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The Drive
Wednesday, January 3rd

In the final hour, the guys played the hits with the Eric Hosmer contract offer and were joined in-studio by former Chiefs offensive lineman Ryan Lilja for the 5pm hour talking everything Chiefs ahead of Saturday's playoff game. Plus they wrapped the show with a little "ask us anything!"


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Good drives presented by deuce thank you saw them back in the people that judge Jeffrey they might. The vote in sir Fred but it isn't like that got you would call. Become a 6067. I'm not some classic panic what is gangsters paradise lost. Your responses are few moments of me. Stern is considered okay start us off. So we take 3200 win from. He went out and say. What could it mean learning new mandate out of Miami. And who made you would say it. Not taking any actions here the competition now we're penalize people for correct ever gonna did you speak properly. You get penalized on jeopardy yeah the bad call by the jeopardy people give up man as 3200 back eagle apparently knew the correct answer that question and the answer to this though that it cost in the win I don't know jeopardy then chance to move off yet what if he answered it. Years' experience. Yeah. Pretty easily lead as dean you have to give the question properly right you have to ask in the form the question. It can't be got a lead is that they're asking you questions about things that paired us getting that only country under. A blow to the back of the neck is the punch named for this animal Mike was adopted no Benson what an erratic front rapid yet. Guarantee there isn't. And. The drive. On the drive translates into 95 congratulations. Innings or go home today we're just a couple of days away achieves. Looking to win their third. And history. I gave us that earlier today we have now heard in the new Internet. The chiefs have played 46 seasons at Maryland stadium. They have as many playoff wins there as the Indianapolis Colts I could not believe that statistic when I saw today from San belliard is actually crazy. So the chiefs are favored to win their third playoff game in the long storied history of Maryland stadium this week we'll be covering that. In ten minutes with a line a little who will join us in studio gets its momentarily but public. Yeah we do take the show all the road get on Friday we're going to be at the red Friday pep rally winning streaks insiders with kids idiot delegates you know. From two to six are going to be on Friday. Six dollar tents and food specials the tribal broadcast live their games and prizes including some that I did jolly about right now but I promise. You'll love so I'm joined C got the reds Friday pep rally at winning streaks insiders north kids city. On Friday due to show Tuesday. Two of the biggest stories of the day keep the city. I've been waiting for that moment all my life we talk about him every day at 5 o'clock. Little bit different today obviously it was Ryan Lilja in studio here at 5 o'clock hour we'll join us in just a minute or two but the biggest source. Day it involves there Osborn yesterday we heard about San Diego Padres potential deal with them being back the next. Somewhere along the facilities from Bob nightingale of USA today sports six years. 120 million dollars. Don't look up this morning to USA today's sports and Bob nightingale reporting the royals offered highs. A seven year deal for upwards of 147. Million dollars on the tape. And I can't Rosenfeld. Of MLB network. Decided to put it on perspective and said that if the royals were to offer this deal for Oz it would be as part of a rebuilt as a Sansa. With the Kansas City Royals now this is excessive amount of money for them given how where they are right now. They're about to lose some other creation Lorenzo Cain vikings got it's I'll see this Escobar possibly. So they are team that has talked and did quite open about the need to rebuild. How effectively would be signing on to that they weren't trades of players in addition to losing the freeagent. Hit a cut out their payrolls significantly. It might seem. In congress to have possibly as that big number and then a payroll that is relatively low. But the idea would be to build the next great royals team around their house. So if the numbers are true from Bob nightingale on again if you missed it he had to Jeffrey Flanagan on the day shift earlier Dave Bob nightingale who broke the story. He was on fast in the morning as well as jobs burned here and that's feel as well plenty of coverage throughout the efforts expense ports dot com. Two part question for you guys for the lone hit of the day. Do you anticipate Eric Hosmer a green into the seven year 147. Million dollar deal BE. Do you like the deal from the royals perspective. I still think that he ends up in San Diego. Because I think date in the in the wall and let him in need him more than oils do. The whales still appeared at the end though well that Basra who had that doesn't we're fine without your rebuilt because they already have one infineon. I do think it is between the whales in the Padres are not as bad as the Padres won Hosmer a little bit more than royals do. I don't think it's a good contract for the royals I think if you look at markets that are comparable to what the royals are. Deals like this have not worked out the Minnesota Twins when they signed Joe Mauer Billy made the playoffs one time since they've kind signed that contract. Joey bottom side big time deal with the Cincinnati rates they haven't once the playoffs and they signed Ryan brawn contract he signed. They're having lost the playoffs as they signed it I just don't know if it's good business or eight feet. In a market the size of the Kansas City Royals to sign one player to make loading one million dollars this season for the next seven years I just don't think that's good money good business. It comes down to San Diego and Kansas City and costly to Kansas City I did see the royals coming up with a 147000007. Years that was. I felt. I've got nothing to base this on about one point either back so. If you wanna tell me who really wants to modern 47 million dollars to be that's the first real big boy number that we've seen it seen out there for Eric that is. Italy number. Here's the other part of this though that it it's really the first thing I thought about when I heard this contract offer. This Jeffrey Flanagan a royals in Sadr has had a chance to confirm yet Bob Knight you'll reported. In USA today what information contract offers like that get out of the public. Who benefits from. So is is that a number that. Is gonna help possibly get more money is that a number that is used to baseline it's a starting point for other teams on what is. I think from royals' standpoint. It benefits them greatly whether or not. Oz signs because that shows that there was only about seven years and 147 million dollars to start kids sitting at a mosque doesn't take it. It shows that the World Series about even starred in the city because nobody is it is rich guys. We get more. And urge them got away from nothing to cut payroll and they're a part of their base out there that this fears or rebuild or sell. Edited out there that is public that the offer was seven years and out of 47 million. That's bigfoot body so that the royals went. He's Lance deal because. And it is a win friends apply only ballplayer cheerleader a winner and got his best year of his career in Milwaukee so. I like this do for the world because outscored its contract comes off the books and two years in cavities and three. So I could afford it and Eric Posner that guy that I wanna Adnan players that are coming up. That are that are coming to the royal assistant an Olympian part of the rebuild slot like. I say this if the royals can now all of a sudden afford seven years a 147 million dollars guaranteed I never wanna hear them cry poverty. I. Never wanna hear them talk about how much money they lost or how much things are tough fight needs we put him. And Obama's sitting on this and all my entire life. Private property to DNA you know a small market where we know the fight into limitation the baseball they added that Albert. Seven million dollars to get away I just. I think it normally history's best indicator of things moving forward if so can point to be. To an example of a small market Michael will signing a contract like hot and ends up working for their club. It's show me an example by showing you five examples of an organization about the exact same thing about that about positive. Hey he's a great player let's build around and export to do it lets you really wanted to spend money over the next couple seasons of the Dell was spending a 15270. Million dollars in payroll of the season a foot piece there on out. That's cool if the plane is except possibly for the next couple of seasons and what in Haiti and boarded and then we'll just put them. With a group of bargain basement players try to be content over the next up was season they're gonna sadly mistaken that is not going to work yeah. Well that's the royals do that I think is Smart enough like this that were invested their positive we're gonna surround them with some ballplayers get a part of that too is. 147 they've held long ways to 45 and it's what forty. Some odd million from what. Joseph Howard got ten or seven years ago too so I think it's I think it's. It's a big investment would like it is is now. If you add fiber analyst at about 58 and five girls who was able Leon. Oslo Israel to the royals I mean that that that's their guy bill that they're willing to spin that. Mean that's that they view him as hey listen we got Apple's bit about it is that it on somebody else. But I just in the united sampled all the wells to go to the playoffs with Rihanna. In the rose. The World Series like what I think what confuses me most about what the royals are trying to do you talk about the process this is still what the process was processed by giving one person 21 million dollars. It was about building a farm system built into the draft meetings our trade and having guys on the team early contract. The moment or publicize the date on that paper he's never teen friendly contract usually biggest albatross in. You're expecting him to be the air that played this season you're expecting and it 325. Home runs on August if he doesn't feel they disappointment every single your well I don't know. He's gonna contribute a bunch of different ways that we won't see too I mean. I think I think you if you if your goal after guy that lets you believe in you they did have a ripple effect in your organization for years to come because the way it was the game in the wake of the that's part of the that's part of it did show up on baseball reference dot com. And I guess I would just say if if bumping each point one million dollars I need a lot more than things that won't show up I need some tangible stuff in terms of showing up or in the field in terms of when he did it. We'll get. Was getting Minnesota didn't get it when they signed him Ron didn't give it to put it like. Are we sure the going to be good sign hundreds of as I mean he was on the team into seventy and they were average baseball I don't unbelievable all built on. We'll be meat they are he was only eighteen and 4016 that. The team to I just. I think it is throwing money at something that. I think they're trying to do with the short co Iran legend I think the royals the first time did it the hard way and now they are faced with the very difficult decision they got its elders or know. I guess I guess theory all right our seniors we checked this out you you're gonna have to dig on this one it. Does anybody know if there's a FaceBook group with. Maybe a lot of middle aged Kansas City women that pass that. I'd put together you know 2030 million bucks decide money yeah. I don't know that group yours. Sent back to glass in and said we gotta make this happen yeah now that that it is the highest teenage girls and I'm just say our houses a big deal I've ever since Hobbs got on this team I've been haven't bought iRows tickets my wife that you are we gonna roasting. We in the world stand. With it they use that if it is and I'm just sane. Yeah. That's the other part that I guess that's. Article it's only fourteen when they are actually gonna I'm gonna guess back into when he twelve when he was on the teams you into an identical and you know it's got excited about and yet. But they are just. Absolutely did bandwagon no doubts. Yeah in seven years at 140 cent hockey owners there were calling who. We'll crush your best right. Yeah I don't know I mean 12147. Yeah lot of deference and I think you start. You you start it's like a rounding error you look at you look at the taxes in California verses what's he gonna do here yeah. I don't know man it's a lot of Jackman good forum yes that's the game ready if he gets it enemy if that's the deal you know that's what besides having. I would imagine somebody open. Right now talking Ryan Lilja who is brought to you by village west discount liquors that was yours you and Julie. Last year you know what built a fire we just got back from my Scottsdale the day before it's all. We actually did you have we knew we had a whole organization down their mark on my in laws. My wife sister and her four kids under seven came down from Denver was total zoo healthy organization he had a whole franchise. Went down for an early spring training and I was actually sit on a hot tub last Friday morning doing my my fast could deal were Welch. But it was good we came back to this new years new years was all right it was low key man it's call is being cold outside you do bring along leather with our current residence and brutal man. What's changed but the running. Was it who. Play calling is it the schedule e.s and and now all of a sudden they got back the number one running back in the NFL he's according to the numbers what's changed in the running. That's good question. You know these guys are. The offensive line the guys up front haven't. They've got a different kind of energy about a McKay not just on their their run blocking but their pass protection is different. I I feel like the play calling is the biggest thing I feel like beat the tempo of the game in the rhythm of the plays that are called. I just feel like it's better play calling in in in situations and I think their stay on the field longer I think. I I don't know it wasn't just the offensive line wasn't just the blockers and wasn't just the play call ME cream hard himself look like a different player for awhile there are you talking about the rookie wall which is. You know that's real man that's a lot of football you're used to that much and it kinda does catch up to you eventually specially as a rookie with the whole offseason the whole deal. And I feel like they'll just kind of bounce back out of it the right time but I don't know if you put your finger on exactly what it is scheme wise. Personnel wise I mean they've stood still shuffle a new guys in there on the interior Mitch Morse is out. You know so so that there they just found it meant momentum some moments of real bill and and they need it right now going into the post season and and that's one thing we all hope they would find yeah and they did the last quarter of the season they figured it out. Vaccines alone and now they got some my momentum form let me. Ask you this about the whole rookie wall think is that something that I was I was curious about I don't him in a rookie law at all I just done that did play in Toledo. In take as many hits you in the NFL analyst. Do you think because that in in bed when they lost six or 73. Those games cream I had nine touch at ninety Ares is that. The change try to protect gamblers that she's been it does guys being knuckle heads and not run an guy tee to get a win I configured a part of a much more effort and. Yeah I mean I mean lessons so that the rookie walls with what they call it it's it's all all it is is your season a lot longer writers a rookie of training camp and you have. You know before they have OTA's and mini camp it's a little bit more up tempo than the college game as. Kenya for pre season games which he's plan and as Deborah potter yeah it's in these are running back yes so so I think you know the mileage can adds up there. And you can see it sometimes with the guys with young guys in particular note the season at the you know I think he. He he wasn't running his confidently yeah OK I think everybody was just kind of tight. You know again it's is stuck to put your finger on exactly. What's happened but but as an offense as a unit those guys are just they're making K okay and you know it's assault and related with defense and with the game. You know the score the ball game because you know your record be run the football if your if your point try to play catchup bright you can check in the ball on the field and and I think any kind of got a little cute may be was trying to tickets off moment. You know he was run and some of those goes wide receiver screens and he was front and some gadgets starlets offensive lines yeah you just don't stop at just yeah yeah an and that Timmy says he does have a lot of confidence in the guys up front yeah and and frankly those guys weren't. They weren't getting it done for awhile there and that they turned around that opened MI think. Is it this black and white when it comes to the chiefs you can tell me if it's a lot more greatness. It really comes down to can they run the ball effectively with Kareem. Because they're probable or over a hundred yards on Saturday they are winning I don't I don't think Tennessee can do enough to beat this team if they run the ball effectively. If they get on the ball 42200. And 35 yards it's patriots got a good chance of winning that game we saw the first time same thing against this against the Steelers. But I kind of think this offense like. Claim hunt is the thing that really makes it go because Alex Smith plays so much differently when there's balance in the play calling. That when he asked that though the ball 4045 times to try to block their ample win the game where. Yeah you said in an I don't know if it is it is that a 100% this year fees if Koreans rushed for over a hundred yards that when the game and if he hasn't and they don't win the game at something this is really telling like that. You know but but that does matter I think the the word you use that. Really resonates for me was balance OK when that offense can stay balanced. When they don't they don't have to be a pass first offense when they can they can make yards and make hay on the ground. Then that sets up a play action in the intermediate game and and Kelsey seems to get open down the scene. You know you can take your shots with Tyreke so I think with this game coming up. You know after the body work that is this season goes Korean hunt. You know you need him to produce and then it would be Kelsey in the I think it would be Tyree kill. In that order so you know and I think if Korean isn't there than the other two don't don't really matter. So I think yes this this has got to be game that I think you have to run the football on its playoffs Rostock about this it's the post season. For all the reasons that are mentioned you have to run the football to have success and this team when you look at this season they've had success when when he's on the ball. This team was nine in two. Whenever CU constable least fifteen times and averaged 28 point eight points per game day year. Lost every game when he touched the ball less than fifteen times and average seventeen point seven points per game. So you know I and that it did it it is this all actually does ball want time they won the game. But I mean that is the big difference of winkle on as a good day is often does move in their home in Alastair is the one of the five best quarterbacks in the NFL this offense is completely different. If you can't run the ball effectively which may one the reasons why I'm not super high on this team advancing very deep and Watson certainly get into it. It's sort of pit at all if the team if they can run the ball and if a team can take away that one thing this team can score 2427. Points with out running the ball incredibly effective. Yeah I think that's what worries me with this game is is is if they do find a way to take away the run game and an Indy tends to be quick to get out of that. Then it gets back to that and desperation mode. And that's on this team is as you just mentioned those stats scared to and you know that's not winning formula for this football team. This offense has as a ton of play makers on that you wanna get the ball on their hands. But what really aides that is obviously running the football effectively so it'll be agency titans come to play. If they're gonna stack the box and make the T make the chiefs throw. Com which which I think is Smart. You know Dick LeBeau is as had some experience with this team and he's gonna get crafty on third down they're gonna dial up some blitzes there'll be. You know feast or famine for those guys and so hopefully I would imagine that the chiefs there a short week but I think the price studying that that blitz package in that third down because again. At this point in the year you defense you'd you know you don't wanna be on three and outs seem to convert on third down and stay in rhythm short. Week though and they plan on Saturday it was anatomy and it's you lose a day on what Sunday. And your on the road to Denver and get a place Saturday late afternoon and Islam that is like. To really lose in the day as well absolutely okay yeah no I mean if you lose one day out of your seven million routine especially it's magnified this late in the year when potty. You know walk outside now and I tried doing that after you've played football season. Things are not the good news if you're sixty are those guys in place I mean they got they get that sent him that's that's a good point but but when you talk about preparation yet you know your workweek is typically carved up into. You know. Red zone. Two manager 04 minute to go on short yardage and and whatever but if you if you compress that because you lose a day yeah. On the and it's not just a physical thing which are cramming in more material that's right your prep Redford team for defense. That you know you didn't play this season. I'm so yeah it it it matters but but they had the same yeah there there is photos or other traveler. Gaming and Tennessee try to win last week to which puts them in a little different situation than one you were and talked Riley who is joining us in studio courtesy of village west discount liquors. Talk a playoff all Raila right here on the drive. A drive presented by don't sixteens from the VD electric heating and studios sixty and Sports Radio. Joins us since the let's discount liquors. We'll kind of adult beverages we're drinking to bring in the U. I'm born man you'll sleep well that you Dell standards in the ball we we trick. My kids and thinking 8 o'clock was midnight and so we got outside ten from the pots and pans. You know say they're like where the fireworks and now guys congratulations to when he teamed started the year off right. I had some wine you know Squier meant my wife wanted to fire ticked down on the Christmas. Why why we had to put up Christmas decorations in the house and we are gone for a week just you just kill with the idea totally yours yet your figure just kind of go along. You read or light RO YY. Armour had red wine guy mostly logical. Logical way to Alter altered Motorola that you put in front of the night. It. You know the law a little chilly so people quality over a guy like Filipino yeah macular cab and you know I don't I don't I don't have the Pallet man yeah so I. Problem at all it's actually to wind drag why he's like that I've been almost as wine tastings and I don't I don't learn all we are get a buddies sens really nice bottles of wine out for the holidays in and we reject one in my life goes on was the script. Is this the koskie who hi here is the tiger and that's that's actually the real good stuff is via Richard Dunne. I learned so much about both yet another interview where the wind kind of sewers ultimately. I just I don't know I don't like you gotta go to line and depending on situation no missiles on that so Ryan those he's brought to buy village west discount liquors talking about. The playoff game. We have kind of been on different sides. Regarding Alex Smith over the last couple of weeks. This moron and I think you can identify with that's because you played with one of these quarterbacks. Over the last fifteen seasons the only quarterbacks to advance this ball out of the AFC are Brady eight remaining bit rumpled burger and Joseph Flacco. That history would suggest announcement is that a really good season but it's likely going into one of those two individuals. I just find it really hard to shake that feeling as we talk about this team and going for other gallons what has been really good but of gonna do this say it out loud test. All of us happy she's winning this we don't know anybody personally has it she's losing this week at home to Tennessee the conversation to me is are okay. If they match up is this deal again of the metric is the patriots who are you picking to win. Idea's fine it really hard to take Alex Smith on the road and a bit problem burger or Tom Brady just given the last fifteen years of debt. Sure yet but if you look at his his stats in the post season I think they've been pretty good yeah you know. Gosh I remember the the Indianapolis game I thought he played really well that game and they gave that one day they gave that away you know the course in 2000 you don't. Yeah that was brutal but I think you know you can play great last year against Pittsburgh but. They've seen that they've seen have the chiefs numbered but. You know he'd had played bad. Right I mean listen again just like we talked about it. The quarterback is not really what it was stirs the drink on this team I mean you you've got. Three really really good skill guys idea remark who has been rushing title you've got. Kelsey thinks the best I'd end of the game even the ball in the open field he's gonna break tackles as you do crazy stuff he's fun to watch. And then hunt or hill Tyreke camera man I mean. Just toss it up there okay so. I think he's actually I think announcements of perfect guy for this offense you know because it in the playoffs he's really got to him the ball off which is not that easy to separate us forever you know in an issue that you answer read the miseries we owed. He's not gonna give the ball away the other team which matters obviously. He's gonna excuse your offense I don't think he's gonna do anything crazy and winning game four he's gonna come back like Tom Brady did against the falcons in the Super Bowl. He's not gonna do that but any solid base hit you know. If you Super Bowls and oh yes absolutely. Absolutely man with this. If this office place how it's capable of playing like like they've shown the season in glimpses yes OK you know disregard the skid mark in the middle of the season which was. Obviously atrocious seven months characteristic yeah that was just kind of goes hard real legal team. You know was was lost but yeah I mean I think this team if they played their to their ability. And they stay healthy. Yet there's no question my mind Portsmouth can can win a Super Bowl Christine. What I really struggle with is in you can speak to mrs. Game playing is going it's the playoffs I'd assume it's not going to ideally work itself out. Impart of that scene of the last few teams at least in the AFC quarterback the acting kind of over on the stuff that's gonna happen. His greatest cream it's paying. 400 yards in three straight playoff games it's got one of those games that a team says hey we can beat that she's that we take away Kareem on. So all of a sixteen carries for 53 yards in this. You look at it asked Alex to beat you done it if if they're gonna in short but impressive but it's as they take remarkable run for yards and all games got to believe this is one assemble I'm gonna guess that's not gonna happen. It over the course of the last fifteen years what quarterback like trust more to kind of carry my team and take into the fire Brady bit problem Borger Alex Smith. I got the history at least in this argue. Sure boo boo we got those guys right I mean. Not every team has a future hall of Famer right a first ballot hall of Famer playing QB. Right so so you build around him and I think that's what. That's why do this or is it so much credit as they've really built around. Kind of slowly and gotten out you picks with some of these guys and they're not paying cream on a ton of money in the not paying tyra kill a ton of money. You know they're not paying much homes a ton of money you know feature guy next year and Alex with another club. You know you don't have all that money right is like Russell Wilson when he was early on with the Seahawks when you don't have that cap it. You know when you're running back to quarterback. You wide receiver in a more wide receiver so. This is the guy that you got you've built around this guy you're capable of beating anybody OK you're also Capel losing anybody. Can you just like some of those other guys you mentioned now now he doesn't have the ability of the probably take over a game like a Tom Brady that's. Ben Roethlisberger man when she split image years there was reporters asking who's gonna retire there used to fight picks lost the jags it was like. You know or beautiful breweries wind or rumpus and moaning. You know so stuff can change I think Alex it's surprised a lot of this year again at the if you look is his history in the post season. He can surprises again this year you know nobody is typically the guy's gonna adjust. And take it game over with his arm probably not but he'll get your third down who convert with his legs to make good decisions he won't get you beat. If this team takes the ball away protects football offense and they can. Figure out a way to get some arts. I like their chances to Lilja did and this is what carries and I go back of worth on line and understand it. Mean is this is the Al Smith this year is that the guy or an accurate takes in the full. The you know the full body of work since he's been in Kansas City which and it is fair. You know the I sort compared to most tumors as at 38 home runs. One year is he that guy or is either got that we saw in years past doubts that the deep ball got we've seen this year and I tend to think yeah early. Early doubted. Alex's are the Stanley wrote to. He's also made the decision be a little bit more aggressive that's like ten to believe you know it in the in this team this year in the Playhouse where I didn't in your. Past yeah I mean actually didn't think he was capable of chuck and on the field do you know I did and because we thought why haven't we seen this yet you know. Typically anytime he'd throw the ball twenty yards or more now on the field it would be on shot play would be you know the a first down after the half for. That's got to typically when this team is this is kind of chalked it up there. But you know what we saw early on in the season that he was totally capable of of that. But there are also run the football really well apparently you you also have. Travis Kelsey who's like. His own little center of gravity who runs around and guys flock to him OK because there's a game breaker there so again when you have. Thousand are tied and thousand yard receiver who makes huge place just massively big place and you got. Kid you know who get semi fresh legs he's a young Fella who's at the rushing title. I mean I just think docs but does a great option have a quarterback I mean I think if if if this team connects acute like they've shown last month of the season. Our offensive line stand face you got Maggie okay that's been a big boost okay. You know I think most the attention that he's kidding as a as a head coaching candidate. Probably stems from. You know that's been the narrative that first game they won against Oakland and he said listen I I kind of relieve myself play calling duties so you've got him. I distinctive confidence right now they're excusing. I don't know I like their chances. In terms of intensity what changes in the playoffs. But I imagine it there's. Be some difference between the regular season and a week sixteen is a very important that you put in some big regular season games. The intensity the preparation the mental focus everything just is ratcheted up a bit when it comes the playoff time what changes. You know what game day never really changed for me mom. You know big playoff games or Super Bowls. The speed of the game isn't this isn't different it's the same OK I mean guys are playing hard every Sunday. You don't you don't have a high gear that you shift into just as his January football. Odd where it kind of comes and plays the work week. Okay the you know the practices on on Wednesday Thursday Friday. There's not a lot of Jack around the guy guys are everybody's dial then focused and tuned in. You know your you know you do or die at this point you're in the tournament it's just a different feeling. Chrysler could drop whenever that happens decent guys may be too tight around playoff time like let's say you got a loose on got a team and being. Are we eighteen happens now guys are tight guys on overly thinking is there a little bit of a balance of what happened I guess that are preparing for talking. The other actually as were my first year in Kansas City we won the division we host of playoff game got beaten by the ravens yours remember that. And you know Todd said hey Todd was telling me the whole year be a leader right so these guys know what the what is in January. And I I I toy can remember who was young guy and he asked me point blank. What's your energy level what should I do wish they do different I said don't do anything differently is did dance with the girl who brought you do what you did to get here. Were just as hard you don't have to do anything extra. Don't try to take your your guys next year's responsibilities. Just do your job right now I mean it's simple and Todd lost his mind said you know what on this rant about you have to step it up it's playoffs. And I decide to stem from a guy who played off which I love golf right. But in football when you start pressing yeah. When you start worried about the guy next to you and his job. Bad things can happen but it's your question that's a great question I think you gotta just feel the pulse of the team you know if if guys are. You know after looking down the road of the thing about the Steelers of the patriots. In the got to kind of dialed back Kenya Whitman shape yes or listen focus focus on this game. You know everything else is move but but I think this team won't esteem has experience. They've got leadership. They've got to the right guy at the Helm. I think probably good energy coming in. I'm glad you brought that up because I think the best way clutch was ever to explain to me was not that these guys like certain athletes like rise to the occasion in certain moments. But some guys fold and and and the guys that are considered clutch of the dudes that basically do the same thing that they did in week two and three and six as they did in the playoffs is that accurate. Yeah I mean I think there's a lot of good I think you can lose lose games in the playoffs. I don't stand there there's not a whole lot of teams are our individual performances that really win games there okay. But I think I think you certainly come on lose a game right if you're. If you're scatter brain after two tight. You know it it if the environments too big for you. Com which is not for these guys and you missed an assignment you can miss a tackle. And that breaks opening game the margin is slim and playoffs right now I just don't think you know and it's an individual thing with a lot of guys registering. Having that. You know that balancing your locker room with your message to the team. And in keeping guys the right amount focused. I think that's key I think they've got the right experience there. Right now talking Ryan those who brought you by village was discount liquors we're gonna ask us anything coming up. In a bowel seven ministers of attacks on 69306. Going get your questions in a mogul rapid fire with Ryan Lilja. Counting as a potential X-Factor. For the playoffs for this team because they may get put a lot of stock in the week seventeen. But I thought he had a good second half of the season. Olson has really become more and really been surprised that kind of had the belief that everybody's kind of interchangeable once you get past Travis Kelsey. Into retail and Albert Wilson has been a very valuable third down to guide it if it's 35 in you gotta convert. At the Dow Wilson to get to seven yards not a bad play I kinda have him as my expect heading into the play. I agree with you mean he's not he's gonna drop a pass he's gonna make plays for he's he's a spark plug for this offense. Are kind of a Jack of all trades you know he's and he has been our armor laster than it was in Italy and game. That he had a big play action right down the middle. And end of the game he just I think. He doesn't fold right and I think I think guys. I think guys respond to him I think he's just enough of a leader on that offense. Of vocal guy that he can kind of guys rallied around and I think march Peters is is gonna. If you break out little but I think he's gonna make some plays and he's gonna turn the ball over. Hopefully choose to make good tackles and you know much as he. Patty cake you know that addressed and that's frustration because he should begin to tackle. Like its third place he's got it to play into my. Let's say it's just gonna you know force like 220. Curtis and now he's he's Smart enough to know he's a Ferrari nannies yeah race car yet you know those guys are there and they're not paid to tackle. OK but. You gotta tackle such an act of crazies that's what he saw guys in light tackle Todd loved to play against those guys yeah yeah but no no I mean honest I don't know that I've ever seen a guy. Who kind of shies away from that now granted he's he's strip malls and they didn't shoot place yeah esteem. And so you know it's kind of double edged sword but in the playoffs. Tackling matters okay it it it matters as much as running the football this late in the season it's cold. You house is somebody breaks often and breaks a few tackles and makes today. That's like a punch in the gut okay to your defense and your offense so everybody's got to be tackling including him. He's a special special playmaker and you know I think I I think he's gonna make some places and that's it this is his time is it hits and he if he is he whistled a few tackles in the playoffs in a match matters and he's gonna catch and I don't scarce. Actually I well truthfully you're right I easily and he's a gamer I think he wants to win and I think you know I think it's easy to be in this with the stakes that are on the line yet it in the NFL and as a as a as an athlete. You take your your body man you know he tackles one is tackle Libyan -- shoulder and he gets jacked operations are now underway I mean that you can't do what he does write these very special unique player and he's got great cover skills. He's on tackler right now that Rodney Harrison Bob Sanders now and those guys are him but. This is the time of the year that everybody has the tackle everybody's got to make plays but hopefully brio. Tex signs 69306. If you wanna ask a Super Bowl champion questions about the playoffs now the perfect time to do it. Ask us anything with a Ryan alluded to in the show next on the drive the drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studio sixty and Sports Radio streams seats were slot on sixteen and sports dot com in the sixty and Sports Radio. Yes. Even in these consequences yet you can have sex with men give you sure. Okay. That's a very good. Yeah good to. Time for ask us anything it is not meaning and I answered the questions and it is someone handing Super Bowl glory in the apple name it is while those. Noticeable green with the Indianapolis Colts. BS that's the patent and begin elects stay in a Papa John's I don't know how that works with friends like I feel like maybe gives you five free coupons like this and like every offensive line Nvidia and like five free coupons. Pizza when I went out to Denver for the training camp in 2013. It was that was a snack every night after meetings I stacked against Jackson was or chicken spicy chicken finger PMI what does this crap man via quick given us the crap pizza. Give us the good stuff yeah. Bob Johnson's career. Text line 69306. Get your questions ambled try to enhance Riley has many of them as possible first question. Unbiased and where is the toughest place to play Indian found. Spirits up there fox grows up there and Oakland is up there. The toughest place in the post season play for for us was Newfoundland mix and we had to children allotment never a problem really with Pittsburgh it's called the it's the cold but cold weather cities and successful teams that are that are tough to plant because our fans are usually drawn. And intuit and loud and it's cold. Text on 69 threes and 62 questions in the line closer Brian Campbell is our favorite aspect of Super Bowl. Off. That's a zoom in its total circus killed. And I don't I don't really not a Pixar. Which lets you can. I want to. And that the Super Bowl do your check out of jail listen don't take it personal malice. How mad I was just mad at us it's what you should immediate days yet he's digitally. He had now listen I don't remember how many media members you have at that pain but Mo Rocca was there and Jeff was Saturday was there there USA Saturday people's underwear banned outfits that Saturday. Ortiz for you that. It's just whack and it's not about football. Text size 69 freezers six what was the hardest kind of defensive lineman to block one that was faster than you won them stronger you. Well they're all stronger than main zone and most of more faster than me to well I don't figures aren't you yes column but I tea Richard Seymour type of guy which is just like Chris Johnson's long. And this. Tanto Pozen are impasse and that that guy if you if you figures it out like give. Tom McCann coach about the movie to be a nightmare his seventh before a Chris Jones guy and Kevin Carter guy who has leverage and is strong and it's fast and long arms. Those guys giving gamers. Sex on 69306. Ryan case they graduate here. Is Bill Snyder staying at Kansas State the best thing for the program what is best Bill Snyder stores a two part question from Deans accused. They gradually I think Kevin Kos not around as long as we get them is the best thing for the program. That being said. There needs to be a succession plan figured out here and he needs to be on board at least publicly say he's on board that. And that probably won't include his son being the head coach so that's kind of a mess right now there's a lot of rumors coming out of Manhattan that are kind of funny but time will tell. And my my best uniter story I mean there's a lot of room he's very particular. Now he wants things done a certain way and I think we've talked about this one but it was about a hundred. It was as hot out as it is cold now is a 115 degrees and we we have it we had the BC classic against cal we're planning air ahead. First college game of the season. And everybody's complained that their stomach flu bounce around geyser hit in the head. You know get and I v.s and he comes walking down the ramp and goes to practice with this whole winter gear on it was remarkable. Tax on 69306. Where you more nervous when your first NFL game with a Super Bowl. Who that's. Really good questions. My my first that the Super Bowl we won. I was nervous of carriers to him just nervous I was going to get the best it plus all right it was and Yahoo! deal with a knee injury had surgery right after that game. And I'm sitting there getting my knee and my ankles taped and the training table collapses. Of awful. And it was like are we is is it's an earthquake what's going on just slowly kind of took me down. And that kind of woke me up but but but my first NFL start against Chicago and like 2005 was that was pretty nerve racking to have. Tax on six countries are 6010. Degrees light outlined an act tough. And not anywhere along easily I was surprised ultimately answer that it doesn't matter. Do you who. Do you have any long sleeves that really make a difference between. Ten degrees and you know not just like maybe it's now it's only seventeen degrees out if you Wear sleeves about the uncle they get wet and like you were sleeping while. Bustamante called Coke which he doesn't have the blood. I don't have media moves the ball went in the unity party doesn't have the coverage is punt and went for eighty yards last week. Kansas behind the text line 6906. Or opinions or questions and we'll keep asking Ryan Lilja. Wilson do you think Tina is overrated. And now. Now but it best when in town I mean it appears in a couple of days ago that I think. It's a little bit overrated by the fact. I think subpoena as Klay Thompson and we act like it's after a great show. The addition of the high. Footsteps of the race shooter of all I can do basketball mounds and I don't get that I don't even I'd rarely. I barely know years and that they're wings are damn good too the barbecue wings at 230 a couple of weeks ago those are projects that got when they also have a really be OTC god. That he had been led us and one of the Tina did anything that particularly proud of bacon manned. Plus one. Sex line it is us 9306. I see this question is being semi pro is on HBO right now is it a good movie Kelly yes. Yeah. Fourth why do you think that is because. The wrong with them so what I mean that's again we're out here before this this decently but. Otherwise. Author of he had an editor and an ever caught I remember you and you Afro yeah I did Jackie mundane. Yeah I didn't there's a certain age you shouldn't be plan. Actually it's it's I'm not there pickle ball OK yeah was the golf. My last question here it's added as the favorite your favorite game best game that you played. Eligible for best game I've and big twelve championship game against Oklahoma here at arrowhead yeah educating all the Super Bowl. Not hold no no I love it I'd say the big twelve title game I hear more people talk about that game to this day where they wore. You know of their friends who were owed you grads and how everybody's crying and everybody that's as it was an arrogant where I was at my watch there was like no he's beating you. Be the greatest mobile. And that you guys knocked up covers sports illustrate old defense budget first round guys it was like we don't have a chance you may think we had a leg item Darren Sproles yes he's pretty good. Check out the pod cast mate six and sports dot com also available I'd Suze thank you betray wing go highs and make sure all these things are up for the by against Peyton. Trailing go to meals that's what doesn't studio also run. Ryan joins us in studio work you guys Randy. Try presented by don't think it's from the dvd electorate into the studio sixty and Sports Radio.