The Jontay Porter Episode

Carrington Harrison
Thursday, August 10th

Carrington is joined by Gabe DeArmond of Power Mizzou, Sam Snelling of Rock M Nation and Rob Dauster of NBC Sports to talk about Missouri's newest recruit.


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They should it just stuck to sports. Eads the stick to sports club dance with Kerry did Harrison from the drive. Just as exciting time. Yeah I've been up the Missouri Tigers gave him and I hear a special addition of the things that worked I can't have done this never Michael Porter signs Jeremiah its own signs. We had to do for Johnson poured you'll hear from gate Harmon apparently viewed aka. CM Snelling of rock in the nation and also robbed author of in BC sports person up my guy DVR from arm as if you're talking to gave me arm and a power ms. Dudek and gave thanks Arco and want to. Yeah no problem an underdog to a to a fantastic all right envisioned this alternate universe that Missouri picks up a five star recruit basketball. And he's probably not going to start this year at least at the beginning of the season that's how crazy this offseason has been for the Missouri Tigers basketball team. Yeah I think that I think that accurate I appreciate that you have. Probably realistic view of what it is you know I think that. I think. That there are Missouri fans who will be signing for the five freshman to start game one. Adding that they are argued to admit it compared Phillips Kevin per year in Jordan bar bat in particular. Mean those guys are going to all be and probably there at the top seven in the rotation guy I think to a Morgan start. You know and yeah bit policies and I don't know we've talked about it before. Yet think of anything in sports it's gone from this bad too. I ordered traded goods because they're not it's good yet but it's potentially good and that's exciting. Yeah I think. It's such a combination of so many different things it's watching how bad Missouri's been for the last three seasons with the and you couple it. Almost in four months they have radically changed their roster that Missouri has a recruiting class that Kansas duke or Kentucky would have. Schools like Missouri are not made you have recruiting class like the one they currently have. I mean there's going to be a top five black now I I don't on it we know you were going to officially review our. Our. You know because they're cute so late good news oh we of course will start most blatant. You know and people don't understand everything that goes into re doing knows you know in all mid August that they'll know it happened but. They were number seven before god that order reclassified. Eric bought the fairway back in you know hey when we started talking about it's probably happening. That EP work reclassify it would push them probably took 45. You know so at the top five recruiting class in the country Ian. Derided doesn't happen year Ian. It happened at the top five clapper basically go to duke Kentucky and then some handful of why did in other programs ever year. And that's why we're and you have this opportunity. And that in Portland where a year ago when whatever but he knew what my order we're gonna beat people were winning Q okay this doesn't ever happen at the very. It could be opportunity or it can't happen and that's why it's so important that they make it. And not by a row most people would have expected but eventually they did. You're talking to gave the arm the arm as he dot com gave you wind down to the peach jam Johns is the last games as a high school player. What kind of player is John tape for people who have not watched. I think otter plane character I think eat the player I thought you'd be a different player than what uncle mark is going to. To try to make it into and put on the floor like. You can go on that play I I would think probably more than I have but yeah limit the amount you're glad that month but. Right now you look like at 611 guy I don't want to like shooting. Yet that's not what the very going to want him to do or. Doesn't do. Now it it nightcap at 611 got Ian out you know like you're recruiting a kid to come be at three point shooter shooter who bring them all the court. You're recruiting him to be a bit tender our rebounder guy who can score in the paint and all the way a guy who intake is senator Al. And it may be taken off the dribble or shoot the ball you know I think you admitted you wanna put respect and dialogue that. He's capable of going outside in and being a really tough matchup or that guy would you try to match up would amount but would like 67 guys been. He put them but now on the block and also bought. You don't talking enter it to see what don't want him to do because let me get. To be a lot different in what he'd done most of his career. You're right with John's say that sometimes he kinda has that step out of Billy I saw Melvin Booker today he went on and in a radio interview he compared to Marc Gasol which is certainly not the defensive player. That Marc Gasol is. I just what worries me about the reclassification. Is the kids supposed to be a high school senior physically can he be a good post player at least in year one on the SEC. That I'm not sure how that's gonna translate that I wonder if his jump shot and such is going to be you gotta get him on the floor you're one. Yeah and an at bat the case in your one you know great at eight. The forty minute game guy like that out and eat eat this shooter had been in that great on you know interest. NC duke he in your mind Tillman alternate. Way to get her how how that work. You know because they're obviously very similar it would side but I think aired yet for players. On Tillman has more ability and interior opened guy. It eat and recording more I think god is more than. A step out guy right now that the beauty of what he'd done with his rocker is. You don't need to update Porter to play 35 minutes a game in park on the block get twenty jet. I mean to be all and thought that he did not come from Michael border Jordan Barnett actions Robertson. You know Kevin per year to some extent those guys. You don't need to update to come in and score you points or. Gave looking at this roster right now who do you feel like the odd man Al is four minutes and now the addition of Johnson you certainly didn't bring him in in reclassify him. To have him not play this season do you think gets squeezed for minutes. I mean I think most injured player and what an 89 million Arabs should tell our. Might starting pot it I would say it to date is Eric go to the only catch is Roberts and that the two. Michael Porter junior did whatever three or care or any thought or I'll. A lot in that the other spots are gonna come down to Barnett per year old and in jumped eight or. Two old guys are gonna start I'm going to assume it's going to be Barnett or per year. In tilted or got a poor. And that the other two are your 67 guys in you know been I don't know if you've got what he cared he'd get Roberts Jordan died in there. They're not all re gonna play a lot of minutes at least one adult guidance probably gonna be minute political. I know at this point the whole lot of minutes were re Nicole or Mitchell at the other end. Pay our our two other bigger guys earned foul trouble we need a few minutes out of deep but I don't beat old guys getting. Extensive probably double digit minutes we gain to decline on its course yet so you know most of the newcomers are are gonna play it he's an amount in. In per year Phillips Barnett. Baby got now I don't think he's gonna play on a minute but accuracy into the guy I think an apple. Gave what was the last time that going into a season you can remember a Missouri basketball season being as hyped as this one it feels like you'd have to go back to maybe they can beat her and senator kind of experience what does Missouri team at least in my lifetime or at least were I can promise old enough to remember Missouri Basque why I can't remember a season this high going into November 10. That probably free repeat performance on the was. There was. The you know you remember Quinn and editing leopard and don't vote you're out very but I mean they were they started the season ranked. Janet. And there are a lot of excitement beat you know move water goes in 02 date. I'd really terrible season but salvaged it went to the elite eight and in a note Maria I think they were ranked item number. Or that's what the Ricky stuff happened admitted obviously earning bell park that'd make it turn it up by. In the third two really good team and then which would 080900 Mikey Henderson then. Us. 1112 under our Kate. The war really expected to be nearly as good as they've worked so it at a minimum. You know 1415 years since it or that side. You're talking to gave DR and empowerment zoo dot com expectation I'm sure you've been asked this question a lot. But now that we officially no the roster Jersey numbers have been assigned we know with a 201728. Team Missouri tiger basketball team is going to be. In its entirety what's a realistic expectation in goal for this thing. The tournament and were up all uniformed and get more I. You know big should be and I know it sounds crazy to paper in the Everett nine would be here for you this should be a tournament and it not it's. Relatively disappointing to be quite honest because it's not. Did you worry about. Okay. You know you just did what LSU in Washington did with him and to all in your one year Michael order so how's that. You know they need to take its excitement in turn it into a program Congo's got it not that early just getting Michael. It's hurting that into you know program that is on the upswing too I think there. They need to be a tournament team I think they should be favored to win their Burke and now. I have long I'm different than most you know kinda casual play and who tune in in March. In judge you're entirety I mean we talk about that you doubt routine. The very instinct would agree. That would an awful he would have the right. There right regain at the end of 2012. Would make great fees in that had a terrible game it yet but I do not judge. I L all of us that he only got what happens remarks now yet you'd love to be in the sweet sixteen elite eight app which into the bottle or obviously. That we appreciate what most people think of it needn't. But to me what happened in the turn and crapshoot you go into the tournament with probably 318 to look at it before and if we don't get on or we all shortfall. Think we should duke. I think you've got a group of probably twenty to thirty teams like South Carolina last year good enough. Again hot wing for painting go to the final four. Not political they want. Any dollar if you can attack and run injured in the Q 70% from three point range in one of the first two rounds but shouldn't wreck your entirety. This is what I've kind of set his expectations or goals for the season I think that talent standpoint on this team you can finish top four in the SEC. And then top six seed in the NCAA tournament. I think those are realistic expectations to hold onto. That this team should be good enough to not finished seventh in the SEC and then be basically Kansas State where they play in in in one of the playing games. There's enough talent here too solidly put yourself in the NCAA tournament. I agree yeah like that you know. It certainly favor networked game end that hey I. I think that double why in the internment is it fair expectation. I think that is what you. What did you mean yet he he's going to be better I don't think it's going to be loaded on paper idol will keep anybody. Except probably Kentucky group you say they think court should be better than that there should. That was gave the arm the arm is it dot com gave always appreciated time thanks lemon we continual talk in this Snelling a rock him nation. That all the phone conversations you and I have had over the summer. I have finally concluded there's no more information to be shared about the Tony seventeen to only eighteen Missouri tiger basketball team O happy day. Like this that it will lead late in her act like at at you update Porter reclassified. For our small law. Chocolate like. Struggle motoring. Or I'll wait for him up he liked it's done well or not and I can't elaborate. Let's start with a very simple question I think John Tait fits with this team. Also it's weird but. A couple. Extra people that some might try out some. Other questions which are saying that sort or expectation we might have yet it important to realize. And abuse was acting up like he has in computing and others are up it sure. And be ready for about all I'll election. We are talking about a guy six foot eleven and and a solid 235. Term or down. I think he's he's more ready. A skill level. You don't need to get absurd your. I felt the ball well for it. As he cute little bit more. Ready and beat some people expected to be our beat a great beauty of that at that point some parts of it culture. I think it's gonna basic down am Kevin curry year. You know jam hides elements for earth and could start again. 45 girls. Do you look at Johnson as a woman. Not right now I mean that it like that that case area. The job recorders record drought. Or urged the chair. Ed Ed he's basically echoed. Similar production and our guys. You know or or at election your pilot Eric. A lot of points and eight rebounds. A clear fork but he didn't answer like about it. Yet she's doing that by albeit that's that's fantastic. I think more likely it followed at a peak I like. 85895. Down. You have guys that play eighteen to 22 minutes. I think they're going to be you know I don't think he's going to be quite ready for your. Today I saw Melvin Booker and a radio interview with Saint Louis compared Johnson reporters came to Marc Gasol and I don't think he's gonna have the defensive impact the market solace and the NBA and it's kind of unfair to care. To call a college freshman the way John CA's two NBA all star Marc Gasol put would you compare is game two what does he play like Steve. Actually think that big assault comparison has its I. There one does promote support stamp on that it's always difficult to say like although that's got to gain echo just got Arkansas alt. In his thirties then and he's been an established a B eight pro or what you got today. Eighteen years old. You know he's just getting his feet wet and you know what it's going to be like college slow much what he would today. All I feel horrible. Accent now. Supremely athletic guys not well. You know Michael really cured per last week. That it just doesn't quite happen in an explosion. He's more like a traditional. Or it is equally get around. And cartridge could cover that and that's why. You CE. Then being labeled you know along that same mind like oh. They're you. It's capable of of makes a lot of sense. It's really category pick and pop big attitude and set the screen. From 2324. Feet out. And it does roll out over the waiting for a report. So I think both those areas that need to look at it that collect it's easy people compare Corky. Quran. You know I'll think that's that's certainly it's a good comparison but it also not fair to order it hurts. Inherited stealing an absolute problem global accurately. You can address tat. Like ten years the NBA and perfecting and getting better and so. Yeah that is so like. Projecting neat I doubted its college freshman to what they'll be it goes wrote a. Right now talking the same Snelling a rock M nation. I have no question about John's case touch in shooting ability translating to the counsel of your 611 Aiken step out hit threes. And do some of the things on the wing the heat gain you'll be a good college player. I do have questions of physically down in the paint. If his game would translate to the college level at least early do you share those concerns with Johnson. Why are tremendous amount of maturity standpoint. Yeah he'll be going up against some guys that are older chair. You know but I really don't I don't think it's a community can't overcome and overcome quickly interpublic EM. Struggle early and maybe even into the CEO. Trying to work out and I think by the end of the year you got he got the really the ability you know we sender. Download that would be tightening. That are executed surprise that the scouts that red set you know they just don't. He's. Good it's sad to clear all these you know these are the question marks which out there is he sent to stall. Seated being that they're seeing a guy who buddhas the low Earth Day. Eat he has good timing on an honest jobs. You know contend shots then. I surround around and sliding over and help. And Caribbean the second glow under. He's certainly gonna have to improve in areas that are easy to improve port. Your particular LD cents and then you know one of the kinda in a position yourself and post defense or perhaps that ul coach. So. I'm not really that worried about him physically you know I think it's something that all freshman anecdote group. But I think he's either its market no figured out chronic. Out. You and I have had this back and forth about the starting five it's a different conversation now that we know their entire roster in the cloud that is Johnson importer doesn't kind of hanging over this team. What do you think is going to start for the scene because it's crazy to read some bizarre O world war Missouri picks up a five star recruit. Yeah I think she's their seventh eighth guy on the team this year. I well it's certainly and that's talent you know like I think it's probably gonna end up being shot today there are element then. Kept per year sir fighting it out. Former the starting position at at four and five. Yeah I'd be initially. It is gonna depend on what what Kabul wanted to or. But I also hurt related reports on our Howell Jeremiah element playing that element playing hard there are many. The athletes that are. As big as he is that what make it's it is due to editing eking bureaucrat he's a better job. But there's actually no questions out there are court what are school. He really you can and that's what they've got to play well gather. And then sorry about that per year of being out about him benched. I think that's really distinct possibility it yet and it down the road I think initially Kevin. Is probably gonna start. You know put that over the course the year is that. That's not it's not a less mr. mind that sort of a skull such and to make more cents. But from the dirt it kind of like a deeper on it that she played or. Do you have questions about cons those ability to coach this team because we can look at teams that were coached by counsel mark in the past and I'm somewhat underperformed. That drain and this team is young and doesn't have the experience. There are not going to be twenty to 25 teams at least more talented than this Missouri team this upcoming season. So I mean yes and no I mean I would be questioned compo you know for. The reason that you you'd never really. Had a long and at times for a set that her show. Really laconic coach years and he gets more. Flak for how. Where are eager Robert Brown for air your air force and support our. Mean yeah they got upset the first round they are also in the order or stole or. And you know a lot of people don't realize that forsee could beat you guerrilla. And I want a 100 year cal would look. Playing better than quite a it's a little bit of an unfair. I guess criticism took out though he had some teams that senate seat but there wasn't anybody. The level of talent of Michael ordered an article listing and he had. Yet you know Curome being leaked and it yeah turnout stokes. Josh Richards sent I mean you know like that's what did you. And it certainly need the that would more are two very different style of played them at these big grouping. You know power forward type they're just good at crowd around and score cutbacks. I I think what you're gonna see that you'd probably be the third act at all. I think you'll see them by the end of the year playing really well and that in the Kinect. How would be like five or six feet. But I felt that it's even our. Local. You know but mainly because there is better players per class that the third so. It's it's that it's going to be a process let the other a worked at a critical together there are really not worried about. Condoms ability to coach mark that it's going to be more. You know whether or not the first art art Laporte. How ever criticism is that with this Missouri team that I'm with you we haven't seen. I think great things Frontieres Phillips great things from courier great things were Jason are from a I Jordan Barnett but if you look at this team. They were asked Jim Carrey in offense in Cary team that there may be really good secondary players but it's hard to kind of I await their roles we've never seen him a secondary players we've only seen as guys asked to carry a program. Well I think that that's kinda trick is that it's simple right now that's a little. It's better or for parents in Canada and Jordan. Instead of being option one to like be let out of the options three pork. Floor. In and so I. I think there is sort of a quest yet to say it's it's party guy is number one except that Roland. Be like oh I like this is clearly quirky teen. But you know more than that it's it's these guys are being looked that could be beaters. And but these guys have been a part of a winning program. Can I get it straight certain part that was part access and heroin and summed it but I think Texans what exactly blow and keep out of water. So. You know it is I think it'd be alert interpret the scene early on but had a speaker how. The big line than it did not like the the biggest got me to catch Robertson. You know whose portrayal. At a lower level but it's been unsuccessful he hadn't played a role. You know where he will ask a partner. You get what you gonna have to kind of coach guys like like that parents. To make sure that that they're kinda. Playing look at Motorola doing what they need to do to kind of picture of the young guys earlier excelling at being able to. I get lead at the score I think you know that's what we expect from a lot of port. Last question here for Sam smelling Iraqi nation I've asked everyone this question expectations for the 2017. Going eighteen Missouri Tigers. I've set my hands are his goals. I've said it as top four in the SEC top six seed in the NCAA tournament. Fair too high to low what's sure expectations for the season. RRR. And for me. These are probably a little bit longer. I would say absolutely in tablets aren't meant absolutely. Only a game winner. I would say. Top five or six and yet you eat mainly because I think it is going to be a lot this year and their schedule. It also will suffer an effort that Kirk like Taki twice baked out like audience. I you're you're cut out instead that bird in insult us. At Arkansas. As part of their home homes. And so wouldn't quite yet it is he'd cut struggle for the record why he cut you Lebanon's southern. We're probably more like like a sixth place in the SEC but I don't think that publicly. About it and that's really need that they aren't. On one of the sport are that just means that the record. You know kept the battle that because we have a schedule. Let's say that it's that there. I had yet to yet be happy if there. It there about an eight seed. They're higher seed into it turns out us. On them so eight cedar fire. (%expletive) plates are higher. Will his successor in what should not be able that does. That was Sam Snelling Iraqi and nations AM I'm happy we did is he done this three times that we did have a Mike we did it would Jeremiah we had to do it. For Johnson. Well it a little edit its you've got to be it's like like. Next summer summer have to wonder they're landing oh we recruit might need to turn. Will be back I mean I'm a little disappointed in towers Watson of US viewers Celanese deeds or Watson dream for about a month. And now he's going to Ohio State and obviously turn into Mike Conley yours on. Yeah he how big hill oh lectured on how it took longer. Actually I think it SEC at the other states are now on the cell area. Rather that quite surprised you know Ohio State. Their first thought it'd be between nineteen quest I think there are a little walk area. That was saenz now a check him out rocket nation the best Missouri web site on the Internet thanks Sam. Happy to be talking soon robbed author of NBC sports icon few people know college basketball in the AAU circuit better than he has. Rob right to a today man. I'd build greater and I didn't to a fantastic let's talk about Missouri from a national level. What's the national perception bin of Missouri's offseason. Hit the I don't think you could read all the much better right yeah I heard the culture and in double figures he. I want you to Kabul more regard as all open cards or state. He's signed mark or steer them to control should go or junior. You won't be Jeremiah Tillman bringing the couple trades through a lot of Brad tractors and now all of a sudden that little awkward it is. Is John people were coming and no I think that. Didn't wait long I don't know if you could lead at a much at all toward. You're right I think from just being involved in and being a Missouri fan it is being the best of both worlds you got almost everything that you wanted. Kim manners is no longer here and you have as much talent as anybody. Let's just got to start from a big picture and talk about not each individual recruit was a we start with Michael Porter I'm sure you've seen his game a lot what should Missouri fans expect to get from Michael Porter. Man he is. About everything you'd want the trial. Four groups or a home. I think he perpetrated I'm wondering what all forward small ball all. Incredible eulogy and capable to do years after the rain sleet for. Protect its news or I don't want to compare me either moved out and doubled the bulk orders. That thing world where you're big enough to defend all forms of culture or talk to be able to gold sold. I think you need yet leak or pick I think that it is pat. All. He did he should be able to add political gain I think he's a guy that Morgan had one produced for the ball well. And if you would look with potential but I think it's gonna be a bit quicker and I made earlier work that I think it. Incumbent on the list are keen to look at and Marie are looking into. I'm fairly that he would be included believe it. What needed in the what do you need to double termed the Warner certainly not grinds up the debate at twelve day vacation should be from the searcher bit it could. I was just got nasty that do you think Michael is someone that can make his teammates around you better I'm sure you've heard the same I guess criticisms I've heard. Vinson and went to LSU they missy NCAA turner mark kill fault went to Washington they missed the NCAA tournament. I think a lot of outsiders are expecting that same thing with this Missouri team do you think Mike is someone neck and elevate the play of guys around. Inaudible mix of the people better. While what I think that simply need Michael all the new attention that people can draw especially that would jar of all of this war. I think that. When you put those continued to. At Doral won't control you bald pure culture at least on paper walk the walk also call for all which you. People can be played in the trunk marketable which topic so dangers there. You'd think god Natalie can beat pick and popular these particular role or people dribbled to meet greet. You go through big double he's a big board or commute together and guess what did the absurdity. A Brazilian debt. If you look at error that the five players on the right. That's probably cared little Gerald Barnett Bolton colder in the injured my computer. My issue is that you want to get Walt Walt is that the that you want war that will be the debt student declined to Cuba orders all the problems. I don't know Cornet and until that factored in what you need five. Patent stayed current it would I'm not sure the hornets shot 1% to relax your true wouldn't one of these guys that. You know he's actually neutralize all the most often it is not gotten the ball in the traditionally so. That is my biggest concern whether or not the bets are clear that the political war. It also want to be the best they can play to make my old Jeter topic or June 3 Duckett over the best putters piece of to me that I've been confirmed and I think that Kabul Borg never beat a guy you know what he's small ball because they are written that. You enact a question that in eastern and some things that need to figure out what you look into it all the more. It's much editor trying to figure out how do you like the old junior doctor ordered it. And it. You're talking robbed Oster of NBC sports dot com. Do you trust cons those ability to get the most out of this team. I give you look at cons though Morton led squads maybe the talent was there but the x.s and o's the execution in the offense hadn't already been there. He seems to have every weapon at his disposal do you trust concert to get the most out of this team. We're not worried about the truck series like a dog cat carrier much it could be him because I don't think that these seat on the board deemed. Now he's had good genes and toward that end. Gone on to be some really good being bored there's Walton pollutant. The folded lecture cal is trying to on the one year before that when the ball it will probably right. You couldn't really get back into the lead that they were as good as it should have been a good Sheen. And we're gonna record in the control of the two between currencies. That can begin to doubt what that he had three India players wanted chart I'll still inquiry doctor concluded. And I think they ended up being employee unions could that aren't so. I think that envelope illegally coached I don't know you great coached. I don't know. If you get it won't look at what they got an up and what he walked the bureau ate this meat export these days. It's like they're infallible how cool would be you have to be on the country's did you beat the group he won't be able pleased that my biggest consumer. Don't look all people should it mean Michael he's on the the president and the actually this global but it never going to be able to get into that Ahmad that you that achieved last year 2013 years of Michael. You won't believe what he averaged like. We want to continue down to prevent it you dom needed to be kind of got a point where do. Okay that the problem they're on the clock. There was one moment in the game played at their traditional tribal garb or they fall where. Michael I think you scored nine points and being there was one place at right stronger than I want. They can't or clergy or church and I don't fall in their trip multiple auto market needed Ed Norton they did. Odd ball like he could be injured what Michael will be in street looked like that all. For people ought to be watched and bloody last year seasons of work or he did do another bird count what you kind of holding true. Being a little bit more and how well which is good thing for him and I think you need to. But I bet that in the ball well obviously going to be able to shake Borger so it's cool to this year when Anderson will be spent every single armed couple more. There's going to be important property and we got a that are 23 years old and so that contribute they're actually watched I think the product of their. It's funny that you say that because I think you can say that or at least that characteristic about a couple of their freshman. I've certainly heard that critique that you just gave about Michael Porter Jeremiah Tillman feels like people could say is similar thing about him in Johnson without you plays. 611 loves to step outside maybe not a banger down low. In the paying eight and in going to get those kind of dirty bucket so to speak. It feels like that criticism of that alpha dog that attacks album mentality that you talk of you can kind of a tribute to both porters in Jeremiah Tillman. Yeah and I think that's what the biggest concern about lowering general Hugh we're to that leadership. You know that it is that he's one conductor can do she. They had partial schedule or just dwindled to deal that can be neutral court quickly. Cool and so what are what are clear and McDonald all American and Arab League he can't bid amount of global local union battle VP. We've been on the PD that little hole were you. Complete all the ball and point guard the tire life and at all the ball when you're all so. You need. And the leadership and kind of mentality on law troubled person that shot could be limited. Michael called genius level you're responsible Barkley Portland played well OPEC. Like two years would you point your kids that work well didn't you know heading into the school and feel right now so. It'll be. If you can defeat out of work maximum greens that I can content and try to figure out what it looked a bit I think that we have a Cogent and as. The president but probably more has been that kind of we we were talking about purple ball and apparently but you all the more solid. So. I think that that might help a little bit and yet I mean that at certain need to be there right there. You're talking to rob Gosford NBC sports you've seen Johnson play the last two Summers in the last two peach jam. What do you think of his game and how has his game grown over the last two Summers. Obama purse all all the on the while giving the summer you've gotten sick even he would Michael and where young all pretty cheap to use it. Shouldn't you will will be discovered that green globe should read it or duck near their. It even more watchable the guy. Didn't realize how big or how can he actually bought them and hopefully this former. Yeah would include different but how does your goal of the report and shoot ball there that one point where. Out of Norwalk in the game with a cold should be moved on the penal aspect of topic although the movie but not applicable law become accessible go well. Nick PV toll I think he's yet to score a third partner in won't. The next he played yet and they're a little couple you know how well it. You played against Morgan batted in and he got double coupons that she's looking down to forty. And fiber guy wide open court reporting that dude can recuperate and adopt reforms that are being upset or that you don't do that remittances. Although Robert Hawkins got a long run in Williamsport shot what we expect so. I'm I didn't really threaten. He has. Often that did not know that yet that didn't threaten the immediate issue I don't know what he's going to be or you think you will you look at all the order. It shouldn't probable or Michael. I got certain political and to get the better without an ideal all people who gave more thought you can plot was well. Yeah any fear of his game translating at least immediately in normally takes big guys a little longer than guards to adjust to the college game. And he would technically be a high school senior. Do you have any concerns or fear of his game translating early you'll. I don't know if I'd turn it should dean translating. A little bit of concern about. In transition that won't get it you just look at could be how he's gonna be it would be like all the good guys that are legal to only three. People just turn the control of that that would be market could gain a local or they should matter all. We'll keep you need to teacher I know that he's matured or were you able. No they traveled to Spain and in the N double DMR. Retaliate but also. I hope I get get to know what is lucky to be Kirk Patrick how about all at this level in the Pacific. Contrary we've adaptable mostly just. I don't know people are ready to be able to be content which you know. Look what you would expect that entrenched incumbent who else but little ball that the entry to figure out. Last question here this kind of what I've set as my expectations as Missouri tiger fan we kind of touched on a little bit like cattle are breaking down a little bit more. I think top four finish in the SEC and top six seed in the NCAA tournament. Seems to be a realistic expectation. I don't think this seem to compete with Kentucky or Florida at that level. But three or four in the SEC seems a very reasonable thing and I think. Up 56 seed may be a seven seed that seems to be the range in which you can at least pre season expectation wise place as Missouri tiger and. Yes you know I think that. I don't know all the won't say that expectations. Should be a couple and yet it speaker and a lot of these are good here. You obviously got Kentucky at all the I think Alabama has a couple with the truck the commitment earning an extreme Bolden or use it as. He compete in the round of the couple wouldn't be fresh for the people welcomed in an epic Vietnam. You know technician and are deplorable can be good it will talk a lot of long stated should expect to be in top form practically. Well but I think that that is the beard and noble goal I think that it should be eager reasonable goal to get a treat you know and all the locker said. I can get. Think it'll probably end up the electric six. Netease needed somewhere in the seven to ten range and he typically turn the channel one that would include multiple industry yeah believe Obama to a. Plus last year with South Carolina we've seen so much of it is about match up there when you have a player like Michael Porter or your team. Your may be a seven CD win that 710 match up you go up against the two seed. And you likely to have as much talent as the two seed if I'm that team I death we don't want Missouri in my region. Yeah actually Michael portal will become the expectations of the so called. After an early yet but we'll gear and team that you're actually probably in the they're good people. Rob duster a NBC sports' rob always appreciated time thanks Lyman. Oh well thanks rob. Not a problem anytime you need well not a guy appreciate it thank you. That picture.