward it. But between Steve Harvey looks like a bat man villain that is captured times bucket aids is looked at it out there. Don't stop driving an abuse of review those bold look it would Steve Harvey ward. That was it rates and it absolutely off. Do you. It is because I had I had great but I do that every year I watched all of them. Sierra. I don't know if it's because Russell Wilson had a bad day yesterday she is not cutting out that out for the host. She was rich. I'd be pleasantly surprised at and that's just not here we have seen is that like out like. A letter read something to the text and I'm going to express business as he was reading you. The the telephone. Proud of the that would three stick. Yeah. And Alex Smith. Aren't the same person. They did a little while for that whether that time they've got a lot to the it's nice of them need to on a trial run before you putter on live television for the entire country is Betsy you write it. He throws. It out and it was. It was rough out there but not that that that takes the cake is Steve and also Steve Martin when I could tell he was dead they've run. Neil Diamond to do the Guinness record of the biggest thing alone ever that they silent cooers. I don't have to say you couldn't pay me enough to stand out there on that he did say he's the Suggs airline. It and you can see the look and see space Evelyn and added I'll so I hate that stuff. And he asked the and I telling me he was so cold deals this sticky night. It was for a weekend that's covered it two minutes. Remember Oklahoma Georgia going over time coming up at two minutes the best it to that that it's it would Sports Radio primarily. Because it's the only. That's my net who runs the show. And you're listening to the show. Speaks jeans boots and radio good at getting tickets that come now for six did not get ticket order using promo code six did sports.