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The Drive
Wednesday, January 3rd

The third hour kicked off with the guys hearing from two columnists: Jim Souhan with the Minneapolis Star-Tribune & Paul “Doc” Daugherty from the Cincinnati Enquirer to see how it’s worked out when those two small market teams locked up their all-star first baseman long-term. After their daily trip around the NFL, Fanning reveals his secret weapon on the Titans before the guys debate just how lazy Americans are.


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And how it's happened but they get that way as if it into thirds you know they beat the team that beat the teams play in the national title. I'm happy that you mentioned that because big twelve commissioner Bob bull beat. Comment on that allow Bob bulls beat talked to Heather did each of ESPN. This is the entire conversation I'll read quickly. Big twelve commissioner Bob bulls be told me. He's not ready for any serious talks about expanding the playoffs that the current fourteen system is fair to the undefeated UCF. Team because that night likely would have been undefeated if they played in a power five conference with a power five schedule. Now this is a quote from bubbles quote it's fair because playing in the American athletic conference is not the same as playing in the Big Ten SEC or big twelve. It's just not. They have played some big games but they don't have an Iowa State who can be a second rate Oklahoma team the depth of those leagues in quality at the top. Getting ready for one game against Auburn that's a lot different than playing Auburn every week. TCU TCU and UCL a played ten times I defy anybody to convince me that UCF would win a majority of the games. Of course I've only been looking at at 435 years. This is about olds be saying media doesn't want to expand the playoff to eight games even though great benefit his efforts. In the big yeah. The first team to be and that they should be eighteen conversation. The first year of the conference football playoffs TCU and Baylor had an arguing over Ohio State leapfrogged. Over both of those team that gets the play. If he's not ready to have the conversation about four eight team playoff conversation in the wall. Way off in a lot for the rocket people wanna give credit. You know he'd be willing to talk about this if he's gonna get it a lot more money for the big twelve then we'll talk about it. You can't tell if it's not flawed and the other team didn't win their division playing for the national championship. Right yet powerful and you know the so we got an yesterday. And go deep into it again but. Evidence out of the weather division and play the SEC title game. So you can't tell with the this system is perfect if you if you make it any team play now than Alabama gets in lets Alabama doesn't deserve player in the national title actually think they do. But Mahan. And the finals or college football. And he gets on the system's not messed up I was looking. The Eric Hosmer contract. If you have not heard the news of the day Eric Hosmer reportedly. Has been offered seven years a 147 million dollars royals. Reza not confirm mr. planning and reached out the royals he had not received a comment so we can't definitively say that the royals offered but I think all of us are going with the assumption that the whales really war Eric Hosmer and are willing to make a competitive I'll offer to retain. Air got up focus so much on the number we know trying to sign here how are going to be competitive gonna cost gauge of peanuts you get a fourth big time money do you. I am under the belief that these contracts do not work out for. Markets like the rural. Don't get me compares into the Red Sox the Yankees or the Dodgers is that realistic about as far. The oil is closer to Minnesota the royals or closer to Cincinnati. That the Minnesota Twins Nigel our 28 year 184. Million dollar contract. So my question wasn't asked ice to search the south appreciative for him doing it. I want to ask someone is in the Minnesota. If you could go back in sign Joseph or the contract what you do. Because right. Can't consider that we did it a poll or FaceBook poll majority candidacy would say sign opportunity. The same wave majority gated city what does it take side air. Now I think a lot of us wish the world had signed that contract so we had two Minnesota. Jim sue lot of labor out there might Jim Souad consume. So any excuse me. Columnist for the Minneapolis star Tribune. What's perspective now on the Minnesota Twins signing Joseph our two week eight year 185. Million dollar contract. Pancake the deal and seat Joe Mauer on what it did you go back the circumstances of the time imagine that the twins get a publicly financed stadium built. Promising there and spend more money from reload the MVP from Saint Paul walk words not long years or so it was a very it was not like possible situation at all you very unique. Situation room mailed the timing marks but he implicated his guts because they feel like. He is the symbol of morning. Poorly spent the provincial torrential spending money elsewhere. What part more realistic is what twins worked in the ghost becomes in your case and free agency that would be hadn't signed. So they're actually lost money you'd get beside the DeLia had disarmed and work out well. But there's really no way to could've avoided great timing for him financially it is terrible timing for both in the matching. In terms of perception. Because this is where I struggle. I guess in the if possible signs ST on all act like he signed it if he signs this deal how're we going to measure success. Are we measuring it in team's success. Against this team besides the seven year contract for hot. The mantle the playoffs three times were to be a good deal for the royals about seven straight also our games like at some point that's the conversation that needs to happen. What does Hosmer need to do to justify the money two hours from Minnesota. He is good kid that could potentially go to all of fame catcher. That's a deal that I'm sure at the time everybody was on board with the signing. So they hate the deal now but and they were isn't the big game on the money. We see that happen a little bit now outscored everybody was old or what he can beat Georgia is number can be up there seems. Just like are the rules and they aren't eighteen on. This like Alec scored in just like the contract. I think that's likely certainly possible if you sign up to seven years 140 definitely not. It's certainly possible. It's certainly possible here's the other part of that though in 2000. Diligent Aslan right. So honey he's gonna get we get 43 million more than Hoss is getting. Seven years later and it's a considerable I'm trying to figure out what 184 million dollars in 2011 worth today I'm assuming be considerably more. So it's a little bit different. In my opinion it's still a lot of money but not an eighty got a 184002011. Yeah it's going to be hard for people to adjust that was in Kansas City we've ever seen. A guy a baseball player and athlete get a contract like Eric Hosmer is gonna get if he gets into city. Change a handful people's perspective. Because this is on it's it's what did you everybody's respect that this is the midwest. There's a lot of people who work really hard for the money around here. The dollar and 47 million and if it doesn't work out. That's different than 72. And that's something that I was gonna have to be prepared to deal with no matter where. But I think if if if bonds as a down year. They tore animal that's part of the gig man. I don't know it's like I guess maybe is more cynical on this that you never guessed. That fans would have turned don't outscored and as quickly as it is at like in double B a midwest guy there's nobody more middle yet that Alex Gordon. What is let Nebraska. Keeps his head down does these jobs that a lot of great stuff for cheered the moment he signed the contract he gave big money for the urban baseball academy like. In terms of the off the field in the surrounding stuff about Gordon you cannot have a better employ even Gordon. It faint that sort outscored in six months into the contract that he signed up for four years seventy some fans like. Everybody is altered coordination feel about the wouldn't say everybody turned on him but I mean there's it's exact kind of contract. Let's and the microscopes on that would say multiply that times two. That's what potentially could have very. There and I would say is if it doesn't work out the way that Gordon is he just plays first base defense it's going to be hard to make argued many he's old gold glove first baseman. And it's it's a lot easier to make argument for outscored in because it's a lot more flashy he's an eighty's don't thirties is in his thirties to on here. You're paying for that guy's gonna be his priorities right the first part of this is Paul dot street. All of the Cincinnati Enquirer alt dot pretty dockers skis apology. Joey aside eight years. And who when he spots a lot bigger contract and one house. Is there any buyer's remorse from reds Iranians on the Joey bottom Contra. I don't think it changed much beyond wrestler QRIR proceeded. They understand the economics now because when bus and he was playing pretty well and and I at that point well at all or rebuilding now I don't think it's. It's had a big impact. They look chilly bottle he may have had a bad year last year he was not yet he had somehow it went to sow slaughter but he might it in the pet sitter in the National League last year and you admitted it. You know this might be might bet here there's been no drop off their thanking you guys gotten smarter dictator. Would say so they have your question well what people you're frustrated. By the read it not because the bottom you don't hear a lot of people saying well there we have to enjoy about forty million dollars. That we might be able to do some things because. Truthfully even if they didn't have borrowed money they still wouldn't be good enough right after intense so why not hang onto guy. That you know every time you move the ball or who is gonna make you stop what you're doing what you're doing a watchable it. I obviously don't know enough about the red situation. But I do think it's fair to say that if it was the royals. I think that fans would kind of look at it look at it of mean of weeding give Hosmer this amount of money we'd be able to contained a little bit maybe different than what the red situation is let too nice you're a little bit of that about outscored and any kidding I think it he's a different thing. Not homegrown wasn't on the championship clubs the fans don't really have any kind of closeness towards infinity. But according contract I do think it's fair to say that they chose Al sport and over my sockets. They chose outscored over a couple other contracts that they could have read it and if you have limited resources it doesn't limit what you can do financial. And joy of those contracts that he's actually. A better comparison hey it would make twelve and fourteen million. In his first two years of the deal I imagine that that's what would be for Haas in any wood up to 20/20 225. Million this year. Well fans react I think I think. The majority of people say I'm happy to have them. You know if they can do but it but again if your if your run out there if you're not mark grooves along like its second base in Britain. Scott Podsednik got left field. I think sooner or later entry Matt and and and that will come back on laws and come back on the royals out I tend to believe if the roses in this kind of money. That they won't do that they too Smart. You know I think the figure out a way to surround him. With with talent be able to about witnesses and Allard Baird this isn't pre date more this a group of guys that went out and build champions so. I would be I'd be really upset if they did is strip the payroll. And pay all's well that my delegates can happen. Now if they traded. Duffy endorse out of reload the farm system and then next year the year after. You know the urged the royals win at a division title and I'd be okay with. You know but again it's prospects and sometimes you never know. I mean part of what shields joint bottom two from the criticism is obviously a joy about it was really good. I mean since 2015 together fifteen joint bottle at 31429. Home runs eighty RBIs in only 1629. Home runs. 97 RBIs at 326. Last season which we just heard was argued joy about those best season 36 home runs a hundred RBIs and hit three point. If that's what you get their problem is again Demi sigh I don't it was seven years 147. Million dollars to picking up on the end best players in baseball. That's not what I think they're giving for the air out of money I think they're getting a good baseball player to really good baseball player and they're getting aid plus all the intangibles and community stuff. That would just argued how was probably work like fourteen to sixteen 1000000 dollars there I am 21 million dollars because all the extra stuff so. Got overpay for stuff though that's not cover those tigers in what 20042005. And a bad man. When they were there were terrible that was team last 119 games won here in our release on pudge Rodriguez to an 88 the eight and eighty million bucks like what the hell. Any talk to people like listening to overpay to keep some of these gas to get rolled again as they were the middle rebuild it two years later they're in the World Series. Because in deals draft so. You know we talk markets and so much smaller look this up like. In terms of market size in the United States like the two biggest markets are New York you know. 31 largest media market in the country where it would look at right now Cincinnati's 34 in order Minneapolis. The small market thing. It's not necessarily all that true that's the fifteenth largest market. In the country so it may seem like small town midwest for you but it's not me that's market fifteen and that's based on households. And and and stuff like that it's. Right by Seattle and Tampa which is the biggest market for so. Market size does matter I I just I don't know how this thing's gonna play out my biggest concern is that if they if Oz does. If the royals and was due to steal at seven and 147 if that again. Is the office it's on the table that's been report about Bob nightingale and USA today the royals and the confirmed yet at least from Jeffords plan right there isn't has been able confirming yet. They better surround him with an addict I think that front office and ownership group is Margaret. One achieves. Coaches is a hot candidate right now on the marquee we'd tell you who went around the NFL next on the drive the dry presented by duke sixty days from the electricity into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Well attacks on making argued. Kind of making about constantly middle school are not winning an all star game winning in the World Series how that's different. Like that's just unfair in baseball knowing how baseball for the most part is an individual sport but rapid onset. I jumped out in 2000 in night. Hit 365. Point eight home runs 96. RBIs and caught a 130 games. Our fault they didn't win the World Series the Howard did everything that you could potentially do and played his position as well as anybody arguably in the history of the day. I kind of feel like the not obligated what do you thing basketball got scared you say like to James Hardy what you want my U scored thirty points. It's a game in which you can have a much more direct effect don't if your team with a championship or not. I'm Joe Mauer had done any differently in the year he won MVP when he 36528. Home and the 96 RBIs. I don't know but I will say it is hot start the rally in game five right after K droll lock. Hogs scored what proved to be that the tying run. To get it to extra innings a little Joe Mauer did that season I think all of us who take you got it to fifty they could help you little securities. You know and and I I think it is not like positive drug Dyson. Saying that I'm just saying gays. That doesn't make Hosmer a better player than other guys because he just played one better individual taint like. He's got the Mike Trout to get more policy's success the might travel we agree my truck they'd better baseball player than their house. I understand that and sent to the guys a letter to. He's eight he wanted to every single level coming up with a minor leagues that was important the royals he got up there and he did it again and a team that into the playoffs forever played a key role. Maybe this is like really think about and very black libel we say is so it's always a winner or he's saying like my truck is they lose gonna go opposite of being a winner like he's played on the team that has never won the ultimate prize Aiken less than a baseball player does that make him a loser. You play team sports you know the guys that are winners the guys that art you know the guys he can count on. Down the stretch of the guys you can't I got out Eric Hosmer is a guy in town I don't know enough about my Trotta those situations to say. He's not a winner I would never say that because I don't know that to be but I know that. In key situations whether it's the bunt single left field whether to put the ball in play where hot no moment is ever too big for Eric Hosmer. I mean that's what we've seen in his six years in Kansas City. And so to me that's a winning baseball player Elliott a home run in his what lasted batter second lasted that Kansas City when everybody in the standing ovation in the dude. Even actually made an error in game one of the World Series he knew he had to do your sac fly that proved to be the game one of the got the game winning run and so. That's what winners do in the winning athletes there's guys that are terrific athletes that don't ever win anything. That'd put up great numbers that don't win anything in the news guys like they're always around winners Robert Horry was always on a winning team you know Charles haley's and other guidance always on the waiting to. I guess that would make my argument more just sounds like a lot more situation although what peoples like it's about the organization a lot being on the right team baseball's completely situation. That's every single place in baseball's the situation and I would say Joe Mauer was when he was healthy he was going against it in his situation he came through. Well you could guess an. His numbers in front of me but you know my hours you know my hours numbers would happily switch positions to. And on and that's part of that's another just an estimate. I guess I'm here on the and a solid start with neck and neck apparently he's been requested interview. Both the bears and colts their head coaching positions. A bush look bloated piece for the chiefs to lose that nagging after one there I don't wanna say that it's not easy endurance of the cheese to lose someone as talented Matt Nate. They see just that lost Doug Peterson who we think it would coach of the year in the NFL I didn't think we see that 83. Is one of the few individuals that just knows how to get the most of the people around like he knows how to put people incorrect situations. To allow them to succeed and equip them with the skills to goal and indeed. Great individual head coach if I was eighteen at a young quarterback out will now need you around out of look to see was happy with Doug Peterson Carson went. And outlook that same kind of pedigree. Around my young quarterback if I am a team that's looking for a quarterback pool or fixer. I'm doing everything in my power to pull that may be away from the chief I don't expect him to be on the team next year. Yeah he's got he's the guy and he's one of the guys that are out there. I think it'll hurt them and trained instituted over the plate calling the trees are averaging. What an odd points a game analyst gimmicky you know abandon the run as much his huge man I think it'll affect them but. Again supporting the offensive lines around got Brad Childress help me. I trusted any real fun the next guy out. And we'll be OK Doug Peterson was the offensive coordinator and Alec wouldn't do it Philly I trusted you read the next guy get it right she's via. If his quarterback and his head coach of retired in Arizona. You anticipate Larry FitzGerald stick around for another season. FitzGerald plays at least one more season like it seems to be ageless wonder. So although yes I think their crystal comes back into pellets epitomize. Decent amount of money I think this these kids come back if he's healthy now. And he was considering retirement couple seasons ago yet. I discipline it's what's hot and FitzGerald had a 109 catches this year what is well hundred dollars he still really really having that three straight years of a thousand yards. We just don't see many guys kind of walk away and still playing at a high level body hasn't broken and I'm it is critical that they can't cover again and it goes back to what motivates guys. It Larry FitzGerald thinks he has no chance to win I would I would wonder how that would affect him that was cover that line in Woodbridge is retired but we don't like your pride. So I don't know that it's jail but it Oklahoma and it got a chance to win my guess would be you'd come back. Another day. Another attack on jaguars quarterback bowling ball at these ball. This time it comes from Tennessee's defensive lineman general Casey calling him quote a Cho is. Is it fair to have any expectations for portals in the playoffs at least to beat the bills and you know hopefully more than one in this context but he's like the white did he tries to go play pickup basketball it's about like you've got to go. McCourt that you wrote all the early field. I've seen too many times that happened bully you get jobs in the court eligibility at a ball out and and you get the respect of everybody like what you ride. That's like it is right now and balls. Post season no one's mocking make public mortal would pay him. If he goes out there eighties Blake than it was in the first round of the playoffs you'll never get away from the GO. Your supplies for the tennis and I are the titans in the same division as the Jacksonville Jaguars Daon. Jackson is at least follow the quarterback of the team that won the division and and beat the titans out for division the division title the Joker. Think it and the titans jags last week that got the is not the only one. Nobody. Is portals mail has a team that's six record what division title. He was awful before this is a decent season so it can possibly was problem. We'll see what will shoot for sports and sports is really easy. All the speed more. On the field look closely and people stop making fun album more divisions to six beat the titans in the last week won the division wrapped you can talk. The season. There's no Jill. Six of the NFL season they're going to prove it when it matters you'd think the matchup that may decide who wins. On Saturday and nobody thought about what we do next draft. Ride presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric and studios sixty and Sports Radio Sunday at nine catch birds hot still powered by seventh street casino where attack. And sex line 6906. The CIA is saying. That's exactly. They're making fun. Talking. Well Billy we talk about ice hockey all my. They help you know what went out there you know reporting there out there who know navy got respect from everybody on the playground at the labels that do in the getting respect. Right now that anybody can doubt that costs money and why zebras. Have felt player that we big goat has been as open. Just respected by all other NFL players like world's I don't know this week. Today cloudy culled from rash. Like France an eight game in which they lost by thirty. It's. Called trash. It. Felt a mature. And I felt like it's taken this many dorks the wave portals. The only way to shut those people is to go out there and play well in the playoffs. It's ops. If you continue to be blight portals people always made while she got beat by thirty or call the quarterback track actually watch. Them. Pick up trash. Is he gets smoked don't call the other quarterback trudged up telling you let's. From your asked to show I'm just telling you these guys that operate a little bit differently that's true paid you go there and you all out. Out this post season I portals. Ian has the opportunity to the people. Which improvement on the view it in the playoffs at some point he's got the opportunity at a particular part the speed of the player. See that I'm region quote. From a young man by the name of Delanie Walker brightness from December 5 2017. On espn.com. Quote from Delanie Walker I'm very disrespected in the Lee walker set after Sunday's one of the colts. Commentators announcers don't talk about me I get double and triple coverage and still make a place nobody talks about that that drives me don't talk about that makes me under. They talk about brought to talk about Kelsey Kelsey but not me I do every week it'll talk about Delanie Walker. The walker happens to be tied into the Tennessee Titans. Delanie Walker tied for the third most receptions by tight end in the NFL this year by exact hurts. Travis Kelsey and Indianapolis is Jack Doyle. Here's what concerns me about Sunday's game goes and it'll run he does I'd look up Jack Doyle actually good idea it is and it'll run yeah. By fans these items down a pilot had known about nodes are as good. I just don't like who's talking about the arguably for best item in the lab now. That's tied it in the end up like a law but that's the case here's why. He's a Nashville to play for the titans. They got to be at least a little bit of concern for the cheese because. Till I mean that she's been knocked around pretty good by tight ends that are similar Delanie Walker and a talking about exact words from Philadelphia five catches 97 yards. In week two and Jared Cook. From the Oakland Raiders both these guys are similar bills cheered coach in two games eleven catches 482 yards and a touchdown for the raiders. So. After facing the titans this weekend she's faced. For the top seven tight ends in the NFL terms perception skills one so for the top six guys they got the number one yeah. Here's thing that does surprise me a little bit because this is going to be a nightmare matchup for the cheese and it maybe. We've talked about the run game DeMarco Murray and Eric in any and they run the football and their run the football get a chance to win. Watch for Delanie Walker. Because he's essentially Jared. Exact words and he's that kind of tied it. He's there I mean we're talking 64240. Pounds a matchup nightmare that is. It enough for the titans to beat the cheese I don't know but it's something to keep an because that you guys that are similar to hand. Well that you guys that shredded cheese this year now she's faced rock. You know they had defending ground that nights here or there Erik there you know they're not that on Sunday aired bears absolutely. So we run game you brought up the fact that their yards of their numbers the run game aren't necessarily as scary as as as people wanna make them out to be. But I think the number one offensive weapon in the matchup nightmare for the chiefs on Sunday with the titans teams Delanie Walker is gonna have to either put you put on that their Johnson. One of the mother just use on thirty day and you need him there immediately got that big. You definitely want these to ended tied in talking about. 100 yard games you think the only programs these these tougher tied at one gains unseat zero. Yet one game that he had ninety yards receiving and trust Elsie how many games you'd think he had Hoenig of the seating games this year and for all. Having its finger on kqed. For Hillary. All of those guys in walker is a fine player is a fine player. I don't think we see there is a hierarchy in terms of the NFL tied and he's not at that club. I would say. It's dropped. I'd argue he's the clone himself but the issue I would try to skills in the last couple season I think he's been in that club that he once it's 11. Out you wanna put it tell Seagram. And visible but the division and that I would put Zach curtain that outings Eckert with a third best tied in the NFL this year ice that is why do you agree that hurts our best batted in the NFL this year. I have to double check the numbers but he's certainly got you would think of as as the third and I would say in the next two years of that thirteen year. I put guys like Delanie Walker guys like Jack Doyle good tidings. But I think he hits you 45 catches for 65 yards five catches for seven yards but it's not a guy that really like over the top skiers and these last five weeks of games for Delanie Walker. Three catches for nineteen yards rejects the 33 yards five for 375. For 425. For 63. It just doesn't have a lot of explosive big play ability in big games. I mean if you as a really good date markedly does having a really good day the run game is going like. He's the X-Factor guys to meet not necessarily and I am now looking like me I know they're gonna really targeted spoken focus on him in this. I just think it's a matchup problem for the chiefs if they have trouble trouble run the football. I mean that's it that's a big target for guys got more interceptions than touchdowns this year Hillary does for you again here's part of the quote. This from Delanie Walker on December fit it'll talk about me that makes me hungry they talk about Crockett Kelsey but not me I do every week did you see but the bottom. But the reason that I wanna read that quote it's not I'm not saying he's right or wrong that's all I'm saying. We've got to catch it that's pissed that it's so pissed off like that in fuels so disrespected. And now you're coming into the playoffs you're facing. Are going up against the guided they talk about it it's not EU. You tell legally walk he's not gonna come any where the head of steam wanna do some about it. I just say it's one got to keep that dial I'm talking a DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry mark is Mary owed and the fact that run one run the football. My guess would be that the match up is a problem Delanie Walker gonna try to have a big game I think they're gonna focus on him. I just I just don't see in the numbers I don't disagree I mean I'm not disagree I think Billy walker is a good player I don't know if you the guy that I'm pinpoint that can like necessarily beat you I don't get to the cost you the game I think it happened self game. They saw that she's done against that and that that that matchup problems. Does look at the guys are saying I think our better tight ends and I think they're passing game is a lot better like a lot of this is somewhat limitations of the quarterback. I think he's been one of the bigger disappointments of the sea absolutely I think they're qualified in the number one disappointment if you're gonna pay a quarterback that much money. You expect a lot better effort don't want opened up from their quarterback position. And that second tier mark Israel and Israel and I was super Ohio coming at the beginning of the season he seemed like a quarterback that was our the that was ready to take that next step. 82 more interceptions than touchdowns issue crazy and yeah being thirteen touchdowns fifteen interceptions wasn't his mold poll which sees it as a quarterback of the public morals Joker that I just I don't know what they're passing game at least in this Amylin and with what the chiefs do really well. It's gonna be a lot more of Lola hey we're gonna try to run the ball because we're not sure they can stop it kind of game I gotta think this is the game Tennessee could run the ball thirty or forty times I think they could be that dedicated to run the football. Maybe they open up the game for play action for Delanie Walker maybe peachy for forty yard catch. I'm just not looking at Delanie Walker to have that kind of Jared Cook seven catch 100 dollar a kind of game. I think maybe hi Ian for Delanie Walker is like six catches for eighty yards in this one that's a decent day just not a block their beach you candidates and it's got to keep and sign at least talk about. Coming next. Our meet all of the new is involving. Gorgeous ladies there's no other way to put it people are just lazy we tell you how next on the drug. A drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. We'll get to the top stories of the day coming up at 5 o'clock also Brian Wilson will join us in studio. At pie and team. After the utility it's a lot to talk to a final date stuff would chiefs stuff with the royals stuff about contracts. Bill Snyder is bank. Playoffs it's a lot of things on the rambled about he will be in studio with us the entire 5 o'clock hour of you wanna hear from Super Bowl champion about the playoffs. Stay right here on sixth in sports. Little lazy and it's not just colonials are lazy it's a lot of you older people that are lazy to. Case in point. Listen to the morning mashup on Ceres ex im in what's happening in the state of board. Org was one of two states until just a couple days ago that they haven't and it seems so New Jersey where regular. Cold and I'll kind of forget it. What to do. But just so incredibly simple it's this. World you. I will use our country. Is it. No. Injuries into portions of older cousin hit it and. But it hasn't heard from them. What this easy good. Laundry machine. And not all. Our don't make fun at me don't. But if figured out and if you'd like. I can. Get up. I'm sore right and do it but it's always like you know. The job it. So in origin and it's the other stuff that. Like pulp and their own gas apparently see that is a big deal. Then on to read your FaceBook comment from some dude in Horry. Some tree hugging hippie I mean I've never done not only been pumping my own dance for years remember pumping my mom dad and fiercer Daschle had to do when I got big enough. It's like as I was the one that was going outside to pump against them. XP is like the X it's really difficult is you swipe your card. You pull. The gas pump. You take the lid off gas tank and included in and it and click that thing back in my day we need and debit card you know alleged anti cash money cash. Here's a quote from somebody lives ignored. I've witnessed in all my life that I refuse in all caps to bulk wildcats had to do it once in California while visiting my brother I almost died doing it was a millennium or missile adult moment as the dude though achieved its very bears meet the man you say you know not pictures on FaceBook. They look like you sell its ability or I'd say it's probably. A god does this sound like a good 47 year old. Not the case I would in this at all while I've that I refused to Atlanta gas had to do once in California while the blood brother almost died doing nobody is saying I've lived here all my life no business. And on FaceBook this is his serve his only qualified people should perform literally. Market the ball and wait until someone pulled my gas I can leave bestselling millennium that's. Well because I believe it's 47 the blitz I can't even at the end of FaceBook knows. Come. On dance dance. Gross you know I mean like that's not that hard to be able to pump around apps. You get out. Pull the gas pump out. Ted the lit up suggesting to Pollard any Crandall handle it's very easy to enlarge it's it's definitely varies I don't think a qualified. Professional leagues to be able to pump gas they can do. Jeffrey Flanagan will line earlier today. It got his budget sauce it was momentum coming out by dates comics. Is not possible offer the best thing for the royals. Say what they make a difference ticket is that the Internet and pain at all all you mean and I and the fact that he's been number one target level party. And that the theory behind it is you know he could be. In the they'll be the guys who mentored and respect your movement and they'll be having a long in the outfield that when they do you competitive again. Took place applies you know. As early two point one Nicaragua towards what they want but they'll they'll be you know in the crime and so what you're look at the contract is that the can contribute so a meat from that angle it makes a lot of sense then they. You know hot brings so much to the club house that you know pure luck in there you know next spring training and he's not around. It is would really be well I think management realizes that and so they're that are there gondola again I mean this is real whopper contract if that's true it out making more. I predicted be more like six for one's audience like that loses its. That is more than that but. I actually do they get the good deal for them. You made this point Flanagan makes the point and I see a lot of people make those. I don't know the answer to our tournament this is lack of leadership on the royals I don't know something about. I got eagle -- it's possible. Let's sum this up the house does you can just kind of pieced together from multiple people like if you're looking at a hate. You need example hall working at a B approach how to handle your business I assume outscored can do sullen and not as vocal he's not as charismatic as. But I assume in terms of behind the scenes work ethic he's that kind of guy. If you need the personable in the clubhouse guy. Selby is a lot of that and I know he's not from America and I know he doesn't speak English always the Los maybe the translation to the American players and the relate ability isn't there the way it would be with Oslo. In Miami bilingual as voted to. I just don't know the locker room is this bull of leadership that only aired odds were to fill because if you're saying it's under. These other guys were around for the stuff to would not like outscored hasn't come to win big clutch moment Allegheny Duffy wasn't on the team if he's gonna continue to be here. When this happened I tell me a rare wasn't around for the good old days with a winning in south reprise. I've let a lot leadership guys already. BJ got exiled leader for first form mean that does not a leader could do was to be royal. Leaders don't get emotional and social media when things don't go the way that's not a leader sorry on percentage at 65 million from their employer. You need it in a baseball clubhouse always been told you need this in a Major League clubhouse in Latin leader Ian pitching leader needed position. Right so I don't know who that Latin leader was used to be contenders are outselling the perception is it's probably sell. I don't know that to be a factor I don't know I think we see one thing I don't really know what goes on behind closed doors I don't know. I don't know who. The position literally thought it would make a lot of sense you're worried it will employ a lot of sentence he's the guy behind the scenes the putting them in their lives at the wheel Seagal law. I know for a fact that Eric Hosmer is the position player leader. Right so. And you've got to have a position player leader that lives that shows leads by example I'm not talking just. And get in the cage you know on talk about that you handle yourself off the field because a lot of these kids they got paid when their eighteen. Now they're coming up to the big leagues and now it's pretty fast lifestyle. You know there's a lot of people want peace now. And they showed the ropes you Beverly and the story Minnesota way and Bruce chanted you're Donald insure that the strip club in Minneapolis all the not exactly what you want. So the guys at least for the young guys they need that and that's crucial for the growth organization the royals placed a lot of value on that I'm not sure what other teams do and the royals. It is saying that it doesn't have value is staying maybe like we now kind of hurt your Hosmer and James Shields when the bills I would say at the time they didn't. James she'll be in that anybody in the guy knows that stuff I don't think you get enough of good leadership and true pros yeah I guess I just look at it of the guys the way people talk about it it seemed like the world's need Albert got to give him do his next thing I I think they. I think they can piece together like it depends on where York. I think you can piece some of that leadership qualities from hobbled from fort of five other people or maybe you couldn't back in 2011. You can't do what it's when he eighteen with five or six guys that were there whenever you won the World Series coming up in two minutes the biggest stories of the day and they hits plus Super Bowl champion Lyle Wilson joins us in studio for the 5 o'clock now all that coming up on the drive to try presented by don't think it's from the electorate into the studio sixty and Sports Radio.