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The Drive
Wednesday, January 3rd

Hour 1 kicked off with the guys reacting to the news of Bob Nightengale’s report that Eric Hosmer has been offered a 7 year 147 million dollar deal by the Royals and whether that’s good money potentially spent even for someone like Hoz. They transition into talking Chiefs/Titans with Trey Wingo of ESPN, plus a crazy Chiefs stat and CDot thinks today is the final day KU fans can give Mizzou grief about football since it’s the 10-year anniversary of the Orange Bowl game.


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The drives presented by do sticky social Beckett with the people that judge Jeffrey they might. The vote in sir Fred did admit that I got you with a strong. Become a 6067. Continents and classic kicked. What is gangsters paradise lost. Whether your response a few pounds of hair. Stern is concerned can stop us that it somebody cool you so we take 3200 we crimson room. That it need never even knew manage that among the few who made him what he saved. Not taking in the actions here the competition now we're penalize people for correct ever gonna get. You speak properly. You get penalized on jeopardy yeah the bad call by the jeopardy people give up man as thirty quarterback eagle clearly knew the correct answer for the question. The answer to this that that cost him the win I don't know jeopardy then chance to move off. What's that street gangsters and years' experience. Pretty easily lead as dean you have to get the question properly right you have to ask in the form the question. It can't be got a lead it's that they're asking you questions about things that they're obviously getting that a league high 300. A blow to the back of the neck is the punch named for this animal Mike was adopted no. Betsy what are rabbit I'm rabbit yet. Guarantee Harrison. And the drive. Let's do this another day another dollar. Addition of the drag kids is sitting here being nice and. Producer of this thing increase hater I'll be open that you just heard any over the possibility of Eric Hosmer. Returning to Kansas City is the one the only bad thing I don't damion did just like apparently left leg was great that I had a lot it was Heidi watching pictures all over the place in my computer. Reluctant. What's the breaking. Surges like the creepy guy. Now according to one Ryan would taos ski Heidi one idea has little spot Nyad baiting but in the other OK so let's just linked Utley girls. I mean. It's like buckets deport. On a policy. We got to dig into in today's show. Right wing angle of year's team and I don't even really know what he does that this has like does everything different jobs over there. Eddie is being as the NFL odd thing he's got the right thing he's got the offing saying. A lot of things going on in the world of straight wing go we will get into a conversation with him. Coming up to thirty when he is scheduled to call in Neil Smit will be in studio witness at the is every Wednesday at 330 also Ryan Lilja a different time a different feel for the playoffs you will be in studio in the 5 o'clock hour. Obviously where we have to be in today's show. It is imported from Bob nightingale and now we see other people report Ken Rosenthal is commented on it. We've now seen a report out of San Diego that the Padres have offered him a seven year contract the numbers might be a little bit off I it's pretty safe to say the royals had made a pretty. Sizable financial. Eighty year league commitment to air out. My stance on this has been the same really for the last two seasons. I feel like every time we have these wells conversation yet to put asterisk on it I love these guys about what they did for kids and give. We all know I. When yields about the or guys will. We're not talking personal we're talking business here I don't think it's good business for the royals to do this contract. I think. You can look to to prime examples. Of small market clubs that felt like they were in the exact same position of the royals. And Al bear organization I think was negatively affected by signing that deal. Joseph our. I think is a border line and while all of fame catcher. Joe Mauer signed an eight year 184. Million dollar contract with the Minnesota Twins seems pretty Koppel. Comparable to the contract offer reported bird out. Seven years a 147 million dollars they have made the playoffs one time since Joe Mauer signed a contract this season. Jolie bottom signed eight didn't year. 120. Five million dollar deal with the Cincinnati Reds all of guaranteed no opt outs in years to 25. Is that when a 162 games you gotta pay the sales we lose every game this season. The reds have not made the playoffs under that contract I don't think it's good big business ballot Kate so much of your payroll. One individual especially are going to be in a market size. Like Minnesota like Cincinnati. Where you can not build over that contract. You can do the Yankees you can do it for the Dodgers you can do it the Red Sox you cannot do it at the royals. I don't think it's good business for the royals to sign this contract Erica. That's the question if the royals do in fact get their house version seven and 147. What are you gonna surround him it's the question that I've got. From friends on Twitter text whatever they wanna know if I were signs these deal being surrounded and I think that's the that's the big question because for me. You know get flat it studio and from royal dot com Jeff Flanagan rules insider a couple of weeks he's talking about cut barrel to ninety million. How do you cut the payroll and ninety million won ten Max if you're gonna sign it got to a seven year 147 million dollar contract. Everything that the royals do you hinges on whether or not they land. I think they win Osborn I think just for this ballclub goes in direct different direction I think they're gonna try to keep when he while the rebuilding. If they don't land Hosmer I think they just started total Reba. I think that's where there. Parties to develop people think about. Every time IC. A contract offer wheat to the media. I don't get old beauty and take a while Oscars come of the royals oh wow that's a lot of money oh. I think why was it out there who does it benefit from this information to be there because you kind of start to get to the root of what actually might. In my opinion this is the first real big boy number that's been thrown out there about it could say. Six years and 120 nines a big way it is but 147 to different animal. It's it's it adds one more year to it. It's what 21 million a year or something like that some degree and had the map in front of me it's ridiculous number. See here's the thing man. This benefit along. Big market clubs now don't need to throw offers early or sit back like the cardinals who have giant TV contract. The Yankees the Red Sox the Yankees seem like a pretty good shape Greg bird don't wanna build luxury tack of tax Mitch Moreland signed for next to nothing. But big guys if there is a team out there with what it wants to come in late. Didn't to brass tax. This is a real number that's out anybody thought once one would be number. Idol and I knew would be more than that 147 seems doable and hopefully it's not a starting point for now. Here's the other part so does that benefit that absolutely because now it's either a baseline or surreal offer either way he wins. Group that it benefits the Kansas City Royals by this thing get out there because I turned it down. The royals a face on that hey listen we offered 7147. Twice. The amount of money that we offered outscored the richest contract our club's history. We offered that we want to keep him he was worth it to us not gain those sales. But the biggest star in the got the biggest impact in organization. We tried to keep and so bill would rebuild mode. They at least had that. And they can go back to a say listen we try we wanted to we are ready to double the largest contract we've ever given out Eric Hosmer and that way. The ills and that and I don't think you can launch date more with previous royals received more than just like selling Johnny Damon for not been in other get Greta. I Jermaine Dye to let a good players for next to nothing that's not just royals team is anymore. Aside eagle on the rebuild mode I think this takes the doubt out of every oilsands mine that at least the world willing to pay big money to keep a big star in Kansas City. Can anyone answer this question from because we had Jeffrey Flanagan in studio. Right before the holiday and I was really satisfied with his answer on it. Can anyone tell me why the royals plane it is. Either GM one personal 147. Million dollars guaranteed. Do absolutely nothing and there are things down like they are asked to be some sort of middle ground with. Because we're all here for the season and we agree I played about as well as Albert and like I don't. No I was gonna be much better and it was uniform at this park I could all. This year I don't 300 guy when he already got want to get up the fantastic season this. So is that making off the next couple years that we got it felt good the big money they showed that dedicated to keeping guys but they're not a good baseball team. Now I ask you what's better for this club sign not one to the contract broader 47 million dollars or signed moose and maybe a couple create has been equal to 147. Everybody I think would pick the signing moves signing a couple of free agent why don't the royal seed because everything I've worked on the royals is hot or bust. If we can't sign one person to wait generation oak contract that we agree there will likely an odd time we'll never surpass that you'll. Seven years a 147 million dollars why the next plane is blitz term let's bear. Horrible thing down and spar over. Can explain to me why it's on such polar opposite. I'm all for being competitive year in year out and building a championship club. Do you think signing one person 247 billion dollars is doing adding history which showed no based one. Teams and contracts in similar markets eyes. And the other suggestion is they look at the next five let's hope beat it on the draft. All sound like several laps. Instantly. The explanation is odd is a perfect got to rebuild around. There's only one guy that the royals would give that money if they're gonna pay that money. They give it there is really do. Because again it goes back like we we got a stat lines in orbit at an all these other crappy stats that people pay attention to and that's all guy is in fact it's not. If you're a rebuild your franchise to try to build back a winner you want that got a lot he's bilingual. He's touted for gold glove first baseman he's a winner. He's the face of your franchise you want young guys to come up and see hey okay that's how you be a pro. And whether we think it has value or not which I do. That value in the eyes of in the eyes of the terrible the culture of the clubhouse because they had back culture before when Jose Guillen. And and yellow legal and that crew when they first got here it was bad. They built the culture and when you've got young guys what that Warner bros wanna learn from Hahn or a guy like him. Part of it too is because your doesn't mean you have to spend. The money. On May be the one that you think you can really get the most bang for your buck so look portions of its first baseman. Know exactly what happened him. They raised it would dig an eighteen year old you know exactly what is right now and what the spending their money on eagle and four players you don't really ever know. What frustrates me and I'm not comparing suit is obviously they're two different players when I hear the conversation about Dini Duffy. It's business this business you know to sign up sports pros working with business. The conversation. Doesn't sound like business itself so it sounds and we. Hey he's a winner you know what you got all the intangibles dot com 21 million dollars. An intangible the locker room culture. I need you hit twenty home runs every seat once I. RB IQ did you hit 308 anything less that I don't wanna be sold on the legacy in George Brett if you accept that contract I would say the expectations placed on you are that would hurt same thing for outscored. Just look at the work that they've still got a great defense outscored guys got better as each can't be the Gordon Deal. Save I think you have to be a great all Smart baseball player every single year. And I think a little bit of the conversation of what's happened over outscored over the last couple months is oversold aired out of the baseball player having Ellsbury is a really good baseball player. Want all star game he's won all star game we're talking about anyone park. Let's I'll give you the list of guys that have contracts they receive more than twenty million dollars and seated and hundreds not that class yet and there's nothing wrong with that there's nothing wrong with walking away from the contract I would like for the world to do is just pickle who sop. Remove a motion from and ask yourself is hot more valuable tool was all on the field or off the field. It sounds like they're gonna make the argued that he's more valuable tool off the field but it worked out. That's the saying at all I think it's it's a 5050. And the guy hit it a lot here did what he hit 25 Bob's almost a hundred RBIs again and you can lose that one year at one home run here. You know you can look at you like Moses and 81 year hit thirty bombs. 'cause all those things Danny Duffy. I didn't get out and go on Twitter when things aren't going his way. That's not a leader does and you show young ballplayers that are coming up your system how to be pros don't get how do you when your name comes up at the winter meetings so I. This man is it true Perot if you got young talented players they only did she got to produce on the field how to be in the clubhouse I. It that the deal's going to be enough the low number 147 and I may say it's 160 somewhere else they'll probably take it and I wouldn't blame them. And the money to spend on this great go do it. I just operational album with guys to that's my biggest concern. And I only answered that you'll ever the payrolls went out to get other it's not I don't know. Don't know where the royals go with this but it seems to be at least right now if they get them they're gonna try to rebuild and try to win at the same time. That's a little dangerous that's risky. I'll give you my argument on the other side. Of bowel guys that have made twenty million provides a list of guys that it's that contract twenty million. I'm sure is that you put Hosmer and that that's on your higher on Hosmer don't want iMac and there's argument that the royals signed this contract I never won here again for anybody associated with the royals I'll tell you what it is an excellent draft. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the VD electrocuted and studios sixty and Sports Radio. Today the surprise. Snags the headlines the kids and teens who were in the playoffs and allowed per game this Saturday at. Arrowhead Stadium. Contract you have mystic Bobby Knight Il USA today is reporting seven years 100 in 47 million dollars. The royals have offered that contract to Eric house. You are different sides of this. I feel like every conversation we always feel the need to ash might add some Astra sub hello I appreciate we're talking business and numbers here. 47 million dollars guaranteed it's understood that we all love and appreciate how we're no different gated city in no kind of baseball player is. To meet the contract is do you think it's good for the royals. These contracts. Of guys that have signed a five a year or plus deals. To more than twenty million car. Miguel Cabrera. Stanton Mike Trout Robinson Cano Albert will host Jason Heyward Jarome our Chris Davis joint bottom Jacoby Ellsbury airy. Justin Upton who I am bond met him. I think the one Ambon contract is also a good comparison. Ryan Braun signed for a lot of money he's out of five year 105. Million dollar contract extension he will make nineteen million this year. Eighteen next year and sixteen and 22 when he has made nineteen. In 2016 and 2017. Brewers have not made the playoffs. I think more more when you look at these big time money deals from. Small market or mid market level clubs like the royals they do not work in the clubs paid for the player at twenty million dollars. These deals don't work out for these low and that's my concern would be is. If you sign Eric Hosmer to a deal that's worked 21 million dollars is it good for the royals long term I struggled to find an example where the answer is yes. Those guys what a world championship before they got a free agency not a funny some of these guys now posted but not yet. In houses. Z 48 right now 28 years old just turned 48. In October. So you're getting a guy Bristol it's strictly the numbers are at a guy that's on the front end of the of this that is prod. And got it in my opinion the royals don't win the world's leaders don't get to the play house without of course so. Listen I may I'll maintain this if it was caused the inning on a 147 million dollars. So he he had the biggest year of his career in a really of the year for the royals on wall year for him. I'm over the last weeks is 2014 he's missed four games. So he's durable will be in the lineup he's a multi gold glove winner of the analyst community and you're very good defender but everybody else baseball seems to disagree. So you're getting a high end defender a guy that it's better to the opposite field in center field and he has to pull fields. A tremendous leader in the clubhouse again the royals don't spend this money if they don't know him. You know if they don't if they haven't known this kid since what 1617. And at least or put eyes on. And trying to figure out there are gonna draft they'll take and throw 147 million dollars somebody else so. I understand it. I guess only time will tell if it is good business for them or not. But. Ask this do you think the ports around their house. Will be better or worse than they were in 2016. And seventy that's that's the that's the big question because if they're gonna if they've got to just it's as well cut payrolls for this contract favor. I'm not you know if you've got to do if you're gonna deal Duffy and sell that you it's better it's dudes back you know to make this payroll. Is herb this contract the thing is that man you know Kennedy's done off the books in three years. Gordon's all the votes in two years and as I said before numerous times thirteen of the guys on the 25 man roster make the league now. Like 540. Which is a lot to you but to ballplayer it's nothing. So I think if if they back load his contract that could probably pull it off. And in an instead of we're looking at a 147 million you're looking at fifteen this year seventeen next year and then the thing really gets crazy. So I think. There's ways to shift numbers and put him in different. Categories and make it work if you wanna make it work. If it's team building on a player and as a guide line up. If I've got role modesty coming up here got an Oz has bodily able to that's the other part. And communicate with Spanish players you know Latin players or American attic like that's the other part like it transcends the locker room that's that's a huge deal. In an honorable David Lowe came. He was talking about like pedal sticking to vaguely he was rusty Jones told you pointed out Ortiz or egos and do need to think the as some of these young guys like that you'll presence of these dudes in the Myers that are a couple of years away and they have that. Then you've got a better chance of being successful for a longer period of time I think that's probably at least in part of the wasn't looking that. This offer we had Jeffrey Flanagan in studio and highs should adventure to pull the audience I apologize in pants. And he was talking about all the money that the royals lost over the last publicity and I think you said that David Glass balls like ninety million dollars with a payroll of the last couple seasons. If they're giving out a contract here how's that guarantees him a 147 million dollar. I never wanna hear the royals cry poverty. I never wanna hear the royals talk money I never wanted to it and say they don't have it. I never wanna hear that argued it has been sick all 147. Million dollars to pay one person this entire time. All it took was the golden child for the in the finally and over the dough. I never Lonnie you're there and cry poverty ever again it's got. Hard for them to say that arrived the in this field here's the other part too and that's all the stuff like it'll be advanced media I think sold a third of that are. Up if you go online you get boils dot com received video you see all this other stuff that's on Major League baseball's website that's major that's MLB advanced media. It's the same company did the royals World Series fail. Right they sold a third of that. For I think one point one billion today's. Which means each donor. And I've been told each allergies between fifty and eighty million. From that deal now. They can't just use it how they want to look at it this way. From a budget standpoint there's a bunch of different buckets are right in different money goes in different spots and we need to you can shift it around as easy as a neat. So. On the other bullets Major League based. Well it's a closed I don't know. I don't know what it all that I don't have their books either under saying he's got enough money to pay one person a 147 million dollar that is don't when you talk about money and how much are losing anymore naked on here it would be like somebody made a really expensive part has been asked you for lunch money yet. That doesn't sit just sort. I took it I just don't wanna hear or India or from the royals. Up next we catch up with trade wing go ESP in an NFL lot next on the drive to try presented by sixteens from the electric and studios sixty and Sports Radio Sunday at nine catch birds hot still powered by seventh street casino where exactly. Backhand all. Its very existence of the team's playoff game this beacon in the NFL playoffs in general which right wing told ESPN. The mayor of of many jobs. Feels and if alive he hauls he'd also hosting a radio show goalie in wing goal is paean and used via radio trailer window he welcomes the drug trade I don't that are. Are you hurt while Pope who we are you ready for big turbulent past used solely because it seems like it's very often. Beat date not a lot what received overall fleet. The afternoon nap full force of the place but about what the long time away we got a long way to go all the different. Let's start with this what is your national overall impression of the chiefs this season it's been sort of a wild bumpy ride with the chiefs but they certainly have come on late. They have looked at righted the ship but obviously it was crazy after the article start and what they went through a global scenario. Where it would but may be for prefer straight year in star by you know that's what happened. The falcons and wanted it even happened last few minutes of light. Why would like it might happen if the city for the last four weeks. I thought that what I was most impressed with what the word she's probably right that should get all. Talking to trade wiggle ESPN trade one of the things that Michael has been telling me like I'm back on the geez wagon and I'll call him I just needed to see this last month. But Jerry Jones argument I think it's about what does it really beat anybody by and that. Well look that that'd be that'd be April but you can only way to schedule a ball appeared so so that that part up. Now you'll see in the hole there you go up and we would we want him and beat them get a vote different time that different he's. That they thought we'd still count at the end the day that way we want mattered just as much. As what happened in week sixteen that determining that invasion because. Yet later in the season and he opened before I saw but you know what it's still just one day. What you want and you're seeing that the vote we want so that there's two way to look at that yes. I'll make that point collateral they beat anybody but they absolutely can be somebody in and of course the second time in this era of the Super Bowl when we're playing at all on Thursday night that. That uphold that law back at three console wanna vote. The ravens on Monday about Thursday night that put a damper picnic the six. So it doesn't account you'll have a problem the cowboys when. When you have liked to beat the giants when they were all he'd. Two fortunate that you saw that matters just as much as what we welcome him. Because trick for me I think maybe what my biggest disconnect is and how I'm happy to talk to somebody this is seniors use or be down every day with the Alex Smith discussion news. I tried to in the playoffs at least pick what I know. Right Tom Brady I no problem burger I know agrees I feel like I have a good understanding of what team do news. It's hard for meets elect somebody feels kind of enter into that logic in that thinking and look at the history of the AFC playoffs these of the last fifteen years. The only quarterbacks that have wants the Super Bowl our Super Bowl quarterbacks in Joseph Flacco seemed like the numbers are on Brady or Roethlisberger. Going back are going to Minnesota this year. I think that completely. You're right since 2004 he. It's been either Tom Brady Peyton Manning will be a drop of order one appearance by bill what the which has been saying. And about the safety representatives and simple and I get it but let's just take it one step up. Because that you're the Joseph Flacco made it. Nobody expected that because there are remembered they were poignant all the wild card round and they NDP via the colts in order watch for oil broker. And that they want it Denver. When Denver had our belief that mogul wants you dead or. And that it would essentially wrap up until the Broncos couldn't finish out a drive the run up the offer a first down and you'll block or that Jacoby Jones and an eighty yard touchdown pass were somehow inexplicably. Never gave up the sideline and the deep. That it would overtime they want it no requirement that they shock the world that we're going so. I hear what you're saying you're right it through completely stacked against you. But chipped it says recently a simple 47 receivable is expecting scenario. That at the white applicant city play out all of them. Picture window ESPN Tre I buy and Alex Smith this year because he's essentially doing. The things that everybody Kansas City wanted to do which is told the deep ball he said he was to conserve but he was Johnny jet down. You and throw it deep and it's got to articulate now is so I think that's the difference along with during my two and the running game but are you seeing. Alex Smith this year. I am and I think what Egypt's that is the most important thing the running game. What they were going that. Five of those start running game with non that. And it can make the running game non existent guess what it's much more difficult to try to prove that all of them. So what they've been able to do in these last three or four weeks get Kareem are activated back. And it's certainly felt like that accurate even after those first buttons that yet rookie wall. We hope that the numbers in terms of touchdowns. Yards for Kerry in York for game two of those verse by in which will orbit. And then for the next five games they work completely ordinary summit that was a little bit of the injury issue with the offer but while we understand that. But as much as we'd love walked out smitten rabbit kill the and that she can do it all predicated by the ability to walk as if you are running the ball. It sets up everything else to work with you don't have to stack the box to stop the run. That those oh it's green developed sort of world that I regional war vote ought not going to be either. Everything with Kansas City as much as we look flashy weapons. I've read you know Travis he'll they have probable commitment from a remarkable full and everything also. Right now talking entry window of ESP in. On speaking of tire retail he's been challenged to a race by Adori Jackson from the Tennessee Titans in a foot race. Where he says quote I hope your taking meet in the foot race who do you have winning that race between tiger retail and really anybody in the league is I. Because in that race I'm Dick Tyreke. Well I I think it or reject and reporter and I think he's on the road more often he's he actually is a really good multi dimensional player. It is nicknamed the cheetah. Yeah it is a got to take him right go to Eugene as well or it's the best or. Act that David rockets he's our retail I think the key to the guys that they've achieved. That's the fastest land animal and I had to do is watch the movie are you finance the fat. Hatred for a job before you got your man you know we'd all about Herm Edwards in the in this part of the country right good hunt's story. I'm a conduit possibly. Here's the deal or it's just looking for nine years we did everything together we went. Travel Lott played a lot of ball great if they think about her. Like he got it became a phone very late. You got you both guys calls you. I am not locking that guy that's that's that's my loans are. On any way last year. In the penultimate episode there was a huge repeal where something happened. I was on the show wants and the public and that he initially there OK I'm not a giveaway posted below him. Back dragon like firm that was literally the bigot that you could set the Polaroid itself and the people that didn't wanna drag it just Greg. You took away percent. Bill and urban development of the day as long as sort of looked out at these brigade would be its forward spot with good when he really what day it would quote ample. Tray it's funny you bring that up and we'll get you ready here on this we actually had a problem on our own show about spoiler rules and where meaning that day. Third the Walking Dead for now it was 44. TV shows and movies. Think no one I don't wanna hear about what was on Twitter because you don't have to be on quarter of great quarter than they had that reaction. Interactive blog so if you don't wanna hear about it don't be report that's who the board rule number two with 24 hours after the walk there and now. Once in my. Closer to 48 in my you know. You need to make society. I'm sorry but the very fact that society that it is that the 48 hours get out of here yeah in the barber or whatever 48 hours of what he's not to talk. My son and it's like a lot of actors and like little. You know what that. It was about like you do it. It's not like it's I'm not watching signed felt economy I mean this isn't it this summer rerun I mean this is like the Walking Dead finale. You know so I think you're. Not talking about or or. A future. Trade. I rules say that you were one of my five favorite people at ESPN has an answer. You bumped the top fives like eight from our breaking a lesbian personality you really shuts it's not Austria. I will say this somehow off on the way to survive. That's straight wing built years via an NFL live the goal and we OSHA intentionally used BAT's also use the two he's probably is being you is it the truth is Edwards very always appreciate you coming on the show me. That adds interest. That's right wing views be an hour with a spoiler get them. This to make the big one under is hurt you know if you're gonna due to bird of your in his sport. People. Know. Walking day closure. Is. Yes and will. I. Some. It was. Just like I just am with a lot of volatility and walking. I'll do that people wouldn't have cared enough you know it was like episode two. As the season finale so. There coming up next race today that when I saw. I could not leave about the cheese playoff success. The statue limitations about to run out for a major city of and I tell you what is next drive. A drive presented by dosing geeks from the electric heating and studio sixty and Sports Radio. The statute of limitations being expired or certainty of the city event coming up. Momentarily but I saw stats today courtesy of CN indices are different conference. I cannot believe maybe when I say this many of you have heard this or knew this before but it wasn't until I saw him pipe down. The IE was just in all. The chiefs. Have played in arrowhead for 46. Seasons. 46. Beat Indianapolis. Colts have as Mimi playoff wins at Arrowhead Stadium as the Kansas City Chiefs. It was overdone. The chiefs have played. Four feet six years at Maryland you banning a 47. Average Joseph yeah. And yes they they got their 72 so yeah. The Indianapolis Colts and have won as many playoff games at Arrowhead Stadium as the Kansas city chiefs of one. I could not bull yeah that's the does that color it was capped the comeback you Jamar Wall that was Peyton Manning and upon. Imagine. How many well with chief editor of you'd and a fourth. It just like 45 and it was lean years yeah it just like in the seventies they wanna game I'll do not know they were in the room. Evidence they had won a gamer to. They have to Ellis Wyms in the history other. I mean at the cult I couldn't believe that stat I shall want. Like I was in college weigh in I get tickets and went to see that she's maybe operators and Tom marijuana. When he was their coach so I saw one of at least. Here's another forty seat opposite that. Just think on this reloaded the chiefs of the second worst home playoff winning percentage of any team or she's it she said the second most. The chief said that at 34. Percent. But she's 34% win percentage in postseason played second worst in NFL history to only the angles. They'll win in the playoffs. Never yeah me what you got out of them when she got out of the sixties man. And you believe that anymore I mean you argue scar tissue king and Alex is here to save you from all well and into the promised but there's a couple of differences and issues like Joseph Montana that's again it's well yeah. Of these Joseph Montana. And I think that's probably a little bit stronger. A decent shot. I would've thought the gave that two home playoff wins especially at 46 yeah. It is she a great they were in the ninety's like that blows me away that that's the number I that that is my bond and and the fact that dad at what they want intent I think in their last in home play in the last Leno left at least terrible knows not is not good at all and they want to call a game since the nineties and better you know it is not a good way to bring the people down. I'm just again and it's cheered. Sure share formation with people do is bring bring people down I'm gonna do it's more. Today. Is the ten year anniversary. Of I would say great crime happened. That went on reported now. Kansas. It's polls something as they've done much for. Steagall that it really steal anything last night from Texas Missouri. So Kansas ten years ago today. Defeated Virginia Tech in the or double I'm sure you knew this and and I mean if you'd like to throw this in my faith. Yeah yours is where we have to start right. You've done a net since. The Orange Bowl all its time for the stats and I know how much you love stats. Missouri since that. It happened 75. And 43. You and I things about your Kansas Jayhawks and then now 189 and ninety. Or are getting unable game is there has been to since then. Seven billion bowl games Kansas ventures as the Orange Bowl not a one bit no one bowl game since the Orange Bowl. They beat Texas last year. Go to FL players that's a good metric for how good a program is this is had 28. Players drafted since that season. Kansas eleven. Wanna get into coach. Wanna continue to bring you down with the Sundance institute for you to look to step up I mean it seems really part in nine minutes president and not miss and he's been on. I just bring this to say. Hey you. They ends that throw this out phase. They're kind of like the guy that did really well in high school or not doesn't have a lot to show floor. That's still loves to hate them that game I scored thirty points against liberty. Doing well. Doing it right now it's all over today. The last day I'll ever listen to a case you stay and talk to me about the Orange Bowl it's been seeing yours. So what you gotta start in any new accomplishment. You got a start doing new stuff. Haven't done anything new six year to one all and. Yeah one winning season and singing here. And bears the much rain. Stop talking to me about or bald happened ten years ago today it's it let me tell it's done to put. Beat southeast Missouri this year and account why. Put up thirty on southeast Missouri the of 3816 Gupta great start this season. That little 19. In 1980. Re so high speed slightly this means I gonna produce. One. The use poll. Was right I just need ruling and he ruling. Priced in yen in just an individual and but it statute of limitations. Of limitations on some things that legal for the cell is binding or is all for everybody. If you do that. I don't know that we finished and go Daryn also people are saying to use. Yes has won the national championship and called football if they actually do know they're statue limitations goes a little bit further than some out just ask ego is asking biting my senior anniversary. I. Not once not once but you've had since you've been like for high school and it's like point five. I'm sure there are guys that in the high school they. On the basketball team they've called it a fair bit Dayton cheer leader but. Look at suits and 25. They're great great family you've done TV last eight years you were doing better today. And hear about aim at the pickle and you urge you guys. Is there statue limitations like when we can stop talking about this and winning big twelve well. When is that to us and take. A stubborn and I just wanna know it is and it's like today's the day it. That's what goes hand in new York and I seem to work hand in case you I'd seen in 93 over the last season as a fair question. How many pieces balls is user. Non and one OK just just didn't know wanted to double the odds and I haven't won an an is that Amylin and I mean judges I get into it watching football team. Did you say that about your football team would you say you're out now Saturday I get frustrated you enjoy having good tot is on now. It's not like Denzel Washington Post zero funds are watching you publicly. It's for me. I shake bake me feels hand if you factor that party until you refused to shake baker may fields and at midfield play maker. When talking about two SEC east championships another big twelve north like. Stuff since they got accomplishments. In a neat thing that Downey and football. The biggest since then was beat Azeri the next year would and on one out walk myself down wrote. Talk wins popcorn. I'm going to win you don't do that Stephen A Smith that. I don't sleep I locked myself down the Kerry Meier touched down day with one of the saddest moments of life. The Bob who is presented by victory Chrysler Dodge Ram you went up four pack of tickets in the oval and part votes go. Well like the start dealers association with the walk into the oval part boat show for twenty team. It's the premier show boating and who is it's all the and yet it seems to have four packed. People want it any of the days from January 4. Of this said the vote showed them what report you know let's get bored it's going to be springtime it's going to be summoned her backup currently single and get ready if there. At guilt or what today's pop quiz is among particularly guys. It's. For all of us. Yeah. So if you know what movie that is column Chrysler right now at 9135767. 610. They call numbers six and the tickets are yours up next there are double techs I wanna respond to a sex line about Eric his contract plus. I think where all of our selling something about Tennessee I'll tell you what is next drive the a dry presented by don't think he's from the electric eating into the studio sixty and Sports Radio.