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Kansas City Mavericks
Tuesday, October 17th

Our 610 Mavericks Insider Jason Ketz talks with's Joe Rozycki to break down the Mavs off-season and get you ready for the regular season in the first installment of the Mavericks Insider Podcast. 


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Welcome to the mavericks insider podcast here on six and sports radio and 610 sports dot com. I mean host Jason cats the act six cents Sports Radio mavericks insider please be joined right now with Joseph Rosie key from the sin bin. Dot net and Almonte Twitter at send in mass Joseph appreciate the time thanks for coming in but it absolutely man anytime. I do just to get is going to hear it it's damn good hockey. Yeah it. It's weird you know I mean every offseason so long. But we sit and will stay so so in tune with what the mavericks do over the offseason that makes that much shorter and I know I had the opportunity to go down and that you got the mavericks and their season opener in Tulsa this past weekend and even even then it was kind of like well. No hockey is back this is this is our time year this is this is that so and it's exciting definitely am until that respective. And it's it's been O. Really crazy offseason for the mavericks there have been so many different things have changed. First and foremost the name they go from the Missouri marriage to Kansas City. I certainly move that a few been around the team long enough few EU could kind of sense that this was coming but I finally came to fruition. You know it's something they come want to be from the start I think they want it to be. Called my name that was kind of all encompassing the entire metro areas didn't didn't work out what when the organization was founded. Back in 2009. They have the opportunity to do it now. And really. Kinda it's very fitting with what they wanna do not just on the ice you know it's oversized and for him but throughout. I you know both sides of the state line wanna grow the game they wanna make it you know Kansas city's sport and grow the market as a whole not just. You know once segment and independents though. Com. It's been a long time coming I think. I I'm a fan of it took some getting used to. I hadn't said it Missouri mavericks yet on any of our podcasts or any thing half. Thumbs there and I'm sure we thought oh without an audit and we we did that we do a live broadcast of a fan fest. A few weeks back and I had to catch myself a few times but. You know I like it and I. I think it it's but I guess that's very fitting with what they're trying to do. Throughout the entire match where nanny had a changer act new and that is the death of the moments passed knows. Now I have to weed that out he time well about an elegant new phone number mile stakes though you know. Thank you apple for catchment states the it's it's it's tough it's been an offseason changed Richard. And died continue with that obviously. The change from what used to be the marriage in the mountain division out there and central which. You know we've we've. Puzzle each other at times last year of we played a a a season of which we played so many more things at the central and we did out of the mountain and it just there was no way for the for the mass to. Try and gain any ground in their own division because they weren't really playing any. No it was it was flawed from the start I mean that. The league released the schedule for the year before releasing the new division alignment. I'm Selena you have things like the mavericks only played maybe fifteen division games 72. You know team like that the Cincinnati cyclones played four divisional games last year. How does that how does that even that isn't. I don't I don't I don't know how pot honestly I'm sitting here trying to figure some kind of logical explanation as to why they would do it that way. But. To give them credit they fix their mistake this time around I you know they they took the mavericks from the mountain division you know the mountainous terrain around here in Kansas City yes. Yeah and and switch them over to the central division. You know it's it's it's definitely changed for the mavericks in regards to the divisional alignment com doesn't get easier and in mountain division was. The toughest division in the siege last year the central looks like it might be the toughest this year. I mean you've got Fort Wayne in Toledo and at some powerhouses in the EC HL. So it. While it's a new remain. A lot of familiar faces its gonna be just as tough of a road as ever. And the attic trying to continue like how lasting I have here the big changes from this off season. I certainly the team announcing their new affiliation with Calgary Flames. And the stock can keep from the AHL. On you know and we've talked about this before where it's just it seemed like the last couple years. With their relationship with both the New York Islanders in the saint Louis blues. It really got to a point where it just it had to go because. You know there were two teams trying to basically control what the mavericks were doing and then. You know they just couldn't really deal with. You know I got cumbersome as what it is the mean you had too many hands in the pot at one point where. Yes Lewis is sending guys and polling guys in and the islanders are sending guys some polling guys in and pull one more guys in the sending. And it really had a drastic effect on the mavericks throughout the course of the season on the other. Sometimes a course of the season with a weather problem as a from the SPH yeah you know guys off the street just fill roster because. Frankly in other affiliates Allah the depleted at times that's the nature of the beast when you're double A hockey team in and you got two teams above you'd need roller rinks. But it really had a drastic effect on the season. You know this this time around it's a different bonds with Calgary and once I don't get me wrong. There was a lot of excitement about the islanders' on the had a great relationship with their with their front office and all the guys and Bridgeport. It was it's just been different he talked Omar holly talk to bring peace and as the team president. Even head coach on skeptics and and they're really excited about this this agreement Calgary and they really think it's a good fit. Calgary seems to wants to. Keep their guys in development you know. Or extended periods of time they want to get the next time one constantly be moving guys up and down I want them stick and welcome to develop and the mavericks have proven anything. You know they've proven they can develop. Young prospects and you're looking at. Bridgeport HL roster this year I mean it's littered with former mavericks now you know they've they've done their job and so it seems like it's can be very beneficial. Optimum. Yeah and you know being able to talk with GST after the degree in black and black via orange and black game. That they had you know it that that was something that. It seems like Calgary is really. Adopted them into the system very well they've really been able to. Yelled go up there they went at the Stockton earlier. In the offseason and it's you know way out there they were involved in all of their meetings were involved in. All the film sessions with the coaching staff and they were more than accommodated them as far as. You know really having them buy into the entire system and really being able to build from the ground offensive so where Calgary can. It really be a force in the in the Western Conference and you know they've got and they've got a pretty young nucleus although I loved. Love them I signing Ramirez out here you know the former wealthy guy that's you are you know in and just it seems like they're they're gonna try and and build this the right way and and witches. You know certainly something that that the mavericks in that can benefit you know I. Wanna speak for anybody in front office but. You know one of the big keys to an effective affiliation is communication open lines of communication that's one thing that they've raved about. With Calgary is that they're always in the note they always know what's going on. You know whether the moves chemical Calgary or Stockton or from Kansas City up to Stockton Calgary. I'm there's constant communication between all three levels. Both with. You know transactions and player movement off the ice but also with what's going on on the eyes you know systems conditioning everything across the board. Open communication here's what we wanna do here are the goals that we wanted to achieve. Outside of the obvious one of winning a championship at every level. But here's what we're looking to do. And that's you know it seems like that's crystal clear across the board and I think that that's going to be you know it's gonna proved dividends war for all levels. Again were pleased he joined right now with Joseph rose Dickey from the sin bin dot net give a fall on Twitter as well at sin bin man's. Rosie it's always good to talk hockey with Kia. You know. This roster kind of going up and down there's a lot of guys that are returning from last year's team who ended the year but there's also a couple of guys newcomers are right and I put those in parentheses but. You know a lot of guys to watch for on this team and I'm gonna start with when he assistant captains right away price in loss. Having him come back. He's gonna provide a lot of great. Great insight on their for. A blue line you know. I lost he's always been an effective offensive player. Quarterbacks the power play he's got a tremendous shot from the Blue Line moves the puck well skates well on the offensive zone. But really over the last couple of years you've seen him really develop the defensive side of the he's become shut down defenseman. You don't see guys that's. So good on both sides of the pocket that position he has which is why he got you know NHL contract last year spent most of the year in the UH oh Bakersfield. Com but he he I know how important was or Dixon to get penalized ski back this offseason and he had. He had to work hard to get a meal in the off the trade with Florida. Now Florida had his EC HL rights. On the and sending you know the rights to goalie Josh Robinson a foreign exchange for a loss he. You know that's made him wanna do I'm by. Petition goes to show you how important and lost he is to this roster if got a lot of young guys and he's a guy that they can look to. On the eyes to see. How it's done right I mean he does all the little things right. I'm so it was it was a high priority for Ford Nixon to hit analog ski back on this roster. And the teams is that much better for. And certainly in other guys that that's kind of been blocked in that same category with guys who have been with the team before but. Mean got to finish the year. The new found captain of the mavericks a Tyler culprits a guy who's been around. Mavericks for a long time and and I get swear that he across his chest I know. There's talk about this little bit earlier been. You know I I am I to this point with me covering the mavericks are really have been too critical with them and if there's one thing that I can say that I might criticize them a little bit about it's it's the move having. Oh repeated. It takes a lot of people by surprise I think you know when when Andrew Courtney decided to retire. Number one assumed that Rocco pars would be the next one line I mean he. I mean to just talent wise he's one of the best two way forwards in the CH jail. He's well respected on off the ice is well respected by opponents like oceans now is this you just saying because he's Philadelphia guys while I mean that's bonus on let's cherry brought up for a perfect there. But and no I mean he is you know he he is a guy. That championship teams are built. So everyone just assumed it would be ours that was the next guy up. You know I don't I don't know what was behind the decision to make Albert the captain Tom to me he was the one guy. In my mind too awful human thought it would be ours. I think I broke. Articles in the it should be cars of but. The only guy to me that would challenge that repeal. You know he's the guys are physical it's very vocal. I'm he's a great leader on and off the eyes he has the respect the number one in the locker room. It killed Dixon when he had betrayed him away last season Manchester completed earlier trade. And I just remember the text I got from San did not do. I'm so mean that just goes to show you know what he's meant to the organization. But out and full disclosure I thought it would be our so. I don't think Albert this is a bad choice at all I think that you know he's the next logical choice I'm and you know hope hope to. Catch up with JST here pretty soon to get his thoughts and you know maybe maybe some of the players voted on in and that's the thing we just don't know what was behind that decision. The name Ulbrich got them but to me of if it's anybody bought cars so he's an ex. Yeah and if you didn't know already that the jury sticky is one of the insider guys with this maverick CB he certainly. Found out about that that answer is and that's kind of the point that it's you know even with use somebody like you who I mean you're you're is in. With the with everything that goes on this team as much as everybody that's inside that building. Com you know I an and thinking about it now in retrospect. It. It puts a little bit I bring up the a broad street police teams from the Philadelphia Flyers back today it seems like ingenious he is a guy to. I mean I wrote an article about this at the end of last season is. And JC's a guy who likes have a hockey teams play the right way play he play where they kind of a saint Louis blues style of attack where that's exactly when it. You hear are not winner because. And gone on about us. On the but an ally in LA saint Louis blues team that's that's very physical but they've got their skill guys who. You know when when it comes down the nitty gritty they can go into a shoot out and score and you know square but your goals and be would have a 65 game or or they can play a real. How often rumbles dial 211 nothing type game. And they can adapt on the fly and that's certainly you know went to VC HL teams. You know nowadays there there there in that hitting. Very much as a county that's DHL. Brand it's still is still looming with them with you know through this league and you know it it makes a little bit more sense now that Albrecht. Will be named captain because of you know justice physical style play and and everything that goes along. Yeah I mean. JST loves guys that can protect the front of the net. Albert does that as well as an appeals from eight he likes physical neglects fast and maybe if you've seen this team a little bit arms and like game. You know and that that season opener in Tulsa. They wanna play fast and they wanna play physical they wanna finish checks they wanna get to the dirty areas that wanna win battles and they wanna earn every goal again. You know and what's that's exactly OJ ST plate yeah you know so it makes a lot of sense you look at the way he built this roster. I mean he built it from the back up from the defense unit up. You know the Ulbrich animosity toward the Canadians. Monsters we use face when he's seven labeled as six foot 7205. Yeah put that guy on skates and he's seven foot. I mean he is a monster meg yeah he throws his weight around and even. Mean even if you look at the small scale and the defensive forward and patch Albert who's been here before. And he's got us you know he's got a small frame but he knows how to pros body around. So you know those of the type of players that is the likes I'm. And and they are effective I mean PC age EC HL now. Affords every year get bigger but they also get faster and you need guys that can handle themselves on the skates but also handled themselves in the quarters in front of net. And he's got. Or five maybe even six we'll see what we get out and it would men. But you know possibly. As many as five defensemen already that it Atmel. While it's certainly anything you just alluded to a little bit how each year the league is getting better and better as far as talent announced just because of the sheer number of guys who were coming here you know I won't get to hear in a second here beta Tyler Parsons as a kid that I am looking for a lot out of five from Calgary. Bringing them down here but you can tell what the hockey is getting a lot better they come along way from there CH old days where they are now. Literally have and I mean that starts at the NATO I mean you see NHL teams really. Putting more emphasis on you know keep players in the HO CHO where it used to be dates and those guys back the Canadian juniors. And you wouldn't see him for years. If you see the NHL teams using their doubly affiliates more and more and more every year. And I obviously we see Calgary mentioned how Parsons the number one prospect in the nation. When these oh so. You know it's it's it's from the top down but it's kind of tension are almost a mean game juniors is still the top dog don't get me wrong. But you do see more more prospects reader being sent down. And maybe not all the way he CH LB FEMA tell level and media you know they skated the EC HL teams but until teams are really seeing them you of that doubly affiliate. And it's mean. The level playing these NATO is the best I've seen since I've been covering it. And you know just to kind of put a bow on this roster situation. I'm a big goal is guy I always paid a lot of attention. Robo I know probably got a little annoyed with me last year at times with a you know kind of some of the questioning and that I would that I would get to them but in LA it it really does start from the crease out. You know in the it looks like the mavericks are really gonna have a lapses or is goaltending from last year to this year with with Mason McDonald a guy who they get. On from within the ranks is a guy that and that and then orange and black scrimmage he made up he made a ton of saves that I've really seem like he was comfortable in that. You know I it was an unexpected situation. You know that the mindset was that makes McDonald will be the starter for the steam and that veteran tiger Rimmer. Would be the backup and spell McDonald and help with his development throughout you know throughout his descent through the organization after the affiliation. And then all of a sudden Tom Parsons destructing the Tom and it changed everything tighter mortgage traded Greeneville. You know which. I'm happy that they were to get something out of that and would know what it was one of those you know dreaded. But. No now you've got two young I mean how Parsons twenty years old missing adults 21 years old means these kids. I'm but they are highly regarded in the Calgary affiliation in the organization. And you know you just hope that they're gonna be easier for the majority if not all of the year so you can watch them develop. So that in 234 years from now when there are no back stopping at Calgary team you can say eight. No I saw the stamina started out and he was nominal and usage on what night who's going to be in the NH element. They were expecting to get Tyler Parsons. I know they were high on him coming out camp. They wanted him but he played so well in camp nobody ever thought he would and appear on now suddenly got Tyler Parsons and makes McDonald and and your degree situation as long as they're here. So you know they're gonna stick around for majority if not all the year like I said and it's going to be I mean they're going to be phenomenal between the pipes. Yeah I mean certainly you know I mean even last year's team you look at it robo played really well they had Willy who's so for a little bit of time who was certainly should be a a name that people should remember for a especially saint Louis blues fans her yelling and that's something that. You know from year to year especially if there's one thing that you don't know for sure it's your goalies to grass especially you know within EC HL team and you know for the mavericks should be able to have back to back years of you know solid guys in that eight you know it always gives you that confidence that you're never out of the game. Yeah I without a doubt I mean even you know you throw a mimic adamant that the mixed who's out who's high and in the rankings and out of organization. Actually is in Worcester and start for westerners and their wrench as first game back. But the mavericks have been blessed to have good goaltending. In the last few years and really. On back to attend the CH LD is naturally a plunger and and Robbie Nolan I mean those guys were were phenomenal and then you know two seasons ago Josh Robinson's goaltender of the years at UC HL records and you know. They've had a good string of solid goaltending. You know last year. Between injuries and call ups the Blue Line the defensive unit which just decimated throughout most of the season I was really a patchwork defensive core for for most of the year. When you look at this year's roster even though you're seeing in all guys that are that are contract has not been assigned. And I think that that is going to be one of the biggest differences injury keep those guys together. And really rely on them. And that. It's like you said you start in the baca beast or from the from Kris upn. And one of the biggest reasons Robinson had such an incredible year the year sales records. Word of the guy's problem. Played so well here and you know JC knows how important it's the you can sit with us. And you know certainly haven't some guys back like a cars on the court reality and Roberts then and and you go down the list of some guys who were returning who're fan favorites at this point. On its books like this mavericks team's gonna really be able that they they should know their identity. They will know their identity right anytime. Yeah I think so too you know but they're relying a lot these guys to kind of take the next step another element ankle reality. I'm is a great example this is the guy you know who really took a long time to kind of find his group the professional level last year during his rookie season. You know four and we had talks pregame show about. You know what his role is going to be if he was even worthy of roster spot you passport few months in and he's just he becomes a force to speed as is. Nearly impossible to contain for any defensive unit. I'm still little wrong you know what's horrible is often the skills of hands useful little little brawl on shot in some work. But if you can become the the forward that they think. He's going to be he's going to be one of the best for some sleet and will be playing in the AHO sooner than later. One of the big things I think stands out me as far as Korea Alley is is is effort money yeah. You know he is a guy with with his speed is as you alluded to and and yeah I mean he's he's one of the faster guys is on the ice that when he is out there but it's his. It's his go Gator mentality that he has especially. I think it really comes into play a lot on the PK yeah you know I I remember and scorn a couple shorthanded goals last year I was. You know he went out to the point blocked a shot in the yacht ended up just. Come into his stick and split the demon that were up there and you know getting leg getting a shorthanded opportunity and in cashing in but you know it's it's guys like it's guys like Horry Alley it's a guy like cars or we've talked about a little bit who and in Ohio I I bring up you know a little bit of a Jonathan taser luxury tax sciele players. You know cinnamon that's that place plate Bos and both ends of the ice and you know certainly is due they're gonna they're gonna really have to rely on guys like this especially with how young and how inexperienced. A lot of guys are. Yeah and they need cabinet next wave of guys to step up you know guys like Matt Robertson two goals and assists in the season opener. I'm just in Britain was again treated for the trade deadline last year. Only had three assists. And in this short stint last year they bring him back another guy with great speed who's been around me you he's been a twenty plus goal scorer in this league. You know he looked great throughout camp he had. The article in the black arms game they get a goal both pre season games and a score on opening night. You know he's a guy that they're gonna need it to be a contributor. And a regular contributor. I'm you know you loose some some firepower and held opposite side of the puck from last year. You need guys like that step up and be your secondary scoring. You know a guy we haven't talked about is there no you know he's a guy that earned and Rachel spot last year throughout it halfway through the year. Didn't see him again the rest of the year he signs of Stockton. And ends up back with Kansas City. But he's a guy that you know. Could really dominated times and can he beat Annika dominates all the time. I'm so we're gonna see out you know want to see that how the forwards. Kind of mold it into a unit. To me they're the biggest question mark I think you pretty much know which you have on the defensive side of the puck and between between the pipes really. I'd take tennis he does this changing of the guard. With the forwards will be inching to seek an approved and stands out outside of the names we're expecting him. Yeah and that piggyback this right up to our next point here is the word we're gonna do some predictions. As we always do these before before your send in pregame shows you guys do. It's always one guy a do you think's gonna score goal. And we're certainly not good news for one game we're gonna do this for the whole season trip. So who do you have as the guy who's gonna score the most schools for the mavericks that. You know I think this is gonna be one of those years where you're not gonna see. You're not gonna see have been fox got 35 goals I think you're gonna have several twenty plus goal scoring guys. And several guys in the mid teens. I've got a lot of faith and in Korea and he takes a big step this year I think flannel Lima Rocco pars so I'm definitely. Increases his chances. But those 2 guys that I am I'm going look in the and a battle I think there are no will be if if I knew darn that was going to be here for awesome two games he movement towards. But I don't think he's going to be I think eventually work its way back up to a NATO deal. I'm an oracle in the NATO should say but to me it's then Corey Allen I think you'll see him in that. Point six point seven range mom and pars on a banana fields throughout. Yeah and that's I'm if you if you rocket take Korea earth you're not gonna take cars though I'm certainly take ours lives you know and and and one thing that. And in this was a glaring thing that I soften the black and orange images they had core reality. And cars are together on the black team and they had a couple power play opportunities and they just weren't able anything going on in on a man and in a loss he was one of their. And those three guys they have to get going on the power if the really going to be able to be successful this year I'm just because these are three guys that have played. These are three guys that know each other and yeah I'd say you know if try to put a number on cars are I think kill. They'll have that 25 to possibly thirty Campbell top and thirty. But but deathly cars though for music guy who you know why I see him as this leader of the team I know that Oprah that's the has the seal on his chest but. You know cars cars those ugly guy who's been around this organization for. For more than a couple of years now which is you know something that'd definitely be said for. I know that you know his dad is always an is that around here are some victory yet it seems like they've they've really adopted Kansas City as as a second home and you know certainly a guy that says that I look. It's a deathly have a big year for the mavericks. Now I kind of this next question here is is a little bit proceeding as well this with but who's got the most. I think they'll be cars I think you're gonna see him. Get close to that. I must say he had a couple years ago he had one on goals and forty absence anchor gonna see and get close that 45 maybe even surpass that. I think he's going to be a 65 to seventy point. And maybe even closer to semi five. Point guy com. He just he sees the ice so well Nam and he sets up his line mates so well. And now we see him having. You know a lot more assists than I do goals. So yeah I sold I see him in that point 324 goal range but I do Seaman 45. To 48 assists you know where he's he's up there in the seventy point. And I think you know honestly I think he's gonna. Run away with the point what point whole point when. Yeah and a panic I mean it's it's pretty it's pretty easy to kind of think if if if if a guy that's gonna lead the team in goals he's certainly a problem for us as well the guy I can't I can't fall to there with having cars or be the guy in. You know we've talked about four but and is the guy that that knees have a big year for the team. And silly boy played one game this year that down and also. You were able to go to that game well Seles a little bit about that you know then that opening night and what you saw. You know it was it was five days they jump out to a Ford and up and lead. Plan. And then mamet for Corey. And you know that the spam base is kind of jaded win with that prevent defense and they've seen leads you know kind of slip away in previous regimes. But it was it was funny Noah and have been talking a few people about it since I got back from Tulsa and even when it was 43 they never seemed like they lost control like game. You know Tulsa. To their credit they took advantage of a few mistakes the mavericks made and their their early season you know little bit opposition movement will pursue. Calm things that are easily fixed you know they weren't the layering you know was also buses and ran up the middle and and just exploiting a hole in the mavericks' defense. It was it was just weird I mean again most close there for a little bit towards the end but it never felt like the mavericks ever lost control of the game. Com you know a few things that stood out I mean. Word talent Parsons he was fantastic and honestly he was. So. Home and that's that's what I really took away from me he never once lost her. And I even went also scorched three Monroe. In every youth union slams sticky ethical post was all about anything he does so composed the route at all for twenty Earl did play in you know. And its first game that. And you know Matt Robertson. I was really impressed with them I mean pregnancies and eases your press that it was two goals in the sense. But this is the guy that. You know they brought back for a reason he didn't have gaudy numbers last year he didn't do. Stuff that would make you think he she went back he's got a tremendous shot. And he needs the excellent he needs the time to develop and 22 and every day effective offensive player and to me that was Canada. It's got a statement game I completed this level and I can do it consistently so we'll see what he's got this week in Portland. Yet they pick up the 53 win there and again they've got a little little lapse now before their games this weekend. You know Joseph it's it's certainly a team that you know if if they can get colon date they certainly. Should be somebody to be reckoned with in the central division and not just the division by its in the EC HL overall. You know I've got the over under warrior with 41 and a half wins in the 72 game season eight. At 71 remaining obviously. You would think that if they get that forty to 43 range they should be able to make the playoffs. You know what what are your thoughts on a 41 and a half over under with human wins this year the man you know. Didn't see it happen that that's the that's a perfect over underside of that you know my season preview that I wrote. I predicted forty to 42 and somewhere in there. I'll send I would take the over. I'm out you know. I have to kind of scale muscle back open and and is in the book the roster makeup and I know. You know the systems. The deal is one run and speed as. You know players on the roster so medium August when 55 games this year. It's about people feel a little more objective. But I'll see I can definitely see them and fortified ports and I'm I think that this thing could young team. I think that. They need players to take the next step I think he Regis you'd think that makes that next step as a coach. Which have reason to believe it will you know talking to him. About season you know he said. We really love how this team played. After the first year and it worked the team news. Acting that. If you take that three month stretch. Of growing pains. You know essentially Brenda roster a new head coach. Last year it and you shorten home to. Or six weeks. Now which had not been that long but inevitably differences matter playoff team last year and and a scary playoff team last year they barely missed out. Despite viewpoints. But I definitely think that there. You know there are ready to pick the next step and and it's expected I mean talk Moammar on. At the orange and black game. You know he decided that this is a big difference. That's yet you know should be you know we need to win now. So I mean that's that's the expectation. And I think that you'll see this team may take that next step in and give back the post season. And and depending on what happens to was the year that they can be primed you know for deeper on. Yeah and you know really put a cherry on this whole entire first episode. You know it's this is certainly a thing in a team that you know only when you have an owner like that who is who's willing to make the sacrifices is say look we need to win now yup that's when you know youth you know it it starts from that topped share. And it and it trickles all the way down it really seems like this team. Has really adopted that whole process of being able to you know know that they've got a job to do Dave got. On expectations to meet in in this team certainly. Is primed in the right direction and I know we really haven't talked about JST much ends. You know JSDs a guy who you know certainly he knows what he's doing you know he's just a second year coach this year but. He knows how to play the game the right way he's trying to coach the game the right way and it seems like it's really taken off this players and you know we look for a lot of success in year two of the JST version. Yeah that's about two way hockey you know it's about. You come on decor gallium Rocco pars earlier it's about playing down from the shot someone and and and find the mega man in the other. It's the way he played the game men and that's the philosophy that he preaches. And I think that it that the sooner that this team this new newly built roster buys into that. You know they're gonna have. A leg up on everybody else so the fact you've got a lot of guys that are overturning or played here previously. I'm it's such an advantage. Now compared to teams that are completely retooling the roster you know. A nominee it is but it's it's quite a feud that played at least one statement this team. In years past. That they noticed either nobody is trying to do they know the systems he's trying to run in which trying to accomplish. I mean taking out that learning curve. And really being able to hit the ground running in some of these new guys and pick up on the fly. It's it's not something that never team has the luxury of doing so. You know they they stick to that two way hockey and and stick to the fast and physical you know them they're gonna accomplish the things that they've set up for themselves. So the mavericks coming up they still have three more road gains there they've got a Friday and Saturday coming up next week. I'm no that's this week now coming up this week in Fort Wayne than on Wednesday. 25. They're in Kalamazoo and in their home or their home opener Saturday October 28. Pats. So over Sinai senators Reno against Wichita. Should be a great night and a lot to look forward to this season with the mavericks again please be joined with the Joseph rose icky of the sin bin dot net. I'm picturing in my follow on Twitter at sin bin mass Joseph it's been fun. Absolutely man am I'm happy to do this any time. And and I were to sit around talk pockets but they're committed. Our looks for a look forest come back with more episodes of the mavericks insider. In please be joined with Joseph rose Keyon I'm your host Jason cats six cents portray you as mavericks insider. Look for these more and well deathly. Keep going make sure to give us follows on Twitter and let us know we did right let us so we did wrong ends. With a plea deal would do give you everything you need to know about the Kansas City mavericks were this point seventeenth when he eighteen season. For Joseph and cats were out.